An 18 year olds curiosity grows infinitely
Jack walked outside his house to find the snow had just about melted and that meant his winter break was coming to an end. "could you pick some milk up from the store?" his mother asked from the doorway. Jacks mother Rose had raised him and his sister alone, for a woman of the age of fifty and having given birth to twins she didn't look a day over thirty with her deep red flowing hair and small 5'5" frame carrying a great pair of knockers. "Yea sure." Jack called back unenthusiasticly. The grocery store wasnt that far away so he decided to take a walk, figuring he probably needed it. Jack was by no means fat, but his larger 6'3" frame did carry more weight than he'd like to admit. As Jack was walking to the local market his vision went dark, blacker than night. "what the hell, it's only noon!" Jack was scared. After fumbling about a bit he looked up to see a small patch of light coming from the ceiling. "Wait a ceiling? I was just on the friggin sidewalk.. I must be dreaming." Jack figured if he was dreaming he might,as well enjoy it. As his eyes began to adjust he made his way forward through the dark, soon he found walls to his left and right. Jack figured he was in some sort of cave. As he progressed there was a dim light appearing in the distance. Jack was determined to figure out what it was. Might as well be sooner than later he thought as he began to sprint towards the purple glow. In his haste his foot snagged on a rock and sent him tumbling down the cave.
"Shit that fucking hurt!" Jack yelled down the cave. This is either the most realistic dream I've ever had or this is real. Jack looked up and figured he was still in good enough shape to go ahead. Besides he figured there might be a way out ahead. Soon the lights became unbelievably bright as he neared to mouth to a big room in the cave. What he found left him speachless as the biggest amethyst he had ever seen was sticking from the ground, glowing with an intensity only belittled be that of the sun. He approached this gem withought another thought besides holy fucking shit I'm rich. He extended his hand to the gem and on contact it began to hum. Instead of backing away from the gem he placed his other hand on it to try to figure out the mysterious humming. As soon as his other hand made contact the gem began to tremble with a great ferocity. He tried to pull his hands away but they were stuck, Jack began to cry out for help but soon he was rendered speechless as he began to float up into the air. The gem decreased in size as it too began to levitate. decreasing in size at a contant rate. Jack couldn't believe what was happening. His hands began to emit an aura, a deep purple that looked as it would consume his very very being. As the gem neared a size that could fit into the palm of his hand it burst and the light was too much for jack to handle. As Jack blacked out he just wished he was back in his room. Several hours later Jack awoke, groggy and confused.
Jack was somehow in his room, I guess it was a dream. He walked downstairs for breakfast. His mother and sister were out from the looks of it. A note on the countertop confirmed his suspicions saying they went grocery shopping since he didn't get her the milk she asked for. This threw Jack for a little loop as he remembered that as being part of that crazy dream." Well without milk I guess I'll just skip breakfast." Jack went upstairs to piss, only to find another surprise when he pulled down his pants. Holy crap, My dick got a lot bigger! Jack was not really lacking in this department before, but he was surprised that he looked to be 8" flaccid, when that used to be him when erect. He decided to retreat to his room to further explore his discovery. He pulled up some porn on his laptop and his dick jumped to attention. Standing at 11" and quite thicker than he was before he began to wonder what else was different, and if that wasn't a dream. His thoughts soon turned back to the monster between his legs as he grasped it and began to stroke furiously. Holy shit this feels good he thought, a lot better than it used to. He began to concentrate on the woman on his moniter, she had begun to suck on a gigantic dildo of her own. All Jack could do was wish that were his cock between her delightful lips. Soon his lust was replaced with confusion and embarassment as his fantasy was no longer that. Somehow the woman in this video was between his legs. Her hazel eyes wide open.
She licked her lips and started attacking his cock with her magnificent tongue. Jack was trying to figure out what the hell was happening when her,lips made contact with his cock. After that his mind turned off and all he wanted to think about was this glorious woman giving him a blowjob. She bobbed her head and half of his cock dissapeared. He was amazed she could take that much, but then she began to inhale his cock further. He could feel her throat milking his cock and as she started to slide his cock out of her mouth he felt her hand on his balls, rubbing them as she gave him head, macling sure to pay extra attention to the underside of the helmet. "Oh god this is great, Oh GOD I'M CUMMING!" he grunted as he shot his load down her throat. She clamped on to his cock with her mouth, making sure to collect every drop of his cum. Jack continued to shoot jet after jet of cum down her throat, floating on his orgasm, lasting longer than any other he has ever had. Finally his orgasm came to an end. He was about to thank this woman when he heard his mom pull into the driveway. He looked at the woman and said," holy shit that was great but you have to go back to where ever the hell you came from.." Jack couldn't believe his eyes. As soon as he said that she vanished into a cloud of dark purple smoke. Jack walked down stairs. He automatically started helping his mom with unloading the groceries from her car. She looked at him and said, "So anything special happen today?"

Part 2 and many more if I get good feedback. First story I've written and on my phone so that should account for any format issues.

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2014-10-09 10:08:41
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i'd love to read where you are taking this ...try to give us a variant on the mother daughter submission thing

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2013-04-01 15:00:37
Come on been waiting to long for part two

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2013-03-29 21:39:39
very nice, if you can make it longer with spaces between lines, it makes it easier to read online. but great first story, keep it up

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very interesting//more please

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