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Jennifer and Jameios friends have an orgy
Jennifer and Jamieo part 2

Jennifer's belly started to swell with her new baby. She was about 6 months along, she was huge but still oddly attractive. One major problem was she was very horny. Pregnancy hormones. No one wanted a pregnant girl though, she'd have to masterbate to satisfy herself but that didn't completely satisfy her. She wanted Jamieo's dick in her again, she imagined it mercilessly fucking her as it had at school that day. The day that got her pregnant.

She knew the Baby was going to need a relationship with its father so she tried to work something out between them. She'd tried several times talking to Jamieo about their baby. He'd just brush her off "it ain't mine. That's your baby hoe." She'd try and try and try and it just didn't seem like he was interested.

One afternoon she got a text from Jamieo "I'm coming over 2nite to talk". This made Jennifer very happy and excited. She thought Jamieo might be coming to talk finally or better yet to fuck her again. It made her so wet just thinking about it. She went an put on a low cut maternity dress. She hadn't noticed before but her tits were swelling to. Jamieo will like this I know! Jennifer wondered if that's the only reason he stayed with his other white slut because she had two C cup boobs. She had always wonder what it would be like to be fucked while you were pregnant and she knew she was going to find out.

About 10 minutes till 8, the door bell ring. Jennifer opened the door and Jamieo and these two other black guys from the football team came in. "What are you doing?" She asked confused. Jamieo closed the door, walked behind her and ran his hands up her dress and started caressing her new tits, and started kissing her neck. Jennifer started moaning. "I know how much you love black cock so I brought you two new ones," Jamieo said as he took off her dress leaving nothing but her thong. "You told everyone we fucked and I got you pregnant. What you didn't tell them was how much of a whore you are." He started biting her ear and she let out a moan " ohhhhhhh". "So tonight you get three big black cocks in you at once, you like that slut?" He slapped her ass. "Yesssssss..ohhhhhh I love black cockssssss" she moaned and he slapped her ass a couple of more times. "You love being a slut don't you?" Jamieo said. "Yes I love being a white slutttttt. I need to be fuckeddddm. ohhhhhhhhh." He picked her up and sat her on the couch in between his two black friends that we're now completely naked and fully erect.

Jamieo got naked, stroked his cock, and just watched as his two friends have their way with Jennifer. As soon as he sat her down one started sucking her tits as one crawled between her legs and started eating her pussy. "Awwwwwwww fuckkkkkkk" Jennifer moaned "awwww my tits and pussy feel sooooo good. Awwwwwwwwww. Do y'all like sucking my tits and eatting my white pussy? You black men love eating my white shaved pussyyyyy. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I think I'm about to cummmmm. Eeeee" "No cumming slut" the guy who was eating her pussy said, "Not till we say so!" He pulled her up and slapped her on the ass a few times. Both of them now were about to begin the main event.

"Stand up slut!" One of the black men ordered. "You are going to ride his dick while you suck mine! While you are riding cock you will turn around towards Jamieo. Understand white slut?" Jennifer was still trying to figure out how that dick was going to fit in her pussy it was longer than Jamieo's. "The slut must need some motivation!" He grabbed her by her shoulders and forced her down to her knees. "Open your mouth hoe!" He barked. Jennifer just sat there on her knees starring at it. It was long maybe 7 inches, it was very thick. "That wasn't a suggestion!" He said as he opened her mouth and shoved his huge mass in her mouth. This guy was fat but his girth was huge.

The gagging was worse than when Jameio fucked her face. Jamieo wasn't nearly as thick. Tears began to fall down her face because the girth was just to much. He began to thrust harder and faster "ohhhhh fuck yeah! Fuckkkkkk yeahhhh! This sluts throat is sooooo tight!" He pulled it out of her mouth to let her breath. "What's wrong hoe?!" He slapped her in the face with it. "I thought you liked black cock. Maybe you'd like it better if you had cum shoved down your throat!" He stuck his dick back down her throat and fucked her fast and hard, Jennifer thought she was going to pass out, then he started moaning "Ahhhhhhh. I'm bout to shoot my fucking cum down your throat bitchhhhhhhh. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkk" he pulled it out enough to let it spew inside her mouth. And then pulled his dick out. "Now swallow every drop of it since you love hot African cum! You like that don't you slut!" Jennifer even though exhausted was very turned on "yes I loved it! Moreeeeeee! More for this whore pleaseeeee!"

"Change of plans," Jen's face fucker said. He sat down on the couch with his erect dick. "Bring your pussy over here, get on top and fuck me cum loving bitch!" Jennifer just sat in the floor still trying to catch her breath. "Help her out there Joe," he order. Joe, the other black guy on the couch who had been jacking off, picked her up and helped her get her balance before she tried to take his girth in to her cunt. "I don't know if I can do this! It's so big.." Jennifer said as she tried to descend upon his thick black cock. "Ahhhhhhhhh" she only got a third of it in " no more of it is going to fitttttt" she said. "Joe fuck her face while I work on this cunt," her punisher order as he slapped her ass. "It's going to fit you hoe. And then I'm going to shoot another load in your little pussy! I'm going to play with these huge tits! I love these tits they are just made for fucking!" He said as he started making his dick go in and out deeper and deeper. "Stoppp I don't. Think. It can. Go anymoreeeee." She said in a mix of pain and pleasure. About that time Joe climbed on the couch and started fucking her face with his cock. It wasn't nearly as big as the others much to her relief. She still had to endure this long cock going in out her throat. Which she kind of liked. She was much less worried about it and more about the dick pounding her pregnant cunt.

After about 15 minutes, of screaming on the dick in her mouth, her cunt finally adjusted to the big dick viciously fucking and she started to moan from the pleasure. "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" "I think this slut is starting to cum on my damn dick!" He said. "Spin her around and suck her tits!" Jamieo ordered. The vicious fucking continued with one in Jennifer's mouth, fucking her face, and one in Jennifer's cunt, fucking her pussy about to make her cum. Jamieo then started rubbing lube on his dick for the grand finale. As Jennifer's moans became louder and louder, Jamieo walked up behind her and put his dick in line with her butthole. " Bitch you're going to be a true slut after tonight. I'm going to cum in your ass and watch it all come leaking out" Jennifer moaned "noooooooo not my asssssss" with Joe's cock in her mouth. Joe wouldn't let go of her head which he was fucking. Jamieo stuck is dick all in at once as Jennifer was about to come to an orgasum. Jennifer screamed from the pain but then from the pleasure. As Joe's dick fucked her throat you could hear her moan "shit, shit, shit, shitttttttttttttt"

She had a black dick in her mouth, a black dick in her pussy, and black dick in her ass. She was being fucked mercilessly as she came in one explosive orgasum. She moaned on the dick in her mouth "AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH SHITTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!" Moments later her three black fuckers started to cum. A unison of "awwww fuck, fuck fuck fuck, I'm about to fucking cum! Take my cum bitch! Fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkk, take my black cock!!!! AHHHH!" All three shot loads of cum all in her. Which caused her to scream again pleasure. Sticky ropes of black cum were everywhere in her.

They picked up the warn out Jennifer off her impailers dick and laid her on the couch and gathered around her pregnant belly. "Please don't stop! I'm a slut! I want more! I want more black cum!!! I love it so much! Give me more!!!," Jennifer begged. "Since she loves black cum so much lets give her it one mo time!" Jamieo said as the three started jacking off. Another unison of "awww fuck, fuck fuck fuck, take my cum white bitch, awwwwwww fuckkkkkkkk!" As they all came on her belly, tits, and face. Jamieo reached forward and grabbed her head, "suck the rest off bitch" Jamieo said as he faced fucked her, gagging her again but her loving it. "Oh fuck I'm about to cum again! You bitch you is about to make me cum all in your mouth again! You deserve every drop of my fucking cum!" He said as he slammed her head into his crotch "awwwwwwww fuckkkkkkkkkkk!!" As he shot another warm sticky blob of cum down her throat.

He pulled out as the black fuckers got their clothes on and left a tired Jennifer laying on the couch with warm cum running down her chest and legs. "Thanks for the fuck slut. You owe us for all the cum, you fucking little slut. We'll be back to collect." Jamieo said as the three walked out the door.

To be continued .......
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