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Liz continues her journey from plain girl to sex toy
This is part 2 of Liz meeting the Italian. When we last left Liz she is a 22 year old Colorado girl in a New Orleans hotel room. She is taking a quick nap after a good fuck session filling her body with cum.

I come back in the room after a few hours of letting Liz rest and when I see her still spread open I can’t help but get on the bed and start to lick on her inner thighs. As im licking she barely stirs and my tongue starts to slowly trace up her thighs until it gets to her gaped open pink pussy. Her pussy is just begging to be licked and I start by twisting my tongue around her clit. My tongue on her clit as her stirring and she begs to be eaten still half asleep. I push my tongue further into her little tight pussy licking deeper as my finger moves to her clit. Liz starts to wake and is already close to cumming. Her legs wrap around my head as my tongue continues its assault on the inside of her sweet pussy. As she starts to give me her sweet juices I take my hand and swat her clit “whack, whack, and whack” this only serves to push her further and further. When I come up her pussy juice is all over and I tell her clean this mess up slut and she gets on her knees and starts to lick my face getting all over her juices off.

After she finishes with licking my face she can’t resist licking all over my body. First my pecks and then down onto my abs. I pull her hair as she licks the upper abs with her tongue out as far as she can and then down to the lower abs. I pull her all around my chest using her red hair as reigns to control her.

Then I take on of her nice 36 DD tits and smack it hard making it bounce as I tell her to go to the bathroom and clean up. I say “get a nice look at your pure body because the innocent shy sexy Liz is about to transform.” She says “yes sir” and then slowly rises off the bed on her way to clean herself up in the bathroom. Liz takes a quick shower; she wanted to play in the shower but made it quick per my demands knowing she has a big night coming. As she steps out the shower she looks in the mirror at her pale unblemished body. She has no piercings in it, no tattoos on it. It’s just nice innocent pale white skin and freckles.

I open the bathroom door and start to take pictures of her as she poses in different forms. She starts innocent and moves to sexier and sexier poses eventually ending with her legs spread wide on the counter and 2 fingers buried in her pussy. I kiss her as we take the last pictures and I tell her we will have these to remember your old body and mind by. I ask her one finally time “Liz, what do you want to happen tonight?’ I wait and she responds back quickly “ I want to be transformed from modest and sweet Liz to a complete ginger slut and cum dumpster for you” “ I want to be nothing more than a sex doll that desires to please you and have you be my master”.

I smile “very good Liz” even better than I thought I tell her to get dressed as I go out and wait to see my new stunning sex doll. When the door opens the first thing I see is her now hot pink nails holding onto the door as she wobbles out. My eyes go directly to the shoes I picked out for her. She is standing in 6 inch high heels the only thing she will be wearing from now on. My eyes travel up her pale body up her legs until finally they see some fabric again and that fabric just barely covers her pussy. She is in a tight rubber micro mini skirt that is stretched so far any bend by her and her ass or pussy is being exposed. As my eyes move further up they are greeted by more pale freckled skin starting just above her clit and going up over her naval and all the way up to right under her big tit mounds. The bottom of her nice ample tits is slightly exposed before the cover of the purple tub top stops people from viewing her nipples and then it ends still leaving much of her tit meat on display. When my eyes finally reach her face I see a girl smiling back as she looks down at my big cock and can see how hard it is.

I tell her very good job putting on the outfit your master wanted you to pick. I start to pinch and pull on her nipples through the thin material of the tube top and ask what my nasty slut needs, She replies “ I need your cock in one of my holes master” “ do we have time to give me that cock?” I say “yes we have time for you to suck that cock but be quick and clean with it”. As I finish my words she immediately hits the floor. Her knees hit and her mouth comes open as she greedily reaches for that big thick cock. She rubs it up and down feeling every vein on it and then starts to quickly insert it in her throat wasting no time taking all 9 inches deep in her throat. She pulls her head back off of half of it and then slowly works back down using her tongue. I tell her this will feel even better after your tongue is ringed. She moans yes sir around my cock as she keeps working and my hands travel to her tits pulling on her sensitive nipples telling her I’m going to put huge rings in your nipples. This only makes her suck harder and she pushes her face down until her nose is at the base of my cock and she sucks hard and uses her tongue until I can’t hold off anymore and I start to squirt hot cum directly in her throat.

She licks her lips clean and slowly rises from her place on the ground. As she gets up I take her hand and lead her out of the hotel room to the elevator. In it we see an older couple and she can see the guy drooling over her exposed body. In front of the couple I ask if their stares are turning my whore on. She obediently replies “yes, master my pussy is soaking knowing one wants me and the other is disgusted by me.”

The elevator comes to a stop on the ground floor and I make her walk out first and I let the older couple go in front of me. I want to increase the time she is seen by everyone in the lobby. I finally step out and I tell her to go up to the front desk and flash her tits to the young college kid behind the desk. Tell him we would like some bottles of wine for later and he can see more. I wait and watch the look on his face as she pulls her tits out and ask that wine be brought to our room while we are gone.

Liz tucks her titties back in their small clothing as I kiss her telling her good job as we step out onto Bourbon Street. I walk at a fast pace down the street knowing she will have trouble keeping up in her big high heels. She stumbles along and with the pace can’t stop her skirt from riding up exposing her ass and cunt to anyone that is looking. We walk down aways before I turn us off on a side street. It’s not well lit as we walk down it and arrive at a random door. It has no signage above it but I know the place. I open the door and the smell and taste of cigs is over powering. It’s a dimly lit tattoo and piercing shop. I walk right in and shake the hand of a tattooed covered man and ask how he has been? Liz is a bit shocked that someone as well dressed and educated as me would be friends with someone like this and know him that well. I tell my friend Dave that this is Liz and tell her to present herself. She moves to the front lifts her tube top and then lets it fall and then she lifts her lil skirt showing off her pussy. Dave says, “very impressive, is this the girl that we are working on tonight?’ I say yes Dave, this is Liz she is the girl becoming a sex machine tonight. I see that your best piercer and tattoo girl are in tonight. I’m pleased and can’t wait to see the results.

I tell Liz to go over to the gyno looking chair and let the girls strap her in as I arrange the payment for tonight’s work. “Dave I was thinking about the payment and I think I can give you 2 thousand tonight for all the work done tonight and future work needed, as well you have the rights to video all her work done and of course liberty to use her body while im also using it. Dave smiles and says we have a deal as I hand him the 2 thousand. We hear moaning and we look over and his tat girl is straddling Liz’s face driving her pussy against it and Liz as a good whore is pleasing the older blonde woman. I grab the video camera from behind the counter and set it up as Dave is stunned at how fast Liz is willing to please. Mary the blonde older tat artist has tattoos running up and down the side of her still fit body. She is in her late 30s but you wouldn’t know it by looking at her. Her nice 34 c tits jut out as she rides Liz’s face and we tell her to get as rough as she needs but she just moans back in pleasure as Liz buries her tongue in the older woman’s pussy.

While Liz is busy munching on her tat artist pussy and getting covered in pussy juice the piercing girl Kelly is busy lining up what we are going to do tonight. Kelly is a lovely little Italian girl with black hair and tan skinned. She works in such a dungy place but she has no tattoos and no odd piercings like one would expect but she is the best at what she does. The little 5 foot nothing Italian girl hugs me pressing her smaller but nice 34 b tits against me. I and she have a history and she is quite the fun girl but tonight we are here for Liz. She lays out the possible piercings for tonight suggesting we go with navel and nipples and we leave her tongue and pussy for later times. I agree with her and she starts to prepare her work as Mary dismounts Liz. Liz is now covered in a layer of pussy juice on her face and with her legs strapped in the gyno chair you can see her wet pussy. I tell Dave to inspect her pussy while Kelly starts to swab her nipples getting them ready for the rings.

Dave works 2 fingers in her pussy and Liz is squirming and I slap her tits telling her none of that slut we can’t have them messing up on their work. I tell Kelly to not numb the area at all and she grabs one nipple with the clamps and pulls it out and starts to slowly push the needle through the nipple. Liz doesn’t respond with a scream but her pussy starts to gush even more. I tell them that she is such a little pain slut and Kelly quickly gets the other nipple ready and slowly pushes the needle through again. Kelly quickly moves down to the belly button as Dave as to reluctantly move from that wet pussy. She squeezes down and in a flash my new slut has 3 rings in her body.

I ask my little pain slut if she needs some cock and she begs please master “double stuff me” I need your cock and anything to fill me up. I decide she has been a good girl so far tonight so she has earned some cock. I tell Dave he is welcome to her asshole tonight, I’d let you hit the pussy but she isn’t on bc and I want to make sure if I get her knocked up its mine. Dave tells her to get out the chair and he lays down on it and she slowly climbs up reverse cow girl. Dave has a good solid 7 inch cock with fairly normal girth. Liz starts to push her little asshole down over Daves’ 7 inch cock and Mary films her anus stretching as Kelly gets a shot of her face. Dave grabs her hips after she has taken 5 inches and lifts up her up and pushes her down slowly. I tell him don’t worry about being gently. “Liz tell him how you need it”, she responds with “I need that cock to pound my asshole open, im a pain slut and need and deserve to be fucked raw and hard” as she keeps encouraging Dave works her up and down harder and faster her new silver rings going up and down on her massive tits as her anal stretches to take the invader.

I let her ride a while and I tell Dave to get ready as I start to push against her pussy and he can feel her ass tighten around him. She screams as both cocks penetrate her holes and stretch them. I show no mercy slamming hard and deep into her cunt telling her that her holes will be worn out by the morning and she begs for it “please wear out my holes, I want loose sloppy holes that need attention” I slide out of her pussy and slam in again and you can see her pussy lips being opened wide by my cock and her tits start to bounce more wildly all over as she is being double penetrated. Dave moans that he can’t go much longer as she rides back and forth on each cock. I tell him to blast her ass full of cum whenever he is ready and he starts to shake and pump 3 good shots of cum deep into her asshole while I keep hitting her pussy so hard im hitting her cervix.

I lift her up to allow Dave to be able to get up and he gets up and I tell her to beg to clean his cock as her pussy is being battered. Her pussy is stretched wide around my dick as she says “please let me clean my asshole off of your very nice cock, you deserve a clean cock after fucking a pain slut like me”. Dave grabs her hair and starts to ram his cock into her throat and she can taste her shit on his cock but she loves it and I feel her pussy get wetter as her cervix starts to open more. She sucks and licks Dave clean and then begs to have cum shot directly in her womb “please master shoot cum in my dirty pain slut womb, I want to wear my skimpy whore clothes and show off my whore body as my belly and tits grow” her words only make me push harder and faster as I start to cum deep inside her and she can feel the cum leaking into her womb. I slide out of her widely gaped pussy and Kelly zooms in on a shot of it stretched so far out. I tell Liz to look in the camera and tell everyone what you are and she says “I’m a cum dump for my master and my body belongs to him” “please give suggestions of what should I happen to my body”…

This will be the end of chapter 2. The 3rd story will start with either tats or her being cleaned up. I’m sorry if this one was a bit slow getting into the actual sex. Leave your comments and suggestions on if it needs more sex or more character development and maybe suggestions for future tats and piercings for her.


2013-02-24 20:48:46
Was counting on this lusty saga to move on to more risque adventures - And definitely lived up to my expectations.
Have always had a very intense fetish for quiet, shy, plain-jane types who if given half a chance reveal themselves to be cum swallowing nympho cock whores ready to fuck all night.
Building up to the double-teaming & the bit of raunch at toward is what really got my load off tonight.
Definitely a very hot & well written story. Please write more.

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