Robin is a demure and inexperienced lady until she meets Harry.
Chapter 1

Harry sat at the table watching his wife, Robin, and his best friend and lawyer, Mark dance. Mark’s girlfriend Tanya sat in the circular booth next to him. Harry smiled as he watched Mark’s hands cup Robin’s ass and squeeze softly. She didn’t pull away or give any indication that she was offended. He laughed lightly. That was his wife! He had turned her from a shy, demure virgin into a married slut; his slut. Maybe later he would let Mark fuck her. He hadn’t decided yet. He knew he would just have to say the word and she would strip and welcome Mark into her pussy.

He tore his attention away from the couple when Tanya slapped his arm playfully.
“Did you hear anything I said?” she asked.

“Sorry,” he replied. “I was in deep thought.”

She laughed. “Yes, I could tell,” she said as she glanced towards the dance floor. “I’m surprised he hasn’t tried to fuck her right on the dance floor,” she said as she slipped out of the booth. “I’m going to the ladies room and then I guess I’ll have to go get my own drink. Our waitress seems to have disappeared.”

He laughed lightly. “I don’t think he would go that far,” Harry replied without glancing at her.. “They’re just having a good time. Hurry back. I’ll make sure you have another Long Island waiting.”

She gave him a sexy smile and headed to the ladies room with a sway of her beautiful ass displayed in a tight, very short skirt. Glancing back at the couple, his mind went back to the number of times Robin had done just that, at his request. She had become his slut the night he let his brother fuck her and she had fucked many men since, all at his demand. He had watched one night when two different men fucked her against the wall in a night club very similar to where they were now. There had been several watchers but no one complained. That same night he had fucked her leaning against his truck while another couple watched from their car. She was a true exhibitionist now, even more so than his sister in law, and he loved to push her as far as she would go. She responded to whatever he asked without question but it hadn’t always been that way. He thought back to their first meeting almost 4 ½ years ago.

He had attended a charity benefit that night just because he felt he owed it to the company sponsoring it. They used his consulting firm a lot. He was drawn to her at first simply because she was dressed so differently from the other women who were all wearing party dresses. She was wearing a bulky sweater with a full skirt that came below her knees. She was also wearing the ugliest glasses he had ever seen on a woman. It was like she was trying to hide what he suspected was a firm, trim body and beautiful face. The light shining on her brunet hair highlighted the shades of red.. He was standing with the President of the company and simply asked who the young lady was with the ugly glasses. The man laughed.

“That’s Robin, one of my accountants. She dresses weird but she’s top notch in her work. I wouldn’t be surprised if she passes her CPA exam and someone steals her from me.”

He just nodded and waited for the President of the company to seek out others before he walked towards just to get a closer look. As he neared her, she suddenly turned and ran right into him, spilling her drink on his new suit.

“Oh my God!” she cried out. “I’m so sorry!”

She started trying to dry the suit with a napkin but he took it out of her hands. “That’s okay. It was my fault. I was paying attention to where I was going.”

She seemed lost without the napkin and simply stared at his soaked suit, trying to wish it dry. He calmed her and grabbed another drink from a passing waiter. When he handed it to her, she seemed almost afraid to take it. They chatted after that and he realized she was shy almost to an extreme and he also realized the glasses and clothes could not hide who she was underneath. Later they had coffee at an all-night restaurant. He finally had to let her go but not before getting her phone number. He called her several times just to chat but it was two weeks before she ran out of excuses not to go out with him.

That first date had been an eye opener. She wore similar clothes and those same glasses but he realized she was extremely smart and determined to move up in the corporate world. She was 24 and fresh out of college with her first job. She had a Masters in Accounting and was studying for her CPA exam. She seemed shocked to discover that he had an MBA and was fairly successful. He didn’t tell her that he was not only successful but a millionaire. He owned the building where his business was located and several other private businesses he had purchased as an investment. He drove a Corvette instead of a BMW but she never seemed to care how he could afford it.

He didn’t kiss her that night. In fact, he didn’t kiss her on the next two dates either. Every time he thought the time was right, her shyness kicked in and she hurried away. Finally, on their fifth date, he managed to kiss her. She returned his kiss very demurely at first but he persisted until she finally began to respond. She seemed to open up for an hour or so but when they parked in front of her house and he kissed her again and let his hand move over her titty, she quickly broke the kiss and hurried inside after giving him a big smile and wave. At least she wasn’t pissed by him trying to feel her up.

They went out at least every other night for the next two weeks and it was always the same. She would return his kisses with passion, finally getting to the point where she would allow him to fondle her titties, even moaning as he pinched the nipples through her clothes but that was it. Every time he tried to get his hand inside her top, she froze up. That lasted for another week when she finally let him open her blouse and suck on her titties. She got caught up in what she was experiencing and he actually managed to get his hand under her skirt to rub her pussy through her panties. She resisted at first, of course, but it didn’t last long. Within 15 minutes, he had his hand inside her panties and a finger inside her pussy. Between his kisses, sucking on her sensitive titties and his finger working in and out of her pussy, she experienced her first climax. Her pussy juices actually flooded his hand and he brought her off two more times before he reluctantly let her stop him. Still, try as he might, he hadn’t been able to get her panties completely off or fuck her.

After experiencing so much pleasure from his fingers night after night, she shyly asked him how she could please him without taking her panties off. With a smile, he took his big cock out and pushed her head down. She sucked him without question and didn’t pull away when he exploded in her mouth. She definitely was not a virgin at sucking cock, he realized quickly. In fact, she admitted to him that night that she had retained her virginity through college by sucking her dates cock while letting them rub her pussy through her panties. She admitted at the same time that she had never climaxed with them; never let them finger her. It was a good thing his brother’s wife, Sherry, was available to him. He fucked her relentlessly on several occasions, his mind on Robin the whole time.

The turning point came when he least expected it. His brother, Jerry, invited him to a football party at his house and she was pleased when he asked her to go with him. She dressed totally different than normal that night, wearing a a full skirt and a low cut blouse that revealed just a hint of her small but firm titties. The skirt wasn’t really short but shorter than anything he had seen her wear up to that point. It stopped at least 3 inches below her knees but he was thrilled just the same. He didn’t question the change and was surprised when she told him why on the way to the party.

“Do you like what I’m wearing?” she asked out of the blue.

His face showed his surprise but he answered truthfully. “Of course. I’m glad to see you finally wearing clothes that look good on you.”

Now she was the one who showed surprise. “Do you really think so?” she asked. “I don’t want to be too bold but I hoped you would enjoy seeing me in this.”

He laughed. “Robin, you can never be too bold showing off your body in my opinion. You look great!”

She actually blushed as she replied. “You won’t have to worry about getting my pants off later when you finger me,” she said softly.

They shared laughs with Jerry, Sherry and their friends as the day progressed into night. People started leaving as soon as the game was over until there were only Jerry and Sherry, and Harry and Robin remaining. That was the first time Robin had met them and it would turn out to be quite a meeting. The two women set about cleaning up from the party while Harry and Jerry gathered outside on the fenced patio. When the women joined them, they brought drinks with them; beer for the men and Long Island Ice Tea for the women. It was obviously Robin’s first time trying the drink because she began to feel it after just the second one. Harry just smiled, wondering what she would be like when she got tipsy.

Sherry was dressed in her usual way, very sexy. She was a born exhibitionist which is what attracted Jerry to her in the first place. That night, she was wearing a pair of Daisy Duke shorts and a halter blouse. Throughout the party, she had not hesitated to lean over and let the other men present see whatever part of her body was exposed. The deep cut blouse would always fall away to reveal her firm 36C titties with nipples that were constantly hard or her tight ass encased in the white shorts. It was no secret to anyone that she was wearing a thong but no bra. She loved showing off and Jerry never discouraged her, often teasing her about not showing off enough.

After they handed the beer to the two men, Sherry moved over to set down beside her husband and curled her legs up on the slider swing with her back against Jerry’s chest. His arm went around her instantly and his hand cupped her titty without hesitation. She patted his hand calmly and looked back over her shoulder to give him a big smile of approval. Robin had sat down beside Harry and he saw her blush at the actions of his brother and sister-in-law but he didn’t discourage them. In fact, from the look of desire he saw suddenly come into Robin’s eyes, he hoped Sherry would live up to her reputation. She did. Harry and Robin were talking quietly as they enjoyed a few minutes of peace and quiet when they heard a moan from the direction of the other couple. Harry glanced over to see that Jerry’s hand was now inside Sherry’s top and he was playing with her titties as she kissed him by turning her head over her shoulder. Just as he looked, he saw his brother pull up her top and lean over to suck on one of her nipples and her moan got even louder. He felt Robin shiver and thought she might be embarrassed so he quietly stood and took her hand to lead her into the kitchen without a word to Jerry and Sherry. He had thought it might be best to just take her home and come back to help Jerry put out the fire between Sherry’s legs but he didn’t quiet make it. As soon as they were inside, Robin stopped him.

“Why did we leave them out there alone?” she asked calmly.

“I didn’t want you to be embarrassed,” he said calmly.

She smiled weakly. “I wasn’t embarrassed. I’ve just never seen anyone so open about sex like Sherry and Jerry.”

Before he could answer, she turned to stand at the glass door, watching the couple again. When Harry walked over to stand behind her, he was not the least bit surprised to see that Jerry had his hand inside Sherry’s shorts and her blouse was lying on the swing, her titties now completely exposed. As Jerry’s hand pushed deeper into her shorts, Sherry opened her legs wide to give him complete access and the way her body reacted let him know that Jerry now had a finger deep inside her pussy. Robin seemed enthralled by it all and Harry calmly moved his hand from her shoulder to the front of her blouse and then reached inside. Robin looked over her shoulder at him as her hand touched his through the blouse but she didn’t pull it away. Sensing the time was right, he slid his other hand under the back of her blouse and very deftly unhooked her bra. She gave no indication that she even noticed. Very slowly, he pulled her blouse up. Without even looking at him, she raised her arms to let him slide it over her head. When he pulled it off, the bra came as well, finally allowing him to see just how marvelous her titties were in the light. They were not large but each one was firm and stood out proudly from her small body, each nipple a dark rosy pink, sticking out from the titty like a small rock; hard, firm and smooth.

He placed both hands on her titties, pulling on the hard nipples as he began to kiss her neck lightly. Her reaction was to turn her head to the side to expose more of her neck for him to kiss and he heard a slight moan as he kissed and nipped at the sensitive skin. Her nipples seemed to get even harder. She calmly touched her hand to his fingers on her nipples as she spoke softly.

“Harder baby! Pull them harder! Make them hurt! Please!”

He smiled inwardly and pulled one of the nipples outward and pinched them at the same time. He released the other one, sensing the opportunity to go further tonight. She moaned louder as he applied pressure to the nipple and then let out a surprised sound as she continued to watch the couple on the slider swing. Glancing up quickly, Harry smiled when he saw that Jerry now hard Sherry completely nude, her body shining in the patio lights as Jerry knelt between her legs to eat her pussy. Her fingers were wrapped in his hair as she lay back against the slider, her legs propped up on Jerry’s shoulders and her eyes closed as she tossed her head from side to side.

Harry smiled, knowing that it wouldn’t be long before Jerry was driving his cock into Sherry’s pussy and he hoped to be doing the same thing to Robin. He let his hand move down her body, teasing her skin as he moved it lower. Gathering her skirt up in his fingers, he soon had it to her waist. He held it in place by the pressure of his arm as his fingers moved across the front of her panties. When he touched the crotch, he realized she was wetter than he had ever felt her before. He pushed his hand inside her panties and pushed them down, waiting for her to stop him. Instead, her hand joined his, pushing at her panties until they slid down her legs to stop at her knees. Urgently, she looked over her shoulder with glazed eyes and kissed him, long and hard. As soon as she broke the kiss, she spoke the words he didn’t think he would ever hear.

“Fuck me!” she said without hesitation. It was the first time he had ever heard her use any kind of foul or off color language and it turned him on even more.

“Not yet,” he said even though he was dying to ram his cock into what he knew would be a very tight pussy.
He caught her hand and pressed it against her pussy, then pressed against her finger until he felt it slide inside her wet fold. “Ummmmmm,” she cried softly just as they heard a loud cry of pleasure from outside.
Glancing outside, he saw that Sherry was now setting on Jerry’s lap, moving up and down, his hard cock very visible as it moved in and out of her pussy. He looked at Robin and saw that her eyes were closed. He took his chin in his fingers and spoke softly into her ear.

“Open your eyes baby! Look at Sherry and Jerry!”

She slowly opened them and looked at the couple now fucking wildly a few feet outside the door. He felt her sharp intake of breath and then he could feel her hand begin to move as she started to fuck herself with her fingers. “That’s it baby,” he urged. “Finger yourself good for me. Make yourself cum!”

She immediately looked back over her shoulder at him and grimaced as she fingered herself faster. “If I make myself cum for you, will you fuck me!”

“Oh yes!” he said quickly. “I’ll fuck you all night. Maybe I’ll even let Jerry help me.”

Her eyes suddenly opened wider. “Ohhh! Would you really let him fuck me?” she asked as her fingers continued to dig deep into her pussy.

He laughed. “Jerry would love to get sloppy seconds from you baby! Just like I’ve gotten sloppy seconds
from Sherry!”

Her response surprised him. “Does she fuck you good baby! Will you let me watch you fuck her?”

“Why not,” he said as his finger toyed with her ass, just barely pushing inside. He expected her to pull away but instead she pressed back against his finger, letting him push it deeper into her ass as she pushed her body back against the invading finger. When it was all the way in, he began to ease it out slowly. When he pushed back in, he added a second finger and she let out another low moan.

“Would you like to fuck my ass too?” she asked without any show of meekness as she pushed her ass tighter against his invading fingers.

“I’m going to fuck every hole you have Robin. The sooner you make yourself cum, the sooner we can get started,” he replied as he pushed three fingers into her ass.

That was all it took. He felt her body begin to shake and then she cried out. “Yesssss. I’m cummingggggg!”

He looked out the door and saw the smile on Jerry’s face, letting them know he knew they were watching. Sherry turned to look at the door as well and she smiled just before she slammed her pussy down on Jerry’s cock and started to cum herself.

That was all Harry needed. He quickly dropped his pants and then stripped the panties from Robin’s legs. Turning her to face him, he lifted her to sit on the counter and stepped between her legs. His cock was now resting against her pussy and he could feel the heat it was putting off. She kissed him hard and then broke the kiss just long enough to urge him on.

“Put your cock in my pussy. Make me yours!” she pleaded.
He didn’t need to be asked again. Her pussy was hot, tight and soaking wet. She locked her legs around his waist as he began to slide his hard cock into her tight sheath. When he reached her hymen, she let out a light cry and he saw a tear fall from her eye. He started to pull out but her legs locked around him. “Noooo,” she pleaded. “Just go slow but don’t stop.”

Slowly, he eased his cock deeper until he felt the hymen break. She gave a small cry of pain but her legs held him tight against her as she moaned for him not to stop. There was very little blood and he worked half of his cock into her pussy. It was like a vice, threatening to clamp his cock in two, yet pulling him in deeper slowly but surely. When he finally felt his balls slap against her ass, he realized he had sunk his whole 7” into her small, tight pussy and she gave him a big smile as she realized the same. She kissed him lightly as she wrapped her arms around his neck. “Now fuck me!” she said.

His hands cupped both cheeks of her beautiful firm ass and he moved his fingers back to her ass. When he began to push them inside again, she closed her eyes and bit her lip as two fingers slid back inside and began to fuck her ass with his fingers at the same time his big cock invaded her pussy. He took his time after that, afraid that if he went too fast he would explode just from the pure pleasure he was feeling. When he began to go faster, he saw her reach between their bodies and place her finger on her clit as she looked into his eyes.

“Is it okay if I touch myself like I did before?” she asked.

He answered her with another kiss and fucked her long and deep. He felt her pussy clamp down hard and he found himself barely able to move and then she was exploding, her juices soaking both of them. Her ass clamped tight against his fingers at the same time. She tried to stifle her scream of pleasure but he wouldn’t let her.

“No!” he said firmly. “Let it out!”

“Ahhhhhhhh. Oh God! It feels so goooodd” she cried as she climaxed. “Your cock and fingers feel so good inside of me!”

He was barely able to pull out in time to keep from cumming inside of her and his cum shot in torrents over the front of her body, covering her pussy, stomach and titties. She just smiled and rubbed it into her body before licking her fingers.

That’s when they both heard the clapping and turned to see Jerry and Sherry standing just outside the door, naked and with big smiles on their faces.

“Bravo!” Jerry said. “That was beautiful.”

Before Harry could rebuke them for watching, Robin gave them a sweet smile. “I’m glad you enjoyed it. I know I sure did!” she said as she ground her ass against the fingers still buried there.

Chapter 2

That was the beginning of many firsts that night. Jerry and Sherry invited them to enjoy the hot tub. Robin seemed totally at ease being nude now as he led her into the fenced back yard to the hot tub while Sherry and Jerry stopped to get more drinks and snacks. Once they were in the hot tub, she gave him a big smile and leaned against him, her small firm titties pressed against his arm.

“You don’t have to pull out of me next time,” she said, taking him by surprise. “I’ve been on the pill since the end of the first week we dated. I had a really hard time fighting you off until I could go through a whole cycle. Next time, I want to feel your cum explode inside of me.”

He laughed. “Baby, you are full of surprises tonight. You should have told me sooner.”

She shrugged her shoulders and smiled. “I didn’t want to seem too eager,” she said in explanation. He put his arm around her and pulled her close to kiss her. She welcomed his kiss as their tongues battled each other. When they broke the kiss, he gave her a big smile. “Baby, you are going to get more cum in that pussy tonight than you expected,” he told her.

She smiled. “I can’t wait to feel it the first time,” she said as her small hand found his ever hardening cock under the water. He laughed. “You keep that up and I’ll be fucking you again right here!”

She gave him another smile and squeezed his cock harder. “What would Jerry and Sherry think if you did?”

He laughed heartily. “Hell sweetheart, they would probably join us!”

Jerry and Sherry took that time to walk out the patio door. Sherry was carrying a bottle of wine with glasses and Jerry had a tray of crackers and cheese.

“Did we hear out name mentioned? Jerry asked with a laugh as he sat the tray down and climbed into the hot tub. Sherry stood holding the wine, waiting for them to get glasses so she could pour it. Her legs were parted slightly and Harry could see that her pussy lips were swollen and her clit was extended. Jerry had fucked her hard and long and her pussy still glistened with the remains of their combined juices. He knew she was turned on from being watched as well. When everyone finally had a glass of wine, she sat the bottle down and climbed in to set by Jerry. Now she was only two feet away from Harry and Robin and her nipples were as hard as Harry had ever seen them. Watching him and Robin fuck had obviously turned her on as well as the pure joy of being watched herself.

As soon as Sherry sat down beside him, Jerry smiled and pulled her close, his hand closing over her titty and pinching the nipple. He winked at Harry and Robin as his fingers twirled the hard nub between his fingers. “She’s really turned on guys. Can’t you tell?” he said calmly.

Sherry poked him playfully but she didn’t push his hand away. Robin looked at Harry through passion laden eyes and then pulled his hand to cover her titty as well. When he squeezed her nipple, she gave him a big smile. Now that they were so close together, Robin noticed that Sherry had a silver stud in each nipple and seemed surprised.

“Didn’t it hurt to get your nipples pierced?” she asked suddenly.

Sherry just laughed and then slowly stood. “Not half as much as when I got my clit pierced,” she said as she reached down to show Robin the small ring through her clit. She smiled and sat back down beside Jerry. “It was sure worth it though. Now, I’m always sensitive in both places!” she said with a laugh and then told them she needed a potty break. Robin quickly told her she did too and the two women left side by side, obviously still talking about Sherry’s piercings. Their beautiful asses swayed gently as they walked into the house.

“Man, she’s hot!” Jerry said as soon as they were in the house.

“Yes she is!” Harry replied. “Before the night is over, you might even find out just how hot she is.”

A big grin filled Jerry’s face. “That would be nice,” he said.

The men settled back and enjoyed the Long Island Ice Tea while they waited which wasn’t long. When the two women returned. Sherry sat down beside Harry and Robin looked at Harry as if asking where she should get and he nodded his head towards Jerry. She shrugged her shoulders and then smiled as she sat beside him. Jerry just smiled and put his arm around Robin and pulled her close as Sherry leaned over to kiss Harry.

“I’ve missed you,” she told Harry when she broke the kiss.

His hands had been on the back of the hot tub but now he put one around Sherry and placed the other one on her thigh. He felt her legs part when she felt his hand touch her thigh and she leaned into him. He quickly moved his hand up to cup her pussy as he watched Robin intently, wondering just how far she would let him push her. He hadn’t even expected to fuck her tonight and now he had fucked her and fingered her ass with a promise to fuck her ass later and they were setting naked with his brother and sister-in-law. He planned to find out. As his finger slowly slid into Sherry’s pussy, he looked at Robin.

“Jerry, Robin’s nipples need attention,” he said. “Why don’t you kiss them?”

Jerry looked at Robin and smiled as his hand moved to cup her titty and then he leaned over, his lips covering her titty and sucking it in. Both men heard her soft moan but she kept her eyes on Harry, as if waiting for him to tell her what to do next. When Harry saw Jerry’s hand on her thigh, he smiled.

“Open your legs baby. Jerry wants to finger you.”

Without hesitation, she spreads her legs slightly and Jerry’s hand quickly moved up to cover her pussy.
“Relax and let Jerry show you what to do Robin? Okay?”

She nodded and closed her eyes as she felt Jerry’s fingers pushing into her hot pussy. For the next few minutes, the two couples groped and touched each other. Harry finally whispered to Sherry.

“Robin wants to watch me fuck you,” he told her.

She looked at him with a surprised smile. “Well, there’s no time like the present,” she said as she stroked his already hard cock.

He smiled and moved his hands so he could lift her to the edge of the hot tub. Quickly, he got on his knees on the hot tub bench and moved between her thighs, his hard cock brushing against her eager pussy. He looked back at Robin and Jerry and saw that Robin was watching intently while Jerry continued to suck on her titties and finger her. He held his cock in his hand as he placed it at the entrance to Sherry’s pussy and then pushed in. Sherry let out a deep moan as he entered her and then her legs clamped around his waist as she tried to pull him deeper.

“Fuck me baby,” she said. “Fuck me hard and deep!” she pleaded.

Grabbing her thighs, he began to slide his cock in and out of her wet but tight pussy and she pushed back with every stroke, eager to get him deeper with each thrust. When Harry looked back at Jerry and Robin again, he saw that Robin was setting on Jerry’s lap, his brother’s cock buried in her pussy. One hand covered her titty, moving from one to the other, while his other hand was stroking her clit as she moved slowly up and down on his hard cock. Her eyes were barely open but Harry knew she was watching him and Sherry. When he began to fuck Sherry harder, Robin rode Jerry harder. When Sherry began to cry out in pleasure, so did Robin.. Harry then saw that Jerry was fucking Robin hard and knew he was close. He didn’t want Jerry to have the pleasure of filling her pussy with hot cum for the first time though. He suddenly stopped and pulled his cock out of Sherry’s soaked pussy, bringing an immediate cry of foul from Sherry.

“Don’t stop,” she pleaded. “Fuck me some more. I’m almost there baby!”

He laughed. “Lover boy there will have to finish the job,” he said with a smile. “I have another fire I have to put out.”

Jerry immediately realized what his brother meant and he pushed Robin forward, his cock slapping his thighs as it came out of her pussy.

“Get your hot pussy over here honey. I’ll make you cum hard!” he said to Sherry.

Robin gave Harry a big smile as he reached for her hand and pulled her towards him. He signaled for her to straddle his thighs and she eagerly sat down on his hard cock, taking the whole length in easily now. Sherry sat on the edge of the hot tub beside her husband and he quickly spread her legs and entered her with one plunge. They could hear Sherry’s constant moans as Jerry fucked her hard and fast, bringing her from one climax right to another. Robin was having climax’s of her own, loving the feel of Harry’s big cock stretching her pussy as she moved up and down, her juices floating across the hot tub as she came constantly. When she felt Harry’s cock swell, she knew he was close and she started riding him harder.

“Cum in me baby. Fill my pussy with your hot cum. I need it so badddd!” she pleaded.

When he finally exploded, Robin came harder than she had all night. His hot cum flooded her pussy, the hot juice scorching her womb as it splashed deep inside. When she came, she almost passed out, dropping her body against Harry’s because she was too weak to hold it up anymore.

That was the beginning of a long night. They spent the night with Jerry and Sherry. She got fucked by both men throughout the night and then Sherry introduced her to the pleasures of woman to woman sex and she loved that almost as much, giving back to Sherry as good as Sherry gave to her. While she and Sherry were locked in a deep sensuous kiss, Robin watched as Jerry moved behind Sherry and fucked her in the ass, causing Sherry to explode hard over and over. As soon as Jerry filled Sherry’s ass with his cum, Robin told Harry it was his turn to fuck her ass. Before the night was over, she had been ass fucked by both men as well as sandwiched between them with Harry in her ass and Jerry in her pussy. She was insatiable, eagerly trying any position, any act. Whatever Harry asked of her, she did. By morning, she was sore but still eager to please Harry any way he wanted, telling him she would never turn him down for sex, no matter how tired or sore she was.

Two months later, they got married. She didn’t find out just how rich he was until he told her he knew a perfect place for an outdoor wedding and took her to see his house for the first time. When they drove up, all she saw was a plush manicured lawn behind a huge three story mansion. Behind the mansion sat a pool, tennis courts and a separate bungalow with the lawn stretching for two acres beyond.

“Wow!” she said as they walked across the thick grass. “Who owns this place!”

He shrugged. “Me,” he replied calmly and saw a look of shock appear on her face. “I didn’t want you to marry me for my money so I never mentioned it.”

She shook her head a couple of times and then jumped at him and wrapped her arms around his neck as she kissed him long and deep. “Not a chance lover,” she replied with a big smile. “Let’s Christian the lawn,” she said playfully as she started pulling at his clothes. They did.

Sherry and Robin became best friends and Sherry set out to completely change Robin’s appearance and wardrobe before the wedding. Her wedding gown was a short velvet blue that showed off every curve of her body, much to Harry’s delight. The guests were limited to less than two dozen people, with Jerry as his best man and Sherry as her maid of honor. Mark Davis, one of his best friends and his corporate lawyer was there with his live in girlfriend, Tanya Delgado, who was an up and coming Assistant State Attorney. It was the first time that Robin had met either of them and they got along beautifully.

Robin became even more of an exhibitionist than Sherry, getting her nipples and clit pierced a month after she and Harry got married. While her clit was too sore to fuck her, she offered him her ass or mouth whenever or wherever he wanted. All of the cloths she had now were made to showcase her beautiful, sexy body. Some of them were barely legal in public. Her lingerie drawer contained hundreds of pairs of lacy panties but none of them were anything other than sheer thongs or French cut panties and all of them were crotchless in some fashion. That first night her pussy had been covered with a rich cover of blonde hair but she had shaved it off the next morning with Sherry’s help. All her bras were either shelf bras or half cups, nothing that would completely cover her sensitive nipples which always had either a silver or gold stud present. Harry even had some special nipple rings made that had chains connecting the rings with a long chain that went down to connect to her clit ring. Just a simple pull on the chain and her hormones went wild. She could cum just from him pulling on the chain.

Over the next few months, she willingly dressed however Harry wanted her to dress and did whatever Harry wanted her to do, including fucking his clients and friends if he asked and he often did. She knew it really turned him on to see her fucked by another man, or woman. They developed a signal to let her know when Harry wanted her to let a man, or woman, have her. She always wore panties even if her dress at the time didn’t allow a bra. If he winked at her while she was with someone Harry wanted to have her, she knew she was to go immediately to the ladies room and remove her panties and bra, if she was wearing one. Until Harry told her otherwise, she was to allow that person complete access to her body, without question, but only with Harry present unless he said differently. He seldom left her alone and usually took part in fucking her with whomever she was with. He would fuck other women but usually the lady was eating Robin while he did. There had been a few exceptions.

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