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"Caitlin, you need a ride?"

I looked up from my phone and saw Mr. Brigman beamed at me from inside his car. My car broke down and the mechanic said it would take a couple of hours before he can attend to me. I hesitated to answer. Mr. Brigman is my history professor and it could get awkward especially since I've been wanting to fuck him since the start of the semester. Then again, this could be a blessing in disguise.

"You're heading to town, right? That's where I'm going," he said seeing my hesitation.

I nodded, smiling flirtatiously.

"Well, get in. I don't want you freezing out here there."

I took my bag from the car, locked my doors, and hopped into his car.

Mr. Brigman is in his 30s, I guess. Single, as far as we could tell, and very hot. The other girls in his class have been throwing themselves at them. I tried a few times since I have often fantasized how it would feel like to be fucked by that lean god of a professor in front of the class.

He cranked up the volume of the radio and his muscular arms caught my attention. He was just wearing a v neck shirt and his well-defined upper body is clearly outlined. I feel my pussy getting wet.

I wiggled a little bit in my seat causing my skirt to hike up a bit. He noticed my movement and took a glimpse. It was quick, but I saw him do it anyway. Since there aren't any other bitch around, maybe I'll get him to pay attention this time.

"Are you in a hurry, sir?" purring the last word out as I reached for his right thigh and inched closer to his cock. I could feel he's tense. It took him a minute before grabbing my hand and telling me to stop.

"I wouldn't mind a little detour."

"Caitlin," he warned.

"Come on, sir. I'm very wet already. We'll be quick."

He shot me a look before returning his eyes to my now exposed panties. I figured I could take this a bit further and opened a few buttons of my blouse. I took out my breasts and pinched my already hard nipples. I could feel more juice coming out of my pussy.

"I don't want it quick, Caitlin. I want to keep pounding your pussy until you beg me to stop."

I smiled. "How ever you want my pussy, sir. I don't mind. And I would never ask you to stop." I could feel the car slowing down a bit. He was steering us into a rough road. The one that leads to the lake.

"Pinch them some more, Caitlin."

I was happy to oblige.

"And I want your damn panties off. Now!"

I lifted off my butt a bit and slipped off my soaked panties. I placed them on his crotch and rubbed his shaft. He was hard and long and god I want him to fuck me.

"Hands off, Caitlin. If we're doing this, we do it my way."

"Yes, sir."

"Fingers in your pussy now." I put my fingers in his lips. He got my message and sucked them hungrily. I withdrew and teased my clit before plunging in. The vibrations from the rough roads heigtening my senses.

"You do not cum, Caitlin. You cum when I have you bend over by the hood."

I couldn't wait.

He killed them engine and jumped out of the car. I continued finger fucking my pussy as I watched him walk across the hood and placed himself beside my door. He yanked it open and twisted me to face him.

I closed my eyes, nearing orgasm.

"Open your eyes, baby. I want you looking at me while you play with your pussy. Rub your clit a little more. That's right, babe."

"Sir, I need to cum."

He shook his head and I held off to my pleasure.

He was busy stripping me naked. Brushing his fingers over my aroused nipples as he did. He started stripping, too, but he kept his eyes on me. He was very well hung. I can't wait to get his cock to fit in my wet hole.

He stroked his shaft a little bit before asking me to stop.

"Lick your fingers clean, Caitlin." I did. I tasted creamy and sweet. Then without warning, he poked his tongue in my mouth, moaning a little as he taste me. He grabbed me and I immediately wrapped my slender legs around his waist. His penis nudged my entrance a little and I gave my own little moan.

"Fuck me already, please."

He closed the door shut and slammed me against it.

"Not a word to anyone, are we understood?" His eyes gleamed with warning and lust.

I leaned in, licked his earlobe, and whispered, "Whatever you want, sir. I just want a good fuck with your cock. I know it wants me, too. You're so hard."

I let out a gasp as he quickly impaled me with his huge erection. It fit, every last inch of it. I felt so full. He was merciless as he fucked me. He ground his hip and his pelvic rubbed against my clit.

"Cum, baby."

Finally. My whole body shuddered with the force of explosion. I wasn't finished cumming when he sucked on my nipple, swirling his tongue. He bit my sensitized nipple and I tossed my head back a little enjoying the pain. He reached down and rubbed my clit some more. He was still hard inside me, growing even more. He kept plunging his cock in me, hard and fast and I felt another wave of orgasm. I panted in his chest. He pulled out and help me get my ground. He took his cock and stroked it slowly.

"How about that hood, sir?"

I wobbled a little in my heels as he pulled me towards the hood. He went back to the trunk leaving me to regain myself. I was sore but I needed more. More orgasm and more of his cock. The cool air hardened my nipples even more. He came back with a cloth and draped it over the hood.

Thankful for his concern, I gave him a smile.

"Ready?" he asked. Not waiting for my response, he encircled his hands on my hips and helped me up on the hood. I felt him push me back a bit and he leaned forward. He burrowed his face between my cum drenched thighs.

He found my swollen clit immediately and sucked on it eagerly. He lapped on my nub and pussy lips with intense assault. I tried to pull away, but I felt his fingers grip my hips, holding me down.

“Be still or I fuck you in the ass” he added fiercely.

I moaned, expressing my pleasure. The idea of anal is inviting specially with a man like him. I surely wouldn't mind. My thoughts were disrupted. I writhed as I felt his tongue probed and teased my hole.

"So warm and wet," I heard him mutter. “So tasty.” I pushed my pussy in him eliciting more moans.

He continued to suck and I felt his finger enter me. He stroked my walls and added two more. I squeezed his digits as he found my spot. Soon, I reached my third orgasm. He cleaned me good, licking and lapping my juices. I was well satisfied and my pussy ached, but I know he hasn't had his release yet. He stood up and flipped me on my stomach.

"Legs apart, baby, and bend over. Show me that tight pussy of yours."

"I want that cock, sir. I want it in me," I said over my shoulders.

"I would hate to disappoint, Caitlin." He approached and stroke his cock over my pussy lips. He slowly put it in me, stretching me. He pummeled. My nipples rubbed against the cloth adding to my arousal. He reached over and pinch my clit. I heard his grunts growing louder and louder, but then he slowed down and pulled out.

"I told you I don't want it quick."

I looked down his cock. I reached for it and rubbed it up and down on my vagina. He grabbed my breast and palmed it.

"I told you I wouldn't ask you to stop. Let's not stop. Let's fuck harder."

My wet pussy let him slide him easily. My cunt familiar with his size already. He grabbed my ass and pulled me up, my legs wrapping his waist. He slammed every inch of him into my pussy. His hard chest rubbed into my nipples.


He didn’t respond.

“Sir, I want to suck your juicy cock.”

THAT got his attention. He grinned at me and said, “Only place I’m cumming is inside you.”

THAT got me to shut up. I moaned my approval instead.

"We're not done until you can't walk straight into my class tomorrow, you hear me?"

"Yes, sir."

"I'm cumming, Caitlin."

I squeezed him. He closed his eyes and groaned.

"Get your cum in me, sir."

He kissed me hard and bit my lower lip. This opened me up for his tongue. He thrust his tongue in my mouth, mimicked what his cock is doing to my pussy. I sucked on it and he pulled away, grinning at my eagerness. I grasped the back of his neck and pulled him in for more. He let out a long growl and I gasped for air when I felt him fill up my pussy with his cum. His spurts were long. He pumped in me some more until he finished cumming. He slowly pulled out and lay me back down the hood of his car.

He was tracing my body with his fingers, giving a soft nip here and there. I took a moment to calm my panting before looking at him and said, "I think I can still walk straight. Want to do something about that?"

"Maybe I let you suck me now. What do you say?"

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