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When 16 year old Kyle learns he is gay and uses his best friends younger brother to release his feelings
Hey I'm Kyle, I'm 16 years old and have an average height and weight, I play football for my local high school so my upper body is quite toned. My best friend Pete and I have know eachother since elementary school, and have been inseparable ever since. Pete has the same type body as mine although he is a little taller, and alot tanner than I am.

Pete has a little brother, Ren. He is 9 years old turning 10 in a couple months. he has medium dirty blonde hair and rich blue eyes that when you look into them you are immediately lost, I'd say he is about the average height of a boy his age. And he is really skinny too which isn't strange for an energetic boy. This is the story about how I came to realise I was gay.

I never really thought of boys in a sexual way, I always though of girls when touching or stroking myself, because that's what I had grown up knowing, my older brother would always show me his stash of porno magazines and they did make me horny, and that's why I think I've always just though and dreamt about girls and their wet pussy around my cock. It wasn't until an event earlier this year that woke me up to the realisation of being gay!

It all started in about August when we were in intense training for the big game next Saturday, and coach pushed us as hard as he could. So when it came time to go and wash up people were too tired to have showers and get changed. So they all just left. Or so I thought. I ceased the opportunity to take a shower while no one was here, do some thorough cleaning. So I turned the left end shower on, it faced a row of lockers that blocked the view from coaches office so if if happened that he walk in he won't see me. I stripped all my clothes off and got under the warm water, I felt it run through my hair and down my back, I started rubbing my dick and thinking about Lacey, the head cheerleader in our year, imagining licking her out and fucking her raw. I let out a little moan and heard a little giggle, so I snapped open my eyes and turned to see who or what the hell that was.

As I turned around the lockers I saw him, little Ren, sitting with his pants down stroking his own dick, he must have been watching me!

"What the Hell Ren?" I said maybe a little but too loud, but I wanted him to know he was being gross.

"Oh shit... " he pulled his pants up and quickly stood up
"I'm sorry Kyle, I just saw you and I-"

"Dude were you wanking over me" I asked confused and baffled

"Hum well not completely but sorta and anyway why are you masturbating at school?" A question which car a little too weird for me to answer.

"Ren, where is your brother?" Pete must still be here if Ren is...

"He went home earlier but I stayed because I was doing gymnastics" oh shit, yeah I forgot that on Thursday nights they have boys gymnastics on after football training,

"Okay well I will take you back, you really shouldn't be in here anyway Ren."

"Please don't tell Pete what I was doing!?" He begged and pleaded, and the look in his eyes when he looked at me made my heart sink to my stomach,

"Okay I won't. But just don't do it Again buddy,"

"I promise" and with that I lead him to the gymnasium where the boys gymnastics class was being held,

As we walked in the sweet smell of sweat and deodorant hit me in the face. And then I saw what it was all about, boys in small shorts and tight shirts, balancing and flipping, climbing and stretching. It made my dick twitch.

"Uhh, well I have to go.. Uhm have fun Ren"
And with that I ran out the room.

I or home a about 8:00 and couldn't erase the things I had seen, boys about Rens age, in tiny white shorts, bending over with there small meaty asses in the air, and boys my age helping then stand or balance, being so close to their cute little bodies. Wait.. What!? No, eww I'm thinking about little boys! And boys in general, that's weird, that's not right. I think I need some sleep to refresh and erase this from my mind, so I went straight to bed that night, but there was a dream! A nice dream at that:

I was at Petes house, and we were going over game strategies and watching Tv, when I needed to go and pee, as I walked down the hallway to the toilet RENs door was open, and i could see his bare leg, then I heard the same giggle from earlier tonight an the door flew open, and fog formed around me, Ren got up from his bed and started walking towards me, he was naked and fuck did it look hot, he had a small but toned body and a average sized dick for his age, he kept walking towards me and I could feel myself getting hard as a rock, he opened his mouth and spoke to me


Ugh, there's my Alarm, 6:00 already! Damn, that was a great dream. His little tiny ass and his... Woah wait' I had a sexual dream about Petes little brother. I got up out of bed quickly to distract myself and get changed, but as I did I saw myself in the mirror, a huge tent had formed in the front if my boxers and there was a dark moist patch on them, that's weird though because not even girls can do this to me, I'm rock hard! And boy did it feel good. So I just sat back on my bed and pulled my underwear off, I put my hand around my dick letting my imagination take over, I imagined it was little Rens hand and he was stroking me like he wanted the prize at the end of a game, I don't care if this is 'Gay' or anything, no one has to know! All I know is that thinking about Ren sends thrills aroun my body, I started stroking faster now imagining his little ass around my cock, and him moaning and thrusting back, when out of the blue I shot a huge stream of white fresh cum all up me chest and down my balls.

"Holly shit" I said to my self and went to go get cleaned up.

I thought about Ren for the next three hours at school, in English and history then in Drama. I wanted to see him again and ask him what he was actually masturbating about. Then maybe I could make my move or atleast hint and try to make him notice I want to feel him and have him inside me! This is weird to me, very weird. I have never thought Bout another boy sexually in my whole life, ever! So I decided after school I would go to Petes and talk to Ren. For the rest of the school day I kept quiet and my head down so that people wouldn't ask questions about why I was quiet.

The school day went for what seemed a year and I couldn't wait any longer I needed to see Ren one more time, just one more time! So I spoke to Pete about coming over and he said "yeah sure i have to go and help out with dads fence for about an hour but you can play my Xbox"

"Oh cool, thanks man" I said and went back to my work.

The end if the school day finally arrived and I couldn't wait, I was so excited that I got to see Ren. But I had to wait for Pete to meet me out front so we could drive back to his. His car was amazing Mercedes convertible, silver and black. I loved it. Made me feel like George clooney or be Ben aflek .

It takes about 20 minutes to get to Petes from school and we had so much to talk about with the big game tomorrow and all, we were actually quite excited about it! The first finals we have been in together and we were going to win it together!

"Dude, it's going to be amazing! I can't wait" he said while smiling like a mad Man!
He looked kinda cute when he smiled, like Ren but older and more handsome,

"You Okay Kyle?"

"huh? What?" I shook out of my daydream and realised I was staring at him

"We'll you were staring at me, and it was creepy hahaha"

"Oh yeah sorry, daydreaming again! Ha," I was quiet for the rest I the trip home.

We arrived at his finally and I could see Rens bus stopping ahead, it's weird that his brother won't take him home with him though. I guess it's a reputation thing. But I didn't care all I wanted was to see and touch Ren, to feel his presence with me!

"Well, you know where everything is, I won't be much longer than an hour or so, and if that little shit annoys you, you can knock him out' cya budd"

"Yeah cya Pete il make some popcorn or something and grab o couple movies?"

"Sounds good man" and with that he drove off,

I turned around and headed down the path to his front door well aware of Ren behind me.

"Oi, Kyle!" I turned around to see him running towards me with a huge smile! And arms wide open. He embraced me with a huge hug and ten walked in the door!

"Why are you here?" He said while taking his bag and shoes off

"We'll actually I needed to talk to you, about what happened at the school.."

"Oh, that." And he went bright red! And kinda stepped backwards.

"Yeah, tell me what were you masturbating over Ren? Was it me?" I was blunt but I needed to be, I slipped my back and shoes off making it look casual enough

"Okay! Yes I was, but it was hot what you were doing"

"Was it really?" I asked and smile a little

"Yeah! You have a nice dick. It's bigger than mine" and he looked down at his, then he just walked away.

"You coming? Or am I just going to shower alone?" What!? He wants to shower! Oh hell yes!

"Yeah I'm coming hold on" I quickly loosened my belt and rouged my hair up so that I looked somewhat desirable and followed him down that hall, the bathroom door was open and I could hear water running, then he popped his head out of the room,

"Geez you are slow!"

"Sorry, I was jus-"

"Shut up and get in here!"

I walked around to the door and opened it slightly then closed and locked it behind me. I turned around and started in buttoning my pants when he grabbed me hand and stopped me.

"Let me do it" he said with hunger ad passion in his voice,

"Uh sure!" I said and just leant back against the door.

His little hands undid the first button of my pants, and then the second, and last the third, they fell down around my ankles and exposed my boxers, white silky ones with I little dick in the corner. He smiled and went to work touching rubbing and stroking it through my boxers, it felt amazing having his hands just a few layers away from my cock. I just wanted him to touch it and lick it. Suck the thing dry, but he got up. And stripped off leaving his underwear on. Stepped into the shower and beaconed me with his little finger. I stripped of the rest of my clothes but kept my boxers on. Being white it was going to get kinky!

I stepped into the shower and immediately got that feeling of lust. He was wet, his hair and his body was wet as anything the water running down his body, making him look oily and irresistible, I couldn't wait any longer so I bent down and kissed him. First just a little peck but then I greeted my tongue with his, they danced around eachother, and his slapped mine in unison he let out little moans, every now and then.

That's when it happened he grabbed my cock and left my lips, noticing the clear see through boxers, he licked his lips and pulled them off, I think my dick just about slapped him in the face because he sure as hell get straight into suckin me off! His little lips and tongue massaging my tip, and his hands playing with my balls and ass, he wanted me, and he wants me bad! Worse than I thought. So I just grabbed him. And pulled him out the shower and into the lounge, fuck getting dry, the heat between us will do it soon. And I sat him in the couch, knelt down Infront if him and took his little boy cock in my mouth, making him twitch and shake, he moaned loud and pushed my head down on him, forcing his 6 inch to the back if my throat.

"UH. KYLE, I think I'm gonna cum. OH OH YEAH UH."

And just as I went down for another deep throat he came, all down my throat and through my mouth, he sighed and laughed a little at the cum leaking from my lips. He used his finger to wipe it off and he kissed me slowly but enough for me to swallow And slip my tongue in.

"I want to see you cum" he said in a cute baby voice.

"Only one way to do that Ren," I said in a sexy tone and winked at him.

"How then Kyle" he mocked me, and winked. Ha

"Let me fuck you." It fell silent for a few seconds but the smile on his face said it all,

"Let me get one if Petes condoms," he ran into the hallway and came back a few seconds later with a purple packet with a condom inside,

"Oh no bareback?" I asked a bit shocked,

"Not today" he said with a wink and sat me on the chair

He slipped the condom over my cock and spat in it lubing me up. Then he did the same to his ass and climbed in top of me.

" this may hurt baby, so if you need me to stop ju-"

"Just fuck me Kyle" he said irritated.

"We'll okay then"

He slowly put his hole on the tip of my dick and pushed a little. Feeling the strain of my head he whinced but kept going, soon he had my head in his small little ass, and started to slide down my shaft, he slid down slowly making small moaning noises and then back up again getting used to the feeling, after a few minutes he was sliding up and down easily and started getting a little faster,

"Get off and lay on your back" I suggested,

He did and I entered his ass once again, but this time had more control, I fucked him pounding his little ass watching him moan and stroke his now hard cock, he was screaming my name and rocking back and forth on my cock, I was so close to cumming I could feel the little ball in my head, I got faster and faster, he started to grip onto the couch, screaming louder and louder, then before I could cum the front door burst open and Pete stood in the doorway.

If you want me to continue this series please let me know? Leave comments bellow and help me out! :)

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