Part 1 of a new tentacle series!
This is the first story i have ever written so please comment and rate :)

I am planning to write part 2 soon.


I have always loved exploring the vast woods outside my back garden, it gave me a sense of freedom to find new areas and locations to explore.
Today was completely different as i was bringing along a friend who i recently started fooling around with, her name was sam and one night during a sleep over we were playing a game of truth or dare and i dared her to kiss me, it was only for a moment but there was an immediate attrection between us, we needed more privacy so we planned to go exploring for a secluded area next weekend where we could take things further.
I woke up bright and early around 8 am, i immediately ran downstairs to call sam my friend, I picked up the phone and dialed her number, after around 15 seconds she answered her phone.
"Hi sam its me Jessica"
"are you still up for what we discussed last weekend?"
The excitement in my voice may have sent a chill down her spine as it took her several seconds to answer but then she she finally spoke.
"Of course i am"!
"I could hardly sleep last night thinking about it"!
"I need about an hour to get ready, Then I'll come right over."
"Ok sam i'll get showered and changed ready"
"See you in a hour"!
After i put the phone down i ran up the stairs and headed to the shower and adjusted the temperature, i climbed out of my dressing gown and slipped into to shower and started rubbing the soap all over myself, at 16 years old my body had filled out nicely if i do say so myself, i have shoulder length dark brown hair and bright green eyes, i am 5 ft 4" and weight 102 lbs, my boobs are nice 32c cup which are perfectly perky topped with a medium sized nipple!
I continued to slowly enjoy my shower rubbing the soap into all the perfect curves of my body, i loved touching my soft teen boobs as the warm water caressed my lightly tanned skin, my mind began to wander as my fingers began exploring my body, it didn't take long before i was rubbing my inner thighs and the silky smooth spot between, i was now parting the lips of my soaking wet pussy making me tingle all over!
I was completly dazed as i rubbed circles on my little teen clit, My probing fingers were sending electric shocks of pleasure through my body, It wasnt long before i felt my raging climax rushing over me.
As the amazing jolt of my orgasm hit loins my knees began to wobble and i had to grab the shower rail to stop myself falling over.
I regained my senses and finished cleaning myself quickly, when i was done i rushed to my room and went through my draws to find something sexy to wear, as it was hot outside i decided on a pair of white hotpants and tight pink vest.
i went downstairs for a quick snack before sam arrived at my house.

It was now 9:15 so i slipped my shoes on ready as i heard a knock at the door, I opened the door to find sam standing there "WOW" she looked so fucking hot and cute, she is just over 15 years old with neck long black hair and big blue eyes, she was 5 ft 2" and weighed just under 100 lbs, She was wearing a short black mini skirt which showed off her amazing toned legs and sexy tight red top that hugged her figure amazingly and of course her beautiful 34b boobs, i have only known her for a few weeks but her body drove me crazy which was strange since i was never attracted to girls prior to meeting her.
"Hi jessica" she said.
"Hi sam i can hardly wait for today" i said with a slightly evil grin on my face, We left out the back of the house and headed for the woods.
We had been walking for about an hour and a half into a part of the woods i had never gone before, i was so excited to see what we might come across alltho i had no idea what was waiting further ahead.
Me and sam were chatting about normal everyday things "clothes etc" as we stumbled into a enclosed area with what appeared to be an old bomb shelter.
" wow look at that sam! Lets go take a look!
I reached inside my bag and grabbed a torch, We hurried inside and began looking around.
"This place is old eh sam."
"Yeah looks perfect"!
We put down a large blanket and sat down, i made myself comfortable next to sam and placed my left hand on her right leg, she squirmed a little as i touched her but i didnt stop my advance.
"Its ok sam i'll be gentle, lets go slow"

"Ok jess, i trust you, just i'm a little nervous!"
As i continued rubbing her leg slowly and softly i leaned towards her and gave her a gentle little peck on her lips, we stared into each others eyes for a moment before i once again pressed my lips against hers, this time i let my tongue lick her lips hoping to get her mouth to open.
I moved my hand up her body resting it on her arm caressing her softly as i continued kissing her and licking her lips, she started to let her lips open and i wasted little time as i sent my tongue inside her mouth to begin exploring, to my surprise her tongue found mine first and she licked and twisted her tongue around mine, i was obviously starting to break down her barriers.
Our mouths were locked together as we shared a deep passionate kiss with our tongues dancing around each other mouths, i was starting to get moist so i gently moved over her and bagan to lay her down on her back, i moved my right leg over her and planted my crotch on her leg, my hands were exploring her tight body and it wasnt long before i lifting her top up revealing her delightful tits.
I broke our kiss and slowly let my lips fall down her body kissing as i went, her chin, neck and shoulder before i moved to her left boob, i licked my tongue over her nipple and squeezed her tit ever so lightly, sam was now letting moans and groans escape her mouth, her eyes were closed and her head bent back as i continued to suckle on her beautiful nipple, without even realising i had started grinding my now soaked crotch up her leg, lust had taken over me.
I began grinding harder against her and was now sucking hard on her erect nipple, my right hand was sqeezing her other tit and i started pinching her nipple which made sam cry out loud in sexual agony, i was now biting her nipples quite hard.
"OOOuuuch jess, please be more gentle"!
"Sorry sam i'll try not to be too rough."
But i had no intention of slowing down as i was now filled with lust, my pussy seemed to be on fire as i leaked juices down sams leg, i could feel my first orgasm beginning to form deep within me, i no longer held back as i threw my head back grinding myself faster and harder on this little teens leg, suddenly my mind went blank as wave after wave of pure sexual energy rushed through me, i was now howling out as my orgasm thrashed my body, as it washed over my body my pussy juices poured out of me down sams leg, i went limp and fell on sams chest as the orgasm subsided.
I lay there for a moment panting out of breath.
"Oh my god jess, that was amazing, my leg in soaking."
"Its your turn now sam, are you ready?"
"Ok but be gentle, its my first time."

I sat up and helped sam out of her top and made my way south between her legs. i lifted her skirt up to reveal her tight little panties, i instantly noticed the damp patch and i couldnt resist sliding my tongue over the wet material, sam moaned at my touch, i slid my fingers round her panties started sliding them down her amazing thighs and legs.
Sams pussy was amazing, perfect little pussy lips which were lovely and wet, i started sliding my middle finger up and down the wet little slit, i pushed slightly into her moist little hole, jesus she was so tight, i could feel her vaginal muscles sqeezing my finger and she was so very hot inside, i kept my finger still for a moment as i leaned down and flicked my tongue up her slit tasting her for the first time, it tasted so sweet with a slight tang to it, the flavour sent me wild with lust and i began licking up and down her slit more eagerly untill i found her tiny clit.
The second i hit her clit sams head jerked backward as she let out a high pitched moan.
"mmmm you taste so good sam."
"please dont stop jess, that was amazing."
I wasted no time and began pushing my finger deeper within her pussy, exploring her wet juicy vaginal walls , i clamped my mouth down on her clit and sucked hard which made her body shake violently, i thought she was going to cum then and there which wasnt too far from the truth, i could feel the increase of pussy juice escaping her tight little hole and i swallowed every drop i could.
It was obvious to me that sam was about to explode and fill my mouth to the brim, this excited me so i doubled my efforts and licked her clit furiosly and started easing a second finger into her pussy, it wasnt hard getting another finger in her as she was so insanely wet now, i heard her scream out loud.
"Holy fucking shit, i'm cummmmmmmming, i'm cumming."
Her hips bucked up and down and she was shaking hard, i could feel her pussy squeezing my fingers as if trying to push them out, which i let happen since i didnt want anything blocking the sweet nectar about to overflow my mouth.
Then it happened, a river of sweet pussy juice flooded my mouth, there was simply too much to swallow, i drank as much as i could but the rest spilled out down my face, i was drenched in sams cum.
Sam lay there motionless and out of breath, i moved up her and kissed her once again letting her taste her own juice from my face, she was positivly glowing.
"Wow jess, i never knew i could feel so good."
"I am so happy sam that i could make you feel like that, i never would have guessed eating pussy would be so good."
"It was amazing jess, i think its my turn to taste you now."

Sam had this wicked looking grin on her face as she helped me out of my clothes, she went straight to work planting her lips on my nipples and sucking hard and occastionaly biting lightly, i felt shivers rushing down my spine as this delightful little teen assaulted my body, i looked down into her eyes as she greedily sucked my nipples, i noticed a strange green tint in both her eyes staring back at me, maybe i am just so taken away with the mind blowing pleasure sam was giving.
Sam was now slipping down my body while at the same time pushing me down, i couldnt believe how well she was taking control of me, without warning i felt her tongue lashing out at my swollen clit.
"Fuck me Sam, i dont know whats gotten into you but i like it."
No words left sams mouth, she just continued licking my clit faster and sliding her middle finger up and down my soaking pussy lips, i was preparing to feel her ram her finger inside me but instead she slippled her finger inside her mouth and sucked my pussy juice clean from her middle digit, she just smiled and went back to work.
Now she went to town sucking, licking and tongue fucking my hole like a newborn slut, a fire was burning deep within me now and every lick of her tongue sent me into agonising pleasure, then she did something totally unexpected and started flicking her tongue over my unused asshole, she was like a slut possessed and then i felt her wet teen tongue start pushing against my anus and forcefully slip inside.
This newfound pleasure along with the slurping sounds sam was making pushed me over the edge, a tidal wave of electric shocks rushed down my spine, my hips bucked and twisted, my head whipped backwards as this most explosive orgasm thrashed my tight little body, my tits wobbled and my entire body was shaking, the orgasm finally reached my loins and a never ending river poured from my pussy, my juices squirted over sams face coating her in a delightfull layer of my girl fluid, but she didnt stop eating my ass for a single second!
Infact sam only increased her rhythm as she invaded my asshole deeper than before, she kept this up for a few more minutes before she pulled her tongue from my ass and leaned towards me, she kissed me hard and pushed her tongue deep in my mouth, i immediatly tasted my anal juices seeping into my mouth.
She pulled away and dived back between my legs, she looked up at me and grinned before she stuck a 2 fingers in her mouth lubricating them for a journey to where they had never been before.
"Ready jess?"
"For what."

The answer i recieved were 2 fingers poking at my anal passage, she kept a modderate ammount of pressure on my asshole and i felt her mouth clamp down on my clit and began sucking lightly.
"Aaaaagggh, fuck sam it hurts."
Her fingers popped inside and she started slowly fucking my asshole, my heart was racing and a new fire began to burn within me, the speed of her intruding fingers increased and i felt her knuckles slip past my slightly gaping hole, her tongues assault began pushing into my dripping wet pussy, the sensation of her togue fucking my pussy and her fingers drilling my ass was sending me crazy.
I was in agonising pleasure and near cumming, Sams fingers were deep inside my anal passage now and she was ramming them in and out like a jack hammer, she began twisting her fingers in motion with her thrusts, my screams echoed through the bunker as my new orgasm took over my body once again, my pussy was twitching and my ass was clenching around sams nimble little fingers, i felt like i was going insane as my body rode the rappids of this intense orgasm, i waas thrashing around the floor now, sams fingers plopped out my ass and her mouth withdrew as a stream of pussy juice squirted out my gaping hole, between my thights looked like the most beautiful waterfall you could imagine.
I finally stopped cumming and fell back gasping for air, then i suddenly felt a long semi hard slimy thing wrap around my left leg, i jerked back and screamed.
"What the fuck is that?"
"Sam look out."

Sam was silent, she seemed to just stare at me almost dazed, i was so confused, this dark green slimy tentacle was spiraling up my leg and seconds laters more tentacles came from behind sam and wrapped around my free leg and arms holding me still, i watched as this huge slimy green mass appeared behind sam, within seconds sams body had tentacles all over it, squeezing her young boobs and wrapping round both her arms.
Slowly she was being lifted of the ground as the tentacles supported her weight easily, once sam was secure she seemed to come back to reality!
"Oh my god Jess, whats happening? what are these things?"
"I dont know sam, i cant move, what going on..."
2 tentacles emerged and attached to sams tits, suddenly each tentacle spouted small needle thin spikes which were being pushed inside her nipples, sam was screaming in agony.
"OOOOUUuueee, FUCK that hurts so bad!"
Sam was screaming and crying out for help and her nipples were been injected with these sharp needles, another tentacle came forth and went straight for her anal opening and pushed inside forcefully, the pain in sams face was obvious as i witnessed her being raped by tentacles, sams screams were quickly replaced by a tentacle forcing itself inside her mouth.
Muffled cries was all that remained from her now, yet another tentacle appeared but this was different, it had a dozen or so small tendrils at the end which moved independently, it was obvious to me that this tentacle was made for pleasure as i watched about 6 tendrils wrap around sams clit and the rest disapeared inside her juicy wet pussy, i then noticed that the tentacle attached to sams tits were pumping something inside through her nipples, i couldnt believe my eyes as sams tits grew larger than my own to a d cup, but they kept pumping and pumpimg, soon enough her tits were well past dd's and still expanding, the tentacles finally stoped pumping what it was and her tits were now a massive E cup.
My gut was filling with lust as i stared at sams new massive tits, the tentacle in sams mouth was obviously moving down her throat as i watched the bulge decend!
Seconds later an explosive orgasm seemed to explode deep within her, her body was shaking violently and her massive tits were squishing about, her eyes rolled back in her head , suddenly her stomach muscles were in spasm and a flood of pussy juice trickled down her legs and onto the floor, the look on sams face told me she could barely take anymore, but the tentacles had other plans!
The tentacle in sams mouth retreated and began spewing a thick translucent viscous fluid over her face, the liquid had a slight green tint to it and the amount this tentacle was spurting over her was insane, once the tentacle finished its erruption sams body was nearly fully coated in a thick layer of the goo.
I hated to admit to myself but she looked amazing covered in this stuff, i was now less scared of the assault that awaited me in the near future but the tentacles were far from finished with sam, she was moaning out loud in sheer ecstasy, the 2 tentacles which were attached to sams tits were back once again but this time without the spiky additions that caused her tits to grow to her massive size.
Both tentacles went straight towards her ass and pussy, these tentacles were much larger than the previous ones, they were 6 inches in girth and unendingly long, the first tentacle went alongside the tentacle allready in her ass and began its penetration into the very dephs of her anus, the second tentacle snaked its way through her vaginal canal and continue to push inside very deep, it looked like at least 10" deep in her and it kept going a little further untill sam groaned and whimpered.
"Its amaze its AMAZING... uurrrrgh."

The massive tentacle battered against her cervix making her cry out, it kept pushing untill it finally passed through into her womb, the 2 tentacles in her ass were now pounding away hard and extremly fast, as one pushed in the other pulled out and this repeated continuously!
Yet again her body was shaking as another climax emerged and wrecked her tight body, she was screaming non stop now as she was in a state of continuous orgasm, this went on for what seemed like an eternity untill she passed out but the tentacles kept up their huge assault, each tentacle inside sam was slamming away for minutes with no sign of stopping untill the huge mass behind roared out so load i thought my ear drums would pop.
Each tentacle started ejaculating huge amounts inside the teen girl, i could hear the squishing the squirting sounds from where i lay and it sent shivers down my spine, is this going to happen to me too?
Finally the tentacles fell out of her gaping holes and sam looked like she was pregnant with triplets, the tentacles gently placed her on the floor in a pool of goo and pussy juice, then i was slowly dragged across the floor towards the huge mass!
I shrieked as i was drawing closer to the mass, suddenly new tentacles sprung fourth and attached to my tits just like with sam, they dug the needle spikes in my nipples and began pumping its viscous fluid within them, although the needles hurt like hell the second i felt that warm fluid filling my tits i smiled with joy, the feeling was sensational, the fluid seemed to amplify my arrousal ten fold, i felt an orgasm burning within my body and soon it washed over me with wave after wave of pure ecstacy, i didnt even realise the tentacles had already left my tits and i looked down at my new MASSIVE 34 F boobs.
"Holy shit, my tits!"
"there...THERE HUGE!!"
But there was no time check out my new boobs as a massive tentacle was pushing at my tight little pussy hole, my god this thing was huge!
It didnt waste time being carefull, it just simply pushed itself inside my vaginal walls without mercy, oh fuck i yelled out in pain as my pussy was being stretched to the absolute limit, it kept pushing deeper untill i felt it smashing against my cervix but to my surprise it didnt hurt half as much as i expected and tentacle didnt push further, as i lay there screaming out in total pleasure i felt myself being pulled up my feet where i was supported so i wouldnt fall.
Now i felt a tentacle pushing into my asshole and it was amazing, the green goo was spurting slightly as it pushing against me, its lubricating my anal passage as it pushed inside, i now had 2 rampant tentacles fucking my holes, i was in bliss and i soon felt a huge orgasm building inside,each tentacle increased it thrusting speed and i was soon howling as the orgasm smashed its way through my body!
This was by far the most powerfull orgasm of my entire life, like a volcanic eruption exploding deep in my loins, it felt like i was being cooked from within, the massive orgasm wrecked my body and huge jolts of pleasure flowing down my body, for a moment everything went dark like i was in a void, just me and my orgasm together in perfect harmony, then i came back to reality and my orgasm thrashed its way towards my pussy and my juices started overflowing all over the place!
"mmmmm mmmph mmmmph mmmpphhh."
But it wasnt over yet, 4 more tentacles joined the attack on my tight body, 2 went to my massive tits and squirmed around them squeezing really tightly, goo was dripping out my nipples is was so tight, the other 2 again went to my tits but these tentacles were equiped with what i can only descibe as alien pincers and wasted no time pinching and attacking my now swollen nipples.
2 more tentacles came fouth!!
"FUCK FUCK FUCK urrrrrgh."
These 2 were much thinner than the others but were relentless, they immediately dived inside my gaping pussy, jesus christ i was already streched to the absolute max and now 2 more began snaking there way up joining the much larger tentacle in smashing my cervix, the 2 thin tentacles pushed against my cervix allowing the much larger one access to my womb!
Meanwhile something odd was happening to the tentacle in my ass, although it never stopped fucking my ass, a dumbell shaped mass was spinning inside the tentacle and slowly made its way to my battered little butthole, the sensation was extreme as the shape spinning and twisting inside the tentacles was pushing agaist my anus, it was trying to enter its was just spinning and twisting on my hole, this drove me totally wild as another orgasm began bubbling inside me.
Both my holes getting such a treatment was too much to handle, i screamed like never before as all 4 tentacles slammed my holes relentlessly, i felt the massive tentacle begin pouring its creamy viscous load into my womb, the tentacle in my ass was now spurting big hot loads of thick viscous fluid within me.
The feeling of all these sensations sent me way over the edge as my orgasm exploded within, i felt my pussy melting as this new massive orgasm ran through my body casuing wave after wave of extreme ecstacy, it felt like this orgasm would never end, it continued to blast through me as i still felt the tentacles pouring there huge loads deep inside me, my body was in a constant state of spasm and it flowed through my loins out onto the floor below.
My climax finally subsided and the tentacles lay me down besides a still unconscious sam, my body continued to twitch as i lay there unable to move or speak, i felt myself drifting off to sleep!
With my last moments of consciousness i watched the huge mass envelop me and sam in a thick slimy cacoon.

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