A cybersex chat
Stranger Disconnected
Stranger: hi
You: Hey 20 M USA 
Stranger: asl?
Stranger: female 18 uk
You: how are you?
Stranger: i'm fine thanks, please tell me you are relatively normal?
Stranger: are you okay?
You: yes
You: whats not normal?
Stranger: some guy was telling me i'm not female and that hes a spaceman
Stranger: another guy greeted me with would you like to fart in my face hahahaha
You: yeah im not like that lol
Stranger: good ;)
Stranger: where in US are you from?
You: i just enjoy talking to women ;)
You: Ohio
Stranger: very nice, we are wonderful to talk to haha
You: talking is the second best thing to do with a woman lol
Stranger: and whats the first? hmmmm
You: i think you know
Stranger: listening :)
Stranger: haha
You: not what i had in mind but we'll go with it
Stranger: let me have a wild guess...
Stranger: sexxxx
You: your a good guesser
You: you dont like sex?
Stranger: what can i say?
Stranger: I am intelligent haha
Stranger: of course i like sex
Stranger: who doesn't?
You: some women dont, but i change that im pretty damn good at pleasing women if i do say so myself
Stranger: sounds good to me hehe
Stranger: so whats your name?
You: Tom
Stranger: nice to meet you Tom, I'm Alexa
You: nice to meet you too
You: what do you look like?
Stranger: brunette, blue eyes, petite
Stranger: you?
You: 6ft, short brown hair, muscular, hazel eyes
You: are you curvy?
Stranger: i'm only 5ft 1 haha, i suppose so I have a big bum and small boobs :(
You: i like a nice it in shape or just big?
Stranger: i'm quite toned 
You: very sexy?
Stranger: haha
You: guuys dont care to much about boobs, as long as you have them
Stranger: i have them just not alot haha
You: thats perfect
Stranger: hmm
Stranger: so how muscular are you?
You: well im a college athlete so pretty damn muscular
Stranger: really?!
You: yes
Stranger: thats interesting
Stranger: ;)
Stranger: what sport?
You: yep i play lacrosse
Stranger: I like lacrosse, not very good at it though
You: i am lol
Stranger: i should hope so!
Stranger: could you pick me up with one hand then?
You: what do you enjoy doing ms. alexa?
You: yeah i could pick you up with one arm probably
Stranger: well i weigh just over 7stone
Stranger: are you strong enough then?
You: we use pounds here so i dont know how much a stone is
Stranger: i think im about 100 pounds maybe a bit less
You: yeah i could definitely lift you with one arm
Stranger: impressive
Stranger: ;)
You: thank you!
Stranger: so i enjoy going to bars/clubs with friends, watching sport (not playing ha), working and earning my money
Stranger: and yourself?
You: lacrosse, school, and work
Stranger: what do you study?
You: Pre-Med
Stranger: oh my god, thats so good!!!
You: yeah its pretty tough though
You: you?
Stranger: I've always wanted to be a nurse of some sort like a midwife or something, not good with blood though
Stranger: hopefully going to go study business and spanish at uni
Stranger: if i get the grades
You: are you smart?
Stranger: yes but i have to work quite hard for my grades
You: i see
Stranger: i have a crap memory haha
Stranger: im guessing you're smart?
Stranger: what uni/college are you at?
You: yes
You: Ohio State University
Stranger: what time is it in Ohio?
You: 10:00am
Stranger: oh right thats good, it's 3.00pm here
You: why arent you doing anything
Stranger: i was, i finished work an hour ago haha
Stranger: do you have any plans for today?
You: probably just swim...but i have to take care of this morning wood first
You: what about you?
Stranger: morning wood?
Stranger: going to my friends for drinks later thats it really 
You: you have to know when guys wake up they have a boner and it will either go down on its own or you have to take care of it yourself
You: its called morning wood lol
Stranger: okay, want some help?
You: sure
Stranger: dirty talk then?
You: that would be great
Stranger: role play?
You: are you going to join in and play with yourself?
Stranger: you choose?
Stranger: maybe...
Stranger: depends how turned on i am 
Stranger: if you can turn me on ;)
You: just back and forth dirty talk...tell me about your pussy first and ill desscribe my cock
You: ill turn you on for sure
Stranger: do you like cheerleaders then, seen as your an athlete?
You: i do but i think i would rather fuck Alexa from the uk than any cheerleader right now
Stranger: hmmm really haha
You: my cock is 6in long and 5in around, circumcised, pubes trimmed really short, i last over an hour of fucking before cumming
You: yeah
You: if you were here right now i would do you so hard you wouldnt walk straight
Stranger: sounds good me, i have no pubes,  it's not too tight but i dont have big hips 
You: how many fingers can you fit in
Stranger: 3 or 4
You: my cock is still going to stretch you
Stranger: souunds like it haha
Stranger: its what happens when your petite, and can be picked up with one arm by you
You: do you have any pics i could see or no?
Stranger: i'm afraid not
You: ok well lets get started then
Stranger: you first
You: at least get naked and start playing with that pussy please ;)
Stranger: okay what should i do to myself
You: rub your clit while you have a few fingers inside yourself
You: ok i hop on a plane and fly to the to your house and knock on your door
Stranger: well hello there
You: looking you up and down i realize you are the beautiful Alexa i was talking to, "hello" is the only word i get out as i take in your beauty
Stranger: awww
Stranger: I pull you into my house
Stranger: and push you against the door as we kiss passionately
Stranger: because i'm home alone....
You: i take in your deep kiss before picking you up with one arm and looking into you eyes ask if there is someplace for us to get more comfortable?
Stranger: yes the lounge, just through that door
You: i carry you through the door kissing you the whole way as my free hand rubs and squeezes your toned ass
Stranger: hmmm
You: we arrive in the lounge and i let you down kissing your once more before looking down into your eyes..."what now gorgeous?"
Stranger: i start to undo your shirt, but just rip it off
Stranger: i want you now sosososo bad.
Stranger: you take my dress off that leaves me stood in my underwear as i remove your trousers still kissing you
You: i tear your bra off and rub your delicate nipples while kissing you back
You: we stand you in your panties me in my boxers kissing passionately
You: pause: hows it going over there alexa what are you doing to yourself?
Stranger: okay just rubbing my clit, you?
Stranger: feeling kinda horny though
You: stroking my cock and massaging my balls
Stranger: i wish i was doing that for you
You: me too...i wish i could rub that pussy for you
Stranger: hmmm
You: are you wet?
Stranger: abit
Stranger: lets carry on
You: ok babe
Stranger: so, i remove your boxers and give you the best blow job you have ever had
You: i look at you as you take inch by inch of my dick into your mouth
Stranger: sucking and licking it
You: stroking your hair and moaning as you engulf me
You: how does it taste?
Stranger: good
You: i grab the back of your head and push the rest of myself into causing the head to reach your throat
You: please, play with my balls while you suck me babe?
Stranger: i do massaging your balls
You: it feels so good
You: i get close so i stop you and pick you up placing you on a couch
Stranger: hmm
You: i look into your eyes, "your turn" i whisper as i pull you panties down sniffing the crouch before diving into that pussy and sucking on your clit
Stranger: mmmmmmmm
You: how does that feel babe? what do you want me to do with my mouth?
Stranger: tickle it with the end of your tongue
Stranger: making me very horny
You: i lightly flick with the tip of my tounge
You: thats a good thing babe...i want that pussy nice and wet
Stranger: mmmm
Stranger: at the same time massaging my breasts
You: im so hard...its difficult to type with one hand lol
Stranger: im so wet and your so hard
You: i play with your nipples while eating you out lightly twisting them causing pleasure with pain
Stranger: so i sit on your dick kissing your neck and face
You: not yet babe
Stranger: ok
You: i move one hand from your titties and insert it into your pussy working your g spot as i suck on your clit and massage yout tit
You: you taste fucking amazing
You: i look in to your eyes and continue to finger you but stop eating you out..."i dont have a condom" i say
You: ?
Stranger: but i want you really bad, i have the implant but....
Stranger: what should we do?
You: you dont have std's do you?
Stranger: of course not
Stranger: do you?
You: neither do i....ok then ill pull out before cumming.... its time for this big american dick to meet that pretty uk pussy!
You: are you wet enough
You: ?
Stranger: yessss
You: this is your cock, how do you want it?
Stranger: i want you to pick me up and fuck me against the wall
You: i pick you up and move you toward the wall...put it in yourself 
You: i am so hard right now
You: guide that dick into your pussy
You: alexa?
You: hello
Stranger: hmmm, so you start off in and out slowly
You: where were you?
Stranger: teasing me making me wet
Stranger: kissing your neck and face
You: i slam into
You: you
Stranger: then you start going in me deeper 
Stranger: and faster, faster, faster
You: forcing my whole package
You: into that petite pussy
You: i move faster and harder my balls smacking your asshole with each thrust
Stranger: im moaning really loud now
Stranger: mmm
You: i keep ramming you
Stranger: then you slow down again
Stranger: making me want you more
You: teasing you only moving the head in and out
You: making myself want to go back inside you
Stranger: kissing me
Stranger: on my neck
You: sucking on your neck
Stranger: and my my ear, making me want you
You: massaging your nipples
Stranger: then you go in me deep slow
Stranger: and i orgasm
You: the spasms of your pussy on my cock feel great
Stranger: mmmmm
You: how close are you actually to cumming over there
Stranger: so horny
Stranger: close
Stranger: you?
You: fingers inside?
Stranger: yes
You: im pretty close...i can last a really long time though
You: how many?
Stranger: i like that haha,
Stranger: 3
You: im stroking so hard im actually sweating a little
You: you like that i can go a long time?
Stranger: yesss
You: how does the inside of your pussy feel?
Stranger: 1 lad i was with barley lasted 15 mins
Stranger: feels wet
Stranger: like really wet
Stranger: i want you
You: told you i would turn you on
Stranger: haha
You: i last over an hour so you think that petite slot could handle me for that long?
Stranger: defintely
You: back to it then?
Stranger: yes
You: you cum on my cock and after your intense orgasm i carry us over to the couch me inside you the whole time as i sit down and look at you and say ride me baby!
Stranger: hmm 
Stranger: so im kissing you
Stranger: and bouncing on your cock slowly
Stranger: teasing you
Stranger: give you a love bite on your neck
You: i reach up and cup your boobs
Stranger: then i start to bounce faster on your cock
Stranger: making me moan
Stranger: mmmmmm
You: i moan slightly also
Stranger: yes Tom yes
Stranger: i pull on your short hair
Stranger: the pleasure is too much
You: i squeeze your small titties
Stranger: then i slow down and you go deeper in me
You: try and fit the whole thing
Stranger: then you play with my clit
Stranger: while im bouncing slowly on your dick
You: i rub it as you fuck me
You: sucking on your nipples biting a little
Stranger: i dig my nails into your shoulders
Stranger: mmmm
You: the pain and pleasure cause me to jump a little
Stranger: then you put your whole dick in m
Stranger: me
You: tell me when your going to cum over there alexa and well cum together
You: oh it feels so good
Stranger: still playing with my clit
You: im using pre-cum as lube...there is so much lol
Stranger: hahaha
Stranger: i whisper in your ear
Stranger: "take me upstairs baby"
Stranger: and you carry me upstairs to my room
You: i set you down on the bed
Stranger: and i climb on top of you again
Stranger: kissing you 
Stranger: your chest, your neck, your abs
You: i rub the head of my cock against your thighs, boobs, lips, and pussy lips teasing you as you kiss me
Stranger: mmmmm
Stranger: then you push me onto my back
Stranger: and i wrap my legs around your waist 
Stranger: and you go into me slow
Stranger: teasing me
Stranger: then you kiss me passionately
You: oh yeah babe im so close
Stranger: and then kiss my ear
Stranger: making me so horny
Stranger: sucking on my lobe
You: making you moan out
Stranger: then kiss my neck
You: i do as you ask kissing and sucking while i fuck you
Stranger: im gonna come
You: me too....where do you want it?
Stranger: *cum
Stranger: wherever you want baby
You: i pull out and spray your boobs with my cum
Stranger: hmmm
You: hmmmm
Stranger: i wish you were here right now
You: same
Stranger: andd we were doing this
You: that was great
Stranger: hmmm it was
You: how was your orgasm?
Stranger: good, it could've been better
You: it wouldve been better if i was actually there
Stranger: yess
Stranger: you?
You: it was great but i would have loved to been able to actually bust on your tits
Stranger: hmmm
Stranger: so how many girls have you been with?
You: too damn many lol
Stranger: haha
Stranger: roughly?
Stranger: i've only been with 5 guys
You: 12....ladies like college athletes
Stranger: thats very true
Stranger: and doctors as well
You: lol
Stranger: you'll be a lucky guy hahaha
You: already am...but yeah it wont be too bad
You: 5 is not to long did the longest one last with you?
Stranger: hmm im sure it was over an hour
Stranger: im guessing alot of yours are one night stands
You: yep
Stranger: i was in some form of relationship with the lads i was with
You: i dont have time for dating...on the road for games and studying the whole time
Stranger: yeah thats true, im not dating at the moment either
You: why not
Stranger: so what position do you play in lacrosse?
Stranger: because i just split with my ex about a month ago
You: defense
Stranger: what are you like as a person then- personality wise?
You: im a funny guy always cracking jokes
Stranger: haha, i like lads with a sense of humour
You: then youd like me lol
Stranger: sounds like it haha
You: what about yourself?
You: what are you like?
Stranger: good sense of humour, outgoing, 
Stranger: can be quite shy
Stranger: with people i dont know that is haha
You: true but i have a feeling if i met you we would probably just fuck for like two days...doesnt seem to shy
Stranger: i wouldnt complain with that
Stranger: haa
You: dont know too many shy girls that tell guys how their pussy feels online
Stranger: suppose, so your saying im a slut now ehh?
You: just saying you arent as shy as you think
Stranger: suppose so it depends on the people and situations and what im wearing and stuff
Stranger: get intimidated easily i suppose with being so small
Stranger: haha
You: i still feel so good right now....i want to fuck you so badly
You: i see that
Stranger: hmmm
Stranger: so how long will it be until your a doctor?
You: well 7 years
Stranger: wow, thats a long time
Stranger: so you'll be 27
You: yeah...ive been in school for 3 right now
You: yep
Stranger: suppose it'll be worth it in the end
You: oh for sure the money is going to be great
You: good hours too
You: maybe travel the world
Stranger: haha, do you want to specialise in an area?
Stranger: i want to travel the world too
You: orthopedic surgery
Stranger: and either own my own business or be in an executive/director sort of job
Stranger: that sounds interesting
You: its bones
Stranger: Dr. Tom
You: if you didnt know
Stranger: yeah i know that haha
You: knee and hip replacements specifically
Stranger: oh right so mostly old bids then hehe
Stranger: *old people
You: yep
You: makes it sound worse lol....maybe ill do plastic surgery and do boob jobs lol
Stranger: haha, you could one on me? cheaper though haha
You: i give it to you for free...but we would definitely have to do this fantasy too
Stranger: of course
Stranger: ;)
You: maybe once before the new boobs and once after just to be sure
You: lol
You: ;)
Stranger: sounds good to me haha
Stranger: just dont give me wonky boobs
You: k would give you the finest looking boobs ever
Stranger: goodddd
Stranger: not too big though like 30DD/D
You: thats gross
Stranger: what?
You: we would go to a low C
Stranger: why?
You: to big is gross
Stranger: suppose at least they'd be bigger than they are now
Stranger: for free
Stranger: ;)
You: true...and id probably just hire you to run my ptactice with your buisness skills
You: practice
Stranger: that sounds good, it'd be amazing just because of me
Stranger: i really do want to move to US at some point in the future,
You: oh for sure and then we could bang each other any time we would like
Stranger: if i can get a visa
You: do it
Stranger: we could do it in your office, 
Stranger: on your desk
Stranger: haha
You: yeah i would have to try you from behind too...staring at your toned ass
Stranger: sounds good to me
Stranger: hehe
You: of course we might end up fucking more than working ;)
You: but that would be ok sometimes
Stranger: we'd have to work in the day and fuck at night
Stranger: simple as
You: we wouldnt sleep then because i would be in you all night
Stranger: wait, how old would i be?
You: 25
Stranger: okay thats fine i'm not too old then haha
Stranger: at least we'd both be satisfied ha
You: you think your going to be too old?
You: oh we definietly wood
You: would
Stranger: at like 27+
You: no, i still going to want you past 27
Stranger: but i dont want to have kids when im old though haha
Stranger: friends with benefits could work/
Stranger: ?
Stranger: at work hahaha
You: well use condoms or other birth control
You: what are you wearing right now?
Stranger: my underwear
Stranger: you?
You: shorts
You: you have a bra on?
Stranger: but i'll want to have kids when im like 27 i think haha
Stranger: probs wont work
Stranger: yeah i am wearing a bra
Stranger: and a thong haha
You: what color thong?
Stranger: black
You: can you see through it?
Stranger: yes
Stranger: its lace
You: damn....
Stranger: and the bra matches 
You: that is hot
Stranger: haha
You: i wish i could could see you in that
Stranger: i bet you do ;)
Stranger: i wish i could see you in your shorts too
Stranger: are you wearing a top?
You: wel! youd see a tent in these shorts
You: nope im not
Stranger: hmmm
You: nobody is home with you?
Stranger: do you have big arms and shoulders?
Stranger: nope im home alone
You: yes
Stranger: mmm
You: did you moan and scream when you were masturbating or are you the silent type?
Stranger: i was moaning haha
Stranger: you?
You: good thing nobody was home
Stranger: i know 
Stranger: ;)
You: i grunt slightly but not too loudly
Stranger: are you alone?
You: no my roommate is downstairs
Stranger: hmmm, i wish i could pay you a visit
You: would you wear that lace thong
You: ?
Stranger: yessss
You: i might just move it to the side and fuck you while youre still wearing it
Stranger: or maybe i wouldnt wear no underwear
You: i would want you to wear it...then id want to keep them afterward
Stranger: okay haha
Stranger: but i like them haha
Stranger: you could take me shopping for lingerie
You: well we would get you a new pair because i would want those ones with your scent all over them
You: i would
You: do you masturbate often?
Stranger: i really want agent provocateur lingerie but its mega expensive
Stranger: not really 
You: why not?
Stranger: depends if im feeling naughty or not
You: do you watch porn?
Stranger: not really i have once or twice
You: i see
You: what kind did you watch?
Stranger: im guessing you do, like every guy
Stranger: some teen one
Stranger: and a threesome one haha
You: yeah i do
Stranger: ever had a threesome
You: no...ive been close but never actually pulled it off
Stranger: i have with my ex and some other girl
You: was it hot?
Stranger: it was alright
You: did you get into it with the other girl?
Stranger: im not into lesbian sort of stuff, but i was pissed so i did so
Stranger: *do
You: ever done anal?
Stranger: no, i dont really want to
You: neither do i 
Stranger: apparently its painful
You: i think its gross
Stranger: me too 
Stranger: my friend said it really hurt as well
Stranger: so i dont think i ever will
You: if you have a perfectly good girl their why would you choose the ass....guys have just seems gay
Stranger: im sure its better with the pussy anyway
You: i think it has to be
Stranger: i like being spanked though haha
You: i would definitely have to fuck you from behind then
Stranger: my ex used to do it to me, it turns me on a lot being spanked
You: not to mention the cock.goes deeper
Stranger: hmmm
You: oh how does your pussy feel right now?
Stranger: hmm i dont know
Stranger: quick question then, where do you see yourself in 10 years
You: as a doctor making a lot of money...golfing once a week with my father...probably married
Stranger: i see myself owning a business/running one and a mother probably maybe living outside
You: im probably going to save this.whole conversation
Stranger: why?
Stranger: haha
You: why not
Stranger: will you wank to it?
You: it was pretty hot
Stranger: hmm fancy talking dirty again?
You: ive been hard ready to go again since you talked about seeing your pussy through your thong
Stranger: okay then i'll start
You: are you horny again?
Stranger: so i fly to Ohio to see again and you meet me at the airport 
You: are you horny again?
Stranger: and its late and the airports empty so you show me to your car and i get in and so do you
Stranger: yes i am haha
You: well hang on let me grab some tissues because im going to cum quick this time i feel
Stranger: and were kissing and i undo my coat to reveal im only wearing my bra and thong
Stranger: and i undo your trousers wanting you in me really bad
Stranger: and well hello there, your big cock is there to greet me
You:  i undo you bra letting it fall to the ground
You: my cock springs out already nice and hard
Stranger: and i put the condom on your dick
You: good thing we brought one this time ;)
You: are you masturbating again?
You: spit on the condom to lube it up
You: babe?
Stranger: then you move my thong to the side and play with my clit
Stranger: making me moan abit
You: i have my big cock sticking out of my shorts jerking it hard right now ;)
Stranger: then were kissing passionately 
Stranger: your kissing my neck
Stranger: my tits
Stranger: then nibbling on my ear teasing me
Stranger: still playing with my clit
You: whispering how sexy you are as i nibble
Stranger: then you help me get stable
Stranger: and then i start bouncing on your cock one your inside me
You: oh yeah babe
Stranger: *once
Stranger: starting fast
You: how does that cock feel?
Stranger: and then getting slower and deeper
Stranger: making me moan louder
Stranger: pulling closer to you 
Stranger: holding onto the back of your necj
Stranger: *neck
Stranger: then i go faster and stay deep
Stranger: mmmmmmmmmmm
Stranger: and your groaning
You: ride it girl
Stranger: and then just as im about to orgasm with you in me
Stranger: i bite your shoulder the pleasure is too much
Stranger: have you cum yet?
You: oh baby
You: not yet
Stranger: i then grab hold of your tie
Stranger: and pull you onto the back seat 
Stranger: where a lie down 
Stranger: *i
You: im close keep going
Stranger: and you start flicking my clit and massaging my boobs making me hornier by the second
Stranger: i start moaning when you start licking and playing more
Stranger: so i lift your head up and kiss you passionately
Stranger: tongues touching
You: let me take you doggy in the back seat
Stranger: then i wrap my legs around your waist as you lie me back dowm
Stranger: still kissing me making me moan
Stranger: and become breathless 
Stranger: panting wanting you deeper
Stranger: then you go deep and slow
Stranger: and were both getting sweaty and sticky
Stranger: and were both almost there
Stranger: and as i orgasm i bite your lip from pleasure and almost scream
You: im close babe
Stranger: your turn sexy
Stranger: im horny i want to play with myself haha
You: hang on talk about riding my dick for 2 more minutes until i cum then ill get you off
Stranger: ?
Stranger: so your still inside me
Stranger: and were kissing and i just want you so bad
Stranger: i havent been with you in months
Stranger: so were kissing like we never want to stop 
You: talk about my dick in your pussy
Stranger: let me get there haha
Stranger: and you sit up again still inside me
Stranger: and im bouncing as fast as i can
Stranger: my tits are bouncing at the same time
Stranger: you go deeper 
Stranger: and i cant take anymore
You: im going to cum
Stranger: i cum whilst your inside me and scream
Stranger: then you start rubbing my clit 
Stranger: making me horny again
Stranger: but this time i bounce on your dick slowly and deeply
Stranger: kissing you
You: i came...hang on
Stranger: moaning while your tongue is in my mouth
You: oh yeah
Stranger: i start sucking your lips then you put your whole dick inside me making me scream and moan with pleasure
Stranger: and i bite your lip again
Stranger: mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
You:  slam into you with a lot of force
Stranger: your turn now then hehe
Stranger: make me cum this time
You: are you naked?
Stranger: do you want me to be?
You: yes
Stranger: then i'll strip off
Stranger: im naked
You: and you better have 2 fingers in your pussy and the other rubbing your clit
Stranger: mmmmmmm
You: my tablet is going to die soon so this will have to be quick...what gets you off the fastest
Stranger: your dick in me
You: i arrive at your house and walk up to your room to find you naked and fingering yourself
You: i push you down on the bed and take off my shirt and pants 
You: letting my dick swing out
You: i climb on you and give you a deep kiss...letting my hard member rub against your stomach
Stranger: mmmm
You: i kiss down your body and arrive at your breasts...sucking on them as my free hand rubs your clit
You: my cock rubs against your inner thighs making you feel it as you anticipation grows
Stranger: yes please
You: making your cunt nice and wet
Stranger: mmm
Stranger: im wet
You: i rub my cock all over your legs up to your pussy lips 
You: then i slap my dick against your lips teasing you
You: slightly parting the lips with the tip of my dick making you want more
You: how bad do you want it alexa?
Stranger: want your dick so bad
You: i continue teasing your pussy with my cock head as i kiss your stomach and rub your clit
Stranger: making me moan
You: are you a naughty girl?
Stranger: im moaning now, im very naughty
You: i flip you over showing you the.power i have and i position you on you hands and knees
Stranger: mmm
You: i bend down and kiss your pussy from behind
Stranger: so close
You: i slowly work up behind you and enter your cunt from behind
You: slowly using shallow strokes and thrusts getting progressively deeper
Stranger: yessssssssssssssss
You: i lay into you leeting you get used to my girth and length
You: once you have taken the full thing i begin to jackhammer you slamming into that pusssy and hanging on your hips
You: occasionally smacking your ass
You: causing it to turn nice and red
You: how is your pussy babe?
Stranger: i just cummed 
Stranger: mmmmmm
Stranger: i have to go now though
You: what were you doing to yorself when you came
Stranger: see ya naughty Dr. Tom
You: see you late beautiful shy Alexa
Stranger: awww you have a way with words
You: you too...i dont think i have any cum left lol
Stranger: haha, glad i helped you with that 
Stranger: ;)
You: me too talk to you later
Stranger: bye xxxxx
Stranger Disconnected

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2015-03-13 07:57:38
To be fair...I used to troll omegle all the time. There aren't to many willing girls who are actually girls.

anonymous readerReport

2013-02-05 10:31:18
I agree with Muppetmurph that girl was too generic

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2013-01-30 01:46:19
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2013-01-06 19:52:44
You do realise that 18yr old "Alexa" was probably 56yr old Alexander don't you

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