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I put a pause and asked her, what is a death kiss. She said Killing a women's breath by kissing her non stop…
Sometimes we get new relationships which are totally unexpected, the one which I will tell you now also belong to that category,,, I was always fascinated about aunties, Marwari and gujurati mainly because of their big milky hanging boobs. They are simply unmatchable. Though I was satisfied by regular sex with my aunty, it was boring. I thought of having sex with an aunty in bangalore. Having sex with married women is not a joke; it is very difficult as you know. But I thought of giving it a try. I searched a lot of websites, online chat rooms and all, I couldn’t find anyone over there..One afternoon I was sitting in my bank branch and a woman walked in she was looking to be of 40 -42 as it was lunch time and few staffs are off the desk I attended her .. she came for some DD to be paid for his sons education.. She is the kind of woman I always dream for .. I made the DD prepare for her and she left.. As she left I again checked her bank details and find out her email id… I noted it down and went home in evening.. and put her a mail request and friend request on facebook…I was waiting eagerly for her response and nearly 7 days passed but I hv nt got any response from her.. but that day when I checked my mail I got a facebook request from her and to my surprised she do nt have any other friends in tht id…I accepted the request and waited for her till late evening but she did nt come online.. The next day, when I was in office, she came online and started sending me messages. I always keep my things secret from my friends, colleagues and relatives, so I asked her to come for chat after 7 pm. I think she got irritated and she went offline without saying anything. Then, when I reached home, I opened facebook and waited for her to come online by then I saw hse has got few more friends in her list.. It was 10pm; I had no hope that she will come back online again, so I planned to sign out. Suddenly she came online. It was very surprising,..

I said Hi and she replied.. I asked her about her personal details, she said she is a married women her sun studies in Chennai and her husband work for a govt hospital and posted in a rural area of Karnataka.. then I started flirting with her about her beauty and all and fixed my date with her at a mall we started chatting daily and one day she said lets meet this evening at central I said ok .. As central is near to my bank I reached on time and waited for her.. it was around 7 20 I saw her coming up on the escalator she was looking happy and saod how she feel bored and all.. As we spoke for 1 hr she was getting comfortable and we planned for a movie next time and we parted.. She drove back on her car and cam eback home… at night again we chatted and I realized she is very very lonely in life.. so next saterday we both went for movie it was OM ShantI Om I did nt like the movie but as she is a big SRK fan she was feeling happy and I could see she was enjoying the time.. After movie I doped her at the car and I went back home.. then planned for a drive which she said she will update I said we have to go by bike as I do nt knew driving car thn .. She said she will drive I said no better we l go by bike she said she l think.. we continued chatting and meeting in regular intervals and now we both are like friends and she was enjoying my company and honestly I was liking her company too and now we both are like good friends thought I hav an inner filling of taking her to bed but I was also afraid as I may llose her friendship if I propose her…
One on chat suddenly she asked a question from her side was “What is the length of your penis ?”, without any hesitation I replied 6inch. I asked her about her personal details, she said 5.4 38 34 40… I was really excited about having sex with a north Indian woman. As the days passed, we became more familiarShe told me about her boobs, pussy. It was a juicy chat, I was enjoying it. She even told me how she lost her virginity by her husband in the first night. It was more embarrassing but nice to hear from a aunty like her. Even though we were chatting for more than a month,then one day she invited me to her home it was near December 12th .. I reached her home it was a bungalow we had dinner it was tipical Marwari style and I love those food.. Then she asked me to tell about her I said u are gentile beautil amazing and lovable.. and we finished dinner she cleaned the table and I was watching tv she came back with two cups of ice cream and we both started on it thn she said why are you remaining quiet now, speak up. Me: I don't know what to speak, the ice cream is good She OK, tell me what to do. Me: Girls first. She asked me to give her a death kiss. I got confused and laughed like hell then she was confused I put a pause and asked her, what is a death kiss. She said Killing a women's breath by kissing her non stop…We both sat on the sofa and took each other in arms and I kissed her deeply, I was lost by that beautiful kiss. In fen seconds I departed my mouth from her lips, it was not enough for both of us but the advantage was we were getting more and more closer. Agaien I took her in arm and I kissed her on her neck, her forehead and her pink wet lips. She was very seducing and I was trapped in her beauty. Then she took off her pallu, oh my fucking god, what a boobs. It was coming out from her blouse, it was hanging but still sexy. I unhooked it, the next hindrance was her bra. Looking a women in bra is a god's gift. What a scene,. Then I removed her bra. She was half nude, her boobs were hanging down,but her nipples standing out like a soldier.

Then she adjusted herself so that I can taste her juicy milk filled nipples. I directly started biting her nipples, she started making those lovely fucking sounds. I was not ready to leave any part of her boobs untouched, So I was licking her boobs with my tongue, and sucked her nipples vigorously. She was in uncontrollable pain and she started moaning loudly. Her sounds were audible even outside the room and it would easily make anyone ready for sex. Then it was her turn, she was biting my ears andopening my shirt and thorow it down and she started biting my nipples. I hugged her and again started kissing her lips. Her nippples and boobs were touching my chest, my cock was very hot, melting with juices and ready to be cooled down. I was very eager to see her pussy, because that is the part of a women which is more surprising for every men. I lifted her saree up and slowily exposing her thighs and I was rolling my hand on the milky thighs I finally reached the triangle which was covered with a white panty and it was wet near her love hole.. I slided her panty and have a check of cave wooow it was cleanly shaved unlike my aunt in village who was hairy without wwaisting time I removed her saree and her inner garments. The next second she was nude in front of me. She felt shy and closed her boobs with her hands, a indian tradition which every indian women follows. I quickly removed all my clothes and stood nude in front of her with my 6 inch cock. She closed her eyes. Her pussy was very natural jouces and a thick butterfly clit and she was a perfect indian women. I went near her pussy and started licking it with my tongue. She opened her eyes and saw me licking her pussy. She was enjoying It more than I did. She was holding my head in her hands pushed me closer and closer to her wet leaking pussy. She moved her head up, closed her eyes and started enjoying the divine indian sex.
Then she asked me to stop, my mouth was filled with her juices. Then she made me to sit on the sofa and squeezed my cock in her hands. My cock was leaking with juices and after some time she took into her mouth. She was licking it in a more professional way, I was loosing my breath every time my cock entered inside her mouth. It was a breath taking experience. My cock was like a steel rod, I was able to see the nerves all over my cock. They were ready to spit the lava outside, but she didn't allow it to happen. She was sucking the two balls below my cock in her mouth. I was feeling dead each and every time she did that. I never had such a vigorous sex with anyone. It was horribly good. Then she asked me to enter my cock inside her pussy. I took my cock near her pussy, suddenly she asked me to stop and took a condom from the drawer Then everything was set and I entered my cock inside her pussy cave. It was very deep, I was giving her a nice penis massage which she didn't know. I was rubbing my cock inside her pussy in a professional way. She was moaning loudly and it was audible outside our room. Then I started the actual fucking, I was fucking her fast, her boobs were shaking and they were hanging because of my non stop sucking. I was squeezing her boobs with both hands and I was slapping her back to make it more interesting. The volcano erupted inside the cave we both cum , the cave was full of lava, it was bursting out. I took my rod outside and removed the condom. She was crying in pleasure and again started to suck my cock. All my remaining sperms went in her mouth. It was not enough for her though she was looking weak …. We both fall asleep on the sofa .. The next when we woke up, She was not ready to leave me, I was kissing her pink rose lips in love. We both get dressed it was around 12 as it was not safe for both of us to sty at her home so I came back but we still keep on going movies dinner at regular interval.. we have decided not have hav so much emotionally involved as we bath have different goals but we ll remain good partner for ever by sharing loneliness..
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can u help me friend?

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Learn to spell dumb ass. Ur nt texting on a phone. 1/10. Poor job.


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What part of "writes better than this." Did you not understand, Numb nuts.

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hahaha your six years nephew also did sex ahhhhh?

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