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An incest between Father and Daughter....p.s i was getting wet while writing this short chapter ;)
Hi! my name is Damon, i am a single parent and i have one child, her name is Anna.
Anna is 19 and i am 34. we live in a secluded part of town, our closest neighbor is a couple miles away so we have TONS of privacy.
One morning as im sitting in the kitchen my daughter comes on wearing little to nothing. i stop her immediately
"Hi Daddy, good morning" she smiles innocently at me
"Good morning Anna, where are you going in that outfit?"
"you dont aprove daddy?" she asked looking up at me from beneath her eyelashes
"no, daddy doesnt aprove, now go change"
"why, whats wrong with my outfit?"
"it's showing too much, go chaange and i NEVER want to see you wearing these clothes again, do you understand me?" he just walks away huffing, so i follow her. as i reach the bottom of the steps i stop,"Anna Beth Quinn, i asked you a question and you better give me an answer."
she just keeps walking in her room and shuts the door. Damn, she needs to know who pays the god damned billes around here, so i marched up the steps and into her room only to find her stark naked and looking at me.
"I-I-I didn't realize you were changing. im" i cleared my throat, i could feel my hard on, and boy is it raging.
"Did i-Did I make you hard daddy?" i was bewildered. my daughter just asked me if she turned me on. i couldn't do anything but stare at her naked beauty. her breast were perfectly round and perky; perfect for my hand. her curves, god her curves were heavenly and her ass. i couldnt see it but i know its absolutely gorgeous. By time i finished checking her out, i realizied that she had moved closer to me.
"Did I MAKE YOU HARD DADDY?" she asked again, more urgently now "Because YOU made me wet."
it took me a few deep breathes to take in what my daughter had just told me. Me being horny had made my little girl horny. she backed me into the wall and leaned her entire body against me. I could feel her hard nipples on my chest through my shirt, god please give me strength, but god wasn't listening. she pushed hr body closer, pushing her pussy onto my leg, so her leg was inbetween my two. "can you feel it daddy?" i just stood there, even as she grabbed my hand and put it on her pussy and moaned, i couldn't help but moan too. GOD i could feel it and this girl had a waterfall flowing out of her vigina. i wanted to drink from the lake it had created, i wanted to taste her so badly that i lost all control and walked my daughter over to her bed and proceeded to push her onto it.
"i can feel it baby, and i want it" my voice was husky and laced with lust. she layed there as i kissed her neck, then her ear, next to her lips but not own them, as i moved down to her right breast and licked around her nipple i could feel her arching her back into me. i took her nipple in my mouth, sucking hard then grazing my teeth.
"Yes...oh yes daddy, that feels so gooood" she moaned. i kissed a trail across to her left breast and did the same thing, by now she had her hands entangled in my hair, pulling me closer than ever. "Dont stop daddy/ oh god, please dont stop " as she said that, it was like the lustfilled fog covering my senses cleared, and i realized what i was doing and i stopped and stood up as fast as i could
"oh god, i am so so so so sorry Anna" and i high tailed it out of that sucker as fast as i dont know what. i could believe what i had done, i almost fucked my daughter, the same girl i have been fighting to keep all of the male population away from. God, what is wrong with me i am so fucked up. i went into my room and shut the door, sighing as i walked over to my bed and sat on it. i dont know what im going to to do beacue Anna is on a three week break from school. God,shit fuck damn. i really dont know what to do, so i decided that i needed to start cooking dinner, i cant let us starve because i am a pervert. i attempted to creep down the stairs but as soon as i made it to the second step from the top, it made a LOUD creek and Anna came out of her room.
"Daddy?" she said in a voice that reminded me of when she was seven and was rubbing the sleep out of her eyes
"yes Anna?"
"I'm sorry, its made me feel good and it was life...."
"FIreworks?" i asked breathlessly
"yeah, the best fireworks ever" and she dropped it. a couple days later she walked into the kitchen wearing a shirt that read 'Baby, Your MY Firework' and i choked on my pancakes while she ust smirked at me. it was a belly loose shirt and she had on a pair of extra extra short shorts, that stopped at the crevice of her ass.
"Anna, what the fuck are you wearing?"
"Clothes, what are you wearing?"
"those my lovely aren't 'clothes' they are a bra and underwear, and yu better go change RIGHT now, this is not a game"
"why dadd? why do i have to change, do you not like seeing my ...ASSest?" she started getting closer and closer. her 'ASSest bouncing with every step she took.
"Anna, please you know nothing can happen betwween us so can you please go put some clothes, some REALclothes on?"
"no." she took her final step towards me and ended up inches away " i want you fucking cock daddy, and i want it now. i want you to lick my pusssy, and suck my clit, and ram your fingers into me like the naughty girl i am. i want you to fuck me like the survival of mankind depends on it" she aid firmly and i was SHOCKED.

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2013-01-03 15:01:49
this shit should go in the Guinness book of records for the worst spelt crap of 2013


2013-01-03 09:12:38
Story has potential just needs more attention to detail.

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2013-01-03 05:36:57
He's 34, she's 19? So he was 15 when she was born, o.k.

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2013-01-02 23:23:08
I agree with the other noter but it needs to have more deion as well. If the father caught her naked facing him, why not a deion of her pussy?

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2013-01-02 17:57:02
Spelling, punctuation, capitalization. Rewrite the story and fix the glaring errors, and maybe I'll give a positive vote for it.

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