15 year old Jen explores 13 year old Brady's body
In the minutes after giving Braden a blow job Jen and Braden hurried into the shower to clean themselves up and Jen gave Braden a blow job again. This time he slipped in the shower during his orgasm.
"Oh God are you okay" Jen yelled Braden grabbed her naked body
through her on top of him.
"Of course I am okay" giggled Braden. Jen was on top of Braden she kissed Braden's neck
"Can I lick your pussy?" Braden asked.
"Why not" Jen replied she stood upright while Braden got a face full of pussy. Jen grabbed the back of Braden's head thrusting her pussy into his face. Braden began vibrating his tongue as it explored Jen's pussy. Jen started shaking Braden dug his tongue as deep as it would go and started swishing his tongue around. Jen let out a loud yelp and fell to her knees Braden took out his tongue and kissed her pussy.
"That was amazing" Jen said hugging Braden.
"Let's get ourselves cleaned up" she said getting out of the shower. She started putting clothes on.

Brady didn't want to spy on them but as he was reading his book but he had heard a thud coming from the bathroom and decided to investigate. He ran along the carpeted floor and knelt in front of the bathroom door. He heard mixed up noises he didn't know what the person was saying but he managed to hear "Can lick pussy". It sounded like Braden he heard gasps and another thud and laughter this time it sounded like Jen. He managed to piece two and two together Jen and Braden were having sex in the shower. He ran to his room jumped onto his bed pulled down his pants and underwear and started jacking off.

Once Jen and Braden had cleaned up and put his clothes back on they went downstairs to get ready for supper.
"Brady supper" Jen shouted in a few seconds Brady ran down the stairs.
"What are having?" Brady asked.
"Kraft Dinner" Braden shouted from the kitchen while Jen was setting the table. in about a half an hour they had cleaned up and were sitting in the family room watching T.V. They were half way through the movie when the phone rang thinking it was Mr. and Mrs. Martins she answered.
"Hi" Jen said into the phone.
"Hello" a boy said on the other line.
"Who is this?" Jen asked.
"Jake" the boy said
"I'm Jen I am babysitting Brady and Braden" Jen replied.
"Oh I was wondering if Braden could come over for a sleepover."
"I'll ask him"Jen replied she turned to Braden
"Jake wants you to come over for a sleepover."
"Am I aloud to?"
"It's fine with me" Jen said.
"Yes!" Shouted Braden.
"He's coming over" she told Jake. Braden ran up the stairs to pack for the night.
"Looks like it's just you and me."
"Yep" replied Brady not knowing what to expect.
"Want to watch a movie?" Jen asked
"Sure" Brady said wondering if Jen was going to fuck him he wanted to have sex with her really bad. Unknown to him Jen also wanted to do that as well. She loved how handsome he was. He had baby blue eyes which Jen adored she also loved his muscles they were very well developed for only being thirteen yet he looked like he was sixteen.
"Uh Jen what movie do you want to watch?" Brady asked snapping her out of her thoughts
"Uhhh you choose" Jen answered they settled for Pirates of the Caribbean and watched it. Jen could not help but to look at Brady as he watched the movie she realized that she was madly in love with him she couldn't take her eyes off of him. Brady noticed that she was staring at him he was tempted to ask her what she was doing but he decided not to he was popular at school but he had never had a girlfriend. He could tell that Jen liked him and he liked her he wanted to have sex with her but he decided to wait to make his move.

"So what do you want to do Brady?"
Jen asked after the movie as they sat in the living room.
"I don't know"Brady replied. Jen had hoped for that answer.
"How about truth or dare."
"Got nothing better to do" Brady replied.
"I'll go first" Brady said "Truth or Dare?"
"Truth." Brady thought for a moment.
"Do you have a boyfriend?"
"Truth or Dare?" Jen asked
"Truth"Brady said while Jen got her plan ready.
"Do you have a six pack?"
"Yes" Brady said Jen smiled.
"Really? Prove it" Brady knew what she was up to Brady was extremely horny he felt his erection starting to bulge.
"Okay" Brady said standing up.Jen almost squealed with joy as he took his shirt off. His abs came into view a perfectly chiseled six pack came into view.
"Oh my goodness" Jen said as she tried to get a better view. His chest was perfectly tanned. Brady could see the amazement in her eyes as she stared at his chest.
"How long did it take you to get that tan?" Jen asked.
"A couple of months" Jen was awestruck she looked at his biceps
"Can you flex for me?"
"Sure" Brady said happy that he had her where he wanted her. He flexed his muscles. Jen's eyes never left them
"Truth or Dare?" Brady asked.
"Truth" Jen said still staring at Brady's body.
"What colour is your bra?"
"Prove it" Brady said smiling. Jen smiled realizing what he was doing
"You little bugger" she said laughing she stood up and took of her shirt
"It is white" Brady said staring at the one thing that kept his eyes from his first sight of breasts
"What flavour is your lip stick?" Brady asked Jen smiled ready for the next step.
"Prove it" Jen smiled and grabbed his head and kissed him on the lips her tongue went and explored Brady's mouth. She broke apart from him
"I love you" she said.
"Me to" Brady replied. Jen undid her bra and gave Brady his first look at anyones breasts
"Do you want to do what I'm thinking?"
"Does it involve being naked?"
"Good." Jen pulled down her shorts then her panties. Brady undid his jeans and took them off his penis bulging from inside his boxers he took a deep breath and pulled them down.
"It's huge!" Jen said laughing staring at Brady's 61/2 inch cock there was a thin line of pubic hair at the top his testicles drooped down she put her hand around Brady's hard cock and started jacking him off.
"Oh Jen this is amazing" he said.
"It will get better."
"Is this what you did to Braden?"
"Do it to me" Brady pleaded.
"Okay"Jen then knelt onto the carpet looking at a cock way bigger than Braden's
"That is the best cock I have ever seen."
"Thanks" Brady said. Jen took a deep breath and put Brady's cock in her mouth. She licked the precum off of his cock. Brady grabbed her head and thrusted his hips into her face. Brady's breathing quickened he jolted violently as he experienced an amazing orgasm a loud of cum went into Jen's awaiting mouth.
"Your cum tastes great"
"Can I have a taste?" Brady asked.
"Yes."Brady knelt down and kissed Jen. His tongue went and explored her mouth swallowing some cum he broke away.
"It does taste great" Brady laughed.
Jen looked at the clock and sighed.
"Well we you better get to bed"
"What time is it?" A disappointed Brady said.
"Eleven" Jen replied
"Oh it doesn't matter my grandparents don't come until ten."
"Oh does it ever get cold in your bed?"
"Sometimes" Brady responded not knowing why she asked it.
"Do you want company?"
"O-Ofcourse" Brady said realizing what Jen wanted.
"Follow me" Brady said running up the stairs still naked.
Jen eagerly followed also naked. She entered Brady's room Brady had the covers already open for Jen. Jen walked into the bed Brady went in after her.
"Let's have sex" Jen said while cuddling with Brady.
"Okay" Brady stammered while he got on top of Jen.
"Come on Brady get your cock in my pussy." Jen said Brady happily obeyed. He aimed his cock at Jen's wet awaiting pussy. His cock slid in easily.
"Jen I don't know about this, what if we get caught"
"We won't tell anyone" she paused and smiled "Except Braden." Brady was satisfied with that answer. He began thrusting his hips. Jen moaned happily and kissed Brady.
"Ready to say good bye to your virginity?"
"Yep!" Brady excitedly replied speed up his thrusts his cock throbbing in Jen's pussy.
"This is so great" Jen said. Brady started to jolt. Jen was also nearing her orgasm whining out loud. This was her best sex yet Brady was so young and into it.
"Almost there" Brady said through gritted teeth. They both moaned and shuddered as Brady unleashed his load of cum into Jen's pussy and Jen jolted into the air. Brady rolled off of her, his cock throbbing he closed his eyes.
"Good night Brady"
"Good night" Brady said as he drifted into sleep anticipating the upcoming week

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