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This is just the start, but here's the first part of my first story. I plan on having it actually finished by New Year's Eve, so keep an eye out for more! Constructive criticism greatly appreciated.
I'm Mike. Among my friends, we have a tradition. Whenever any of our parents leave for a few nights we get shitfaced, play pong, watch a movie, and pass out. However, one night the routine changed for me.

It was freezing cold, already dark at 5:00, and the roads were icing up from last night's storm. Nothing out of the ordinary for a winter night in a Boston suburb, but that night was just a bit different. It was December 31st, and that can only mean one thing. Party.

My friends and I were all home from college for the winter, and most of us were halfway through our Junior year. We went to High School together and worked at the same place in our teens (one of my friends is a manager there now), but all of us headed off to different schools after graduation. Most of them stayed close to home and either commute or live in Boston, but I go to school one state over at a huge party school, so they always make a point to come visit every semester. It's been over a month since we last drank together, so we were chomping at the bit for a night of alcohol, low standards, and poor decisions.

It was still pretty early, but at 6:00 I started heading to my buddy Evan's house. His parents were in New York for the occasion and wouldn't be back for two days, so we made plans to use his house for the celebration. I was given booze duties, so I stopped by the liquor store on the way over and picked up a massive amount of alcohol. The bill came to just over three-hundred dollars, and I knew there wouldn't be a drop left by morning. I pulled up to the house, and yelled inside for everyone to help with the bags. We had rounded up about thirty people for the party, and a small army came outside to help.

Immediately I noticed a few familiar faces. Aside from my best friends, of course, were a few kids we went to high school with, some of my friends from school who live in the area, and some of the girls we used to work with. They lined up at the trunk, grabbing bag after bag of beer and liquor. As I was about to grab the last bag another hand reached for it, and I heard "I'll take care of that for you." I knew the voice, but couldn't recall just who it belonged to.

I turned my head and caught eyes with Ally, now a high school senior who started working just before I left for college. Her bright blue eyes stood in stark contrast to her dark brown hair. My gaze immediately went south, catching glimpses of her dress that was ever-so-slightly too tight, allowing generous amounts of cleavage. If I had to guess she was a large C-cup, but the dress made them look larger than they ever had before. I quickly brought my eyes back up hoping to avoid detection, but it was too late. She looked at me with a knowing grin, and turned back towards the house. I stood there, immobile for a few minutes, staring at her tight, round ass before my buddy Ron shoved me.

"Quit staring and let's get inside Mike, it's fucking freezing out here. Give it a few hours and you'll get your chance."

He was completely right. I don't want to say that we invited Ally and her friend Alex because they're sluts, but they're not exactly known to be prudes. Give them a bottle of liquor and some college boys and their clothes are on the floor in an instant, guaranteed. Ron had already had his turn with Alex over the summer, but he has a long-term girlfriend now, as do most of my friends. The odds were in my favor, and I knew it.

Everyone already there helped make dinner to start off the night and we all sat around the table to eat, elbow to elbow with twelve people sitting around the kitchen table. Ally sat right across from me, next to Alex, and every few minutes we'd catch eyes. We all helped clean up afterwards, and watched the New Year's TV special until everybody had shown up. At about 10:00 the liquor started flowing, the music got turned up, and the beer pong table came out.

Ron and I ran the table for a while, and during out third game we faced, guess who, Ally and Alex. All of us had already had quite a bit to drink, so the game lasted almost a half-hour. Eventually, we both ended up with one cup remaining and, after about ten missed shots each, were getting fed up with those last cups. Deciding to screw around, I told Ally to stand right behind the cup, about a foot back from the table. She gave me a devilish grin and said, "I know exactly what you're trying to do, and we both know that it's never going to work. I'd bet a million dollars on it"

"Just watch."

With that, I threw the ball right at her tits and bounced it straight into the cup. Everyone nearby yelled, and I was in shock that I actually made the cup. Ally looked at me with a devilish grin and, as I went to shake her hand, pulled her in close and whispered in her ear, "You owe me now, huh?"

It was getting close to midnight, and as we prepared for the countdown we started opening the bottles of champagne, starting a war with the corks in the process. We gathered in front of the TV, watching the ball drop in New York City. We all counted down to the New Year, and as soon as the ball hit I felt a hand on my arm, turning me around. The second I did I met Ally's icy blue eyes and, shortly afterwards, her lips. She pulled me in close and kissed me hard, with an incredible amount of drunken passion. She quickly pulled her face from mine, and dragged me by the arm around the corner towards the spare bedroom. Everybody in the room seemed too busy celebrating to notice, but I heard one of my friends yell, "Get it Mike!" as I rounded the corner.

As she pulled me through the doorway I clicked the lock behind us, and turned back around to meet her for another passionate kiss. We stumbled towards the bed and she collapsed on top of me, only breaking the kiss to pull off my shirt. As my hands moved down to her ample ass I began moving down her neck, tasting every inch of her I possibly could. When I got to her shoulder I felt the fabric of her dress against my lips, and Ally quickly pushed me away. She slowly stood up, sauntered across the room, and gently unzipped her dress, shrugging it off and leaving it in a small pile on the floor. She flipped the light switch, and by the dim light coming from the streetlight outside I watched her walk back towards the bed and drop back down beside me.

I wasted no time getting back to where I was. I kept moving down her shoulder, and to the top of her right breast. Before it could become an obstacle, I reached behind her to undo the clasp of her bra. I gently pulled the straps off her shoulders, and threw it on the ground next to her dress. My mouth moved to her nipple, and I sucked it deep into my mouth and flicked it with my tongue. I lightly bit the sensitive bit of flesh and Ally let out a light moan. As I busied myself with her breasts she reached down to my pants and unbuckled my belt. I rolled over, allowing her to undo the button and pull down my zipper. I lifted my ass off the bed and she quickly pulled my jeans and boxers off, leaving them in a heap at the end of the bed. She looked up at me and smiled before moving her lips to the head of my now rock-solid cock, and slowly engulfed me. She continued until I felt her nose against my pubic hair, stayed there for a second, and slowly pulled herself back up. She then began bobbing her head up and down at a steady rhythm, occasionally stopping to lick all the way up and down my shaft or kiss my throbbing tip. After a few minutes I pulled her up towards me, mashed my lips into hers, and flipper her over onto her back.

I quickly kissed down her neck, between her heaving breasts, over her belly button, and down to her mound. I continued towards her clit and, right before reaching it, began moving to the side and down her left leg. As she whimpered I kissed down her leg right to her toes, and then moved back up the right one. I reached her glistening pussy again and began licking all around it before finally flicking her clit with my tongue. The second I did she grabbed handfuls of the sheets and arched her back, pushing her pussy into my face, and let out a loud moan. I moved down slightly, lapping the wetness off her lips as she continued to moan. I took a finger and thrust it into her tight hole, and once again her back arched and she let out another loud moan. I moved back up to her clit and continued finger fucking her as I drilled her clit with my tongue. After a few seconds of this she grabbed my hair and managed to whisper through the moans, "I'm gonna cum."

I continued my assault, and she screamed as her entire body began shaking. I never let go of her as she rode out her orgasm, finally collapsing back to the bed. Unable to say anything but, "oh my god," again and again, I pulled myself back up and kissed her. After a few minutes she got back up, and managed to squeeze back into her dress. I turned the lights back on, and if anybody looked at her hair or the hickeys on her neck it would be obvious that we'd been having some fun. She turned around and whispered in my ear, "Wait here."

"What exactly am I waiting for?" I asked

"It's a surprise"

I replied, with a wink, "Well it better be good, you still owe me remember"

"Believe me, I'm on it"

And with that, she left the room and closed the door behind her. As soon as she did I realized that my balls were beginning to ache, as I hadn't even came yet. As I started to contemplate rubbing one out, the door cracked open and, on instinct, jumped to grab a blanked to cover my naked self. I relaxed as soon as I saw Ally, but this time she wasn't alone.

"She told me she could use an extra hand in here," said Alex, who sauntered into the room behind Ally. Before I could say anything, Ally pulled me in for a kiss and asked, "Do I still owe you now?"

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Susan,Re: Conversation with Spirit: Amethyst. I have the prettiest amyestht jewelry from your store, The Fossil Cartel Inc. I especially like this article it speaks to me and I used to owned the set of Crystal Ally cards and gave them away to a friend. I will be coming in to purchase another set and browse for that precious gem. Thank you for your story about the amyestht crystals and the photo is very nice too.I enjoy getting your newsletter a real pick me up today!Smiling, Leslie

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Great story! Can't wait for the rest

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