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A violent story of my passion and crime
An icy rain slapped my face and a gelid wind bit into me, cutting easily through my clothing. And to think 15 minutes ago i was enjoying their sight from the warmth of my room. All It took was one phone call to blew the cover apart. One bloody sobbing phone call. Here is the tran 
"Nav...sob..sob..sob.. Come over here ..sob..sob..sob"
"sob..sob.. Yes..sob..sob"
"but its impossible!Just look outside.."
"Nav.. Come over or i will do something..sob..sob..." the line cut. 
So here i was gunning my bike through rain, wind and poodles of water at 1 am on a frigid december night. All of it was a soup and one that was going to scald me. The female of human species is not only dangerous but also delirious. 

"Give me a towel" 
I said with as much as chagrin as its possible to put in a whisper. Having let myself in using the duplicate key, I had come straight to her room. It was bathed in a soft  pearlish gloom. The door to terrace was open and plumes of  wind made the small chandelier swing and lilt. There were pattern of silver shadows all around that became steadily darker towards corners of the large room. In one of such She was sitting on a high couch, just out of reach from lights' desperate attempts to catch her. 
"its on the chair over there" she said somberly as if I had asked for her diamond necklace that I was going to run away with. I hated her these melodramatic antics. Also i couldnt see where she pointed in the dark. I shook my head
"no. I am dripping  like a faucet. You better hand it over unless you want water all over your precious rug"

"that will be irrespective the case" she sighed like she had spoken and done for the day. 

But all the same she rose from her sepulcher and stepped in the light. At first I couldn't make if she did. It was like she appeared from darkness and disappeared in light. Then I realized she was wearing a dress of exactly same pearlish incandescence as the glow in the room. Well by calling it dress I am just resorting to euphemism. It was a short chemise or one of those negligees that are negligible actually. It started halfway from her beautiful breasts and ended in frills at her crotch. But considering her albatross white skin had same color as her chemise, the extent of her dress or rather lack of it did not manifest itself upfront. 

By the time it did, i had asked  my iron will to steel me as much as possible. I hoped i wouldn't fall short of raw material. 

She handed me the towel and quietly stared. I busily mopped myself avoiding any eye contact with her. 

"you should change or you will fall sick. I will get u something" she turned and walked away. From an intentional slit in the towel i watched her walk. Her chemise barely covered her bulging behind and i could see her lower moons and creek of her butts curves as her shapely ass swayed below her slender waist. She bent slightly near a tuffet and I saw her pussy lips splaying out. She has, what I consider, a slightly large cunt for her figure and it likes to protrude if she is not careful when going around pantyless. I closed the slit. 

She brought me a white bathing gown. "Hold this" i said holding the towel like a curtain between us. I turned my back and quickly shed off all the clammy wet clothing and  moved inside the comfortable dryness and warmth of the gown. I tied the belt and turned around to see her peeping from top of the towel. 

"not fair. I trusted you with it" I shook an admonishing finger at her and went to close the terrace door. She must have tiptoed behind me cause when I turned after sliding the door shut i bumped straight into her. Inadvertently she clutched at my shoulder  and I girdled her waist to steady her. She drew herself close, gazed deep in my eyes and said "you are so hard..." i pushed her off on a reflex before she added " reach these days" and then gave a bewitching smile. I dont like her playing with me like this and i tried to disengage but she held my wrist. 

"wait, come here for a sec" and she led me to a wooden panel on a side wall. She pushed at something that made the panel slid off to reveal a man size piece of rectangular polished dark glass. 

"i got it recently. I call it iMirror. You stand before it and you will see your dark self looking back at you" she said in soft undertone, as she nuzzled to my side, her bare arm and bare leg touching mine. The smooth dark surface showed our reflection, standing together. However where a normal mirror would have shown us as we were, the dark glass tinged us in a curious uniformity. Her pearlish chemise and my white gown lost their distinction and so did her white and my light tan skin. Our reflection was one single figure as if carved out of a monolith. 

She caught my hand and sedulously glided it under her chemise across her naked  ass cheeks until it was resting on her waist. She saw the look of alarm in my reflection and whispered "thats My dark self". I exhaled a heavy breath and forcing her hand off dragged myself apart to a distance. 
"thats Your dark self" she observed dolefully and walked over to a settee gracefully lowering herself. 

"come over here, will you?" she said after a minute
"i want to talk to you, thats why. Did you drive through rain and sleet to stand and sulk in a corner?"

She moved to edge of settee leaving ample space for me to sit and keep distance. Her chemise rode up to her waist almost exposing her crotch. I went over and sat at other end. 

"you know how much have you changed?" she asked staring at her dangling legs. 
"and you haven't" i said  staring where her dangling legs met. 
"with you i can't. And i won't try"
"then you will continue to suffer"
" and you will like it? Don't you have any pity on me?" she said and her voice shook slightly with a suppressed emotion. 
"but you don't want my pity". I replied, reinforcing my steels in anticipation of an emotional assault from her. 
"May be. But you don't give what i want either
"because there are ...these barriers between us now" 
She shifted to rest her back on arm rest of the settee. Lifting up her legs she drew up her knees close to chest and folded her arms around them. She put her feet slightly apart and I saw, wedged like a pear between her shapely thighs, her thick cunt lips. They were spread out, glistening like grass with dew on it. I tried to pluck my sight off it but couldn't. 
She breathed heavy and said in a thick voice
"What barriers do you see, really?"

A rising wave of fury hit me. Perhaps because I realized I wasnt as strong as I thought. And perhaps because I knew all the time that I wont prove as strong as I thought. I turned my inward rage out as all escapist do when unable to confront themselves. 
I rose in anger and said
"what barriers do I see? For one, you are married. Understand that? You are married and I dont want you to be a slut sleeping around. And second, I am committed in a relationship. Even though you may not care for your commitment, I do for mine. And thats a barrier."
"dont shout or you will wake the neighbors" said mildly.
 I didnt realize i was shouting and slightly mortified i sat down again. 

"your speech about commitment is heart warming, you know" she continued to say "but you forgot one small thing. Your first  commitment was with me. What about it?" 
"alright, it was. But once you married, it became pointless. Everything became pointless."
"I married because you wouldn't marry me. I implored you a thousand times but you wouldn't. What was the point in that ?" 
"the point was we couldn't marry" 
I looked incredulously at her "because you are my goddamn elder sister, thats why." 
She leaned back, spreading her knees further apart and shook her head
"but not your sibling. only your step sister".
Her posture had spread her cunt lips wide. It was bubbling with a whitish translucent fluid whose tiny streams had just started to run down on her inner thighs. I looked back again in her eyes and said
"yes, but we practically grew up together. Do you think anyone in our family would have consented at our marriage only because we were step brother and sister. They'd had shot us down" 
"thats your problem, you know" she reached over and held my hand "you are so afraid of doing what you want to do. In fact You build a castle around your target and then you fear to attack it." 
i opened my mouth but when no reply ocurred, i closed it shut.

"look at me" she said. "not here".. She circled a finger between her legs "but here" ..circling it between her eyes
"i have no compunction in saying that I want to fuck you. Right now at this minute, again after an hour, whole night, and right until the day i could. I always have and always will. I also dont have any guilt in saying that i fucking hate my husband and i dont ever let him touch me with his stinking paws. But if you dont fuck me i will have to find  some other unknown guy who may abuse me, drug me, rape me, torture and..."

"ok enough" i raised a hand, not wishing to listen more of the macabre possibilities springing out of her macabre mind. 
"no its not enough" she shot back "just a while back you said i will continue to suffer.  But if so then i will choose to suffer for my pleasure and not for my pain"

"So what do you want from me?" i stood up in agitation.  i knew i sounded cornered and desperately tried to wriggle free 
"i told you i am also in a relation, and she trusts me implicitly. Do you want me to betray her trust cause your marriage is not working out and you are so desperate to fuck that if not with me you will screw with any man on street? Thats a hell of a choice sister" 

"can a man satisfy a woman's craving only by fucking her?" she asked quietly at end of my outburst. 
"what do you mean?" i gingerly asked, sensing a trap somewhere along the course
She sighed "do you remember how we got together the first time?" 
I did. It was one of top entries in my memory archives.
"yes. I do" i said without trying to sound too upbeat
"yes" what was she driving at! 
" can you recount it, if it doesnt embarrass you?"
 "why should it embarrass me" i said hotly as if accused of a crime i did not do. 
"tell me then"
"alright" i drew a breath and focused my mind on a day 1o years back in time . 

"You were coming home from school when just near our gate a dog started barking madly at you. So you panicked and tried to scale the tree near our boundary wall shouting for help all the while. I was already home so I rushed out and chased the animal away"
" and then you howled in laughter seeing me perched in the tree, with my skirt all crumpled around my waist" she reminisced smiling
"well, it was funny at first seeing you clinging  to the tree. And you wouldnt come down"
"and you were staring up constantly, weren't you? "
"i was looking at your legs"
"and my panties"
"and your panties" i admitted. 
"what happened then?"
"i had to climb up the tree to get you down. I held you around waist.."
"no." she cut me " you held me around my hips, over my panties"
"well, yes. And then as i tried to get you down, we slipped and slid down the tree. You got all bruised and cut on legs and hips"
"and my thighs... See there is a small mark still here"  she pointed to a spot on her inner thigh right near her bare crotch. I ignored it
"so i carried your limping self inside" 
"you dont recall it vividly. I will tell from here" she interjected 

" the seat of my skirt had got all tattered so you had put your hand on my behind. And as some part of my panty had also got shredded, your hand was actually on my bare buttocks. Well, then you did carry me home and laid me on sofa and left me. I was bleeding from the cuts on my legs, my knees were all bruised and my bottom was all sore. And i was about to start crying for being left alone when i saw you coming with lots of first aid stuff. Then you went and got some hot water from the geyser and that was the first time i realized i was wrong in thinking until then that you were a selfish mean kid.  You were too caring and you touched my heart that day like no body did earlier or after. So you started to wash and lotion my cuts one by one until you reached my thighs. I then observed your hands were trembling and you were hesitant to go ahead. So i pulled up my skirt and spread my legs so that you knew i was fine with it. When your finger touched my inner thighs i felt a strange sensation that momentarily overpowered all my pain. I wanted you to embalm all my bruises, so i raised my legs slightly to show you the lacerations on my buttock. You started to soak my soiled panty with hot water so i told you to remove it and raised my waist to assist you. But you just looked dumbly back so i removed it myself in one swoop, getting nude for the first time before a guy...and that too 3 years younger to me. My legs were spread apart in air, my knee bent near my chest and my virgin pussy was spread obscenely right before your eyes. With hands shaking at9.2 on richter scale you tried to sponge my buttocks and every touch of your hand unleashed a cascade of sensations that exceeded the last one. And then without warning, without my permission you plunged your finger in my pussy, like this" 

During the later part of her narration she had taken the same position that she described. She was on her back, her legs were spread apart in air, her knees bent on her breast and het pussy spread obscenely right before my eyes. She was also gliding her open palm on her rounded buttocks and thighs and  with last sentence she inserted her middle finger in depth of her bubbling cunt. 

Her eyes closed, her body shuddered and biting her lower lip, she gave a low moan. She opened her eyes dreamily and said
"i still feel that incredible sensation your finger had given me. in pure ecstasy i had thrown my hand and it landed straight on your crotch. It was almost as hard as its now"
She had put her other hand on my crotch as i watched her helplessly

"and then what did i do? Oh yes, i unzipped your trousers like this, and clutched your thick dick as now,  and i beat it hard in my fist"

The sight of her wanton masturbation and her expert maneuvering of my dick started to churn my insides. She drew her legs further back , arching her body from buttocks to ankle in a perpetual curve. She had turned slightly and her pussy pulsated before me, expanding and contracting with thrusts of her finger. 

'damn you all' i thought with a clenched mind and stepping close put my middle finger inside her. 
She opened her eyes wide and let out a long shuddering moan
Her cunt was overflowing juices and my single finger slid in and out so easily that i put in my ring finger too inside her and rotated my wrist. She buckled so hard as to almost levitate off the couch. Her mouth had opened in a silent scream and only gurgling noise came forth. 
Fingering her deeply i slid close and put tip of my penis between her red open lips. She sucked at it madly and thrusted her hips against my writhing wrist so much that my arm started to ache. In a frenzy she expectorated my dick with lots of saliva and started screaming
"aaaaaaaaaaaaah..fuck ..motherfuuuker...tear my cunt...fuuuk my whore cunt.... Hit it hit it you motherfucker"
Fingering her with one hand, with the other one  i gave a stinging slap on her buttocks that made her flesh quiver.  
"mooooooothrfuuuking son of bitch" she let out an ear splitting shriek and started coming in waves upon waves. 

Once she poured forth all her juices on couch she looked at my with blazing eyes and said ferociously "stand between my legs"
sitting on the edge of  couch she spread her legs wide again and holding my dick right over her swollen cunt started to beat it hard
"shoot your load on my hole. Shoot all of it on my wet fucking hole you motherfucker" 
Her jerks were so powerful that they unsteadied me and to balance myself i clutched at her both shoulders but she pulled the  chemise up baring her tits and made me clutch both her soft shapely breasts. 
Next instant i was shooting loads and loads of cum all over her crotch, drenching her cunt and its large inner lips with coats of thick white semen. 

She smoked silently  while I changed back in my clothes. The rain had ceased and wind had reduced in intensity. 
"what are you doing this weekend?" she asked blowing a ring 
"going out somewhere" i replied tying my shoelace
"will you do something for me if i ask"
"something still more?"
"Yes. Get your girl here. Let me see who has won your commitment so profoundly "
"ok" i rose and left. 
 End of Part 1

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