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crossdressing oral hand-job
Jenny's First Night Out Part Two

As I sat on my knees thinking about what I should do next the matter was already being decided for me. This time it was a huge black cock coming through the hole. It had to be 10 inches long and as big as a beer can around.

No way could I swallow that monster in my throat. Maybe I could just jerk him off and if necessary lick the head. I was surprised to feel it wasn't rock hard. Heavy and solid but not as hard as that other cock was. As I rubbed it I noticed it did get firmer but never really rock hard. I guess I still had a lot to learn about cocks and cock sucking.

The head was mushroom shape and perfect for licking all around. I loves swirling my tongue on it. Precum started leaking out and I lapped it up like milk. I found I could gently squeeze his cock and cause it to leak more precum. The taste was sweeter then the cum I had tasted earlier.

I didn't want to disappoint him so I wrapped my lips on it and tried to push it in my mouth. Wasn’t long before I realized it would never go all the way in. I would just have to do the best I could and bob it in and out of my mouth.

My mouth started to relax and I got another inch more inside. But it wasn't long before my throat started to hurt. I wasn't used to having my mouth open for so long. I started drooling on it from the pressure. I wished I could have sucked it forever but I was afraid I would soon gag.

So I took it out of my mouth and spit on it. This gave me lube for my hand and got rid of the droll in my mouth. He seemed to like what I was doing because it certainly harden up in my hand. Maybe some guys just prefer hand jobs to blow jobs or a combination of both. My mind was flying with these thoughts as my body craved this cock I was holding.

I tried rubbing the cock head on my face and especially my lips. More precum oozed out and marked me as a slut. I loved the feeling of this cock on me as well as in my mouth. I felt like I belonged to this cock. This cock could have my body if it wanted it. I wanted to swallow this cock whole but knew I couldn't.

Still it was too much to resist. As soon as it stopped leaking precum I shoved it back in my mouth. This time determined to get more of it down. The pain in my jaw wasn't as bad this time and I got most of it in my mouth.

Before I had done all the work pushing it in and out but now the stranger took control. Suddenly he was now in charge. Forcing it in and out at a faster pace then I could handle. Even holding it I knew I couldn't control this speed. I loved it but its more then I can handle. I had to back off or choke on it.

Just as I got it out it exploded all over my face. He came in buckets all over my clothes , in my hair and even my eyes. It started running in my mouth. The taste certainly was stronger, more of a man's smell then the other cock was. Not ass sweet as the precum but still addictive.

I shoved the head back in to finish off the final throbs and milked every last drop out with my hands. He quickly pulled out and I guess hurried out the door because by the time I recovered enough to look through the hole he was already gone.

This time I got up off my knees and looked in the mirror at myself. I looked a mess with cum running down my face and drying on my clothes. But there was no mistaking that satisfied look on my face. I loved sucking cock. That smile on my face was that of a slut who knew her place.

But I knew I couldn't stay here too much longer. So I washed up as best I could. There was nothing I could do about my outfit that would need serious laundering. The washing off the cum also took off most of my make up. Still my youthful face always was on the girlish side. Just a brush of my hair and if no one took a close look I could still pass enough to get me home.

I slipped out of the ladies room and looked across the parking lot to plan my escape into the night. It wasn't going to be easy there were a couple of cars getting gas and as expected there were plenty of lights. I would have to slip past the trucks like I did when I first arrived.

Back then there was only a couple of trucks with no driver visible inside. Now there were four trucks and I could clearly see a driver in one of them. I was about to go past him and along another truck when he motion me over.

A slut really doesn't have much choice they have to go wherever there is a waiting cock.
As I approached he opened the passenger door. Well what a cute girl and I bet you have a surprised for me he said. Could he have known my little secret ? Probably because I’m still not that good at walking in heels. I climbed inside and smiled at him. Yes I whispered in my best girl voice.

Slowly he put his arm around my shoulder and then his other hand touched my knee. I wasn't really expecting him to be touching me. I had thought that I would be once again doing the touching and sucking. I sure have a lot to learn about being a girl. But I was loving every minute of it.

Although he was short in stature not much bigger then me he sure felt strong. I loved the feel of his warm hand rubbing my knee. With no protest from me he glided his hand up my leg. I was tingling all over. I've been touched my doctor during exams and never felt like this. Soon his fingers were touching my panties.

Umm looks like we have a boy clitty under here he said. I suddenly realized my panties were damp. I hadn’t even got hard and already I was leaking precum. Slowly he lowered my panties. I instinctively raised my butt up like any good slut would do for her man. And by the time I had settled back in relaxed his hand found my boy clitty.

Never before has anyone ever touched me there. Not even my doctor or my baseball coach. God was it good. No wonder that last guy liked it when I stoked him during the blow-job This was way better then any hand job I ever gave myself. This man knew exactly how to please my boy clitty. I was 4 inches of rock hard boy clitty. His magic hand was sending shock waves through me.

I never have been good at holding out and this was no exception. I could feel my girl juice rising up and I couldn't hold it back. I exploded all over his truck and his hand. Instead of being mad he just chuckled and said something about having a hair trigger. He pulled out a box of wet wipes and soon had me and his truck cleaned up.

Now its your turn to do me he said as he opened up his zipper. His cock was almost as small as mine maybe 5 inches or a tad more but definitely under 6 inches. I was glad I saw three cocks tonight and each one was different in size and girth. His cock was already hard and ready for action. This time I would try something slightly different.

Reaching into my purse I got out my Vaseline jag and dipped my fingers in it. Slowly I worked my hand on his cock. He loved it. I took my time sliding my fingers all around it. But I kept my fingers away from the head. I wanted to save that for my lips.

But I never got the chance. Just as I was lowering my head he gently but firmly raised me back up. If you don't mind he said I only like receiving hand jobs. Fine with me but I was hoping to try getting fucked and thought his small cock would be a perfect first time fit.

Still his small cock was fun to play with. It fit my hand nicely and the Vaseline made rubbing it faster and easier. Now that I knew I wouldn't be sucking it I didn't mind going all over the top too. He gently guided my hand teaching me how to vary the stoke in speed and tightness to suit his desires.

Soon I was handling it like a pro. He was lasting longer then both the other two guys combined. But I didn't mind I was enjoying it. Every good slut needs to know how to give a loving hand job. I knew I wasn't the very best he ever had but I wanted to be at least one of the better ones he had. The way he was smiling and moaning softly I knew he was enjoying my efforts.

I really wished I could go down on it but as a slut I knew my place was to please him first. My reward was long in coming. The other cocks throbbed just as they came. His literally jumped around in my hand. But I was ready for it. I had a wet wipe in my other hand just waiting to catch it all.

Then I took another wipe and cleaned him off completely. Then I put his cock back inside and zipped him up. I told him I really couldn't stay any longer and hugged him for a good bye.

Before I could go he said he wanted to give me some money. I politely refused. I may becoming a slut but I was a long way from crossing the threshold into becoming a hooker. He chuckled and said its was a gift not a payment. Still I wasn't ready to go down that path. He understood. Then he told me he makes this run every 3 weeks and always parks here for the night.

I thanked him and said I would keep that in mind but really had to leave fast. Sneaking out into early hours I could tell sunup was several long minutes away. I would have to run to make it in time. Slipping along his truck so as not to be seen I slipped into the side street going out of town.
I took off my shoes and very unladylike ran for all I was worth.

I had a lot to think about. I had sucked off two cocks. Gave a hand job to another. And even had my own boy clitty played with. But I still haven't had my boy clitty sucked on or my boy pussy fucked. Both I wanted to have done but by gently caring men. And I knew because of my tight boy pussy I was going to need the right size cock for it.

I had learned a lot and enjoyed my experience but I still had a long way to go. It would be years before I could dress full time. Would my experiences all be this good ? What would my mom say if she found out ?

All I know for sure is I don't have any interest in boys my age. I have a slight interest in girls. But they never seem to have an interest in me. My interest is in men who appreciate a girl with extras to offer. Now I need to learn how to apply make up better, find better clothes, walk better in heels, talk more feminine. Wow I really did have a lot more to learn. How far will I go ? As far as I can .


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Thank you for your support. I'm going to work on part 3 this weekend.
I hope to also start working on other stories too.

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Part 3 , luck you I want to do the same thing

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