The blonde springs her trap on the studs at the beach
“I see you guys all the time,” the blonde addresses her admirers casually and disarmingly. “Yeah, we live here,” answers the tallest of the studs, with his straight blonde hair and brown eyes. Those are some sexy long biceps he’s got, the blonde thinks, smiling approvingly, as she drinks in the sight of her handsome teenage prey. Something else is long, too, she thinks, her smile widening, as she can’t help but notice the stud’s uncoiling trouser snake straining the limits of his confining swim gear. “So, you guys live on the beach?” the blonde asks in a teasing, bantering tone, delighted that her question provokes a burst of laughter from all five studs. “No, we live in town, but yeah, we might as well live on the beach,“ replies the stud good naturedly, his cheeks dimpling deeply. “So, what do you guys do for fun?” the blonde queries them, looking deeply into the eyes of each in turn. “Oh, we’re up for just about anything,” answers a second stud. “Oh, I can definitely see that!” the blonde answers flirtatiously, casting a quick downward glance at the pushed out crotch of the second stud’s trunks, and provoking another burst of laughter from the whole group. The second stud is slightly shorter than the first, with curly blonde hair, blue eyes, a muscular chest and short, bulging biceps. He eyes the blonde with a cocky little smirk that causes another rush of her love juices far below. “You guys got any plans for tonight?” the blonde persists, her eyes roving from one Adonis to the next. “No. No, not really,” comes the response as the studs briefly glance at each other. “Maybe you guys can hang out with me,” the blonde quickly offers. “I’m just passing through, and I don’t know anybody here. I’m renting the beach house on the corner of Pacific and Marvin,” she continues, by way of explanation. “Cool!” the studs chorus in response. “What time?” asks the first stud. “Oh, you guys can show up around 8. And definitely come as you are!” the blonde encourages them, giving the group a subtly seductive glance to cue them into the entertainment they can expect that evening. Another collective burst of laughter from the studs. To the blonde’s delight, all five studs now harbor full erections pushing their swimming gear to the limit, testifying to the erotic spell she has so effortlessly cast over them. “See you guys later!” she calls out cheerfully over her shoulder, as the studs watch her shapely ass slowly and tantalizingly jiggle away from them.

“Are you sure, baby?” the girl asks the brown haired, brown eyed 16 year old stud as he unlocks the back door to his house. “No worries,” the stud replies, his erection visibly bulging in his jeans. “My parents are gone for the weekend.” A cruel smile lights up the girl’s face as the stud leads her by the hand through the door and into the house.

Continuing along the beach, the blonde spots another figure that she’s had her eye on for most of the past week. The young stud is talking to two pretty teen girls in bikinis. As she draws closer, the blonde pulls the scrunchie off her wrist, and does her hair up into a girlish ponytail. He’s working on one of them, maybe both, the blonde tells herself knowingly, as she maintains her slow, casual pace towards the trio. Just out of earshot of the adolescent mating ritual, she stops, spreads out her beach blanket on the sand, and drops onto the blanket, stretching her legs out in front of her. She is facing the stud, with the two girls’ backs turned to her. She fixes the young stud with a penetrating, insistent gaze which is soon rewarded when the boy briefly breaks eye contact with the girls and casts a quick glance at her. Demurely, the blonde’s eyes dart away, their mission accomplished. The stud’s eyes go back to his two female friends, but the spark has been kindled, and the attraction proves irresistible. The stud’s eyes soon light on the blonde beauty again, and the blonde allows a fleeting contact to be established. The two pairs of blue eyes briefly lock onto each other, before the blonde once again demurely drops her glance, playing her hard to get role to the hilt. The two teen girls briefly glance over their shoulders at the interloper, and the blonde quickly turns her head away. I don’t need any witnesses who can identify me, she cautions herself. The girls quickly turn back to resume conversation with their stud, and the blonde once again turns her focus on the boy. A smug little smile plays on her lips as she takes note of the straining erection harbored by the bare chested boy’s swimming gear. He wants pussy. And he’s going to get it, the blonde affirms to herself. The adolescent trio breaks up, the girls walking off in one direction, and the stud heading in the opposite. The young stud’s steps, whether by accident or by design, bring him past the recumbent blonde. “Hey!” she purrs in a friendly, yet subtly lust tinged voice. “Hey,” the stud replies in a low, shy tone. He’s so young, the blonde marvels to herself, drinking in the boyish frame, the reddish brown hair, light freckles and blue eyes of the stud. He’s so cute, the blonde almost giggles to herself. He’s hot in a youthful, innocent, boyish way, not the cocky, confident way the blonde studs are, she decides to herself. The blonde looks up smilingly at the boy. “You’re a lucky guy, having two girlfriends like that,” she says to him in a teasing tone. “Oh, they’re not my girlfriends,” the stud murmurs shyly, his face flushing. “Well, where is she?” asks the blonde. “Who?” replies the puzzled stud. “Your girlfriend, silly,” the blonde taunts him sweetly. “Oh, well, I don’t have one right now,” the stud replies, flushing again. “I don’t believe that!” counters the blonde, positioning herself for the kill. Her eyes rove downwards from the stud’s eyes to his swim trunks. The blonde’s gaze lingers for a moment on the pushed out crotch of the swim gear before looking back up into the boy’s eyes. The young stud quickly drops his eyes and as if only just realizing that he is fully erect, he quickly and self consciously looks up again, his face flushing even more deeply than before. Savoring her triumph, the blonde gets to her feet slowly, and collects her beach blanket. Sidling up to the young stud, she leans into him and softly says, “I’m busy tonight, but I’ll meet you here tomorrow night at 6. And don’t tell anybody.” The boy nods silently, and the blonde allows her bare arm to tantalizingly brush against his as she resumes her stroll along the beach.

The 16 year old stud’s balls explode, propelling a load of molten love lava deep into the girl’s eager, saturated pussy. Male and female groan in unison, sharing mutual orgasm. “Oh, yes, baby!” the girl moans breathlessly, running her fingers through the stud’s sweat saturated hair. He’s so damn good, she thinks, and there’s plenty of time. I’m going to give this boy the fucking of his life.

Dozens of pairs of male eyes track the blonde as she slowly makes her way down the beach back to her rented beach house. There are so many of them, and it’s still early. I can get one in before my five blonde boys visit me, she decides. In answer to her wishes, she almost immediately encounters a tall, muscular teenage stud walking down the beach towards her. He has straight black hair, and casts an aggressively lustful glance at her with his piercing blue eyes. This is just too easy. The blonde almost shakes her head as she locks eyes with her newest piece of meat.

The teenage stud thrusts harder and faster as the girl lying beneath him screams with pleasure. The boy is bathed in his own sweat, and a great drop of it, pooling at the tip of his nose, drops onto the girl’s face, baptizing her in their mutual lust. The stud can feel his balls tightening as his determined thrusting brings him yet closer to man’s ultimate release. I want to keep going, he thinks to himself, trying to ignore the first contractions deep within his twin sperm factories. He begins to slow his tempo, but it’s already too late; he has slipped past the point of no return. His balls respond to the insistent call of lust, and surrender their now depleted load of genetic paste. The newly manufactured gametes are blasted upwards through the stud’s love pipe. The stud delivers one final powerful hip thrust as his white love liquid spurts from his penile slit deep into the girl’s saturated womanhood. The girl moans deeply with orgasmic ecstasy as her stud cums inside her for the third time. Three times in two hours! This stud is part animal, part machine, the girl reflects gleefully as she runs her hands down her lover’s sweat saturated back. The young couple are bathed in each other’s mingled perspiration, and the girl’s long black hair is soaked, but she couldn’t care less. Even as they lie in each other’s arms for a brief respite, the stud’s balls are busily dividing and subdividing a fresh supply of sperm cells destined to be sacrificed on the altar of lust deep inside the girl’s temple of Venus. Soon, the virile adolescent stud will once again feel the blood surge into and engorge his love tool, and the carnal games can begin anew.

The blonde feels the warmth of the dark haired 16 year old stud’s sperm as it splashes onto her tongue. The white tide swells in her open mouth as the groaning stud’s tool continues to spurt. Patiently waiting on her knees, the blonde glances past the stud at the digital clock on the nightstand in the master bedroom. It reads 6:16. A little less than two hours before her blonde studs arrive. Ample time to finish up with this stud and get ready for my five blonde boys, she thinks. Finally, the stud’s balls spasm one last time, spurting a few remaining drops of ejaculate into the blonde’s mouth. Assuring herself that the straining tool has finally stopped spurting, the blonde happily closes her mouth and swallows. The load is so massive that she has to gulp twice to send the entire gooey mess on its way to her stomach, but she does not gag. She gets to her feet, still clad in her bikini, sticks out her tongue to display her now empty mouth and proudly announces to the naked, sweaty stud, “All gone!” “You really know how to suck cock!” the stud exclaims appreciatively, his discarded swim trunks lying on the floor nearby. Pawing the stud’s muscular chest, and smiling up at him, the blonde asks, “Now, how about if we get a little kinky?” “Hell, yeah!” the stud exclaims, happily anticipating more erotic action with this seasoned slut.“Turn around,” the blonde commands, and the stud obediently turns his back to her. Swiftly reaching for her purse, the blonde has the stud’s wrists in plastic handcuffs behind his back before he realizes what’s happening. “You are kinky,” he assures the blonde, starting to turn to face her. “No, just face that way,” the blonde orders, arresting his movement with her hands.

With the stud’s back turned towards her, the blonde rapidly slips the plastic bag over his head, pulls the drawstrings taught at his neck, and slides one arm between the stud’s back and his two arms pinioned behind him. She then throws her other arm over the stud’s shoulder and drapes it across his chest , holding him firmly in place. The bag’s drawstrings are not tight enough to strangle or choke the stud, but sufficient to cinch the plastic bag in place and cut off all air; the stud will suffocate. So rapidly has the blonde struck her death blow that the stud cannot at first fully comprehend what’s happening to him. With a sudden rapid movement of his body, he tries to break free from the blonde’s grasp, but with a struggle, she manages to hold him in place. The stud is strong, but the blonde’s surprise attack trumps his physical prowess. The stud’s thrashing quickly becomes frantic as the limited oxygen in the bag is rapidly consumed and his lungs begin to gulp in his own recycled carbon dioxide. His powerful chest heaves and his lungs begin to ache as he fights for breath. With grim determination, the blonde uses every ounce of her strength to hold him in her grasp. The stud will die in agony and on his feet. The blonde has the grim satisfaction of knowing that even if he breaks free from her grasp, he will not be able to use his handcuffed hands to remove the killing plastic shroud from his head. The stud rapidly begins to weaken, and the blonde watches over his shoulder with cruel pleasure as the plastic bag puffs in and out more rapidly. The blonde’s pussy juices start to flow as she feels the stud begin to die within her grasp. She can feel his now labored, agonized attempts to breathe when suddenly his struggling stops. She can feel his body sag in her arms as his legs begin to buckle. Grimly, she pushes her weight against his, holding him upright. He will die on his feet. He will not be allowed even the final consolation of feeling the soft carpeting providing some fleeting comfort to his tortured body. The blonde can feel the stud inhale one last time, brokenly, almost convulsively, and then a powerful shudder ripples through him, as death wrenches him from his body and flings him headlong into the abyss of eternal darkness. The blonde knows he is dead, but savors the pleasure of holding her latest kill upright in her arms for a long moment. So big, so strong and so cocky, but done in by a woman. Once again, the blonde’s beauty and carnal skills, as well as her now well developed killing skills, have enabled her to demonstrate woman’s superiority over man. Finally, she slowly lowers the stud’s corpse to the floor, letting it come to rest, almost gently, face down. She rolls the dead stud onto his back and standing up, looks down at her handiwork. The muscular corpse is naked, devoid of all covering except the killing plastic bag. The bag is fogged with the residue of the stud’s dying breaths, but cannot totally obscure the sweat soaked hair, staring eyes and wide open mouth that bear eloquent testimony to the stud’s death agonies. Best of all, the dead stud is still erect, his love wand frozen in permanent tribute to the woman who destroyed him. The blonde smirks with satisfaction as she reflects on the cruelty she inflicted on this virile adolescent stud, now a suffocated slab of flesh lying at her pretty bare feet. I really made him feel it, she exults to herself. And he’s merely an appetizer for the feast that is yet to come later that evening. Not bad for some guy I just picked up half an hour ago walking on the beach, the blonde congratulates herself, even as the stud’s genetic protein is digested in her belly.

The girl lets out a little gasp of pleasure as her stud slides his rigid tool into her love saturated pussy for the fifth time. “Oh my god! Fuck me, baby!” she implores her young stud, as the boy pulls his hips back and then thrusts them forward again. Even as she enjoys the ecstasy of lovemaking yet again, she is coldly calculating that this stud has had enough fun for the night. He will be permitted one more orgasm, one more liberating draining of his balls. Then, he must pay the price for having a penis.

Precisely at 8 p.m. the beach house’s doorbell rings. Her heart pounding with anticipation, the blonde rushes to the door and flings it open. She beams a greeting at her five blonde studs and beckons them into the living room. All five are still in their swim gear, but their muscular torsos are now clad in t-shirts, their feet shod in sandals and flip flops. The blonde has prepared her hospitality for her studs, with gaming consoles and snacks spread out on the coffee table. “There’s plenty of stuff in the fridge for you guys to drink,” she informs them cheerfully. “Awesome!” “Cool!” respond the studs. “You guys sure you can stay for awhile?” the blonde queries them hopefully. “Oh, we got all the time in the world,” replies the tall stud with the straight blonde hair and brown eyes. Oh no, you don’t, the blonde cruelly smirks to herself, even as she sidles up to the stud. Looking up at him seductively, and putting a hand on his chest, she purrs “So, what do you want to do?” “Anything you want,” the stud replies, flashing his dimpled smile. Standing on her tiptoes, the blonde boldly whispers “I want to fuck you!” in the tall stud’s ear, and without another word, she grabs him by the hand and leads him to the master bedroom, as the other studs let out a guffawing chorus of approval.

The young dark haired stud’s thrusting becomes more rapid and frenzied as he hurtles headlong towards ejaculation. Pouring sweat, he grunts loudly as he exerts himself to the limit. Beneath him, the girl screams in ecstasy, as the stud’s tool plumbs the depths of her soaked pussy. Finally, the stud can endure no more. He lets out a deep groan as his tool begins to spurt for the fifth time that night, splattering the girl’s eager pussy with yet more of his sperm.

Now behind the closed doors of the master bedroom, the blonde turns to face the first of her five blonde studs. Again standing on her tiptoes, she reaches up and pulls off the stud’s t-shirt. Caressing his long biceps, and then pawing his chest, she asks, “How old are you babe?” “17,” is the reply. “And how big are you?” “Oh, I’m 6 foot 2”, replies the tall, handsome stud. “I don’t mean that,” the blonde intones in a lustful voice, sliding her hand down to the stud’s swim trunks. With a firm downward tug, she drops the trunks to the stud’s knees, liberating his straining erection. The stud steps out of his trunks and stands in front of the blonde, proudly displaying his well developed manhood, petrified in a rock hard erection. “He’s a big boy,” the blonde purrs, grasping the stiffened tool and slowly beginning to stroke it. “How big is he?” “9 inches,” replies the stud proudly. The blonde drops to her knees, and takes the rigid member, already oozing precum, into her mouth. The stud groans with pleasure as the blonde slowly works her mouth further down the shaft. The digital clock on the nightstand reads 8:20.

“What do you want to do now, baby?” the girl whispers in her stud’s ear as they lie together in the sweat soaked bed. “We can fuck again,” the horny stud replies. “You just can’t get enough, can you baby?” the girl giggles. “I know what. Let’s get a shower. We really should clean up a little,” the girl suggests. “Plus we can have a lot of fun in the shower.” “Sounds good,” the stud replies, anticipating even more carnal pleasure as the evening unfolds.

The blonde is now in bed in the familiar position, flat on her back, feet pointed at the ceiling. The young warrior is hovering over her, ready to thrust home his rigid spear of flesh. The blonde will give him her body and her love and together, they will achieve mutual ecstasy. They will share the pleasure of lovemaking, but the male must pay the price for his pleasure. The blonde will derive an even more sublime joy from the aftermath of sex. Her male companion will have to endure the aftermath until he is granted his eternal release. The blonde feels the tip of the stud’s tool push past her pussy lips and slide into her saturated love canal.

The blonde and her man begin their horizontal dance of lust, and the tempo accelerates rapidly as the young stud finds his rhythm and thrusts home mercilessly. “How many girls have you fucked, baby?” the blonde asks breathlessly, suppressing a gasp as the stud’s pelvis slams into hers yet again. “I don’t know. Like twelve, I think,” the stud replies with a grunt as he slams home yet again. So young, and he’s already had so much pussy, the blonde marvels, as an orgasm floods her body. No wonder he’s so good. As the stud thrusts deeply into the moaning blonde, there is another young human male in the room. Unable to see or hear, his wide open mouth is also unable to cry out a warning to his fellow stud experiencing carnal pleasure on the bed above him. His sightless eyes stare through the plastic bag encasing his head at the undulating bed above him, the springs creaking with each powerful pelvic thrust delivered by the still living stud. Soon, the stud in the bed will join the stud underneath it in the eternal darkness, but even then, death’s harvest will not end. Beyond the bedroom door is even more young human male flesh that the blonde will offer up for death’s feast. Nothing with a penis will be allowed to leave the beach house alive.

In the living room, over the sound of their video games and music, the four other blonde studs can hear the loud moaning, punctuated by occasional screams, emanating from the bedroom. The studs laugh and exchange ribald commentary and speculation about the carnal jousting obviously and audibly occurring so close to them. They all know that each of them will have his turn with the beautiful blonde slut now giving herself to their friend.

The girl and her stud, both still naked, enter the bathroom. The girl is clutching her purse and stands facing the stud. “Wait a minute, sweetie. Stand right there,” the girl commands her stud. “Now close your eyes.” The bemused stud, still semi erect, complies. The girl reaches into her purse, pulls out the 6 inch butcher knife and slams it full force up to the hilt into the stud’s belly right beside his navel. With a gasp, the stud opens his eyes wide in shock as the pain sears his guts. With a brutal yank, the girl pulls the knife upward, slicing through the stud’s abdomen with deadly ease. His eyesight almost instantly dimming, the stud looks at the beautiful agent of death standing in front of him and watches in disbelief as the red jet blasts out from his ruined belly, following the girl’s withdrawal of the killing blade. The girl delights in the splash of the warm crimson spray as it spatters her breasts and belly. She takes a step back and looks at her stud. She used him for her pleasure, and now, almost casually, she has brutally destroyed him. Gasping again, unable even to cry out in pain, the stud can feel his entrails begin to uncoil, and looking down in disbelief can see them start to slip through the deep trench carved in his belly. With his strength draining rapidly, he raises his hands, and can feel the slippery mass drop into his palms, even as he sinks to his knees. As his brain begins to shut down, the stud’s last conscious thought is that he is holding his own bowels in his hands. Satisfied that she has annihilated the young male, the girl coldly sidesteps him and pulls down a towel from the rack behind him. She calmly wipes the blade of her knife clean on the towel as, with another agonized gasp, the stud drops face down onto the cold tile floor of the bathroom. His eyes wide open, he has already plunged into the abyss of eternal darkness, even as the red pool surrounding his mortal shell grows ever larger. The girl puts the knife back into her purse, takes out her cell phone and taps out a brief text message. She puts her cell phone back into her purse, steps into the shower, and turns on the water. Soon, the water spiraling down the drain will run red as the girl rinses the stud’s blood from her body.

The blonde’s cell phone, lying on the nightstand next to the bed, begins to vibrate. Even as her grunting teenage stud continues to slam into her, the blonde reaches over and looks at the text message she has just received. “Three,” is its simple message, assuring her that the girl is continuing to do her part to add to the number of slaughtered young males. Putting the phone back on the nightstand, the blonde moans loudly as a powerful orgasm washes over her. Almost simultaneously, with a deep groan, the blonde stud’s tool begins to belch its white love paste deep into the temple of Venus. The time for destroying the first of the blonde studs has finally arrived.

Softly humming to herself, the girl steps out of the shower. The bathroom floor is awash in human blood. With difficulty, she avoids stepping in the massive pool of blood on the floor, drained from the extinct body of her erstwhile lover. Toweling herself dry, she looks down at the gutted corpse. He was good, she admits to herself with satisfaction, but even the best of them can only be allowed to serve their purpose before being dealt their fate. Wrapping herself in the towel, she exits the bathroom to retrieve her clothes and slip away into the night.

“You were so good, baby,” purrs the blonde to her stud. “I want to fuck you again!” “Sounds good to me,” replies the stud with an eager tone. “Come on, sit up! First I want to give you a massage,” the blonde exhorts her lover. The still naked stud complies, sitting on the edge of the bed. The blonde begins kneading his well developed shoulders. “You were so fucking good, baby!” she repeats, and quickly withdrawing her hands from the stud’s shoulders, she reaches under the pillow. With a swift, well practiced motion, the plastic bag is over the stud’s head before he realizes what is happening. This time, however, the bag is a dark, opaque plastic. The stud can not see out, nor can the blonde see in. Plunged into darkness, the stud’s hands instinctively reach for his head to take off the dark plastic shroud, when he feels himself brutally wrenched backwards by the nylon cord that has been wrapped around his throat. The blonde is combining her two favorite killing methods, strangulation and suffocation, to vent her fury on the first of her blonde studs. The kill will be quicker this way, as the plastic seals the stud’s mouth and nostrils with every painful breath he tries to take, even as the nylon cord steadily and relentlessly begins to crush his trachea. Once again, the blonde has the element of surprise on her side, and the muscular stud’s attempts to defend himself are surprisingly ineffective. Futilely, he grabs for the cord tightening around his throat. He tries to cry out for help, but his voice only responds with a feeble choking gasp. His lungs begin to ache, even as the pain being seared into his throat by the nylon cord becomes unbearable. Infinitely compounding the mounting terror he begins to feel, is the darkness surrounding him. At first, the stud can easily discern that the darkness is caused by the plastic bag covering his head. Slowly, steadily, the darkness within the bag begins to shade into an ever deepening blackness. Somehow the darkness is different, the stud realizes, as the fluttering dark plasticity of his shroud loses its distinctness and begins to dissolve into the eternal darkness. This more sinister, more opaque blackness steadily drops its veil over the young stud’s eyes. The realization suddenly flashes in an instant through the stud’s brain. This is death. Now, no longer able to feel his arms continue their futile struggle to break free from death’s embrace, the inky blackness floods his brain and shuts it down forever.

“Hey, babe! Wanna have some fun?” The soft, seductive purr of the feminine voice in his ear gives the blonde stud an instant erection. He is the second of the blonde studs, sitting on the sofa, watching as his friends contend in yet another video game contest. The blonde gets an enthusiastically affirmative response to her query, and soon, the second stud is disappearing into the master bedroom with the luscious hostess, followed by the approving murmurs of the three studs still in the living room. No one seems to notice that the first stud has not yet rejoined his friends in front of the TV.

The blonde briefly slips the erect penis out of her mouth, savoring the taste of the oily precum which has started oozing from the tool’s slit. “So, how old are you, baby?” she purrs, looking up worshipfully at her rock hard young stud. “17,” the stud replies, letting out a little groan of pleasure as the blonde again thrusts her mouth down on his tool. He’s so fucking hot, just like the rest of them, the blonde enthuses, contemplating the stud’s straight blonde hair and piercing blue eyes. “You taste so good, baby,” the blonde breathes seductively, sliding her tongue down to lap the stud’s balls while she slowly strokes his tool. This stud is only slightly smaller than the first, a good 8.5 inches, she estimates happily. Getting to her feet, the blonde leads the stud over to the bed and playfully pushes him onto it. “I want to ride your cock,” she declares in a lust inflamed voice. The stud positions himself on the bed, and the blonde slowly impales herself on the rigid spear of flesh. She slowly begins to gyrate her shapely ass, bracing herself with the palms of her hands flat on the stud’s muscular chest. Almost gently, she begins to bounce up and down on the stud’s tool, gradually building her tempo until she is slamming herself full force down onto the stud’s love wand. Building herself up to a frenzy, the blonde gradually starts decelerating, and bends her body forward, now slowly rocking herself on the stud’s tool as she puts her face next to his. “Just tell me one thing, baby,” she whispers to her stud. “What?” breathes the stud in response. “What’s the most you came in one night?” “Eight times!” the stud replies proudly. “She must have been good,” the blonde rejoins. “Yeah, but not as good as you are,” responds the stud. “Oh baby!” the blonde gasps and raising herself up again resumes her full throttled ride on the stud’s love pole. She moans loudly with orgasm as she imagines her young virile stud enjoying his night of ecstasy, ejaculating again and again into the pussy of some lucky young teenage slut. Now, she is the lucky slut. A groan from her young lover alerts her to his impending orgasm, and as her ass cheeks ripple out again, the stud’s balls explode, propelling his love lava deep into the blonde’s welcoming pussy.

The blonde relishes the broken gasps coming from underneath the dark plastic bag shrouding the second blonde stud’s head. Especially thrilling is the counterpoint provided in the background by the excited voices of the three remaining studs engrossed in their video games, even as their friend is being brutally strangled and suffocated to death. What if one of them walked through that door right now? she thinks, looking over her victim’s shoulder at the closed bedroom door, even as she summons every ounce of strength to tighten the noose around the struggling stud’s neck. It’s funny, how he’s grabbing for the cord, just like the other one did, she marvels. Don’t they realize that that doesn’t do any good? For a moment, her mind wanders, even as she almost mechanically tightens the noose around the writhing stud’s throat. What if I called the others in to show them what I’m doing to their friend? she wonders to herself in amazement. To show them that a woman can kill a man, and kill him with no pity, no mercy? She has to restrain herself from loudly calling out to the remaining studs. No, I can’t, she tells herself, collecting her thoughts. If I did it, I wouldn’t be able to kill the rest of them. And they all need to die. She returns her focus to the black shrouded figure gasping out his last breath at the end of her rope. She is satisfied with her double barreled method of killing. It’s sufficiently cruel, and yet hastens the end of the studs. This is crucial, since the killing must be done quickly. As the second stud’s arms suddenly go limp and drop to his side, the blonde happily realizes that she has taken yet another life.

The blonde opens the door to the master bedroom’s massive walk in closet. There, flat on his back, his head still shrouded in dark plastic, is the first of the blonde studs. Grasping the second blonde stud under his shoulders, the blonde drags his corpse to the closet and lays it down beside that of his friend. She briefly contemplates the sight of the two faceless boys she has just exterminated. In all, three dead studs now inhabit the room. The two blonde studs have been lifelong friends. The dark haired stud lying under the bed is now their brother in death. They will not remain separated from their surviving friends for long. Death is still hungry, so the blonde closes the closet door, and slips into the living room once more.
The blonde thrusts her lips down to the base of the third blonde stud’s tool, eliciting a deep groan of pleasure from the well hung boy. About 8. 5 inches, just like the last one, the blonde expertly appraises the love wand of her newest conquest. And he is a boy, she reflects to herself. He’s only 16, with curly hair and blue eyes. He’s the one with that cocky little smirk, and with a body like his, he has every right to be cocky. Having coaxed a steady flow of precum out of the stud’s flesh pipe, the blonde rises to her feet and begins pawing the muscular body. “You have one rock hard body, baby,” she purrs, giving one of the stud’s bulging round biceps a lustful squeeze. “I’m on the football team,” the stud responds. “Oh, I love football players!” the blonde answers breathlessly, running one hand over the stud’s rock hard pecs, while slowly stroking his equally hard love wand with the other. “He’s ready to go,” the blonde giggles lustfully, delighting in the feel of the rigid man tool in her hand, even as the oily precum continues to seep from its slit. “He’s always ready to go,” replies the stud with his cocky little smirk. The blonde giggles again, and playfully tugging the stud’s tool, leads him towards the bed.

He was strong. That’s why he died so hard, the blonde reflects to herself, looking down at the muscular naked body sprawled on the bed, its arms flung wide, its head covered by the dark plastic bag, mercifully concealing the contorted features of the third blonde stud’s face. Not that I’m sorry that he suffered. I want them to feel it. And he felt it, she smiles, remembering the agonized gasps and spasmodic final shudder than ran through the powerful frame, as death wrenched the stud from his body and tossed him into the unending darkness to join his friends. He was good, she smiles to herself, as she almost lovingly positions the shrouded head of the corpse on the pillow, and composes its arms at its sides. She will allow him to rest in the bed, and will kill his two surviving friends in the other bedrooms. She can still feel the strong hands of the stud on her hips, holding her in place on all fours while thrusting into her from behind. He really pounded me, she smiles, remembering the final flurry of rapid hip thrusts as the stud hurtled himself to climax, blasting his load deep into her pussy. And he was such a little slut, she muses. Bragging that he fucked that 29 year old married chick. But now that dick isn’t going to be roaming around anymore, she laughs, grabbing the still erect but now useless tool, and giving it an affectionate yank. “You have such a nice body, baby,” she whispers through the dark plastic bag into the stud’s ear, her voice softly echoing into the void beyond. “Too bad you won’t be needing it where you are now.”

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2013-06-24 09:39:31
Damn,... this is really well written,.. wheres the next part babe? ;)

Lord of MayhemReport

2013-06-23 13:22:06
Part 3 just posted this morning!

anonymous readerReport

2013-06-23 11:26:55
Damn,... this is really well written,.. wheres the next part babe? ;)

anonymous readerReport

2013-06-07 05:59:07
good story. like this series.

Lord of MayhemReport

2013-04-05 21:32:44
Success! I've recovered my files, and the killing will resume soon! The brutality is going to increase exponentially!

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