A multiple part story of a boy's experiences in the world of sex
In my life I have experienced the many wonders of sex - both the good and the bad. From a very early age to today it seems I've been tied to the world of lust and desire despite my attempts to escape it. For some, the human sexuality is nothing more than a quick, pleasureful moment, but for me it has held a powerful affect on the course of my life. I have been both gifted and cursed with an overpowering drive for sex and it is this trait that inevitably opened my body to all ends of the sexual spectrum. Because of the effect sex has had on my life I feel it is necessary to both reminisce and share my stories with you all. My name is Victor Eros. I am a bisexual male currently living in England. My father is Indian and my mother is descended from Russian immigrants. They are also the birth parents of my sister who grew up with me and is a little more than two years younger than me. My father later left us and my mother raised my sister and I by herself. She remarried when we became older and my step father brought in his daughter to the family - my step-sister. I am currently married with one beautiful daughter. As for myself I am 5 feet and 10 inches tall and have an athletic build but I am not very muscular. I have black hair and brown eyes and white skin as well. That's pretty much all the background needed so I'll begin my story. As I said before, sexual adventure began for me at a very young age so the best way to start is with my childhood. It is very detailed so do bear with me.

Chapter 1

Early life in the Eros household was difficult. My father walked out shortly after my sister was born and when I turned the age of two. My mother, Kate Eros, was heartbroken when it happened but recovered greatly. In no time she earned a job and began raising my sister, Natalie, and I. My mom didn't really have the time to go out and enjoy herself but she enjoyed being with us regardless. It was a very open relationship, and she would talk to us about everything in her life. My mom was young when she had me, 19 to be exact, and had my sister and divorced when she was 21. My mom is a very beautiful woman. She has short blonde hair, hazel eyes, and a very fit, petite figure. Being the only guy in the house I had to sort of help carry the family and serve as support to my mother. She and I were very close and I helped her in every way I could with chores around the house. This sort of caused me to mature a lot faster than other kids. I cared a lot about my mom and we held high respect for each other. We would spend her free time joking around, playing board games, and watching movies. She had the greatest personality, outgoing, funny, but at the same time classy and sweet.

I guess being so close to one another allowed my mom, sister and I to be more comfortable with each other. We ate together, slept together, and bathed together. Nudity was fairly normal in our house. I remember when we were young, during our bath time mom would always hop in the bubble bath with us and then we’d cram into the shower and rinse off. Then we’d go to the bedroom and mom would breast feed my sister and put her in the crib, and she and I would go to bed naked. Sometimes on weekends she had off of work we wouldn’t even bother getting dressed. The bathing and sleeping together, and open nudity declined and pretty much stopped by the time I was 6.

One night when I was five, when my mother was breast feeding my 2 year old sister - she was breastfed until she turned 3 - when I asked her what she was doing. My mom said she was breastfeeding her and that it was something all babies do to get milk.

“Could I try?” I asked.

“Sure,” said my mother. She set my sleeping sister down in the crib and sat back down on the edge of the bed on offered me her breast. I leaned forward and sucked on her nipple and her milk began to drip into my mouth.

“It tastes funny.” I said.

“It’s not the same milk that you drink from a mug.”

“Mom, I have a question.”

“What is it sweety?”

I pulled the bed sheets off of my lower body and cupped my genitals with my hand. “Why do I have this and you don’t?”

“That’s because boys and girls have different private parts sweety.” My mother took my small member in her palm. “This is called a penis, all boys have them.” Then she lifted her foot onto the bed and turned towards me, exposing the area between her thighs. “This is a vagina, this is the girl part.”

Out of curiosity, I extended my arm and ran my fingers against her vaginal lips. “So this is a vagina and mine is a penis?”

“That’s right.” she replied. “Do you have any other questions?”


“Alright baby it’s bed time then.”

That was the first sexual opening of my life. It was simply innocent but nonetheless informed of sexuality.

Chapter 2

As my sister Natalie and I grew older and started going to school, my mother had to spend a little more time at work, leaving me to take care of Natalie when we would return home from school. In a sense , I had to play father for her. I would give her something to eat, help her with her homework, and we would then watch TV together. I would also give her baths in the evening just like our mother used to, the only difference was I didn’t get in with her. The free nudist spirit didn’t really run rampant as it did when we were younger. It just seemed life moved on. However, one evening (when I was 8 and Natalie was 6) during Nat’s bath time, some of that nudist spirit returned for a while.

I was washing Nat’s back when she asked me, “Why don’t you have to take a bath?”

“Because I take bath’s by myself Natalie.” I replied.

“Take a bath with me!” she demanded.

“I already took one Nat.”

“Mom takes baths with me. I want you to play in the bath with me.”

“Alright Nat I will.” I stood up and took all my clothes off and then stepped into the tub with my sister. I sat down and she quickly greeted me with a slash of water in my face. I responded with one of my own and soon we were crashing waves on each other. Exhausted my sister comes over to my end of the tub and sits on my lap. She leaned forward and grabbed the soap and then leaned back and began lathering herself. Suddenly, a sensation triggered in my young boyish penis as it began to grow and harden under my little sister’s bum. I was not sure why this was happening, This obviously was not the first time my penis had hardened before, but the sensation I was getting with my sister’s bottom nestling against my privates was driving me insane. Obviously, my sister felt it and instinctively got off. She turned and looked at my lap where my stiff member was jutting straight into the air.

“Woah, what’s that?” she said pointing.

“It’s my penis.”

“What’s a penis?”

“It’s a boys pp.”

“Why did it get so big all of a sudden?”

“It just happens sometimes.”

“Will it ever get small again?”

“Yes it will in a few minutes.”

“Is that a brain?” she said, pointing to my scrotum.

“No, it’s my balls it’s part of my penis.”

“Can I play with your balls?” she said giggling.

“Sure, just be careful it hurts if you hit them too hard.” She reached over with her little hands and cusped my balls in her palm. She jiggled around with her fingers and suddenly the sensation I felt earlier returned. I still had no idea what was going on as I’ve never felt this before, but it felt good and I didn’t want her to stop.

“Touch my penis Nat, its the big, hard, stick part.” She did as I told and placed her hand on my penis. At the first touch I twitched a bit from the feeling. She ran her hands on it, inspecting the member all over. It felt so great. I started looking over my sister while she was focused on my genitals. She was just like me with black hair and white skin but had my mother’s beautiful face and the same hazel eyes. For the moment I was seeing how truly pretty my sister was. My eyes moved down her young nude body. Slender figure, cute round butt and beautiful legs leading to her adorable feet. Then I looked between her thighs and saw her flat and clean pubic mound and then a bit lower, her slit between the tender lips of her vagina.

I put my fingers against her privates. “This is a vagina, it’s the girl’s pp.”

She let go of my penis. “I’m done taking a bath.”

I drained the tub and both of us got out and dried off. I took Nat to her room to get dressed but she ran to her bed and started jumping on it. I told her to get down and put her clothes down but she refused and instead trumpeted that she didn’t want to get dressed she wanted to play. I said ok and told her she had to stop jumping on the bed. She leaped off and went to her play house. We spent the remainder of that evening playing around in the nude. She soon started to get active again and began wrestling around. We laughed as we rolled around on the floor. I finally got a hold of her and grabbed her tight, snuggling her against me.

“I win!” I shouted. She squirmed around and giggled as I held her. Finally she relaxed and lay still and quite. I was lying on my side with my arm around Natalie as

“I’m tired.” she said.

“Me too.” I replied. I was about ready to take her to her bed when out of the blue, the sensation returned. My boyish penis began to engorge into my sister's butt crack. This almost alien feeling of pleasure engulfed and enticed me. "Let's just sleep on the floor for a little bit." I whispered.

"Ok." she muttered back. My innocent little sister had no idea what emotions were coursing through my viens but in reality, neither did I. Regardless, I wanted this moment and enjoy whatever pleasures I was having. My body began to heat up as my erection incubated in her warm and moist butt crack. We continued to lay there until I realized I had began to doze off. I looked over and saw that my sister had fallen asleep. I looked down and saw my penis had returned to its flaccid state. I woke my sister, dressed her, and tucked her in. All the while I was still naked as I had left my clothes in the bathroom. I walked back to my mom's room and went into her bathroom to retrieve them. As I was collecting my articles off the floor, I noticed my mother's dirty laundry basket on the other side of the bathroom. Curious, I dropped my clothes back down and went over to look. I shuffled around the basket a bit and quickly found one of her bras and one of her panties. I held them in my hands, admiring the soft and light texture. The panties were light pink low-cut lace bikini and the bra was a push-up and a match with the panties.

Once again, out of curiosity, I put my feet through the panties and pulled them on and then did the same with the bra. I looked at myself in the mirror, admiring myself from all angles. As I stood there my member stiffened and began poking out of the panties. After another minute in front of the mirror, I took off the bra and panties and placed them back in the basket. I grabbed my clothes, got dressed, and went to bed.

Chapter 3

The next day at school, I found myself dwelling on the events of the last night. Being only 8, I was still curious and unaware of the sexual world and felt the need to find some answers as to why spooning naked with my sister made me feel so good. That afternoon when I returned home, I decided to bring up the topic while I was with my friend Thomas (who is also 8 and lives on the same street). Every afternoon - weather permitting - Thomas and I would go trekking through the woods in our neighborhood just to see what we can find around.

"Hey, Thomas could I ask you something?" I said to him as we walked through the brush.

"Yea." he replied.

"Does you penis get hard?"

"Yea sometimes."

"Do you know why?"

"My dad says its something that happens with all boys and sometimes it happens for no reason and sometimes it happens when your body feels good."

"When it feels good?"

"Yea, like one time I was naked and I rubbed it on my pillow and it felt good and it got hard."

"You can make it hard?"

"Yea but you have to make it feel good." He paused. "Why are you asking."

"No reason."

"Does yours get hard?" Thomas stopped and turned around to face me.

"Yea I just didn't know why."

"Oh... Do you want me to show you how to do it?"

"Um, ok I guess."

Thomas began to unbutton his pants. "You do it too."

I unfastened the button and unzipped my pants and watched Thomas pull his pants and underpants down to his ankles. I followed. We stood bottomless, facing each other with our trousers at our ankles.

"It gets hard if you touch it." said Thomas. He began fondling his privates with his hand until his penis stiffened. "Do you wanna touch mine?"

"Ok" I ran my hand over his private and toyed with them a little.

"It tickles when you touch mine." he said. "I'll show you how to do yours." Thomas moved his hand onto my genitals and began fondling them as he had done with his. At his first touch my gut lurched in (the typical uh-oh feeling), this was the first time anyone outside of my family had ever touched me. However as he continued I became more comfortable and the sensations from last night returned. My member began to thicken and rise. "Now you try." he said removing his hand from my area.

I gripped my half stiff penis in my palm and flicked it around. I then cusped my balls and massaged them. Soon enough my penis had grown to its peak. "It worked!" I exclaimed.

"Yep, now try this." Thomas sat down on the ground and took off one of his shoes and the sock. "Put it in and rub it it feels good."

I followed his lead. I sat down, removed my shoe and sock and inserted my penis inside the sock. I rubbed my length and unknowingly was masturbating using my sock. We sat there, silently playing with ourselves for several minutes and then I stopped. "That was fun." I pronounced.

"Yep, try it with a pillow too, it feels good."

"Ok, I have to go home and do my homework now."

"Alright we can do it again tomorrow." Thomas and I got dressed and left for our homes.

I closed the door and sat down in my room and began my math homework. As I began, I found I was having difficulty focusing on my work. Rather, I was pondering on what had just happened that afternoon. I placed my pencil down on the desk and moved my hand to my crotch. I undid my jeans's zipper and button and sat up in my chair as I pulled my pants and underwear to mid-thigh. I flicked around my small penis with the tips of my fingers and carefully watched it engorge. I felt the urge to have those amazing feelings that I had gotten earlier. Rubbing it with the sock felt really good so I thought I'd do it again. I bent over and pulled the sock off my right foot. As I did, I couldn't help but look at my own foot. It was so smooth to the touch with my little round toes that reminded me of those of my sister. I pulled of my other sock to look at my left foot as well. I leaned back and my thighs then caught my attention. I was amused by the way they expanded while I was sitting. I pulled my pants completely off and looked down at by bare lower half. I then moved over to the mirror in my room and removed my shirt. I looked over my nude reflection. The sun entering through the window to the side exaggerated the features of my smooth, young boy's body. I then remembered that Thomas had advised me to try a pillow. I sat on my bed and pulled my pillow between my legs and gently rubbed my small member against it. The sensations were unparalleled and I soon found myself lying on top of my pillow with it clenched between my thighs as I aggressively humped into it. My bed squeaked and I began to moan and breath heavily with each push from my groin. I looked up in the mirror and saw what I was doing. If anyone else would have seen it, it was a primal sight as I looked like a sexually charged dog copulating with another. I wanted to keep at this and never stop until my body was too weak.

Suddenly there was a knock at the door. Startled I rolled off my bed. "Victor what's that noise?" asked my mother from behind the closed but unlocked door.

"Nothing, I'm working on homework mom!" I very frightenedly shouted back.

"Are you jumping on the bed?"

"No, I'm doing homework."

"Ok well its time for dinner."

"Ok mom!"

I heard my mom walk away from the door and I breathed a sigh of relief. My heart was racing and I looked down to see my erection had just about subsided. I got off the floor and got dressed. That was all for that day.

Chapter 4

For the days following Thomas and I continued our pleasure sessions in the woods after we had gotten out of the school. Despite it being very similar to masturbation for us 8 year olds it was just innocent play. We really never touched each other and spent most of the time exploring our own genitals and bodies. It sort of became a normal thing that at the time didn't really affect our relationship and we never really talked about it outside of those woods. Gradually, we became more curious and would become slightly more daring. Rather than just taking off a sock and dropping our pants we would be fully naked. We were also curious about how other things would feel on our penises and began bringing items such as Play-doh, small stuffed animals, and banana peels. As the weeks progressed we begins trekking through the woods in the complete nude. It was almost as if we were Adam and Eve in Eden.

However as fall ended the weather eventually ended our outdoor excursions. My mom also began to work longer shifts so I had to be home to take care of my sister so this limited the time I had to hangout with Thomas. I played with myself at home but soon I lost interest and no longer did so. Thomas and I resumed a basic friendship and I - for the time - was removed from the world of sexuality. Life went on.

Chapter 5

About two years later my life was forever changed. It was the summer following the conclusion of my 5th grade year. I was at the neighborhood pool at noon one day. It was fairly crowded and I had gone there by myself after having lunch. I was enjoying myself swimming when I grew tired and decided to relax on one of the chairs for a while. I spread out my towel on the chair and laid down. A couple minutes later I was approached by an older boy named Harvey. Harvey was a fairly popular boy in the neighborhood and was going to be a sophmore in high school. In our town junior high and high school were all in one building so we were technically going to the same school. He was very athletic and played many different sports, got excellent grades, and had a reputation as being an all-around good guy.

"Hey, it's Victor right? I'm Harvey, I heard you're going to start middle school this August." said Harvey politely.

"Yes, I am" I replied. In my position this was a great opportunity, before school even started I could have a friend who's one of the coolest guys around.

"Well my friends and I are to playing water polo in the other pool, you want to play?" he asked me.

"Sure!" I gathered my towel and walked with Harvey over to the bigger pool on the other side of the lot.

"So how old are you?" inquired Harvey.

"I'm 10." I answered.

"Oh ok, I'm 16 I started school later so I'm a bit older than everyone else."

We got to the pool and Harvey introduced me to all his friends. They were all guys going to either 9th grade or 10th grade. We picked teams and started a game. I didn't play so well but I did help my team and we ultimately won. We switched up teams and this time Harvey was on the other side. We then started round two. I quickly swam past mid-field and was open. I called for the ball and one of my teammates passed two me. As the ball entered my hands I felt someone grab my waist and pull me underwater. The person had me locked in their arms and pushed me against the side of the pool. I lost my grip on the ball while trying to squirm free. While I fought to get back to try and swim up to get air, I felt a hand grab in between my legs and it maintained its grip for several seconds and released me. I broke the surface gasping for air. I turned and saw that it had been Harvey who had grabbed me. He asked me if I was ok and I nodded yes and he went back to the game.

After another twenty minutes the game concluded with my team winning again. We all gathered our belongings and began walking home.

"Nice work out there," said Harvey as he ran up to me.

"Thanks you too," I replied.

"Hey are you busy right now?" he asked me when he caught up to me.

"No, why?"

"Do you want to come over to my house for a couple hours?"

"Sure, but I need to take a shower first."

"That's fine you can take one at my place. I have some old clothes you can borrow too."

"Ok I'll come over then."

"Cool." I walked with Harvey as he led me to his house. He opened the front door and we entered. "My parents are out for the weekend so I'm home alone."

"Ok" I said.

"What about you're parents? Where are they?" he asked as we walked upstairs to his room.

"It's just my mom and my little sister. They're at a pottery place, they won't be back until 6:30."

"Oh ok. Well here's my room. I can take your stuff and you can go ahead into the shower."

I handed my towel and flip flops to Harvey and walked into the bathroom that was connected to his room. I closed the door behind me and pulled my swimming trunks off. I stepped into the shower which had a frosted glass sliding door and turned on the water. I had been washing myself for five minutes when suddenly, the shower door slid back open. I was startled but saw it was just Harvey.

"Oh I'm sorry, I didn't mean to scare you. I thought we could save time and shower together. We're both guys so it doesn't matter. Is it ok if I join you?" He said to me.


"Great." smiled Harvey. He pulled his swimming trunks down revealing his penis. He wasn't erect but I was in awe with how big it looked. His balls and penis hung from his pelvis and had a ring of thin, brown hair round it. Seeing him naked showed just how athletic he was as his body appeared to be chiseled to physical perfection. He caught me looking at him and smiled. "You like it?" he asked jokingly. I laughed and said yes. He got in the shower and stood behind me and I continued to wash myself. I slowly felt his body press up against me and I felt the tip of his beast against my little butt. He placed his hands on my waist and pulled me closer. So close, that I could then feel the full stiffness of his penis sandwiched in between us. I began to feel a strange tingling in my own penis and held still. He let go of me and backed away from my backside. "Turn around," he whispered. I did as he asked and turned to face him.

My eyes immediately caught onto his now fully erect member. The shaft was thick and long with engorged viens running along it. His balls looked like a massive sack dangling from his body. At the top was a large, swollen, mushrooming, and pink head. "Woah!" I exclaimed. "How did it get so big?"

"It grows as you get older." he answered. "Some day your's might get as big as this." He placed his hand on my genitals and started rubbing it. I got the "uh-oh" feeling and pushed his hand away. Harvey looked down at me with a strange look in his eyes and had his shaft held in his hand and was rubbing it up and down. "Wanna see something cool?" he asked. I didn't answer. "Watch this." He began moving his hand up and down his penis rapidly and I watched still amazed. Suddenly, I felt my own penis growing. Harvey, noticed too and smiled as my boyhood grew in front of him. He sped up the pace that he was rubbing his penis. Breathing heavily, he stepped closer to me. He was muttering things under his breath and his entire body was shaking. I was frightened. Suddenly he reared his head back. "Yes! Here it is!" He rubbed faster. Faster. Faster. Stopped. Squeezed. And let out a loud grunt. A jet of white liquid fired out of his pee hole and onto the shower floor in front of me. He kept grunting, moaning, rubbing, and more streams fired out. My fear turned into awe. Finally, Harvey began to calm down and the streams became smaller and then stopped.

Harvey, caught his breath. "That's called ejaculating or cumming. That's when your penis shoots out that white stuff called semen or cum. It happens when you play with it really hard and make it feel good."

"What is it suppose to do?" I asked.

"It just feels really good. What I did was masturbate. That's when you rub your penis to make it cum."

"Can I do it?"

"You're not old enough. In a couple years your body will make cum and then you can do it. Ok are you done?"


"Ok then dry yourself off and your clothes are by the bed."

"Alright." I got out of the shower and dried off. Harvey washed off a little more then joined me. I wrapped the towel around my waist and went back into his room. Harvey followed behind me. I reached his bed and couldn't find the clothes. "There's no clothes he-."

I was thrown against the bed.

"Harvey what are you doing?!"

He turned me onto my stomach, took my towel off and got on top of me.

"Harvey stop!"

"I'm going to tear that sweet ass!" he shouted at me. Suddenly, I felt his penis go between my cheeks and press against my butthole. He kept pushing and I felt a sharp pain. I screamed and squirmed but he was too strong and held me down. He pushed his penis deeper into me. The pain was unbearable. He then began thrusting.

"No please it hurts stop!" I cried.

"Fuck you! You're little virgin asshole is so tight around my cock." He kept banging his groin into me while I was pinned face down on his bed. I kept squirming kept fighting but I then gave up hope and let my body go. At that moment I gave up control of my body. I was Harvey's whore. I bit my lip and let the tears roll down my face. Harvey's body flailed on top of me. His balls clapped against my butt. He pulled me tight and kept thrusting harder and faster. I grew numb to the pain. His large penis ripped me inside out. Finally, I heard the familiar grunt and felt his penis pulsing. He pulled out leaving a stream of semen dripping out of my hole. He got off the bed and got in my face. "If you tell anyone, you'll get in trouble." With that he walked back into his bathroom. I lay there, my young naked body not moving a bit. I made the mistake of not leaving right away. When Harvey returned from the bathroom he raped me again. This time he let his load onto my body, making me watch every last bit of it.

To Be Continued

Thanks for reading guys. I know it may have started slow, but it's all part of the story. For those of you that are wondering, there will be more actual sex and more girls as well. Leave me some feedback. Thanks again.


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Good start to your story

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I grew up experimenting wih my male friends too. We would meet up to have group wanks and thoght nothing of it. One day a 16yr old boy approached me too and he showed me how to come, he never violated me though, tthat's bad what happened to you there. I hope you reported him at some point as he probably raped many more

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the ending was so hot. i wish i coulda had harveys sloppy seconds

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Hmm. Well I wasn't completely sure where it was going until you got to the part where he asked to join in the shower. -_- If this really happened to you, I'm sorry it did.

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