More about my adventures behind my futures husband's back.
From Lonely Unfilled Housewife to Perverted Slut Part 11

The day had turned out a lot different than I expected when I had gotten up that day. My daughter’s ex-boyfriend Vincent had called me. Vincent was going to help arrange for all Paul’s sisters husbands and Paul’s brothers to fuck me in a big family fuck festival. I lusted over Paul’s brothers and his brother in laws. They were all hot.

How I got together with Vincent in the first place. I was a loving devoted housewife and mother of my daughter Sandra. Sandra and Vincent had been dating a year. Sandra had insisted we give her and her boyfriend Vincent a first year anniversary party. During the party I ended up sitting between my husband and Vincent. I had been setting down my drink when Vincent hand nocked my arm causing me to spill my drink all over my dress. I had gone upstairs to change my dress in Paul and my private washroom.

When I was changing Vincent walked in and apologized but he didn’t leave. The party in the first place had been Sandra and Vincent’s first year anniversary party is in Part 2 and Part 3. I had asked Vincent to come over. He told me he was just finishing work and was planning a night with the other seven guards. I talked Vincent into coming over and bringing the other black security guards. Vincent told me him and his guard friends would be right over.

I was waiting for Vincent and his fellow guards to come over when Paul came home. He brought ten of his apprentice constructions workers with him. They were all tall, muscular, teenage, black men. I looked them over real good from head to toe. I was wearing my short skirt and low cut transparent blouse when Paul and the hot black men arrived. Paul didn’t say a word about the way I was dressed. I got them alone by asking Paul to check the air conditioner in the living room. While Paul was in the living room I flirted with the ten tall, black, muscular black men.

I promised they could come upstairs and have hot fun. I hadn’t arranged the toilet to break down, but it had. I had no idea Paul would be bringing his apprentice construction worker over to the house. It sure came in handy the toilet was broken though. This way the guys could come upstairs to use the washroom. While they were upstairs they could come in the living room and give me a good fuck at the same time. I was in total lust. What could be better than this?

Vincent was bringing seven of his black, muscular fellow guards over to fuck me and now I had ten more black muscular teenage black men from down stairs more than willing to fuck me.

Paul and his apprentice construction workers went downstairs into the basement. No sooner than Paul and the hot black, muscular ten teenagers went downstairs when Vincent and his fellow guards arrived. They all came in the back door and were hot, tall, muscular young black men. It wasn’t long before they had stripped down and fucking my throat and pussy hard. I was enjoying feeling the young muscular black men’s bodies as one by one rammed his big cock down my throat. I felt the muscular arms around my waist and their chest pressed against my back. While they rammed their big thick black cocks all the way in my hot wet cum filled pussy or my hungry asshole. There was no doubt about it. I was addicted to muscular, young black men and their huge cocks.

I was being fucked hard down my throat and in my hot ass when I heard one of the black boys open the dinning door and walk in the living room. Wow was the young, muscular black man ever hot. He introduced himself. His name was Steve. My mouth and

I w I invited the guys to come upstairs to take turns fucking me. When Paul had returned from the living room I told him he and his apprentice construction workers would have to use the bathroom up stairs because the bathroom toilet in the basement was broken.

My husband and apprentice construction workers went downstairs. I waited for Vincent and the guards he worked with by the kitchen window. Vincent and the seven guards arrived. They were all in their late teenage black muscular men. I did a strip show and soon we were all nude. I was on my hands and knees while a young black muscular man rammed his big cock in my pussy. I was also swallowing a big thick back cock at the same time.

Steve, one of Paul’s, apprentice, had come upstairs and fucked my ass really hard. Before he had finished fucking me, Ross had come upstairs. Ross wanted to bring the rest of the muscular black apprentice construction workers. Not only did he want to bring the guys upstairs he wanted to bring his Paul us as well into the next room.

“Steve’s gone downstairs to get my husband and the rest of the gang.” I moaned. “Come on Ross fuck my hot pussy. One of you other hot black guys fuck, my throat. I need cock. I can’t wait until my husband gets upstairs to get fucked. I agreed with Ross to have a fuck fest with Paul in the kitchen. Come on fuck I need cock in the worse way.

“Is this what you want slut?” Ross asked walking up to my face and slapping each of my cheeks with his thick, long black cock. I could feel his pre-cum dripping off each of my cheeks. I looked up at his smiling face then down to his muscular chest, washboard stomach and huge bisects. “Well is it bitch?”

“Yes oh yes ram that big black cock in my hot pussy Ross. I need your big cock.” I answered. “I need one down my throat as well.”
“Fuck your one greedy slut.” Ross said after slapping each of my cheeks again before walking behind me. He grabbed me around waist and rammed his cock deep into my pussy. At the same time one of the muscular black, teenage guards walked in front of me and slapped his big black cock against my cheeks. More pre-cum slashed on my face and dripped down my chin.
I thought I heard something from the kitchen and figured it had to be my husband and his muscular young black apprentice construction workers. Then I heard Steve saying from the dining room. That meant Paul was in the room next to me getting my pussy being fucked hard. Only a thin wall and door separated me from my husband.
“Yes I am.” I whispered. “Keep your voices down please. My husband’s in the next room. I can hear him.”
“Does that mean you don’t want to suck my cock and that black guy over there to ram your pussy with his big black cock?” Ross asked.
“Of course I want to suck that big cock of yours. I want you to fuck my throat with it. Yes I want the other black muscular man to fuck my pussy hard. I need to be fucked in the worse way.” I moaned. “Getty fucked with my husband in the next room makes it all that hotter.” End of Part 11.

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