about a housewife and mother-in-law
Susan Misbehaves by mrmovie

( This is a short story about an average housewife and mother-in-law that found a way to get more out of life even though she was already happy, by becoming more happier while keeeping her respectability in tact )

Susan and Frank got married when they were 21, they have two daughters, Kelly and Carla. Twenty-seven years later, both forty-eight, there love was just the same as it was when they first got married.

Carla was always the smarter one of their daughter's that always got good grades and married a great guy out of high school and is still doing well. Kelly on the other hand got married as well, but didn't
do as well as her sister. Kelly's husband Richard, as it is, had to be motivated and helped out by his father-in-law Frank, he got him a job at the bar he owned, not only did he help him out for his
daughter Kelly's sake, but helped him manage his money, as well as put up with him living at his house. Frank wished that his son-in-law Richard was more like Ted, Carla's husband, but knew that, in itself,
would be a miracle if that ever happened. Kelly was just as unmotivated, but he loved his daughter enough to take care of them both to some extent.

Susan and Frank had a good sex life for the most part, but with another man around the house, gave Susan thoughts. Susan was not the type of person to ask her daughter how he was in bed, even though she was curious and wondered about it. Nor was she the type to even think about
doing it with anyone besides her husband, although it had crossed her mind because even tho' sex with her husband was OK, it was just
a little mundane, so with her son-in-law in the house, why not she thought, regardless whether or not he did a better job or not, Susan wanted to have some variety in her life, that's all.
The way Susan thought, since she has a good sex life with her husband anyway, there would be no reason for anyone to suspect that she was cheating with her son-in-law. On the other hand, even if Susan
wasn't getting any, her husband Frank would not even think or suspect of her doing anything like that.

When Richard came back from work in the late afternoon, it was always the same, he would have something to eat and take a shower, then go straight to the bedroom and ball Kelly.
Susan would always creep by their door and listen.

One afternoon, when Richard came home from work, she thought that she would sweep the kitchen floor, normally she would have done this earlier, but wanted to know something first.
When Susan came to sweeping up the dust and dirt, she purposely bent down so Richard would notice her ass, then went about doing other housework as she normally did.
As soon as Richard went in the bedroom, she crept up to their door as usual and listened. Her hunch was right, Richard was balling Kelly harder than normal.

Good to know that I still have it, as well as knowing that he at least was interested. she thought to herself

The next day when Richard came home to eat, Susan decided to take a chance. She came up behind him, put her hands on his shoulders, bent down and whispered in his ear.

"You know Richard, you can always do the same thing with me that you do with my daughter, if you know what I mean, if you want to that is, but if you ever mention that I asked you or say anything,
I'll just deny it."

Susan knew that he would, guys are all the same she thought. Even if she wasn't all that great looking or in good shape, she knew guys like variety anyway.

They would ball whenever she knew she could get away with it, and they both had a good time. Nothing was said and nobody was hurt.

For the next ten years this went on with Richard, however Frank felt at that point, being 58, had went down to once a month, and Susan, well she slowed it down a touch for whenever she felt like having it. When you can get it when you want it, it's not that big a deal, but when you wonder when the next
time your ever gonna get it is, it is a big deal. Susan didn't have to worry about that since Richard was still around.

Just last night, Susan got a phone call about Frank being in a car accident that left him with uncontrollable psychotic episodes in which he would start yelling at her for no reason and started choking her.
Luckily at the time that happened the next morning, they were all sitting at the breakfast table and Richard had to restrain him while Susan called the doctor.

A week had went by and Susan went to go see how Frank was doing at the hospital, but was told that they had to move him to the State hospital in the next county over.

She asked Richard to drive her on Saturday to go visit Frank.

When they got there, Susan felt unnerved about going up to this old ugly brown and scary looking building and asked Richard to go with her.
After the guard unlocked the gate, they walked up to the main building as another guard unlocked the door to let them in.

"Richard, I never would have imagined that there were places like this !"

"Me neither."

Susan first talked with the doctor and sadly had learned that his condition was not getting any better, infact the doctor had told her that for the past four days, Frank has been in a rubber room with a straitjacket on.
She at least asked the doctor since she drove all this way that maybe she could see him, perhaps by seeing him, it might help in some way.

The doctor didn't think it would help much, but let her and Richard go see him anyway.

They had to pass a few dorms to get to the elevator and that in itself was disturbing, alot of people walking around looking like zombies and some residents that were locked in their room screaming.

They reached the elevator and took it down to the basement.

There were eight doors, four on each side, and on each door there was a latch that opened up a small opening to look in.

The doctor went down to the last door on the left and opened the latch, looking in, he asked how he was doing today and said that his wife was here to see him.

"May I doctor ?" Susan asked

"OK then...if your sure."

Susan looked through the little opening and called out his name

"Frank...I love you."

Frank started walking around the small room in his straitjacket, looking so sad and pathetic, then started walking over to the door, his eyes seem to wander and his mouth was opened, drooling.

"Oh Frank."

Frank just half looked at her and drooled

Hearing the doctor say that was enough, before the doctor shut the opening, Frank started screaming, but Susan couldn't hear anything after the latch was closed.

"I'm sorry you had to see that Susan, I really am."

"When will he be able to come home ?"

"I'm not sure...perhaps maybe never !"

"Oh no...please don't say that, please don't."

"I'm sorry to tell you this Susan, I'm just stating a possibility, and in his case...he might just very well stay in that room til he dies."

When they got home, Susan wasn't in the mood to make love, the thoughts of those people in that place...and Frank, her poor husband, locked up and helpless.

The next day when Richard got home, she needed him to hold her.

"Please Richard, I just need a man to hold me right now, nothing more."

"He's never coming back home you know, and you need some form of release to help you through this, I'm that release...use me to make you feel better." he said as he kissed her neck

"Oh Richard, maybe your right...I really 'do need' a good fucking at that...fuck me til these bad thoughts of that awful place are no longer in my mind."

Richard undressed her then himself, then gave her a damn good fucking right there on the kitchen table, then later on when Kelly was asleep, he crawled in her bed and fucked her again but good.

Come the morning, Susan felt like her own self again, she should have thought about her husband and that god awful place, but thought it best to start a new, and that's what she did that day.
She went all around the house and took down every picture she could find of Frank and got rid of them, and didn't bother calling the doctor back, other than to say that she was going to file for
a divorce.

"Please MRS. Polk, let's not be too hasty, he might get better."

"Doctor, you said yourself that you doubt that there was any chance of that happening, and besides, I have to move on with my life, and much of my life has already been used up."

"Perhaps I could help him out better with your assistance ?"

"How do you mean...exactly ?"

"Well that day you came to visit, he was on medication, I've given him less medication since then and he is doing a little better, so I moved him up to the ward."

"You still never answered my question doctor, how can I help ?"

"Oh yes, well do you have any home movies, something like that would help out, and along with small doses of medication, I would feel that at some point, he could be his old self again."

"Why would home movies help him ?"

"It may not, I just thought that perhaps, after looking at home movies, he might have the willpower to help himself get better, something that medicine itself can't, you see, besides, it
would also help him realize what he's missing."

"Doctor...that sounds like it might work, and don't take this the wrong way when I say this, but I think that's a load of crap, but I'll give your idea a try, only on some of my own conditions."

"What's that ?"

"If I know my husband the way you know yourself, there's only one way for me to know if he remembers or not, or what emotions he shows, I'll bring two tapes in, but my conditions are have him
totally off the medication, have him in a room with a straitjacket on and strapped to a chair, with only a T.V. in the room, as we both observe him, then and only then, will I know for sure if there
is any hope for him."

"Well I...two tapes you said ?"

"Yes doctor, one will be of happier times we had when the kids were little, and don't get me wrong when I say this because I don't mean to be hurtful or cruel, but the other tape he should watch, that
I'll bring, is of me...doing it with someone else, if he shows no emotion of anger or even crying, then I know it's a lost cause doctor, so what do you say to that ?"

"Well that would be highly irregular to say the least I..."

"It was your idea was it not !?"

"Alright...alright, for once with my idea, I'll let the other party be the judge besides me...this Sunday at two be OK ?"

"That will be fine doctor, see you then."

That evening Susan told Richard what her and the good doctor talked about and his idea under her conditions, and the tape that they would be making later.

Susan gave her daughter some sleeping pills and told her they were vitamins. Next she took a shower and got all dolled up, put on a pair of thigh highs then told Richard to come in her room so they could
start taping.

Richard thought his mother-in-law looked pretty damn hot and went to town eating her out, then went from fucking her doggy style to bouncing her up and down on his cock as he stood up, they had a real ball...balling.

Sunday came and Richard drove her up to the hospital again

"Well doctor, let's get this show on the road shall we ?"

"Alright then, let's go to the room where Frank is and observe from the window."

Frank was shown the first tape of him, his wife and kids when they were all younger, but with no expression. Then they put in the tape Susan made last night of her and Richard.

Frank yelled out in anger

"How could could you, shut it off...shut it off, I don't want to watch anymore....damn it shut it off !!!!"

"Please doctor...make him watch the whole thing."

"And make him upset himself, your cold MRS. Polk...really cold !"

"No...I'll be 'even colder', I'll give you a hundred dollars a month, in your own pocket that is, if you keep him in that straitjacket and lock him back up in that room downstairs 24/7, hows that for cold !!"

"That would be very irregular to say the least MRS. Polk...Um...two hundred and you have youself a deal."

"Thank you doctor, you may also keep the tape as well, have him watch it daily to."

"Your the coldest person I know MRS. Polk...however $200 in my pocket makes things easier for me to not think of you that way."

"Very good doctor, come over every second weekend of the month for cocktails, I can pay you then, in cash, so it won't be on the books."

"OK I will, Have a good day MRS. Polk, I'll see you then."

"One last request before I go."

"What's that ?"

"I wish to have him notice me with the door open, while he's being dragged down the hall to his room, then nothing would please me more than have him burst into tears as I wish him a good night and shut the door, locking him in."

"I never...Um that is...sure sure MRS. Polk, anything you say."

Susan didn't want to do that at all to Frank, but the way she figured it, she rather be mad at him and make him suffer as much as she was feeling, otherwise, she would get depressed about getting over him alot longer.

After she went outside in the fresh air, Susan had to have a smoke and asked Richard to pick up a bottle along the way and stay at a motel for a few hours before heading back home.

"Oh I'll tell you Richard...seeing Frank being dragged down that hallway in that straitjacket and having me slap his face before he was pushed in that small room and then watching his face as I slammed the door shut, was terrible."

"It will be OK, just try not to think about it." he said as he held her to comfort her, then kissed her neck.

"Help me to forget like the last time Richard, fuck me good before we go home !"

The next morning, Susan felt refreshed yet still felt bad. Richard came in the kitchen and knew from her expression that she wasn't feeling all that great, knowing that Kelly was still asleep, Richard didn't say a word, he just came
up to Susan with a hard on popping out his boxers, picked her up, through open her robe and picked her up by her butt cheeks and had her sitting on his cock and coming in no time. With a smile on her face besides the one she had, Richard knew that he done well.

In four months time, besides the doctor's visits, Susan was over Frank and had moved on, after a year had passed, she told the doctor that she was through making Frank suffer, and no longer needed to pay him or have him come over.

( If your a wife or mother-in-law that's reading this, it's OK...take the chance if you haven't, ball your son-in-law, you might surprise yourself. )

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