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A mysteriously goodlooking 12 year old wants to fuck me hard.
It started about a month ago. One weird yet exciting month ago.names Brock, I'm 16 quite tall, skinny and have blonde shaggy hair, I'm a swimmer so my body is shaped but not too much, just the way I like it. I've always been into boys and love thinking about different fantasies and scenes.

1 month ago...

I was walking home from my bus stop at about 4:30 as my bus doesn't get to my stop until late. I was walking down an alley way which lead to the back of my house, it was small but pretty, because my neighbour mrs Daphnis loved flowers so the whole back alley is full of purple blue and yellow! Pretty sight if you ask me... As I arrived at my back fence I noticed a little boy about 11-12 staring at me from about 20 meters down at his fence, he waved and ran back inside, before I was able to make out who it was he was gone. So I just shrugged it off and went inside. I had a heap of homework to do so I got started straight away, every so often stopping and thinking about that young boy, waving and smiling, I thought about his styles brown hair and skinny jeans with a purple jumper, his cute legs complimenting his built chest. I could feel my crotch twitching and getting less flaccid, I imagined him naked in my room smiling like he was earlier, rubbing his cute butt and stroking his cute little cock, I started to shiver and get urges, urges that can only be fulfilled by him. This boy. This mysterious boy in my Alley way.

The next morning I woke up feeling good, feeling like a had a million puppies and the were all giving me little hugs. Until I noticed I had a small wet patch on my boxers, just above my dick, I must have had a wet dream or something, which Is weird because I've never had one before, it feels good though, a nice flaccid cock still damp with early morning cum.
God it's good. I could stay and engulf myself with this all day, but I need to get up and find out who this boy is, as I don't have school and I have nothing better to do with my life. I got up out of bed and quickly threw on a shirt and pair of gym shorts and ran downstairs and flew out the back door. The air was warm and a hint of pollen and bacon was I'm the air, I was about to turn down my path to the gate when something colourful caught my eye, I walked over to investigate and looked down to find a pair of my underwear. How.. What?.. I picked them up and shoved them in my pocket, baffled and confused I opened the gate and stepped out into the alley, I looked down to my right where I saw the boy yesterday, and to my surprise he was playing in his garden, wearing some shorts that sat above his knee, and no shirt.. The sight made my dick twitch but I put it aside and went to approach him, when he saw me coming he dropped the ball he was holding and walked to his front gate.

"Hey I'm Jake" he said cooly as he folded his arms around his gate.
"Hi, I'm Brock." I said back trying to sound as smooth as possible
"Did you want to come play some ball?"
"Sure!" How could I refuse and offer like that!?
"Good, so here's the rules, you bend down behind me when I do and when I say 'HUT' you run around me and to the far side of the fence, I throw the ball and you try catch it, then we reverse rolls, got it?"
"Uh.. Yeah I think I do.." I think I may be in for a bit of a lecture but who cares?

After about an hour of playing and laughing I asked if he wanted to come to mine and watch movies and eat popcorn and sweets.
"Sure il just go get changed, I stink, you can come in if you like. Mums at work and dad left for Japan yesterday,"
"Sure thanks" I followed him into his house, it has the same design as mine but its more colourful, stairs as you walk into the room lead to his bedroom and the master bedroom, and to the left of the stair are the kitchen bathroom and lounge room.
"Come upstairs and check out my room! We just finished decorating it and it looks awesome!"
"Yeah okay, what does it have in it?"
"Photos, a new bed and really cool carpet!"

I'm not sure how to feel about this, following a 12 year old up to his room in a house with just the two of us, but then again, his but looks amazing in those shorts. So I just decided to follow him. But who fucking wouldn't ;)

We get to his room and he opens the door, the room is filled with photos of NBA and NFL players, some shirtless and some with just underwear on.
"Your parents know about these photos!?"
"Yeah, I want to be a model so they say this is inspiration, but secretly I find them a bit weird."
"Oh why?" I ask a bit let down about him finding them weird
"Because they are boys and there nearly showing their... You know.. Things."
"Their 'things'?" I know where this is heading now, but I just have to pick the right moment to strike
"Yeah the uh, the willy" he says and how bright red!
Now is my time!
"Well all boys have them Jake, it's not something to be embarrassed about! Even I have one, and you do too!"
"I know... But seeing another boys willy makes me feel weird"
"How so buddy?" I ask hoping the next answer is what I've been praying for!
"Well.. It kind of makes me feel weird in the gut and then my uh. Willy gets all pointy and stuff, I don't know why but it does"
"Well that's called and erection, boys get them when they are horny, and that happens when you either see a boy or a girl naked or in a sexual way, and for you it's when you see boys!"
"But my friend fin says that that means you are gate or something"
"It means you are 'Gay' but that doesn't matter and it certainly should make you feel bad or wrong"
"Really?" He asked an looked at me with those wide blue eyes and those small pink lips.
"Yeah, I'm Gay I like boys and it doesn't make me a bad person, does it?"
" no you seem pretty cool to me, and besides you kind of make me get that hurdy feeling"
"Horny Jake"
"Yeah that"
"Well we better make sure that you get rid of it,"
"What? How?"
Oh my god, I can't believe this is happening!
"Sit down on your bed buddy, and I will show you,"
He sat down on his bed and looked at me and started smiling,
"Now what!?"
"Just wait... Now lean back and rest on your elbows and lift your bum up from the bed for a moment"
He did and raised his ass off the bed, so I quickly went and pulled his shorts off, and stepped back.
" what are you doing Brock? Why are my shorts off?"
"Just sit there Jake, you can put your bum back on the bed too."
"Okay,, but now what do I do?"
"Close your eyes buddy"
He closed them and started to giggle and smile,
"What?" I asked
"Nothing I'm just imagining you kissing me"
"Well I can do that if you want?"
"Huh? Can you? But two boys can't kiss..."
" yes they can, they can do lots of things"
"Like what?"
"Like blowing each other off"
"What's that??" Oh, now this is a question worth answering,
"It's when a boy puts another boys penis in his mouth and sucks it"
At that stage his mouth opened and his underwear grew a small little tent. And I knew what he was thinking, so I knelt down Infront of him and ran my hands up his thighs.
"Can you show me how it's done Brock?"
"Of course I can little man"
I immediately put my hand on his bulge and started to move it around playing with it ad feeling it grow In my hand

After a while I could tell he was hard, so I pulled his underwear down just enough to pull his dick out, but to my astonishment it popped out, it was huge of a boy his age, atleast 7 inches already! I was fucking amazed. And speechless.
"Oh my god Jake"
"what? Did I do something wrong??"
"No.. It's huge!"
"Your dick, its massive"
"Oh, no it's the same size as my dads. We measured in the shower the other day!"
That made my shiver, and then made my dick jolt and stand upright, I need this boy inside me and now,

I slowly started to move my lips to his tip, taking it the piss slit and licking it folding my lips around his head, massaging ever little ounce with my tongue. I could feel him tense up and squirm, then I heard a little moan and he twitched, so I went deeper, sliding his cock to the back of my throat and back up in slow steady movements, that time he was louder and clearer
"Uuhhh.... Uhhhhhh... Shit"
That made me quicken the pace, I started to get even faster, sucking and licking his cock up and down a million miles an hour,
"UHHH, UH, UH, OOOOOOOHHH. Brock I feel like I need to wee"
Good he's close to cumming, lets make this wroth his while. I take him out of my mouth and look up at him.
"We'll that's one way Jake"
"I nearly peed In your mouth though"
"That's the feeling of needing or being close to cumming, which is what a boy does when he gets rid of his 'horny'"
"Oh really? Wow.."
"Yeah, I will show you what cum is if you want me to."
"Sure, but how can you do that without being horny?"
"Oh I'm horny Jake"
"Show me then!"
He asked for it, I stood up and had an extremely obvious bulge in my pants from sucking him off, a tore off my clothes and stood there Infront of him, naked and with a 9 inch cock at his face
"OH MY GOD" he yelled, as he looked at my dick starring him in the face,
"Suck it Jake, like I did to you,"
"Fuck yes!"
Well I never knew he could swear, but fair enough.

He grabbed my dick and licked the top, then wrapped his lips around my tip and started to suck it like a dummy I immediately started to moan,
"Oh Jake, uhh, yeas suck it lick my cock baby"
He then moved to stroking and licking and before long I was ready to cum, I never could last long.
"JAKE, I'm gonna CUM quick... Take... It.. Out of your... Mouth"
As he did I shot 5 heave streams of cum down his cheek and torso, puffing and moaning as he laughed and kept wanking my dick.

"Woah, can I do that?"
"Ye.. Yea you can... Can"
"Do it to me"
"I have ano.... Another Idea lay on your back Jake,"
He did as he was told and I spat on his cock, lubing it up and then did the same to my ass,
"Now you are going to fuck me, I'm gonna put your cock in my bum and slide up and down, then you can cum inside me okay?"
"Hum okay..."

I stepped up and over him leaning over his cock an I slid down it, hugging it with my tight ass,
His face went from smiling to open mouth moans.
I slid down slowly and back up gaining speed as I did so he started thrusting and moving, jolting even I knew he was close but what happened next surprised me. He screamed and shot 9 loads of hot cum in my ass


And then I passed out.

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Oh, more of this, please! Well done, dude.

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