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first time sharing my wife
Well, we finally pulled it off! We checked into our hotel and went straight to the bar. It was actually pretty early. Happy hour. A guy around 30 was having a drink and watching sports center. My wife went to the bar to get a couple of drinks and engaged him in conversation. I was sitting on a couch in the lounge area thinking “Geez, I can’t believe that we are actually going to do this tonight”. I could tell by her body English that this was the guy. She laughed, touched his arm, etc. Then I saw her point over to me and I gave a little wave. The two of them headed over my way. My wife said “this is Sam, he is in town for some banking bullshit and has nothing to do.” The two of them sat down and we chatted for a good two hours. I sent me wife a couple of texts while we were sitting there asking her “Are we going through with this?”. She would just look at her phone, smile and put it back in her purse. Turns out that Sam was single and had recently broke up with his long time college girlfriend. My wife asked him when they broke up and he said that it had been within the past year. My bold wife then asked him if he had been dating at all. He said that he had dated 3 or 4 women since then. My wife said “Oh, so your needs have been taken care of?” and she laughed. I think that he was a little shocked but he laughed as well. Anyway, we kept chatting about “stuff” my wife getting drunker and more explicit. She told us a story about getting banged in the back seat of a car when she was in college. Another story about how a guy was in her in college dorm room and how she went into the bathroom and came out completely naked and how the guy was so shocked. Not too shocked to fuck her though!!! So she eventually asked this guy if he wanted to come up to our room and smoke a joint. Man, he was really taken back by this offer! He was not aware that 50 year olds get high!!! So we went up to our room and fired up a joint. After getting high, my wife started talking about strip clubs and saying that she wished that she had the nerve to do something like that. I said “Give us a show!” Sam was like “WTF is going on?!” My wife was like “Shut up!” to me but I kept saying “You brought it up. I think you want to do it so do it”. So I turned to Sam and said “What do you think?”. He said “Whatever she wants to do” and I said “Cmon, here’s your chance. Let’s see it!” So she started dancing around me and I think Sam was a little freaked out but he was not trying to leave so I thought, “Here we go”. So he was just watching her dance for me and I said “Honey, strippers dance for everyone” so she moved over to Sam and started messing with him. I said “Honey, you are forgetting one thing, you need to strip”. So she asked Sam, “Are you cool with this?” and he said that he was. So she started unbuttoning her blouse. My wife does not have huge tits but they are nice sized. She kept dancing in front of him with her shirt open and then she placed his hands on her tits but with her bra still on. He glanced at me and I said “Dude, she wants to be a stripper. Go with it.” So her she is dancing in front of this guy with his hands on her tits and her nipples were getting hard. He was gently rubbing her nipples through her bra and then she pulled the top of her bra down. I don’t know what this guy was thinking at this point but when she put her tits right in his face, he took a nipple in his mouth and started sucking. She had her hand right down in his crotch and he was hard as a freaking rock. He then asked me “Are you guys really married?” and my wife said that we were REALLY married. He was somewhat bewildered being stoned and all. But my wife was working his cock really good through his pants so he was not fighting her off. Sam said “what is going on?” and My wife said “we just want to have some fun if you are interested.” Sam looked over at me and I said “Dude, she wants you. Go for it”. He did not say anything so my wife started to unzip his pants and she said “You are cool with this right?” and he said “yes”. She released his cock and started very slowly stroking him. She said “My husband wants to watch you fuck me. Is that OK?”. He again said “yes”. He then asked “do you guys do this all the time?” and she said “nope, you are the first”. And then she said “Sam, lets just you and me get into one another and forget that my husband is sitting over there. Just do whatever comes naturally”. He said “OK” and she reached back and took her bra off. She then stood up and they made the three steps over to the bed. They sat down on the edge and started kissing. She was just stroking his cock very slowly. He was really not doing anything. I said “excuse me” and they both turned and looked at me. I said “why don’t you finger her pussy? Ill bet it is very wet by now”. So he FINALLY got the hint and started having SEX with her!  They both got 100% naked and my wife started sucking his cock. He was really moaning loud. My wife had to stop several times so he would not cum. She then asked me to get a condom out of her purse so I grabbed one and threw it to her. She put the condom on his cock and laid on her back with her legs spread. Ill bet he did not fuck her for more than a minute before he let out a big moan and emptied his balls.


2013-12-10 19:04:15
I agree. This needs paragraph breaks. Sexy story of wife sharing. I enjoyed reading this. Thanks, 1960sguy.

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2013-01-11 01:02:40
I loved the story, and I love your wife. Wish I could be that lucky other guy one day!


2012-12-30 14:41:08
My wife said "I swear he almost went off at least three times when I was giving him head. Thats why I had to keep stopping. The last time, I was about 99% sure he was going to cum in my mouth. Thats why I asked you to get me a condom." I said, "well maybe next time, just let him blow his load in your mouth and then fuck afterwards?".


2012-12-30 13:36:33
I cant wait to try it again. Now that we kind of know what we are doing this time. The big thing for us was, would we really follow through with it or not. I think that we were both thinking that the other one would chicken out at the last moment. And we definetly need to be ready if the guy comes fast. That probably sounds like a no-brainer but when this guy orgamsed, he stood up, took off the condom and split. And then we did not do anything. It ended just very quickly. Well, I guess this is why football has a preseason! :) As soon as he walked out the door, my wife said "I knew he was going to come fast".

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2012-12-29 22:16:15
I ffinnd it sexy hell, wish my hubby woulld like that, i love cock!!

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