It started 17 years ago when I was 19. My girlfriend dumped me a couple weeks before, and I had been feeling depressed since. My friend noticed, and told me it was “time to get some ass man!” To help me out, he gave a sample of a pheromone he saw in a magazine. “It’s supposed to be the shit, man! I haven’t tried it yet so you’ll have to let me know how it works!” I was traveling to Helena, Montana for my cousin’s wedding soon, and decided to stay an extra evening and try it there.

That evening, I put on the pheromones, headed out, and hailed a cab. “Where to?” said the driver. “Not sure,” I said. “Where’s a good place I could pick up a girl?” The cabbie smiled and said “I know just the place.” After a short drive, he stopped at a place called Stiff’s Tavern. I paid the fare and walked into Stiff’s, showing the bartender my fake ID as I sat down.

“Steve Wilson,” said a voice next to me, reading my card. I turned to see a beautiful woman looking at me. She looked about 5’7”, with long, curly blonde hair that reached halfway down her back. She was wearing a very short pink dress that showed off her long legs with a neckline that went down to her flat stomach and showed most of her perfect breasts. I could tell immediately that she had to be using a fake; she couldn’t have been older than 17. She introduced herself as Brittany Lang. I waited for the bartender to go out of earshot before asking, “Is that the name on your ID?” “Oh I don’t need one,” she said matter-of-factly. “I know Tom,” she said, pointing to the bartender. “And you don’t need to worry about him hearing anything. You didn’t even need to show him your fake. Speaking of which, I could ask the question to you.”

“That’s my name,” I lied. “So what are you doing here Steve?” “I’m in town for a wedding,” I said. “What about you?” “I’m celebrating the end of the school year,” she said. “All by yourself?” I inquired. “No, I’m with my friends. They’re in the ladies’ room,” she said, pointing to the bathroom. “How do you know them?” I asked. “We go to school together,” she said. “We just finished our freshman year at Capital High School.” “You’re kidding,” I told her. “I know,” she said, “most people think I’ve already graduated.” “Can you even drive?” I asked. “I just got my learner’s permit,” she answered, giggling. “I turn 16 in 6 months.” “Don’t you girls feel weird coming here so young and getting hit on by old men?” “Hey! I’m not that young!” She pouted. “And we can take care of ourselves. We know most of the guys that come here, and most guys don’t try anything we don’t like since there are three of us.” “Has anyone ever tried something you girls did like?” I asked, hoping she didn’t stand up and leave. “No,” she said. She leaned in my ear and whispered, “We’re all virgins.” Damn, I thought. This girl knows how to work a guy.

As she was whispering, her friends came out of the bathroom. They were as beautiful as Brittany. The one on the left was Brittany’s height, with long, curly brown hair. Her tight black dress outlined her ample chest and sexy figure. She introduced herself as Hannah Michaels. The one on the right, Ashley Jansen, had straight blonde hair and was a couple inches shorter than Brittany and Hannah. She wasn’t dressed as fancy as the other girls, but she looked just as sexy with a short white tank top that didn’t even make it down to her flat-as-a-board stomach and a denim miniskirt so short it almost wasn’t there. They sat down next to Brittany, and the four of us continued to talk as we drank. I learned that Brittany was actually the oldest one of the group; Hannah had just turned 15, and Ashley, who had skipped a grade in elementary school, wouldn’t turn 14 for another month. I couldn’t believe Ashley was only 13. She looked at least 17 just like Brittany and Hannah. Brittany and Hannah had known each other since kindergarten, and when Ashley skipped into 4th grade she quickly became their friend. They liked to cheer and dance, and had just made Capital High’s varsity cheer squad for the next year. Throughout the evening, I noticed they all kept giving me long, hungry looks. I realized the pheromones must be working.

After about three hours during which nobody actually ordered anything, I decided to see if things could be taken further. “It’s kind of crowded here,” I said. “How about we go back to my hotel room?” I didn’t have to ask twice. The girls practically pushed me out the door and quickly hailed a cab, trying to get back to my hotel room as soon as possible. “Holiday Inn Express,” I said to the driver. “And step on it!” yelled Hannah.

As soon as got back to my room, the girls were all over me. Hannah was having difficulty unbuttoning my shirt as she shoved her tongue down my throat. Brittany undid my shorts and without hesitation put her mouth around my dick. I was in heaven. My dick was soon at its full eight inches, and Brittany was having difficulty taking it down her throat. “Wow,” she said, “I never thought a cock would taste this good!” “You’ve never done it before?” I asked, stunned. “I told you we were virgins,” she said, before gagging on more of my dick. “But I just wanted it so bad!” I looked over the the bed, where I saw Ashley had taken off all her clothes and was lying on back, her amazing D-cup tits looking perfect, and her shaved pussy glistening with her juices. “Come fuck my cunt,” she said. I spread her legs and crawled on top of her, lining up my cock with her slit.

Just as I was about to enter, Brittany interrupted. “Wait,” she said, “do you have a condom? I don’t think any of us are on the pill.” Oh shit. I had gotten so far. I couldn’t stop here. I said the first thing that popped into my head. “Actually we don’t need one,” I said. “I was in a car accident when I was younger and I can’t have kids.” That seemed like the most ridiculous lie I could ever tell, but perhaps because of the pheromones, they bought it without a second thought. I turned my attention back to Ashley, popping the head of my dick into her tight pussy. I slowly entered her, enjoying the combination of warmth and tightness of her 13-year-old cunt. “I know you’re virgins but do you still have your cherries?” I asked. “No, I lost it when I started using tampons,” said Ashley, her voice strained as she accepted more and more of my cock up her fuck hole. “I think that’s how we all lost them,” said Hannah. I decided to speed things up and rubbed Ashley’s clit. She started jerking and spasming, and her cunt loosened up enough for me to shove all of my dick inside her. I started to go slow, but she had other plans. “Fuck me hard and fast Steve!” she yelled. I started pumping all the way in and out as quickly as I could. She was clearly losing it. I started slamming it back in. That was all she needed, and her pussy clamped down on my cock and juiced flowed down it out of her pussy as she had her first orgasm.

“My turn,” said Hannah. “Put that dick in my fuck hole now!” I turned to see her bent over the table. I pulled out of Ashley and walked behind Hannah. I was too horny to go slow; I just lined up my dick and slammed it hard into her cunt. She started moaning, and her arms gave out and she laid her chest on the table. I pulled her up, feeling her fantastic breasts as I continued pumping my cock in and out of her tight pussy. Her nipples were hard, and I started pinching them. She starting cumming hard, and her knees gave out, shoving my dick even farther inside her.

When she regained her composure, I looked over to the bed and saw Brittany, naked and laying on top of Ashley, with her tongue down Ashley’s throat. Without stopping the girls I came up behind Brittany and entered her as hard as I had with the other girls. Her moans were loud even though as she moaned into Ashley’s mouth. Ashley echoed Brittany’s moans as my rubbed against her clit every time I pumped in and out of Brittany’s cunt. Brittany may have been a virgin, but she sure could fuck. Her pussy loosened and tightened as I move in and out, and I knew I wouldn’t last long. I started my final stretch, violently shoving my cock inside Brittany. Brittany was loving the extra hard fucking, and Ashley was loving the more intense clit-rubbing. Both girls screamed as they came. Brittany’s orgasming cunt tightened to a vice grip, and it sent me over the edge in a hurry. My mind went blank as I started shooting my seed deep inside her fertile womb. I had never cum this hard or this long before, and didn’t want it to ever end.

I finally came down from my high, pulling my dick out of Brittany’s pussy. I took in the scene: three freshly deflowered teens, one with my cum in her fuck hole. “That was amazing!” I said. The girls looked at my cock, still hard. “Ready for round two?” Brittany asked. I knew that with my sex drive I’d be ready for round after round. The rest of the night was one long fuckfest, only stopping to go to the bathroom and get some water. There wasn’t a position we didn’t try or piece of furniture we didn’t fuck on. I left in the morning, leaving three girls with three healthy loads of my seed in each of their fertile wombs.

It wasn’t until I was on my flight home that I realized that although the girls thought I was sterile, I in fact was the exact opposite, and may have impregnated all three of them that night. I decided to wait a while, come back later and see what they were up to without them knowing I was there. I came back in February, and attended a Capital High basketball game. I looked at the cheer squad, and saw Brittany, Hannah and Ashley, cheering with the rest of the team. They were living their lives like nothing ever happened, except for one thing: their hugely swollen bellies.Their uniforms had clearly been sized for them before I planted my babies in their wombs. Their tops, which went down halfway between the chest and belly button of the other cheerleaders, struggled to contain just their tits, which were enormously engorged with milk. Their short skirts were made nearly invisible. The uniforms framed their bellies perfectly. With only a couple weeks to go in their pregnancies, it looked like the girls had swallowed beach balls. The bellies stuck out almost two feet, and when they turned, they had to slowly to keep their balance. As I looked at the girls, I started getting really turned on, knowing I was the father of their babies and they had no idea who I was. I snuck out of the gym, promising myself those wouldn’t be the last babies I fathered.

Since then, I’ve been doing more or less the same thing I did that night. My rich parents always wanted me to have some “grand experience” so they were more than willing to pay for my trips while I was in college, which was about one weekend a month. After I graduated college, I got a job where I traveled constantly, two or three times a month. I take advantage of every city I go to. Over time I started getting a rental car, which allows me to fuck somebody in the back, then drop them off somewhere and find more pussy. I always start by applying the pheromones. I go to different places to find women. I like to find a nice young body during the day, and it’s surprisingly easy to go to the library, find a hot little schoolgirl studying for a test or writing a paper, and end up taking her to the rarely visited corner with old books and depositing a nice load in her cunt before leaving her to resume her studies. In the evening, I like to start at the nearest movie theatre, where there’s usually a hot highschool girl by herself (or if I’m lucky, with other hot high school girls) that I end up fucking in the car and leaving afterward without much fuss. After that I’ll go grab a bite to eat and scan the place for a hot young cunt to pick up, or if a hot enough waitress serves me I’ll come back when her shift’s done and fuck her, either in my car again, or if I’m feeling bold I’ll push her up against the dumpster behind the restaurant and fuck her from behind. After that is when I hit the clubs. More often than not there’s a group of hot girls having a “girls night,” that all end up coming out of the storage closet with my cum slowly oozing out of their pussies (usually I fuck them one at a time unless the closet’s big enough). My final stop is the bars. I get pickier with the girl I fuck because she’s the one I take back to my hotel room and whose cunt leave the most loads of my cum inside. Like the clubs, there’s sometimes a group of women. Usually these women are looking for a guy, so I can get them to come back to my room after minimal conversation. My pheromones do all the work, and even as I’ve gotten older I can still pick up the hottest ass in the room and fuck them where, when and how I want (and leave them immediately) without so much as a hint of objection. I still use the story that I’m sterile when I get asked about protection, which has never failed me. Most of the women aren’t on the pill so I usually have a good chance at impregnating them (especially high school girls). I never let any of the women know my real name, where I’m actually from or any other real details about me. I always get their names, and would hire private investigators seven months later to see if their bellies are swollen with my babies (and if they are, I have the investigators come back later to see exactly how many of my babies they had). As facebook became popular, it became easy for me to check up on the women myself and watch their bellies grow. I keep information for the date, name, age and number of children for each woman, the number of children for each day, and the the running total. Based on the stats I’ve recorded, over 16 years with an average of 30 nights per year with an average of 4.3 women per night, my exact total is 2072 women, 1521 of which were under 18. Over 80 percent of all the women and 90 percent of girls under 18 I’ve fucked were not on the pill. I’ve gotten 1243 women pregnant, including 70 sets of twins, 2 sets of triplets, and even a set of quadruplets on a fourteen-year-old for a total of 1320 children. Almost all my children are girls, with 1105 girls and only 138 boys. My best day occurred 5 years ago, when I met two seventeen-year-old study buddies at the library, and fittingly gave them my babies in the parenting section. At the movie theatre I picked up a rich sixteen-year-old with her two rich fifteen-year-old friends who were celebrating her new license; I christened her brand new SUV with my seed. Next I went to a Mexican restaurant where a small private Quinceañera was being held for a girl by four of her fourteen-year-old friends; we went to the stretch limo they rented, where I gave them each a baby, two for the birthday girl. I went to a teen club next, and ran into a fifteen-year-old girl who had just been dumped by her boyfriend, whose two sixteen-year-old besties took her there to get over him. Since she was heartbroken, I fucked her first, but I gave all three of them something to remember the night by. Finally, I hit the bars, where a group of seven women in their early twenties were throwing a bachelorette party. The other women were jealous that the bride-to-be was getting married when they were all single, and I learned that she had maintained her virginity before marriage. That didn’t last long, and although the other women didn’t have a man in their life, they all ended up with a boy or girl nine months later. I ended the night fathering 21 children, 14 of which were to mothers still in high school. The youngest and oldest women I actually had in the same night, when I met two twelve-year-old twin sisters who were librarian assistants (and extremely developed for their age). I offered to help them in the back, and fucked them in the anatomy section. The girls were screamers, and as I was pulling my cock out of the second twin sister, I was caught by the senior librarian, who happened to be the girls’ twenty-nine-year-old mother. She ended up being more of a slut than her daughters, and I fucked her on top of a stack of books while her daughters watched. It turns out twins run in the family, and each woman’s belly was soon swelling with two of my babies.

Two years ago was when things changed forever. My cousin had gotten divorced and was getting remarried, which meant another trip to Helena. I was nervous that I would run into one of the first women I impregnated and that she would recognize me, but I decided I looked different enough that it wouldn’t happen. When I got there, I couldn’t stop thinking about the first time, and decided to do it again. I stayed an extra night after the wedding, just like the first time. I started my usual routine, putting on the pheromones before setting off for the library. I pretended to browse through movies, when I saw a beautiful girl looking at movies a couple aisles down.

She must have come from a volleyball practice. I pegged her for 5’6”, and her straight blonde hair reached halfway down her back. She was wearing a tight white sleeveless shirt that accentuated her perky tits, and based on the outline of her nipples poking through her shirt, she definitely wasn’t wearing a bra. She had tight, long legs with sexy things that we almost completely uncovered by her shorts. I had never seen a shorter or tighter pair of spandex, with half her ass hanging out and the other half so tightly outlined by the matching white shorts there was nothing left to the imagination, including a nice cameltoe. Her ass was amazing, perfectly round and firm looking. I gaped at it for a minute, before refocusing and getting back to business.

I walked up to her and asked, “what are you looking for?” “Beauty and the Beast,” she said. “Do I know you?” “Oh sorry,” I said. “My name is Steve.” I thought it would be fitting to use the same name as the first time. “Hi Steve, I’m Taylor.” “Coming from volleyball?” I asked. “Yeah I’m on the freshman team at Capital High.” “You’re a freshman?” I asked. “I thought you were at least sixteen!” “Nope,” she said, giggling. “Just fourteen.” I could tell she was hooked by the pheromones, so I said, “Why don’t we go over to the reference section and I’ll show you my beast?” The crappy line worked, and with a seductive grin she took my hand and guided me. By the time we made it there, her white shorts had a small spot in front of her pussy. She had her clothes off in a second and had pulled down my shorts and was sucking my cock. “Stop,” I said. “Let’s not waste time.”

I pushed her so she was facing the bookshelf, and spread her legs and bent over. I gave her perfect ass a nice smack. “Wait,” she said, “I’m not on the pill. Do you have protection?” I smiled. Just what I wanted to hear. “Actually, I’m sterile so I can’t get you pregnant.” “Oh okay good. Now fuck me already!” She yelled. “Are you still a virgin Taylor?” I asked. “Yeah, but I don’t have my cherry any more.” I lined up my cock, grabbed her hips and pushed forward hard. She was incredibly tight, but wet enough that she could take all eight inches after two strokes. She was holding onto the bookshelf, and books were falling around as the shelf shook every time I rammed into her. Her moan started getting louder, and I could feel that I was starting to lose it too. “I’m gonna cum Taylor,” I moaned. “Me too! Cum deep inside me Steve!” I grabbed her hips harder and pulled my dick as far inside her cunt as it would go before shooting stream after stream of my seed in her fertile womb. I really hoped I was planting a baby inside this tight fuck.I pulled out of her, and a long stream of excess cum flowed out of her. As I was getting ready to leave, she said, “I have a couple friends who would love to meet you.” I looked at the puddle of cum that was now staining a book on the medieval times, and knew I couldn’t say no to doing that two more times, and we drove to her house and waited for her friends.

They arrived together. The girl on the left introduced herself as Sarah. She was a couple inches taller than Taylor and also had straight blonde hair. She had on a tight light blue button down shirt that was unbuttoned to show off her beautiful rack, and a short plaid skirt that showed off her nice thighs and gave me a glimpse of her pink cotton panties. Her friend, Heather, was Taylor’s height and had dirty blonde curly hair. She had a yellow tank top on that was cut down the sides and showed that, like Taylor, she wasn’t wearing a bra. She had on these light blue cotton shorts that covered about as much of her ass as Taylor’s. And her ass was as good as Taylor’s as well.

My ogling session was interrupted by Taylor. “Girls, this is Steve. I met him at the library and I think you’ll like him,” she said with a grin. “What do you mean?” asked Heather. I could tell she and Sarah were being drawn in by my pheromones and it wouldn’t be long before I was spreading these girls’ legs. “You see this spot?” she said, pointing to her shorts. What had been a small wet spot before was now over half of the front of her shorts. I really came a lot, I thought to myself. “What is it?” asked Sarah. “It’s his cum,” Taylor answered, “and it feels so good oozing out of my cunt.” Sarah and Heather were completely drawn in now, shifting their gaze back and forth from the growing spot on her shorts to the growing bulge in my pants. “Come get it,” I said, and they both hungrily attacked.

Heather got to my shorts first, pulled out my dick and licked all eight inches from the base to the tip. I had her stand up, and we walked into the living room. I walked behind her, and felt her tits through her tank top. I hungrily tore it off, before moving lower. I slipped my hands under her shorts, which now had a dark spot on the front like Taylor’s. I played with her pussy before pulling down her shorts, laying her face-up on the couch and crawling between her legs. “Wait,” said Sarah. “Don’t worry,” said Taylor, “He’s sterile.” “Oh...good,” said Heather as I entered her. Soon my balls were slapping her sweet ass. Now that I was moving easily, I got up, and moved her onto the edge of the couch. I bent her legs up to her head, and started fucking her standing up. She started going nuts. I’m glad we were the only ones in the house, because anyone inside surely would have heard it. Her pussy was tighter with her legs up, and it was wearing me thin. “It looks like he’s gonna cum!” Shouted Taylor. “Good,” moaned Heather. “So am I! Give me as much cum as you gave Taylor!” “You got it!” I yelled, and positioned myself so I was at the deepest point inside her, shooting straight down. “Oh god, it feels so good!” Heather screamed. “Fill me up Steve!”

When I finally finished, Sarah was patiently waiting, still in her clothes. I quickly pulled out of Heather, and walked over to Sarah. “This is gonna be hard and fast.” “Good,” she said. “Because I want your cum inside me now!” I pulled down her panties, picked her up, and sat her down on my cock, deciding that I was just gonna take her hard. She winced as her cunt took in my eight-inch dick all at once. I started bouncing her on my dick, and she let out a little scream every time she hit the bottom. I took her off my cock and bent her over the couch. I hadn’t seen much of her ass before, but it was about as good as Heather and Taylor’s. I was surprised by how similar these girls’ features were, but that thought quickly vanished as my dick vanished inside her fuck hole. “Are you ready?” I asked. “I’m gonna give a nice healthy load of my cum, and you can feel it ooze out of your cunt as I pull out.” “Yes! Yes! Yes!” Was all she could say. I was pounding her so hard, her screams were drowned out by the slap of her ass as I entered her. “Give me your cum!” She shouted. With my hardest pounding yet, I shot my third load of seed into the third fertile womb of the day. When we finally came down and I pulled out, a huge puddle started forming, even bigger than the ones from Taylor and Sarah.

I got dressed, and took in the scene. Three fourteen-year-old girls my seed in their wombs and hopefully soon to have my babies in their bellies. “I have to go,” I said. “I’d like to talk to you girls soon, what are your last names so I can look you up?” “My last name is Lang, Heather’s last name is Jensen and Sarah’s last name is Michaels,” said Taylor. Suddenly the reality of what they just said hit me. “What are your moms’ names?” I stammered. “Brittany Lang,” said Taylor. “Ashley Jensen,” said Heather. “Hannah Michaels,” said Sarah. “Why?” They all asked in unison. My stomach dropped. I tried to remain calm. “No reason, just wondering. Talk to you later!”

And with that I took off. I couldn’t believe what had just happened. I had just fucked and probably impregnated my own daughters. I had the same feeling as the first time I came to Helena. After much debating, I decided to look them up on facebook a few months later. I saw that they were indeed my own daughters, but also that all three were pregnant with my children. Looking at the small bulges just starting to grow in their bellies, I had that same feeling when I saw their heavily pregnant mothers fourteen years before. And that’s when I decided that those wouldn’t the last babies I fathered on my daughters.

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I know how mom/daughter relationships are so I know the girls were told how they were made. I wouldn't be hard o think that the girls had a pact to do the same thing their mom's did. Also, if you think about it, teen girls these days SHOULD know better than to trust a guy who says he can't get you pregnant.

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