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Here's the second chapter of my story. The back story of how we met is actually true, in case anyone's interested. Maybe this one might get some actual feedback via comments. I hope. Thanks for reading!
Chapter 2

When I woke up, I could hear the shower running, and Hana wasn't in bed. I laid back and just relaxed for a moment, thinking about how we met. Back when I was 19, I was a delivery boy for a local sub shop, and she was a student on the college campus where that particular shop was located. One day, I got a delivery to her, and called the phone number on the ticket to tell her I was at her apartment building, so she could come get her food. She did, and left me a five dollar tip. This was so out of the ordinary that I gave her a hug and thanked her.

Twenty minutes later, while I was on another delivery, I got a text saying "FYI: you're cute. I'd have tipped you a ten if I'd had more cash."

That was all I needed to start a conversation, and we texted for the rest of my shift, until I went over after work and we hung out for the night. That was 7 years ago. She was so cute, and I'd never been with anyone who wasn't white before, let alone from India. Well, Indiana at least. Either way, it turned out not to be that much of a barrier. Sure, some people in her community weren't so happy that she was with a white man, and she had some rude friends, but overall, it wasn't much of an issue, because my family accepted her with open arms, and her family wasn't racist about it. Within 6 months, I was head over heels for my brown beauty, and we've been inseparable ever since. Vacations, trips to see people we met on xbox(did I mention I got her to start playing call of duty with me? Most awesome girlfriend ever.), dinners with my family, movies, weekly date nights, and the list goes on.

As I laid on the bed just smiling and reminiscing, I realized that I was an idiot for not getting up when I heard the shower running. "Think back later you big idiot!" my morning wood said. "Good idea little buddy." I thought back, and climbed out of bed to join Hana in the shower.

I pushed the bathroom door open silently, and could hear Hana humming in the shower one of her favorite songs. Something by Lana Del Rey, I think her name is. Don't quote me, it's not my job to know things like that. Anyways, she didn't hear me come in, and as I walked to the shower door, I let my shorts fall to the floor, and started to slide the shower door open. She was washing her hair, and had her eyes closed, so I managed to get in behind her without her hearing me. I waited for her to finish rinsing, so I wouldn't be kissing soap, and I slipped my arms around the front of her body, my left hand going to her left breast, and my right sliding down to her clit, while I nuzzled my lips up against her neck, and gently started rubbing her nipple and clit, and nibbling at her neck.

At first, she gasped in surprise, but then moaned in pleasure as I bit higher on her neck, taking as little skin as possible into my mouth, for maximum pain and pleasure. She loves it. As I continued what I was doing, she reached her right hand around behind her to stroke my stiff member, and her left up around my neck to pull me in closer. After a minute or two, I slid my right hand back up to grab her other breast, and began massaging them, but not for too long, because I wanted to taste. I spun her around and dropped my mouth down to her left nipple, while tweaking her right with my thumb and forefinger, while she grabbed my head and tried to push me further down. I resisted for a moment, just to prolong the ineveitable, and then dropped to my knees, while scraping my nails down her stomach.

I moved my face closer to her crotch, with the water still raining down on my head, and slowly let my tongue touch her clit, making her sigh. I applied more pressure, and moved around in slow circles, before lowering my mouth to cover her entire pussy, sliding my tongue as deep inside that moist, delicious tunnel as I could. Hana moaned again and pushed my face harder against her pussy, and I started a pattern on her clit. The alphabet. Slowly at first, but every couple letters speeding up a bit, until I had her grinding her pussy on my face by the time I hit 'T'. I slid two fingers inside of her and stroked her G-spot in a "come hither" motion, and started licking her clit furiously, until she started to shake. I had to take my fingers out of her after a minute, because her legs weren't holding her anymore.

I slipped one thigh at a time onto my shoulders, pushing her back against the wall of the shower, essentially sitting on my shoulders, and didn't stop flicking my tongue the entire time. Once she was on my shoulders, she let the orgasm take hold, and started convulsing, her pussy squeezing on my tongue, while she screamed. As she calmed down, I slowly rubbed her clit with my thumb, occasionally adding pressure, making her jump because she was so sensitive. "Oh, babe, that was so good," she said. "Thank you so much for that."

"You're welcome," I replied. "But we aren't done yet." She smiled as I let her down off of my shoulders and I stood up. As soon as I stretched my back out, she grabbed my neck, pulling me in for a kiss, while running her finger tips upwards along my shaft. I sighed into her mouth, and wrapped an arm around her waist, pulling her close by the small of her back. "Looks like he's ready," She said, and winked. "Guess so," I shot back, as I spun her around and pushed her down so she could grab the soap bar ledge on the opposite side of the shower.

Have I mentioned that I'm an ass man yet? Because I am. Don't get me wrong, boobs are great. Fun to look at, fun to play with, etcetera etcetera. But most men have a preference. My preference is ass. There's nothing better than bending a woman over, and just fucking her while looking at a nice, juicy ass, and just giving it a good squeeze.

"Spread em." I joked. And spread them she did, grabbing the soap ledge in front of her with one hand, while spreading her pussy lips with the other. "Fuck me baby, please fuck my tight pussy. Use me to make yourself come. Use my body baby, please." Now there is nothing sexier than a woman begging to be fucked. She didn't have to tell me twice. I positioned my cock at her entrance, and slowly slid inside that warm glove of hers. As I bottomed out, she gasped, loving the feeling of my dick against her cervix, and grinding back against me. "Hey, behave. I'm in charge here." I warned. "Yes master." She replied, holding still.

"Wait, what did you call me?" I asked.
"M-master, baby. Is that okay?"
"Is that okay? That's more than okay, but-"
"But what, master?"
"But nothing," I said. "Now bend over and take your master's cock into your pussy, you dirty slut!" I yelled, as I smacked her ass once, twice, three times.
"Yes master!" She screamed, and groaned as I smacked her ass. I swear, I felt her pussy clench, and she came right then and there. I wasn't even thrusting. I think I found something new to play with. My fiance likes to be dominated! Who would have thought?

I decided to test it a little. Keep in mind, my cock is still buried balls deep inside a cumming pussy, completely stationary, and I'm dying to fuck her, but I try to be patient as I test my theory. "Who gave you permission to cum?" I demanded.
"N-n-no one master..." She trailed off.
"That's right, no one did. So now you've cum twice, and I still haven't at all. How is that fair?"
"It's not, master. Please let me make it up to you?"
"I'll consider it, but you do realize I'm going to have to punish you, right?"
"Yes master."

Now here's where my plan will hopefully work. In the 7 years we've been together, we've come close to trying anal, but she's always chickened out, or I've almost made it in and the pain becomes too much for her, or something. In any case, it's never happened. But I'm thinking I can use this new development to my advantage.

"Well," I said, "I think I've figured out how you can make it up to me, and take care of your punishment all at once. Does that sound agreeable?
"Yes master, what do I have to do?" Hana said.
"I'm going to take you in the ass, and you're going to beg for it, my slave."

She went quiet. I could see the wheels turning in her head. I could feel her pussy tight on my dick, which I had started to ever so slightly slide in and out of her, for my own benefit. Well, and to stay well lubricated. As I watched her struggle with whether or not to play her part, I slipped my foot back, and pushed the plug for the tub into the floor, while turning up the water temperature. It was getting slightly cold. We'd been in here a while. As the tub started to fill up, and the water rained down on my back, I decided it was time for a response.

"So, what's it going to be?" I asked.
She stayed quiet for a moment, and after a look of what seemed like acceptance, she said "As you wish master, that seems like a fitting punishment."
"Good," I replied. "Now how bad do you want it, whore?"
"So bad, master. Please fuck my ass. I want to feel your big cock inside my tight little asshole. It's all yours, just take it master."
"Are you sure?" I asked. "Is this really what you want?" I pulled my cock out of her pussy and started pushing on her asshole.
"Yes master, please do it. Please fuck my ass!"
"Alright slave, you've convinced me. I'll take your anal cherry."

I pushed harder against her asshole with my cock, and slowly, ever so slowly, the head slipped by her sphincter. As my entire head popped in, I heard her gasp in pain, and shake a little bit, struggling to stay still. I smacked her ass again just so I could feel her tighten on me again. Oh, god, it was so tight. Her ass was like a vise, and it was alive. I pushed deeper inside her, and with every inch, it felt better. Finally, after about five minutes, I'd worked my entire cock into Hana's ass, and she hadn't uttered a peep. I didn't think she was going to, until-

"What are you waiting for master? Fuck me in my ass!" She yelled, and pulled forward off of my dick almost all the way, before slamming it right back into that tight asshole of hers. I thought about scolding her for taking control, but decided she'd had enough for now, and besides, this was a big step for her. Instead, I kept up the momentum, sliding my dick in and out of her, grabbing onto her ass for dear life, and slamming up against it with every thrust. I knew I wasn't going to last much longer, so I reached around and grabbed her by her breasts, pulling her up so her back was against my chest, and whispered in her ear, "Oh my god, you have such a tight ass, baby, now beg for your master to fill it with his cum."

"Oh, master, it feels so good when you fuck me in the ass, please cum in my ass, fill me with your cum master!"
I started to rub her clit, and found out she wasn't lying. She tightened up on my dick so hard I thought she might squeeze it off, but then held it there and asked, with such a small and innocent voice that I couldn't believe it, "Master, please can I cum with your big dick in my ass?"

"Yes, you may slave. Now come for me!" I said. She instantly started convulsing and clenching on my dick, and it sent me over the edge, unloading my balls deep into her ass, making her scream. We came for what must have been an hour, and collapsed into the tub, which had now filled up, my dick pulling out of her swollen asshole, a trail of sperm leaking behind it. I shut off the shower, and just snuggled up to Hana, back to normal, no master/slave act, and said, "Thanks for that babe, I owe you one. I love you. Now let me help you get cleaned up."

It took maybe ten minutes to get out of the bathtub, and we got dressed and headed to the table, where I read a book while she cooked breakfast. I had all sorts of thoughts brewing about this new side of Hana, and I wanted to discuss a little over breakfast.


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