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This is my first story so I welcome any feedback good or bad. This is a sci-fi tale set in a post apocalyptic world over-run by demons. A young scout finds far more than she bargains for in the desolate remains of a town. I truly hope you enjoy this and please don't forget to leave a comment if you like it...or even if you don't! Many thanks!!

Lacrima picked her way through the rubble and debris of the broken town. Barely a few months before, this had been a bustling stronghold, a last outpost of the dwindling human race. Now it lay decimated, open to the bleak skies like an eviscerated corpse.
The half-elf scouted the area alone, checking for signs of life or, more importantly, signs of demonic infestation. Her sharp eyes scanned the ruins of each building intently, the deep green of her irises glittering in the fading light like emeralds on an ornate swords hilt.

She wore the standard issue slate grey jumpsuit and black body armour that designated her as a soldier in the Terran rebellion corps. Being a scout, Lacrima carried a more compact version pulse rifle and the jumpsuit was a tighter fit to allow almost silent movement. The thick grey material clung to her slim, lithe body, rippling as her powerful leg muscles propelled her through the terrain like a prowling feline on the hunt for prey.

Lacrima moved stealthily, her long years of training and combat experience making her movements fluid, almost feline. Her slender shape stalked the shadows, a wraith in search of prey on a desolate landscape. A light breeze ghosted through the empty streets like the last, racking breath of a dying man and it stirred the deep auburn hair that hung in loose curls down Lacrimas back in a long ponytail that reached midway down her shoulders.

Her patrol took her toward the centre of what remained of the town and the church at its heart. The ancient structure that once cut an imposing silhouette now lay broken. The spire that had once stood proud in its benevolence and glory to the heavens had been destroyed completely. All that remained were snapped rafters jutting toward the heavens like the dried, broken ribs of the town’s chest.

Lacrima approached the once great main entrance to the church, gaping wide open like a deep wound. Its doors had been ripped from their hinges and used as wood to burn the few that had survived the demon attack in a pyre to their fell lord. Lacrimas nose wrinkled as an offensive smell reached her nostrils and she was certain she could still smell the burning flesh of those unfortunates as she entered the threshold of the church, the stench forever tainting the very air that twisted and eddied in the light breeze.

The young half-elf darted into the once holy place and began her search of the desolate interior space when she froze suddenly. Her sharp eyes had spotted movement and she knelt silently behind the splintered remains of a pew to observe the scene before her with a sense of wonderment.

The one known as the hunter was knelt beside the churches altar. He was knelt in a pool of light that was cast through the shattered remains of a large stained glass window. The human had stripped his signature leather greatcoat and black body armour to expose his upper torso. The warriors skin was pale, a common sign of those that lived under the burned sky that now hung over the worlds diseased landscape and his body was coated in a thin sheen of sweat that glittered in the vaguely fragmented ray of light. Lacrimas skin tone was closer to that of her Elven kin making it paler still than even this hunters and this emphasised the freckles on her nose and upper cheeks and the young half-elf felt the warmth of a faint blush which she knew would only make them stand out even more. The hunter had his right arm rested on a broken plinth beside the altar and he appeared to be sewing a deep gash that ran most the length of his upper arm.

The humans muscles flexed and bulged with pain as the needle pierced his flesh and, although the scene before her was gruesome, Lacrima could not help but find a certain pleasure from seeing this half naked human.

At 43 years old, Lacrima was considered a young adult within her race, the equivalent of a human girl just out of her teens. This combined with the near constant training and battle meant that Lacrima had never had time to think much about males and she had never touched a males body except for when she was sparring or treating wounds. Now, crouched silently in her hiding place, she marvelled at the masculine specimen before her. The mans body was in amazing physical condition, his rippling stomach and large arm muscles sending unfamiliar shivers of pleasure through the half-elf’s slender body.

Despite her combat senses screaming in protest, the young soldier felt compelled to move closer and, breaking cover at a crouch, she silently, crept closer to the hunter as a moth would draw close to a bright flame. She could not explain her excitement or the want to approach but somehow, she just wanted to be closer to him and to gaze upon his from with better detail.

As she drew closer, Lacrima could see the warriors movements in better detail and stifled a grin as she realised he was evidently not a trained medic. The hunters stitches were neat and tight but he was moving at a slow and deliberate pace as one with knowledge but little experience would do. He had obviously read or seen how to perform field medication but had not had much practice and it was made infinitely harder by having to perform it on himself.

Such was Lacrima’s attention to the muscled human that she momentarily forgot the teachings of stealth and accidently kicked a small piece of fallen masonry, sending it skittering across the marbled floor. The hunter’s reaction was immediate and lightning fast. Combat reflexes that had been honed over countless battles snapped his hand down to the nearest weapon, a pistol that had lay out of Lacrima’s sight, behind the rock on which he had rested his injured arm and brought the sidearm up to point at the source of the sound. “Show yourself.” This was the first time Lacrima had ever heard the human speak and she was taken aback as to how deep and resonant it was, echoing around the desolate church in commanding, bass waves.

The half-elf intruder did not move from her place hidden behind a bench, frozen like a frightened rabbit in a set of intense, masculine headlights. She gulped hard, somehow knowing the demon hunters’ weapon was aimed directly at her. The hunter’s voice sounded once more, this time dropping to a dangerously quiet level that nevertheless carried a weighty tone of malice. “I know you skulk in the shadows, now step where I can see you or I will send you back to the cursed spawning pit that birthed you.”

Slowly, as if afraid that she would be shot at the slightest movement, Lacrima stepped out from her crouched position behind a shattered pew and stood, head bowed slightly like a school child caught by a tutor. Long moments passed as the hunter appeared to study her silently from beneath the gunmetal shades that he was never seen without. Lacrima felt a sudden chill and a sense of nakedness passed like a shudder down her spine. It was as if the human was looking through her, seeing past her physical form to study her inner being. This highly uncomfortable feeling was only accented by the sight of the pistol that was pointed at her head.

After what was likely only a minute but, what felt like an age to Lacrima, the hunter stood and descended the steps from the altars dais, onto the filthy marble of the churches main floor. His movements were slow but fluid, resembling a predator approaching its quarry. Despite the obvious danger to her person, Lacrima could not help but notice his build. The man was easily close to six feet tall and she was drawn to the way the directional light from the broken window shimmered from his pale skin and threw the musculature of his body into an ever changing landscape of light and shadow. The pistol never once strayed from Lacrima, true proof of this hunters martial prowess.

The hunter approached Lacrima in silence and the half-elf felt unable to move or speak, somehow held in a trance by this human. All she could do was stand and await her fate, her emerald eyes watching the now dim light reflect from his naked upper body which seemed to accent his already impressive musculature, and wonder why she felt such conflicting emotions of fear and another, more confusing feeling…was it desire?!

The hunter came to a halt a score of paces from the half-elf and slowly lowered the weapon although Lacrima noted that he kept a pew between them to keep her from approaching him at speed. Once before her, he spoke once again, this time without the dangerous malice but a note of wariness still rang through its deep tones.
“I have seen no activity in this place for several days now.”

As he approached this intruder, the hunter appraised the potential threat. It was certainly human or of a humanoid race. It wore the uniform of a rebel scout and was female judging by the way the armour had been shaped around the chest area.
As he got closer, he could make out more details and he began to think this was no attacker. The being stood before him was a half-elf, one of the new races that had emerged after the initial demon invasion of Terra. This specimen was around average height for one of her race, around 5’ 6” and slender. Her hair was a striking shade of red, pulled back in a tight ponytail although a few stray strands framed her almost ghostly pale face. With a slight flush of realisation, the human came to note that this accentuated the females already considerable beauty.

Most half-elves took on the elegant, sharp features of their elven parent but this one had much softer facial features. The almost translucent pale skin of her slender face had a healthy, porcelain smoothness and was broken only by a set of freckles that ran across her cheeks and small, button nose. Her pointed ears and full, pale lips gave her an exotic, alluring aspect, greatly accented by her slanted green eyes and it was into these emerald orbs that the hunter found himself gazing. The females eyes glittered with an energy and intelligence that he had rarely encountered and the human felt long repressed feelings stirring deep within his mind.

Lacrima saw faint confusion flickering over the humans face in his eyebrows and lips and she wondered what must be going on in the hunters mind. So preoccupied was she with this turn of events coupled with her own confused emotions that she almost jumped out of her skin when the warrior spoke again.
“What brings you to this area soldier?”

The hunters voice still carried an almost ingrained air of authority but the scout could detect a warming of his tone and she attempted to cover her fear by throwing a veil of confidence over her flustered state. Squaring her shoulders, she stood before the human, and fixed him with what she hoped was a nonchalant glare.
“The same could be asked of you sir.”
Her statement met silence and the young scout decided to continue
“A number of scouts have been sent from outpost Dacorum Theta to assess if this area is safe for rehabilitation. The demons appear to have slaked their thirst for blood here and moved on.”

The hunter nodded slightly but said nothing and Lacrima was left with the uneasy sense that he was analysing everything she said, searching for any falsehoods. Silence ensued as the two seemed to assess each other. In the heavy silence, Lacrima found her gaze meandering over the muscular torso of the hunter and she felt very unusual stirrings within her, it certainly felt like desire but why? She had only ever seen this human from a distance and never spoken to him so why should she feel anything but curiosity for this lone demon stalker.

As she tried to force her path of thought onto a different track, her green eyes settled on his wounded arm. The Half-Elf had heard many a rumour about this human, he was a loner and little was truly known of his background or intentions. All that was really known was his ability and desire to destroy demons wherever he encountered them. This is my chance perhaps, Lacrima thought to herself. Perhaps I could find out more about this human and prepare a report back to the council. The rebellion council were extremely interested as to how one man could survive so long in the wildernesses and cursed plains. Any information she could gleam from him could prove vital for future plans.

After taking a few, calming breaths, the half-elf softened her face slightly, taking on what she hoped was a convincing mask of a concerned face. Lacrima then adopted a quieter, friendlier tone as she addressed the hunter once more.
“Your wound looks deep, would you like to see one of our healers? It is not a great distance to Dacorum…”
There was a moments hesitation as, suddenly, an image flashed into her minds eye of her small hands stroking the naked skin of the muscular humans arm her pale hand on the smooth, warm flesh as it glittered in a pool of light. She could almost feel the firmness of his muscle on her fingertips. The heady rush of blood to her cheeks caught Lacrima off guard and it took effort not to gasp with surprise. Quickly trying to re-centre her thoughts, Lacrima managed to continue unsteadily.
“..Or…perhaps…allow me to help you?”

An awkward silence followed with the hunter remaining static as if he hadn’t even heard the young scouts’ words. The pause allowed Lacrimas mind to run riot with images of her touching this pale, muscular limb. Her skin tingled as her mind tried to recreate what this warriors body would feel like to her delicate touch and this sent an intense flood of emotions through the young half-elf forcing her to draw on her inner strength in a desperate attempt to not stagger back from the mental onslaught. Such was the intensity of the images, Lacrima found herself panting faintly and, with a sudden stab of realisation, she knew she was blushing deeply.

Dim light that filtered through the ruined windows and open roof, catching the reflective surfaces of the hunters shades. The human stood before the scout like a statue of ancient times. I marble carved warrior king, stripped to the waist and battle scarred. The poetic imagery did nothing to help Lacrimas flustered state and, when the hunter finally did speak, even his quiet tone caused her to jump in surprise at the sudden shattering of silence.
“No, no healers.”
Another short pause and this time, the shock had sharpened the young scouts senses and she could detect a feint note of confusion on the hunters stoic features. Was he thinking similar thoughts of her?! His head flicked to look down at his wound and he brought his arm up to allow closer inspection.

Lacrima was transfixed by the movement. Rarely had she seen such a beautifully masculine limb. Whilst being well muscled, it was not over-built and unsightly. Each muscle moved and bunched with smooth control as the hunter flexed them, testing the depth of the wound and even the wince of pain as he moved damaged tissue wasn’t enough to halt the half-elf’s reverie.

After a few moments, the hunter came to a conclusion and lowered his arm, fixing the young female in his gaze once more and Lacrima hoped she didn’t look as flustered as she felt. The hunter spoke and, for the first time since their meeting several minutes before, she detected a note of kindness in his voice. It was very feint but it was there nonetheless.
“It may prove useful if you could aid me. You are trained in field medicine?”

Lacrima nodded dumbly, unable to form words and hoped it would be enough. After a long moment, the hunter nodded in return, a slow, short movement and turned away from her, heading toward the dais steps.
Taking this as a silent invitation to follow, Lacrima fell in behind. As she walked, Lacrima allowed her gaze to roam a little more freely over the humans back now she didn’t feel like her every thought was being scrutinised by his intense stare. The human had virtually no fat on his body which allowed Lacrima to see the musculature of his back. She watched the small muscles around his spine sliding back and forth with his gait and the large, impressive muscles of his shoulders as his arms swayed at his sides. The scout looked over his figure and felt a warmth in the base of her stomach as her eyes took in his slim waist and broad shoulders. This truly was an excellent specimen of masculinity. The only thing marring the image was the state of the human’s skin. His back was a latticework of scars, most healed but a few stood out an angry red likely making them fresher and Lacrima found herself building a new level of respect and wonder for this lone warrior. She would have to ask for more about these wounds when the time arose.

Mounting the steps to the altar plinth, the hunter led the half-elf to the position she had first encountered him beside the great, stone slab. There she found the humans armour and equipment laid out in almost perfectly straight lines, not a single item out of place. The young scout stifled a giggle on seeing such tidiness. She had no idea a warrior of such stature and obvious skill also lived a life burdened with Oppressive Compulsive disorder!

“Something amuses you?”
Startled, Lacrima snapped her head up and realised with a start that she was once more in the humans shaded gaze. She had had no idea she had been smiling outwardly and took on a sheepish expression.
“My apologies sir, I meant no offence. It is just not often I encounter a male with such…order.”
A pause ensued and the young scouts heart dropped as she feared she had annoyed the hunter and blown any chance for knowledge. Then, something completely unexpected happened which made her heart sing. For the first time since their meeting, the hunter smiled. It was a brief curling of the lips accompanied by a quick exhalation resembling a snort of amusement but it was enough to bring a beaming grin the female’s mouth.
“Indeed my lady. My mother taught me well to organise myself in all things. An organised mind is a potent weapon in battle she used to tell me.”
The smile dropped from Lacrimas face at the warrior’s use of past tense
“Your mother…she is...”
“Dead. Yes.”

Those words spoken, the hunter turned and walked to the fallen slab where his med kit was laid out and sat down, looking down at his arm where, Lacrima realised, the needle was still embedded in his flesh where he had been stitching before her interruption.
The finality of his movements gave evidence that his mothers death was a sore subject which was understandable. Nobody could take such an event without great sorrow but there was something about the stiffness of his turn and the look that flashed across his face before doing so that made the scout think that there was more to it than natural causes. She would perhaps broach the subject when she had gained more of his trust.

Silently, the half-elf slipped into a crouch beside the hunters injured arm, taking it in her hands and gently cradling it while she took a closer inspection of the wound. Before she even touched him, Lacrimas head was getting fuzzy. The first thing that she took in was his scent which was unlike any male before. Most of the men she knew were soldiers in the rebel corps and they smelled of sweat and dirt. This human had a certain muskiness to his scent but he didn’t smell unclean, the aroma was also cut through with a fresh, almost floral scent that sent the young half-elf almost dizzy as she thought that this was how all true men should smell.

On taking his arm, Lacrimas gloved hands felt the firmness of his muscles before the soothing heat of his body penetrated through, heightening what the scout now realised was her arousal. Again, confusion rose in her mind as she tried to fathom how she could be having feelings like this, everything was wrong. These were feelings that she had never experienced before, this was a man she had never met until today, in a place that had, barely a few weeks before been a charnel house of blood and decimation. In an attempt to take her mind off her tingling lower regions, Lacrima focused on the warriors injury.

A deep laceration ran down a good length of the hunters upper arm, almost perfectly slicing between his bicep and brachialis muscles. The tear was ragged which made it unlikely that it was a blade or sharp object that had done the damage and even through the warmth of her aroused state, a chill ran down Lacrima’s spine at the depth of the rip and she knew this must be causing a huge amount of pain to the human despite his outwardly calm state. She looked up quizzically
“How did this happen? It is a truly nasty wound.”
The hunter uttered a single word that made the young female bite her lower lip with fear and concern
The word repeated in Lacrima’s mind, Daxzkepyl, an officer in the demonic armies. This type of officer was a horrendous amalgamation of man and crustacean, his main weapon being a huge, armour plated claw that resembled that of a lobster or crab. To take down one of these abominations was difficult for a squad of mortals, to do so one-on-one was almost unheard of.
“You fought a Daxzkepyl on your own?!” she gasped incredulously
“I did. The damned spawn died hard and not before causing me this.”
The hunter gestured angrily at the open wound as if such a beast didn’t deserve to be able to cause one such as him pain. Lacrima wondered at this warrior’s martial prowess and made a vow to herself to try and learn as much as possible about the battle. It would likely contain a wealth of tips on how to take on the demons.

Examining the ripped flesh closer, Lacrima made sure the wound was clean and then checked the hunter’s stitching.
“Stitching up a wound like this is difficult, especially if you’re trying to do it alone.”
Dropping his arm gently, Lacrima removed her gloves to enable her to treat him properly and looked over his medical supplies, nodding slowly as she ran through the procedures out loud.
“Your med kit is well stocked sir. By the looks of it you have started well, injecting the blood-flow inhibiter to slow bleeding and, judging by the torn packaging, you have well sanitised the area.”
Trying to lighten the mood and thinking he had begun to relax, Lacrima grinned
“You’ll not make a seamstress I’m afraid judging by the quality of your stitching though.”
This comment was rewarded with a grunt of merriment and a smile that completely changed the hunter’s face. Lacrima was momentarily taken aback as to how his usually stern features changed so completely into a softness that melted her heart. This was a man that had known happiness once and that made it all the worse that one such as him had to eek out an existence in such a forsaken environment.

Smiling herself, Lacrima took up the hunter’s arm once more, relishing the skin to skin contact and gently lay it on her knee so she could begin stitching properly. As gently as she could, the scout started to sew up the deep tear. Her training did her proud and the young scout deftly placed small stitches over the wound, drawing the two halves of flesh together. After a few stitches, she looked up and saw that the hunter winced ever so slightly every time she pushed the needle though his flesh and her face fell in shock as realisation dawned.
“You haven’t used any anaesthetic?!”
The hunter shook his head but gestured for her to continue, only speaking after she had almost finished.
“Feeling pain is no problem to me. Helps me know I am still human.”
Lacrima laughed incredulously
“Now what is that supposed to mean?”
“When you have seen the twisted agony of a possessed humans face as his body is re-structured from the inside, you quickly learn to appreciate that life isn’t all bad. Pain keeps me sharp.”
Lacrima shook her head with a smirk
“I do not understand your logic sir for I have not seen such a thing and have no wish to. I for one will not rest until the very slightest demonic taint is cleansed from our earth.”
“Oh really?”
The tone of the hunter’s voice caused Lacrima to look up from her work and she saw an odd expression drift over his face like a passing breeze of ill content. This concerned her and she decided to press further, hoping she wasn’t overstepping the mark.
“Is that not what you wish for? A world free of these abominations?”
After a moment, the hunter began to nod slowly
“Indeed, freeing this world of the hell spawn is of great importance to me. As to removing the merest taint…I think that will prove harder than you think young scout.”
The half-elf looked up and tried to peer deeply into the shaded eyes of the human
“Please, call me Lacrima.”
“Lacrima, that is a pleasant name…for a pleasant girl.”
The words caused the half-elf to beam openly as she tied up the final stitch.
“Why, good sir, I do believe you are flirting with me.”
Suddenly, the hunter snatched his arm away from Lacrimas lap, turning his back on her.
“You are mistaken young scout. You would do well to keep your distance from me. People that get too close have a habit of dying.”
Lacrima controlled her shocked surprise and reached out to lay a comforting hand on the hunter’s shoulder. She wanted to keep him close, for both military and suddenly personal reasons.
“I am not afraid of danger my lord, I only wish to learn from you. Your knowledge…”
“My knowledge is worth NOTHING to you dead. Besides, you would not wish to know me!”
The force of the hunter’s tone shocked Lacrima and she felt a stab of hurt pride at his assumptions but she attempted to keep a soothing level to her voice
“I am well trained and have combat experience, I can handle myself well. And I would very much like to know you better my lord.”

Lacrima stopped suddenly. She had had no intention of uttering those words and she felt suddenly bashful at her outburst. She could feel the hunter’s breathing deepen in the movements of his shoulder underneath her hand and a sudden wave of desire washed through her, causing her to gently lay her free hand on his other shoulder in what she hoped was a calming way, hoping desperately to keep him close, to feel him.
“I do not claim to know anything of your background or lifestyle my lord but I would dearly wish for you to tell me of it.”
As she spoke, Lacrima realised her hands had begun to unconsciously massage the warrior’s shoulders. She also noticed he had not complained so she decided to continue.

The half-elf’s small hands moved delicately over the hunter’s shoulders, squeezing the bunched muscles and straightening them with gentle squeezes of her fingers. The motions over the warm, firm flesh brought a new wave of arousal to the young female and she felt the area between her legs begin to tingle. Was this what desire really felt like? The massage was evidently having an effect on the hunter also as he shifted his weight to make himself more comfortable. Taking the opportunity, Lacrima slid forward on her knees so she could be closer to this masculine human.

Pressing her armoured body to his back, the half-elf drew a deep breath, taking in the scent of the hunter and noting the subtle change in his aroma. The musk she had smelled before was more prominent and it was now overlaid with a sharper scent. Was he becoming aroused also?

The thought drew pictures of a wholly more sordid nature in Lacrimas minds eye and she felt the heat in her cheeks intensify. Also, the tingle in her loins had given way to a wetness that she now felt between her legs. Her mind raced ‘Oh lord, I want him…but I have never been with a male, let alone a human. What would he make of me if I did not please him?’

The young Lacrimas head swum with possibilities and lust began to flood her mind like a long held back tide. Shifting herself up, straightening her kneeling legs, Lacrima raised herself so she could see over his shoulder, the whole time her hands servicing his now relaxing shoulders. A small purr drifted from the back of the hunter’s throat which Lacrima felt through the flesh of his shoulders and this spurred her on to risk a forbidden glance. Craning her neck slightly, Lacrima peered over the hunter’s shoulder, hoping he wouldn’t detect what she was doing and focused her gaze on the human’s crotch. The sight that beheld her caused her jaw to drop.

Her lust-filled images had pictured a large member but the bulge that distended the black leather of the hunter’s combat breeches hinted at an organ that was impressive even for one of his height and stature.

It had been a long time since he had felt female hands on his flesh and it was likely he had never felt such a dextrous touch. This half-elf was not only a skilled scout - for what other reason would the rebellion allow her to go out alone - but she had a touch that was both delicate and yet, somehow firm.

Her small hands caressed the knotted musculature of his shoulders with almost unerring accuracy, seeking out and straightening the muscles bunched and taught from long months of fighting.

Such was the warmth and feel of her touch that the warrior felt a subtle warmth spreading in his loins that he had long dismissed as obsolete. Just then, he felt the cool pressure of her armoured breasts against his back as the young female pressed her body closer to his. This contact, combined with the soft, ghosting flow of her warm breath against his right shoulder sent waves of pleasure straight to his groin and he felt long forgotten needs stirring deep within.

He heard a soft gasp from his right and angled his head slightly to glance over at the females’ pretty face. The half-elf was biting her lip, a look that only served to enhance her already considerable beauty and the hunter felt his body flush with heat as his lust for this young female began to blossom.

At that point, Lacrima felt eyes upon her and turned her head to look into the hunters’ shaded gaze. The two held that look for several moments, held still in the unending space-time of blossoming desire.

As one, the heads of the human and half-elf began a slow, inexorable movement toward each others. Their lips parted slightly as they neared until, with a delicate slowness, the two pairs finally met for a brief moment before parting again.

The hunter’s shades hid his eyes but Lacrima could feel the raw lust emanating from him as her emerald gaze drank in his strong features and stubbled jaw. She knew full well that his lustful intentions were only matched by her own and she looked into the lenses with a blazing desire. The pair held each others gaze a short time longer, each waiting for the others unspoken approval to continue. Then, silently, their lips met once more and remained in contact.

Lacrima’s eyes fluttered closed as her lips pressed against his, the sensation of kissing this human a drug of such strength that she felt her head begin to spin as, with unconscious movements, she moved her lips against his in a long, passionate kiss.

Liquid heat flowed through him, filling his body with the flames of desire as he parted his lips against hers and allowed his tongue to gently caress the firmness of her lips. The flames roared into a new level on feeling her lips part enough to allow her tongue to move against his, gently stroking it with an intoxicating tenderness.

His hand drifted up to gently caress Lacrimas right cheek, stroking it tenderly with his thumb as they continued their deep kiss. Feeling the gentle touch, Lacrima allowed her hands to travel down his chest, her fingertips tracing delicate lines down his pectorals to his well-formed abdomen.

The warmth of her fingers on his skin sent shivers of arousal through his body and the hunter’s breathing quickened as his passionate kiss with the half-elf continued. Feeling her touch slither down his chest and onto his stomach, he was overcome by a wave of lust and gripped Lacrima’s wrist. The scouts eyes flew open at the sudden feeling but they soon fluttered closed once more, this time with anticipation as she felt him guiding her hand lower, toward the object of her recent desire.

Lacrima allowed her minds eye to picture the swell and trough of the warrior’s abdominal muscles as her pale hand was slid down his firm body. Her breathing quickened as her fingers touched over the waistband and belt, her lips pressing deeper into his as she settled herself lower to enable her to reach his lower body. Her breath then caught in her throat as she touched it.

Her fingertips stroked over a hard, thick bulge that pressed against the leather of his trousers and the young half-elf moaned into the human’s mouth with a satisfied purr. Pressing her palm against the bulge, Lacrima started to slide her hand up and down the thick shaft slowly, taking in the curve and rigid hardness of the organ as she pleasured it.

The hunter moaned in reply to her movements and the young scout allowed herself a slight smile as the pair held their lips locked together in a passion that only those that had abstained for years could fully appreciate.

The hunter’s fingers that had, up until now been caressing Lacrima’s cheek now began a quest down the side of her throat where the warmth of his skin and the delicate touch of his fingers made her pale skin tingle with delight.

His hand continued, across her shoulder and down her arm, finally slipping underneath her elbow and coming to rest over the uppermost clasp of her body armour. The thought that the human was about to begin stripping her sent a thrill through the half elf’s body and her moans deepened into the hunter’s mouth.

With a muffled snap, the clasp came undone. This was followed soon after by the others and Lacrima felt the weight shift as her body armour hung beneath her stooped body. With a longing flicker of her tongue, Lacrima broke the pairs kiss and slipped the armour over her head to reveal the slate grey jumpsuit she wore beneath.

Turning back from dropping her armour, Lacrima found the hunter on his feet. Once more the young half-elf found herself marvelling at how the light from the shattered roof glistened from his pale skin giving him an almost ethereal quality as his powerful arms reached out for her. Lacrima felt herself moving without conscious effort and she all but fell into his strong embrace. Throwing her head back, the scout thrust her lips up to meet his once more and her arms wrapped around his firm waist in a passionate embrace.

The hunter wrapped his arms around the half-elf’s slender body and released himself to her passion. He could smell her more clearly now the armour was removed and he enjoyed the way each of his senses was caressed by her fresh aroma, her firm, slim body in his arms and the sound of her body moving as it was pressed to his along with the barely audible moans emanating from her throat.

Bringing one hand around, the hunter cupped one of the half-elf’s breasts, caressing it gently and delicately teasing the hard nub of her nipple with one of his fingers. The female’s breasts were very firm and pert with the nipples pushing against the fabric of her jumpsuit as if trying to break free of their material prison.

Slipping his hand further up her body, the hunter briefly caressed Lacrima’s chin before moving to the zip at her neck, sliding it down and revealing her pale skin to his gaze for the first time.

The fabric of the jumpsuit parted slightly as the zip continued on its journey downwards and the hunter drank in the sight of Lacrima’s cleavage. The two pale orbs pressed together in the confines of their clothing.

Stopping the zip at her waist, the hunter could resist no more and dipped his head, placing a series of kisses between her breasts. Gasping with delight, Lacrima rested her hands on the back of his head, bathing in the feeling of another’s lips and tongue caressing the sensitive skin of her breasts for the first time.

Feeling the firmness of her full breasts against his lips, the hunter wrapped his arms around Lacrima’s waist, holding her close as he lavished the cleavage of her breasts with his kisses.

Desperate for more, the half-elf shrugged the jumpsuit from her shoulders and allowed the top to fall away to hang below her waist. The slate grey material parted like softly moving curtains to reveal the deep valley of her breasts and the smooth, undulating horizon of her torso to the hungry eyes of the hunter. Lifting his head back slightly, his gaze drank in the delicious curves of her body and the swell of her firm breasts. The dark pink of her areolas stood in contrast to the pale white of her skin and her nipples protruded from the tips of her breasts as if beckoning the human to them.

Obeying the lustful call, the hunter dipped his head once more. This time, his lips wrapped gently around one of Lacrima’s nipples. His lips enveloped the dark areola and drew the nipple into his mouth. This produced a shuddering gasp from the half-elf as the electricity of his suckling transmitted into rippling waves of pleasure that travelled to every corner of her body. Hearing her inhalation and feeling her body shivering at his ministrations, the hunter gently flicked his tongue over the tip of Lacrima’s nipple whilst it was trapped in the warmth of his mouth causing her shuddering to increase and a faint mewling of ecstasy to escape from the scouts’ throat.

Suckling gently, the hunter raised a hand and ran his fingers through the flame red tresses of Lacrimas’ hair. The softness of her hair combined with the smoothness of her skin brought deep growls of pleasure from the hunter that vibrated through Lacrimas’ nipple and caused the nub to harden further, sending electric pulses of arousal to course through the half-elfs’ body.

Never had Lacrima felt such feelings as those that now coursed through her body. Her head rolling back, Lacrima grasped the hunters head in both hands, cupping his stubbled cheeks gently and lifted him so his lips were almost touching hers. Still holding his head, Lacrima brushed her lips over his, ghosting her soft flesh across his slowly before pressing her face forward, taking him into a deep kiss with a faint murmur.

The hunter felt Lacrimas’ hips pressing against his, the rhythmic movements of her grinding gently against him coupled with the scent and warmth of her body against his sending shivers up and down his spine. With one hand slipping around between them, the human slowly unzipped the jumpsuit completely and slid the material over her hips, letting it drop to the floor with a soft rustle.

Sliding the backs of his fingers along the smooth, soft skin of the half-elfs’ body, the hunter cupped his hands under her buttocks. This drew forth a purr of enjoyment from both hunter and scout as Lacrima felt his touch on the thinly veiled meat of her buttocks and the hunter felt the firm roundness that seemed to fit the cup of his hands as if sculpted for them. Gently, with a lovers touch, the hunter started squeezing and caressing this perfect backside whilst allowing the tip of his tongue to glide against hers in an elegant dance of passion.

Lacrima drifted on a gently undulating sea of pleasure as she felt her body caressed in ways she had never experienced and only rarely imagined. How this hunter was able to be so gentle amazed her as his reputation for merciless killing of his enemies was well known. Yet here, in this decimated church, he held her as a collector would cradle his finest treasure and caressed her skin with such delicacy it was little more than the whisper of a lovers breath washing over her.

The half-elf was snatched from her reverie as the hunters hands tightened on her buttocks and she felt herself being lifted off the stone-paved floor. Instinctively, she wrapped her legs around the human and, in doing so, felt the bulge of his erection press against the thin fabric of her panties and rub across the sensitive lips of her womanhood. This was a sensation like no other she had, up until this moment experience and she gasped, open-mouthed on feeling the wave of pleasure that washed quickly over her.

Turning slightly, the hunter took a few steps and lowered the scout slightly before she felt the cold bite of stone on her upper thighs. With a gasp of surprise at the sudden sensation, Lacrima realised that she was sitting on the edge of the altar. Keeping her strong legs wrapped around the hunters’ waist, the half-elf gripped his body and pulled him to her, taking his lips into another deep, lingering kiss.

The hunter allowed the kiss to continue for a few long moments. He couldn’t get enough of her full lips pressing against his and he deeply enjoyed the way her tongue caressed his so delicately. Soon though, he tore his lips from hers as he sought out another level of pleasure. He kissed down the young scouts’ neck and over her chest as he had done before. This time, however, he did not pause at her breasts but continued on, down to her flat stomach, kneeling slowly as his head descended over the pale, soft skin of Lacrimas’ body.

Feeling the tender caress of his lips on the previously untouched skin of her torso sent shivers coursing up Lacrimas’ spine and she ran the fingers of her hands through his short-cropped hair. As the human knelt before her, his intentions began to make themselves known and it was made very clear as she felt his fingers wrapped around the waistband of her panties and slowly began sliding them down. Lifting her body from the altar slightly, allowing the human to slip the soft material of the panties over her thighs, Lacrima felt the thrill as she realised she was soon to be naked in the presence of a male for the first time in her life. A brief feeling of wariness stabbed into her mind as a sudden doubt came in as to how this human would treat her in these most intimate of encounters. This thought was soon quashed however as the panties finally slipped from her feet and fell soundlessly to the paved floor and she felt the humans lips touch against her thighs.
The warmth of his breath was the first sensation, ghosting over the delicate skin of her inner leg. This heralded the arrival of the humans lips which touched against her thigh with such a tenderness that it sent shivers of delight coursing through her body. Lacrima moaned softly as she felt the hunter drawing his soft lips slowly along her pale skin leaving a trail of tingling flesh in their wake. The young half-elfs hands slid down her own body, using the backs of her fingertips to stimulate the skin of her torso, sending her deeper into the lapping waves of pleasure washing over her.

The further up her thigh the lips travelled, the deeper Lacrima fell, drifting helplessly on the calm waters of her arousal. Never had she felt such pleasure and these new sensations flowing around her body from this human were like exotic electricity flowing into her from his touch. She gasped slightly as she felt the moist heat of his tongue slip from between his lips as his head approached the very top of her leg. He pressed his tongue into the crevice where her leg met her body and lapped gently there launching wave after powerful wave of arousal up her spine. Moaning louder, the half-elf reached down to clutch the back of the hunters head, trying to draw his lips to the centre of her arousal. Obeying her unspoken command, the hunter lifted his head slightly only to press his lips against the moist lips of her sex.

This first ever touch of another being was almost more than Lacrima could take and she arched her back as the humans soft lips moved against her womanhood in a passionate kiss. The half-elf drew a deep breath through clenched teeth in a long hiss of desire which suddenly became a whimpered gasp of ecstasy as the humans tongue once again pressed forth from his mouth. His hot, wet tongue parted the lips of the young scouts womanhood to press against the nub of her clitoris. Intense shocks of electric arousal coursed along the length of the half-elfs spine as the human flicked his tongue against her clit with long, gentle strokes.

Lacrima gripped the back of the hunters head with an increased urgency as her level of arousal started to peak faster than she ever thought possible. Lacrima had pleasured herself a few times using her fingers but never had she felt such a gentle touch and, even through the thick haze of ecstasy she found herself marvelling at the hunters skill. His skills with a blade and firearm were well documented but never would she have imagined that these skills could be translated into a sexual context.

Lacrimas moans increased in volume along with her arousal and she began to writhe on the cold stone of the alter as she approached orgasm, clawing at the back of the hunters head as her pleasure began to overflow. Whimpering and shuddering along her entire body, Lacrima came to a powerful orgasm. The half-elf wrapped her legs around the shoulders and neck of the hunter, trying to pull his expert tongue as close to her as she could whilst screaming her intense pleasure to the broken rafters of the church.

The hunter moaned softly as he tasted the nectar of Lacrimas sex. His tongue lapped at her as a parched wolf would drink from a stream, pushing his tongue into her opening to reach the moisture within. The half-elfs nectar tasted different to human females, carrying an almost intoxicating sweetness. With the females climax came a wave of this sweet juice that he drank willingly.

Reaching up, he filled his hands with Lacrimas firm breasts, kneading them gently as he continued to lavish her with his tongue. The years of battle had left little time for such encounters but the human had enjoyed the company of his fair share of women but there was something about this young half-elf. From her scent to her taste and even her aura spoke to the hunter on a level he had not felt before.

Lacrima mewled like a young kitten as spears of pure ecstasy lanced through her spine sending shivers of pleasure throughout her body. Her pale skin shone in the shaft of light as she writhed on the altar, the humans tongue sending her to levels of sublime pleasure that she had never dreamt possible.

Feeling another climax approaching, Lacrima moaned softly “Please…Please…” She lay her hands on his as they massaged her breasts, bringing them to her nipples where she let him tease them with his fingertips adding another layer of sensation to her reverie. This sent her over the edge once more and with shuddering gasps, Lacrima reached climax for the second time.

The hunter lingered between her pale thighs long enough to finish drawing her nectar into his mouth before pulling away and standing. Her chest heaving as she caught her breath, Lacrima looked once more into the shielded gaze of the hunter and for a long moment, the pair looked at each other in silence, lovers without the need of words.

With an unspoken agreement, the human unbuckled his belt and unzipped his combat trousers, allowing them to fall to the flagstones with a clatter. Propping herself up on her elbows, Lacrima dropped her gaze to the hunters crotch and the bulge that now distended his underwear. Without the confinement of the thick trousers, the bulge seemed even bigger and Lacrima felt a smile creasing the corners of her lips as she watched the hunter finish kicking off his trousers before tucking his thumbs under the waistband and drawing the final barrier down to reveal the object of her current desire.

The smile quickly became an open mouthed gasp as the humans organ was finally revealed to her. Easily 9 inches in length and thicker than a daggers handle, the pale member twitched rhythmically as blood pulsed through it in time to the humans heartbeat.

Lacrima slid from the altar and dropped to her knees as if in worship of this powerful organ. She was unable to tear her eyes from the hunters groin, her emerald eyes sparkling in the weak light as she stared fixedly at the thick shaft. Finally ripping her gaze upward, the young half-elf looked up into her own reflection in the humans shades as a slender hand reached out to touch a males penis for the very first time. The skin was very warm and the half-elf drew her fingers back at first, afraid that her cold hands would discomfort the human but the hunter merely nodded for her to continue and she lay her fingertips once more onto his hot flesh.

At first, Lacrima only stroked the surface of the shafts skin delicately with her fingertips, enjoying the sensation of the heat and softness of his skin. Then, as her confidence began to build, she slowly wrapped her fingers around the thick shaft, just below the bulbous head. The thickness was such that her fingers only just met on the other side. The size of this organ for one as inexperienced as her was daunting but Lacrima had gone too far to turn back now and she drew the humans foreskin back gently. This caused a long sigh from the humans lips, a sign that she was performing well enough and the young scout began to stroke her hand back and forth in long, slow movements.

The hunter gazed at the half-elfs beautiful face as she reached out to touch him, marvelling at her stunning innocence. The young scout reached out and touched his shaft, retracting as if scalded the moment he felt the cold bite of her chilled skin. He knew immediately of her worry and nodded reassuringly at her startled expression. With his encouragement, she had resumed her caress and the human rolled his head back in enjoyment as her cold, delicate touch traced lines of cool pleasure along the length and breadth of his manhood.

He had to stop himself biting his lip in pleasure as her small hand wrapped itself delicately around his shaft but he couldn’t suppress a sigh of pleasure as the young female drew the skin of his shaft back to expose the sensitive head of his manhood to the cold, stale air. The sigh quickly became a long purr of pleasure as the half-elf started to move her hand along his length, the movement of his foreskin over the tip sending intense sparks of gratification shooting through him. This young scout had not known a mans touch, her body language gave that fact away but, for one so inexperienced, she had an expert touch and her tender caress was heating the furnace of his climax much faster than he expected.

Lacrima gazed, unflinching at the hunters organ as she pleasured it. She marvelled at its size and the way she could feel his heartbeat throbbing powerfully through his shaft as she stroked him. She watched the glistening wetness of the tip each time she pulled his foreskin back to reveal it. She sensed the hunter shifting his weight slightly and she closed her eyes as she felt his fingers running through the thick strands of her ponytail, rolling her head back slightly with contentment. Opening her eyes, Lacrima cast her sparkling verdant gaze up at her lover, letting his deep purr of pleasure wash over her and losing herself in her own enjoyment.

An idea came unbidden to the young half-elfs mind and her eyes widened slightly at the thought of what she could do and the sensations it would bring. Licking her lips and dropping her head back to face the hunters groin, Lacrima began to lean forward. Watching the females movements, the hunter realised her intentions and a wave of expectation overtook him, moving his hand to start caressing the thick hair at the back of the scouts head.

Moving inexorably forward, Lacrima took in the musky scent of the humans crotch and found it a strangely heady aroma, just one breath causing her want for this humans touch to raise dramatically. With this growing arousal, Lacrima placed her lips on the hunters manhood in the same way she had felt his on her sex a short time before, kissing his shaft from tip to base in several, lingering pecks.

The hunters purr got louder at her lips caress and Lacrima spent several long moments lavishing the humans shaft with her kisses, only starting to pull the skin back once more when she felt she could wait no longer. Bringing her mouth to the tip of the hunters manhood, Lacrima closed her eyes and took the glistening tip into her mouth.

The hunter openly gasped as the heat of the half-elfs mouth enveloped him with euphoric warmth and his hand tightened its grip on the back of her head. He was careful not to push or force the girl into anything she didn’t want but it was a hard fought battle of will not to try and slide the warmth further along his shaft.

Lacrima had never tasted anything like this before and she let the salty yet almost sweet flavours wash over her taste buds. She found the taste most pleasurable and she flicked her tongue over the flesh filling her mouth in an effort to get a more intense sensation. This had the effect of tearing a grunt of enjoyment from the humans throat and a slight push as the hunter desperately fought to control his urge to thrust deep into the females throat. Lacrima understood what this meant and she began to move her head slowly back and forth along the thick shaft of the humans penis. Such was the girth of the organ that Lacrima was unable to get much more than a quarter of its length into her mouth before she felt it begin to push against her larynx. Judging by the volume and tone of the noises the hunter was making, she doubted it mattered much but then she heard his deep voice, taut with ecstasy “My lady…I’m…close…”

The thought of what was about to happen sent Lacrima into a frenzy and she started to bob her head faster in an effort to bring pleasure to her lover and hopefully bring him to as strong a climax as he had gifted her. She felt his other hand on the back of her neck, stroking with a surprising gentleness given his current level of arousal.

The half-elf tightened her lips on the throbbing shaft and stroked her hand along it, her other hand coming up to massage the humans large testicles. She wasn’t sure why but somehow it felt like the right thing to do. She was proven right as, moments later, a loud roar echoed through the church and Lacrima felt a strong jet of liquid strike the back of her throat. Such was the surprise that the young half-elf quickly withdrew her head but she managed to keep her hands on the organ as it twitched and jerked in her grip. Through wide eyes, Lacrima watched as spurt after spurt of thick, white semen splashed over her neck and chest. The pale orbs of her breasts glistened with thick trails of sperm and, as more showered onto them, the liquid began to drip onto the flagstones with a quiet patter.

Lacrima gulped as her surprise began to abate and suddenly realised she still had the humans seed in her mouth. The warm liquid slid down her throat and she could taste a unique mix of salty sweetness. The taste was mildly confusing but she knew one thing, she would not complain if she were to taste the hunters ejaculation again.

The hunters grunts subsided as the last trickles of his orgasm fell from the end of his penis to add to the pool already formed below Lacrima and silence slowly returned to the desolate nave with its shattered pews. The pair of lovers breathed heavily from their exertions and Lacrima slowly brought herself to her feet. Once stood, she wrapped her slender arms around the humans muscular waist, looked up into his shades and whispered two words.
“Take me.”

There was an extended pause as the hunter looked at her in silence, his only movement being to place his hands on her hips. Then, in the delicious bass growl that always sent a thrill of excitement through the young half-elfs body, he replied.
“As you wish, my lady.”

That said, the human gripped underneath Lacrimas firm buttocks and lifted her once more onto the stone slab of the altar. The half-elf spread her legs willingly and wrapped her arms around the hunters neck as he stepped between them. Glancing down, the young scout was impressed at the fact the human was still hard despite his climax only a short time earlier and another thrill of excitement passed through her at the prospect of the hunters stamina.

The hunter ran his hands slowly up Lacrimas smooth thighs, his shaded eyes following his hands as they glided smoothly along the half-elfs pale skin. As his hands reached her waist, Lacrima felt something push against the hard nub of her clitoris and she realised that she was feeling the warm moistness of a males penis against her womanhood for the first time. Like a thunderbolt of lust, the realisation that she was about to lose her virginity. Not only that but she was about to be deflowered by a human and on a desecrated church altar.

The dark gothic overtones of this thought rocked the young scout and she stared up into the shades of the hunter with a heady mix of lust, worry and intrigue. As if in response to her sudden insecurity, the human wordlessly dropped his posture and pressed his lips against hers. The unprecedented move succeeded in both surprising the inexperienced half-elf and calming her as she relaxed into the more familiar actions of kissing him passionately.

Lacrima felt the almost electric buzz of pleasure as the human gently moving his hips, teasing her sensitive womanhood with the tip of his length and causing her hips to rock unconsciously in time to his movements.

Placing one hand onto the altar for support and the other onto Lacrimas firm breast for his own pleasure, the hunter started to gently push forward, the tip of his shaft sliding down from the half-elfs clitoris and beginning to press against the tight opening of her sex. Such was the humans girth that it was several moments of gradually building pressure before the head of his penis finally broke into the half-elfs sex. Both partners moaned into each others mouths at the moment of penetration, Lacrima gasping at the sudden filling sensation and the hunter grunting at the tightness that gripped the head of his penis. Barely an inch more and the human felt the natural barrier that truly explained the young females tentativeness.

Slowly, the hunter broke away from the full lips of the young scout and looked down into her enthralling emerald eyes. The hunter asked a silent question, the moment too precious to ruin with the vulgarity of words. With equal silence, Lacrima gave her reply with a smile and an almost imperceptible nod. For the first time since she could remember, Lacrima saw the hunter and she could have wept with joy at the enchanting handsomeness that now blossomed on his face. Such a simple movement softened his features and she could now truly see his inner beauty.

In return, the joyful grin that spread over Lacrimas face was so beatific that the hunter felt a deeper than ever yearning to pleasure this stunning young half-elf and preserve such a heaven sent beauty. With as much care as he could muster, the human began to push forward. The barrier to the half-elfs virginity did not give easily and the young female clenched her teeth as she felt the pressure inside her body grow to its inevitable climax. With a deep grunt, the hunters tip broke through Lacrimas hymen and penetrated deep into her womanhood with a long slow, careful thrust until almost three quarters of his length was embedded within her velvet sex.

The scouts mouth opened wide and she let out a gasp of pain as she felt her final innocence rupture and the slowly growing feeling of being filled deeper than she had ever experienced. The pain of her deflowering quickly faded as, once inside her, the hunter held himself still to allow her to become more accustomed to the feeling of his thick, hard member invading her tight channel. The hunter was truly a gentle lover and Lacrima smiled once more as she got used to the feeling and began to bathe in the euphoria of coupling with a being she had quickly developed strong feelings toward.

The half-elfs sex gripped the hunters shaft tightly in its silken channel and he tried to calm his urge to thrust deep into her such was the pleasure of her inner walls. Seeing her smile slowly creep back proved that he had been right to wait and now he allowed himself to begin moving inside her. He gently started to slide his thick shaft in and out of her which drew a long, deep moan of pleasure. Her silken inner walls held him so perfectly and he could feel faint ripples passing over his throbbing member as if trying to draw his very essence from his body.

Lacrimas voice joined his in a chorus of ecstasy as both lovers experienced previously unknown degrees of gratification in their carnal quest for release. As their lovemaking continued, the pale skin on both of the beings glistened with sweat in the shaft of light spearing through the shattered spire that picked them out as the only movement in this desecrated house of god.

Lacrima looked up into the hunters face as he filled her again and again and a sudden thought drifted into her pleasure hazed mind. She had never seen the hunter without his shades on, indeed, she had never known anybody to see the human without his eyes covered. What could he possibly have to hide behind those reflective shades of his?! Unable to control her moans and whimpers of pleasure, the scout slowly reached a slender hand up and stroked the hunters cheek as he made love to her. His grunts of enjoyment became a deep purr at her gentle touch and his features softened again at this show of tenderness. Feeling she had his trust, Lacrima hooked a finger beneath the arm of the shades, behind the hunters ear. His reaction was so lightning fast that the half-elf felt the humans hand grip her wrist before she had even registered his movement. His grip was strong and his face hardened slightly making the young scout think she had ruined their encounter.

The hunters face then drooped slightly and he quietly growled “You do not want to see…not now…” He slowly drew out from her and Lacrima felt a sudden emptiness and not just the physical emptiness of his no longer being inside her. The hunter then took her hand and gently eased her into a standing position. The confused and saddened half-elf numbly complied thinking he was about to turn his back on her and begin dressing but, in a surprising movement, the hunter turned Lacrima to face away from him and he slowly eased her forward until she was bent over with her hands on the stone altar. With a dawning realisation, Lacrima smiled to herself as she felt his strong hands grip her waist and the head of his manhood began to slip back into her from behind.

The hunter didn’t have any intention to allow the young scout to see behind his shades. He couldn’t stomach the idea of scaring her in this most intimate of moments. He opted to make sure that she wouldn’t be able to meddle further whilst still being able to finish this deeply euphoric encounter. Seeing the half-elf female from behind sent more shivers of excitement through him as he couldn’t help but marvel at the young scouts rear. Her buttocks were so firm and round, they depicted a perfect, pale moon before him and he felt an animalistic urge grip his mind. A feral grin passed momentarily across his lips before he wrestled control once more and took hold of Lacrimas waist before penetrating her once more.

Lacrima mewled as she felt wave after wave of pleasure wash over her with each thrust of the hunters shaft. Every push eased his large member deeper and deeper into her as she took more and more of him into her body. The feeling of being filled so completely was proving more than she could take and, throwing her head back, the scout cried out in climax as a powerful orgasm ripped through her entire body. Twitching and writhing against him, Lacrima felt the hunters body begin to tense and she could feel the head of his shaft begin to grow inside her. She didn’t need previous experience to know what this heralded and she urged the human on in a breathless attempt to allow him to feel the great level of ecstasy that she had just experienced.
“Please…don’t stop…”

The females inner walls enveloped his length in their perfect grip and the hunter drifted on the waves of gratification that bathed him with each movement of his shaft inside her body. When the half-elf reached orgasm, her inner walls rippled over him with deep, milking waves and he felt his own climax building quickly under such an amazing torrent of pleasure. He looked down and watched the females buttocks ripple slightly with each meeting of their bodies and this sight was all it took to send him tumbling over the edge of ecstasy. Even as he fell, the hunter managed to keep a tentative grip on his control and was just able to pull himself from her velvet sex before spilling his seed. With a roar of release, the hunter splattered Lacrimas back and rear with his semen in powerful jets until the product of his release dripped from her buttocks in thick, creamy strands.

Such was the intensity of his climax that the hunter all but slumped over Lacrimas back, wrapping his strong arms around her waist as they both gasped for air after their intense, passionate exertions.

Lacrima was all but comatose, bathing in the warmth that pulsed from her sex, her inner walls slowly relaxing after their first time at being wrapped around a males throbbing organ. The hunter was likewise insensate. Never could he remember such a deep euphoria in ejaculation and he struggled to remember a time he had felt a female so perfectly tight.

It took several minutes for the lovers to regain any sort of composure but, slowly, they stood and Lacrima sat on the altars edge, the hunter dropping onto a fallen piece of masonry to sit, still breathing rather heavier than normal. Lacrima gazed at the human, her eyes passing over his strong chest as it heaved and the network of scars that crisscrossed almost every inch of his body. Finally, the young half-elf broke the silence and quietly spoke.
“Have you known anything except combat?”

In a surprising reaction, the hunter began to chuckle softly, his head still drooped between his shoulders.
“My mother was a hunter, she began my training as soon as I was strong enough to hold a weapon…I live to destroy the ethereal cancer that is the demon infestation of this world, our world…No young scout, I have only known battle…and pain.”

The half-elf frowned and cocked her head to one side
“And your father?”

The hunter winced and immediately Lacrima knew she had touched on a painful memory although the hunter still replied to her question
“My father was also a hunter…once…”
Partly already knowing and dreading the answer, Lacrima felt compelled to continue
“Was he killed by a demon?”
The hunter winced and his reply came loaded with barely concealed agony
“No, something…someone far worse.”
“I’m sorry to hear that.”
“Do not be, their battle is over, they are at peace…More than can be said for the pitiful remnants of my race.”

Lacrima stood, conscious of the tightness around her buttocks where the hunters seed was quickly drying in the cool air of the church. She padded over to where the hunter slumped and knelt, reaching out to take his stubbled chin in her fingers. He raised his head and she looked into his shaded eyes, seeing the solemn concern etched into her reflection
“If there were more humans like you, the human race would have little to worry about.”
The hunter snorted and turned away, his voice taking on a hard edge
“The very last thing the human race needs is more like me!”

Stung by his reaction, Lacrima laid her hand on his shoulder, stroking her fingers over his skin comfortingly
“You are strong, powerful and, from what I’ve seen honourable…not to mention…passionate and skilful…”
Lacrima felt her cheeks warm as she spoke and tried to keep her voice sincere as she continued
“…Those are the skills needed to face and defeat the demon hordes. I do not know of many humans that share all such traits in one package.”

Silence met her words and, for a moment, the half-elf thought the conversation was at an end but the hunters head slowly began to turn, his face coming back into view with a look of deep sorrow marring his handsome features.
“All my life I have fought to push back the demon hordes, to give humanity a fighting chance. It is a sad irony that I fight the ethereal hordes…”

A deep sigh escaped the hunters lips before he continued on a seemingly unrelated path
“My mother was a gifted huntress. No single demon could best her in combat and many had learned to fear her blade. My father was a masterful sniper, able to take the heart or brain from a possessed at almost inhuman distances.

They were an ideal pairing, each covering the others weaknesses and their combat prowess was only matched by their shared adoration for each other. When my mother found she was with child, both of them were elated, a child to continue the hunt and keep the guttering flame of humanity from being completely smothered by the abominable shadow of the ether.”

A humourless smile creased the edges of the hunters lips

“If only my mother had been able to foresee what was to pass. She would have found a way to end me before I was born.”

Lacrima almost fell back as the words battered her ears like a fierce storm of inner pain. She looked at the human aghast
“How can you say such a thing?! You alone have won and aided in winning countless battles against the demons. You are a gift to humanity more precious than any I know!”

The hunters head snapped to face her and his voice was a harsh snarl
“Can you not see? I have been tainted. My father had been infected before my conception!”

The hunters face suddenly dropped as though drained of strength and his voice dropped to a quiet softness
“My mother only learned of my fathers taint after my birth and took the only course of action available to a hunter. She killed him, her one true love. Her strength failed her when she turned on me however, motherly love overwhelming the need to destroy the demonic taint.

Lacrima could barely believe her ears and her hand drew away as realisation dawned like a blood red disc of truth
“Your eyes…”

The hunter nodded and, for the first time, slid the reflective shades off of his face before lifting his head to look straight at Lacrima. The half-elfs hands flew to her mouth and stifled a gasp as she stared into his unshielded eyes.

The humans irises were a stunning shade of blue, the colour of glacial ice but it was what could be seen behind those irises and in the deep blackness of his pupils that had caused her startled reaction.

Sparks of flame danced in the humans eyes like a sputtering fire, the orange and yellow a deep contrast to the cool blue of his natural colour.

Calming herself, Lacrima lowered her hands and tried to soften her breathing in an attempt to regain composure
“You have demonsight?”

The hunter nodded
“Indeed. My fathers legacy and the thing that separates me from true humanity. I can see the aura of living things and know their feelings…sometimes better than they know themselves. The flames get brighter in times of anger… or … any kind of heightened emotion. I have to keep them covered to avoid being labelled tainted and hunted down myself. That is why I must always remain in control, especially at…intimate times. I will never allow my tainted seed to impregnate another. I will ensure I am not responsible for any further infection to the human race.

Despite the harshness of his words and even though she could see the evidence of demonic taint in the human, Lacrima smiled and took the hunters face in her hands, drawing him into a kiss. Lingering there, the young half-elf leaned forward and whispered into his ear
“It is notoriously hard for a human to impregnate one of elven lineage. I want you to fill me…please…I want you to know the pleasure of shooting your seed into me.”

The hunter jerked Lacrimas shoulders back to look into her eyes, his face a mask of shocked confusion. His features were now intensified by the fact that the young half-elf could now see the humans eyes. His voice was an incredulous whisper
“But…you should be repulsed! I am that which we strive to eliminate. I am demon-kin!”

Lacrima smiled and poured her sincerity into the glacial orbs of his eyes as she replied
“It is true that you have ethereal blood running through your body. However, you are living proof that having a demonic taint does not mean you are doomed! You have fought the demonic corruption of this world since your very first breath!”
The half-elf gripped the hunters shoulders as she gazed intently into his eyes
“You use your taint against the beasts of the ether and you do not allow it to distract you from your chosen path of light and honour. You put most full humans to shame.”

Lacrima smiled once more in mirror to that slowly spreading on the hunters lips. When he spoke, his voice was a soft tone of genuine happiness.
“I have encountered many kinds of being but never have I met such a person as you Lacrima.”

Hearing her name spoken by her lover for the first time sent a thrill through Lacrimas body and she dropped her head into his bare chest as she took him into a tight hug. It was only then that a sudden thought flew into her mind.
“You have allowed me to know your dark secret and we have made love…although I still do not know your name.”

With her ear against his chest, Lacrima heard his deep chuckle rumble through her head before he spoke.
“How true. My mother gifted me with an ancient name of power in the hope that it would be an aid to me in the years to come. She named me Artorius.

Lacrimas brow furrowed in thought as she attempted to dredge up memories from her teachings.
“That is a rare name indeed, I feel as if I have heard that name although I cannot recall from where.”
“I have heard the same myself although I fear I cannot enlighten you further as I do not know for certain myself although my mother did once tell me it is a name from ancient legend.”

The young half-elf smiled
“Perhaps some ancient warrior lord or king…”
She traced a finger down the hunters chest as she continued, a coy smile on her lips
“Does my warrior king wish to fill his queen with his potent seed?”

Gazing down at her exquisite beauty, Artorius found this half-elf extremely difficult to deny and her huskily voiced question with all its erotic overtones made it all but impossible to ignore. He could reply with but only one thing.
“As you wish…my queen.”

The pair smiled at each other, enjoying their brief roleplay and Lacrima eagerly wrapped her arms and legs around Artorius as he lifted her and placed her once more on the altar.

It certainly seemed to Lacrima that the human could indeed read her feelings as, once she was positioned, she almost immediately felt the hardness of his erection pressing against her outer lips. The scout believed that they had had enough foreplay in their first coupling, this time she just wanted to feel his member inside her, filling her and it seemed he shared the same thoughts.

Lifting her knees away from the humans waist and spreading her legs further, the half-elf allowed him easier access to her sex and grunted with satisfaction as she felt him push forward, penetrating her entrance and sliding deep into her velvet folds.

Even though her womanhood had been violated very recently, if anything, the hunters member seemed even bigger inside her this second time. Was it a tenderness brought on by the recent actions or was it perhaps Artorius himself? Maybe it was the thought of finally being able to relax his control and release inside her that was driving the human to an even higher level of lust. Either way, his entrance was much easier and smoother than the first time and Lacrima felt none of the pain that accompanied his initial penetrations so she relaxed into his rhythm quickly.

Looking up at him as he thrust into her slick entrance, Lacrima became mesmerised by the inner flames behind his eyes. The orange and yellow sparks were growing in intensity and, already a faint glow was emanating from the lower part of the humans irises.

Artorius sighed and moaned as he felt the exquisite tightness of the half-elfs sex enveloping him as he pushed into her again and again. Wave after wave of pleasure tore through him with every movement inside lacrimas womanhood and it was as if he was reaching the peak of his ecstasy with every thrust.

The physical sensations emanating from his groin were heightened and complimented by his other senses emanating from the half-elf laying naked before him. His eyes drank deeply of her pale skin, her luscious curves and her full breasts, bouncing so deliciously as she writhed on the stone slab. He tasted her scent in the air coupled with the musky scent of their fluids as the lovers base were desires being acted out. His ears took in the soft whimpers and sighs of pleasure that flowed smoothly from her throat combined with the intermittent gasp as his thick shaft stroked against a particularly sensitive area of her inner sex and even the rumble of distant thunder helped to push his lust ever higher.

The half-elf gazed back at him with mesmerising emerald eyes that sparkled with life and now lust which made the green discs even more fascinating. Her lustrous red hair splayed out around her like a smouldering halo as her full lips parted with her gasps and moans.

All of these sensory pleasures coupled with the intensely powerful waves of ecstasy coursing through him as he stretched the females tight womanhood again and again pushed the human to the brink of his control and he realised with a huge thrill that this young half-elf actually wanted him to climax inside her. He would soon be feeling something he had never before experienced, what it would be like to ejaculate inside a womans sex.

Lacrima had drifted on the soothing waters of pleasure in their first coupling but now, in this second, she pushed herself along the stronger currents of lust. She had lost her virginity to this human and she had tasted the sweet nectar of lovemaking and now she wanted more. This human daemon hunter had stretched her womanhood already and had quickly become aroused once more which had surprised and fascinated her.

For 43 years she had remained celibate and now, in the space of no more than a few hours, she had been caressed all over her naked body, been brought to orgasm through oral sex and tasted the sperm of a human male. Now she lay on a desecrated altar being violated for the second time in as many hours by the same human and she was loving every moment of it.

Gazing into the simmering flames of the tainted humans growing lust, the young scout took in his muscular torso, his pectorals moving as his powerful arms pulled her body onto his huge shaft over and over again and his abdominals as he thrust forward to bury himself inside her. She also gazed at his handsome features now enhanced by the removal of his concealing shades. His glittering, glacial eyes tempered by the deep orange glow of his passion fair shone with vitality and his weathered face softened by his desire for her.

Sitting herself up, Lacrima gripped the Arturius’ forearms, a movement which pressed her breasts together enhancing her cleavage and continued to look deep into the humans eyes as he ploughed his hard shaft into her willing body.

Breathing deeply in her lustful state, the half-elf could smell the aromas of their lovemaking and suddenly wondered how on earth she would be able to hide this on her return to the fortress-town. She would undoubtedly be reeking of sex by the end of this and it would create many unanswerable questions.

Just as she began to worry about her future predicaments, her questions were answered. The whole inner church was suddenly thrown into stark relief as a bright bolt of lightening ripped the sky open. This was immediately followed by a tremendous crack of thunder which echoed around the desolate space. The sound then changed from the thunderous echoes to the sounds of heavy rain pouring out of the sky.

Rain, warmed by the thick air streamed in through the great rents in the roof, pattering off the wooden pews and stonework flooring. Lacrima and her lover suddenly became the centre of a deluge as the rain came in and drenched their already slick bodies.

Light glistened from their pale bodies as they continued to move and writhe together, hardly breaking rhythm as they pushed on in their desperation to reach mutual climax.

Lacrimas moans grew louder as she felt another orgasm approaching. The humans penis was rubbing against her inner sex in places she never dreamed could bring such pleasure and she could feel the large organ begin to twitch inside her velveteen walls, betraying the fact that her lover was fast approaching his own climax.

This sent a bright lance of excitement down her spine as she realised what was to come. She was about to feel a humans sperm being unloaded inside her.

The half-elf lost control of herself and began to beg her human lover.
“Fill me my love, give me all of your seed, let me feel you empty your sperm into my womb.”

The half-elfs words washed over Arturius’ ears and he could not believe what he was hearing. When they first met, this young scout had been shy to the point of prudish and yet, here she was, begging him for his seed.

Her erotic words came to him as he found his gaze locked on her breasts. Pressed together, they bounced like firm cushions and the pale flesh glistened in the pale light with a mixture of rain and sweat giving them a glittering, otherwordly aspect which he found to be intensely pleasurable.

With her hoarse words of encouragement, Arturius felt his sperm boiling up, out of his testicles. The hot liquid streamed through his shaft and the human brought his eyes up to stare deep into Lacrimas eyes as his mouth opened wide.

Locking his eyes on hers, Arturius roared his release as he felt load after load of his seed squirting inside the hot wetness of Lacrimas womanhood. Lacrima too toppled from the ledge of her ecstasy and fell willingly into the flames of her own powerful orgasm, crying out her release as her own nectar flooded over the humans shaft buried inside her.

Even through the deep haze of her pleasure, Lacrima gasped as she actually felt the humans seed spurting into her, splashing against her inner walls in powerful jets. With a sudden, arching jolt of her back, a thought stabbed into her pleasure addled mind. What if she does become pregnant? What if this demon tainted seed takes a hold within her womb? The thought however is swiftly quashed. Even if she were to fall with child, she could think of no other she wanted to raise a child with than this powerful warrior. An offspring even half as strong as its father would prove a formidable ally to the embattled human races.

Arturius growled and gasped like an animal released as he felt his seed exploding inside his lover, actually into her body! The thought combined with his powerful orgasm threatened to overwhelm the warrior but he focused on Lacrimas face, open mouthed as she lay on the stone slab. The ecstasy was enhanced briefly as the young scout suddenly arched her back with a gasp although she soon settled.

The hunter focused his gaze on his lover as his orgasm faded and the last few spurts were released into the half-elfs sex.

For long moments, the couple simply remained still, their only movements the heaving of their chests as they battled to regain their breath. The only sound above their deep breathing was the pattering of the rain on the stone floor of the broken church and the rumble of thunder as the storm moved on.

Finally, Arturius moved his hand up to tenderly stroke the stray hairs from Lacrimas face with the back of his fingers. The Half-elf smiled up at her lover as he caressed her cheeks and broke the silence though her voice was barely more than a whisper.

“Thank you…my lord.”

Arturius smiled himself at hearing her words

“My lady, you are most welcome. However I believe I must thank you also. You are a most delectable lover.”

Lacrima giggled at the awkward tone in the hunters voice, he was obviously unused to talking in such a way and she brought her arms up to wrap around his broad shoulders.

“As are you my love.”

Her face suddenly flushed as she realised what she had said and she noticed a slight jolt in Arturius’ body but, before she could apologise, the human smiled and dropped his body to take her in a deep, prolonged kiss.

As their lips and tongues worked passionately together, Lacrima moaned as she felt the human slowly withdraw his semi-hard member from within her, drawing out a wave of his seed to spatter onto the church’s slabs.

Slowly breaking the kiss, Arturius stood and helped Lacrima raise herself to her feet somewhat unsteadily. Silently, the pair dressed, both feeling the chill freshness of the rain water on their skin as they donned their undergarments and armour.

Such was the depth of the hunters silence that Lacrima began to believe that this was a singular tryst, that she would never again feel this humans touch on her naked skin and never see his masculine form in any other situation than battle.

Her heart began to weep as she pulled on her boots and shrugged her pack onto her shoulders. She gazed longingly at the humans back as he adjusted his greatcoat over the hilt of his sword and slipped the brace of pistols into their holsters on his thighs.

The young half-elf picked up the pulse rifle and turned forlornly to leave the church and continue the lifelong battle against the demon hordes. This day, this church and its sole occupant had branded itself indelibly onto her mind and she would never forget the perfect lovemaking that she had undertaken this evening.

“Where are you going?”

On hearing the hunters voice, Lacrima turned back to see Arturius, his eyes once more contained behind his shades, looking at her with his head cocked to one side quizzically. She stammered slightly as she replied, trying to hide her deep sadness.

“I, I must return. The camp will begin to wonder as to my whereabouts if I am not home before sundown.”

Arturius smiled, an action she noted he had begun to do more around her, and gestured for her to follow him. Perplexed, Lacrima did as requested and walked behind the human as he picked his way out of a large hole blown in the rear of the house of God and out into the cool breeze.

On feeling the ghostly touch of the wind, Lacrima closed her eyes and let the memories of this day wash over her as the rain and wind washed over her physical form.

Her reverie was broken by a crunching sound and she opened her eyes, gasping as she saw the hunter wheeling a jet black motorcycle around the corner. The bike was sleek and glittered in the fading light. A pair of mid-calibre assault rifles had been grafted to either side of the small windscreen which, itself, glowed with a faint green light cast by a Heads up display.

It was by far the most amazing vehicle of its kind she had ever seen and she couldn’t help but laugh openly.

“You truly are a knight in shining armour Arturius!”

The human chuckled and nodded

“Perhaps not so much shining but I like the comparison nonetheless. This is Amryll, it has saved my life on countless occasions and I would be honoured if you would ride with me. I know the whereabouts of Dacorum Theta outpost. Would you perhaps like me to take you there?”

Lacrima laughed as she held onto Arturius’ torso. Her hair whipped in the wind as the bikes powerful electric engine sped them across the bleak terrain. The world was desperately ill and the demons would not give up the land they had stolen before a great deal more blood had been spilled, but right now, as she held her lover close and gazed out over the land as it leapt past, she allowed herself to do something she had not done in many years.

She allowed herself to hope.

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