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I'm your average 38 year old white male who, up until recently, planned on marrying my girlfriend of 5 years. But I experienced some feelings and pleasures I never knew existed, and now I’m not sure if I want to go that direction. I'm afraid that marriage will not allow me to enjoy those pleasure's anymore. Let me explain.

I'm from a small town in Colorado and I had met my girlfriend Tammy at a ski resort where we both worked. She is half white, and half Mexican, and that combination makes her a very beautiful lady. And although Tammy is from southern California, after we hooked up, we moved in together in my home town of Gypsum. Growing up there was pretty boring compared to the big city and I knew nothing of the different culture's and sexual explorations that went on in a fast paced inviroment like Los Angeles. We decided to move to L.A. and get married so that her family could be a part of the wedding. Then I could take on a normal job and prepare for the future of having a family. But fate intervene.

About two weeks after we arrived in southern Cal., Her Hispanic side of the family threw a big shin-dig to welcome her home. It was a huge party and it seemed all of her relatives were there, because there were about 50 people attending. It was your normal "welcome home/engagement" party, everybody eating, drinking, and having a good time. I ended up hanging out and getting boozed up with two of her cousin's, Hector and Herberto. Even though the two brothers had a bunch of tattoo's and seemed to be hoodlums, they were fun to hang out with and they seemed to take a liking to me.

It was around 10pm when Tammy informed me she was spending the night at her sister's house and that she would meet up with me the next day. Hector and Herberto took me back to their place where we continued to party. It wasn't to long after we got there, that I had to use the restroom. When I walked back into the living room, I saw Hector sitting in the lazy boy chair. He was completely naked and was slouched with his legs wide open.

I had frozen and was just staring at his balls. They were really tight, with almost no hair, and perfectly round like a baseball. His cock was laying to the side at the 10 o'clock position, and was in that half way state. You know, half hard, and half soft. The head of his dick was protruding through the foreskin of his uncircumsized prick, and even in that stage, it was huge. When I say huge, I don't just mean big as in long, it was also very thick, like a donkey's dick.

I looked over to his brother, and he was smiling as he was taking his clothes off. I looked back at Hector and asked him what was going on. He said, "Tonight, you’re the bitch. Now come over here and take care of my cock." I had never done that before, but the thought gave me a really big hard on and I found myself excited. I didn't know if it was the booze affecting me, but my hesitation wasn't very long and I went and got down on my knees' between his legs, and buried my face in his nuts. After I began to lick his balls, I grabbed his cock with my hand and felt it grow rock hard as I stroked it. I was really turned on by what I was doing.
After a little bit, he grabbed my head and directed it up to his cock and I opened my mouth and put it in. I closed my mouth tightly around it and began to suck on it as he held my head in place. Soon he was moaning and saying things like, "ya! suck my fucking dick. That’s it! Suck it good." His pre-cum tasted so good, I was loving it. I was into sucking his dick so much, that I forgot about Herberto until he got behind me and pulled my pants down. He put my butt into the position he wanted and said, "I hope you like big dick's up your ass, because I'm going to take mine and fuck the shit out of your tight, white, little asshole."

I moaned a little moan when I felt the tip of his dick against my butthole. I was scared but Hector just held my head nice and tight and continued to fuck my mouth as I felt my asshole stretch wide open as Herberto's huge cock slid its way, deep inside, all the way up my ass until it was hitting my prostate. Whatever he used for lubrication, it worked well because his cock had no trouble penetrating my virgin asshole. I let out a loud moan as the pain shot through my anus and I felt like I was being stuffed. The two of them held me tightly as they pumped and thrust, and fucked my holes good. They were completely in control and had no problem making me their little bitch.

As pain turned into pleasure, I was intensely enjoying the situation I was in. I was completely submissive to all their sexual desires and I loved it. Hector was the first one to have an orgasm. He would have several more that night, but it was the first one that was the best. It was in my mouth. I literally felt his dick swell up even bigger as he began to shoot hot cum down my throat. He held my head against his body and thrust his dick in and out of my mouth as squirt after squirt kept shooting against the back of my throat. He was moaning like crazy as I tried to keep up with swallowing every bit he gave me, but there was a lot and a little bit of cum started running down the sides of my mouth. Herberto had just started his speed fuck and I started yelling as he fucked my butthole really fast and hard. Then I felt all this hot liquid shoot up my ass. It felt soothing actually as I was really sore by that time. He was moaning as he continued to pound my asshole. Speed turned into a slow steady pace as he made sure his orgasm went to the limit.

When they were done with me, I was still horny and wanted to continue pleasuring dicks, so I got them a beer and began sucking their dicks. I switched back and forth between them and ended up sucking both their dicks most of the night. I drained them of as much cum as I could get out of them.

That was a few weeks ago, and I keep going back to the brothers for more. But I also love making love to Tammy and I still want to be with her. I just don't know how to have her and dick's at the same time. Even though I’m not attracted to men, I’m completely, and I’m sure always will be, attracted to dick's.


2006-04-04 06:38:48
it stink's


2005-12-01 02:48:41
If it's gay, mark it as gay. I don't want to read this shit.


2005-05-21 17:35:52
right on. keep writing.


2005-05-11 21:29:10
this is stupid, it reads like pure crap 1/10

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