My name is Cooper, but that's not important, what is important is that you know a few things right up front. This story is about a girl, and not just any girl. This story is about that girl, you know the one. The one in high school, that you always saw pass in the hall and never had had the stones to walk up to and ask her for the time, or even for her name. This story is about that girl, her boyfriend, and a guy, who due to a little luck, and some coincidental proximity to the guy she fell for, ended up an unlikely friend with a great story to tell.

There we sat in the same apartment we had shared since we escaped the pre and post pubescent nightmare that was high school and enrolled in the adventure that was college at the University of Hokum in made-up-ville, central PA. Sitting on an old couch my parents had sold me for 50 dollars last summer, that still smelled like my old cat Whiskers, regardless, of how many cleanings we gave it, watching an old crime show on our 32 inch tube TV.

As we watched the show my mind began to wonder, what are these idiots on the TV thinking? Of course you going to get caught if leave you dead wife in the kitchen while you go to work, the neighbor's big black lab is just going to find it an hour later and go ape shit to the point where the cops are called. Or the guy who thought it would be ok to use a kitchen knife to kill his cheating girlfriend, then clean it with regular old dish soap and but it back in the knife block, haven't these guys seen CSI? Even David Caruso knows you can’t get away with that shit.

As the show ended I came back to reality and started feeling a bit hungry, luckily it was not my turn to cook, it was Toms, our roommate. "Hey Tom", I said, "can you go out and grab some grub, I don't even care if it's fast-food, just need something, I'm starving over here." Tom looked up with a shrug, "Yah, he said, "I'll drive over to the new place down the road, killer burgers." Tom pushed himself off the couch with a groan and with a squeak the decades old cushions rose back to their original form.

Cherry stood up next turning to Tom and saying, "I'm going to work out for a while to make room for dinner." "I keep telling you your fine, you don't need a 20 min workout every time we hit a drive through," Tom said. "You know fast-food always goes right to my ass," replied Cherry. With a defeated shrug Tom turned and exited the apartment for the 40 min round trip to the burger joint down the road. I flipped the channel to Cops and Cherry headed into her room to grab her weights.

About 5 minutes later she came out to the living room again dressed in workout clothes, one of Tom's old shirts two sizes too big, and pair of sweats with a small hole in the right knee. "Do you mind if I work out here?" "It's just that there is a bit more space in the living room." Cherry asked. "That's fine", I said, "Just going to watch Cops, so if you don't mind, I don't." Cherry smiled and put her faded blue workout mat down on the floor, stained in places from years of use. The mat, she claimed was one of the ugliest things she owned and she was a woman the appreciated the finer things. I guess even classy people have a few items to keep them centered.

I turned to focus on my program but could not help but to notice my high school crush doing sit-ups in front of me in a loose shirt with no bra and tight sweats making an obvious camel toe. I turned away from the TV to face Cherry, "You know Tom's right, you don’t have to work out, your fine." She laughed a half-hearted laugh and said, "whatever, I am fucking fat, and I am determined to take it off, or at least not put anymore on." I could not even respond, the effort would have been futile. She was one of those girls that thought she fat and ugly even though she was more than attractive. Cherry was one of those girls a 5-6 knockout with 32 B tits, and an extra 10 pounds of weight all clinging to her ass. She would claim to the day she died she was a porker, but I think it was just something she did to make herself seem vulnerable.
I turned back to my program and she turned back to her workout but I never really took my eyes off of her. After a few minutes I started to get that feeling, a boner pushing against my jeans. I had to fight like hell to push it back and finally I won the battle. She stood up and started doing curls, standing just to the side of the TV and in my peripheral vision. This made it easier to watch as her breasts heaving up and down with each 8 pound curl.

Entering another battle with my cock I kept fighting back my erection but she was not making it easy. As she finished her work out she turned to the side and bent over to place the weights on the floor, resulting in her ass being about a foot and a half from my face. She arched her back and started her post workout stretch. I tried like hell not to get turned on but I finally gave up and when she turned her back for a moment I reached into my jeans and flipped my cock up into my waistband on my boxers.

She finished stretching, and sat down on the couch right next to me. She arched her back and shrugged her shoulders before leaning playfully inward in and in the sweetest voice asking, "Hey you wanna do me a favor?" "Could you just rub my shoulders, I've got a knot in my neck I can't get out." At this point I had adrenaline rushing through my system and my hands were shaking, I was so turned on. I took a hard swallow and told her I would. She got up and sat in front of me on the floor, her head at the same level of my crotch. "Thanks, this is really helpful I just can't seem to get this knot out." I leaned over and started rubbing her shoulders, and as fate would have it I had just taken a class at the local learning annex on massage so I know what I was doing.

I started slow and then began to apply more pressure, with each push it seemed she let out a small pleasant moan. As I leaned over to get more of a hold and as I looked down I beheld a sight that I had been dreaming of since high school, her perfectly round tits. She had not noticed me looking as her eyes were closed, and I took full advantage of the free show.

God she was gorgeous, and I loved her rack. The moment was fleeting however as she opened her eyes and the show was over. She turned around and looked up thanking me for the back rub "Thanks, I think that helped." At that moment I think we both new noticed just how close her head was to my cock and there was an awkward moment between us. Before either of us could say a thing the sound of the door knob made her jump to her feet to greet Tom who had bags of food in his hands. Tom placed the food on the coffee table and we ate, me and Cherry exchanging awkward glances and Tom none the wiser.


It was two weeks after the night Cherry got two inches from my cock and neither of us had spoken of it since. Tom had left to have dinner and spend the night with a college friend that neither Cherry nor I cared for very much so it was not hard to see him go for a day or two. We decided to watch a movie and I was pouring over our DVD collection as she waited patiently on the couch. I turned to her asking "what you thinking Cherry, action, comedy, or drama?" She scratched her head in the way a cartoon character might do when thinking. "You ever see Ghost?" I turned away from the DVDs, "you mean the one with Clooney and there psychics?" "No, not goats, Ghost." she replied. "O, yah a long ass time ago, but I'm game if you are." "Yah let's put that in." So I did, I was a little disheartened to sit down and watch a chick-flick with a woman I had feelings for but could never have but I could always jack off thinking about Demi Moore later.

As we hit that infamous scene, you know the one where Demi Moore is working with clay and Patrick Swayze is leaning over her shoulder. There was a moment where the tension was so thick I think if you tried to cut it with a knife it might just have worked. She turned to me and smiled, than she did something I did not expect, she laid down placing her head on my chest, and sighed. I did not know what to do but try not to get a raging hard on again. I made it through the movie and she got up, shrugged, arched her back and said, "Well I guess I will go to bed." "Ok". I said, thinking of doing to same.

As I lay in bed awake for almost two hours, I could not help but think about Cherry and why she did what she did. She could have just been cold or just cashing in on taking benefits of our plutonic friendship, but what if it was something more? I could not keep going over it in my head over and over. I had to get some sleep. I was just about to drift off to sleep when I heard it, the sound of erotic moaning.

I wondered out of my room dressed just in my boxers and wondered over to Cherry's room and place my ear on the door. I know I was not mistaken about the moaning now, I heard it loud and clear, the unmistakable sounds of Cherry, and she was moaning, loudly. Both a little shocked and instantly curious, I slowly pushed her door open to get a better view. In that instant two things happened, one, my high school self gave me a high-five, and two, I heard the best thing I could have ever heard coming from Cherry's mouth.

She was lying just beneath a light weight peach colored top sheet, seemingly completely naked. Her right hand between her legs and fast asleep whispering to herself, “O God…O shit yes…Cooper….fuck me, don’t tease me…fuck me….O shit.” I forced myself, adrenaline surging through me, to enter the room. Cherry was seemingly in a deep erotic trance, and even though I could only barley see through the top sheet that loosely covered her body, there was no denying what she was doing.

I walked in gently taking a seat on the plush rose red chair by her bed. I could feel my breathing growing more rapid and shallow as I sat watching. My heart was racing a thousand miles a minute realizing all of my high school fantasies were coming true. As I reached to touch my crotch she turned her head now facing me her closed eyes staring daggers and she was dead to the world. "Cooper…O God…yes…fuck me…push harder…” My heart skipped a beat every time she said my name.
Before I knew what I was doing I was standing and reaching out pulling down her sheet. She was perfect, somehow she always seemed a bit heavy in clothes, but naked she was flawless. I reached my hand down and grazed her round soft stomach feeling the softness of her skin. I placed my hand pressing slightly on her stomach making her moan louder.

Before I knew it she had grabbed my hand, I thought I was busted but I noticed she was still asleep and was moving my hand downward. She moved my hand to her sheaved mound and my fingers feeling the wet pouring from her womb. My breathing was heavy and more rapid now as she moved my hand squarely on her pussy. I worked my middle finger in and out of her fingering her gently. She moaned, whispering again “Fuck me…please fuck me…I want you in me PLEASE.”

As much as I wanted to keep going I pulled back, scared that I would wake her. I removed my fingers and reached to her hand that was resting lightly on her stomach, and inserted her finger into her pussy.
I took a step toward the door taking the time to suck the juices from her off of my fingers before sitting back down in the chair. I just watched as she stopped masturbating and slept peacefully. Watching her naked chest as is rose and fell with her breathing and the beads of sweat that rolled down her forehead, her neck, then her breasts, and coming to rest on her upper thigh. I began to think about everything I wanted to do to her, but I knew I could never fuck her without waking her, but the desire to taste the forbidden fruit was overwhelming. I stood up and pulled the sheet up back around her neck and backed slowly to the door.

Before I reached to the safety of the door Cherry stirred and my heart stopped. Her eyes opened slowly and I had to come up with an excuse on the fly. She looked up slowly and in a surprisingly soft and sweet voice said, "What are you doing in here?" "I just had the best dream about you." I thought quickly, "I heard a noise, I wanted to make sure you were OK." I just prayed she had bought that line. She drew a deep long soothing breath, as gazed into my eyes with hers. "I am ok, just missing having Tom next to me." "The bed gets so cold without him." I walked back over and leaned down kissing her on the forehead, it's OK, I'm right next door if you need anything." I turned to leave, happy I got away alive when she reached out to grab my arm.

“No, don’t leave, stay with me, its cold in here.” In that moment I remembered that I was only in my boxers. Wanting to be a gentleman I turned to say "Let me go through something on, I'll be right back." As I turned to leave I felt her soft, cold, hand grab my arm. I turned around to see what she needed, even though I knew without her saying. “No, just get in, I want you like that.”

There are many times in a man's life when his penis beats his brain in the battle of reasoning, this was one of those times. I walked around to the opposite side of the best, lifting the sheet and climbed into the bed that I had been dreaming of climbing into since age 16. So there we were two of us laying together the only thing between me and a naked gorgeous woman was air. She moved over and laid herself in a position to spoon with me, me still in my boxers her still wearing nothing. It was a perfect moment, a non-sexual moment where we held each other, half sleeping half not.

Soon she placed her left leg under my left, and closed her eyes. The aroma of avocado oil from her shampoo wafting passed my noise and I was in her spell. “Thank you for staying here with me, can you sleep here tonight?" It was hard to fight her on the subject and being that she was currently pressing her naked body against the thin layer of fabric that was my boxers; it was hard to say no. After a brief moment of silence she turned her body and now was so close I could feel her breath pushing on my face. I knew what she was thinking and I was ready to meet her mutually in sin.


She leaned in kissing me on the lips softly at first, and then pressing harder, slipping her tongue into my mouth. We kissed for close to twenty minutes before she spoke, “Do you want this?" "I wanted you to know…" I pressed my index finger to her mouth and her head to my chest. She reached down and placed her palm flat just above my waist band of my boxers. Without a word she pulled down my boxers tossing them across the room. She climbed up me and straddled my waist pressing hard against me, my cock pressing gently against her wet mound. She began kissing my chest moving her hand down to grab my dick in her hand and inserted it into her and we were one flesh.

I rocked up and down inside her body for nearly an hour feeling each drip of sweat from her body dropping on mine. I was perfect I grabbed her round ass in both hands and kept her close to me. I could feel myself getting close to organism inside her. She noticed the look on my face, "Not yet, don't do it yet." She slowed her motion to allow me to calm back down and then she stopped completely. She leaned in and kissed me. She then lifted herself off my throbbing cock and kissed me again, working her way down to my crotch. It seemed that she was about to get a lot closer than just two inches.

I felt the immediate warmth of her mouth as it closed around my shaft. She started slowly moving all the way down and then all the way back up again. She stopped after a few long stokes and pressed her lips on the head of my penis. Licking the slit in my cock gently, she went back to work moving up and down the shaft. She moved lower and took my right then left ball into her mouth. Removing my balls from her mouth she started sucking again, really hard it was like she was trying to suck the cum out of me. She slowed herself down every time she tasted pre-cum and kept me going for 10 min.

She looked up at me taking my cock in her hand, "You want to finish in me?" I kissed her and reached down inserting one finger into her pussy and rolled her over on her back. "Don't say another word baby." I laid my cock on her stomach and lowered it slowly until I was inside her. She began to whisper again. "O fuck me…O please fuck me…Please now."

The feeling was amazing right away. I rocked back and forth thrusting hard into her canal. I could not believe I was inside her, feeling the warmth of her and the wetness of her juices. She wrapped her arms around me pulling me close and rocking her hips with mine. “Christ, harder…harder…O God damn it…Fuck.”

I pushed harder into her, clinging to her, watching her head toss back and forth. I held out for what seemed like an hour of bliss. Soon I felt like I was going to cum and the look on her face told me she was almost there too. “I am going to fucking cum Cherry." She reached up pushing her hand on my mouth rolling her eyes backward, and I knew she was almost there. I pushed harder and deeper getting closer to climax. She whimpered and thrust her hips hard upward as I came inside her and felt her go limp at the same time I did. I pulled out of her rolled to her side, both of us drenched in sweat.

I moved closer to her feeling the warmth of her body. She rolled over and tossed her arm across my chest her head rest just below mine. I looked down my nose into her dark brown eyes, “that was amazing." She smiled and reached her hand behind my head working her fingers in my hair. "Be honest with me, Cooper, how long have you been waiting to do that?” "I just laughed, "Longer then you know, I am thought about it since I first saw you talking to one your girlfriends in study hall." She fell asleep in my arms without a word and I never questioned the sudden change of behavior from her. I just enjoyed the fact that she and I had finally become one flesh and I know her completely now. I woke to the sun rising in the window and to see her walking into the room fresh from the shower wearing just a towel around her head. I watched her get dressed watching ever curve of her body in motion. She pulled on some pants and then a shirt, then walked out of the door tuning back just to wink, then she was gone without a word.

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kudos to you ms1987 and to the faggot that keeps spamming the comment about bad stories plz stfu

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This is the writer of this story:

This is not a story about two virgins, or even one. This story is about a girl named after the Neil Diamond song, and a guy who longed for her since high school. The passion between my characters is meant to mimic the joy of sex for the first time, but it far from the first time for either Cherry or Cooper.

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This is the writer of this story:

This is not a story about two virgins, or even one. This story is about a girl named after the Neil Diamond song, and a guy who longed for her since high school. The passion between my characters is meant to mimic the joy of sex for the first time, but it far from the first time for either Cherry or Cooper.

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Hmm. Written quite well. Hmmyes. Indeed so. Bravo sir.

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