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Oracle redons the latex costume as Batgirl once again.
Oracle had redonned the Batgirl uniform once again, it had been a few nights since her intial return to crimefighting and subsequent take down. One she did not want to have happen again, her body still ached all over. She entered into the Old Gothaam Adult Toy factory, it had long since been abandoned and used by derilects and such. She walked through the main area, she walked past display vacbed, and tables that had custom built maniquinns set up and hooked to machines to test how powerful the toys were on the mannequins. Batgirl shivered at the thought of the poor manniquinns being test subjects. and what they prototype toys did. She continued on through the area, she was still getting used to wearing her skin tight uniform again.

It was a slow night for Roland. He hated the late shift, especially patrolling the adult toy factory. His girlfriend had left him several weeks ago and seeing all the sex toys made him wish he had someone to play with. But he didn't really have time for a relationship right now. But he needed to get laid though. As he walked the factory he heard a noise and he pointed his flashlight in the direction. He saw a woman in a skin tight costume.

"Hold it right there!" he called out.

Batgirl sighed as the light shone on her she shielded her eyes and turned, seeing a night watchmen. She surmised even abandoned factories were still needing watching. She crossed her arms under her breasts and stared at him. She wondered just how he would react to her as Batgirl was currently blonde, being Stephanie, and here she was definately not blond, and not nearly as young either.

"The door was ajar, and there has been crime in this area, I was checking it out."

She spoke to the guard as he slowly approached her where she stood.

He looked at the woman and kept his light pointed at her as he reached down to grab his tazer.

"Yeah?'re still trespassing. So what shall we do about this?" he said. This woman wasn't the same vigilante that had been seen around Gotham. She was different. But he wasn't exactly sure how.

"Why don't you come with me and let the police sort out who you are and whether or not my employer needs to or wants to press charges?" he said. He had his hand ready to pull out the tazer and shoot the intruder. In fact he was having some thoughts about that anyway.

Batgirl thought about it for a moment, she wasn't quite in shape to be able to dodge a taser, and she didnt know if she could disarm the guard in time. But she sure wasn't getting arrested or anything like that, she just needed to buy herself some time.

"Listen, can't we just talk this over? I mean you don't need to call anyone, do you?"

She started to slowly approach him, the flashlight illuminating the skin tight latex encased body before him as she slowly walked closer to him. Batgirl squirmed a little, the bra and panties felt weird underneath her suit maybe she wouldn't wear them next time. But they added protection from her nipples being visible completely if she got cold or excited.

Same as her pussy lips, as the suit formed completely like a second skin, hense the name, and although she loved the feeling, the last time she was caught, she had been gang raped, badly. She slowly continued towards the guard as her breasts moved up and down with each breath as her bat emblem raised and fell rested on top of them.

He looked at the woman in front of him. She was very attractive and he wanted to get with her in soo many ways. He could feel his cock begin hardening as he looked at her.

"Depends...What are you offering me in exchange?" he asked. He would try and see how far he could push her to get what he wanted. And if that didn't work, well he did have his tazer...

Batgirl just stood there for a moment, and looked at him, she had stopped and just half smiled and shook her head.

"Nothing, listen I do not have time for this. You can just turn around and continue walking your little beat, I have other places to patrol to make sure Gotham is safe, good night."

With that Batgirl turned on her heel, her caped flapped slightly giving him a quick view of her perfectly toned ass that was hidden beneath it as she started to leave the area.

"I don't think so." he said. He pulled his tazer once her back was turned and pulled the trigger. The bolts hit her in the back. He watched as the weapon made her squirm before making her pass out.

He picked up her unconscious body and walked towards a part of the factory where the toys were tested. Once they arrived her began tying her up. He hooked her hands through a pair of shackles the hung from the ceiling. He then went and found a spreader bar, secured it to the floor and then secured it to her ankles. He stepped back and admired his work thus far. He then decided to remove the latex suit and see what was underneath. As he removed the suit, using a pocket knife, he revealed her wearing a black lace bra and matching thong.

"Very sexy..." he mused to himself as he fondled her tits while removing the bra. He then travelled down to her panties.As he began running his hands over them, he pulled them aside. A small strip of red hair stood above her pussy lips.

"Natural red head...very nice." he muttered to himself.

Batgirl's world went dark as the tazer struck her, she moaned softly as she was moved after her body had quit spasming. She was obvious to being shackled and bound, defenseless, and her suit cut off her body, she moaned. The cool air striking hwer body caused goose bumps to form, her lips parted in a soft moan as her tits were fondled, her nipples hardened slightly under the attention, and her body started to slowly react, her panties moistening ever so slightly. Her pink nipples exposed to the nights air, getting errect before the guard Rolland.


Batgirl's head rocked slighly back and forth then slumped forward to lay between her breasts as she felt the air hitting her pubic hair slightly.

"Someone is waking up...good. Perhaps this will help you some." he said.

He pushed two fingers into her moistening pussy, teasing her clit as he withdrew them. HE then took his hand and held her mouth open. He shoved his fingers into her mouth.

"Hope you enjoy your taste." he said grinning.

He then took them out and went about cutting off her panties. Once he had them off he went and found a ballgag and secured it around her head.

"Now that I have you just like I want you, what shall I do first?"

Batgirl gasped as her eyes shot open at the feeling of the fingers inside her pussy, rubbing her clit, * G- A- S- P * She tried to turn her face as he shoved his fingers into her mouth, then pulled them out before she could do anything. She scowled and opened her mouth to scream at him as he rammed a baoll gag into her mouth and secured it. She screamed into it, and then looked down at her completely naked body, she was defenseless and at his mercy entirely.


She looked at him, pleading with him. She tried to struggle with her bonds as she looked around there was everything imaginable, even illegal imports that were safe for Germany and Finland, but deemed unsafe for the USA.

He disrobed himself and then looked around. He had so many options here. Paddles, belts, nipple clamps, clit clamps, plugs, vibes, dildos...where should he begin?

He then found a butt plug that was ribbed and vibrated. He picked it up and headed towards the bound woman. He reached out and began rubbing her pussy, getting it really wet and then began lubbing her as with the juice.

"Let's see how much you enjoy this." he said as he put the tip of it against her asshole. He rubbed it around a little and then pushed it in. Once it was firmly in place he flipped the switch and started it vibrating.

Batgirl shook her head as she watched his strip off his uniform entirely, this couldn't be happening she watched on in horror, as he picked up a butt plug. SHe closed her eyes as she groaned into the gag, as she felt his fingers rubbing over her exposed pussy lips.


She tried to ignore what was gonig on, but she couldn't she was getting wetter and wetter. Then she felt him stop she iopemned her eyes long enough to see him disappear behind her, she squealled as she felt him pressing it into her ass. She had never never done anything like this. Never done anything anal. She screamed as he force it into her ass. She arched her back as much as possible and screamed as he turned it on. She bucked and squirmed, as her ass virated, pulsated from the assault.


Batgirl thrashed as much as possible, her nipples hgrew even harder, and her pussy started to drip, She looked to the guard, her eyes pleading with him as the vibrating was effecting her whole body, her toes curled as she arched her back again and pulled on her bonds laying her head backwards.

He smiled as he watched her squirm.He then walked around to face her again. He grabbed her breasts and began licking them. He nipples were hard as diamonds and she was very tasty indeed. He played with them for a bit and then stopped.

"Now let's see...I think its time I tasted your pussy." he said as he bent down and began running his tongue all over her moist slit. He found he clit and gently bit it a little. Then he slid his tongue deep inside her pussy and explored her til he found her g-spot.

Batgirl kept quivering as the vibrating plug continued to force her closer to an orgasm. She gasped into her gag and leaned her head back forward again as her tits were grabbed, she groaned and stared at him as he licked away at them. She shook her head no as he got on his knees. She gasped as he began eating her own her whole body quivered and shook as he tongue dove deep inside of her, she bit into her ball gag as he found he g-spot and she erupted, her hot cum sopurted out of her body, striking his face as she sobbed and shook her head. Her body betrayed her, as she rode out what he had done to her. Her head slumping down, her masked face looked down on him defeated and now sexually dominated. Her body just humg there as her energy was sapped away. She just moaned as he continued eating her out.


As she came all over his face, he couldn't help but enjoy topping her. His ex would never do that for him. But now he had a way to indulge himself. He pulled away from her gushing pussy. He stood up and began rubbing her ass. An idea began forming in his head. He walked away from he again and went and found a vibrator that would fit completely in her pussy. He returned to his captive and turned it on.

"Here's another present for you." he said smiling. Parting her lips, he shoved the vibe inside her pussy. Then he walked over and took the belt from his uniform pants and slowly ran it across her ass. The leather was soft, but what was coming was not so soft.

"Keep those inside you slave. Otherwise you may have some other troubles." he said commandingly. He reached back with the belt and then began spanking the woman.

Batgirl breathed heavily as her hot juices still poured from her as she watched the guard she groaned as he rubbed her ass. She just shook her head ashamed of what had happened, she needed to get free, but her mind was full of erotic sensations, she watched as he walked off and returned with a large vibrastor, she shook her head and pleaed as he turned it on and slid it into her. It was so large her pussy immediately tightened around it, causing her to shudder as she screamed into her gag, as she quivered, he wasn't giving her a moments rest. her head slumped forward. She just moaned into her gag as she heard him call her slave. She growled then yelped as she started to get spanked. Her entire body shook with every lash, she could feel the vibe slowly inching out of her pussy she strained to keep it inside, she didn't know what else would happen to her.


Batgirl's nipples werre aching, her ass and pussy were being vibrated in unision, Batgirl couldn't concentrate on a thing, all she knew was a second more powerful orgasm was coming, one that would likely end her as any threat, as if she were one bound and defenseless, she was being dominated, and much more of this, and she would become a willing sex toy for the guard.

"You have to cum before I stop spanking that sexy ass of yours." he taunted her.

He noticed the vibe slipping from her pussy. He'd known all along that she couldn't keep one that size in there for too long, given the assault her ass was receiving. Guess he would have to teach her a lesson about that. As she finally came, he relented his assault on her ass. HE reached down and picked up the vibrator.

"Well guess you failed that test slave. And now you have to be punished for it." he said as he walked away.

A second powerful orgasm struck Batgirl, she lose all composure and strength to keep the large shaft inside her as it fell out of her, she screamed into her gag as she came again, her hot juices squirting out of her body, striking her spread legs and soaking the floor, as her head slumped again between her large breasts, as they sagged. She didn't know how much more she could take before she was broken. But she would sure put up a fight. She watched as the guard picked up the vibe and walked away threatening punishment as her body quivered and shook riding out the remaining orgasm.

Roland looked at the selection of toys the warehouse had. He was thinking of maybe canning her or possibly getting out one of the cat o nines and whipping her pert tits. Both options were appealing to him, but surely there was more he could do first. He started looking closer at some of the clamps that were around. He picked up a couple and looked at them. Nothing really caught his eye until he came upon one that did not pass inspection in the United States. It was a German import that when clip was attatched to either a woman's clit or the head of a man's cock, would send out a small electrical shock to the body. He grinned as he held it.

Walking over to his captive, he placed his hand on her pussy and rubbed her and stuck a couple of fingers inside.

"I see you are still VERY wet. That's good. Very good in fact. It will make this little toy even more interesting." he said grinning. He then placed the clamp on her clit and switched it on.

Taking a couple of steps back and began stroking his cock as the shocks started making her writhe.

"UIhhhhhhhhh. Stop this....let me..ohhhhhhhh." Batgirl moaned as Roland slid his fingers inside her cunt. She bit her lower lip, as she watched him clamp the clasp to her clit. "uhhhhh, no. ieeeeeeeeeeeeeeee." Batgirl screamed as she was beginning to be electrocuted, and with how wet she was it was all the worse. Her body writhed and jumped as if she was hooked to a stripper pole as the current went through her.

"Sttt.Stop please....god.....going to cum.......ssssssss... ohhhhhh fuck......"

Batgirl struggled as her long soaking wet hair stuck to her tits, as she was ebbing even closer to another orgasm, she couldn't take many more.

He smile to himself as he continued stroking his cock as his captive twitched and writhed. It was a sight he was truly enjoying. He walked up to her and turned off the shocker. He brought out a stool and placed it in front of her. Then reaching up he removed the restraints from her wrists. Catching her as she was falling her caught her and moved her into position over the stool. He then took a pair of handcuffs and cuffed her to the stool.

"Well now let's see how your pussy feels around my cock." he said as he walked behind her and began fingering her pussy. His cock was so hard it was almost painful. And her pussy was so wet, he could not wait to fuck her good and hard. He took his cock and began rubbing it up and down her slit, occasionally using it to thump against her clit. The sensations her wet slit were sending through his cock was pushing him very close to orgasm. He pulled back to savor the view and keep himself from cumming too soon.

"Not quite ready for that. You can have that when I am ready to cum in you." he sneered as he slapped her ass. He started rubbing his cock against her again before he finally rammed it home. As he thrust in and out of her, he pulled the vibe out of her ass and dropped it onto the ground. Then he resumed spanking her ass.

Batgirl's eyes went wide at the thought that in moments she was gonig to be freed but her heart sank as her limp, exhausted body was unshackled and fell into her captors arms, she was then cuffed to a stool. She shook her head, No no dont ohhhhhh, stopppp, please," She groaned as she felt the cock head rubbed over her pussy lips and ground into her clit. She bit her lower lip as this continued over and over. She gasped in brief relief as the vibe was pulled from her ass.

"Uhhhhh," her whole body shook as he began to spank her.

"Ohhh stop, please, Im begging you, dont, put on a condom....please."

She begged him and screamed as she felt him shove it fully into her hot wet cunt. "Noooooooo....."

She trembled as her cunt tightened around his rock hard shaft, her body trembled. Batgirl sobbed, "Please.....don't......"

She grunted and groaned as she body clenched as he continued spanking her with his cock just within her tight pussy.

He smiled as she pleaded with him to stop.

"I will stop eventually but first you are going to be my slave until I break you." he said as he landed one more hard spank to her crimson red ass. "Your pussy is soooo warm and wet and inviting. Its a shame you can't taste it. Or maybe you can."

He pulled out of her pussy, his cock dripping wet with her juices. He walked around to her face and grabbed her hair. As her mouth opened up, from the shock of it being pulled, he rammed his cock into her mouth.

"Hope you like the taste of your pussy. Because soon enough you will be tasting it mixed with my own cum. And you WILL swallow every last drop of it too."

Batgirl's eyes went wide as her hair was twisted, her cowl still on she opened her mouth in pain but before she was able to speak it was filled. "mmmmmmmmm." Her lips wrapped around it as he rammed it hard into her, all the way down her tight throat. "Ackslurpmmmmmmm." Her eyes looked up at him, as her tongue ran up and down his cock as he moved in and out of her mouth. Fear in her eyes, she let him feel her teeth every now and then, as she sucked on him harder and harder. Her body getting hotter and hotter, she could feel her pussy dripping, she just sobbed as she conrtinued to suck away.

"You know if you just opened up to this whole thing you might actually enjoy it. And don't be more careful with those teeth, I may have to actually cause you real harm." he told her as he pulled on her hair more. He didn't want to hurt this woman who, even though was a vigilante, was very attractive. He just needed to do this.

"Better be ready. Your reward is coming sooner than you think." he said as he felt the growing sensation in his balls of a oncoming orgasm.

Batgirl sobbed as he slammed his cock into her mouth harder and harder, on some levels the woman was relieved he was not gonig to cum in her pussy since he weasn't wearing protection but on the other hand if she didn't swallow all of his vile cum whho knows what would be next for her. SHe grunted and groaned as she sucked away as he pounded into her mouth shaking her whole body as she gagged on his hard throbbing cock.

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