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Part two of how this 12 year old boy changed my life
Alley way Jake 2

I was out for maybe 5 minutes, because when I came to Jake was already getting dressed again

"Woah, must have been some orgasm I had" I said cheekily

"Well, it made me happy!" He replied, and winked at me.
"So Brock.. We going to your house? Or... "

"My house!?" I was confused as to why he wanted to...

"You said you were gonna watch movies? And you had popcorn..."

Oh yeah! Shit that's right.. I forgot, well I guess we could go to mine, maybe he might want to you know go again.

"Uh yeah sure buddy.. Was there anything you wanted to bring.. Like I dunno a blanket and pillows?"

"Why? It's hot out.."

Little smart ass!

"We'll because maybe we may want to snuggle up and cuddle!"

"You mean 'maybe you can get close to me again in the hopes i suck your cock?"

Woah! When did he become so aware.. And he calls it a cock now?

"Hang on, you knew everything about make sex and the dick didn't you!"

"Yeah of course I have a father, and well let's just say he isn't the shyest guy"

Oh my god, that little shit! He knew exactly what I wanted and took advantage of me!

"Anyway! I want to watch movies! Lets go."

So with that, and a few things on my mind. We left out his back gate and to my back yard. I opened my gate and let him in first, making sure I took a long look at his tiny ass in those shorts. Moving in unison to his steps, meaty and wet with need! Oh how I wanted it in my hands, to feel his cheeks and squeeze them and lick his hole, stick my tongue in that warm dark cavity, oh boy! It's driving me crazy!

"Brock, why is there a pair of underwear in your garden..?"

I was suddenly taken back to reality, cold hard reality! Why is he still in those clothes? Why is he standing here and not laying naked on my bed?

"What?" I asked still in a daze.

"Why is there underwear in your garden?" "Are they yours?"

"Uhm, yeah they look like it!"
Again really!? Where are the coming from...

"Oh? They are purple, look tight and small too..." "Would you like to model them for me Brockey?"

Brockey? What... But I mean yeah I would love to model them or him... They were of course my favourites..

"Oh sure! Come inside" I led him to my lounge and sat him down on the couch.

"Now stay here and I will be right back okay.."

"Sure, take all the time you need"
He winked and slapped my ass the. Giggled a little.

"Oh.. Cheeky one are we?"

"Shut up an go Brock!"

And bossy by the sounds of it too.. Ugh. Anyway I raced upstairs and stripped all my clothes off,

"Come on Brock, you can do it. All you have to do is flaunt it, then he's all yours!"

I pulled up my underwear and positioned my cock so it was clearly visible, it was siting diagonally so my head was facing my waistband. And my balls were clearly outlined by how tight the were! I took a deep breath picked up a towel and wrapped it around me, walked out my door and down stairs into the lounge where I could here the tv going,

"Ohkay Jake, are you still sitting down?"

"Yeah! Hurry up though!"

I walked around the corner in my towel to find him lying on the couch with his hands down his tight blue shorts

"Enjoying yourself are you?" I asked in the sexiest tone I could

"Oh yeah baby, feels so good!"

"I bet, I'd love to give you a hand Jake, but seems there's not enough room?"

I slowly pulled the towel away from me and let it drop to the floor, he clearly loved what he saw, because his mouth dropped and eyes widened!


"You like it baby?"

"Get over here!"

I walked over to him slowly and carefully! Pointing my dick towards his small young face! He looked up at me as if looking for permission, I nodded and he pulled my waistband down slowly and steadily! Revealing the head of my dick, he leant forward and have it a small lick and a kiss,


He giggled and pulled my underwear right down, snatching my dick straight away and slowly started to stroke it slowly.. Making me moan softly and rock back and forth,

He leant in again, this time folding his lips over my head and pushing his mouth down my shaft!


He pulled back up quicker, then proceeded to go back down all the way to the base, making y cock jump and jolt around in his mouth

"Jake! Save it for later" "I want to be able to last"

With that he pulled off, stood up and started stripped down, first his shirt, he lifted it off with ease revealing his young bare chest and belly! Next were those shorts, I watched him roll them off, making them flick off that ass of his and making it wobble, then. The underwear, he turned so it exposed his ass... And pulled them right down, but while doing so said softly

"Fuck it"

I was not quick enough to oblige I fell straight to my knees, and was face to well ass with this glorious young bubble but in my face, harmless and smooth with the scent of lavender and boy sweat.

I grabbed to cheeks in my hand and fell In love they were like two big marshmallows, soft yet fluffy and remained in shape, the. His hole I lent my face in close feeling the heat come off his little hole the fresh smell of ping boy sweat and fresh baby powder. I gave it a small lick with my tongue, making him jolt, I then gave it a more forcefull lick making sure he felt it, I heard a small yet cute moan come out his mouth and it filled me with butterflies and love.

"Oh Brock just fuck me baby!"
He whispered and smiled with those peircing blue eyes.

So, I lubed up my dick upswing saliva and lined the head up with his hole, the warmth that was being produced was like nothing I have ever felt, so I slowly started to push my head at his hole.

"Mmhph uh"

I pushed a little harder

"Uhh, oh ow"

Then even harder this time thrusting so my whole cock flew in his ass


I started to thrust fast! Making his ass wobble with every hit of my thighs making the couch squeak as it moved across the floor making him scream with sheer pleasure!

"Oh fuck Brock Uh Uh Uh," I could feel the ball of tension in my dick, the warm wet squishy feeling if his anal cavity, contracting against my 9 inch cock!

"I'm gonna come Jakey"

I thrust twice two big thrusts making him scream, and in the third thrust 4 hot thick loads of warm cum shot out of my cock and into his tight little boy ass!

"Oh, uh, uh! Brock! I love you"

"I love you too Jake"

If you want more of this story please let me know :) xx -K

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2013-02-01 03:54:18
AMAZING- finally a sexy woman with BUSH. There is still WOMEN out there. Thank you for shnairg!!!!!!!!!WHat is her name and where can i find more of that bush??????????

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