I hope you like chapter 3 of my fantasy sex life with my sister-in-law. In this chapter, Tabitha's teenage daughter Emma is introduced to the thrill of sexual intercourse. Let me know if you like it and if it is arousing. I am open to constructive comments and ideas on where this story could go from here. Thanks for reading.
My Sister-In-Law Tabitha and Me Part III

A few months after the mountain retreat vacation with Tabitha and her family, Tabitha and I met for a weekend in San Diego. I may write about that in detail later, but for now know the sex was great and Tabitha, as always, was incredible. So much so, that two months after our weekend together, I requested a job transfer with my company to Tabitha’s hometown. Everybody was happy with that decision. Morgan was happy to be near her sister. Tabby and I were happy because we could continue our relationship on a more frequent basis.

One Tuesday morning in early June, I received a text from Tabitha saying, “Come by around lunchtime. Jim’s out of town for 3 days and the kids will be away until dinnertime”. I cleared my schedule and made it to her house a little before 12. We had been seeing one another about three times a month since we moved back.

When I arrived at Tabitha’s house, I rang the doorbell and was surprised to have it answered by her daughter Emma. Even more surprising was the fact Emma was wearing a very colorful, one piece swimsuit. Emma is a very beautiful girl. She stands 5’-6”, weighs about 120lbs. She has long curly chestnut colored hair that reaches halfway down her back. She has the most warm, inviting brown eyes I have ever seen. She has a light brown complexion from her time sunbathing. Her breasts are about a 34D and they looked so wonderful in her bathing suit. To top it off, she has a beautiful voice that sounds a little like Ariel from the “Little Mermaid”.

“Oh, hi Uncle Thom. Come on in” she said cheerfully. I went in and sat down on the sofa in the living room. “Emma, what have you been up to today?” I asked. “I’ve been out by the pool sunbathing and listening to my mp3 player” she replied. I didn’t hear any other noises in the house and was wondering where Tabitha was. “Where’s your mom?” I asked. “Your Aunt Morgan told me to come by and pick up some stuff for the party we’re having this weekend.”

“Well, funny thing is, she’s not here” Emma said. “Hmmm, she sent me a text wanting to know when I’d be here” I replied. Next thing I knew, Emma was sitting right next to me with her hand on my thigh. Looking me in the eye, she said, “Truth is Uncle Thom, I sent you that text this morning from Mom’s phone. Mom’s out for the afternoon and won’t be back until dinnertime with my sisters and Dad’s gonna be gone for 3 days.” As I started to get up, I said, “I suppose I should go.” Emma pushed me back on the couch, straddled my right leg and put her hands on my shoulders. I wasn’t going anywhere for the moment.

I was instantly aroused at her sudden aggressiveness. She looked so damn hot in that bathing suit. It reminded me of the one her mother wore when we fucked in the hottub a few months back. “You have my attention Emma, what can I do for you?” I asked. “It’s not what you can do FOR me, it’s what I want you to do TO me” she replied in a very sexy tone of voice. “I know you’re fucking my mother two or three times a month” she said. I didn’t know what to say or do. I was very aroused by this beautiful young woman and yet shocked at what she knew of Tabitha and me. “How do you know that?” I asked. “I came home one day a few weeks ago and heard the two of you going at it on her bed” she said. “I was very quiet and able to masturbate myself to a very wet orgasm on two different occasions listening to you two.”

She continued, “I’ve heard her a few times with my dad, and she NEVER screams with him the way she does with you. I’m still a virgin and I want to experience what she has at least once before I get married.” I replied, “I’m flattered Emma, but I can’t. What your mom and I do or not do is complicated, besides you’re still 17.” “You know, the party we’re having this weekend is for my 18th birthday, but I actually turned 18 yesterday. I’m a consenting adult now, and I consent to you making me have multiple screaming orgasms today. Consider it your birthday present to me.” By this time, she was grinding her pussy on my knee, leaving a very wet spot through the crotch of her bathing suit.

My dick was as hard as granite and my mind was trying to make sense of it all. What would Tabitha think if she knew I fucked her daughter? Would she be jealous? Turned on? Pissed off? Seeing how I have never had the opportunity to fuck both a mother and her daughter before, I wanted to give her what she asked for.

I reached up and ran my hands over Emma’s swimsuit covered boobs. There is something so sexy about the contour of a woman’s body and a tight fitting swimsuit. “Oh Thom, how does that feel? Do you like what you feel?” she moaned while still grinding her pussy.

Emma stood up, took me by the hand and said, “Don’t worry, nobody’s gonna be home for almost six hours. We’re all by ourselves and I promise to not tell Mom. I’m glad she’s happy when she’s with you. I just want to know what it feels like. I want to be able to think of a great sexual experience when I masturbate.” With that, my logical mind checked out and pure sexual desire took over.

She led me back to her bedroom which is still the bedroom of a teenage girl. It’s all pink, frilly, with the scent of baby powder and perfume. There is something so arousing about entering the private sanctuary of a woman, knowing what you’re there for.

Emma immediately started unbuttoning my shirt and pants as I ran my hands up and down her slender, swimsuit covered body. As she got my clothes off, I slipped my hands under her shoulder straps and began to pull the swimsuit off her. As I pulled it down, her breasts bounced a little as the tight fabric cleared her erect nipples. Mere words cannot describe the perfection of her bare breasts. They are in fact 34D’s and there is no sag in them whatsoever. There’s about four pounds of pure tit sticking straight out. I stopped pulling on her suit so I could rub her soft bare breasts. Her nipples erected to the size of large pencil erasers.

As I continued the downward pull of her bathing suit, I paused on her ass (which fit perfectly in my hands) and gave it a gentle squeeze. She let out sounds of pleasure and approval as I squeezed and rubbed her sexy butt. Gently, I pulled the remainder of the swimsuit off her. Standing before me was a young woman with an incredible body.

She reached down and took hold of my fully erect penis. “Wow, this is so thick and hard. A big difference from some of the boys I’ve played with” she said while gently stroking me. “Just what kind of sexual experience have you had?” I asked. “Well, I’ve let a couple of boys touch my boobs, and one guy fingered me for a bit at the movie theater, but it wasn’t that great. I’ve touched two other dicks besides yours. I guess what they say about three being a charm is right. Yours is definitely the best I’ve seen and touched.” I was so aroused by her petite hand rubbing me. “I’m not sure I want to suck it yet, I hope that’s OK” she said. I reassured her, as I caressed her beautiful body, “Emma sweetie, I don’t want you doing anything you’re not comfortable with.” “Please don’t tell my mom about any of this. She and I don’t really talk much about boys or sex.” “Your secret is safe with me” I said.

I swiftly picked her up and gently lay her on her bed. I rolled her over and began to massage her body. I started at her shoulders and worked my way downward. “Ohhh Thom, this feels incredible” she purred. As I made my way down her body, I kissed the back of her legs and could smell the flower scented lotion she put on before sunbathing. I rubbed her small ass more as I kissed her legs. I made my way down to her lower legs and finally started massaging her soft, petite feet. “I’ve never had a massage like this” Emma said, “please go on. I’m glad we have all afternoon.” I have a bit of a fetish for small, soft female feet; so I rubbed her cute feet for about 10 minutes.

After kissing each of her perfectly plump toes, I rolled her over and began working my way back up the front of her tanned legs, kissing and massaging them. The whole time Emma was moaning softly and telling me how heavenly she felt and that no boy had ever taken time like this before. When I made it to her pubic area, I spread her legs to reveal her tightly trimmed pussy. I could smell Emma’s sweet wetness, her inner thighs glistened with her flowing pussy juice. I was beyond the point of no return. Her pussy had very little hair around it and it was pink and wet beyond belief.

Just before I went to lick her small, soft, un-defiled pussy, she asked, “Do you think my vagina’s gross?” I looked up at her and said, “Why would you ask that?” Nervously, she said, “Well, I’ve heard some of the boys at school say sometimes a girl’s vagina smells bad. I just want to know if mine is OK.” I thought it so innocent sounding of her to keep calling it a vagina. “Emma darling, they only smell bad if they aren’t washed and taken care of. Yours is beautiful.” She let out a breath and said, “Oh thank God. I was nervous about you touching me down there and not liking it.”

With that, I gave her pussy the first gentle kiss of its 18 year life. Emma grabbed the sheets and gasped with surprise. “Oh me….oh my….oh me oh my!” she said quickly. “That feels sooooo good. Is this what you do to my mom to make her scream?” she asked breathlessly. “Among other things” I replied. “Please don’t stop” she begged, “it makes me feel all tingly inside”

Her pussy tasted so good in all its slippery wetness. The taste of a pussy that has never had intercourse is overpowering. After a few minutes of running my tongue around her sweet pussy, I slid my middle finger inside her. Emma’s hips bucked at the sudden intrusion and her vaginal muscles clamped tightly on my finger. She let out a muffled scream of surprise. As I started rubbing the upper wall of her vaginal canal, she started moving her hips more and more. “Ohh Thom, that feels so good. Keep going” I rubbed her faster while licking her clitoris. With this, she started to scream a little louder, “Oh my God……Oh God…..I’m gonna…cuuumm”. Her pussy started to squirt her sweet tasting girl cum while she grabbed her sheets with one hand and her right breast with the other. She bucked her hips and squealed with delight as I fingered her and squeezed her left breast.

As she caught her breath, she said, “I think I’m ready. I’m so horny. Will you put your penis in me slowly? I wanna feel you fill me up.” “Ok baby, just relax and let me know if it hurts. I’ll pull out if you want” I told her. The sight of her wet pussy and her legs spread was overwhelming. I moved in between her legs and started moving the head of my dick around the outside of her pussy. I slowly put the head of my dick in her soft, wet pussy. “Oh God, I can’t believe we’re doing this” she panted. I could feel the rapid beating of her heart. I stopped and said, “Sweetie, if you don’t want to do this, we can stop. I won’t be upset.” “No, please don’t stop” she said quickly. “I’ve never had anything this big in me. I hope it’ll fit. Please……please take my virginity. I want this so bad” she moaned. With that I pushed my dick further into her waiting pussy until I met the resistance of her hymen. I stopped there while she caught her breath.

“Emma, Honey, how do you feel?” I asked. “So far it feels good. My vagina feels like its being stretched a bit” she said. “I’m about to break your hymen sweetie. It may sting for a minute” I told her. “Ok, just go in and out a few times before you do it. That feels pretty good” she said breathlessly.

I slowly stroked in and out of her tight pussy for about 30 seconds. Her vaginal muscles were doing everything they could to hold my dick inside her. Her breathing got faster and faster the more I thrust in her. Finally, I couldn’t take it anymore. I pulled nearly all the way out and with one slow steady push, I broke through her hymen. As I did, she let out a shriek I thought would break a window. I felt the sudden warmth of her blood as her hymen broke completely. I stopped and held my dick in her while she caught her breath again. “Are you ok sweetheart?” I asked. “Oh yes, it hurt for a second, but I think I’m OK now” she said. I slowly moved my dick around to help her forget any soreness.

“Oh God, please fuck me!” she yelled, “make me scream like my mom screams. Please now, give it all to me NOW!!!!” she begged. With that, I started thrusting with all I had. Making love to an 18 year old virgin is hot enough, but couple that with the fact she is the daughter of my sister-in-law, who I am fucking three times a month; it made me fuck her harder than I have fucked for some time.

With each deep thrust into Emma’s now adequately stretched pussy, she let out screams that rivaled her mother’s screams of pleasure. I could feel her legs wrapped tightly around me as I had both hands gripping her perfect ass. Emma’s headboard was slamming against the wall and her bed springs were squeaking loudly. On top of all that was the rhythmic moans and screams of two people making passionate love together. “Oh Emma, you’re so….. perfect…….I love your screams……don’t hold back baby” I said passionately. “YES!……YES!…..YES!…..keep….pounding my ……my pussy……more….please God….give me mmmooorrrrrreeeee!” Emma screamed loudly.

Finally after about two minutes, I told her I was about to cum. “Ohhhhh yyyeeessss, please Thom……fill me up. Cum in my pussy, please…..please….cuuummmm in meeeee” she shrieked with pleasure. With one final hard thrust, I pressed up against the entry to her teenage womb and emptied myself inside her. As I shot what seemed like a gallon of cum in her, she squealed with delight, “Oh my…… it’s so warm….I feel you filling my pussy. It feels so wonderful!”

When I finally pulled out, there was a mix of girl cum, semen, and blood that dripped out of her pussy. Breathing hard and fast, Emma said, “I’ve….got to have…….more…….right now!!!” With that, she pushed me on my back, climbed on top of me and impaled herself on my still solid penis. She gripped her headboard with both hands and started riding me as hard as she could. I reached up and squeezed her beautiful bouncing breasts and squeezed her pink nipples, which drew out more moans of pleasure. Emma’s lovely hair fell around her beautiful face as she continued to ride me harder and harder. Her face was a sexy mix of determination and sheer pleasure. I love watching women in the throes of ecstasy.

Suddenly she let go of the headboard, arched her back and tilted her face to the ceiling. Her sexy mane of hair was down her back. She had her hands on my chest and was grinding her pussy hard. In short, passionate breaths, she screamed and moaned, “Oooohhh……aaahhh….aaahhh…..its building……YES!....YES!... I’m gonna……cuuummmm again…..Oh Gooooddd……I’m cumming. ……I’m cumming!”

As she screamed, I felt the sudden build-up of my own orgasm. I quickly grabbed her hips and drove my dick as far as possible up inside her pussy. I moved her back and forth as I yelled, “Emma darling…..I’m gonna fill….you…..up again!” With that, I spasmed and shot another load of hot thick cum in her already soaked pussy. I held her hips in place as I emptied myself again. I felt her pussy constrict tighter as Emma screamed, “I feel you spraying inside me……Ohhhh….ohhhh, God…God…God Yeeessss….God….I’m cumming soommmooorrrreee…….I LOVE YOU THOM……..uuugghhhhhh…aaaahhhhhh…..YES……I Love Youuuuu”

After a minute of sheer sexual bliss, Emma, fully spent, fell down beside me on the bed. As she climbed off, my penis came out of her with another mix of our combined wetness. “Oh my God, that was incredible” she panted. “I see why my mom screams the way she does when she’s with you. Am I good in bed? You weren’t bored with me were you?” she asked nervously. “Emma Sweetheart, you are an outstanding lover. What we did was beautiful and not in any way boring. You are beautiful and sexy.” I told her. Emma replied, “I’m glad. I thought maybe I wouldn’t be that good. Do you think I’m good enough to have sex with regularly? I wanna do this again with you sometime.” “I’d love to be with you again too Sweetie. Let’s plan for it” I said. “My mom and I have our periods at different times” she said, “I could have you to myself the week she’s menstruating. That way you can have your cake and eat it too”

By this time we were both getting drowsy and we still had almost four hours before her mom got home. “We’ll work out the logistics when we’re both a little more awake” I said. “Ok, I can’t wait to do this again” she replied dreamily. “You know, my sister Becky turns 18 in a year and four months. Maybe you can do us both together sometime. I’ve heard that’s pretty exciting” “Like I said Darling, let’s take it as it comes, but I do like the way you think.” I said. With that, we both fell asleep on her bed in the middle of a big wet spot.

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