Since I can remember, I've masturbated ever since I was a little girl. I must have been younger than five, because I remember my fifth birthday, and I've been touching myself long before that. I love to play with myself...ALOT.

Even if I have a boyfriend, or a girlfriend, I have to get away for a few moments just to touch myself.

I remember...I was about seven the first time I flashed someone. It was a Saturday. We lived on the border of the town so we got our mail early in the morning. I woke up wet, not from urinating, but from excitement. Everyone slept in on the weekends, but for some reason, I was up early.

I had on a pink flannel nightgown and a pair of pink socks. I took off my panties and stuffed them under the cushions of the couch. I went behind a curtain in our living room, and I waited.

About five minutes later, the mailman came by. He fanned through the mail to double-check it, and he came to the front door where our mailbox well as one of our windows...It was a real good spot, too. No one will see me...except the mailman.

When He seen me, he smiled and waved. I waved back. I was about to chicken out! my heart was beating fast and I got really scared. When he turned his back and walked away, I kept telling myself to do it, or miss out. I gently knocked on the window and waved for him to come back...HE DID!!!

Just then, I looked back to make sure no one was there, and when I saw that the coast was clear, I quickly pulled my nightgown all the way up to my chest and rubbed my hole as the mailman's jaw dropped open, and smiled.

I masturbated for him for a few...I kept eyeing his crotch because it was protruding. He rubbed it for a second, then looked across the street. I was hoping he'd at least show me his cock...I wanted to see it BAD!!!

BUT...he never showed me. He just blew me a kiss, and he walked away.

I love to fuck myself and wonder what his cock may have looked like...or what he would've done with it...I imagine that he strokes it and cums all over the window so I can lick it up when he left. I love the taste of cum!!!

That was not the last time I flashed someone...nor will it be. I love to flash. Men, women, boys, girls, young, old, teens, and preteens. I love the look of shock on their faces when I show them my beautiful body.

I love to take pictures too. It makes me feel naughty when I spread my legs for the camera and play with my little pussy. I love to videotape myself squirting loads of cum all over the place

I'm looking for a girl who wants to play naughty with me. Are you interested, Brittany? My nieces and nephews will be there...

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2012-07-11 18:09:44
When I was 16 I got to flashing guys.

We lived in a new neighborhood with lots of construction going on. We had an in ground pool. Need I say more?

Mom and dad would leave early which meant I was alone in the summer. I would get nked. And go to the pool all day long.

It was a new house and for some reason the fence contractor hadn't out up the fence yet.

Workers could see me from the street and I showed the everything.

Just before school started I would go out on the street area and serve lemonade. I was naked and shaved. I was a very popular drink girl

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2011-12-23 07:21:11
Girls txt me cassie that means u. My number is 2104870286

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2011-12-23 07:20:57
Girls txt me cassie that means u. My number is 2104870286

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2010-03-29 21:34:44
needs to be more descriptive


2009-09-01 16:37:35
I love everything you write!!

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