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-This story is true in some aspects, but a lot of it is extremely exaggerated. Thanks, and I really mean it if you have read it thus far. I am a male to female transsexual, but that is all the information I will release about myself-
I'm Matt, now known as Maria, and this is the story of my journey of how I became a shemale, and all the quirks, and bumps in the roads. Now that my name is out of the way, I will explain a little more about myself. I'm a 15 year old male with an unusually small cock at 5 inches, and a index finger girth, along with my premature ejaculation, well how can I say this? My sex life FUCKING sucks. I have long, straight, mid-back length hair. My tiny frame is also a killer, 5'4 and 105 pound's. As you would expect, most people tower over me, and life in general has just sucked.

Sometime last year I discovered a new type of porn, shemale, or transsexual porn. That soon led to anal play, at first just with my finger, that was until I was home alone, at least I thought, for the weekend.

I thought I'd snoop a little since the chances of getting caught were slim to none, or so I thought. My sister was sleeping over at the cheer captains house with the rest of her cheer group. My parents were in Berkeley on business for their company.

So, first up was my parents room! Overall, it was pretty fucking boring, except for the 90" inch Toshiba in their room, Fucking assholes! I would kill for that shit. I walked over to the dresser on the left, a vintage one that was built in the 1920's, again pretty boring, then again it was my dad's. There was a few porn mags, however. Now to moms dresser! Granny panties, bras, ugly clothes. Nothing special, I looked around for a while, nothing special.

On to Katie's room! Her room was a bit better, posters of pop punk bands, deathcore bands, and so on. Closet time! The buried treasure is found at last! Silk thongs, bras and buried under all of that was a purple, (probably) 8 inch dildo, a bottle of lube, and condoms, "how in the fucking hell did a 16 year old get a hold of this?" I thought to myself.

I at this time was smelling, and feeling her panties, I got a gut feeling in my stomach, I looked back on all the shemale porn I had watched, and their bras and panties. I wondered how it felt to wear women's clothing,

I swear I must have been naked faster than a cop eats a doughnut, my tiny cock was hard, I slid a pair of pink, silk panties on. As soon as the silk slid under the head of my penis, cum started spewing out of my third eye, all over the closet mirror, floor, and her panties. I laid down on her bed, resting and regaining my composure. When I sat up, cum was everywhere.

"Fuck" I muttered

With a little trouble, I put on a bra, which in all honesty was to big. I started to taste my cum, but decided to smell it first. It didn't really smell like anything, however, it tasted pretty salty.

I stood in front of the mirror, looking at my body in women's clothes. I imagined myself as a woman, with tits, and a pussy, however, I still wanted a cock. How could that be plausible?

Then it hit me like a train, or getting ran over by a pile of football players. I could become a shemale! I looked down and my cock (if you want to call it that) was hard. Then I remembered the dildo, I smeared my asshole with some KY jelly as well as the dildo, I stuck two fingers in my ass to get ready for this monster, comparatively speaking to my dick.

I then stuck a third finger in, and I knew I wanted to be shemale. I put the head of the dildo up to my fuckhole and pushed a little. The head went in. I shook in utter pleasure as it went further in. I was going to cum when...

"Hey, Matt, what are you doing?" She asked with a sly smirk.

It was far to late, I blew my load, It blew all over my stomach, Katie's bra, a little on my chin and more on her panties. I laid my head back, "FUCK! FUCK! FUCK! FUCK!" I screamed to myself.

I opened my eyes, she was sitting next to me now, I could not read her face for the life of me. It was like a mixture of concern, awkwardness, and whatever else.

"Wh-what are you doing home Katie?" I stuttered in embarrassment.

"Alissa had to go to the hospital, for alcohol poisoning or something like that, serves the stupid, stuck up cunt right, I guess" she said

" bro, stop trying to change the subject, when we both know your a kinky gay boy!" She added

"Katie!..." I paused

"...." I didn't speak


We both looked at each other in an awkward silence, I don't know what happened, I just couldn't put the exact words I wanted to say together.

"It-It's not like that..."

"Then tell me exactly what you are doing with my bra and panties, and you being soaked in your own cum with MY dildo still stuck up your ass?"

Wow the emphasis on 'MY' stung a little. You see, my sister and I have always been close, to the point that we can talk or tell eachother about anything. When we were children, we would play doctor or the good ol' 'truth or dare" until we were caught, we never did it again after that. Anyways, back on subject, I felt like telling her my new feelings would take it over the line of normal, and she would never acknowledge me again and I couldn't have that.

"Katie, I can't tell you..." I said.

"Matt! Your lucky I'm the one who caught you! If dad caught you like that then he would probably disown you for the rest of his life, so can you please tell me what's going on with you?" She asked in a concerned tone.

"I'm afraid if I tell you, it will ruin our relationship, and it will never be the same..." I said

"Matty, I'd never do that, well..unless you murdered someone, wait! Did you..."

"No, I didn't murder anyone or anything, Katie." I interrupted her

"Oh.." she said

"So Matty, now that we got that out of the way, please tell me?" She said with her infamous puppy dog eyes that ended up getting her everything she wanted.

"Fine!" I said

"Go on.." she said with a smartass look.

It felt like I was sitting there for years, no, more like decades. In reality it was only seconds.

"I-I want to be a wo-woman..." I said disheartened, and somewhat depressed and embarrassed.

As much as I didn't want to to see the look on her face, I did anyways. Her eye were opened widely, and had a small smile, I guess she was trying to make me feel comftorable. It was quiet, I looked back at her, she now had a full smile, not just a regular smile, but one of those, ear to ear, all teeth smiles. This time she cheered me up a little.

"Matty, I told you this wouldn't change anything, and it hasn't, I love you and that will never change" she said tearing up a little.

"I love you to Katie" I replied with my mood rapidly heightening.

I went in for a hug, before I got interrupted by Katie, "don't touch me 'til you take shower Matty"

"Anyways, go take a shower, and let's go do something!" She said

"Oh and keep the bra and panties" she said with a sly wink.

A few minutes later I jumped into the shower, resting against the wall of the shower, I thought about everything that had happened today. I let the hot water soothe my nerves and drown my worries for a while.

Getting out of the shower I heard Katie saying bye to someone, probably talking to Alissa's mom on the phone I thought. I dried up, put on some clothes, and then went into the living room to see Katie in a tight dress, knee length, black, and leather.

"So, where do you want to go?" I asked

"Movie, or a dinner?" She said, pretty much thinking out loud.

"Both?" I recommended

"Sure, why not" she said rhetorically

We left a while later, and saw "The Apparition".


"Seriously? They call that a movie?" I asked

Katie was silent, which really wasn't different, she was always quiet while driving (typical female driver eh? Kidding, kidding).

"That's the worst excuse for a movie I've ever seen!" I bluntly scolded the movie

Katie was still silent. Now this was getting unusual, and a little weird, being that I was talking to myself.

"Katie? You okay?" I asked

I was starting to get a little worried about earlier and maybe her mind has changed about it.

"Umm, Ye-yeah, can we talk about earlier?" She asked as we pulled into a IHOP.

"Yeah, sure" I said a bit awkwardly.

We walked into the building, empty as fuck, the waitress took us to the back, and we sat, ordered our drinks and looked at eachother.

"So, what is it Katie?" I asked timidly.

"Are you sure you want to do this?" She replied

It took me a minute to reply, gathering the words, and re-playing the words throughout my mind.

"Katie, here's my answer, yes, to be honest, I've never felt right as a guy, and when I started watching these videos.."

"What kind of video's?" She interrupted

"Shemale porn" I whispered to her.

"And as I was saying, when I watch those videos, I feel like that's where I want to be, what I want to be, it just feels right." I said.

'So, you want to be a cut your dick off women or what?" She asked.

"No, no, I want to keep my penis, but I want to look like a female, therefore a shemale, get it?" I asked.

"Yeah, and whatever you decide to do Matty I support you, and I'm going to help you. On one condition..." She said.

"What is it? I asked

"You need to tell mom and dad, and if you do that, even if they don't want it, I will still help you." She said

My jaw dropped, the one thing I didn't want to think about doing shes going to make me do.

"I don't know Katie..." I said

"Matt, I'm fine with you doing this, but i will only be ok if you tell mom and dad".

"Fine, I guess I will Katie". I said

I looked at the clock, it was 1:30 A.M ! We had been there over two hours!

"Come on let's go" I said

Now Katie was smiling again, and seemed much happier.

"I got a surprise for you tomorrow, so get some sleep Matty" she said as we pulled into the driveway.

We walked up to the house, mom and dad were home earlier than expected also.

"Now aren't you glad I was the one who caught you, baby bro?" She blatantly said.

"Yeah, I guess haha" I replied.

So my sister and I sat out front for a while, I had a cigarette.

"Katie, when do I tell them?" I whispered

"Not now, i'll tell you when Matty" she replied.

We went in finally, mom and dad were on the couch watching T.V. until we came in, they had a worried look on their face. Not the kind that says 'Do you know what time it is?!' But more like the 'Where were you guys? Did you have fun? What did you do type look.

"What did you guys do? Did you have a good time?" Dad asked.

I just couldn't for the life of me, look my dad in the eyes, without him knowing the truth. I ran to the bathroom and puked, not that I had much inside of me, but whatever was, was gone now. My sister was the first to come, probably being the first to realize I ran off. She was holding me tightly.

Not a minute later, mom and dad ran in. that's all I remember really, I basically passed out their on the floor. Someone must have carried my lithe frame to my room, because I woke up in my bed. I sat up, dry mouth, and groggy as shit. My mom walked in, I guess to check on me.

"Hey, Matt, how are you doing sweetie?" She asked

"Fucking movie theatre food" was the only excuse I could think of on the spot

"Well, Matthew, breakfast is ready and everyone else is awake" she said.

"OK!!! MOM!" I said as I threw a plastic water bottle at her, not seeing where it went.

I sat up and BLAM!! Like a bowling ball to the face, all the memories of last night hit me. I changed and went downstairs, everyone looked at me, but still I couldn't look at dad. I ate next to Katie who kept giving me that 'everything will be ok' look.

After I took a shower, and dried my hair, got dressed, I went out to the backyard to smoke, soon after, Katie came out and sat down next to me, giving me a smile that said 'I know something you don't'.

"So, Matty, you are coming to the mall with me!" She said.

"And why Is that Katie?" I asked

"You'll find out when we get there!"

She then skipped off back into the house to do god knows what. I walked in, got ready and we were off! When we got into the car it was hot, obviously with a black car and black leather seats in the middle of summer, and living in Las Vegas, its bound to happen. We soon drove off.

"So what's up at the mall?" I asked

"You'll find out soon baby bro" she said conspicuously

"Why not now?" I asked

"What do you think surprises are for?" She replied.

"Well, I hate waiting for surprises, and that's what I'm doing right now" I said.

"Calm your tits, baby bro" she said.

I sat in the car unknowingly, unknown of what was to come, Katie and I made some small talk, I had a cigarette. We got there and sat in the car for a minute as Katie put on her make-up. As we walked into the mall, the place was crowded, but not as crowded as usual. We went to a few stores, some metal music store, I think it was Hot Topic or something like that. Then we went to Spencer's, again, not really my style, but I enjoyed it.

"Here we are Matty" she said as we walked in to this shop.

As soon as we walked in, Katie started pulling me in all sorts of directions and soon pulled me up to a redhead woman, no older than 18, Katie told me to stay there, she walked up to the redhead and whispered something into her ear. Minutes later the redhead walked up to me and started pulling me by hand into some hallway, I looked over to Katie and silently said;

"What the fuck?"

She shrugged her shoulders as the redhead pulled me farther into the mid-lighted hallway, soon came up a line of doors, I looked at the redhead, wearing black flats, white skinny jeans, and a low-cut back top which was loose on her. She had a heart shaped ass and legs that went on forever, and huge (obviously fake) tits.

She was dark skinned but not black, probably Hispanic I thought to myself, we walked to the very last door, inserted a key and opened the door, then put a "DO NOT ENTER" sign on the door.

"I'll be right back sweetie, just sit down" she said with her bright blue eyes staring at me.

"Ok" I said nervously.

I sat there, in literal dead silence waiting for this un-named girl to return, I looked around the plain white room, with a hanger hook, a mirror, and a wall to wall bench. I heard a knock at the loose door, and then she walked in.

"Took you long enough" I said sarcastically, even though she was only about five minutes.

"Haha funny, anyways, I'm Tiffany, and here's the surprise your sister was talking about" she said and then handed me a bag

I poured the stuff out of the bag, it was a pair of black heels, red g-string and bra, a short black skirt, a black V-Neck, and some silicone bra inserts. My jaw was dropped, I didn't know what to think. I turned around and Tiffany was standing there with a smile.

"Do you like it Matt?" She asked

"I don't know..." I replied

"Well, try it all on and see if it fits" she recommended.

"Go on..." She added

"With you in here?" I asked

"I need to make sure everything fits right and looks good on you" she replied

"And to see you naked" she added with a laugh.

I started to strip, first off was my shirt, then shoes, pants, I was now in my underwear, I looked at Tiffany, she nodded for me to continue, I slowly pulled down my underwear and then threw them to my other pile of clothes. I was about to pick up the g-string when Tiffany told me to stop.

"Turn around for me, sexy" she said

As I was turning around, she whistled. I then bent over to pick up the g-string and she whistled again, then the bra went on, I guess it was too big, as it was meant for the silicone inserts. I looked at Tiffany and for the second time that day my jaw dropped. She was jerking a dick, her dick.

"Wh-what are you doing?" I asked

"Jerking off to my own private reverse strip show" she replied giggling

"I had no clue you were a shemale!" I said almost a little to loud

I walked over to her, and looked at her cock, it was at least 7 inches, I went down on my knees and wrapped my fist around her cock and moved it in the normal back and forth motion.

"Oh god" she gasped

I placed my lips just under the head of her cock and licked it like a lollipop, while still jerking it. She put her hands on the back of my head and started thrusting deeper into my throat.

"Fuck! Your a little slut, you like sucking cock don't you?" She whispered

"Yagggh" was all I could mutter out with her cock in my mouth.

With that she shoved her whole cock into my mouth and left it there, leaving me unable to breathe, she then pulled out and directed me to the bench.

"Bend over, bitch" she said

I bent over the bench as I felt her pull aside the g-string. I felt something wet and slimy touch my asshole and try to push itself inside, I felt Tiffany pull over the g-string completely to the left and tug on my prick, the pleasure was just to much and I blew my load all over her hand and the floor.(remember? Premature ejaculation)

She giggled, while I was embarrassed, then the anus licking stopped and I felt a finger, but not just any finger, it was the head of her dick! The pleasure was fantastic, I was gasping with pleasure, inch by inch, she went farther in. The feeling of a real cock in my ass was billions of times better than a dildo.

"Fuck your tight, baby" she whispered

"Gahh"I replied in a state of lust.

She was now all the way inside of me, she pulled out, but not all the way, then rammed her cock back in, balls deep, Tiffany was now thrusting faster, and faster. She pulled out, dragged me to my knees and jerked her cock over my face.

"I'm gonna cum!" She gasped.

She started cumming, the first one landed on the bridge of my nose, then my left eye, right cheek, left eye again some on my forehead, the rest ended up on my lips. Cum on my face was the best feeling I have ever had, the feeling of it running down my face, it was just extravagant!

"Fuck! That was fantastic!" She said with her eyes having a glazed over lustful look in them.

I collected all the cum from my face with my hand and ate it all, it tasted great! Over the next half hour I got dressed, made everything look right with my clothes, Tiffany did my make-up, and styled my hair. Once we were done, I looked in the mirror, it didn't even look like me! I looked great! Like a real woman!

"You look great" Tiffany said

"Thanks to you" I replied

"Change the pitch of your voice a little, sweetie" she said.

"Like this Tiffany?" I said with the pitch of my voice heightened

"Perfect!" She replied

I replied with smile, as we were walking down the hallway she handed me the bag of my old clothes and eyeing my ass as we walked.

"Sway your hips a little, sweetheart" she whispered

When we walked out into the main store I saw Katie at the register buying something. I walked up to her and she stared me down.

"..." She looked at me and then walked away from the register.

I followed her to the entrance of the store, she pulled out her phone and called someone, which ended up being me. My phone went off and she looked at me again.

"Holy shit! You look fantastic, I barely recognised you!" She exclaimed

We spent the whole day at the mall, shopping at random stores, I got a few second looks which made me feel great, not to mention almost falling flat on my face a couple times. I think we spent almost $1,000 just in the mall! (Money isn't a problem, because were rich. Sorry forgot to mention that)

Katie and I got into the car, I looked at the bag she got while I was getting fucked and turned into a woman. Before I could think anymore on the innards of it, Katie started talking.

"Jeez, dude, you reek of sex" she said as if it were normal.

I looked at her.

"No way! You had sex with Tiffany?!" She asked

"Yeah.." I said kind of embarrassed

"Here use some of this" she said as she handed me some perfume.

On our way home we talked about my adventure with Tiffany, and other small talk. We soon arrived to the house, mom and dad were both home, after I noticed that, my stomach started wrenching and filling with butterflies. Let me tell you why;

My father has never been one to accept anything out of the ordinary, for example, my sister had a gay friend, my father had basically "banned" my sister from talking to or seeing him, I had a friend that liked to smoke a bowl once in a while, my dad saw the pipe in his pocket, and called the cops. He never came around again. You see my point yet? Anyways, back on subject.

I was so nervous I had to have a cigarette before I went in.

"Everything is going to be all right" Katie said as we walked inside the house.

"Hello, I don't believe I've met you before" said an older female voice.

"Hi mom, this is uhh..Maria!" Said Katie.

"So where have you girls been?" Mom asked

"Holy crap! She actually doesn't recognize me!" I thought to myself.

"Just at the mall, shopping all day" Katie said

"Were going to my room, mom" she added

On our way to the bedroom I let out a sigh of relief, I had to suck it back in once my dad came out of the bathroom.

"Hi daddy, this is Maria" Katie said with almost to much enthusiasm.

"Maria, this is my dad Lance" she added

"Well, its very nice to meet you Maria" Lance said

"It's nice to meet you too" I replied the least awkwardly I could.

We went to the bedroom and then I blew the biggest sigh of relief I had ever done in my life. While in the bedroom Katie showed me how to put make-up on as well as lipstick.

"Katie! It's dinner time, bring your friend too!" Mom yelled

As soon as we arrived downstairs, it smelled of steak.

"Katie, where is Matt?" Lance asked

"He sleeping over at jason's house" Katie said as she has rescued me for the third time that night.

All throughout dinner I couldn't stare my dad in the eyes. When Katie nudged me, she lipped that it was time to tell him. With a huge gulp of air, I stood up.

"La-Lance.." I stuttered

"Yes, Maria?" He said with a slur

I know, as soon as I heard that slur, I would regret bringing this subject up. But I did it anyways.

"I-I have something to tell you guys" I said

My dad got a weird look on his face, while my mothers was indifferent. Again, that gut wrenching feeling came, I felt like I was going to puke, but I held back, and decided to stay strong, and follow Katie's advice.

"Well? Get on with it!" My mother, Margaret said.

"It's me Matthew" I said in my normal voice.

"Is this some kind of fucking joke?" My dad yelled questioningly.

He had this look of anger, like he wanted to kill someone, hatred and denial. I took another deep breath and continued.

"Dad, this is what I want to be." I said

"This?! A faggot that dresses up like a woman, and gets buttfucked?! He yelled.

"Dad! Fucking cool it, he's my brother...err..sister! And if this is what she wants, then I will follow him every step of the way! Why? Because I love her! Something you obviously don't have for anyone but yourself!" She battled back.

There was silence, mom sat there in pure shock, dad got up breathed a little then went over to a wall and ran his fist through it like it was butter.

I stood there not knowing what to do, I had never seen this side of my dad, Katie was at my side holding me tightly, I, for some unknown reason looked at a small garbage can in the kitchen that was filled with quart-sized beer bottles, it was then I realized that this night would just get worse.

I was still in Katies's arms, except I was crying at thus point. Dad at this point was fuming with anger. Katie kept whispering in my ear while I was whimpering. Mom was watching as if this were an intriguing action movie that kept you on the edge of your seat the whole time.

"No!!!!" My dad screamed ending the silence.

"There is no fucking way I will allow what used to be my SON to be a faggot" he yelled again, as he picked up a beer bottle, and threw it against the wall; it shattered.

He walked up to Katie and I, and leaned down.

"Really Matthew? Is this really what you want?" He asked in a almost hysterical laughter.

"Dad! It's Maria! Now back the fuck up!" She said as she shoved him backwards into a chair.

He walked back up to Katie and I, ripped us apart, and then threw Katie on the floor. He pinned me against the wall, he looked at me with the most evil look I have ever seen on any living human being. His breath reeked of alcohol, sweat was running down his face and his eyes were bloodshot.

"Ok, 'Maria', do you really want to be a faggot?! He asked, moving his head in a sarcastic motion

"Dad! Your being way out of line! Fucking stop it!" Katie interrupted still on the floor.

I didn't answer, nor did I move, I just looked down at the floor quietly whimpering.

"ANSWER ME! NOW MOTHERFUCKER!" He screamed again

His face was an inch away from mine, but I stll didn't answer.

"You got one more chance, fucker, got it?" He screamed again

No answer came from me, and that was the worst choice I could've made that night, because the next thing I knew a fist hit me in the eye, then another on the jaw, another on the side of my head, and the last things I remembered were me getting hit in the neck, and the clanking of a baseball bat. That's when I passed out on the floor, just before I passed out, there was a distant echo of "everything is going to be fine"...


I woke up in a white room, there were three women, as I faded in and out of consciousness. I heard a constant beep that fully woke me up, I sat up groggily, looking around, there was Tiffany, Katie and my mom. My head felt like a weight as it bobbed around.

"Ahh" I yelped as I stretched

Katie, who was reading a massive book, looked up at me, with concern in her eyes, she gave me a hug, and kissed me on my cheek.

"What happened?"

"In short, you admitted your decision to dad, and he almost bashed your face in" she replied

Appearantley, I ended up with only a black eye, some bruising, and a fat lip.

"Where is he now?" I asked timidly.

"He's in jail as of now, and maybe going to prison"

"You really scared us, you've been out like a lamp for two days" Katie added.

"Will I be getting my clothes back?" I asked

"Nahh, baby sister, they'd just let you walk out of here with a hospital gown on" she said sarcastically.

Mom soon came up, I couldn't tell what she thought of my decision of being a shemale, all I could really see was concern.

"Umm, Maria is it? I hope your feeling better, and very much like your sister had said last night, I will always love you, and support your decisions as you go through this journey" mom said

"I hope you feel better soon, Maria" Tiffany said with a wink and a beautiful smile.

An hour later...

"Well, Matthew, it looks like you can go home now" the doctor said as he gave a weird look to my bag of possessions.

I got up, and walked to the bathroom, after changing, I put my make-up on, and walked out.

"Well, what do we have here? Because I could've sworn there was a male teen laying in that bed" the doctor said.

"Stay the fuck out of it, alright? Tiffany said

"Jesus, why the fuck are doctors so nosey" Tiffany added to her earlier statement, her Hispanic accent being obvious with her anger.

"Ok, ok, but I need to take you out on the wheelchair, not my rules, the hospitals" he said

As I walked out the door of my room, I got some stares, and some glare's, we soon got to our car, Tiffany and I said our goodbyes. And we were home bound!

Over the next few months, things went a lot smoother, I re-applied to my old high school, more clothes, no asshole of a dad, things were a lot better now, mom was currently dating, a lot nicer guy, Katie and I were as close as ever, but one thing still wasn't right. I wanted tits, not inserts, but real-life, human flesh tits!

"Katie.." I said, as she was watching T.V.

"Yeah, Maria?" She asked turning towards me.

"I think its time I get some real tits!" I said with a grin.

There was just about two months before school started again, and I knew I really wanted this. Starting today, mom officially divorced Lance, and we were eating dinner, her new boyfriend, was also there. Rick, who knew everything that had happened, accepted what I was. He was a big man at 6'6 and weighed something near 250 pounds, graying hair, and a mustache, he was, weirdly, a breast surgeon, a quite famous one, he was known in his younger days as the "gentle giant".

"Hey, Rick, I want boobs, can you do them for me?" I asked.

"That would be completely up to your mom, sweetheart." He said after swallowing his food.

"I'm fine with it, if you are, Rick" she said looking at Rick and I.

"Ok, let's do it!" Rick said

I stood up, and yelped, ran over to Rick and hugged him. Over the next few days I prepared, when the day came Katie, Rick, and I were on our way there. As soon as we got there, I was up. Katie gave me a hug and kiss

"I love you, Maria, I'll see you when you're done." She said while I was still in her tight grip.

"I love you too" I said as I walked off with Rick.

I laid down on the table as they knocked me out, Rick gave me a kiss on the forehead, and that was all I remembered. When I woke up, I had tits, they were sore, but were there.

After all the healing, I had my C-cup breasts, Katie had bought me a bunch of new clothes, and bras. I was in the bedroom with Katie, we were talking about school, and how I felt about going. It was July, 16, my birthday.

"Let's do something, birthday girl!" Katie said.

"Oh here's another surprise, Maria!" She said as she handed me a box with a red ribbon on it.

"Oh, thanks" I said smiling

I opened the box like a ferocious tiger eating its prey. I ripped off the ribbon, looked at Katie who gave me a nod to open it, with that I opened the box, it was a low-cut, burgundy dress, at a mid thigh length.

"Try it on" Katie said

I hurriedly stripped off my current clothes, unfolded the dress, and put it on. I could only get the zipper up halfway, however.

"Katie, can you help me with this zipper?"

"Yeah, sure"

She got up and walked behind me, put her hand in between the front of my shoulder and the top of my (newly added) breast. As soon as she pulled the zipper up all the way her hand slipped onto the peak of my breast.

"Turn around, I want to see how it looks on you"

"Everything ok? I said as I spun around

"Yeah, just a few kinks on your dress, hold on"

Katie knelt down, took the sides of my dress and tugged it down a little. She then slapped my ass and said perfect. After she slapped my ass I yelped, and out came a torrent of giggles from Katie. That night we ended up going to Tiffany's place, where I got pretty tipsy.

When Katie and I got home we went to her room, where I threw up a little, and we watched an Adam Sandler movie that made me laugh my ass off, not to mention, falling off the bed a few times.

I looked over to Katie, who had looked at me, there was a feeling, an unexplainable one.

"What?" I asked with a giggle.

Katie was still just looking at me, I hated it when she got weird like this, there was a different look in her eyes, one I had never seen from her before, was it lust? I couldn't answer because the next thing i knew we were making out. Katie was on top of me roughly groping my tits, and controlling me with her tounge.

"Ahh" I moaned around her tongue

Katie sat me up and pulled off my dress, then ripped off my bra and panties, then she stripped as well. I was now on top of her, biting her left nipple, while pinching the right. I moved upwards and started making out with her again, she tugged on my cock once and I blew my load all over her stomach.

"Ughh, fuck" I yelled with my back arching.

I went downwards, kissing in a straight line down her body, 'til I reached her mound, I licked down her slit, then up, repeated the sequence a few more times, when her back arched upwards like a bridge, I knew I had found her clit. I thrust a finger into her pussy while licking her clit, then two fingers, her back arched, my whole face was smothered in her pussy when she came.

"Oh god! Oh god! Fuck! Fuck!" She muttered

Her pussy juices poured like a waterfall down my face, I swallowed as much as I could, and savored the beautiful taste of her love juice

After she regained her composure, she walked over to a chest that I had never really paid much attention to, opened it, and pulled something out. She walked back over to me with a black 10-inch strap-on cock.

"Get on all fours, bitch" she yelled with dominance.

I rolled onto my hands and knees, she stuck her micro penis of a tongue into my asshole, and moved it in circular motions like a tornado until the diameter was unable to move anymore, the intruder pushed inside. Searching the cave for rare objects. I was going to complain when her tongue left, but was unable to object her tongue leaving when the head of her strap-on went into my ass

"Gaahh, fuckkkkkk!" I screamed in an ecstasy of pain and pleasure

When Katie was about a quarter of the way in me, she rammed it all in, balls deep, pull out, ram in, pull out, ram in. It was all pleasure at this point. Katie had brought me to a monumental orgasm without even touching me.

I couldn't stop cumming, just a massive puddle under me, exhausted, I collapsed on the bed and passed out. I sat up in a pool of my own cum the next morning, hungover, and naked, I looked over to my right to see Katie naked also.

She was not covered by a blanket, and still had the strap-on on, her boobs were magnificent, I petted along the side of her body, her skin was so soft, I squeezed her ass cheek, it was so firm and round. Katie woke up. Then looked at me.

"Hey, Maria, about last night..." She paused


"We can't do it again, its just not right" she said

"I understand Katie" I said with a smile

Months had passed now, school had started, I had a few boyfriends but never went farther than blowjobs. I'm on the volleyball team, Rick had permanently moved in with us and is now engaged with my mom, I got a job with my friend joey at his record studio, audio production, had always been something I wanted to do, which Joey taught me the in and outs of.

Tonight, Tiffany and I were hanging out at her place, making small talk and sharing a bottle of wine. To me it was just a normal night. I looked at Tiffany as she drunkenly stood up. Then got down on one knee.

"Maria, I wa-wanted to-to ask you this for a while. Will you let me take you out for dinner?" She asked as she handed me a ring pop.

"Yes, Tiffany, I'll go out with you" giggling as I took the ring.

"This must have cost you a pretty penny" I said sarcastically

"Yeah, don't worry about it" she said as she fell on the floor laughing.

Tiffany and I were making out for god knows how long until I got a call from my moms lawyer, saying that trial would be coming up soon, and he wanted me and my mom to see my dad in a few days.

Within the next few days, Tiffany took me on the date she promised, were officially a couple now. Rick told me he would go with mom, Katie and I to see 'dad'.

The meeting room was quiet, there were only a few people in there. My heels clicked on the floor (yeah, I wore heels just to rub it in my dads face) Katie was in front of me, while mom was behind me talking to Rick. I guess I was up first. I sat down and looked at my dad in the eyes, I loved the feeling of having this kind of power over him.

"So...?" I asked.


I interrupted him as I got up to leave, not wanting to hear that name from him.

"Wait, just sit back down, please?" he continued.

"I've learned my lesson, obviously the hard way, please help me get out of here!" He said as he grabbed my hand.

"What if you do get out of here? How do I know you won't do the same things again? You finished off any kind of relationship we would have had after you hit me! Your going to be homeless, penniless, and family-less"

"I'd honestly say your better off in here" I added.

He slammed his fist on the desk.

"No! How long are you going to be dragging on this charade?" He yelled just like that night. While gripping my hand to the point that it almost hurt.

Rick and the security guard looked at Lance, being ready to move. I looked back at my so-called dad again, he looked angry, per usual, I guess.

"What charade?! I'm not playing any fucking games. I wish you'd just fucking kill yourself, asshole" I said as I pulled my hand away from his grip.

When I got up, he got up, that caused the guard to move toward him and sit him back down. I guess we had made a scene, because what was left of the people in the room were all staring at us.

I left the room and went outside to my moms car, the echo of my heels being faintly heard behind me. I pulled out a cigarette and my zippo lighter, and lit the cigarette, took a drag, and blew it out, again; in a repetitive motion.

"You shouldn't smoke, its not sexy" said a male voice. It was my moms lawyer.

"Nor are you the legal age" he added

"Not really in the mood for comedy if you haven't noticed"

"Why are you so mad? Your dad doesn't have a case, Maria!" He replied.

"Why am I mad? I really didn't want to come here and see this asshole again" I replied on the verge of crying.

"You won't have to see him again after the trial" he said wiping a tear from my cheek.

"That's not the fucking point! I want to see the fucker dead!" I replied

Avery gave me a hug before he brought me back inside, he talked to some cop and then said we could go. The trial would be a few months from now.

Over the next two months, Tiffany and I got closer, mom and Rick got married. Katie, for some odd reason started dating Joey. The day of the trial finally came, they showed evidence of my bruised face, and asked me unrelated questions.

"Lance Morrison, you are convicted for a length of five years in federal prison, and three with possible parole" the judge ordered.

"Fuck you Matthew" my convicted felon of a father said as he was being dragged off by the judges slaves.

The people in the court all looked at me, some with angry looks, some indifferent. I looked out the front door of the courthouse to find media vans and reporters. I didn't know if they were there for me or some other big case.

"Maria, my car is in the back parking lot, I'll drive you home" Avery said.

Years had passed since that day, Katie had broken up with Joey, Tiffany and I started our own record label, I doing the audio recording, and mastering, while Tiffany did all the graphic designings, such as, album arts, t-shirts, and so on, mom and Rick were happy.

I had been contacted by an Asian pornographer, and Tiffany agreed on a meeting with him, he picked us up in a limo, and drove Tiffany and I to his office downtown.

"Well, Maria, its nice to finally meet you in person" he said with a smile.

"It's nice to meet you Mr.Ti" I replied.

"Oh, no need to be so formal, just call me Fang, sweetheart"

"Anyways, the reason I brought you in for a meeting, is I want you to be featured in my newest, and biggest bukkake film ever!" He said as If he were rallying his warriors for war.

"Excuse me, but what's a bukkake?" Tiffany asked

"Ah, a bukkake is a Japanese porn genre featuring women getting semen splashed on her face or chest by a certain number of men." He replied

"How many men are we talking about?" Tiffany asked.

"Oh, about 250 or so!" He replied

Tiffany looked at me nervously, I looked back at her unsure of what I wanted to do. Fang looked at me, then Tiffany, then me again.

"So do you want to be in my film?"

"Yes, I'll do it" I replied

"Great! We are scheduled for tomorrow! Make sure you eat lightly tonight, as you will be ingesting quite a bit of cum tomorrow" he explained.

With that we left, and went home, Tiffany and I had sex, she came in my ass, and we slept cuddling eachother all night as if we were trying to survive in the severe winters of Alaska.

The next day, Tiffany came with me to watch, as we took the limo ride there, we talked with Fang, about how he came into porn, and in general about his life.

"I have made a change to the film, this includes Tiffany, I would love to have her masturbating in the background, while Maria has cum layered onto her, then on the final scene, we open Maria's eyes and holds them open, while Tiffany cums in them both! It's perfect! Aren't I right?"

"Are you okay with that Tiffany? Because If I'm going this far, I might as well go the extra mile." I asked

"I'm fine with it, I guess, I just never really thought of myself as a porn star" Tiffany admitted

"That is completely wrong, you are beautiful, I can see you two having a future with me!" Fang replied

"I can imagine it now! The shemale couple! Fucking, bukkake's, its just endless! Anyways its time to start!" He added

I was naked except for a thin g-string, Tiffany was on a computer chair, with her legs spread and resting on top of the arms of the chair. Her cock was hard.

I laid down on my back, and the first guy leant over me and blew a huge load on my forehead, after the first 25 cumshots, there was cum in my nostrils, puddling on my eyes, running down my cheeks, all over my boobs, and In my hair, and all around my mouth.

After the first hundred men, it was everywhere, my face was painted white with cum, I could barely open my mouth to breathe without cum dripping in. My nostrils were full of It, my hair and tits were being conditioned with it.

After the next 150 or so men passed, I could practically swim in the cum, I squinted my eyes open and saw Fang standing over me naked with a 9 inch cock, he scooped some of the puddled cum and smeared the outside and inside of my asshole with cum and rammed it in. His long powerful thrust stretched me apart, he pulled it out and knelt over my face. And shoved his dick halfway into my mouth.

"Taste your asshole, baby" Fang said

When he said that he made me deepthroat his cock, he pushed in and out, honestly, I loved the feeling of being a submissive bitch. Fang pulled out, to let me gasp for air, all I got was a gulp before he shoved it back in and blew his load down my throat, so much cum went down my throat that it started coming out of my nose!

Before Fang got up, he wiped my eyes off and called Tiffany over.
He held my eyes open as Tiffany seductively walked over and knelt down over my face.

"I love you, Maria" she said

The 'O' ring appeared on her mouth, cum blasted out of her cock in to my right eye, then on my left, right, left, right, left, right, right, left. It burnt like hell, but I loved it. Tiffany bent over and started making out with me, sloshing random men's cum into eachother mouths.

After we were done the whole crowd of guys cheered! Fang threw me a rag to clean myself and pointed to the shower room.

"Ready for round two Maria?" Fang asked.

"Joking, joking, let me know when your ready to go, I'll give you guys a ride home" he added

Tiffany and I took a shower together, and had sex, after getting out of the shower, we got dressed, put on our make-up and went into the main lobby, where Fang gave us a copy of the recently filmed porn.

Fang was right, over the next year, the porn sold millions worldwide, people were requesting more, Tiffany and I bought a house together, our record label became one of biggest in the western part of the United States. We were now part-time pornstars, and part- time record label owners.

Tiffany and I were in bed, I was on top of her, groping her tits, and biting her neck, when she told me to stop, I looked at her, getting ready to bitch at her for making me stop.

"Hey, spread my asscheeks, there's something there for you" she said with a suspicious grin.

I moved downwards, licking her body on my way down, I reached her cock and gave it a sniff, it had that beautiful musky sex scent that I love so much, then gave it a lick up the shaft. I reached her crack and spread her cheeks. There was a small, black velvet box, it was quite elegant, however.

I opened the box, it was a gold ring, with diamond's traced throughout the upper curve of it. It was beautiful, and it was exactly my style.

"Maria, will you marry me?" Tiffany asked.

"Yes, I will, Tiffany" I replied hysterically.

We had sex all night, and all morning, Katie had found out about our wedding, and was happy, within the next year, Tiffany and I had gotten married, our record label had gotten much bigger, our porn career was nothing short of exhausting. We adopted a child, but Tiffany, wanted a child that looked like her. At dinner, Katie was staying over for the night and eating with us.

"I want a kid of my own, one that looks like me, ya know, Katie?" Tiffany said with her mouth full.

"I could have child for you, if you'd want that of course" Katie replied.

"That's perfect, we get the look of you two, and me!" Tiffany said.

With that said, the next year flew by, Katie, had our child, she got engaged to Jared, a friend of Rick's son. We named our child Katelynn, who was a healthy baby, with blue eyes, like Tiffany, as well as her skin tone. She had my hair.

From then on our careers skyrocketed, we quit porn, to half-fully dedicate our careers to our record label and kids, our record label was soon franchised and built all over the U.S. and soon around the world. Katie got pregnant again with her own child.

My life had turned around, I was everything I wanted to be, where I wanted to be, I could now live my life to the fullest...

That's what I did...

(The end).

This was written on my phone, as my computer is in the repair shop. As you can imagine, this took forever to write/type.

This story is true in some aspects, but a lot of it is extremely exaggerated. Thanks, and I really mean it if you have read it thus far. I am a male to female transsexual, but that is all the information I will release about myself..

Constructive critique only, please.



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