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After being caught, she finds out maybe she wasn't caught
Then I was as confused as ever honestly, she just was standing there and she wanted to know if he asked me something yet. What the hell was she talking about.

“Well Jane, you remember you dated that lady for a couple weeks a few years ago?” Jake asked.

It's true, it was a small fling at best, just testing the waters you could say.

“Yes, and that has what to do with what?” I asked.

“Well do you find Jenny attractive at all?” Jake asked.

I was so confused honestly. I still looked at her and did find her to be a little attractive honestly.

“Maybe a little, now what the fuck is going on Jake?” I asked.

“Well, I wasn't the only one that noticed you watching us, she did too,” Jake replied.

Then I went from confused and a little pissed to embarrassed in about a second.

“No, don't be embarrassed, I liked it too, just like he did,” Jenny said as she came over to us and got on the bed.

“Well, say no if you want, we 100% understand, but would you have a threesome with us sis?” Jake asked.

I 100% did not know how to respond to that honestly, but I was thinking about a certain detail

“So did you have sex with me because you just wanted to test the waters before you committed to doing it with her?” I asked.

“No sis. I just wanted do it with you honestly, you are a very sexy woman, don't sell yourself short, you even made it with a woman. She had this weird attraction to you as well, it just really turned her on to know that you were getting off to us having sex. I got to have sex with you, and then we'd ask you to do it with us,” Jake replied.

I completely didn't know what to say, I was a little offended and happy at the same time honestly.

“You both really want this?” I asked.

“Yes, we were talking about it earlier in my bedroom and we came up with this plan, but she came over a little too early,” Jake replied.

“But you actually wanted to make love to me right?” I asked.

“Yes of course sis, I'm very sexually to you,” Jake replied.

“He told me about that weeks ago, and I really gave him the deal, but if you really don;t want to, we're not gonna force you obviously,” Jenny said.

“How good is she in bed?” I asked.

“You heard her in there,” Jake replied.

I was intrigued honestly, I felt a little ambushed honestly, but I still kind of liked what I heard.

“OK, but this is a one time thing though. Really I was just experimenting with that chick, but I wanna sex with just him again though,” I said.

“Just once?” Jenny asked.

“Fine,” I replied.

“For the record Jane, I'd score you a 10, you are ravishing honestly,” Jenny said.

“Thank you I guess,” I replied.

“Could I just kiss you first?” Jenny asked me.

“Sure,” I replied.

Then she came over to me and I leaned up. We kissed each other for about 5 seconds and I didn't hate it honestly.

“Well get naked already, I wanna see those tits,” I said.

“Can do,” Jenny replied.

Then I looked at Jake.

“You are a sly devil, I'll give you that,” I said.

“Are you sure you are OK with this?” Jake asked.

“Well as long as we get to have sex again without her, I'll be fine,” I replied.

Then she got completely naked with us, and then I took a good look at her completely naked as well. I never saw the front of her, I almost always saw her back, or just Jake on top of her. I looked at her nice C-cup boobs she had and I thought I'd go blind. I seriously was just experimenting with that woman I dated, but when I saw Jenny, I certainly remembered the fonder times of that relationship. Then she came over to us once again and she kissed me once again.

“Call me crazy sis, but I think you liked that,” Jake said.

“Maybe,” I replied.

Then Jenny got on top of me and under the blankets. We began making out passionately for a couple minutes as Jake just laid next to us and watched closely as well. I wasn't sure I completely wanted this, but t wasn't a total bad deal, I did get to have sex with him again. Although I think doing it with Jenny could open that door again I thought was closed, but nevertheless, this was turning me on.

“So did you like fucking your brother?” Jenny asked.

“Yes I did, it was the best sex of my life honestly,” I replied.

“I know, he's a great lover,” Jenny said.

Then we continued to make out a bit and then Jake got behind Jenny and stuck his cock inside her.

“His cock is so big,” Jenny said.

“I know, I felt it inside me too you know,” I replied.

Then we kissed again and Jake began thrusting his cock in and out of her slowly. She began moaning slowly and I put my arms around her to hold her tight. Our boobs went up against each other, but I was a little squished sense she had bigger boobs. Truth be told just like Jake, it was her boobs that I was really sold on. We continued to make out a bit as I tried to muffle her moans a bit.

“Well you are a great kisser if I do say so myself Jane, I mean damn. How long did you date that woman?” Jenny asked.

“Honestly 16 days, by then we weren't sure that we wanted it anymore and I haven't been with another chick since then,” I replied.

“Well you should definitely try another one Jane, you are a very sexy lady,” Jenny said.

“Thank you,” I replied.

“Would you mind if I ate you out now?” Jenny asked.

“I won't say no to that,” I replied.

Then she kissed me once again and Jake pulled out. Then she got and walked over to the end of the bed. She gave Jake a kiss.

“You have a wonderful sister honestly,” Jenny said.

“I know, and she is really sexy,” Jake replied.

Then they kissed again and she got down on her knees as Jake on the bed with me. She bent down and gave my pussy a very gentle lick.

“Oh shit, that's good Jenny, get your tongue in there,” I said.

Then she actually began fucking me with her great tongue. Of course old memories came up from the lesbian relationship I had. I began moaning a bit as Jake just laid there and masturbated once again. Jenny stick her tongue deep inside my pussy and moved it around a bit as well.

“Oh shit yes Jenny, that is good. Oh shit,” I said.

I began getting really sweaty and Jake put his hands on my boobs.

“Jake give me a kiss right now,” I said.

“Yes my lady,” Jake replied.

Then he kissed me once and it was passionate too. We made out for a few minutes as Jenny kept her tongue deep inside my pussy. Of course my pussy was extremely wet, and it was getting wetter by the second. I've had a few guys eat me out before, but that woman I dated and Jenny knew what they were doing. She spread out my pussy lips as far as she could and I was screaming, even with Jake kissing me. I couldn't help it if I tried.

“Oh shit yes Jenny, make this lady cum everywhere, I know you want to,” I said.

She laughed a little and she hit my g-spot with flying colors to say the least. Then I started screaming very loudly.

“Fuck yes Jenny, I'm gonna cum!” I screamed.

Then she laid there and took it all. I came all over her face. After that, she slowly came up with us and got on top of me once again. She planted several kisses all over my face.

“Damn Jake, I was just bullshitting you earlier, I said you had a wonderful sister, that was bullshit. You have a mother fucking wonder sister,” Jenny said.

“Thank you for that Jenny,” I replied.

Then she kissed me again.

“Did you suck on his cock?” Jenny asked.

“No we just made love, why does he have a nice cock to suck on?” I asked.

“Yes, you wanna try it with me Jane, I think you'll like it,” Jenny replied.

“Fuck yes I do,” I said.

Then she got off me and got on the other side of Jake. We both leaned down and I grabbed onto his cock as Jenny took his cock into her mouth.

“Holy shit,” Jake said.

“He loves getting head in case you didn't figure that out,” Jenny said.

“I can tell,” I replied.

Then I took his cock into my mouth for the very first time. It was a very weird experience honestly but I loved it though. I still had my hand on his cock and I went up and down slowly. He let out some very soft moans after a couple minutes and then I took my hand off his cock. I took his entire cock into my mouth and sucked on it really passionately for a minute and Jenny leaned up with Jake. They began making out passionately as well.

“So this is hot Jenny, we should have done this weeks ago honestly,” Jake said.

“No shit we should have. Did you ever see her naked before tonight?” Jenny asked.

“Just a couple times by accident,” Jake replied.

“So you liked what you saw then?” Jenny asked

“You could say that, she is my sister too, so maybe just seeing her naked made me develop an incestuous crush,” Jake replied.

“Well it does happen sometimes,” I said.

“So you like giving him head too?” Jenny asked.

“Yes I do my lady,” I replied.

Then she climbed back down with me and we both took turns giving him head. She took his cock into her mouth and he let out some nice moans once again.

“Holy shit, I got the two hottest ladies on the planet blowing me now, how could life get any better?” Jake asked.

“I don't know honestly,” Jenny replied.

We both took turns blowing him for about 5 minutes straight, but of course he couldn't last forever, with the two hottest ladies on the planet blowing you, it's more than a challenge to not just explode everywhere. I was getting more and more comfortable by the minute doing it with Jenny, I didn't know why, but I wasn't about to start fighting it though. Eventually Jake stated moaning really loudly for a minute.

“Holy fucking shit, I can't hold it down anymore, I'm gonna blow,” Jake said.

Then we both backed away a bit and watched him shoot his load everywhere all over the bed. It of course got on us as well.

“Wow Jake, that was like a volcano or some shit,” I said.

“I know sis, that was beyond great honestly,” Jake replied.

Then we both laid down with him and cuddled with him. As we were cuddling I couldn't help but wonder about something.

“So Jenny wondering, but have you ever thought of being with another woman before me?” I asked.

“Actually no, I guess it was a turn on that you were his sister and you got off by watching us. Is that weird?” Jenny asked.

“Not at all honestly. I thought of being with a woman, and bam I met her and she happened to be bi-sexual. We connected and one thing led to another I guess. But things just didn't work out too quickly so we just decided to call it quits before either one of us got too far down the hole,” I replied.

“OK then, well you ever think about trying it with another woman, he told me you had some really bad luck with the guys,” Jenny said.

I wasn't sure honestly, this really opened that door once again. So I didn't know what to say to that honestly.

“Well I guess I'll see what comes my way. Other than that I don't know,” I replied.

Then I came over to her side and got down on my knees. I leaned in and began eating her out as well.

“And she goes up yet another couple notches,” Jenny said.

I started by just licking her pussy as well. I hadn't eaten anyone out since that lady I dated, but once again, Jenny just brought it out of me. I spread out her pussy lips and stuck my tongue into her pussy as deep as I could.

“Oh my word Jane, you have some tongue made for pussy licking,” Jenny said.

Her pussy got extremely wet as well, so I knew she was enjoying absolutely every second of it as well. After a couple minutes Jake came down there with me and kissed my forehead.

“I love you sis, you are truly are best sister there is,” Jake whispered in my ear.

“I love you too,” I whispered back to him.

Then I stuck my tongue inside her pussy as deep as I could and I hit her g-spot as well.

“Fuck yes!” Jenny screamed.

Then I let her cum all over my face as well then after that I climbed up on her as well. We made out for a couple minutes.

“Damn this was so damn hot,” Jake said.

“No kidding, we should do this again sometime,” I replied.

“You really want to?” Jenny asked.

“Yes, have you looked yourself naked lately?” I asked.

“Maybe a couple times, but you two have looked at me naked more times than I have,” Jenny replied.

Then we all cuddled for a minute. A couple days later, Jake and I had sex once again. The second time was even better than the first honestly. Jake and Jenny stayed together and I stayed at his place. They continued to have sex as much as they ever did, but after that they started inviting me in every now and then. I was always more than happy to be their third wheel.

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