After that comment, the family wants to know John thinks
After that comment, we all just stopped and waited for an answer.

"You want all that sis?" John asked.

"Yes, I love you, I wanna be with you, what's the point of dating anyone else when we're just gonna end up together anyway? Let's continue the tradition and make magic together. Look at them, they've been married for nearly 20 years now," Angelina replied.

Then John just looked at us.

"Hey, this is between you two, you gotta decide what you want, you wanna get your sister pregnant someday?" I asked John.

I think he just didn't know what to say, he wasn't sure what he wanted then, well he had a n idea, it was her. Obviously I knew what it was like to have a wonderful brother that loves and respects the hell out of you, no matter what. One of us should have told her to at least stop stoking his cock while he thought about this, but I think at least sub-cautiously we wanted it really badly, I mean badly, the only thing above that would be to cure cancer.

"I'm not saying to get me pregnant soon, just someday, I really want you to be the father, I've wanted it for years," Angelina said.

We all had confused looks on our faces.

"What do you mean years?" Brian asked.

She hesitated a bit, there was something she wanted to tell us.

"3 years ago, I asked grandma why we never met our other grandma and grandpa, not story short, after about a month of asking her, she gave in. She told me you were brother and sister and begged me not to tell you, she knew you wanted to tell us when you were comfortable," Angelina replied.

Wow, we did not see that coming, not even a little bit.

"You've known for that long now?" I asked.

"Yes, and I truly want to be with John, I wanna marry him just like you married your brother had kids with him, really, who else will I end up with being this happy to be with?" Angelina replied.

Then John brought her really close to him and kissed her, and they stayed only inches away. I swear when I saw them, I saw Brian and I, just a little less horny. I knew Brian loved me, probably not so much like that, but still.

"Well, we are gonna have to work on our love making skills then sis, we'll have to practice," John said.

"You wanna be with me too John?" Angelina asked.

"With mom and dad's blessings," John replied.

"Well, it looks like you are already a natural couple, you got our blessings kids," Brian said.

"Well, it was inevitable with them, so why delay it? How long did it take you two to start having sex after playing the game?" John asked.

"A week or two at the most, but we were up front about it to your grandma, but then of course he got me pregnant and then he proposed to me, so it's your call," I replied.

Then they looked at each other again.

"Well, I'm not ready to have kids just yet sis, they didn't have any kids until they were adults," John said.

"But can we at least sleep together, I wanna hold him all night long?" Angelina asked.

"Is that OK with you two?" John asked us.

"Yes, just stay on the pill, he's right, you are too young, but when you both think you are ready, talk to us first please," I replied.

Then they kissed again and once again it was just like us, then they looked us.

"What?" Brian asked,

"Well, how great was it when you two had sex with grandma?" John asked.

We both just had weird looks.

"Why do you ask?"i asked.

They turned to each other again and gave each other a big kiss, it lasted for over a minute. We were confused of course. then they came towards us. Angelina came towards Brian and John came towards me, in retrospect maybe we should have seen this coming considering our history, but we didn't. John kissed me and Angelina kissed Brian on the lips. Just like the first time we had group sex, we were all very horny, it was like a sickness there was no cure for. We both wrapped our arms around kids and went to separate couches. As far as I could tell, just like us, they were sold on each other, but could still have some fun though.

"Do you mind if I stick it in mom?" John asked.

"I'd like that, but you have to stick it to me later, in my bed," I replied.

"Deal," John said just before he blew her a kiss.

So he very slowly slid his rock hard cock inside me, by time 6 inches was in there, I felt like I'd had sex with him like a million times before for some reason, I guess he really was his father's son. I looked over at Brian and Angelina and she was practicing you could say giving head on her own incestuous father, and he seemed to like it.

"Oh yeah, that's my little girl," Brian said.

"Hey, you see these big tits? I'm not little anymore," Angelina replied.

"I understand," Brian said.

I saw her take his cock back into her mouth and I could tell, she really did like it, just how she was sucking on John's nice cock, and I know it was nice, I had it in my mouth ass, and pussy many times before. I had John as close to me as he could get. He slid it in all the way and began pumping it big time.

"Oh yes my son, show your mother whose boss for me, I need to moan just as loud as you made your sister moan, I need it now," I said as I moaned.

So with that, he began thrusting his cock as hard as he could, as if he'd die if he didn't. He made me moan loudly, really loudly, and I think Angelina just got a little jealous all of the sudden.

"Hey, remember whose pussy that cock has to be in from now on, don't set the bar too high, because you are gonna have to make me feel that good every single time we have sex," Angelina said.

"Don't worry sis, I'll pull out my A game with you," I replied.

I pulled him down with me and kissed him once, then I kept my arms around his neck and whispered something to him.

"Don't worry about it, she'll love it every single time whether you bring your A game or not, trust me I know, you see your dad over there?" I asked.

He looked over at them and Angelina was on her knees as Brian was standing up trying to take all the pleasure he could. He always could hold out for awhile before he shot his load.

"Trust me, the sex itself with anyone else could be as dull as shit, but when it's with your sibling, well let's just say it's a whole different story. You can please her without even trying, guaranteed," I said.

"What's the sex like after you got married and had me?" John asked.

"Even better, you'll see I'm sure," I replied.

Then he kissed me again and moved his head down towards my tits. I still had rocking tits according to Brian, so I could only imagine that John could have some fun with them too. He licked my nipples ever so slowly and made them flicker a bit, and every time he did, my pussy just got a little wetter. I had a brother satisfying me very sexually for so many years, then I had a son doing the same, what a day to be alive. He sucked on my nipples, he actually had one of them in his mouth completely and I just had to scream.

"Fuck me!!" I screamed as loudly as I could.

I actually had an orgasm already, I guess it was just that good, after all he was my son. I guess incest was really gonna run in the family.

"Did you make mom have an orgasm already?" Angelina asked.

"I think so sis," John replied.

"Well in that case, I want in my pussy daddy," Angelina said.

"I can do that for my sexy daughter," Brian replied.

Then he got up and she laid down on the couch, he got on top of her and very quickly inserted his cock into her pussy, not slowly how I would have expected. She immediately moaned loudly and I swear I thought she sparked a tear, his dick was a little bigger than John's, nothing personal against him, but it was true. Anyway, John began thrusting his nice cock in and out of me nicely, he was being gentle, but not too gentle though, I wanted a man with a big cock that could satisfy me, and he did just that. I just saw him have sex with his sister and now he moved onto me in what seemed like a blink of an eye, weird, but then again Brian and I were an incestuous couple with 2 kids. Anyway, I looked over at Brian and Angelina and she was riding him like a bike, a huge mountain bike. It turned me on to no end, I actually came a little right then and there, it was so hot, I was so happy that our kids wanted to be together, I was with Brian and still til that day, being with Brian was the best decision I ever made in my life, I loved him as much as the day is long when you don't sleep at all and you have the worst job in the world.

"Tell me you wanna marry your sister John, tell me you love her get her pregnant, and wanna be with her forever," I said as I moaned.

He looked away from me and she was eyeballing us, she heard every word I just said, even though she was riding her flesh and blood father, but she managed to hear that quite clearly.

"There is no one I'd rather be with than my sister," John said.

Then I swear she broke out in tears right there on the spot and she just ran over to us and attacked him. She took him right off me, it was impressive honestly.

"Oh my god, I love you too John, I wanna be with you so badly, I was just having sex with dad and I was just imagining that it was you the entire time," Angelina said.

"Me too," John replied.

Well, Brian and I didn't know what to make of that exactly, they were just thinking of each other as they had sex with us? That was odd. They just started making out passionately on the floor by the couch and we just watched them, we couldn't help but watch them honestly, we were stunned beyond belief, that was just so far beyond what we ever expected, as if we just wanted them to tip toe, but they started sprinting as quickly as they could right away. Then we sat together completely naked and cuddled a bit.

"Holy mother fucking shit Brian, you got my pregnant with some hot and loving kids," I said.

"I know, and mother fucker, I can't believe mom just told her about us," Brian replied.

"Well, she said that mom didn't just tell her, she had to push her a bit. Besides, we were gonna tell them, we did tell them without mom, she just happen to beat us by 3 years," I said.

"I guess so, maybe family strip poker has been revived now," Brian replied.

"It seemed to work, I mean we did play cards, for a little while. Then our kids had sex, had sex with us, and then just kind of abruptly left so they could have sex with each other," I said.

"Well, let's see how much fun they are having now," Brian replied.

"I like that," I said.

We both got up and put over to her room, just like with us, the first bedroom we had sex in was mine, and it seemed like John was under her spell too. We opened the door and we saw them fucking doggie style, he was fucking her hard too.

"Oh yeah John, give your sister what she wants," Angelina said.

"Damn, I should slap you," I whispered to Brian.

"What for?" Brian asked.

"You didn't fuck me that hard the first night we had sex. You were more gentle with me and kissed me a lot more," I replied.

"And I should get slapped for that?" Brian asked.

Then I grabbed onto his cock and stroked it a little bit.

"Maybe, I'll call it even if you just make love to your sister right now," I replied.

"Deal sis," Brian said.

"I love you bro, now more than ever," I replied.

"Just because our kids into the incest?" Brian asked.

"Tell me you love me jackass," I replied.

"I love you too sis," Brian said as he pulled me to him and hugged me really tightly.

Anyway, that was the first time we played family strip poker with them, just like with our mom, it was out of nowhere we thought anyway, they were just making out and doing it in no time. They proposed to each other really, not just John asking Angelina, what I mean is, they both asked each other at the exact same time. A couple months later they married each other as well and now we have 2 incestuous married couples living under the same roof. Like our mom, we caught them having sex many times all through out the house, even in our room, horny kids. We are still waiting for her to get knocked up, it's gotta happen sooner or later, I mean look at Brian and me. When it does happen, we hope they continue the tradition of our favorite game, family strip poker.
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