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A double-feature: a wife plays with herself day-dreaming about a recent adventure, and a girl wants to watch her brother jerk off
I wrote two stories, each of which was slightly too short to be accepted for this site; then I realized they had a common theme (if masturbation can be considered a “theme”): the first one is a follow-up to “The Second Weekend in August (Part 2),” in which Susie fantasizes about what happened and what might have happened on Saturday night. The second one is of the “jerk-off instruction” genre, between a sister and her brother.

So I present them here as a double-feature...

Thinking About Saturday Night

I can't believe I'm rubbing myself off again, thinking about what happened Saturday night. What is this, the fifth time? The sixth? And it's only Tuesday morning.

Thinking about Scott and me having sex in the same room with my sister Cathy and her husband Carl. That was hot as hell, even though we'd done it before. Noisier this time though, lots of grunting and groaning, Scott on top of me, Carl in the next bed taking Cathy from behind...

And then afterward when Cathy began slowly jerking on Carl's cock, and I moved from our bed to theirs and watched, up close and personal. Still naked, of course. Scott's cum still dripping out of my swollen pussy.

I hadn't been this close to another man's naked, erect cock in almost 20 years. I guess I hadn't seen another man's naked, erect cock in almost 20 years.

What I really wanted to do was gently push Cathy's hand aside and wrap my fist around Carl's cock. I bet neither of them would have minded. Scott would have, though. I think he wouldn't have tried to stop me: instead he would have come over to the bed with us, push my sister Cathy down, and ram his cock into her before she knew what hit her. And then I'd just let go of Carl's cock and mount it, and fuck him better than my sister ever had.

But what really happened was crazy enough: Just as Carl was about to cum, Cathy aimed his cock at me and he shot his cum all over my naked tits. I wanted to take his hot cum and rub it all over my tits, into my nipples, but that would have been so slutty. No, what I really wanted to do was scoop some up with my finger, and then reach down and rub it against my clit, rubbing it hard, like I'm rubbing my own pussy juices against my clit right now, fingering myself in front of my husband, and my sister and my brother-in-law, and not caring. Making myself cum loudly...

I should have done it...

Mmmm... mmmm...

No, don't want to cum yet...

Scott looked at me with the cum all over my tits, and he came over, grabbed my head, and shoved his hard cock into my mouth. Normally I'd hate if he did that, just fucking my face, but I sucked that cock
as hard as I could, as deep as it could, letting it fill my mouth, managing not to gag. And when I could tell he was about to cum, and saw that Cathy was sitting next to us watching us, the same way I'd watched her and Carl, and I know she expected me to shoot Scott's cum on her tits, I took Scott's cock out of my mouth, kept stroking it, and at the same time I grabbed the back of Cathy's head and pulled it so close to Scott's cock, and first he came all over her face, and then as she opened her mouth in surprise, he shot another load of cum right onto her tongue. She was surprised, but instead of pulling her head away, she moved it a bit closer.

Her mouth was close enough to my husband's throbbing cock that I'm sure he could have felt her breath.

I know she wanted to move in the last couple of inches and take it into her mouth, suck out the rest of his cum. And Scott wanted it desperately.

I should have pushed him forward, just a little. Neither of them would have resisted. She would have taken his cock deeply into her mouth and sucked hard and enthusiastically.

And I would have gone over to Carl and shoved my wet pussy into his face, making him fuck me with his tongue.


I can feel his tongue lapping against my clit, my hard clit... and I'm cumming, Carl eating out my pussy... Ahhhhhh...

Bathroom Encounter

Hey, I'm taking a bath in here.

I don't care how bad you had to go, you could have knocked on the fucking door.

Well, obviously I would have locked the door if I knew anybody was home-- why am I explaining myself to you? And why aren't you getting out of here? And stop look at me, pervert, I'm your big sister. Get out of here.

Okay, fine. Piss and get out of here.

Well, it's not my problem if you can't do it with somebody else in the room. Do you expect me to get out of the tub and leave so you can pee? Think again. Just do what you have to do and get out of here.

Yeah, fine, I'll close my eyes.

No, I won 't put my hands over my ears.

Because that's fucking stupid, and because if I move my hands from where they are, you'll probably stare at my boobs. You perv.

You're done? Finally?

No, you don't have to apologize, I was just messing with you. You didn't barge in on me on purpose, At least you better not have.

Okay, fine, tell you what, you got to peek at me, let me take a look at you and we'll call it even and you can stop feeling guilty.

Yes, of course I mean your cock, dummy. Come on, you're 16, I'm sure a lot of girls have seen your--

They haven't? Then I'll be your first.

Yeah, I'm serious. What the hell, I'm curious.

Okay, tell you what, you let me see it, and I'll put down my hands.

Yeah, that's right, you get to look at your sister's tits. You perv.

Okay, I guess you're right, so am I. So do we have a deal?

Oh... my little brother has a nice cock. And how do you like my-- nevermind, I know you like my tits. Wow. Can you even close your fist around that thing?

I'll believe it when I see it.

That's kind of sexy, your hand wrapped around your cock. No, leave it there. You know what that looks like, don't you? What it looks like you're getting ready to do?

Yes, I know you weren't going to jerk off in front of your sister; but as long as your hand's there, why don't you move it up your cock just a little. You know it'll feel good.

I really am a perv. I'm getting so hot watching you standing there with your hand around your cock. Can you see how hard my nipples are? Oh, I think you see. Move your hand just a little bit, move it up your cock; oh just like that, yeah. Feels good, doesn't it? Your big, hard cock needs that, doesn't it?

Yeah, just like that. You don't want to stop now, do you? You're jerking off in front of your sister and you like it. Come on, come closer to me here so I can see better. And jerk that cock. Come on, move that hand up and down your hard cock. That's the way. Watch me pinch my nipples, you like that? I want you to put on a jerk-off show for your sister.

Harder. Oh, look at all that pre-cum. Take it with your other hand and spread it over the head of your cock. Yeah, rub it in good. Keep rubbing, while you jerk your cock with your other hand. Come closer.

Come on, it'll be worth your while. If you come closer, you'll be able to see where my other hand is.

Mmm, you see now? It's down rubbing against my pussy. Is that hot? Watching your sister rub her own pussy? I've never let anybody watch me do that before. Isn't that terrible, isn't that slutty, letting my brother see me... I'm pushing a finger in my pussy now, fucking myself under the water. You wish that was your cock, don't you? You wish your were fucking your sister, you perv. And that's what I'm imagining too, that it was your cock.

Oh, I know that sound. You're gonna cum. Do it on me. Have you ever cum on a girl's tits before?

Then I'll be your first. That's so great. Here it comes, come on, spray your sister's tits with your cum. Oh wow, yeah, again. Yeah, shit, how much cum do you have in there? Come on, cover my tits with your hot cum. Ohh...

You like how I'm rubbing it into my tits? Oh yeah you do, you're still hard as a rock. Watch this, then: a little cum on my finger, and oh, oh, oh, I'm shoving it straight up my pussy, like you'd just fucked your sister. Oh god, it is hot having your cum up my pussy. I didn't think I was gonna... I wasn't planning to make myself... make myself... gonna... aaaaaaaaaaaah!

Oh, that was good. I can't believe I did that. I can't believe we did that. I have to catch my breath, that hardly ever happens.

Okay, try to tuck that thing back in, and get out of here, let me get myself cleaned up.

Because if you don't, I'm probably gonna want you to fuck me, that's why.

No, I don't know if that would be such a terrible thing. But not today, not when I feel so out out of control, okay? But another time? Maybe. Maybe.

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2013-01-08 17:36:17
Personally, I find everything on this site a bit hard to follow: who ever thought a small white font on a blue background was a good idea?

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2013-01-04 22:04:15
Not sure throwing these two together was a great idea, but guess they didn't give you any choice.

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2013-01-02 10:39:02
A bit hard to follow the story but hot just the same....Made me hard but I didn't cum reading it....Perhaps a 7 out of 10 from me...

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2013-01-01 23:28:24
Screw the story, I'm thinking about jerking off for *my* sister now. Maybe I should of just walked in on her and done it.

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2013-01-01 04:18:42
My sister made me jerk off for her when I was 12 and she was 14. She let me see her tits while I was doing it, but she always kept her pants on and didn't frig herself or anything. I always wished she'd touch me, but she never did (I didn't even THINK ABOUT her sucking my cock. I don't think I even knew what that was at the time.)

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