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This is only my second story, well to me, my first, considering my first sucked ass. hopefully you guys like it
Whats up you guys? I'm sam, but everyone calls me sammy. I'm 5'10”, 190 lbs, and fully italian. I've always been the type of guy to say that family comes first. Reason being, my dad left my sister, my mom, and I, for a 22 year old stripper. Needless to say, that completely destroyed us, but brought us all closer together. Especially my sister, Mariela and I. I loved that girl beyond to death. Besides my now remarried mom and her douchebag of a husband, Mariela was the only family I had.
Mariela and I were as close as a brother and sister could be. We didn't fight (of course we teased) and we always respected each other. Movies, Video Games, Dinner, whatever we could do together, we did it.
I was her protector, too. Her being 15 and me being 17, I had to defend her from all the immature little assholes tweaking off of puberty-built testosterone and and an undeniable quench for some hot ass. And that was EXACTLY what Mariela was, some hot piece of ass.
Now even though I was a lot more mature than some high school freshmen, I was only a senior and I couldn't deny that my little sister was fucking fine. She has gorgeous blue eyes, long, thick,smooth legs, 40D tits, and a nice,tight ass. Her hair was naturally curly and flowed down to the middle of her back, her lips were nice and full, and her stomach was flat and muscular, due to her being in track and volleyball. On top of that, she was a virgin, so it was practically a race to see who would pop that innocent little cherry of hers.
On the other hand, I was her brother. And, even though I thought she was the finest specimen to ever step on God's green Earth, I never, EVER tried anything. One, I had too much respect for her, and two, I feared the consequences. Of course I fantasized. Yeah, I jerked my 8 inch dick off to her giving me a tit job almost every night. But that's how it would stay, a fantasy.

I never thought of acting on my feelings towards her, until........

One day I had an early let out from wrestling practice and decided to head home to spend some time with Mariela. She told me she really wanted to see a new action movie that came out on DVD the day before. So I rented it, got some popcorn, some candy, some pickles, and got ready for a nice, relaxing night. When I came in the house, I announced my presence and tossed my backpack to the ground. I ran upstairs to say hi to Mariela when I heard her crying.
I put my ear to the door and only heard her whimpering, so I slowly cracked open the door to see what was up. As soon as I opened it, I immediately recognized what was happening. Her big gorgeous ass was shining from sweat and was facing away from me. But her pants were down past it so I could see a little glimpse of her sweet pussy lips in between her tight ass cheeks. I could see that her shirt was lifted up past those choice titties and one of them were being fondled by mariela. She was pinching and pulling on her nipples and had her fingers deep inside her tight virgin pussy.
“oooooh fuck yeah, mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm fuck fuck fuck”
She pulled her finger out her pussy, sucked them clean, and then stroked her little clit furiously trying to bring herself to climax.
By this time, I had already zipped open my pants, pulled out my cock, and was beating like there was not tomorrow. Mariela was squeezing her huge right titty in her little hand and was violating her own pussy something mean. Past all this, what she said next shocked me most.

“oooooh fuck yeahhhhhhhhhhh sammmmmmmy. Puuuut that big dick in deeeeeeeeeper.”
Holy Fucking Shit!!!! She was pleasuring herself while thinking about me! My dick could cut diamonds now and I tucked it back into my boxers and erupted what felt like 10 gallons of cum into my helpless underwear. At that exact moment, Mariela's back arched and her tits jiggles like crazy as she erupted into her climax. She kept flicking at her love button, riding her orgasm as much as possible before collapsing of exhaustion on her bed. I left her asleep and went to my room, intending on beating off another 10 times before my mom got home from work.

Dinner that night was pretty routine. I knew something that she didn't know I knew so it was only a little off for me. I kept finding myself staring at her chest, because it reminded me of how they jiggled when she came. She found me looking at her chest every now and then too, and I could tell. She would blush red and shyly look down and I'd lick my lips, eagerly wanting to taste those delicious milk jugs. While she and my mom ate, my cock was growing back to full strength and was restrained by my zipper. It started to hurt and I needed release. Now. I excused myself, ran to the bathroom, and took all of 30 seconds to flood the toilet bowl in hot cum.

Fuck me........

This fucking chick was driving me nuts. I needed to see those tits again. They were big and luscious. Her areolas were about the size of a half-dollar coin and they were shiny from her sweat. Every stroke of her hand would make her tits bounce and god were they just appetizing.
So every night for about two weeks I would camp outside her door with it cracked a little and wait for her to pull down her shorts, lift up her shirt, and fuck herself in that tight little pussy. It was the hottest, kinkiest, most taboo thing I've ever done. And I loved it!
Each night, She'd fuck herself in a different way. One night, she lifted her legs ud over her head and fucked herself with a cute little vibrator. Then another night she layed down with a pillow between her legs and fucks that pillow like a bitch in heat. But each night she'd scream my name and each night I'd beat my dick so hard, I should've been charged with 2nd degree assault.
Sure, it sounds a little weird, but shit, this girl had me aching. Might as well catch a glimpse of her to ease my cock held hostage. However, my guilt began to play its part on me and I had to stop. Spying on my little sister masturbating and beating of my own cock is about the lowest thing I could do. Its all the guilt of incest without the actual pleasure of incest. So I stopped.
I ignored any of her flirtatious moves and even though I wanted to wrap my hands around my cock and pound it like I was tenderizing chicken every time I took a peek at her cleavage, I held back. I didn't want to exceed my already shattered morals and besides that, I didn't want to get caught checking out, nevertheless whacking off to my sister.
But fuck, a little peek at her every now and then wouldn't hurt, right? Anytime she bent over...little peek. Leaned over towards me...little peak. Jump up and down...little peek. Anytime I could take a peek without getting caught, I took it.
So that's the way it continued for about a month. No looky, no touchy. And fortunately, I was never caught peeking by anyone. Then one day we were in the kitchen getting an after school snack. While I was getting the pickles out of the fridge, I told her to get the popcorn. Now by the time she was reaching up, I was already to the side to her.
She stood on her tippy toes and reached for the popcorn on the top shelf of the cabinet and I took the time to stare at her beautiful tits. Her calves were flexing from below her skimpy skirt and her tits popped out a foot from her flat belly from the side view. What really turned me on was her nipples were popped out as if they were hard. And thats when I started to think, “whats making her turned on?” Then I slowly looked up to her face, taking time to check out her sexy neck and arms, and saw that the whole time her tits where being ravaged by my eyes, she noticed. Fuck! I was caught.
Thats when she looked me up and down and just slowly licked her lips.
That night, I relapsed. I beat the shit out my dick like it fucked my wife behind my back. God Dammit! This bitch is gonna have me go crazy. From then on out, the vision of her licking her lips was glued in my mind, in turn, causing me to beat off every night. I went back to square one.
Now, even though I was a sick, perverted asshole who beat off to his sexy little sister, I was smart as hell. By the time I was a sophomore, I was taking college courses and Acing them. At the middle of my senior year, I had been offered scholarships to several major universities and even an ivy league school. Granted, it wasn't just my brains that scored me a bright future. I had been in wrestling for four years and won state twice. I wanted to be a professional fighter or a lawyer, both of which I had already got my hands on.
But my sister was another story. She was smart, but never wanted to work. She would get by with C's and never really cared about school. But when she got to high school and was forced into higher level classes, she struggled a lot.
I always tried to help her in some way, almost being her private tutor. Most of the times, she wouldn't even be able to get up to C's so I's help her any time I could. Lately though, even with my help, she refused to turn in her school work so she ended up failing her English class. At the end of the year, Her average was only a 62. and the only way she could bring it up was by making at least a B on the essay she had to write for the exam. Of course she was flipping the fuck out.
“Mari, whats wrong girl?”
“Whats wrong? Whats wrong!? I gotta write this stupid fucking essay for this stupid fucking class or im gonna fail!”
“Hey babe, dont worry about it :) Ill help you ok?”
“No problem.”
She leaned over and slowly kissed me on the cheek, poking her tongue out a bit to make it extra wet. Oh my fucking god... Instant erection.
“Thank you sammy”
And she skipped off leaving me with an essay to write and a rock hard cock. Goddammit.

It took me all of 30 min to write a 5 page essay about the causes of the civil war. Easy as can be. Plus, my baby sister would get an A on the paper and pass for the year. Then it hit me.... Why go through the trouble of seducing her and risk being caught or ratted out when I have something against her? It was like an animal instinct took over and not only did I want to use her, but I wanted to use her in lewd ways. I wanted those melons pushed together and both nipples inside my mouth. I wanted to be balls deep in my baby sisters innocent snatch and pound her like a dog on the loose. Fuck I wanted her bad. And I knew just the way...
I called Mariela into my room and she came bouncing in, smiling from ear to ear.
“Hey sam, did you finish my paper?”
“Yeah, I did”
“well....thanks.....can I have it”
“No baby, not just yet. See, you gotta earn this paper.”
“Well what do I have to do?”
She said it so innocently. I kinda felt bad doing what I was going to do. She had no idea. It was immature, perverted and even worse, insensitive to my sister. But I didn't care, I went by instinct.
“Strip for me”
She looked at me with wide eyes and even smiled a bit. But then she snapped by into reality and scolded me.
“What the Fuck?”
“You heard me, strip. Ass and tits.”
“Sammy, you gotta be kidding me.”
“Nope, i'm not. I wrote the paper as a favor, so you gotta do a favor for me little sister.”
She looked so helpless. Then angry.
“But i'm your sister! I'm not gonna strip for you, that's just wrong! Butter yet, I'm gonna go tell mom when she gets home. This is bullshit!”
That's when she tried to storm out of the room, angrier than jack frost at a beach party. Plan B...
“Well then, I guess you don't feel like passing English then, huh?”
That stopped her in her tracks and she turned around at me with again, a helpless face.
“You know I do, sammy”
“Well you already know what I want Mari. You give me what I want I'll give you what you want”
She looked hesitant at first. But when I put two hands on one side of the paper as if I was fixing to rip it, her attitude changed.
“Fine...Fine! I'll do it. Just lay back and keep your mouth closed. Mom will be back from work in a few hours so we can't take all day.”
Hell yeah! I layed back on my bed and prepared for a little strip tease. She was wearing short shorts and a pink tube top. Hehehehe....but not for very long.
She swayed her hips side to side before stopping and asking me to put on some music. I put on some electro music and enjoyed what was fixing to happen. Again, she began to sway her hips making sexy faces at me. For a girl that was being blackmailed, she sure was enjoying this.
She hooked her thumbs underneath her tube top and lifted it up over her head. Off came the first layer of clothing and her perfect tits were contained by her lace white bra. My cock was already half hard and growing. She squeezed them together and jiggled them a little while doing her trademark lip licking. Then she slipped out of her short shorts after unbuttoning and sloooowly unzipping them.. By now, the music had raised the tempo a bit and her movements become a but more natural.
She turned away from me and bent over, starting her hand at her calf and slowly rubbing up to her ass, slapping it in the process. God it was so fucking hot. She stayed bent over and slowly moved away the crotch of her white thong, placing her index finger deep inside her tight twat. She finger fucked herself, moving her finger in and out of her pussy for the next few minutes before turning back toward me and climbing on top of me.
“Sammy, please take off my bra. My tits need to be aired out.”
I slowly rubbed up her thighs and hips, moving up to the hook of her bra. Then a latched my fingers on the hooks and pulled it apart, letting her bra fall to the floor, revealing her class A tits. My dick was rock hard now and she gestured me to take care of her boobs. I brought her closer towards me and wrapped my lips around one of her nipples. At the same time, I began massaging her butt, rubbing and slapping her ass cheeks.
She started grinding up and down on me crotch while I sucked on her nipples and squeezed her ass.
“Have you ever had a blowjob?”
I was speechless that this had all happened so quickly and my baby sister looked up at me with her big blue eyes while she was slowly unfastening my belt. She unbuttoned my jeans and gently unzipped them, pulling them down in the process. So there I was, 5'10”, italian and proud, wearing a tank top and black boxer while my gorgeous little sister was topless wearing only her white thong was on her knees getting ready for my cock to hit her tonsils.
She moved my waistband down just enough to pull my rock hard cock out and slowly lick the head. I just leaned back and enjoyed while she put the head of my cock in her mouth and whip her tongue all around it. She went past the head and at the same time pumped my cock like a pro. The only sounds she could make were those of slurping. While I played with her titties from above her, she played with my balls, going deeper and deeper on my cock with every stroke. I put my hands on her head to assist her and did it well. After about 20 strokes of putting my cock down her throught, she finally took all 8 inches in her mouth, hinting to me that she had done this before.
But fuck, I didn't give 2 shits. She was giving me the best blowjob I had ever had and she was my baby sister! With every stroke her tits would sway, bringing me closer and closer.
“uuuuuuuhhhh my baby sister is a dirty naughty little girl isnt she?”
“mmmmmmmhhhhmmmmm” was all she could say with 6 inches down her throat.
She slipped a finger in her tight snatch and then two, finger fucking herself while tears streamed down her cheeks from gagging on my cock. She began to suck harder, making her tits bounce with more force and bringing me closer. My balls started to churned and she slurped and gagged and sucked like a fucking champion...
“baby, im finna cum sis. Im finna cum!”
She just looked up at me and put my cock balls deep down her 15 year old throat. And I fucking lost it.... I lifted my ass off the bed and and shoved my cock even deeper, erupting with enough cum to cover 3 episodes of CSI. Bless her, she couldn't swallow it all, but she tried. Cum dribbled out the edge of her mouth and she wiped that up with her finger and sucked it clean. She smiled at me and slimbed back on top of the bed. She straddled me and just grinned.
“Sammy, I know i'm your sister. But I want you to be my first. Please.....
I just kissed her and that was her cue. She lifted up above my straight cock and pointed it towards her opening. She looked worried but I just told her “It'll be okay baby. We'll take it slow or fast. Its all up to you.” She was reassured and let the head pop inside her tight pussy. And Fuck, she was TIGHT.
“uuuuuhhhhh fuuuckkk.”
She slid down on my cock until I got to her hymen. She began tearing up and I just wiped them away.
“Hey, its okay. Take your time.” She sucked it up and dropped down on my cock.
She rested there with my cock as deep as possible for a while. Then she sat up and started moving up and down. I reached up and fondled her nipples while she hurried the pace. We both began grunting and moaning and pretty soon, she started bouncing on my cock, her titties bouncing in opposition. I held them up and jiggled them around while I moved my hips with the rhythm, pushing my cock deeper and deeper inside her tight snatch.
“aah ahhh aaaaah aaaaah mmmmmmm”
She bounced harder and harder on my diamond cutting dick, hitting her cervix with almost every stroke. She grinded her pelvis on me each time she lowered herself, which let me play with her swollen clit. Her lustful eyes pushed me harder and I lifted her up and pounded her from below.
She collapsed on top of me and spasmed, squeezing my cock with unbelievably sexy force and squirting thin streams of feminine cum all over my stomach. Yeah....shes a squirter. That sent me over the fucking edge. I bent her over and wrapped my arms around her body. I pounded with all my might upwards and exploded inside her tight pussy, sending a second wave of orgasm for her. She collapsed on top of me and I rolled her over, and pulled the blanket over us. We were beat, and even though our mom was coming home, we didnt give a fuck. She'd be delivering my baby boy in 9 months anyways so we just fell into a deep sleep, staying together all night.


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