Mitch and Izzy spend a day at the lake.
I woke up the next morning, Friday morning. A smile so big, that it was probably too large for it to fit my face. Dinner and talking with Izzy was everything I needed to feel that we were on the same page in how fast to move. I laid there thinking, probably over-thinking, about what I had done, short of just moving here, to deserve so much excitement and this feeling of contentment. Maybe it was just my "blind squirrel" moment. I really didn't care to figure this out, but was just going to let it happen, come what may.

Izzy is my drug. And my cure.

I figured that I had better get up and fix something for breakfast. I found a frozen pastry shell, and decided to make some quiche. Yes, I know, it ain't manly to eat quiche, but those people are idiots. Those same ingredients in slightly different forms were eaten freely without anyone questioning anyones manliness, or womanliness for that matter, so what's their problem?

Broccoli, Asparagus, Mushroom, topped with Swiss. Saute the veggies, a little heavy cream in the eggs, salt and pepper, veggies into the pastry shell, eggs mix poured over top, topped with the Swiss, and into the oven at 375 for 40 minutes. I also threw some sausages in the oven along side the quiche.

I couldn't stop thinking of Izzy, and those thoughts made me smile. Mom walked into the kitchen and said, "You're up early...", perking up, "and you're happy. Must have had a good time last night with Izzy, that's her name, right?" Mom's reaction was due to how the other two times we moved, it took me months, almost up to Christmas, before I wasn't waking up in the middle of the night, not in my bed. I even sleep walked into my parents bedroom in third grade and mistook their trash can for "the can", Mom sitting up in bed, "Mitch, what the fuck are you doing?" I was awake but incoherent, just stood up not pulling my pants up, mooning Mom in the process, and found the right can. She showed me the can, "You're lucky it's clean!" Most, if not all, of what I know of that incident is from hearing Mom retell that story to my aunts.

"Yes, Isadore Johansson. We had a great time last night. We're going over to the gym at the school this morning, then going over to the lake over in Crater for a swim.", I told her.

"You really like this girl.", more a statement than a question. "Do go slow, I don't want to see you get hurt. I've seen what happens to you when a girl breaks your heart."

"Not a problem, Mom. If she breaks my heart, I only have myself to blame, cause it just means I did something to really mess things up. Izzy is very open minded, and very willing to forgive.", I said confidently.

"If only it were so simple.", she said as she kissed my cheek. "But I'm glad to see you happy here. I know the other two times we've moved, it wasn't so easy for you.", teasing me, "Haven't found yourself waking up in strange places yet, have you?"

"Not yet, besides, it's a long walk to Izzy's, it's the only strange place...", smacking me gently.

"I do want grandchildren, just not so soon!"

"What's for breakfast?", Dad asked as he made some coffee. "What's this about grandchildren?"

"Broccoli, Asperagus, Mushroom, and Swiss Quiche. Potatoes and Sausages on the side.", I said.

"Are we going to have to give you a salary to keep you doing the cooking, Mitch?", looking at Mom, "No offense, but he just might turn out to be a better cook than you, honey. Maybe even a chef!", Dad said.

"If I ever hear you says that again, you'll be on the couch for a month.", Mom warned him playfully... or not.

We all sat down at the table, and started eating and talking. Most of the conversation centered around things that we needed before school started.

"I'm going to need some reeds for my clarinet. I got one good one left.", said Becky. She was actually very good, having taken first chair from Bob Gordon last year in a heated contest. Here in Janaeville, though, she was given the option of going to the high school for her music classes. I once heard her play the opening clarinet solo from "Rhapsody in Blue", and while she had some trouble with the opening glissando, keeping it smooth, she otherwise nailed it in my opinion. She was also very good on the piano, too. Music just came naturally to her.

Dad abruptly got up, saying he forgot about a meeting, and he had to leave now. Becky and Mom both jumped up, as Dad was their ride. Amid some of the chaos, a plate got knocked to the floor, spilling the remaining contents.

"Sorry, Mitch!", Mom said.

"I'll clean it, you guys need to go."

They all are out the door, and I turn back to see Julia raiding the food left on Dad's and Becky's plates. "Waste not...", she says with a guilty look, as if I might want some of it.

Surprisingly, Julia helps me clean. We finish in no time. Just as she leaves, she runs her hand slowly but firmly up the inside of my leg, with her forearm running up my ass crack.

"Whoa!", jump almost out of my shoes.

"So, you and Izzy doin' it yet?", and she walk's away without waiting for an answer. Julia is attractive, but I think she kind of knows she's attractive, and she likes to flirt. Once when she was 14, she showed some 12 year old kid her tits because she lost a game of pool in our basement. My money was on she threw the game, as Dad taught us pretty well, and Julia at least made it to the State finals when she was 12. Becky walked in on them, coming back with drinks, just as he had his hands on her. Becky, I don't think trusts Julia anymore being around guys Becky likes. Julia filled out much earlier, and while Becky is prettier than Julia, she hasn't filled out nearly as much. I once overheard Becky telling a friend that Mom had to buy her new training bras because Julia's hand-me-down's were far too big for her. Becky didn't sound like she was happy, maybe a little jealous.

I hear my phone signal an incoming message, it's from Izzy.

"pik u up early, skip gym n go str8 2 lake, on my way now, cu in 15"

I shoot back, "ok!".

I head upstairs, and before I shout at Julia's closed door, I hear a buzzing noise behind the door. Should I interrupt her by barging in? Would be kind of cool to watch her jilling again, especially after her little ass-rub maneuver in the kitchen. Then it dawns on me, where the hell did she get a vibrator? It makes me wonder if mom had one, and Julia 'borrowed' it... the thought of the same dildo that mom used was now inside of her daughter... Man, this town is just having some weird effect on me... this place and the people in it are NOT freaking normal. Worse yet, I'm not normal. But if everyone in town is this way... Ok, too much to think about...

"Hey, Julia, Izzy and I are going to be leaving in 15, that means the house is yours. You can jill in the living room if you want."

I start to walk away, she opens your door, leaning out, showing part of her nude torso, "I be thinking of the two of you..."

"Nice tits, sis!", as I walk into my room.

"Thanks, you can suck my nipples sometime, if you want...", not sure if she was playing there or not, but she sounded serious. I think maybe this town is also effecting Julia, but then again, she's always been kind of "not normal".

I grabbed my gym bag, and decided to wait for Izzy out front. I used my phone to check my messages and email. Nothing of any importance. Guess I got some Angry Birds time, and finish almost 10 levels before Izzy got there.

I got in the car, our lips meet in the middle, but Izzy pushes me against the door, and slides next to me. "I really couldn't wait to see you this morning. I had a dream last night, and I wanted to share.", her hand now on my crotch, pressing into me as she kisses me.

She now has my buckle open, next the button gives way, followed by the zipper. Her mouth was still on mine, and her hand pressing my cotton covered cock firmly, causing it to instantly become erect.

She drops her head into my lap. She pulls back my briefs and rubs the tip of my cock gently over her lips, her tongue punching my head like a mini boxer trying to knock one out on my cock. She wraps her lips around the head and starts bobbing up and down only moving about a half inch or so.

I slide my hips forward so she can take more into her mouth. I guess I just wasn't prepared, because in about two minutes I started coming, no warnings, and I just shot my seed into Izzy velvet mouth.

Just as I opened my eyes, I spotted Julia in the upstairs window watching us, obviously seeing me cum in Izzy's mouth. She flashed a thumbs up, as well as showing me her tits.

Jeez, what just happened, and I feel her lips on mine now, bringing me out of my stupor. I kissed Izzy as passionately as I knew how, I mean, words couldn't possibly say thank you enough.

Still quite stunned after we finally stop kissing, "Um, can we go now... my sister is watching us from the upstairs window.", as I try to do up my pants.

"So! oh... and you're welcome."

"Oh, gawd, Izzy, yes, thank you. I'm just a little lost right now.", I lean over to kiss her in the hopes she forgives transgression, she did take me by surprise!

She starts the car, and we are off. I move up close to her, and kiss her on the neck and ear, then whisper "Thank you!", then pull back a bit so she could drive. She squeezes my hand and we smile at each other.

Well, it was short and quick, plus my sister saw us, but we have a runner at third base... can we get him home? Then again, I don't mind if we hang out on third for a while, besides, while not keeping score, she is up two on me now, I have to find a way of at least getting her a runner on third. I was looking forward to helping her out with that.


The whole drive out to Crater Lake was fun. Izzy was telling me about some of the players on the football team. She particularly told me about Tony, mostly because he has been after her for more than a year now, but Izzy can't stand him cause he is so stuck on himself, and as Elaine said, he has no future except working at the quarry over in Rockwell. Besides, he already was and still is dating the head cheerleader. Diane was one of the girls, it turns out that was coming out of the office the first day Izzy and I met. Izzy said that while Diane is a little lacking in the brain department, she had a good heart and a good work ethic, despite her snooty attitude.

There seemed to be a whole slew of people who were intertwined with each other, and not having met any of them yet, I didn't have faces to put with the names, so the names meant very little. My ears did perk up a bit when she told me about Jenny and Lynn, and how they got caught by Elaine. They had been kissing in the stairwell, and Jenny had her hand wrapped around Lynn's breast. "Now, girls, I don't really care at all about what your all doing, but maybe some place a bit more private...", Izzy recounting Eliane's words, "...somewhere NOT on school property." They both said their thanks for not being busted, but the next day there were some nice juicy rumors running around about how Jenny got caught with Lisa. Jenny didn't mind, as she was openly into girls, but did it have to be with Lisa? Izzy recalled Jenny's words, "Lisa isn't even my type, I'm not into blonds, especially not wannabe blonds! The Ho part I could live with."

So, this town has many open secrets. Things that everyone knows, but chooses to look the other way, mostly because they have shit of their own that needs "looking the other way" at.

"So, Izzy, it's been an interesting week since I have been here, heard any rumors about me?", I jokingly asked her.

"Well, I could make sure to start a couple for you at the party, I am invited right?", she looks at me sideways.

"But... why would you need my invite? I mean, don't get me wrong, I want to ask you and I want to go with you... in more ways than you know...", stumbling and bumbling my words out of my mouth.

"Fuh... believe me, I know... I still have yet to tell you about some of the other things that Tony has done in order to 'win my love'! You might not like what you hear. I think that it was Tony that started some of those rumors himself, as a couple of times it was just him and I, no one else was there, so how could those rumors be so 'true', with a few facts either omitted or twisted? I know how some guys can be creepy, and I imagine that even the good ones have some creepy thoughts now and then... I will let you know when you have entered the 'Tony Zone'!"

"Well, hey, thanks... but... about the party..."

"Should I pick you up at 7ish?", she said matter of factly.

"...ok, I guess... now wait a minute...", mockingly glaring at her. She smiles.

"You know, for as creepy as the 'Tony Zone' is, I think I'm starting to like it here in the 'Mitch Zone'.", and winks at me.

"Oh, god, here comes the syrup...", rolling my eyes, taking her hand, "...but you know, I like it even better when the 'Izzy Zone' intersects with the 'Mitch Zone'..."

"Oh, shit!", she pulls off the side of the road, "We just missed our turn, all this syrupy goodness is fogging my brain while driving.", looking out the side for any coming traffic, she pulls around back the other way. We get back to where she was going to turn, and we stop at the gas station. "You want anything, I could used a few beers."

"Huh, but we're only 18... do you got a fake ID or something?", guess I was just being a bit naive or something, but I never just pulled off to get some beer before, at least not without my parents.

"Sandy here doesn't think too much about selling to some kids, those she deems trustworthy, or in other words, the kids that won't turn her in if they get caught. Some of the kids around this place, since becoming adults have shown that they still are not trustworthy, and Sandy still won't sell to them.", Izzy said. "But hey, would you rather have soda's? I don't mind."

"No, a few beers would be nice.", and we both got out of the car, I hurried to catch up with Izzy and took her hand.

"Hi, Sandy! How's business? Keeping you up at night?", Izzy started off.

"Oh, Hi, Izzy and...", looking at me as if to demand my name.

"Sandy, be nice, this is Mitch. He's one of the good ones."

"I ain't never heard of such a thing before. Men! Good? Hah! But hey, if Izzy likes you, then who the fuck am I to say otherwise.". Moving in close to me and under her breath, "She knows enough to stay away from that ijit Tony. His arm was the only good thing god ever gave that child, while it may get him to college, he'll be right back here soon enough working over at the quarry, just like all the other meat-head trolls that graduated from this sorry-ass town." She straightens up, "So, what brings you in to my establishment? A little beer for the trip to the lake?"

"So, how'd you know about our trip to the lake, Sandy? You been reading those tea leaves again? Or did you talk with grandma this morning?", Izzy shot back.

"Yeah, Old Lady Izzy, she called me this morning to let me know about the upcoming 'surprise' inspections scheduled for this Monday. I was planning on doing a good cleaning anyway. Hey, son, wanna help an older woman clean up her mess?" Sandy said looking at me and winking.

"Um, well, if there's..."

"Naw, just pulling your leg, I got three kids that got plenty of time on their hands before Monday."

I hadn't noticed it, but Izzy had gotten some beer, two 6-packs of Pete's Wicked Ale. I don't remember the last time I drank some Pete's, and I mean that literally, the next morning was a blur. It was at Dad's going away party at his last job. I think I had 5 or 6, maybe a few more, ok, maybe 10. One of his secretaries kept giving them to me, all while she tried to flirt with me. Connie was pretty and all, about 32, and currently in a relationship. I will admit that from what little I remember, Connie was a great kisser.

"Ok, Izzy, we got some Pete's Wicked brew. Does you want any lottery tickets, too?", she chuckles under her breath. This lady is a little odd, but then again, isn't this whole town?

Izzy takes my arm and escorts me out of the store, me carrying both six-packs. "Bye, Sandy, hope the inspections come out fine. Say hi to Ronnie for me."

"Ok, Izzy! Will do. Enjoy your swim, hope you don't lose your birthday suits, it would be a shame to have to wear a real one on a day like today."

Izzy pulled out of the lot with a burn, swinging the tail of the car around as she turned, and back on the road to the lake.

"So, Sandy, she seems pretty... um..."

"Is 'strange' the word you're afraid to say? Well, don't be. But she is a good kind of strange, grandma helped her when her first husband ran out on her. She is a little slow, but mostly she has a good heart. Besides, she makes a mean vodka punch. If you didn't know it first and drank some, you'd be half drunk before you realized it had alcohol in it."

"I'm just glad you were there to defend me as a man. Seems she has some issues with men."

"She's had her problems with men. She doesn't seem to be able to pick 'em very well. They're kind of, well, at least they used to be... a little dumb. Ronnie is one of the good ones. They've been together for the last year. He likes her kids, and she actually like Ronnie. He like's her, too, but she can be a handful."

"So...", I start, but trail off...

"So... What?", Izzy questions me, looking at me.

"So, you didn't lose your... birthday suit, did you?", I smile at her.

"Well, no, I am kind of attached to it... Why, you wanna skinny dip with me? I mean, we only just met, and that blow job thing this morning... doesn't mean that YOU are getting into my panties, young man. You'll just have to wait your turn.", the whole time smiling at me but trying to hold them back as well.

"Ok, then, I guess we wear our suits then.", as she turns into the parking lot by the lake.

"Don't be so quick to give up the fight. You just might get lucky and see my naked ass, maybe even more...", and she gets out grabbing her bag, then bolts off to the women's changing room.

Sitting there in the car watching as she gracefully walks away. I then fumble around for my bag, and get the door open, only to trip and almost break my neck.

I finally meet Izzy by the picnic table. She hands me a beer, "Come on, we need to find a quiet place to set up camp. It would be fun to spend the night here sometime before fall comes around. We could build a campfire, and pitch a tent.", looking at me as she spoke.

For the next couple hours, we laid out under the sun, swam from one end of the lake to the other, drank some beers, ate some of the snacks Izzy brought, and then started out on a walk around the other side of the lake where the woods start. There are some rocks by the shore that form a natural hiding place. Izzy stops me, she drops what she is carrying, takes my stuff. She then proceeds to hug me.

It wasn't like any hug I have had before. This was more like two people pressing their bodies together and savoring each touch as if it were their first and their last. Her hands were running over my body, over my shoulders. She took my head between her hands and pulled me close to her lips, touching them ever so softly.

She closed her eyes, and pressed her lips firmly to mine, her arms wrapping around my back. My right hand dropped down to her ass and pulled her up from underneath. Her legs now wrapped around me, and her head just above mine, her arms wrapped around my neck. Not even thinking about what I was doing, I untied her top, and let it fall from my fingers. She looked at me, smiled, then pulled it off the rest of the way. I caught sight of her nipples, which stood up on her breasts as if very proud. My hand found its way to her breast, and a finger brushed over her nipple. I could hear her release a sigh, her eyes closed, and she leaned her head back a bit.

I took the opportunity to explore her neck, pulling her skin between my lips and sucking gently. I moved up to her ear and gently bit her lobe.

When I opened my eyes, I noticed that there was a rock that was almost like a bench nestled in behind the larger rocks between us and the lake. It almost formed a natural room that was private on just about ever side. I carried Izzy over to the rocks.

"You know, not that it matters, but I have thought who it might be that I come here with first? I'm glad it's you, Mitch." She kissed me very firmly, pulling me close to her.

I sit her down on the rock bench then kneel in front of her. I take her face in my hands and kiss her. I then sit back looking her in the eyes, my hands move down and begin to caress her breasts. I move one hand down to her bikini bottoms and untie the one side, then find the other with my other hand. Looking her in the eyes, I smile as she raises up a bit while I take her bottoms all the way off.

"My, God, Izzy... you are absolutely gorgeous. I mean...", and just kiss her, holding her naked body against me. I then feel her running her hands under my suit and around my ass. Our kisses intensify.

I push her slowly back against the wall of rock. I begin to kiss her neck, and then move slowly down to her breasts. Before my mouth reaches her nipples, I take them between my fingers and pinch them. She releases another sigh, but this was followed by a sudden inhalation, and her breasts rise up off her chest, she pulls my mouth to her nipple, then cradles her breast just below my mouth.

"I love your mouth on my breast, I can feel tingles all the way to my toes.", still holding my mouth against her breast. I am sucking on her nipple, and running my tongue around it as best I can.

It was at that moment that I felt her pushing down softly on the top of my head, and her hips moved forward onto the bench. I assumed that she wanted me to give her oral sex.

Looking down on me, and me back up at her, I trailed my tongue over her skin on her stomach, and when I got to the top of her pubic hair, I started giving her some lingering kisses. With my right hand, I started to pass it just over her pubic hair, so as not to touch her, just the hairs. I felt her flinch a little, and then gasps a little.

"Oh, that feels wonderful." Her hand on the back of my head, she guides my mouth to her clit, but I pull back. Looking up at her, I move my mouth to her knee just on the inside. I kiss slowly up the side of her thigh, and just when I barely lick at her pubic hairs, I move up to the other knee, and then back up to her pussy. Never having seen one so up close with this much light, I wanted to study her, just stare at her long enough to be able to draw her from memory.

I began to breath in deep, as my fingers began to open her up from the bottom of her pussy lips. The tip of my finger poised at her entrance, moving slowly from the bottom up to the top, and then back down, repeating several times. I inserted a second finger tip, just barely inside her. Her breathing was becoming deeper. I gently invaded her a little bit further, and she gasped a little, not because it hurt, but because I think I surprised her.

By this time, I could smell her fragrance and wanted to taste her and see if they were the same. I lowered my head slowly trying to keep my eyes on hers. I stuck out my tongue, and tried to find her slit, but it took a little hunting. I finally found her clit, and with that she wrapped both hands around my head, more so I think to hold on, not hold me down. I had more of my fingers in her now, and my tongue found a nice groove, running it around her large clit. I sucked her into my mouth, holding it in when I got all of her in my mouth.

"God, that is amazing. Please push your fingers in further. Yes, suck on my clit." and with that she started to lift her hips off the bench, and braced herself with one arm behind her, her other hand resting on the back of my head. She was now slowly gyrating her hips, almost moving her clit in and out of my mouth, along with my fingers that were in to the hilt.

She had a good rhythm going now, rubbing her pussy against my mouth, and fucking my fingers. "Can you put another finger inside?", with I tried to maneuver my hand to get another in, and finally it worked.

Continuing to fuck my face like this, I could feel her pushing down on my hand forcing my fingers up inside her. Moving faster now, making sure to rub her clit against my nose. "Push your fingers up inside my pussy, against my pubic bone.", I tried to do as was told. "Oh, yeah, right there, a little harder." And with that, she began rubbing her clit against my nose over and over.

"Suck on my clit, oh please, suck it...", and I could feel her shake now and then. Her hips were moving faster now, and my fingers were pressed firmly up inside her. The hand on the back of my head now was pulling me closer to her. I wrapped my arms around her in case she started to fall, but her hips just kept thrusting into my face.

Almost without warning, she released a huge sigh, and began panting. She curled up, almost engulfing my head, and just as quickly, she released a jet from her cunt into my mouth and all over me. "Oh, god, oh, gawd..." still bucking my face while she ejaculated over and over.

In the melee, it appears that she hit her head on the rocks, but she said that there was nothing to compare to the orgasm she received. We just sat there for about 15 minutes, kissing and holding each other close.

"So, I guess that makes us about even now. Wow, that was incredible.", and she kissed me boldly. "Wow, never tasted myself on man's lips before."

"Can I assume, then that...", stopping for feeling stupid.

"...that I have tasted myself before? Why don't be silly, I think every woman goes through a masturbation phase where they at least find out what they taste like. Some of us, on the other hand kind of like it, and get a little turned on by it... so, yes, I have tasted it before."

I looked a little dumbfounded as I was getting this little education.

"So, would you... like to... show me your cock?", she said slowly. "I mean, maybe we could see if you can last a little longer than a couple minutes.", she snidely snipped.

"If you're going to mock me, then maybe I don't want to play.", she looked a little hurt by that, but still just playing. "Anyway, if it's alright with you, can we wait a little bit longer. I mean, I'm not in any hurry, you won't leave me if I don't, would you?"

"Well, I just might have to find someone who can really satisfy a woman."

"But in this town, from everything you said, that would be impossible to find a man. So, then, guess you won't leave me after all...", and I get up offering my hand to my naked lover.

"But there are other women!", smiling at me like it was nothing.

"Have you been with another woman before?", but she just looked at me an smiled.

"A girl doesn't share all her secrets too quickly.", the kisses me like she meant it.

I help her restore her bikini to her body, and then after getting that down, I stand behind her and just rub my hands over her body, paying extra attention to her breasts. She seems to really like my holding her this way. Her hands wrapped around trying to find my shorts, but not getting quite there. She turns around and we kiss.

"So, I guess its about 4 or 5ish, you hungry?", she asks. "Dinner's on me, you bought every night this week, so I insist. Besides, I know an incredible place, the service is a little slow, but the food is just amazing.", and with that we pick up our stuff and head back to the car.

Before she starts the car, she pulls me over for more kissing. I take the chance to feel her breasts again, and I can hear her breath change. Then my hand seems to get pushed a little further down, and I begin to rub between her legs.

"Oh, gawd, Mitch.", breaking off the kiss. "I can't believe that you're here. I mean, it was only just Monday that we met, and dare I say that I am falling... no have fallen for you. I don't know why, but I feel I can tell you anything and not scare you off.", and with that she reaches for my hand between her legs, pushes it further into her, and then sighs again. Grabbing my hand with hers, she begins to masturbate herself using my hand, then looks me in the eyes. "Well, maybe we should save this for later, we might end up with our clothes off again before dinner." And with that, she takes my hand from between her legs, kisses my fingers which were just rubbing against her cunt.

She smiles, drops my hand, and starts the car. We pull out and head over to her restaurant.

We get to Vito's, an Italian restaurant, and we are greeted by Vito, himself.

"Izzy, it's been far too long. It's great to see you. And who do you have dining with you tonight?", Vito said with much enthusiasm.

"Hi, Vito, it has been too long. I am really jonesing for some of your Veal Parmesan. And this is Mitch, my boyfriend." Being the first time this is said, I feel much more confident in where I stand. "He just moved to Janaeville, and he will be the new Quarterback on the team."

"Well, guess you will be dating the first string Quarterback after all. But, thank god it ain't Tony! He might be my nephew, but he still is a fool. How many times did he try to get you, Izzy?"

"I don't want to think about Tony right now. I've got better things to do." Looking at me, smiling.

"So, Vito, you like football?", I said offering him my hand.

He shook my hand. "Yeah, it's about the most excitement that happens in this area. The coach, when he came here, changed how the football team is seen. He cleaned up a lot of mess, and created something for the town to be proud of. Coach Jones is aces in my book, hell, I always pick up his and Elaine's tab whenever they come in, but I wonder if they feel guilty about that, and thus don't come in that much. Maybe I should make them pay next time, it might bring them out more. What you think about Coach Jones?"

"Well, can't say much, I only have met Elaine yet. I going to meet the Coach at his party on Saturday night. Izzy is going to escort me over to their place."

"Yeah, that Elaine, she's an amazing woman.", leaning in close to my ear and whispering, "and she really knows how to kiss, too!". Apparently, Vito has had an affair with Elaine. My mind begins to wander.

"Well, let me get you kids some service. It's still early, and the place is wide open. Anywhere you'd like to sit?", looking at Izzy.

"Yeah, how about one of the private booths? And how's the wine tonight?"

"Well, if it were anyone else, I would say nothing doing, but as it's Izzy Johansson, who's going to notice."

Izzy really has the keys to this whole area in her pocket. Guess she has some clout around here. Vito shows us to the booth in the corner, away from most of the other tables. It's a round table, and the booth wrapped around it almost three quarters the way around. The opening facing away from the rest of the tables, and there was walls surrounding it.

Izzy and I sat there for a little bit, her hands wrapped around my arm. Vito comes back with some bread, tomato and basil leaves, olive oil, and chunks of parmesan cheese. "I hope you two are hungry. I told Jessie to put on a pan of the Veal for Izzy here. Not really sure what you want, Mitch, but if you want to have the Veal, too, you better speak up now, Izzy could finish the whole pan herself."

"Oh, come on, Vito, I only ate half that pan that one time. His Veal is just TOO DIE FOR!", she said with great emphasis.

"Well, then, I guess we will just take that whole pan."

"And as far as the wine goes, I got in a new case of something I think will go along nicely. Should I bring a bottle out now? Or do you want to wait for dinner."

Izzy looks at me and says, "Now would be fine. I know that it will be a little bit for the food, but we're in no hurry."

"Alright, then, I will be right back.", we started in on the bread and cheese. Izzy created a little stack of tomato and basil on top of the bread, then offered it to my mouth. Taking a bite. "Now take some of the parmesan." And with that, I was in heaven.

Vito comes back with the wine, and uncorks the bottle and pours a little and offers it to Izzy. She sips it.

"Geez, Vito, you really are serving this tripe?", she smiled at him. "No, really, this is amazing.", and with that he continues to fill our glasses.

"Thank you very much, Vito. You always treat me so well.", Izzy said gushingly.

Sitting alone for the next couple of hours, eating, talking, laughing, and kissing now and then. As we were just about to get up to use the restroom, Vito stops by and asks us if we would like some dessert? "Well, Vito, I know how your mother makes her desserts and it would be an insult to her to not sample anything. How about your bring us one of the sampler plates? I want Mitch to see what he has been missing all these years.

When we get back to the table, there is a large plate with just about ever sort of treat available. Chocolate, Strawberry, Gellate, flaky crusts on some pie... you name it, it was there. Izzy asked me if she could be my dessert director, and started to pick up some of the chocolate treat. Holding it up to my mouth, I opened, and she put the whole thing in.

"This is amazing. I don't think I have ever had chocolate like this before." It was a chocolate filling inside a small pastry shell. We sat there for the next half hour just feeding each other sugary treats.

It finally came time for us to leave. Vito was trying to comp our bill, but Izzy insisted on paying. "Well, at least let me get the wine, that in itself is half the bill."

"Alright, you got yourself a deal, Vito. Everything was just perfect. And tell your mother that she hasn't lost her touch. I think Mitch here might be having some chocolate withdrawals later. I know I will be..."

Back out on the road without a destination, "So, where to now?", I ask her.

"Well, we could find a place to sit at watch the sun go down?", Izzy offers.

"That sounds nice. Lead the way.". I take her hand in mine and kiss the back of it.

We spent the next hour or so talking while the sun disappeared beyond the horizon. There were a couple other cars with couples in them, mostly in various states of disrobe. One car was bouncing on it's springs. "Guess that guy needs some new shocks and springs on his car." I said jokingly.

"Yeah, that's Ralph. He's graduated from high school, but somehow can't seem to stop datng high school girls. I think that is Sally with him, he's 19, she's 16. This town can't hide anything."

I pull her off the hood where we were sitting, and stand her up. We start to kiss and let our hands roam where they may.

"How about we get in the car, the back seat is pretty big, if you catch my drift.", and with that I open the door and help her in, following close behind.

She's sitting on the seat, and when I finally get the door closed and turn to face her, she is pulling me on top of her by my shirt. Our kiss is pretty intense, and I can feel it in my toes. I begin to unbutton her blouse, and when I have it open all the way, I start to pull it off her. I reach around and unfasten her bra, and remove it, too.

I place my mouth around her nipple, looking in her eyes, and just tease her with my lips and tongue. Her hands were now holding the sides of my head, pulling me closer. I find her belt on her shorts, and start to remove them. She now only has her panties on, and spreads her legs. Even though it is kind of dark, I can still see the wet spot on her panties. I drop my head down between her legs and inhale her scent. Moving my nose ever closer to the wet spot, and then press my lips into her. I hear her gasp for breath, and feel her hand on the back of my head, pushing me forcefully into her cunt.

"God, I do love how you make me feel. Maybe I should take off my panties so you can lick me?", and with that, she leans forward and strips them off her ass in nothing flat. Back to spreading her legs for me, she guides my mouth back to her pussy. I begin lapping at her like a little cat laps at milk. Her clit once again is engorged, and stands poking out from her lips. "Put your fingers inside me!", and I follow my command.

She's sitting in the middle of the seat, I'm down between her legs, a little cramped, but enjoying my moment in heaven. After about 10 minutes of licking and sucking on her and driving my fingers into her, she announces that she is cumming, and with that she becomes a lot wetter. She is also thrusting her hips up into my face, making noises that were totally incoherent.

Finally, she comes down from her cloud, and kisses me deeply. Her hands drop down to my pants and open them up before I even know that she has done it. Moments later, my cock was wrapped in her hands. "Now, it's my turn. Maybe you could fuck my mouth!", and then takes me into her mouth. The feeling of warmth on my cock was like nothing I ever felt before. Her lips and tongue were wrapping around my cock as if they were made just for that purpose. Her head was moving back and forth and she fucked my cock with her mouth.

My hand travels down between her legs, and I insert a finger or two into her cunt. I could feel her spread her legs giving me better access. My other hand was groping at her breast. I could feel my hips almost involuntarily begin to thrust in and out of her mouth. I knew it was just a matter of time, but I think I was ready now to make love to Izzy. I take my cock from her mouth and kiss her deeply, I get her to lay down across the seat, and then get on top of her.

"Are you sure you're ready for this?", she asks. I just shake my head. I clumsily climb on top of her, my cock now only inches from it's intended target. When I brush against her pussy with my cock, I can feel it twitch in excitement. My head is now just at the entrance, and I am moving slowly inside.

"You don't have to be so hesitant.", and with that, she grabs my ass and pulls me inside her. We both gasp for breath, just holding still. Me trying to keep from cumming, and her rolling her head back and whispering, "God, Mitch, you feel great, I don't ever want this to stop."

I am finally able to hold at least a small amount of control, and begin to move in and out of her. She now has her eyes open, and we stare at each other while my cock impales her cunt.

Kissing her now, I continue to thrust into her. She has one hand tweaking her nipple, and her other hand on her clit. Every now and then, I can feel her pussy muscles contract around me, and by now I am thrusting ever deeper into her. I stop for a bit when I am fully inside her, savoring the sensations she is giving me with her pussy muscles, which are now beginning to act as if they were trying to milk me.

Her hips were now meeting my thrusts, and I could hear her starting to breath faster. "Oh, gawd, Mitch, I think I am going to cum." At which point, I could feel her becoming more wet and her muscles were now involuntarily contracting around me, and then I started to cum. I didn't want to cum inside her, but it was just too late, and I emptied my seed into her cunt, both our bodies enjoying these sensations. I hold her closely and try to kiss her. The tingling sensation on our lips was intoxicating.

After several minutes of silence, "Thank you, Mitch. That was nice, I wish I could find better words, but at this moment, my mind...", and trails off.

"Thank you. I didn't think I would last as long as I did, you know how guys are...".

I finally pulled my cock from inside her, and was surprised to find it still fairly hard. Izzy wasted no time in taking me into her mouth, and sucking what little I had left. I laid down next to her, our naked bodies entwined around each other. I must have fallen asleep, as I could hear Izzy saying, "Mitch, wake up, it's almost 10:30."

"Guess we both fell asleep, it must have been an hour or so, right?", looking at the clock again, it was almost 11:30, guess Izzy misread it. We dressed and then held each other a little longer, kissing a little more too.

Izzy got the car started, and we were back on the road heading home. All of a sudden, my cell phone rings. It's mom. "Hi, mom, sorry I'm late. I should be home by midnight."

"That's fine, Mitch, just wanted to see if you were still with us. Can I speak with Izzy a moment?"

"Sure, mom, she's driving, so don't make it long.", and with that I had the phone to Izzy.

"Hello?... Hi, Mrs. Neilsen... yes, I took Mitch out to Vito's for dinner after the beach... he's been an absolute gentleman...", looking at me with a smile. "Yes, he did kiss me a few times... no, we didn't... I'll have Mitch home in about 30 minutes, and I look forward to meeting you.", and she hung up the phone.

"Wow, what did she ask you... if we had sex?"

"Yup, but I wasn't going to give her any details of how her son is good in bed, how he made me cum not once but twice. Once with his tongue, and once from a good, no a great fuck."

"Well, hope you are really looking forward to meeting her. She can be trying at times. At other times, she seems very willing to give you the benefit of the doubt.", and with that we drove home in silence, hand in hand.

We got to my house and Izzy pulled into the drive. "Are you ready?", I asked, and she nodded in the affirmative. And with that, we both went inside to meet our fate.

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