Shelly tells of her kinky meeting with smelly dominance
Like, hey, I'm Shelly Weaver. I'm like, totally a twelve-year-old? Like, i'm still a pre-teen? My chest is, like, sooo flat, and I'm totally pre-pubescent? But like, something happened to me, like quite recently? And like, it totally changed my life and junk?

Ok, this is like, kinda a messed up story? But like, I swear it's all totes true! Ok, so I was like, on this planet with all these aliens, right? Like, don't even ask, it's TOTALLY nuts! And like, everything's all wet and smelly there? And I'm totally only wearing this skin tight leather shirt which is SO uber stiff on my little twelve-year-old body? And like, the shirt only reaches to just above my lips? And underneath I'm like, totally unclothed? Like, you can see my femi-lips? And my cute pink round little bottom? Oh yeah, and I was wearing a pair of leather high heel boots? And OHH MY GOD, it just stinks SO uber bad! It like, stinks of fish? Like, seriously stinks of fish? And like, I'm walking along, and like, it stinks of fish EVERYWHERE? And my shirt is totally itchy and squeaky on my pert little body as I'm walking? So like, I'm walking along, and my shirt's all squeak, squeak, squeak, squeak, like it never stops? So I'm all pee-you, this place stinks like a fish shop and junk? This is totally lame and smelly, I'm totally not in the mood for how bad this place stinks?

But then like, out of nowhere? This like, floating thing with like about a million tentacles just comes out of nowhere? And I'm like, totally weak and puny and junk? Like, 'cause I'm only a twelve-year-old girl? And like, I'm so easy to molest right now, 'cause I'm totally unclothed and vulnerable beneath my hips? And ohh-my-god, this floating thing is, like, all wet and wrinkly and junk? And like, it comes up to me, and like I try to escape, as in as fast as I can? So I'm like, pumping my fit little hips as fast as I can, and the leather on my body is like, going squeaksqueaksqueaksqueaksqueaksqueaksqueak and I'm totally afraid, like my eyes are totally milked over and I'm squealing like a stupid weak little girly?

So like, he totally catches up with me and one of his tentacles wraps around my slender little neck? I'm like, SO frightened I totally soil myself! And like, the smelly tentacle thing lifts my up into the air and my body's totally thrashing about, like my shirt's going squeaksqueaksqueaksqueaksqueak and thick brown logs of faeces are sliding out of my sweet tight pink virgin soil-lips and like my butt-crack and legs are getting all shitty as I thrash around and my shirt's going squeaksqueaksqueaksqueak, squeaksqueaksqueaksqueak, legs all shitty, crack all shitty, squeaksqueaksqueaksqueaksqueaksqueaksqueaksqueak, I can totally smell the wrinkled tentacle thing as it lifts me into the air, he totally STINKS, like stinks something fierce, like something called faeces-pit slime? Totes gross!

So like I'm totally still thrashing around but, like, the wet stinky monster thing like TOTALLY dominates me, like so super easily? Like, the tentacle around my neck squeezes, and like my eyes bulge and my lips kinda pout? Like, my face-lips I mean, not my girly-lips, like ell-oh-ell! But he's like, totally choking me? Like, my lips are making little gurgles and like frothy dribble is slopping from my lips? So I'm twitching spastically in mid air, all soiled at the back, squeaksqueaksqueaksqueak and junk? Then I feel my body being moved backwards, and like suddenly my butt-cheeks are pressed up against the smelly tentacle thing? Like, SOOO super gross 'cause he's all wet and slimy, and the smelliness just gets even badder? And like, the back of my head is touching him and it's totally messing my super-cute blonde pigtails, right? Like oh-my-god, like totally bad hair day? But like, he totally didn't care? Like, he totally didn't care if I got all messy and if my hair got all un-glam and if my body stank 'cause off of his slimy bod? What a freak!

So like, now I'm being pressed really firmly against his smelly wet bod? And like, my pert little pre-teen body is like, totally wet and slimy now, and he's still choking me, my hands are like thrashing at the tentacle around my neck, but like my fingers keep just slipping off? So lame and stupid and junk, and then I can feel something wet and slimy poking into my butt-crack? Like, it was totally tonguing my little hole, even when it's all covered in girl-soil! That is SO sick! I'm like, totally being molested and junk and it totally stinks and I'm still twitching and jigging in mid air squeaksqueaksqueaksqueak my lips are all covered in froth 'cause I'm still being choked? Like my eyes are rolling up in my head? Then suddenly the tentacle stops squeezing and he lets me breathe again? So I stop thrashing? Like, my weak little bod goes limp? Oh-my-god, SO vulnerable! Like, could totally be raped at any moment vulnerable? So lame and junk?

So like, I'm so super scared? Like, I know I'm about to get raped right up the butt? Like, I can feel the slimy tongue licking and poking my tight little button? And like, I start pleading with it, like begging it not to take my cherry? 'Cause I'm like, saving myself for marriage? So like, I'm trying to beg, but I'm too scared, 'cause I'm just a lame little girly, and I'm just babbling and junk? And the stinky alien thing starts making, like these gentle shushing noises until I calm down? Like, he's stroking my hair with another one of his tentacles and junk and going shush-shush-shush really delicately to me? He was so dominant, like I was SO totally helpless. So like, I stop babbling but I'm super terrified, like my breathing is crazy shallow and my eyes are all bulging in fear and junk? Like, I KNOW I'm about to get tentacle-raped, like scariest thing EVER! But then, like the smelly monster thing doesn't start defiling my sweet little virgin bod like I was expecting? Like, suddenly he's inside my mind? Like, totally inside my head, and like, knows all of my intimate secrets, like even the fact that I secretly gave a blow-job to this old perv in a boy's bathroom for like twenty dollars so I could get those TOTALLY cute red high hells I wanted?

So like, it's TOTALLY violating my mind? And like, I can't make it stop? Like, I'm totally begging it, like pleading in total terror? Then like, suddenly, the smelly wrinkled alien thing starts pumping pictures and sounds and junk into my mind. Like, things I'd totally never seen before? Like, totally filthy things? Oh-my-god, like I can't believe how totally gross they were! Oh-em-gee, like so, so dirty, like all of a sudden I was in this place, and it was all dark, like a cave, and like everything was wet and black and shiny, like all the walls and floor and junk, and then like I saw huge wet alien things, all greasy and wet and smelly, with like, enormous shlongs that were all covered in slime and grease? Oh-my-god, like I watched them getting all hard and poking into the air, and the foreskin pulled back to reveal the smelly wet cock-tips! It was all so, so super real, I could smell how bad they stank, and they made like wet squeaking noises when they moved, like thick wet leather? So, so powerful. Like a total leather fetish on legs? Their shlongs stank SO, SO super strong, like the worst cock-sweat you ever get on a dude? Ohmygawd, like about a thousand times smellier than that, so, so so so smelly. And like, the worst thing was that I actually kinda liked how bad it stank? Like, it stank of raw power and junk? Ohmygawd, it was SO good, I totally didn't understand what was going on. I started making these little gasping noises, and like, I'd totally forgotten about being scared? And then, OHMYGAWD, like one of the alien things brought out this twelve-year-old boy from one of the dark areas, like this puny little kid wearing nothing but a skin tight shirt, kinda like mine but it was made out of cotton, and it was all damp and sweaty and junk? And like, he had that hairstyle, I think it's called a devil's tower or something lame, like but only right on the top of his head? Like, so lame? But like, this kid was all, like terrified, like totally about to die of fright terrified? Like, he's begging the alien to let him go, saying he'd do anything and junk? Like, saying he'd give them all a blow-job every single day, that he'd worship them and like capture other boys and junk? Ohmygawd, like WHAT a dweeb, my boyfriend TOTALLY would have beaten him up if he'd been in our school, ell-oh-ell! So like, then one of the alien things grabs the kid's puny little head and forces him down on his knees? Like, ohmygawd, their shlongs stank SO good, like they were poking right up into the air and junk and like, you could see the slime steaming off them 'cause they were that hot? Like. Oh. My. God! I was SO licking my lips as I watched, ohmygawd. I so totally didn't understand what they were doing to me, like, I'd only seen one hard-on before, and like it was all wrinkly and old and junk? And like, I hadn't even hit pubety yet? Like, this was totally new to me? But ohmygawd, I SO wanted them to do something to that little dweeb kid, like something disgusting and dominant? Like, more than anything I've ever wanted ever?

So like, the kid starts screaming, like totally-lost-it screaming? He's screaming something about his brain? Like, begging them not to take his brain? So like, the aliens totally aren't listening to him, one of them reaches into his butt-hole, like super serious here, and like pulls out something that's all black and slimy and it's like moving? Ohmygawd the kid is like screaming like a girl now, and like there's all foam at the corners of his lips? And like, he tries to run but one of the other aliens comes and holds him down like super easily? Like I am so super ready to see these dominant aliens do something super nasty to this kid! So like the first alien puts the black thing onto the boy's head, like the boy's just gurgling now, like totally lost it, and like I can see it's some kind of bug thing? And like, as soon as it touches the kid's forehead it starts eating through his head? Like, right into his brain? So the boy's trying desperately to get his hands free to stop it? And he's screaming and crying and the slime from the bug is like dribbling down his head, and like then the bug thing slides inside leaving a little round hole in the kid's forehead? Ohmygawd, totally the best thing I've ever seen ever! Like, I felt kinda... good? Like, between my hips? Like, real good, like I feel kinda wet down there?

So like as soon as the bug thing is inside his head the alien lets go of the kid's hands, and like the kid starts clawing at the little hole in his head, like trying to get his fingers inside? Like trying to get the bug back out, but it's totally too late? What a geek! Like, he's stopped screaming now, but the bug is doing something inside his brain, like it's eating his brain or something? And the kid's all frantic, he's going no, no no no no, no no, no no no no no like he's trying to pretend it isn't happening, but like still trying to poke his fingers inside, like as if he thinks he has a chance? Even when his head starts suddenly doing these really weird twitches, like to the right, then the left? Then his eyes start bulging and one of them starts twitching? Ohmygawd, so totally watching a dweeby little kid having his brain eaten by a bug right now! No freaking way! Ohmygawd so, so good!

My hand moves down to between my hips, like I swear I totally don't even notice I'm doing it. I am so totally getting off on this kid being turned into a vegetable. Like, my fingers start stroking my girl-lips while I watch the kid still clawing at his forehead like a stupid loser, like his forehead's all scratched and bleeding and junk now and his head keeps twitching and his fingers keep slipping off, what a loser! Mega-lols! My fingers are kinda moist now, how totes strange is that? I touch my private place harder and harder as I watch the kid's fingers start to totally spazz out, all twitchy one second and then going all limp, like they're totally useless now? His head is twitching like crazy now too, OHMYGAWD this is so cool to watch, so, so super glam!! His lips are still going no no no, no no no no, no, no, but like now his lips are getting spastic as well, and like they're all covered in foam and drool and junk? Ell-oh-ell, he totally sounds like he's baby-talking now! So good to watch, ohmygawd. And like, the aliens are just standing there watching him slowly turn into a drooling retard and touching their shlongs like this is totally something they do all the time!

The boy's brain's gotta be almost all gone, his hands are just clawing spastically at his sides now, and like he's making these freaky sort of frothy rasping noises when he breathes in and out? Like, ew! His lips are all wide and wet now. And like I'm totally the same between my hips! OHMYGAWD it feels so good! My fingers are so deep inside me now, fingering my hymen now, my other hand's working my little clit for the first time. OH-EM-GEE it's so good, like super ecstasy bliss good, like so good it's making my breathing crazy different right now, like all quiet oooohs and aaaaaahs and junk?

The dweeby little kid's breathing is totally different now too, it's just a wet gurgle now, there's totally not enough brain left for the little loser to breathe, but like there's this thick foam slowly gurgling out between his spastic lips like super-thick cream? My fingers are pushing against my stupid hymen now, it's like TOTALLY in the way!!
The boy is TOTALLY almost brain-dead now, his eyes are rolling up into his head. His fingers are still twitching gently against his naked hips, his little baby-wiener's jiggling side to side off his body-twitches, and like the foam from his mouth is kinda slopping all over it. So freaking hot!! My fingers wanna get rid of my lame hymen as I watch his eyes roll totally back in his head, like they're pushing and pushing at it.

The little kid is still on his knees, but he's totally gone now, like all his thoughts and junk. All the meat in his head has been totally eaten... Oh-em-GEE that is SUCH a hot thought!! And like, then he totally just makes dukie all over the place, as in SO MUCH DUKIE! Oh-em-gee, like super gross? Ew, WHAT a loser, like even after he's dead he's still a dweeb! Gaw!

I am feeling so, SO super awesome right now between the hips. And like, suddenly the alien who gave the kid the brain-eating bug thing just totally picks up the boy's lame little rag doll bod bends him over and just totally pushes his shlong up the kid's butt, like right up his messed little chocolate lips!! So hot!!! Ohmygawd... OHMYGAWD yes...

So hot. SO. FREAKING. HOT!! SO good watching the alien's pert leathery bod working and pumping, all glistening and wet and dominant!! I can hear the deep, thick wet squeaks of his hips as they pump in and out of the boy's hole, going all the way up, enjoying like every single inch! SO GOOD! YES! My fingers pump harder and harder against my hymen, I don't even want it any more, I want hot, fit aliens pounding a vegetable boy's filthy hole!!

My fingers work and work my erect little clit, so totally wet over what I've seen!! My little moaning noises are getting higher and higher. My fingers push and thrust against my hymen, despirate to get rid of it so I can pleasure myself over filth again!! Poke poke, rub rub, so close...!! Yes... yes... YESS!!!

My hyman breaks at exactly the same time as my first orgasm and just as the alien's hot, satisfied pole fills the still-twitchy boy's hole with thick spurts of orgasm-juice. AW! YES! YES, YES YES OHMYGAWD YES!!!

I poke my fingers as deep as I can into my wide, newly de-virginized pussy, my eyes are rolling upwards off the hot thrill of my first orgasm. The alien screeches and his wet hands grasp the kid's lifeless bod and his hips jerk forwards, he wants his cock as far up the boy's hole as he can!!

So good, like so, SO good! Oh. Em. Gee. I SO don't even care that I've destroyed my cherished hymen and de-purified myself! Like, oh. Em. Gee!

When the smelly wrinkled alien thing brings me out of my horny trance it's just pumping the last spurts of love-fluid into my chocolate lips, but like I'm so satisfied I totally don't even care. The smelly creature-thing like, filled my brain with kinky thoughts so it could use my horniness to make itself feel good? That is so crazy! I've totally been deflowered in all three holes now. Like, does that make me a slut?

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2014-07-29 05:27:43
This is beyond stupidity.... not only did I just throw up in my mouth a little, my poor brain wishes it could UN-read this.... my stomach is churning at the thought of someone with an imagination like this... theres a room with this dudes name on it at his local mental hospital...

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2014-07-17 00:06:02
my brain just died of the Lameness

you Should take writing lessons ..even my pet tarantula can write better stories

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2014-05-22 23:21:34
Total shit!

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2014-05-22 23:21:33
Total shit!

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2014-04-17 18:16:40
What in the literal fuck just happened?

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