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losing her virginity
How my wife (50 years old) lost her virginity..........She was 15 and dating a 17 year old guy. They would just kind of mess around a little bit but then one day, he asked her to play with his cock. She said that they were sitting on the sofa and he pulled his pants down. She was very excited to finally "meet" this thing that had been pushing into her for the past few months. He told her to just grab it and go up and down with her hand. She said that he immediately started moaning and that she asked him "Am I hurting you?". She told me that she kept asking him "Am I doing this right?". She said that all of a sudden he started to "buck". She said that she knew that a guy released sperm but that she thought that it was just going to be just a little that oozed out. She was really shocked that "so much came out". She told me that it kind of freaked her out a little bit because this guy just "went into LALA land" as he was coming. She told me that after he came, she started asking him "Was that OK? Did I do it right?" and that he was unable to even speak to her.  She started giving him regular hand jobs and then on her 16th birthday, they went out for pizza or some nonsense and then back to his house. His parents were not home so they went up to his bedroom and he fucked her. She said that she found out later that the legal limit for fucking in her state was 16 so she realized that HE was at least conscious of this fact. Probably did not want to go to jail!

Then they started fucking regularly. His parents were divorced so his house was empty a lot of the time. He had a brother and sister but the sister was never around and the brother would leave as soon as she and her boyfriend arrived. She said that they did EVERYTHING! Him on top, her on top, doggy style, cowgirl, 69ing. She thinks that they fucked pretty much every day for a year. I told her “geez, I was whacking off to Penthouse Forum and you WERE a Penthouse Forum!”. She said that the days that his house was not available, they would have to fuck very quietly in her parents basement so her mom would not hear them. And then on nice days, they would tell the parents that they were “going on a hike” and grab a blanket and go off into the woods and fuck somewhere. She said that one time they were fucking in the woods and they heard someone giggle and that her boyfriend yelled and some people ran away who had been watching them. She was really paranoid that whoever it was was going to tell everybody. So she did not like to fuck in the woods anymore. Her boyfriend became a huge benefactor of this because now, when they could not find a place to fuck, she would suck his cock. She told me that she had sucked his cock before but it was almost always before fucking. Now she was always sucking his cock. In his car, watching TV, etc. She told me that she always had to swallow his loads so it would not get on any clothing and be detected by her parents.

Then her boyfriend went off to college at a school that was about 90 minutes from her house. They kept dating but did not see one another as often. Only on weekends if that. She discovered that her boyfriends sister had a friend that also went to the same college so she became “friends” with this girl and she would tell her parents that she was going to see this other girl and “go to the football game” or something. Her boyfriend would get a real cheap MOTEL room and they would basically FUCK all weekend. She told me that by the time they were having their last fuck on Sunday morning, her boyfriend would almost be wincing because of the sensitivity. And when he came, it would be almost completely dry.

So of course, one time she had to show up at his dorm room unannounced early on a Saturday morning (she knew his roommate was gone for the weekend). She had a key to his room and was all ready to slide into bed next to him and get laid. So she goes in and does not notice it at first but as she gets closer, she realizes that a naked girl is in bed with him. So of course, she is devastated by this. She told me that the other naked girl was freaked out because she was like “who is this OTHER girl?” and of course she was freaked out because her boyfriend was fucking other girls. This is kind of a funny side note but she said that the other girl was running around the dorm room trying to get dressed and she had HUGE TITS! Anyway, my wife ran out into the hall crying and then the other girl left pissed. My wife went over to the girls dorm who she barely knew and hung out there for a while. Her boyfriend kept calling her on the phone and they would talk for a while and then she would hang up. Then he would call her back and they would talk some more. So that night, she agrees to meet him in person and talk some more. He tells her that he just gets so horny and that he wishes she would come up every weekend. He tells her that he just can’t “not fuck” for 2 and three week intervals. So of course, they fuck that night and the next morning. He promises to not fuck anymore girls and she promises to come up to his college every weekend. So this lasts for a few weeks. But then her parents start disapproving of her hanging out at a college every weekend so they nix it. So my wife comes up with this plan where she goes up there every other weekend so they can fuck. And then he comes home every other weekend and she rocks his world. So this goes on for a very short period. He decides he does not want to come home that often. So then she just decides to start trying to visit him every weekend again. So everything starts to work out again. They are fucking like crazy every weekend. The one day, my wife is taking it from behind in his dorm room, she has her face down in the pillow and I guess she wraps up the pillow in her arms and low and behold, she has a pair of girls panties in her hands! 

Fortunately for her boyfriend, he had already busted his load by the time she figured it out. So they had another big fight and he just told her that he could not resist fucking other girls. He told her that if she went to that college, he would only fuck her but that when he got really horny, he had tried to jerk off thinking about her but it was not working. She asked him if he was fucking the girl that she had caught him with but he admitted that she was pissed at him too and he had not fucked her since. She asked him who owned the panties and he told her that they belonged to a girl in one of his classes. She asked him “why did she leave her panties here?”. He said that his roommate was opening the door and that she just had time to put her jeans on.

So they end up breaking up and my wife heads home. She decides that she needs to start fucking somebody else to get back at her boyfriend. She is a senior in high school at this point and she starts fucking this guy who is a Junior. So now, this guy is getting his rocks off in her daily! Now her old BF in college calls her and wants her to come up for some event at the college. So she heads up there for a weekend and he fucks himself dry again. So now, she is getting fucked during the week by her 17 year old boyfriend and getting fucked on the weekends by her 20 year old boyfriend. She told me that she has never been fucked that many times in her life over that period of time. She told me that if she figures that if her 17 year old BF was fucking her twice a day (meaning he would come twice) and her 20 yr old BF was fucking her at least 6 times a weekend, A guy was orgasming in her pussy 80 times a month!!!

So this went on until she graduated from high school and she went to college. So get this, now she is getting laid living the college life and her old BF (the first one) would occasionally come visit her at HER college and SHE would get the motel room and they would fuck all weekend.

And on a last note, her boyfriend was sitting in HER dorm room once and she said SHE saw the condom wrapper on the floor at the foot of her bed left by the previous nights visitor!!!

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2013-01-16 04:13:39
My also loves been fucked a lot .We fuck at least 6 times a day.

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2013-01-11 00:54:15
You are a lucky man. My wife is a beautiful woman, just not quite that horny, but was chased a lot by men before and after we married. Guys see her and want to fuck her, she is a Man Magnet.

I lost two friends because they fucked her behind my back and I eventually found out. The last so-called friend actually raped her, but she didn't confirm it for years until I confronted her and she finally confessed. She was afraid I'd have killed the SOB (she was right) but was also scared I would leave her for getting herself into that situation after her previous cheating. Despite the innocent story, I think she gave him the impression he could fuck her, then tried to change her mind, and he got pissed and fucked her for cock teasing. That doesn't make what he did right, but I understand it. She isn't a slut (I don't think) but she loves male attention. I think she's screwed other friends. You are right about good looking women. They get fucked A LOT!


2013-01-02 15:41:34
One last one that was very EXCITING! There was a picture of her with this real big guy who looked like he could have been a football player. This is what she told me "This guy had a really big cock and we would fuck in his hot tub. I would get on top of him and slowly slide that monster into me. The feeling of that huge cock and all that hot water going in and out of me with his cock would cause me to start orgasming almost immediatly. I would be screaming so loud, I thought that the neighbors would hear me! He would never come when I was riding him so after I had gotten off several times, I would lay on the side with my feet in the water and he would go to town on me. All I had to say was 'pull out and come in my mouth' and he was done. I always waited until I was done with his cock before I said that. That was his weakness".


2013-01-02 15:13:28
We have been married for 17 years and I have seen her old photo albums many times. When we started sharing stories about our sexual past, I decided to go through her albums again and have her tell me more about the people in the photos. Suddenly the photos became more interesting. She will point to a guy in a picture and say "This guy had a fat cock" or "this guy fucked me on the hood of his car" or "this guy loved to cum in my face". One of the pictures was of her at a wedding in a nice bridesmaids outfit. She pointed to one of the groomsman wearing a tuxedo and told me "I met this guy the night before the wedding at the rehersal dinner. On the morning of the wedding, we had a couple of bloody marys, went into his room, i pulled my bridesmaid dress up and he dropped his tuxedo pants and we had a quickie before the ceremony. He blew a huge load all over my face. Luckily it did not get on my gown".


2013-01-02 13:56:37
So here she was, a 19 year old girl wanting to become a model and she is sucking a 40 year old mans cock while a 25 year old man is eating her pussy. And then she spreads her legs wide and both of them take turns pounding away at her. I asked her "did you get off?" and she said "kind of hard not to".

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