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Author: male, raised in a rural area with not much to do when growing up, luckily sex was a big part of life in those days.
While of average height and looks I was pretty tanned and toned due to an active outdoors lifestyle.
These stories are true and not embellished but names have been changed as I still know some of the subjects 40 years later on !


Linda was 16, dead set gorgeous and unobtainable; With long black hair, golden tanned delectable body most of the year and the most startling bright green eyes she was sought after by all the richest and handsomest guys in the valley but had a reputation of aloofness with a lot of talk that she was a lesbian as no one had ever copped so much as a feel.

She was always going out with one of the most popular guys who had a nice car but as she was the older sister of one of my mates she often joined us for the day swimming down at one our swimming holes.

While every single one of us 14 year old testosterone fuelled boys lusted after that beautifully proportioned body in that skimpy little Yellow see through Bikini we knew we had no chance in hell of getting with the “Ice Queen” so she enjoyed the lack of “guys putting the hard word on her” and put up with our occasional lustful stares at her perfect body when the wet cloth showed her dark neatly trimmed pussy and small pink nipples.
She even ignored the occasional boner as we swam and sunbaked the summer days away.

On the way back from the swimming hole one day she was walking with us to go to the shops a bit further on than we were going and as we crossed through the local school paddock we spotted a Ram and a Ewe chained up in the thigh high lush green grass, the Ram was chasing the Ewe all over the place but as his chain ran out before hers he was not able to mount her.

I noticed Linda was blushing hard but could not tear her eyes from the horny Ram so I walked up beside her and elbowed her in the side saying “persistent bugger ain’t he”
Linda stammered a bit and cleared her throat before saying “yeh, the poor bugger”
then looked highly embarrassed as she finally tore her eyes away to look at me.

I yelled out to her brother Pete to give me a hand and we lifted the chain off the top of the star picket he was attached to and slipped it over the star picket she was attached to and laughed all the way back to our group, by the time we turned to look at our handy work the Ram had mounted the Ewe and everyone was laughing and cheering … except for Linda who just stared transfixed at them.

We continued on to Gazzers place and Linda continued on to the shops, I watched that perfect taught bum as she walked off into the distance … until Pete clouted me over the head for perving at his sister.

A couple of hour later Linda walked in to Gazzers place and said “I think we better fix the chains as the sheep are all tangled up” so since it was close to dinner time I offered to walk back with her to move the chain back.

As we got close we noticed the Ram still trying to hump the Ewe, Linda commented that she was sure the Ewe had had more than enough over the last couple of hours causing me to wonder if she had been watching them for some time, I split from Linda to walk over to the star pickets while she kept walking through the thigh high grass to the Sheep when I saw her jump back, the first thing I thought was “snake” and was just about to yell out to her when she shushed me and waved her hand for me to come over.

Linda snuck forward and bent over a bit pushing her arse out in my direction so as I approached that inviting rear I enjoyed the view.
Linda indicated for me to come in behind her which I was more than willing to comply with and I placed a hand on her shoulder, with the other hand on her hip I pushed up behind her and peered over her shoulder to see what looked like a tennis racquet moving around.

Linda bent further forward and moved up closer pulling me with her and I found my crotch pushed hard up against that beautiful bum as I peered over her shoulder again.

I had to look twice but the rhythmic squishing sounds confirmed that I was seeing a pair of spread legs and a tennis racquet handle being pumped vigorously up the owners pussy.

My cock sprang to immediate attention rising up inside my speedos and poking Linda right in her crotch but neither of us noticed as we both craned our necks forward for a better look through the long grass.

My cock was rock hard now and poking her right between her pussy lips, we both moaned quietly at exactly the same time and Linda started to turn her head towards me then stopped, moaned and pushed her pussy back onto my cock moaning again.

My heart was pounding, my cock was throbbing and Linda’s lips appeared to be opening as she gently pushed back onto my knob while continuing to stare at the scene before her.

Our position directly behind the person in the grass didn’t allow a view of the persons face but I we could see the bottom half of the person fairly grass free and I noticed the pink short and white panties around one ankle and guessed it was my other mates 12 year old sister Rachelle who was a bit of a tennis freak.

How the hell could someone so young fit that huge thing inside her I wondered.

Rachelle was getting faster with the pumping and by the sound of it was not far from cumming, I was so close to cumming with my cock touching one of my fantasy women that it wasn’t funny and Linda’s elbow was moving so much it looked like she might be playing with herself.

It was all too much for me [who I’m afraid have always cum far too early] and I jerked forward as I pumped my cum through my speedos into the slightly open gap between Linda’s pussy lips.
Linda started humping back at my cock and luckily it remained rock hard as I pushed the head almost inside her.
Rachelle wimpered then groaned loudly as she reached her orgasm so I pulled Linda further back in the long grass and pushed her down on her back and dove my head between her legs mouthing her pussy through her Bikini.
Linda half heartedly tried to push me off then gave in to her lust and grabbed the back of my head instead forcing my face into her crotch.
I could taste my own cum but was too horny to care and managed to work my tongue under the side of the Bikini and soon had it pushed into her slit.

I felt Linda really lose the inhibitions so took the chance of pulling her Bikini to one side and pushed my tongue into her hole.
Linda pulled my head tighter and rubbed her clit against my nose hard, she was really getting worked up now but then we heard a noise and stopped, I raised up to see Rachelle walking away from us and looked down at Linda as I said “its ok, she’s gone” while taking in the sight of those wet black curly hairs surrounding a beautiful pink slit.
I dropped back down and wrapped my lips around her clit and sucked gently as I waved my tongue back and forth.

My cock was throbbing hard as it poked out the top of my speedos and I was afraid the waist band rubbing against my glans would set me off again so I pulled the waistband down below my balls allowing it to throb gently in the breeze taking the pressure off.
I slipped one, then two fingers just inside her opening but before I could do much else Linda came hard humping her pussy against my face, I was so close to cumming I knew I was about to shoot so when Linda pulled my face up towards her face for a kiss I lined up and pushed my cock partway into her pussy as her lips crushed against mine, only my knob was inside her but I had to stop moving or I would cum right then and there, I willed myself to wait until the point of no return had passed but Linda wrapped her legs around me digging her heels hard into my arse and using her hands as well virtually impaled herself on my cock with a yelp, she squeezed me so hard I couldn’t move but it was too late and I just pumped her pussy full of my sperm.
Linda slowly started fucking her pussy onto my cock with obvious lust as she moaned loudly shaking her head from side to side and she loudly moaned “Harder, Harder, fucking Harder!!”

I could feel her pussy rippling around my cock as she was swept up into another orgasm and collapsed as I slowed down and gently stroked into her pussy as my cock started to throb in anticipation again.

Suddenly she pushed me off and stood up glaring down at me, I looked around but could see no one around as she wiped her pussy with her towel then spat “You bastard, I was saving that till I got married” and glanced at my cock throbbing gently in mid air, changed her mind about saying anything, threw the towel at me and strode off.
I noticed the towel had a pink smear on it, Had I just taken her virginity?
My cock was still throbbing so I quickly jerked off into the grass while her smell and taste were still fresh in my mind, didn’t take long at all.

I cleaned myself up with the other end of the towel and walked over to the chains slipping the Rams chain off and untangling it.

I was struggling trying to put the chain back on the Rams star picket when Pete approached and gave me a hand.
“Wheres Linda?, I thought she was helping you” said Pete, “she got the shits and stormed off” I replied.
“what did you do?” asked Pete, “Oh nothing, I just put the hard word on her” I replied.
“when will you guys ever learn” said Pete slapping me over the head laughing as we headed home.

Three nights later I was woken by someone slipping under the covers with me and a soft gentle voice saying “sorry, I know it wasn’t your fault, I guess I was more mad at myself for losing control”
I have to admit I was pretty hurt by her actions so just grunted as I really didn’t know what to say anyway.
“Pete told me what you said, thanks for not saying anything and taking the blame for our fight” she said as she moved her hand down inside my pyjama shorts.

I tried to resist but that lasted … oh about a second … and I was as hard as a rock !

“Can you do what you did again, if you promise not to try and put it in me ?” she asked. “I can’t use the pill as it makes me sick and I don’t want to get pregnant”
“but where does that leave me?, I’ll be like that poor Ram or your boyfriends” I replied cheekily,
“you can show me what to do to get you off “ said Linda, “I’m beginning to understand what you guys keep complaining about”

I quickly spun round pulled her pyjama bottoms down before she had a chance to change her mind, she had no panties on so I kissed up her inner thighs to find her pussy was dripping wet, she must have been playing with herself before deciding to come over, I pulled my shorts off and assumed the 69 position to give her something to play with then inserted a couple of fingers inside her pussy as I sucked and licked her clit.

After a few minutes she came quietly so I just gently mouthed her pussy slowly for a while as she calmed down, my cock was throbbing again right in front of her face and I knew she could see it in the faint glow from the streetlight so I reached up and gently guided her head until she touched my knob.
“suck it “ I pleaded pulling her head closer.
She gingerly allowed my cock in her mouth and found it wasn’t all that bad after all
“wrap your lips tightly around it and suck” I pleaded again
“but what if you spunk in me?’ she asked
“that’s all part of it” I replied
“OK, I’ll try” she said and started to suck..

I started back on her and after a few minutes she was getting more passionate so I started to fuck in and out of her mouth gently, now it was getting good.
Linda was getting close to another orgasm as I used my fingers and mouth on her sex and I was trying to hold off until she got there but the pleasure of sliding a couple of inches of my cock in and out of the sucking mouth was too much and I sped up as I neared my peak, Linda started to try even harder and I blew my load deep in her mouth taking her over the edge into her orgasm as well.

“Squeeze from near my bum right up to the tip as you suck to get all the cum out “ I said guiding her hand
She mumbled something around my cock and repeated it so I took a guess that she
was saying “what do I do with this cum?” and said “swallow it …”
“ … or spit it out”
“now you tell me!” she laughed “its not as disgusting as I thought and really turned me on when you did it while you were doing me”

I moved up on top of her and undid her buttons allowing me free access to her boobs, I pushed my hand up over her well rounded tit and gently rolled her nipple while I gently suckled on her other nipple.
After a few minutes my cock was hard as a rock again as it settled on top of her pussy so I guided it into place and started sliding it in her juices up along her slit and over her clit.
Linda stiffened and said “I thought you agreed to not try and put it in me?”
“I’m not putting it in, just rubbing it to give us both some pleasure, you can trust me!”
Linda relaxed and tilted her pelvis up so the whole length of my cock was rubbing along her slit, she moved her hand down between us and played around with both of us as she got really worked up then as I shoved forward she guided the my knob into her hole and I was half way in before I realised it, I stopped moving and pleaded with her “don’t move, don’t move, I’ll cum if you do, just wait, wait” as I concentrated on not allowing myself to come.
As the pressure eased off I slowly withdrew allowing my cock to throb up and down in mid air, “why did you stop, I want you in me” exclaimed Linda
“I promised I wouldn’t put it in you and I nearly came inside you” I replied
“but I’m so close, I need you in me, please, I want you in me, only you in me, I trust you” she babbled
I thrust my throbbing cock through the length of her slit and started to squirt my cum all over her belly and pubes then thrust my hand down under my balls and shoved two finger in her taking her over the edge.
As she came down I squeezed all the cum out of me on to her belly and relaxed back down on her with my cock nestled in between her pussy lips.

“I could do this with the guys to get them off” said Linda
“not a good idea Linda” I replied
“why not, it feels good for me too” she asked
“because its to easy for the guys to get carried away and you wont be able to stop them” I replied
“how do you mean?” she said
“I’ll show you” I replied starting to slide up and down her slit again and suckling her nipples in turn.
As we both started to get worked up a simply tilted my pelvis back and slid my cock up inside her, she gasped at the unexpected intrusion.
“see how easy that was ?, now try and get me off” I said as I started pumping my cock in and out of her well lubricated pussy.
Linda pushed and twisted but even though she was bigger and stronger than me she failed to dislodge me, I was really enjoying the feeling of my cock of sliding deep up inside her tight pussy but knew I had to pull out before I filled her up with my spunk.
I was almost too late as I pulled out of her and blasted my cum all over her belly.
Linda was still very horny so I went down on her and licked her inside and out until she held my face to her pussy and shuddered through a climax.

I lay on my back beside her and we talked for a while until she thought she should head home promising to come back soon.

It was over a week later when she turned up late on Saturday night after a date, “For the first time I gave the bastard a blow job but he wouldn’t return the favour and left me high and dry” complained Linda as she stripped naked and slid under the covers running her hand down to my cock which instantly hardened.
“you can fuck me if you pull out, I trust you” she purred cuddling up to me.
“I’m afraid I would only get one or two pumps in you before I came” I replied rather embarrassed, “perhaps a blow job first would help” said Linda as she moved her head down and engulfed my cock in her hot mouth.
I reached over and felt her pussy finding it already wet so I slid two then three fingers in to her, she hunched down on to my fingers for a bit then draped a leg over my head settling her pussy down on to my face for some lovin.

Linda was humping my face furiously and the hornier she became the harder she worked on my cock so it wasn’t long before I started to shoot off in her mouth, Linda immediately came as she felt my spunk explode in her mouth damn near breaking my nose as she rubber herself off on my face.

We relaxed laying side by side and Linda asked what else I could do without fucking or sucking to get me off so I turned her on her front and scooped out some pussy juice to add to my saliva to lubricate her bum crack.
Just seeing that perfect bum was enough to get me hard and I guided my cock along her bum crack and started humping her while laying on her back and fondling her tits, damn it felt nice feeling her naked body below mine.

I decided to try a bit of anal so added some more saliva and pushed my cock head into her bumhole but Linda complained it hurt to much so I went back to her bum crack then a small jab at her hole every now and then trying to get her used to it but nothing worked so I got worked up enough to reach my orgasm and pushed my cock head into her bum and let my cum fill her bum, “well that didn’t do much for me” laughed Linda.

I grabbed a warm wet cloth to clean us up and slid my fingers inside her pussy as I licked around the outside and over her clit while laying between her legs.
I slowly and gently brought her up towards her orgasm then felt Linda’s foot caressing my swollen cock, “how about coming back up here ?” purred Linda.
I moved up on her body and felt her guide my cock straight into her sopping wet pussy.
Lind didn’t seem in a hurry and I was feeling like I could last a while so I slowed up and stroked deep and firm almost pulling right out before stroking all the way back into the hilt over and over again really loving the way my cock pushed its way through her tunnel feeling her walls wrap around the full length of me.

We slowly built up a rhythm until Linda wrapped her legs around my thighs and started pumping herself on my cock harder and harder then started shuddering as her orgasm overtook her.
Her excitement had brought me to the brink as well and I was trying to pull out of her but Linda legs locked me in so I had to slide my body down to get my cock to pop free just in time … that was way too close.
Linda was disappointed but relieved as she realised what I had done.
“You know I don’t think I can afford to let anyone else near my pussy, once I get going I just want it to cum hard and fill me up !” she exclaimed, “thanks for looking out for me”
When she snuck out the back door I looked at the mess on my bed and wondered what mum was going to say!

Linda and I had a couple more good late night sessions over the next month or so then she moved interstate suddenly; Apparently her Auntie got sick but there was talk around that she was knocked up.
Pete said the rumours were bullshit but I never saw her again.
I have always wondered whether I have another kid but did not hear much about her over the years.

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Can u make a linda2 this story made me cum alot ny girlfriend is named linda we been together for 3 years

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Can u make a linda2 this story made me cum alot ny girlfriend is named linda we been together for 3 years

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