Cheryl helps celebrate Olivia's 18th
My mind was drifting somewhere else during the 45 minute drive to the address on the card. On it is also a room number, either an apartment or hotel room.

I've never liked driving the streets of Chicago, but worse still are the highways. I don't think I have seen more rude drivers anywhere else. Cutting you off because they missed their exit, breaking just as they pull in front of you going 60. Or how about the time with the Mom in the vehicle driving, but also trying to discipline her kids in the back seat. I felt bad for days just thinking how the kids would grow up knowing what happened. I heard on the news that night that the Mom was the only one in that car hurt, breaking the arm she was hitting the kids with. They only said it was her right arm, but from watching her flailing it for real... Serves her right. Sad to say the driver in the other car wasn't so lucky, or maybe he was as they said on the news he died instantly by decapitation. Glad I was in the far lane when that happened, I probably would have puked my guts out on the spot.

I turned the radio on, it was tuned to WFMT, a good classical station, but at the moment wanted something a little less mindful, and put on XRT. They had a Mumford & Sons song playing. Looks like I'm getting close to my exit. "Don't want to cut anyone off..." thinking snidely to myself.

It looks like from the small map on the card that this place was right off the highway about 2 miles. As I drive closer, everything is becoming more and more manicured. My first glimpse of the address kind of shocked me, it was beautiful, very pleasant.

As I drove up, a valet came out and offered to park my car and bring my bags in, but I told him I didn't have any, having completely neglected to think about bringing anything to wear tomorrow when I leave that is if I stay the night. Oh well, won't be the first time that I wear the same clothes two days in a row. I hand him my keys, and he directs me to the second elevator. When I hit the button, I'm a little startled when it goes down. Wonder if the 's' in the room number means "sub" or something. The elevator comes to an unnoticed stop with the doors opening being the only indicator that you stopped at all.

I walk out, and find that the room is down the hall and to the left. I stop at the door way, and take this all in. It's almost like our roles have been reversed, and she is calling me for a date. I chuckled at the idea of being her $300 an hour call-girl.

I read the plaque on the door. "La Petite Princesse Suite", engraved on a tarnished copper plate, with the lettering inlaid in some alabaster white material. This girl has some discernment for nicer things to go along with her discretion.

I stand there for a moment when the door opens. Olivia is standing there in a short baby-blue-doll nighty, her face against the door, with the edge running down the front of her, and her hand on the door, her arm around her large hidden breast. "I was wondering when you would arrive.", she moves closer to me, "I'm so happy you made it, and you know,", she puts hers hand on my face and just grazes her lips on mine. Whispering in my ear, "you are the last guest to get here. But we didn't start without you."

And now she kisses me full on, both hands cradling my face, her lips sucking mine into her mouth. We stand in the doorway, I hear someone walking past us. She still is kissing me, her tongue shyly probing my mouth, her arms wrapped me.

We finally part, my knees a little wobbly, but still supporting me. She takes my hand, and invites me in, "I got some fruit here, if you're hungry. I was hoping you would have dinner with me here in the room, I was thinking around 7ish." She stops talking, still holding my hand. Turns and looks at my awestruck face, she smiles as I look around the room.

"This place is beautiful.", there's a patio out on the far wall, with a Jacuzzi. It was built with privacy in mind, but still opened up what might be considered a smallish apartment, still a third bigger than mine, if not bigger. A small kitchenette, probably meant for reheating things, or cooking small meals. The living room had two large white leather couches offset in an angled 'L' pattern. There's a heavy glass coffee table with a mirrored surface reflecting up in the center between the couches. The wall opposite the couches is covered with a full mirror, giving the illusion of a larger room. I stare at our reflection holding hands, she smiles at me from the mirror.

"Make yourself at home, do you want something to drink, the room has a fully stocked bar.", letting go of my hand and moving towards the kitchenette.

"And just how does an 18 year old rent a room like this and have a fully stocked bar."

"Helps to know the right people, and bribing the desk clerk works, too. What would you like?"

"Let me guess, you're an aspiring young bartender, too? How about a Manhattan.", I ask.

"Rye or Whiskey? Sweet or dry Vermouth? Bitters? Ice?", she says impressively, pausing, "My grandfathers drink."

"Rye, Sweet, and yes. Straight up.", I take off my sweater, as it is quite warm in the room. I sit on the couch that is directly facing the mirror, taking my shoes off and tucking my feet up under me.

She brings over two glasses, and sits down next to me, with her knees up between us, so she can face me.

We sit and make some small talk, the whole while she is running her fingers through my hair. She has me spellbound and hopeless of being released.

"So, I was wondering...", and stops.

"What's that?", I egg her on.

"Do you... trust me?", this caught me off guard a bit. I'm not really sure what she meant.

"Well, I guess I do, unless you plan to tie me up and whip me."

"That's half right, I don't much care for pain, but I kind of like being tied up... with the right person. I'm hoping that you might allow me to tie you down on the couch here, and I can... strip for you. It would really make for a memorable birthday.", smiling at me.

"I've thought about it, seen movies, but never tried it. Guess I'm a little afraid... of losing... not having control. You could say I've got some trust issues." She leans in to kiss me, her hands on the sides of my head.

"I understand the trust thing all too well, but if you could, trust... me.", and pauses. "But the only way to learn to trust is by trusting. Vicious circle, isn't it. I promise you no pain, I've received and inflicted enough to know my limits, which are pretty low. But the being tied up thing...mmm", she trailed off, smiling with a wistful look on her face. "Do you need another drink?", she asks and I nod, then gets up to pour more drinks.

"So... how were... you thinking... of... tying me up?", I ask curiously.

She laughs a little, and that make me snicker. "Look on the sides of the couch." There are some straps on the sides with gloves attached to the ends. I pick one up from the back. "So, this one goes on my hand, obviously?"

"Yes, and the ones at the front would go above your knees.", I slip my hand in and see what it feels like to tighten the straps. A dirty, naughty feeling wells up in me, it makes me smile in a perverse way. But I'm still pondering if I could give up control and actually allow her to put the others on me.

"I'll make you a deal,", walking back with the drinks, setting them down, she goes and gets a bag, opens it, and shows me a small red ball, "if you want me to stop,", pressing the ball into my gloved hand, closing my fingers around it, "if you want me to stop at any time, just drop the ball on the couch and I promise I will stop and untie you."

"Can I see what it feels like with the other one on first?", I say sheepishly, the dirty feelings growing.

She gets up to put the other one on, I slip my hand inside. It feels strangely exciting to be doing this, I think I am trusting her more, at least a little.

She asks me if I want to continue, I nod very timidly. "OK, let me tighten these straps, and then we can try the legs." She has me move to the middle of the couch, then begins to tighten the straps. When she finishes, my arms are extending out to my sides, and I can't move them more than a few inches. She says she has to use the restroom, and to use the time to get used to the bindings.

I looked at myself tied to the couch, and had some mixed feelings, wondering if I had the courage to let her finish the job, and bind my legs. I spread my legs to see what I would look like, each moment feeling more and more exciting.

She came back in, holding some towels, sitting between my legs, "I like what I see, I'm getting turned on seeing my helpless teacher tied up like this. Are you ready for teacher's pet to finish?", giving a small laugh as she finishes her sentence. "Or shall we go back to something more... conventional? Just be Cheryl and Olivia?", her voice a shade darker. Using the phrase teacher's pet in reference to herself turns me on, and she made me smile to think that she wanted to step outside her box, and was inviting me to join her.

"Yes... please.... continue.", I said meekly, red ball still firmly in my hand.

"Lift your hips, I'm going to put down some towels.", and I obey. Grabs the nearest strap and starts pulling it up my leg. "Shouldn't I take my clothes off first?", I ask her.

"No, your pet likes you this way.", smiling with a twinkle in her eye and pulls the strap tight just above my knee. She gets up, then kneels between my legs. Her hands on the cushions next to me, she leans in and whispers, "I'm really getting turned on seeing you like this, teacher. I wish you could feel how wet you're making your pet,", she squeezes her breasts, then holds them out to me, "but I guess you will soon enough.", she kisses me, and moves her hand to my tits, the touch of her hands making me tingle, and I suspect wet, too. She gets up to finish tying me up. I can't quite process what is happening, and that feeling of being on automatic floods back into my brain.

She goes over to her bag and brings back a pair of scissors. Kneeling back in front of me. "You know what these are for?", she asks me.

"They cut things?", not sure what she intends.

"Yes... but do you know what I want too cut?", she queries.


Slowly and deliberately she inches the hem of my skirt up, rolling it upward. She gently touches the back of her finger over my panty covered pussy, causing me to inhale abruptly, then hold my breath. She puts her finger under the edge of my panties and gently pulls them forward. Snip, she cuts them cross ways, then pulls the top portion forward. Snip. Placing the scissors on the end table, then returns to my panties. She folds the top portions down to the sides, and puts her hand under me, indicating I was to lift up, and she pulls what's left of my panties away, lifting them to her nose. "I like teacher's scent." She lowers her head down and kisses my pussy. "Did you shave for your pet?", I nod. She goes back, this time running her tongue between my pussy lips, I shudder and my hips involuntarily buck into her face.

"Is teacher getting turned on by her pet's tongue in her cunt?", patting my pubic mound with her fingers, again I nod.

"I'm getting turned on that you're not saying anything, so why don't you sit there quietly while I entertain myself? You don't have to say a word. I can talk enough for the two of us.", she gets up, stands to the side. Looking at me in the mirror, "Does teacher like what she sees? I do. When I'm done making myself cum for you, I am planning something very special for that pussy of yours, something I would be curious if you had ever tried before." She pauses. "Is pet making teacher all hot and bothered?", I nod, "Does teacher want her pet to stop?", I shake my head slowly from side to side.

She goes into her bag again, and comes back with a large dildo with a suction cup on the end. "You know, this things might be too big for my pussy, but I wonder if it would fit inside you snug as a bug in a rug.", at the same time, she's fingering my damp cunt. My eyes roll back in my head. She bends her head down and licks my pussy from the bottom up to the top, and wraps her lips around my already swollen clit. And almost as quickly, she's off of me with a popping sound.

She stands directly in front of me, sucking on the faux cock. It's now dangling from her lips while her hands reach for the sides of her panties. As she pulls them down, she turns and exposes her ass to me, slowly spreading her cheeks to give me a view of her back door. She drops the dildo from her mouth, and it amazingly lands on the glass table, its suction holding it upright.

Turning back to me, "Does teacher like her pet's show so far?"

"YesÉ very much.".

"Hum, is teacher forgetting something? Or maybe she is looking for some detention?", her panties are still around her knees. She lets them fall to the floor, and picks them up with her toes. "Does teacher want to see how wet she's made her pet?", raising the panties up to her nose and inhaling deeply. She then places them under my nose, and I breathe her scent in. "Does teacher like the scent of her pet?", I nod several times. "That's good, as teacher will get as much time as she wants, smelling, licking, tasting, savoring, enjoying her pet's pretty pussy. But right now teacher's pet is going to masturbate for teacher, while thinking of all the dirty things I have planned for teacher's education."

I will say that she does have me worried about what she might have planned. She also has me wondering if I might be with Vanessa or Olivia, as her whole demeanor has gotten a shade or two darker. I have to trust her words, and hope the red ball is the off switch.

She turns away from me again, and lifts her nighty as she bends over, exposing her round cheeks to my eyes. She moves the dildo to the middle of the table, and walks 'round to the other side. Kneeling on the table, she crawls to the center, placing the dildo right in front of her pussy. Through the fabric of her nighty she holds the cock to her sex, then begins to rock back and forth, almost as if she were showing me how far the dildo would penetrate her, if she were to take the whole thing into herself. "Is teacher turned on by watching her pet play with herself? I'm making myself warm inside knowing teacher is watching me play with my cunt. Does teacher like it when her pet says cunt?", on automatic, I nod my approval to everything she is saying. I'm starting to pull at my restraints, wanting to play with my clit while Olivia prepares to fuck herself silly for my pleasure.

She raises up, and begins to rub the head of the dildo on her clit, she closes her eyes as her body twitches from the contact with her clit. Holding still for a moment until it passes, she opens her eyes and looks straight into my eyes, and begins to lower herself down.

"Teacher's pet likes the feel of this cock in her pussy. Does teacher want to see the cock penetrate her pet's cunt?", still staring at me.

Once again, I nod. I think it is either sweat or something leaking from my cunt, as I feel something running down the inside of my ass. I'm really wanting to play with my exposed pussy. My legs are pulling against the restraints, as I try to adjust my position, moving down on the couch.

Olivia now has about half of the dildo in her, lifting her nighty for me to see. She's now looking down at her reflection on the table. Abruptly stopping, "Oh, can teacher forgive her pet for being so thoughtless?", I'm just confused what she's forgetting. She lifts herself up off the dildo, gets down off the table, runs to her bag of tricks retrieving a high-tech looking dildo/vibrator and some sort of remote with four knobs.

"Teacher's pet got this toy from an admirer.", holding the dildo and fiddling with the remote. "This knob changes speed of the vibrator, this one the intensity, this one changes the speed of the rotary massager, and this one the rotary intensity. I've used it many times by myself and could make myself cum just by adjusting the controls", she drops her head to my cunt, and licks from the bottom up to my clit, taking me into her mouth, as she sucks, her tongue is flicking at my clit, her eyes looking up at me. I glance in the mirror and think how turned on she has me. The sight of her head buried between my legs, having my clothes on, and being tied down is one of the most erotic things I have felt or seen. My leg starts shaking. "Does teacher want pet to make her cum?"

"Yes, I do, make me cum, please."

She slaps my pussy a couple times, and inserts the vibrator so that only about two inches remained visible. I am enjoying the sensation of it filling my cunt. "Pet will only allow teacher to cum when pet does." She then turns, I catch her eye in the mirror, and she smiles with a devilish twinkle in her eye.

Now with her back to me, she climbs back onto the table. Her ass to me, she mounts the dildo in the middle of the table. She lifts the remote control and turns on the vibrator, it buzzes quietly, and she increases the intensity. Between being aroused already, and seeing her fucking the dildo is getting to me. She turns another dial, and I can feel the dildo start turning slowly inside my damp pussy.

She is now leaning forward, resting on her hands on the table, her hips bouncing up and down. The dildo appears to be invading her with its full length, and she is powerless to stop it. Panting loudly, she appears to be enjoying this. We catch each others eyes in the mirror, and just stare at one another. She leans back, on her knees, her hips fucking the faux cock in and out, in and out of her pussy. I stare at her being penetrated by such a large dildo, and I can tell she is enjoying this very much. Her leg is now quivering slightly, and she stops for a moment to catch her breath. She picks the remote control back up.

At this point, I can feel that I am involuntarily pulling at my restraints, wanting to close my legs around my flaming cunt, the dildo is both vibrating and spinning inside me, the sensations I'm getting are nothing like anything I have experienced before. She turns the vibrations on a low frequency, but also turns up the intensity. I feel I'm close to cumming, and would love nothing more than to touch myself to make it happen. Everything seems to be happening to keep me close, but it won't allow me to fall over the edge.

Olivia is now fucking the dildo with great fervor, and I notice she is starting to shake. At that moment, I can feel the intensity of the massager part of the dildo embedded in me increase. Seeing that Olivia is shaking more and more, I can tell she is getting ready to cum. She looks at me in the mirror just as she begins to convulse and cum. She is now moaning very loudly, and all this excitement causes me to push my orgasm out of my pussy. Just the sight of seeing her beginning to leak from her cunt has me pulling at my restraints, and cumming harder than I have ever experienced.

It all seemed to go on forever, but when we both finally come back to earth, Olivia is staring at me in the mirror, pulling at her clothed breasts, then pushing them together, and rolling them around. I can see a small pool of liquid collected around the base of the dildo's suction cup. She raises up one last time and extracts the dildo from her pussy. Slowly she gets up off the table. Still looking at me in the mirror, "Did teacher enjoy her orgasm?", she asks my reflection.

"Yes, very much, but if you could please turn this thing off, I'm getting a bit uncomfortable.", and with that she turns off both the vibrator and the massager. Walking over to me, she kneels in front of my spread legs, and presses her fingers gently into my clit, wrapping her thumb around the base of the dildo, and slowly removes it.

She leans up, kissing me very gently, her elbows supporting herself on the back of the couch, on either side of my head. Her kiss was utter bliss. "Thank you, Olivia. That was just amazing. I don't think I have ever cum so hard in my life."

"Well, I hope that teacher would like to experience even more intense orgasms, as pet has something special planned. Do you think you would like to continue? Or do I need to untie you?", she says with a wicked glint in her eye.

"I will say that being tied up has got me going here. Don't know if I want that to stop."

"OK, then, I guess we can move on to other things.", and she gets up, walks over to her bag of tricks. There is a box next to it. She brings the box back to the couch and sets it on the table.

"What's in the box?", I ask in both curiosity and fear.

"I'm sorry, but teacher will just have to be patient while pet makes a few adjustments.", she smiles at me, kneeling back between my legs. She begins to unbutton my blouse and has it open within a minute. She spreads it open and pulls it out from my skirt. Reaching over to the table and grabbing the scissors, she pulls my bra forward from between my breasts and cuts it, each side releasing the weight of my breasts. She then cuts the shoulder straps, and then removes the remnants of what used to be my bra.

"You have beautiful breasts.", I noticed that she didn't say 'teacher' there, it almost changed the mood of events taking place. Placing her hands around my breasts, taking my nipples between her thumb and forefinger, and starts rolling them around. She leans in again to kiss me, licking at my lips, kissing my cheeks, her hands still massaging my tits.

She stops and leans back, "Ok, shall we proceed?", and turns around to pull the table closer to the couch. She then turns to the box and opens it. There is what appears to be some sort of pump that is mounted to a small platform, she lifts it out and places it on the table directly in front of me. Going back into the box, she takes out a couple of rods, and attaches them to one side of the box. She has me wondering what it is she is doing here, almost scaring me to think what she might have planned. Next she removes the dildo she had just fucked herself with from the center of the table, and slides it onto one of the rods and locks it in place with some clamps attached to the rod.

Turning back to me, "So, has teacher ever seen one of these?"

"No, what is it?", I ask in fear and hesitation.

"This particular model is called a plow, but it is just a pump that allows you to fuck yourself silly without all the work of moving the dildo yourself. Plus it works really well in situations where you don't have any hands to fuck yourself with.", and she gives me a half smile with a glint in her eye. "Pet really likes this toy, and uses it quite frequently. In the last week alone, pet has fucked herself with this a half dozen times, all thinking about what plans pet was making for teacher.", she seems to be back in character. "Is this something that teacher would like to try?"

I don't know what to say only because I don't know what to expect, but I give into curiosity, and nod my consent. She positions the machine so that it will reach my pussy, and places the dildo just over my cunt. She grabs the control box, and tries to turn it on, "Oh, look at that, pet forgot to plug this puppy in.", and she gets up to get power to the machine.

She now has it on slow, and it is moving just above my pussy, "Can teacher see what this toy will be doing?", and I nod. "Would teacher like pet to continue?", again nodding.

"Alright, teacher might need to slide down a bit on the couch.", and with that she begins to penetrate my pussy with the plastic phallus.

"This feels quite naughty, especially when I think of how I am going to tell all the other students just how teacher likes to get off.", raising an eyebrow while gauging my reaction. My god, I can only hope this was just part of the games we were playing, I couldn't believe for a moment that she would. "Naw, pet would never want to jeopardize what she has. Teacher needs me, the students need me. But most of all, pet likes teacher, and wouldn't want to do anything to...", stopping to slowly kiss my lips, wrapping her hands around my face pulling me into her, breaking the kiss, " anything to ruin what we have. Which... as it is... well, I'm getting a little ahead of myself.", and turns away from me looking at the controls for her "plow".

She held the controls, turning the left knob which controls the speed, and it begins to move in and out of me. The thought that she had this dildo inside herself only moments ago kind of turns me on. I lift my hips a bit to allow better penetration, and with that it seems to be going deeper, while Olivia adjusted the right knob.

She leans in and kisses me some more. Her right hand roaming my body from my breasts down to my clit, and back again. Her kisses are quite good, taking my lips between hers and pulling them gently. Her hand has come to rest over my clit, pinching and pulling at it while the plow impales me. She again adjusts the speed, and I begin to release control and let her fuck me.

By now, the 10 inch dildo was about 7 inches into me, pulling in and out about once every 5 seconds or so. She again increases the speed and depth. She offers her breasts to my mouth, and I bite on her nipples, hearing her moan. Again, she increases the speed.

She lets me enjoy the fucking she is giving me for a moment, then places her hand on my stomach just below my belly button. "Hummmm... pet can feel teacher being fucked. Does teacher like how pet makes her feel?"

I nod, and again she increases the speed. Her hand moving further down, her fingers flicking at my clit.

By now, I am feeling pretty close to cumming, and my hips are swiveling keeping pace with the plow. Olivia is now sucking on my nipples, and bites them ever so gently. Her hand is still working away at my clit, and it is helping to push me over the edge, as I feel myself starting to shake a bit.

"Oh, teacher is going to cum, isn't she? Pet really wants to see teacher...", and with that I did, "...cum." My hips bucking harder against the phallus inside me. With it still moving in and out of me, I can feel myself starting to cum again, only this time I push even harder against the penis, and pulling my arms tight in their restraints. I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror, and also found Olivia staring back at me, her hand still just above my pussy. For a third time, the wave of my orgasm crushed against my shore, forcing my eyes to close, and my head to bend back.

I didn't really notice, but Olivia had removed the dildo from me, and was now kneeling between my legs. After I had come back to earth, I found her tongue was licking my clit.

"No, please... I need to rest for a moment... and maybe even get up to pee, if pet would care to let teacher go?", it felt dirty to say 'pet' and 'teacher', the way Olivia has been so far.

"Well, I don't want to let teacher go just yet, as she has been a bad girl and needs more detention. But, pet doesn't want to have teacher soil this beautiful couch, so I guess if I must...", she smiled, got up, and started to undo my leg restraints.

When my legs were free, she looks up at me, "You know, Cheryl... you don't mind if I call you that, do you?", I shake my head no. "Well, you know about me and my past, and well... not to get all weird or anything, but I'm really starting to like you... a bit.", she turns a bit shy and demure as she talks, running her hands over my legs. "I know, I know... we can't have an open relationship, but..."

"Well, Olivia, I really don't know what to say... other than to ask you to release my hands.", trying to laugh a bit, I didn't want to brush off what she was saying, "...we can talk about this tonight, but right now, I really... need to pee."

She laughed a little, then got up to release my hands. When she finished, I placed my hands on the sides of her face, and kissed her softly. "I do want to talk with you about this, but first things first...", and then got up to use the restroom.

When I finished, Olivia had dressed back in her nighty, and was in the process of putting the toys away. I sat on the couch, looking at the huge wet spot on the towels she had placed there. I turned and took Olivia's hand, and kissed it. "Thank you. I don't think I have ever made such a mess before, but boy... what a mess.", and kissed her hand again.

"Yeah, pet... I had fun too. Are you at all hungry? I could use a nice meal. They have a really good menu here, and...", I pulled her down to me, sitting her next to me, and kissed her on the lips. We continued with this for a few minutes.

"Happy Birthday... I don't think I have told you that yet this evening.", I said breaking off our kisses.

"Thanks, this has by far been the best birthday I have ever had, and you are the best birthday present, too.", kissing me again.

"So, what do you want.", springing up from the couch and grabbing the menu from the end table and handing it too me. "Don't worry about the prices, tonight is a package deal, so everything is paid for already."

I looked at the menu and it was just filled with wonderful ideas for things to eat. Surf and Turf, Lobster Bisque, Crab Legs, Lasagna with Italian Sausage, Goat Cheese with Ham Pizza... What to get...

I finished putting my blouse on, without my bra, and my skirt without my panties. Thinking about how I "lost" them made me smile inside. Knowing that it was my student that had taken them from me just made me feel even more satisfied about what had happened. It wasn't long after we ordered that there was a knock on the door, the woman wheeling a cart into the room. She set up the table with all the food, some fresh flowers, and poured some water into the glasses.

The beautiful woman looked at Olivia, almost as if she knew her, and said "Will you be needing anything else, Vanessa?"

It surprised me a bit to hear Olivia called using her other name, but I guess that is how she is known here.

"No, that will be all for now.", and with that we sat down to eat.

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Another hot Private set Pat! And we weren't going to post again, fearing being the other cuploe leaving you comments, but we just saw your recent Tweet ( Really surprised I don't get more comments Doesn't anybody else like to really *think* about and analyze porn ? hey we do! But maybe your fans, hmmm, get *too* inspired and fail to post afterwards.) So first we'll agree it's a nice dildo for film, in our humble opinion because it's translucent. (Personally, we go with the Silver Bullet because nothing can really compete with AA batteries but that may not work so well for photography.) More importantly, hoping to get others to comment, we'll just say we're debating over whether Pic #5 or #6 is the best of the set. He says: Pic 5 lets you really enjoy Aneta's full body and great facial expression; she says: Pic 6 with that combo clit + penetration is the more exciting action, for both the voyeur and the viewer. You all: Discuss!

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This is really good can wait till the next part
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This is really good can wait till the next part
Lesbian teacher/student stories always make me cum my panties

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