it was huge
39 years old, South Korean female. Married and bisexual. Mom with a boob job.
“Too much Viagra”

I just got out of the shower, and quite honestly, its heaven. Only relief I’ve had has since your father was sent to Afghanistan to 11 months ago. So the masturbation sections have been frequent and frantic, and quite frankly I look forward to those hot baths. That is, until I realized that my teenager has been spying on me, I Have to admit, the first couple of times he interrupted me, it was a little awkward for me. And especially the fact that he thought I wouldn’t notice him standing there? The first time that I decided I would actually teach him a little lesson, I just started to soap up my breasts and my pussy as I did every day at this time. And if he wanted to get his jollies perving on his mother be my guest. I figured it was curiosity more than anything else.

My son has his friends over every day. his friends, okay, practically everybody has obsessed over me or more accurately my tits since I had my boob job, and I love the attention. I love it when each one of them comes up and greets me with a big hug. Even though I know they are simply trying to get a quick feel. And now I found that this is something that I often fantasize two as I lay there soaking in hot water, masturbating, a part of me wanted Kevin to see me. I figured that was just a typical teenager and hormones. I started moaning louder than I should have, I wanted to see him stroking but I knew I couldn’t look, I couldn’t say anything. I just kept right on fingering myself. in a couple of minutes I came so hard knowing he was standing in the hallway off the side, that I almost broke the shower door when I started having orgasm.

After 11 long months without being able to make love to my husband, or pull over to the side of the road to suck his cock, feeling of waking up in the middle of the night and him climbing on of me, everything makes me horny. I constantly find myself checking out all of teenagers that are coming in and out of my house by the hour. But I really miss feeling my husband sliding inside of me in the middle of the night. So that’s the reason I continue to take several showers a day. Getting me off in the shower has become a ritual. Feeling the hot water running down between my legs, working its magic on my large clitoris, the massage wand…. Getting wet writing this.

This particular time, after Getting out of the shower I decided to run to the bedroom without getting dressed, hoping my son wouldn’t notice. I did see his door cracked open; but I assumed he was in there playing video games or watching television. I took the chance, running past the doorway without hopefully being noticed, and I could go to my bedroom and get dressed. Glancing in Kevin’s bedroom door as I passed by, what I saw stopped me dead in my tracks!

Inside his room, there he sat, looking like his father. Exactly like his father, except a younger version, completely naked, and frantically masturbating to images on his laptop. I was shocked by the size of his shaft that he was sliding his hand up and down and the look of urgency on his face. He almost looked like he was in a state of concern. I realized that he must be close to orgasm and I could feel the familiar warmth between my thighs as I watched the expression on his face, and his hand pounding his cock so hard I could hear the flesh slapping. I was embarrassed, here was my child, desperately trying to satisfy himself to the images of naked women on his computer. And I was also concerned. His identical twin sisters were a room over, and at only a year younger than him, would surely know what he was doing. Before I realized, I was peering around the corner of the door. Periodically hearing him grunting “oh God… FUCK… yeah” and I had my towel opened and my hand massaging my mound.

I could feel myself getting wet but I couldn’t help it. The guilt was overwhelming but I continued to watch. I had to start rubbing my pussy while I continued watching my horny teenage son jacking off, I wondered if I should cough, or say something. I was scared, and excited. But it isn’t long before I feel my legs begin to grow weak and the inside of my thighs were soaking wet with my creamy love. I pushed my middle finger deep inside my pussy which was now dripping wet. As I felt myself begin to tremble, I saw him stand up quickly, short rapid strokes on his fat shaft. “Oh Jesus, this is it, he’s going to cum” I thought to myself and started pushing them to finger deep inside. My poor baby was beating his cock so hard that it actually looked painful. I was wishing someone was on top of me right now, as desperate as he was to feel my sweet little pussy.

Next to Kevin’s computer on the table I notice a small bottle of blue pills and I come to the realization that he has obviously taken his dad’s Viagra. No wonder he is beating frantically. And no wonder that thing looks so big…. Pushing my middle finger and deeper. Counting at least four of those pills lay next to the open bottle; I wonder how many of those things Kevin must’ve taken. My God they are 100 mg, he only need to take one 1/4 of the tablet.

I feel my clitoris begin to swell from working My thumb back and forth across it while pushing my middle finger as deeply inside as it will go. I hear his frustration as he continued to stroke frantically, desperately talking to himself like a bank robber whose desperate to crack the combination before the cops come in and arrest him. I thought to myself “slowdown baby, not too fast, God make it last”

Now here I am, completely naked, standing in my hallway, masturbating while watching my teenager trying to satisfy himself. I know that this has to stop, I’m not sure what I should do so I take a couple of steps backwards, pretending that I was looking into the opposite direction and call out his name, “Kevin… sweetheart I need to…” and walking into your room without knocking. Feigning my surprise “oh my god… KEVIN!” staring in shock as my son turned to face me. His cock in his hand, panicking when he saw me standing there with my towel loosely wrapped around me.

He began screaming “mom, oh my God, can’t you knock? My God, what are you doing?” but still clutching his cock.

He quickly looked around the room, frantically, grabbed his boxers off of the floor and stumbled around bouncing on one leg, trying to get the other leg through before pulling those shorts up. Again he protested “what are you doing?” I began to giggle “Looking at you stroking it, practically pounding it. Sweetheart what are you doing? Stop beating it so hard.” And looking back towards the door, I reminded him “you know, other people live here. You should probably close the door when you’re taking care of business”

My poor son sulked, hanging that embarrassment. The only thing that wasn’t sulking in the room was his massive cock which immediately found the opening of his boxers. Kevin covered his face with his hands “I can’t believe this! I wasn’t taking care of business. Why are you a fuck, I can’t believe this. ” it dawned on him that I was naked too. I felt my nipples hardened and tighten instantly. His hand kept moving on the shaft even though he was clutching his boxer shorts over it.

I walked over to the computer table, looking down at the pills, picking up the empty bottle in one hand while I try to hold my towel closed with the other hand. “Did you take these?” the look in His eyes was almost comical. He was almost frightened. He whispered as though everyone else was going to hear “mom, I took 3 of them it won’t go down.”,

He just continued to hide his face, turning his back to me. Oblivious to the porn video is continuing to playing on his laptop. Placing my hand on his shoulder, “sweetheart nothing to be embarrassed about. Everybody does it.” (But he already knows that, from spying on me in the shower).

“Oh my God, mom, I took three of them. It won’t go down. I’ve been in here for 30 minutes. I’ve tried everything.”

Completely unaware that I am rubbing myself again, right in front of my son, pressing the middle finger between the swollen lips licking my lips “Sweetheart, don’t hurt yourself. Mmmmmmmm you’ve been here for 30 minutes, stroking your c---, touching yourself?”

Sitting down on the bed in front of him, I told him to turn around and look at me. Slowly he turned, still hiding his face and hands. My god his cock was massive, it looked like my wrist. I wanted nothing more than to reach out and take it in my mouth. Instead, I decided to control myself “well… 30 minutes isn’t that… how long does it usually take you to, you know… finish” I Already knew the answer to this question. It usually takes no more than a couple of minutes if he’s standing in the hallway watching me stroking my pussy.

Kevin mumbled “I… I. just… I. don’t know, I just… I just do it”

I’m glad he was hiding his face, because he couldn’t see me periodically sliding my hand across my own mound. Teasing my swollen clitoris. “Kevin, sweetheart, I’m going to close your door… and I want you to… take it easy in here” (come on woman; get these thoughts out of your head. Go back to your bedroom and take care of this little itch that way you always do) and we’ll just pretend that nobody knows, okay? ” my sweet little pussy was pounding. I had already decided I was going to get the biggest until though I have, tonight that was going to be my lover.

As I was walking out the door, Kevin called out “mom… what…. What am I going to do, it won’t go down.” I was afraid to turn around and face him; I might just blurt out something like “I’ll bet I can make it go down”. I paused for a moment “have you tried… lotion?”

The awkward silence in the room seemed like it went on for a week. “Lotion, what kind?” He asked me. I turned and faced him. His hand now comfortably on his shaft again. I smiled “I’ll be right back… keep the door closed, the last thing we need is your little sisters to walk in and be traumatized by seeing that thing” I quickly walked down the hallway to my bedroom, opening the girls bedroom door, I still couldn’t believe I was actually encouraging him. But I wanted to check on the girl’s first. Make sure they’re both occupied. “girls, what are you doing?” Both replied simultaneously “homework mom” but I could see them on their laptop chatting away on Face book. I walked to my bedroom, in my top drawer next to several of my toys that kept me company in the past year; I grabbed a small bottle of Astro glide lubricant. I walked back into his room and there he was, sitting on his bed, oblivious to the porn, staring at me, almost horrified but still stroking that big beautiful hard cock.

I still wasn’t dressed, but I walked over to the bed “just keep stroking… slowly…mmmmmmm” I told him. Flipping open the small cap As he slowly continued pulling shaft, within a couple of strokes all 8 inches of his fat cock was covered in glistening lubricant, he moaned quietly under his breath “oh fuck…”he suddenly realized what he just said, opening his eyes, he looked at me, shocked “sorry mom. Oh my god, it feels incredible. Is that what…pu… Is that what it feels like?”

I stood there watching him “it’s alright sweetheart, whatever you need to do to take care of that. Sweetie, and to answer your question, a real pussy feels much better. can I ask you a question…?”

Kevin quickly stood turning away from me again, but this time he continued to stroke the shaft, looking over his shoulder at me “I guess so mom, what… it can’t wait?”

“Sweetheart you might as well not hide. It’s not like I don’t know what you’re doing in here. Or that I have even caught you doing it and trying to spy on me. I was just wondering if you ever measured.” (Jesus woman, what are you doing? This is not a conversation you should be having with her son)

I can hear the sloshing sound of wet lubricant that his cock repeatedly pushed through the grip of his fist. I was a little surprised that he so proudly answered “it’s… its 8 ½ inches” he proclaimed.

What I said next to both of us by surprise. “If you took three of those pills sweetheart, you’ll be lucky if this thing goes down in a week.”

The panic in his voice was comical “a week? Oh my God, a week, mom I can’t wait that long! I can’t… I can’t go to wrestling practice like this” the urgency of his rhythm increased.

“If you would like me to… maybe I can help?” As he looked away, I pushed my middle finger deep inside it practically screamed.

“What you… what do you… help? How can you help?”

“I’m not sure, maybe you should, turn around… maybe I can give you something to look at?” As quickly as he turned around to face me, I quickly flashed my towel apart and show him a big 34c breasts. And I quickly cover them up again. He grunted in step forward towards me, and moaned “show me again”. I poured more Astro glide over the top of his shaft as he continued to stroke and this time removed my towel. Letting it fall to his bed, my long black hair still damp from my shower, down the middle of my back. I was little taken back when Kevin told me “show me your pussy mom”. But I smiled and did so, commenting “do you think that’ll help? I mean, would you really like to see my pussy? ” I had just finished shaving my girl in the shower. So she was silky smooth.

I lay back in my bed, propped in my head and looked at him standing between my legs, frantically beating at his cock. Periodically I would slide my hand between my thighs rubbed my pussy, giving the middle finger and moaning. It wasn’t long before he grunted “mom, do you like this?” at one point He walked up close and the touch me. I quickly put my foot in his chest gently to keep them back and told him “that’s close enough, looking is all you get.”

I wasn’t sure what to say, And I certainly couldn’t tell him “oh my God, looking at you standing between my legs stroking that massive cock, knowing how badly I want to see you stick it in my pussy and ram it deep inside” I told him “sweetheart, I’m just trying to help you. Nothing more. You really need to hurry up and finish”

“Mom, I’m trying, my arm is getting tired.” The one thing that I didn’t want him to do was stop. I was even hoping that he would cum on me. I didn’t know what else to do so I started to coach him, “come on baby, and don’t stop. Stroke that big Fucking hard cock the way you do when you watch mommy in the shower”. Kevin groaned, looking at me, I used my fingers to pull my pussy lips open. I could feel my own cream dripping down into the crack of my ass. I started a massage and my clitoris, pulling the sweet little folds of my pussy open and within moments, I was frantically rubbing as fast as he was.

“Please mom, my shoulder is aching.” I was determined to help. But like any good mother, I wasn’t about to let my child sit there and beg me for relief. I quickly grabbed a bottle of Astro glide, lubricated my palms and reached out with both hands and took his shaft. Slowly sliding back and forth, I couldn’t believe I was actually stroking his cock in my hand. It was as hard as steel, and it felt incredible. Within a few seconds, I too was stroking it all I was worth. “Kevin, please Sweetheart, focus, I need you to cum”. He responded desperately “mom, I’m trying…” stroking with one hand, cupping his balls and the other hand.

Not sure what else I should do, I sat on the edge of his chair, and pulled him over next to me and told “close your eyes…” Kang and responded in panic “what… why?” I continued to stroke his shaft in my hands, pulling him towards me and told him “I said close your eyes while I’m doing this, I don’t look at me when doing this” looking up at him, saw him close his eyes. I opened my mouth and took him. Closing the seal around the head of his cock which was bigger than I expected. It had been a while for me. And he panicked, pulling away from me and jumping backwards “mom…”

Now I was embarrassed, I stood up, “well, do you want me to help you or not? I’m very good at this. And I can make it go down, but you have to relax”

He protested “relax; I’m standing here with my cock in my mom’s mouth…. Okay, let me just… let me prepare, let me get ready” he closed his eyes, had his hands in his hips, took several deep breaths and finally stepped forward and said “okay, I’m ready”

I had a pubic hair on my tongue. And by now, I was primed. I didn’t care that he was sitting here in front of him using my middle finger to rub in a circular motion with my swollen clitoris. I took his cock in my mouth again as he began to slowly rock forward back and forth slowly, moaning, tasting every inch of him. Couple of times he took me by surprise when he would grab the back of my head and pump in too far, causing me gag, pulling away from him. But he would instantly apologize “sorry mom, fuck, I can’t tell you how good this feels. It’s incredible!”

After 15 minutes of sucking his cock, I couldn’t get Kevin to ejaculate or to go down. And then I had an idea, Kevin was already feeling sorry for me and told me “mom, you can stop. Really, I’m sorry”. But as I had already stated, I was determined. I kept stroking him and called out loudly towards the door “girls, come here… I need to see you in Kevin’s room”. Once again, Kevin panicked, jumping back like he did initially when I walked in the room. Both his hands clutching his cock, failing in his attempt to conceal it.
“Mom, what’s going on? Jesus, don’t tell them. They’re going to freak out!” I walked over to him and told him “turn around; it’s going to be okay. I kept stroking and after a couple of seconds, both girls opened the door without knocking, seems to be a habit in this household.

They come running into the room eagerly, screaming when they saw what was going on. Both of them panic when they see the size of Kevin’s hard young cock in my hand, both gorgeous twins looking at each other “oh my God, that’s gross. What are you doing?”

Listening to me groaning in pain as I continued stroking it, sucking it. "Girls, thank God. Come here, we have to help your brother." Both of them protesting and disgust even though they are in nothing more than identical see-through panties and skintight tank tops

Looking over at my daughters as I continued to stroke with rhythm, “Brandi, come over here sweetheart. Do you see how I'm doing this? I want you take over so I can rest my arms. Candi, we’re going to need your help also. You take your panties off and let him see your private area.” Candi met my instructions with protest “are you kidding? I’m not letting him see me down here. Besides, he’s always trying to see us like that.” Now, as if Kevin’s predicament wasn’t bad enough, his sisters were blowing the whistle on him. And all along I thought it was just me. He stood there hiding his head in complete embarrassment in his hands. While I continued stroking his shaft slowly.

Brandi on the other hand eagerly walked over next to me, got down her knees and when I removed my hand, quickly reached up and grabbed and took over. "Like this mom?" looking at me as she began to frantically stroking entire length of his shaft. Poor Kevin was practically in tears. Hiding his face in his hands while Brandi stroked, constantly looking from his shaft back to me. She smiled, looking over at Candi “it’s different, you should try… it’s not the same” I was taken back by the statement, thinking to myself “a little different than what?” I would ask them later. I wasn’t going to bring that up now. I rest of my arm, flexed my finger several time to relax by grip and to be honest, I was feeling disappointed, this was the first man that I have ever met that I couldn’t get to cum in my mouth in a matter of seconds.

I admired Brandi’s little breasts jiggling as she increased the speed, jerking faster, and causing her perfect young tits to shake wildly. Candi was focusing on her sister; her nipples were hard with excitement, straining through the little white fabric of first a strap tank top. I could see her eyes glazing over, and I could see that it is having the same effect on her.

Candi watching her sister' stroking her brother’s cock, and then looking over at me, massaging my sore arm "I can't believe you took those Viagra. This is going to take all day" I complained. Candi without saying anything else stepped out of her panties, her little pussy was beautiful. I was little surprise that my young girls were shaving. It was completely bald. And she seemed to have no inhibition whatsoever about rubbing herself, watching her sister and then tasting her sweet juices off of her own finger.

Watching Brandi becoming more determined in the way she was stroking her big brother’s cock, the look on her face as her frustration builds. Looking over her shoulder "mom, can I suck?" Still jerking you frantically, trying to make Kevin have an orgasm.

Brandi asked me again “can I suck it mom?”
“Mmmmmmm I don’t know sweetheart, that wasn't part of the deal. We are just trying to help your brother. We just need to make him get some relief”

(Candi is now looking down at her own little pussy as she slowly massages and watches her sister jerking Kevin’s fat cock)”move Brandi, I’ll do it”

I sat back in surprise and amazement; obviously she's done this before even at her young age. I begin to rub my pussy a little faster now as I watched her even more surprised when her twin sister gets behind her. Brandi positioned herself on her knees behind Candi, if the two of them were not so young, they could be posing for a calendar. She reached around and slid her hands under Candi’s tank top. Playing with her nipples. While Candi just kept right on stroking, intermittently she would lick her tongue out across his head and Kevin would shiver each time. Candi didn’t ask for permission, she just placed at the head of his cock in her mouth and started moaning softly. Kevin grunted out loud and grabbed the back of her head, and once again tries to slide the entire length in her throat as he had done me. She fell back, coughing and gagging and calling him an idiot. “I can’t do it if you’re going to grab the back of my head, stupid. What’s wrong with you?” Kevin now in a state of horror it began to apologize. “I’m sorry I am sorry, sorry; please just help me get it to go down.”

I still can’t believe this is happening; my teenager sitting here with my daughter’s jerking his hard cock. Unable to take this, I start rubbing myself faster "is this helping baby?" I asked Kevin as I begin to close my eyes and moan, pushing my middle finger deep inside of my dripping pussy. I really didn’t care if it helps him, it was helping me. I had two orgasms back-to-back and I can hear my Brandi in the background calling out “go mom!”

After another 15 minutes Candi was now complaining that her jaw is hurting. Brandi eagerly took over, and begins sliding her tongue up and down the length of Kevin’s engorged shaft. My poor son was pulling at his hair, clutching at his head. Periodically he would open his eyes and looked at me frantically finger in my pussy. I couldn’t believe that he still hadn’t cum. I guess it didn’t help matters that the three of us were asking him repeatedly “are you close, are you there yet?”

Brandi walking over in front of me, bending over and exposing her sweet pussy inches from my mouth. “Please mommy…I can’t believe we’re all doing this, this is so hot” bending over seductively. My sweet innocent daughter, showing me a beautiful pink folds of her pussy, as she bent over in front of me I had to do it, Slowly pushing my tongue inside and she begins to squirm underneath me. While Kevin held onto the back of her head, careful not to push his cock farther into her mouth.

Candi quickly stands up and rubs her own pussy faster and faster, she begins to gyrate her hips seductively, Kevin now watching the three girls in his bedroom took his cock back in his hand and started pounding wildly whileBrandi pulling her ass cheeks apart as I slide my tongue back and forth across her little swollen labia. Spreading her legs even wider for me. Her beautiful little body began to spasm like she was having a seizure. I grabbed onto her hips and pulled her tightly into my face. The sweet scent of her young pussy creaming all over me filled me with more desires that it would be possible to put into words. I wanted more than anything to have a huge cock to bury inside of her. But my middle finger would have to do. I plunged my middle finger in deep enough to feel her hymen and then I slowly began to work it back and forth while tonguing her clitoris

Both of the girls seemed to be jealous of one another, they both looked over as they begin to feverishly make out with one another. Crawling on top of each other, pushing the little pussies together. "Girls, have you done this before?" I asked. As I stood there watching my twin daughters making out with each other, I wasn’t expecting Kevin to simply climb on top of me. I wasn’t ready for him to thrust his cock into me the way he did. He drove down deep inside of me and paused for a moment, it hurt so bad that I’d dug my fingernails deep into his back, he didn’t move, he just held it there. “Thank God, finally” I thought to myself. But it wasn’t to be; slowly he withdrew his cock and plunged back inside of me again, each time causing me to scream out in pain. I wanted so badly for him to take it easy, to kiss me, and too grind deep inside of me slowly. But that wasn’t going to happen. He simply continued to Ram into me wildly. Like a savage. Finally I was able to get my breath, I begin to rock underneath them, pushing away each time he would thrust down, and in doing so I was able to alleviate some of the pressure.

I'm shocked and surprised; both of the girls are too. One of them on each side of me asking me "mommy are you okay? Does it hurt that bad?" Still holding each other closely, and all I could do was moaning and grunt, desperately attempting to fill my lungs with air.

As Brandi reaches down and begins to rub Kevin’s balls he simply continued continue thrusting like a wild horse. The sound of his skin slapping into mine sounded like two boxers fighting with each other.

Barely able to get my breath. Candi still taunting Kevin from behind her sister. On her hands and knees and rubbing her pussy against brandies little ass watching me trying to get every inch of you inside of me. She whispered over “mom, can I try? Please, I want to try so badly”

Brandi kept giving Kevin the finger, making sarcastic faces.

Candi watches me explode into another orgasm as my body begins to flex, grabbing my large breasts, Candi was standing over me showing her young pussy from underneath as she pulls my face to her sweet young clitoris

Still feeling Kevin driving cock deep inside of me, I continued to contract my pussy on his slippery shaft; my tongue and lips flickered over my daughter’s as her sweet slit as she begins gasping and whimpering

Brandi now lying next to me as Kevin lifted himself up on his arms, mesmerized as she watched him continue to grind and continue to thrust inside of me, each time causing my breasts to wildly jiggle while working her own young pussy with her sweet fingers

“Oh my God mommy I am so wet. This feels so good. Can I try please? Can I try to FUCK?" Grinding so hard I don’t want to share him with any one, trying to catch my breath looking over “no baby, he’s too big. It’s too hard” screaming again as Kevin now seemed to be feeding off the complements. It seemed as though he was pacing himself, instead of trying to get himself off. We were now approaching the two-hour mark from when this first started and I didn’t care.

Candi had a handful my hair, pulling my mouth tighter into her sweet young pussy. Barely any hair covering her soft mound she grinds back and forth into my face.

Rocking harder against me, I can tell that she’s getting ready to cum on my face. She began grunting and whimpering in that innocent little girl voice, her eyes rolling back in her head like she was possessed and she began to tremble. And her sister just kept encouraging her. Reaching out, twisting her nipples.

I continued gasping in pleasure/pain as I felt Kevin holding me harder, driving deeper inside of me I can tell that he was finally getting ready to ejaculate.

My body begin to shake, moaning and kicking underneath him as he slowed down now, teasing; pulling the entire length always out while I desperately fought to keep him inside of me. “That’s it baby, come on, come on, don’t stop sweetheart, oh my god, fuck me, I can feel it. FUCK me”

Candi is now stretching her own pussy lips apart exposing her swollen clitoris as my tongue flickers over rapidly. Sucking and slurping on her. She screamed as she was having an orgasm. Obviously Brandi was familiar with this call because she reached out and cupped her nipples.

Kevin quickly climbed off of me, without warning. I desperately tried to hold on “no no baby, come on finish” but he turned and looked at his little sisters. Brandi reached up and took his shaft and slid deep into her mouth, like her sister, she began to gag. But unlike her sister, she didn’t pull away. She didn’t protest. Here she was sucking my pussy juices off of her brother’s shaft. I see the look of shock overcome her has her eyes in watering up, trying desperately to swallow every drop, your hands on the back of her head pulling her

I’m looking at my son is standing there grabbing his hips now rocking forward and fucking her face. Letting go with both hands And holding them up above her head, as though he is riding a roller coaster, he continued continue lunging forward with his hips clutching the back of her head. She begins to whimper, reaching for me. Making me realize how young and fragile she is. As we begin to cuddle each other, I just can’t help working my way down to that sweet young pussy as I softly begin to kiss those little pink folds of her pussy. As soon as my tongue touches her swollen lips, I feel quick spurts of warm salty fluid splashing in my face. She falls back on her back shrieking and starts frantically rubbing at her clitoris. Screaming out loud “FUCK, cumming mom I’m cumming” she rolled onto her back and spread her legs apart, frantically rubbing at her own clitoris, I dove between her legs and started darting my tongue inside. Sucking and nibbling on her sweet little pussy. Plunging my middle finger deep inside.

Candi having always been the more aggressive of the two lays down beside us using her legs to pull Kevin down top of her. I know I should be concerned, but the beautiful site of my daughter having an orgasm right in front of me, and her twin sister pulling her brother down top of her, reaching between her thighs like an expert and she found his shaft and began rapidly spreading it back-and-forth across her pussy lips until she soaking wet. Coming off of Brandi’s pussy, I look over at Kevin and kissed him softly on the lips and whispered “don’t hurt her baby. I’m serious; you are too big for me. you have to go really really slow. And if she tells you to stop, I want you to stop. This thing is too big” as she seems more determined than you, I watched as he slowly started pushing down pushing down, her eyes welling as she begins panting and then a very dull quiet snap.

Looking down, I’m shocked. The two of them are completely in contact; his hard cock is all the way inside of her. She begins to sob, but at the same time grinding underneath him. Her legs wrapped tightly around Kevin and she began rocking upward while looking at me “kiss me mommy” I leaned over and began to suck on her tongue. The sounds of the three women moaning in the room driving my son crazy. Each time we break contact, I ran my fingers through her hair, asking her if she’s okay. She smiles confidently and tells me “I’m not a virgin anymore”. Finally listening to Kevin as he started to grunt, driving down forcefully several times before locking himself deep inside of her; I can tell he finally exploded. Several large streams of his hot cum washed inside of her. Kevin grunted several times, each time causing her to shriek. Brandi had now positioned herself on top of me, taking turns sucking on each of my nipples until all four of us collapsed, exhausted.

Kevin between Candi’s legs. Brandi on top of me, between my legs, she and I continued to kiss passionately as he lifted himself to his knees, slowly pulling out of his sister. Brandi kept her eyes locked on his shaft as he pulled out of her sister. And lays down on me so that she could whisper into my ear “mommy, can I try?”

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