This is a true story of many events that happened to me back when I was 7 and 8 years. This is the first time and maybe the only time I will talk about this as honestly nobody in my life knows. I have no problem with anybody on here finding this story erotic so you can have all the fun you want. I am a fan of the stories on xnxx so it's not like I would find anybody on here strange. Now I obviously don't remember everything and I will do my best in keeping myself from adding parts and i'll also keep everything in the perspective of what I knew about sex back when I was 7 and 8. If anybody feels sorry about what happened to me then just read the last few paragraphs as I explain who I am today.

I was just your simply 7 year old girl who only cared about barbies. I was the only child who lived with my mom in a large apartment complex in Santa Fe Springs. My apartment complex had maybe 10 other children my age and around 7 of them were boys so the girl group was small. Nearly every day after school I would play with them out in the yard and we would play all the fun games of Hide-and-Seek and duck, duck, goose or just play around on the little bikes that we had. The environment was one of the best environments for a child and I never in no way felt scared of anything around me.

My first sexual experience just like all the other kids was show me yours and i'll show you mine. I remember doing this with several of the boys out in the bushes in a nice hidden area below a 2nd floor balcony. It was on one of these showings when a guy on the balcony noticed us, I have no clue how long he was up there watching. It wasn't until we walked out of the bushes that we looked up and noticed him and I distinctly remember myself and my friend just running off and laughing. This guy was good friends with everybody in the complex including my mom and I never found him bad so I was friends with him, mostly just saying hi and bye. On one day I was just playing around in the laundry room of the complex and he walked on in with a basket full of laundry, I found it funny because it was the first time I saw a guy doing laundry. I am not sure how many minutes I was with him in the laundry room but somehow he talked into joining him in this large closet at the far side of the room, it was large enough for me and a few kids and I remember that he was sitting down on the floor in this closet as I walked in and joined him. He closed the door behind me and the closet became kind of dark but with enough light still coming in on the edges of the door. He told me to be quiet so that nobody else could find us and said something about how this room could be a magical place. He started touching me on my legs but never said anything while he was doing it, I never was scared about what he was doing and never did try and run off. After touching my legs he started putting his hand up my shirt and in return he got a big laugh out of me because I was a little ticklish and all I got from him was a Sshhh. Not sure how long all this lasted but he never took my clothing off and I never touched him so what happened on this day was just some simply innocent play. This only happened one time with him and he left the complex later on.
My second experiance would be with my school tutor. I was a student at a private school in Norwalk so one of the Jr. High boys would help me one time a day, he was maybe 12 or 13 years old. This was a private session in a room with nobody else so I guess the school just simply trusted him. All of it was innocent, I would pull my shirt up and he would suck on one of my nipples. I know he kissed me one time and stuck his tongue in me but it was very fast because I pulled away. He did flash his penis at me but that was just one time.
Some weeks or months later we had new neighbors move in, I was in apt. 7 and he was in apt. 8 so it was easy knowing that somebody was moving in. On that day all the kids including myself would watch them move stuff in and we would just be kids and run around and do our best in getting in the way. The new neighbors had no new kids but what we did get was this young newlywed couple that joined our little complex. The guy was a soldier in the army and was tons of fun with all us kids and I guess his wife just took care of the house because she was almost always around. Not sure what the timeline was for all the upcoming events but my mom would eventually find out that he had started a karate school in Downey and my mom got me signed up for his class. Now for the first several karate sessions my mom would drive me on over to the karate school but after a while my mom became comfortable with him and my karate teacher started driving me on over himself. I was never uncomfortable with him.
It was on one day that I somehow got private karate lessons with him, just him and I and this big empty room at his karate school. I had a problem with my karate uniform back in the locker room and I was doing my best on hurrying up but I just wasn't doing anything right I guess. he called out asking if I needed help and I yelled out yes. He came in the girls locker room and started fixing my uniform and noticed that I still had clothing on under it and told me I would be more comfortable with having no clothing on underneath. he started taking my uniform off me and started helping me with removing my clothing, he said something like we only had so much time for our private lesson so this was why he was helping me undress. I distinctly remember him removing my panties. Anyway, he helped me get my karate uniform back on in record time and we went out in the room and started practicing. It was on this day that he first filmed me with a video camera, I guess he wanted to film me and my karate moves. After this private lesson he came on back with me in the locker room, he didn't help me undress but he did watch me change. I guess I didn't find any of it strange and I still was in no way uncomfortable with him.
I was at his apartment one time and I believe it was the first time that his wife was not around. We were playing the game battleship on his glass table in the dining room. I remember I had a blue sundress on so it must have been a Sunday. Somehow I ended up standing right in front of him at the table and he ended up lifting up my dress and pulling down my panties. he left the room for a minute and came back with his video camera and started recording, I do remember the camera was on the table and pointed at me. This time he had me hold my dress up and when I did this he pulled down my panties. he touched me and put a finger in me and asked me something and I guess I just looked at him. After that he pulled my panties back up and I dropped my dress and we started playing battleship again.
Another day at his apartment and no wife around. I remember watching football with him on TV. He started tickling me and I found myself curled up in a little ball on the living room couch. He leans on down face to face with me and kisses me the the forehead, he also starts tickling me more. We start talking about boys and he asks me if I have ever played the show me yours and i'll show you mine game, I tell him about the boys in the complex and about the bushes in the corner and that yes I have. Now i am not sure if he talked me into this or if I was just game on any idea he had but in a few minutes time I am sitting down on the couch and he is standing in front of me dropping his pants. I curled up in a little ball again and laughed! I tell him that it's big and I ask him questions, all of them were answered. he asks if I would like to touch it and I did, and then he wanted me to kiss it and I say no. he tickled me again and I am again curled up but this time he is straddled on top of me with his penis near my face. He repeated himself over and over again, "kiss it, come on!" I give in and kiss the tip of his penis and then cover my face with a pillow. He then starts telling me that I am not a good kisser and explains on how woman does it correctly. Most of this is shady and not sure how many minutes we played this game but I do vividly remember his penis in front of my face with me licking and sucking his penis. Not sure if the camera was around but I am sure it was.
On another day I had another private lesson with him and I had no problem joining him. It was on this day that we took a detour and instead of having a private lesson at his studio we ended up at some house, I think it was Whittier but it could have been Pico Rivera. I remember a large brown spanish-style church on the corner. (recently I have gone out looking for this church and the house but I have had no luck in finding it). This house belonged to a friend of my karate teacher, he was older then my teacher and I remember that he had a little gut and was sorta bald. I still did not have my karate uniform on so I used the bedroom and took my clothing off and put my uniform on (I still wonder if the camera was in the room). My teacher and I had this private lesson on the back porch of the house and I believe that his friend was watching us everytime. nothing happened on this day and I was not uncomfortable at all with any of this.
It was September 26th or 27th of 1987 that this day happened. One of the high schools had an all day karate championship going on, I am sure it was Santa Fe High. Hundreds of kids and teenagers around and tons of parents in the bleachers. For some reason my mom was not around on this day so I had a ride with my teacher, I was stuck to him like glue as I was a little intimidated by my surroundings. I never did perform at the championship, I guess he just wanted me to watch all the higher ups and understand more about karate. I do remember that he chatted with tons of people and no doubt knew most of them so it wasn't like this championship was just some strange way on finding a way on getting me out of the house all day (of course I could be wrong). not sure how long we were at the high school but we eventually left.
Next stop on this day...McDonalds. And the next stop....a private karate lesson at his friends house.
I am at his friends house and it's me, my teacher, his friend and another guy and I had no clue who he was. I still had to get my karate uniform on so I started to head to the bedroom to change but this time my teacher joined me. We sat down on the bed and talked and then he left the room, I got up and started closing the door but before I could close it all 3 guys came in the room . it was all peaceful and I remember they were looking at me and talking but I still wasn't worried, I wasn't smiling but I wasn't worried. I ended up laying down on the bed with my teacher laying down beside me, he was caressing my face with his hand and telling me everything would be okay, we were still dressed. It was at the moment that I noticed the camera and it was the one strange guy who I didn't know that was filming us. My teacher and his friend both put on a black hood over their face, and everything about my life changed from that point on.
My teacher started undressing me and I started to whimper and I tried to sit up but he had me lay back down. My teachers friend joined us in bed so now I had 2 guys surrounding me and it was then that I became very uncomfortable and started crying. Both guys start undressing the remaining clothing that I had on me and both start touching me all over my body, the guy with the camera is a the edge of the bed simply just watching and filming everything. My teacher gets up out of the bed and starts undressing, his friend is still with me in bed and is still touching me and whispers something in my ear but I couldn't understand him. I could have attempted to run towards the door a this point but I never did and it's not like I would have made it that far. After my teacher got back in bed his friend undressed but he never got out of the bed when he did it. The guys started talking to each other and I was still crying and wondering what is going on.
It was then that my teacher gets on top of me and I started screaming as I was now terrified but one of them covered my mouth with his hand. His friend moved from beside me and was kneeled on the side of the bed and watching. My legs were forcibly spread open and I could feel something poking me on my bottom, I could not see what was going on as my head was held down on the bed because of the pressure of my mouth being covered. My legs were spread wider and I felt like my legs would break off from how far they had them spread. I could then feel something poking my bottom again and it was a second later that I could feel heavy pressure and pain and I know I was crying harder and attempting to scream louder but nobody cared. I don't know how long this lasted but my teacher got off me and the guys started talking again and then they started yelling at each other.
After a moment of yelling my teacher got out of the bed and his friend got in bed with me, he sort of picked me up so that I was now in the middle of the bed. He got on top of me and says "take it like a lady" (this is one of two lines I will always remember). He pushed my legs up and over, he was more aggressive then my teacher and I was more frightened then ever! My mouth was not covered but I had no more energy for screaming. I could feel the poking on my bottom again and then I start feeling the discomfort and pressure, I start screaming from the pain but my mouth is soon covered and I know it was my teacher who covered my mouth this time. This is when I felt the most unimaginale pain, all this time both guys have only attempted on getting in me but now this guy has done it and he is now inside me. The pain caused me to try and escape but the pressure of this man on top of me is too much, I think the most I did was move up the bed a few inches. I remember how he was out of me for a moment and part of me was thinking it was over but instead he was working on a better angle on entering me. I still had my legs up and over as he did his best in entering me again. The immense pain returned again and this time it was worse, I could honestly feel myself split in half. I remember looking up at his face for a moment and I could see that he was struggling but I also noticed that he was getting frustrated and angry. He got out of me again and this time picked me up off the bed and placed me on the floor. I was crying in pain and frightened beyond belief, I had a strong feeling that I was in for much more. The guy again placed my legs up and over and I vividly remember him crawling on top of me. My teacher who was on the side of the room said "stop fighting him" (the second line I remember). So, here i am again for a third time with this guy and I am stuck on a hard floor and he has me in the best possible position on going all the way in. Words can not express the terrible immense pain that I felt when he entered me, I could literally feel him go deeper inside me with my insides spliting open. I felt his full body on me now and all he did was simply look down at me and grin. He picked me back up off the floor and we got on the bed together and he started fucking me. I could not scream as I had no air to scream, I was having a hard enough time breathing with all the crying. This old chubby bald guy was fucking me like he would never have the chance on doing it again. I remember the smell and I remember the wetness I had between my legs as he was doing it, no doubt it was blood. I have no clue how long this lasted but I know he cumed inside me and I know he looked at me like I was the greatest trophy ever. he got off me and I just never moved at all.
Not sure how long it was but my teacher then joined me in bed and kissed me on my forehead and yet again caressed my face with his hand, he never said anything. He then got up over me and spread my legs open and started fucking me but in a much gentler way then the his friend, still painful but not as much. I wasn't screaming or fighting, I just simply let him have his way. The camera guy was still in the room, still filming. Not sure where the other guy was but I was happy he was gone. My teacher eventually finished with me and got off me and out of bed. For the first time I could see what was around me and I could see blood, I knew it was from me.
My teacher left the room and this camera guy jumped in bed with me with no clothing on. He whispered something in my ear but I didn't understand him. he had me sit on the edge of the bed and had me suck his penis (not sure what was mentally worse, the fucking or sucking). He grabed the sides of my head and made me suck harder but all I did was throw up on him. I was freightened that he would be mad but instead he just kept having me suck him. After I sucked him for a while he had me on the floor on my hands and knees and he fucked me, after a few minutes of that he came around the front of me and had me suck him off again, it was the first time I tasted blood and it was my own. He then got behind me again and fucked me and again. After all this he had me lay down on the bed and he straddled himself over my face and told me to open my mouth, he then cumed all over my face and inside my mouth.
So, it's over. They let me get a shower alone and I simply start washing myself for an eternity. I no longer cried, I just want to go home. When I got out of the shower my teacher came in and helped me in drying me off and getting me dressed. He placed a pad between my legs before I got my panties on. he never did say much and neither did I. I never did see his friend or the camera guy again.
I never said anything when I got home and have no clue if my mom noticed any difference in me. I was in severe pain for days and I know I didn't go to school for a few days, i'm sure my mom was thinking I had a bad stomach ache. The crazy part about this is that a day or two later my karate teacher brought me this super large teddy bear.
It was October 1, 1987 when Los Angeles had that big earthquake, just a few days after I was raped. My mom probably was thinking that the earthquake affected me and that it was the reason why I had problems with friends and school. My mom's friend was killed in the quake and that made her leave Los Angeles for good, a few weeks later we were in Bullhead City, Arizona.
I would never have any contact with my teacher or the two other guys ever again. If it wasn't for the earthquake then I am sure my karate tacher would have had the chance on raping me again. My karate teacher would be around 45-50 now, and I wonder how many girls he as attacked since 1987.
So, now it's 2012. I am a 2003 graduate of Oregon Health and Sciences University and have a great life up here in Oregon. I am a paramedic for a crew out here and I am also a volunteer firefighter, mostly an engineer then a firefighter but it's the title they give me. I am a big fan of the XNXX stories (mostly the young section) so in all reality the rape only slightly affected my lifestyle and what I enjoy and nothing more. Never married, no kids, and i'll keep it at that.

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2015-05-11 17:17:42
That's just heartbreaking. Bless you

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2015-02-03 23:49:18
I'm sorry for what happened

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2014-12-02 01:11:54
screw everyone and their stupid comments. you needed an out and a way to rid yourself o the memories or a way to tell it without people looking at you. I think sometimes the hurt from our childhood helps us grow into what we are now. Sometimes that is a good person then you have your certified crazies' that hurt people, your helping. smile and be happy, good luck in your life.

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Why write this on a porn site? I'm trying to jerk off

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I am so sorry :( I honestly think you should tell someone about this. And again, I am so sorry :'(

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