This is the first five chapters of a dark story I wrote. I tried to edit most of the mistakes out, but I'm sure I missed a few. I should warn that the tags are accurate and should be headed. Just because you like one of the tags does not mean you will like this story. Take all of the tags in to account! If you get of on the rape of young girls and you enjoy a little dark magic in your stories, then I recommend this fantasy. I tried to put a little bit for everyone... But it is all still rape. Any feedback is appreciated and if anyone likes this story I will write the other half of it. Note that things can only get darker from here. I am completely open to suggestions and requests, however. If there is anything you want to read just mention it in the comments. Thank you and I hope you enjoy my twisted story.

All my life I have had to put up with other peoples wants and "needs" without
any hope for any self-concern. As the eldest child in my family I had to make all the
sacrifices. My name is Karen McKellen, and I am a 15 year old teenage girl. The selfish
family that I am forced to put up with may love me, but they sure as hell have a funny
way of showing it. I have three sisters and two brothers... Then there is mom and dad.
I guess for you to understand me you need to know more about my relatives. Ella is the
youngest at 9. She is a complete brat! She always have to have things her way. Belle and
Tira are 12 year old identical blue eyed gifts from above. Well according to my parents
anyway. If you ask me they are hell spawns. Ironically they are complete opposites,
considering they are twins and all. Then there are John and Kevin. John is 13 and Kev is
just a year younger than me. They are your typical teenage (preteen) boys... Disgusting.
My parents don't help. Steve and Irene: The star-crossed young couple with six darling
children... But that is where I come in, the first child. I may be the first but I am always
regarded as the last, and referred to by many as the "Sixth" because I am deemed a trouble maker.
This strikes me as funny. Why? Because I am the only one of the six who is even half
way decent. My siblings manage to pin all their misgivings on me and give me the terrible
rep. So in a nutshell that is my life, or at least what my life has been reduced to.
I am blamed for everything and as such have to give up all I have in favor of my brothers
and sisters. Needless to say I am festering with a deep seeded hate for the entire family
I am “a part" of.
School is no better... but luckily for me it is summer vacation, and I am
grounded. I am use to it for it is a common occurrence. It wasn't like it made much
a difference... You see I am a friendless loser. That is what happens when you are hated
by everyone in town for being suspected of being a trouble maker. I imagine this is what
hell must be like... If not more pleasant.
That about sums up things. So here I am sitting in my closet sized room gazing
wistfully out my slot of a window. I sit on the cot that substitutes for my bed as well
as the only thing in the space called a room. This was what I did with most of the "down
time" I had. But usually I was cleaning the house which was in a constant state of disarray
because of the large amount of people who inhabited it. It did not help that they never
cleaned up after themselves. Fun, fun, fun. As I sat wishing for a better life I noticed
Kevin talking to a tall man dressed all in black. I am not sure how, but I could hear their
conversation...It is almost like it is in my head. My brother asks the man who he
is. The man says that he is a giver of wishes. At this point I am skeptical. Yeah
right... Giver of wishes my ass. Looks more like a pedo to me. I continue to watch my
younger brother. He isn’t all that bright and I want to see if he will believe this
character. Also I want to make sure this guy isn’t a pedophile. I may hate him
but if he disappears I will probably be blamed for it, so you do the math.
"Make any wish and I shall grant it... all I ask for in return is your soul, a
small price," says the mysterious man.
"How do I know you’re telling the truth?" asks my dimwitted brother.
"If I am lying than you have nothing to lose, now do you?" He makes a decent point
but he couldn't be telling the truth. But what did he have to gain from this otherwise?
Also how could I hear him in my head? I didn't know what was going on, but I continued
"Okay, okay... I guess it couldn't hurt. Now let me see, what is worth my trading my
soul for?" Kevin asks himself...
"Anything your heart desires," The wish giver says with an evil grin.
"Well in that case... I know what I want! I wish my sister Ella would suck my dick
and swallow my cum every time I said SUCK!" I can’t believe what I am hearing! My 14
year old brother is a sick pervert who wants oral sex at his whim from his youngest
sister. I wonder if I could use this against him somehow. At any rate it is going to be
pretty funny when he screams "SUCK" with no result.
"Wish Granted!" With that the man turned and left. No smoke? Too bad... I
was half hoping this guy was a genie or whatever. My bitch sister could use a cock down
her throat, actually shut her up for once. Maybe if I was double lucky she would bite off
Kevin's penis and teach him a lesson about wishing for incest. But alas he was just a
creeper as I suspected. Better luck next time I guess...I glance back down to see my
brother heading inside. He looks way too excited. He must actually think he is about
to get a blowjob from a 9 year old girl, his sister no less. What a hopeless creep. Honestly
I'm just glad he didn't say he wanted my mouth on his junk.
I wait about 15 or so minutes and then head downstairs. Mom and dad are both at
work. John and the twins have gone to the park down the street. The only ones home are
Kevin, Ella, and I.I don’t want to miss what I know Kevin is going to try and do. He is
going to try and fail at getting a little girl to suck his tiny cock. I can’t help
but laugh at the idea. I pass by Ella’s room in a haste. I stop and look back... The
door is ajar. I sneak back and peek inside... I nearly faint at the sight. Ella my 9
year old sister is on her bed. Kevin is on the bed as well. He is lying down with his
pants unzipped and eyes closed. Ella is actually blowing my little brother. She is bobbing
her head up and down and taking his whole cock in her throat. I can hear the sucking
noises she makes as she slurps trying to get Kevin off so she can drink his seed.
Several things need to be taken into account so you can get a clear image of the
incestuous scene before me. My sister is very small. She has long brown hair that she must
keep brushing back to get the most cock in her mouth. She has brown eyes that at the moment
are glazed over and glassy. To my knowledge she is a virgin who has never even seen a dick
much less sucked one like a pro as she is now. My brother is no push over. He is of descent
size for his age and his dick is bigger than I would have guessed. To say the least
the scene is unbelievable. Ella picks up her pace and Kev begins to shutter. He lets out a
loud moan and I know he is cumming in my little sister's mouth. Sure enough she is
swallowing it all. Finally all the semen has been swallowed and Ella passes out on her bed.
Kevin stands up and zips himself up as he gazes at his sister. I know I need to get back to
my room before he sees me, so I sneak off. As I am leaving still in shock from what I
have just witnessed I hear my brother Kevin say something about how he can't believe it
worked. The wish! I don't know exactly what is going on but hopefully it won't end with me
getting the blame like always.
Here is what I know... or at least think I know. Genies and wishes are real. My
brother can make my sister suck him off whenever he wants. Not to mention I have to keep this
all to myself. I guess I should be a little more freaked out by this whole situation, but
as I have said I hate these people. So what if my little bitch sister has to suck some cock
every once and a while. She is still better off than me. Besides maybe all the cum she will
be eating will fatten her up a little. As for my sick twisted brother Kevin, maybe he will
be to busy getting his dick slick to get me in trouble... and better yet he is bound to
get caught eventually and then he can be the "Sixth" fucking child, for being a sick
pervert bastard! But hey you would feel this way too if everyone walked on you constantly.

It has been a couple days from when I first saw the wish giver and a nine year old
suck a cock. Life still sucks (never mind the pun) and it is business as usual. It is a
stormy Saturday, thus everyone is home... joy. I have to clean the kitchen and on top of
that Tira is making sure she leaves a mess as big as possible. I loathe her. She keeps
gossiping on her stupid cell phone.
"I know! Belle is such a blabber mouth... She never shuts up!" I don't know who she
is talking to, but it doesn't matter. She is only 12 and she is always complaining about
her twin. Belle is no better. I can only imagine how terrible their lives are. They make
me sick.
"I heard the same thing from Megan... God what is it going to take for Belle to
learn to keep her mouth shut?" Tira keeps going on. I start to drown her out, it isn't hard
for I have a lot of practice at it.
"God, I just wish someone would teach her to shut up! Whatever it takes just force
her to keep quiet for once you know?!" For some reason I have a very uneasy feeling all of
the sudden... But why? Tira... She said "Wish" but that shouldn't be a big deal, right?
Wrong. I can hear it in my head... a dark voice that echoes solemnly.
"Wish Granted!" Then a creepy laugh that drains my blood. I don't know exactly what
is going to become of belle, nor do I really care. What scares me is that only I can hear
the voice and it is the second time it has happened. Why? Why am I the only one who sees
what is happening? The sad thing is I could care less what evil is befalling this family.
What I do care about is making sure that evil doesn't take me down with the rest of these
"Ugh what are you gawking at Karen? Don't you have something else to clean?" Tira
sneers. But it doesn’t bother me. The way I see it is only a matter of time before she
gets what is coming to her. I decide in the meantime I should do what I'm told to keep
everything else in order. I grab the trash to throw it in the dumpster outside.
Both Belle and Tira have blonde hair like me. Unlike me they both have blue eyes.
They are both skinny young 12 year olds. They are twins who act nothing alike. Yet they
both still manage to bother the hell out of me... figures.
I go out the front door and head for the garden shed. It is a brand new shed we had
built to put our gardening equipment in and free up space for the garage. But as of yet
it is empty... the dumpster is adjacent to it. I throw away the garbage and turn to go back
to the house. But I hear a sound coming from within the shed. I look in the window and my
eyes widen in shock. Belle is tied up on the floor crying, but I don't seen anyone else
in the shed. But that would mean...I don't get to finish that thought. I wake up tied up in
the shed. I see Belle and a man I have never seen before on the other side of the shed.
"I'll teach you what happens when you open your mouth you little 12 year old whore,"
our attacker whispers menacingly in Belle's ear. She cries harder at his hushed words.
Whore? She his 12... But he somehow knew that. I don't think this is what Tira had in mind
when she unknowingly wished for this. I see the man put Belle on her knees. Her hands are
tied behind her back as are her feet. She keeps pleading through her tears for him to stop.
But he just keeps going on about how he is going to teach her to shut up. He pulls down
his pants and out springs his hard dick. It is Huge! It is the biggest I have ever seen.
Not that I have seen that many, but that doesn't change facts. Before little Belle can
react the entire length of the man's meat spear is shoved down her tight virgin throat. I
almost feel bad for her. The attacker is relentless. He is just continuously pummeling my
sister's mouth. She can barely handle it. She keeps gagging and choking on the hard dick.
I begin to wonder what he is going to do with me! I can only hope the parameters of the wish
bind him to Belle. Not that wishes have proved very reliable up until this point...
The man rapes Belle's throat for about ten minutes strait. He finally pulls out of her
mouth and she falls to the shed floor. Her tears of caused her make-up to run and her long
blonde hair is a mess and she actually is starting to look like a whore... She is wearing a
button up shirt and a skimpy blue skirt... bad outfit choice for today sis...
"You’re not done yet little Mrs. Blabber Mouth. No, I have to make damn sure you have
learned your lesson. I have to make sure you aren’t going to talk" The rapist just keeps
going on and on fanatically making direct references to the stupid misguided wish that
got us in this situation in the first place. I am not sure what is going to happen next,
but I can guess. He unties Belle's feet and flips her on her stomach.
"Please I won't talk I promise! Please!" Belle cries out in fear.
"You still haven't learned a thing have you? I guess I am just going to have to
try harder!" Now it is painfully obvious what he plans to do to Belle. To put it nicely,
he is going to deflower my little 12 year old sister... right in front of me. Now I do feel
bad for her. No one deserves this, not even her. But I am just as helpless. The attacker
begins to pull at Belle's white cotton panties. Her cries are renewed instantly. He
doesn't care. He rips the girls underwear from her young thighs and pushes her into a new
position. Now her ass is in the air and her face is shoved into the hard wood floor of
the shed. Her hands remain tied behind her back and only her tiny skirt shields her
sacred place from view. She sobs quietly waiting for the inevitable. There is nothing I can
do to help her. I wonder how she would feel if our positions were switched... Hell she is
probably wishing it was me in her place right now. Just as long as she doesn't say it out
loud. It is raining cats and dogs outside, never mind the lightning. Where is your family
when you need them?
The man's cock is still slippery from Belle's spit and he has a crazy look in his
eye. I don't know what he is thinking, but a second later he lifts Belle's skirt and slams
into her virgin cunt with extreme force. Just as Belle screams thunder cracks outside,
drowning it out. The man begins savagely raping Belle with no restraint. I can see blood
starting to leak out around his cock. Belle is crying and screaming with every thrust.
Outside the storm continues to rage. I wouldn't be surprised if the shed blew over.
As he is inside my sister the crazed man keeps going on and on about Belle shutting up.
I don't even know how he is so audible over the rain, but nothing can deter him from
forcefully fucking my sister's 12 year old pussy. Her pain is evident not to mention
losing her virginity in such a way. Finally I can see the man tense up as Belle lets
out a final cry. Her rapist begins to cum inside her young womb.
"If either of you ever speak of this I will rape you again then kill you and your
Family," the man says and then flees out into the storm.
I am not sure how but Belle's hands have become untied. She gets up, puts her
panties back on, and unties me. I ask her if she is okay and she just looks at
me. I know she isn’t going to say much for a while...

My family is oblivious. Belle gets violently raped and stops speaking and no one
notices. Kevin has Ella under a blowjob spell and no one sees it... No one but me. I have
been there every time. Each wish and each outcome... Why? When Belle and I made it back to
the house on that terrible night there were no questions. It was just assumed we had
got caught in the rain. I dared not say anything about the events that had just
occurred in the garden shed. Who knows what they would do to me... Most likely find some
way to blame it on me. I didn't think I would have to worry about Belle speaking up
anytime soon either. Once again I had to keep it to myself. Every day that passes I keep
a watchful eye on the rest of my family. I may not have a firm grasp on what is going on,
but if this... thing, can grant wishes without you knowing it. Then maybe it can take
your soul too with you unaware. What is its goal? Summer is drawing to a close and
school will start back soon (on top of everything!) But for now it is Thursday. All week
I have seen nothing out of the ordinary. I don't know what I want exactly... Should I
welcome this creature or fear him? I suppose only time will tell. Today, because we are
nearing the end of Summer, we are going on a family outing and somehow I am invited!
Apparently my recent "good" behavior has earned me this. I don't know why the sudden good
graces and I don't care. I have been dying to get out of this fucking house. So, even if
it means having to spend time with my family, I am going!. Belle is staying behind
because she doesn't feel well... not that she said that, but she made it perfectly clear
by throwing up everywhere. The rest of us are going to a water park!
We live in Florida so there is always a water park close by and it is always HOT!
This is going to give everyone a chance to blow of some steam and relax. I just can't
believe I am going to have fun for once!
We all pile into the minivan and start our "Family Adventure" a half hour long
drive to Sunny Splash water theme park! John, Kevin, and Ella sit in the very back seat.
Tira and I sit in the two middle seats and Mom and Dad are in the front, with mom driving.
Our mom admittedly is very pretty and young for having so many children. She has green eyes
and long dark hair. Our dad Steve is young as well. He has short blonde hair and baby blue
eyes. They aren’t bad people... just blind and stupid. If they weren’t they could see that
it is the rest of the Mckellen kids that are messed up. For instance, as I keep reminding
you, Kevin is a twisted pervert! But what can I do? Not much, besides be happy for once.
Happy that I am not the most hated person on Earth...for the moment.
I can’t believe it! There it is in all its magnificent glory. We all scramble
from the van and head towards the water park. I may have had to listen to my sisters
ramblings for 30 minutes but it was worth it for this. My parents pay for the tickets
and we enter the park. I can’t wait! What to do first?
"You kids go off and have some fun. Your mom and I are going to have a few drinks
and maybe take a dip in the pool. Meet back here in a few hours or so," my dad says grinning
like a happy fool. Without hesitation my siblings shoot of in various directions. I follow
their example and run to watery excitement as well. I ride on a couple slides, swim
in a pool, and play a couple games. I can't even believe I am having so much fun. Then I see
it. A man made waterfall! I head over to check it out. I look around. The place seems
deserted, but I notice a secret passage behind the falls and curiosity gets the best of me.
I have to know what is on the other side. I sneak into the pool fed by the waterfall and
swim to the place where the passage is. I crawl in, unseen. It is a narrow corridor. I think
I hear voices coming from somewhere. I don't know if it is wise to go any further. Hell, why
not? I walk as quietly as possible down the wet cement hallway. It leads to a dimly lit,
rather small room (Not as small as mine...) I can’t believe my eyes! It is John, Kevin,
and Ella. Ella is on her knees sucking Kevin's hard cock with all here 9 year old might.
That is bad enough, but then there is John. He is half watching the unbelievable incest
and half talking to a tall shady man. It is the genie, or whatever the hell it is.
"God, Anything I want... Kevin it is hard to concentrate with Ella sucking you off.
It’s all I can think about!" John is saying.
"Hold on... I am about to cum in her mouth." Kevin responds. Ella says nothing, her
mouth is full. This can't end well. I don't think they can see me, but I can easily see
them. I can't help but watch and see what John wishes for. He looks as if he is seriously
contemplating it. Kevin blows his seed before john decides and Ella drinks it all down and
once again passes out, a little cum leaks down the side of her face.
"Kevin's wish is okay... but I want one amazing wish. I want a giant pet squid!"
John finally yells. I had forgot he was only thirteen... still very much a kid. For
whatever reason he loves squids, especially giant ones. He did a school report on them once
and has been obsessed with them ever sense. Pathetic really.
"Wish Granted!" The man crows with a cackle. Just as before he walks off and
disappears into the shadows. I guess it could be worse.
"Hey... Where is it!?" John yells toward no one in particular. I am wondering the same
thing... Where would a giant squid be? Oh my God! We are at a water park! Just as it hits me
I hear screams, a lot of screams. I don't want to be spotted by my brothers so I flee the
secret waterfall room. I run out into the park only to be met with a horrible sight.
I found John's squid. It is in roughly the middle of the park in the largest of the
swimming pools. It is a hideous monster with countless slimy, throbbing tentacles. That
isn’t even the worst part. People are fleeing the beast in all directions, but it manages
to snatch up some of them... all young girls. I watch in pure horror as the monster spreads
each of the five or so girls, ranging from around 10 to about 16 by the looks of them,
and holds them helpless in midair as they cry and scream. The remaining arms do
the unthinkable. They began to rip through the vulnerable girl's swimsuits and violate them
sexually. The tentacles plunge into all exposed holes without mercy. It is terrible
because the slimy squid arms are huge and most of the girls have to be virgins. Now they
are being raped by a monster. One little girl can only cry and let out screams muffled
by the thing shoved deep in her throat. She is being double fucked by two other arms in
her ass and pussy. Her stomach is bulging from the intrusion. All the young victims
are being violated in similar fashions by the horny tentacles. Out of the corner of my eye,
I see John and Kevin watching in amazement and behind them I can see my parents and two
sisters running to get us out of here no doubt. The monster shows no signs of slowing down
however, and continues to rape the girls with no rest. One has passed out from the pain.
The others continue to sob and scream to no avail. My family finally reaches us and screams
for us to leave. We all run for the exit without looking back at the gruesome scene.

No one but Kevin and John Know that it was John's wish that caused the squid to
appear. Well John, Kevin, and I... But they don't know I know. So much for having one
good day. The news only says there was an accident at the park. My family has
opted not to speak about. After all no one was hurt... No one but those poor girls.
I wonder what the total is up to now. Three? Is that how many souls this thing has claimed.
At least from my family. Only Tira, Ella and my parents remain. Well... and me.
This last wish was different. No one in my family was a target, but it did cause
people pain. Nothing good has come from any of the wishes thus far. They are all evil.
The worst part is I can't do anything. We didn't tell Belle what happened and made sure she
didn't see the news. I found this kind of funny, like she would ask... or say anything for
that matter. We go on living a lie. We are all doomed we just don't know it yet.
School is real close now, about a week away and I loathe the prospect. For now it
is just another Summer day in sunny Florida. For once Tira was pestering someone besides
me. Ironically, if not tragically, she keeps trying to get Belle to talk again. I don’t
know what to do. Only I know it was Tira's fault that Belle was raped and stopped talking in
the first place. But I can’t say anything to either effect. Belle just keeps glancing
at me with a look that is part anger and part sadness.
It turns night and our parents take the boys and Ella to a ball game. The twins
and I stay behind. The twins just don't want to go. Honestly I am a little traumatized
from our last family outing. Now it is just the three of us. Tira is ripping into Belle
urging her to speak with no result. It is killing me, but there is nothing I can do. I
just continue to sit back and watch TV, quietly listening.
"Talk! Come on Belle, why are you so silent lately? Say anything," Tira keeps going
on. Belle remains silent face forward. I don’t know how this will turn out.
I listen to the one sided conversation for about an hour. Belle hasn’t made a
sound. Tira looks as if she might give up, but she is still berating her twin. Saying anything she
thinks will get Belle to talk. I know I would have cracked by now. It isn’t even me she
is pestering and I want to bite her head off.
"Tell me, tell me, tell me!" Tira went on.
"I was raped okay," Belle says suddenly. Tira instantly falls silent. I am in shock.
I hadn’t expected Belle to say anything for a long time, much less anything about the rape.
"What... I mean, how?" Tira obviously doesn’t know what to think, and I can’t
blame her.
"Like you care Tira. You never once showed any compassion towards me. I mean we are
twins for God's sake! You constantly talk about me behind my back. I wish you could know
how it feels to lose your virginity to a complete stranger at 12 years old. For it to be
taken by force. To feel the pain I felt, only worse. You deserve nothing better you
bitch, sister or not!" I had never seen Belle like this. Hell I had never seen anyone like
this, much less a 12 year old. I know what comes next, besides Tira's stunned silence at
her twin's cut throat words. The dark voice echoing in my skull that resounded always
with that cursed laugh those same two words each time. "WIsh Granted"
"You... You can't mean that Belle," Tira whispered on the brink of tears. I want
to know how Belle really feels. I listen intently. Then everything went dark.
I wake up to find myself once again tied, this time in my own house. I can see
Belle tied up as well in the corner. Tira already has a dick in her mouth. It is the same
crazy guy from before... the one who raped Belle. His cock is being shoved in and out of
Tira's throat as she gags much like her sister had the first time.
"What did I say about talking you 12 year old bitch?" He inquires ruthlessly. Wait!
For some reason he thinks he is mouth fucking Belle again. I guess he will see his mistake
soon enough... Though I doubt he will care that much. He finishes with my sister's mouth
and tosses her to the floor. Apparently the one thing the twins did have in common was
choosing the worst outfits possible on the days of their rapes. She is wearing a short
paper thin sun dress that barely goes over her thighs. She is crying harder than Belle was
when she got raped and pleading just as hard.
"I took your virginity last time. This time I want your tight ass!" The rapist remarks
"Wait I'm not Belle... You raped Belle my twin the first time!" Tira explains
between sobs.
"Well then... It looks like I have my work cut out for me. I am going to have to
take both your holes then go and fuck your twin in the ass. Good thing I took that endurance pill!" I
had expected as much from this sick monster of a man. On top of that, something told me
our parents wouldn't be back for a while. The wishes had always worked that way...
Conveniently for the worst outcome. This man isn’t going to waste any time anyway. He hikes
my sister’s dress up exposing her tight panties. To save time he just pushes them to the
side, spreads her milky thighs and jams his hard meat into her virgin pussy. She lets out
a pained cry as he begins fucking her violently, harder than he fucked Belle. She nearly
instantly begins to bleed from her tight young hole. She begs for him to exit her and after
10 or so minutes he does. She lays on the living room floor crying. I can see her blood
stained panties still on. She doesn’t get to rest for long. The rapist picks her up and
shoves her face first into the couch. He places her into a position similar to the one
Belle had been in when he raped her. Now it is Tira with her ass in the air, an ass that
is undoubtedly about to be raped. This time he pulls the panties down to about her thighs
for easier access. She still has her tiny dress on, it makes it all too easy to rape her.
I hear him tell Tira if she moves she is dead, then he walks over to Belles tied body.
She is wearing Shorts and a top and looking scared. The rapist is naked from the waste
down and sporting a huge hard on slick with virgin blood. He says nothing. He just shoves
his penis into Belles warm and moist mouth. He face fucks her for a minute or two then goes
back to Tira's prone body. He used Belle's spit to lube his cock up for the other twin's
virgin ass. He gets behind the crying squirming preteen on the sofa. I brace myself for
the upcoming sight.
"Don't worry. I'll go slow," utters the man. For some reason this scares me. He does
indeed go slow. Agonizingly slow. I imagine my sister can feel every centimeter sinking
painfully into her tight insides. She cries louder and louder by the second. I don't think
anymore meat can fit in y my 12 year old sisters tiny hole. But it keeps going. After an
eternity it is all the way in. Tira is pleading for it to be out as the pain is too much for
her. The man complies...kind of. He pulls all the way out only to slowly jam it in again.
He repeats this cruel process over and over again, forcing scream after scream. Cry after
cry from my poor sister. He begins to pick up his pace. He gets faster and faster with
his anal rape of my sister Tira. I see him shove his rigid meat in my sister's ass one
more brutal time then pull out. Tira is panting and crying, exhausted from her endeavor.
He isn't finished yet however. I watch helplessly as he once again sets his sights on the
other twin, Belle.
"Time to pump my cum into you one last time you little cunt," The fiend snarls.
He walks over to Belle's tied body and unbuttons her shorts. She can't do anything but
squirm futilely. He pulls her bottoms and panties down to her knees. Then he flips her like a
pancake. His dick his still hard and pulsing even after all it has been thru thus far. He
mumbles something about making Belle squeal like a pig then without warning plunges all the
way into my 12 year old sister's tight ass. She lets out a scream matching only Tira's and
begins to plead and beg just as her twin had.
"Identical to the last hole. You were born on the same day, and you lost your ass
cherries on the same day. Congradufuckinglations!" The rapist rambles as he drives hard and
fast into Belle's last remaining virginity. She can’t bare it... His meat is clearly too
large for her unbelievably tight young hole. But despite that, the man inside her plows
on causing serious damage to my sister's insides. She is only 12, to have to deal with this
sort of thing... What makes it worse was that it was her wish that caused this. As I gaze
in terror at Belle's forced buttfuck, Tira weeping steadily: Face in couch ass in air and
bleeding from both holes, I can’t help but wonder why I still remain untouched... I
have witnessed every wish be made but not directly affected by any of them... Yet I always
witness the outcome, never good. What was my fate to be?
"Please! You are KILLING me! Get out of me! PLEASE! Dear God it hurts so much!"
Belle goes on and on without a single ounce of actual hope. After about 15 minutes of
nonstop extra brutal ass rape, the man finally begins to cum deep into my sister's insides.
He cums and cums. I don’t know if he will ever stop. Then I see him pull out of Belle's
destroyed hole. Cum comes gushing out. Belle just lays on the floor... defeated.

The rapist fled the scene of his despicable crime right before our parents returned
home. The remainder of my family walked into to see a nightmarish sight. I was tied up on
the floor and their twin angels were both exposed and deflowered. Once they untied me I went
to my room and I fell asleep.
When I awake I can see someone looking down on me. I try to scream but my
voice is caught. I can hardly breathe.
"No need to speak. Your welcome." The voice was unmistakable... It is the wish
"I have given you what you desired most and got what I wanted in return... so, we
are even." The thing goes on. I can’t help but think what the hell he is talking about.
"Don't play dumb!" Can he... Can he hear my thoughts? "I know exactly how much
you hate your family. I simply gave you your wish. In turn I got the damned souls of your
brothers and sisters... not to mention cause a little mayhem with that squid thing!" I
can’t believe what I am hearing. This thing is trying to say "I" wanted this! I may
not like my family all that much, but this... This is not right!
"Think what you will... I honestly could care less if now you see the error of your
ways. I have nearly all the spirits I need to become my true form and take over this
pathetic world. I just need one more innocent soul. If I grant one more wish to say... Ella,
then I will be unstoppable." The genies words ring true... only it isn't a genie. No,
this whole time it has been a demon. He has been slowly sapping power from the loss of
innocence from my siblings, and I had let it happen. Now he is going to finish what he
started and end the world as we know it. I have to do something about this... But what?

To Be Continued. anarchyandstuff

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2013-04-02 00:58:53
To. anarchyandstuff...Sir great story I loved it and can't wait to get to part 2...This is my favorite kind of story, hot underage virgin sluts getting violently raped and abused in all there holes, when is there daddy going to get in on some of the action as well ?...I would also really like to see some really rough bestiality for the little sluts as well...And how about the demon taking control of the father and turning all of the daughters into whores and pimping them out to politicians, ministers and cops...Oh hell I forgot thay allready have lost there souls haven't thay...


2013-02-17 20:41:56
... And I thought I was sick! Lol JK! Those are some good ideas. I haven't exactly figured out how part three is going to go, but I can tell you it will be nearly all violent forced sex. Parts 1 and 2 have gotten all of those pesky story elements out of the way and now all that is really left to do is finish with a bang. Like before I will attempt to incorporate any ideas the readers give me if I can make them fit. I promise if you liked the first 2... Then you will LOVE part three! Like I said it'll be predominantly rape scenes of varying brutality. Galvio has nothing stopping him now... Remember to give positive ratings and commits so I can write part three. Thanks!

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2013-02-17 18:48:35
Pretty interesting. Make it explosive! Instead of the demon fucking the girls, let the girls grow dicks and each time they say shut up the dick goes down the throat to shut the girl up or better still Karen should get demon powers to do as she pleases with her siblings, like have the girls eat her pussy and the boys lick her ass, make them do the house chores, GIVE Karen power er soul is already taken.


2013-02-16 17:07:07
To the guy who said that there was only one paragraph: First of all thank you for reading my story and giving me feedback. I understand there is a lack of paragraphs in this story and that was not my intention. I apologize. Second, You are wrong. This story is broken up into chapters and the chapters have distinct breaks. So saying there is only "one paragraph" isn't exactly correct. Anyways... You'll be happy to know I fixed the problem in "Part Two." So if you liked this story go check out the sequel! If I get enough positive feedback, I will make a Part Three. Thank you.

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2013-01-29 03:02:48
Awsome! more, more. Keep it up :)

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