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Throughout life there are people who hurt,tease and mock other people causing hurt.Most get away with it, this is a story one person who did not
Tamara was a true bitch, you could take Sarah Michelle Gellar from the Film Cruel Intentions, combine that with the brains of Kim Kardashian and you get a flattering picture of who Tamara really is. She is a spoiled brat who has always had everything given to her. Her father runs one of the biggest farms anywhere and has so much money that companies actually burrow money from him. With these traits you have a pretty rotten person.

The first time she truly showed her colors was in the 7th grade, she had to sit at my table along with 3 other guys. Well we all became victims of her teasing, i was called a scrub, loser and that i should crawl in a hole somewhere. The other guy who will remain anyomous tried to kill himself after she had called a dirty piece of shit. I remember hearing about it the next day, however she did not seem to care and was heard saying, "let him kill himself, one less scrub left in the world".

Then high school came around, she never talked or interacted with me at all, however i saw some very sad things. First she was piking on the mentally challenged, i mean calling them every name you could imagine. Then she was known to be egging peoples lockers with the jocks of the school. Guys who were popular in the past lost there popularity because she was not attracted to them or they did not fit there standards. Then she was known for having releationship with the teachers. Everything i saw and heard but even i thought that the affairs with teachers. Well as luck would have it, this rumor was going to be true.

One day a friend of mine approached me one day i said he had something to show me on video. Well what he showed me was something that i do not think i will forget. In the boys locker room there is a little room which is sometimes used for storage. Well he got trapped in there and could not get out of the locker room. Well would you know it, one of the schools biggest jocks walked into the room with Tamara. With him not wanting to be noticed he flipped the camera on and began taping the love making.

At first they were behind some lockers and you could hear them laughing, then they turned around and they both began kissing. Then they tore each others clothes off, he went down with his shirt off and kissed her cleavage, well it was hard to tell what color bra she was wearing from the video but it looked like it was blue. Then her bra came off and he sucked the shit out of this tits. His next act was ti tittyfuck her, he did this for a few minutes until he went away quickly and i imagined it was to cum. They put the clothes back on and left the locker room.

I asked him what he planned on doing with this tape. He said he would hold on too it for a special occasion, well he would get his special occasion. After school you did hear to much about her except she was engaged. At this time I had a steady girlfriend and thing were fine and everything she had done did not seem to matter. I got a call from my friend. We got talking and he told me that Tamara was getting married, I told him that I knew and there was nothing you can do about. He looked at me and said oh yes i can.

He told me that the guy she was marrying was the older brother of the guy she had fucked in the locker room. He was going to come up with a plan to ruin the wedding. I looked at him and i said simply Why?. He told a story of her that happened with him just a few weeks earlier. He was walking down the road her, some of friends and her fiancee literally tried to run him down. he told me they threw dirt and other garbage and mocked him and had recorded it. He showed me it, it was on a website which has since been taken down, thank god.

Well I felt so bad for him that I agreed to help him with what he was going to do. His plan was simple, he was a wiz the computers and had found out that at the reception they were going to show a slide show of both of them in there lives. He was going to show the film during the slide show. Well the day came and I had a change of heart. I believe in good and evil right and wrong, heaven and hell god and the devil and I realized that that I could not do this. Well i told him i could not be part of this, i tried to convince him not to do it, however he would not listen to me.

The last thing i did to try and stop him easy to warn her. I called and told her that someone was going to ruin your reception, she told me to go to hell and never to call or ever see her. I put it out of my mine then i realized that i had tried to show compassion to her, the compassion that she had denied to so many others. I went to the reception to see what would happened, it was going to be a site to see.

I kind of stayed back, there were a lot of people there, they began the slide show and they played the song I Do from 98 degrees, they showed there baby pics, pics of then in high school and i thought he came to his senses, well then at the very end, the video played. To this day I did not know how he did but from the love song to the sounds of the moaning and the sights of kissing and tittyfucking really put a damper on the slide show. The as both of there faces came into place the screams and yells and shock was not to be believed.

I saw her husband look at his brother and his wife and he stormed out, she was there in great disgrace. People picked up there presents, shook there heads and left. then i saw tears in her eyes, I never thought she was capable of crying. Well the wedding was over and not to long after a divorce. Afterwards I saw him again, he was pleased obviously. Well he moved on after getting his revenge, and is now married. I am myself about to get married. I have no idea what ever happened to Tamara, maybe she got married or just simply disappeared, i do not know.

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2012-12-28 15:51:45
Has the makings of a real good story, but so many wording issues, misspelled words and lost sentences that it is nearly impossible to read.

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