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Jill was the typical school mom. She was heavily involved with school
outside of her work life. You could always count on her being at the next
PTA meeting, at the next big football game, or whatever the next big school
event was volunteering to help out. Tonight was no exception. It was the
day of the big homecoming game.

The game started like any other homecoming game. The typical cheers, school
colors, and pep band music abounded. The team seemed to be in low spirits,
though. This fact was no more evident than on the field. The home team was
losing hard. By halftime the score was 28-3. As Jill watched the team
leave the field from the stands she thought to herself, "There must be
something I can do for them." She left the stands and proceeded to
discreetly follow the team to the locker room.

None of the team members knew that she was there. She stood on the other
side of the row of lockers opposite the team. As the coach began his
halftime pep talk, she began to slip down her skirt. Next, she unbuttoned
her shirt. She could tell from the team's reaction to the coach that moral
was low. She had the answer to this problem though.

Jill began walking towards the end of the row of lockers. Her high heels
made a clicking sound against the hard floor. Suddenly, there was silence.
Everyone could hear her walking over to the other side of the lockers. She
turned the corner and there was the team, all staring at her not sure what
to make of the situation. Jaws were hanging and gasps could be heard as she
stood there in a bra, panties, and high heels.

After a bit of silence she spoke up: "Well, boys, what do you think?"
Still, the team stood there motionless. "You all know I would do anything
for my school, right?" she said. The coach then uttered "Anything?"
"...anything..." she responded seductively.

The coach walked over to Jill and stood behind her. He put his hands on her
shoulders and then said, "Team. You see this fine piece of ass here?" As
he said this he slapped her on the ass. She was getting very wet now. He
continued, "I want you to use her. Use her to win this game. If there is
one thing that can lift spirits, it's some pussy." Jill could see some of
the team members beginning to stroke themselves now as she nibbled on her
lip. Then the coach said "Well, what are you waiting for?" He spun her
around, put her hand on top of her head, and pushed her down to her knees.
Jill could here the clicking sound of cleats on the locker room floor behind
her as the team members closed in on her. The coach quickly unbuckled his
pants and whipped out his cock. Without hesitation, he grabbed her blonde
hair and shoved his dick into her mouth. She let out as involuntary moan as
this happened.

Suddenly, she felt a hand under her. It came from behind her and was
rubbing her clit, and then moving down to her pussy. The two large fingers
slide into her wet pussy easily. As this happened, she felt a hand from
each side groping each of her tits. She was moaning as coach fucked her
head. She was making gagging and slurping sounds with drool running down
her chin. Then he pulled out of her mouth and turned her head to the side.
Before she could even react, there was another dick in her mouth and more
hands moving all over her body.

They were passing her around like a toy and fucking her face, and she loved
it. They were uttering the dirtiest of things to her as they bobbed her
head up and down and passed her around the circle. "Suck it you cunt."
"Eyes up here bitch. Look at me when you suck my dick." "Lick my balls
whore." Every time one of the boys uttered a phrase like this, she felt
compelled to suck harder and faster and get each and everyone of them off.

After this went on for some time, one of the boys popped his load on her
face, but most of it missed and landed on the floor. She felt a hand
pushing the back of her head down and a voice said "Tongue out bitch." She
began lapping cum up off of the dirty locker room floor. This was too much
for some of the other players to handle and so loads began exploding left
and right. She was catching them in her mouth as a pool of jizz began to
build up in her throat. She started gargling it and playing with it in her
mouth. This was a very hot scene, and the rest of the team couldn't avoid
nutting in her mouth. Then, when she had a mouth full of hot spunk, she
sent it down the hatch and moaned. She sat there, kneeling and splattered
with cum and she breathed heavily. Then she heard a voice behind her say,
"Well, good work team. Let's go win that game." They left her panting on
all fours like a dog. She got dressed and found her way back to the stands.
That night the team may have lost the game, but thanks to one school whore,
it was a homecoming they would never forget.
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