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My "experience with my teacher"
I had to stay behind one afternoon to finish some of my coursework. I had finished it earlier but wanted to go just to talk and spend some time with my sexy teacher. She was a blonde, over 40, busty woman who I believe has had a number of children. I was alone with her and she was extremely stressed. I could tell by the way she breathed, looked and acted. I asked her what was wrong but she ignored me twice.
She then accidently spilt her glass of water on the floor. I asked her if I should go to the toilets to get some paper towels, and she said yes. When I arrived back, she was on her hands and knees waiting for me to arrive back. I gave her the roll of paper towels and she started rubbing the ground violently. I looked up and in amazement, I saw two, large tits shaking. I was so tempted to reach out or say anything, but thought best if I didn't.
When she finished and my eyes got drawn away from the amazing sight, me and her sat on her desk and talked about school; coursework and other random things. I then bravely asked her why she was stressed and she answered by saying, "I've not been having the best week with my husband and he's being a tosser"
I then asked her if she knew any stress relief strategies to help her with her week and with her husband. I suggested things like, eat chocolate, watch a movie, have a break, but she denied that any of these would work on her.
I then courageously said, "When I'm stressed or have a bad day, I usually just masturbate or have sex." She then sparked up like she had just been electrified.
My teacher walked up to the door, closed the blinds and locked it, I was slightly worried and very excited at this moment, To my disbelief, my sexy teacher started to unbutton her trousers to show purple panties right in front of my eyes. I then looked up, into her eyes, to only notice her look at my eyes, to look back down to her panties. I then bravely and nervously reached out an arm to feel her smooth panties. I rubbed and rubbed for about one minute and could hear her moaning and could feel the cotton panties getting wetter by the second.
I stood up, only to check my phone on the other side of the room when she pulled me back to her by my shoulder. I turned around, only to find her going down and now unzipping my trousers. I stood there as she flicked out my fully erect dick. I looked at her computer screen for a second to then feel the great sensation of her sucking on my dick. She must have had a lot of practice as she was able to get it all in. I could occasionally hear her gagging and spitting on my dick.
After a minute or two, I commanded her to her get onto her desk and let me take off her panties. I slowly slipped down her panties to reveal a hairy pussy. I felt my dick getting harder as I got turned on evermore. I told her to spread her legs and just relax. I was licking away at that sweaty, wet pussy for about 3-4 minutes. I could see that her stress from before was gone.
When I was finished, she lent forward to whisper in my ear, "I want you inside my other lips this time." She squatted down to lie on the floor and opened her legs to allow me in. This was it, all the time in class staring at her was finely over and my dream has came true. I got into my missionary position and felt her arms and legs wrap around my body. This was dangerous as I didn't have a condom with me, but she told me to continue. I slowly pushed my dick inch by inch into her, and her pussy must have been in pain as she dug tightly with her nails into my back and shoulders.
“Damn, I don’t think it could go all the way in” she said.

I didn't listen to her demands. I was too horny. She moved her hands on my shoulders and I quickly forced my hips forward. And in two pushes, my dick was finally all inside of her pussy. Once I got it all in, my hard dick worked like a charm pumping in and out of her.
We experimented with various position, doggy, her on top, reverse cowgirl, I slipped my finger into her ass and attempted to try anal but she refused.
Eventually, she had her hands grabbed tight on to my body from the excitement and pleasure because she couldn't resist me. She then suddenly reached her orgasm, that's when I finally pulled out and shot my load on her tits.
I took a picture of her, for memories, got changed and walked out with my coursework all finsihed. It lasted for around half and hour, and it was the greatest moment of my school life.

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2013-01-19 15:26:54
how can this sort of sex existed?


2013-01-07 02:56:54
What! By the time i got an interest in the story it was over. But it is a good start but you may want to may them a bit more longer.


2013-01-06 23:47:03
Would luv to see that pic and did you do her anymore after that day?


2013-01-06 21:07:02
Nice. Would enjoy seeing that pic also

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