KRISTIN lies on her bed in truss... Her blue-grey eyes tell you at a glance she is one of those people who has faith in other human beings.

The blonde hair hangs loosely upon her shoulders with stands across her face. A straight nose divides those trusting eyes and overlooks a mouth with lips that curve down away from her nose giving her a guppy like look when she is not smiling...

Her teeth, although not perfect are very well maintained. If her smile is slight only a portion of her two front teeth show giving her a beaver like appearance, but only a slightly.

She married a third generation Canadian Muslim... who is not a serious practitioner of said faith. When people ask her why she married a Muslim she simply answers;
‘He is the nicest man I know’.

They-ve been married almost four years and have no children. Their marriage is on an even keel in all areas except the up-bringing of children. Her husband, Ben... feels pressure from the Islamic community to raise his children in that faith.

Kristin wants their children raised to be tolerant. To participate in the things they enjoy and are not encumbered by strict doctrine. To explore life-s options; to date openly without fear.
...Ben agrees but fears the heavy handedness of his community.

Enter Ben-s cousin Mar shad. Mars, as he is a recent arrival from the Middle East... Nobody will say exactly, but it is understood he fought over there and he is here in part as a reward for his deeds in the Middle East...and American brokered deal but he prefers Canada.

Mars and several others like him started a trucking company and are doing well. He is a take no shit kind of guy, as are his pals. He, like his pals are strong in their faith. Because of his accomplishments Mars has a big influence in the local Islamic community.

All, or at least most of Mars pals live strict Muslim lives. Mars is different. Enter Ben... Ben-s wife Kristin being a blue eyed blonde haired Canadian raises issues with quite a few in the Islamic community. NOT changing her religion stokes that particular fire.
...Mar shad is protective of Kristin and stands behind his cousin Ben. Well more correctly leads the charge in any fray involving his blonde hair cousin by marriage.


WE go back a little over two years to a particular function honoring the election of this cities first Muslim alderman. Ben did not like this individual, alderman or not.

Kristin and three other light skin women attended this gathering. The other three had either dark brown or black hair. Kristin-s natural blonde hair stood out... like a light in the dark forest.

One of these women had turned Islamic and followed their customs to a tee. One lady, Giselle was French Canadian and that is that... no explanation needed. The third woman, Samantha was a quiet woman. She dresses conservatively and stays out of the limelight.

Kristin is loving, caring, and polite to a fault. When she visits someone-s home she will dress down out of respect. When attending a funeral or other important Muslim function Kristin will were a long dress and cover her blonde hair with a dark shawl...

When out in public Kristin dresses like any respectable married woman born and raised in Canada. AND that was the flash point at this function. . . . It all started innocently enough:
.... Mars, Ben and Kristin along with several of Ben-s and Mars-s friends and relatives were talking. Kristin interjected with a humorous quip.

Mars responded in kind;
---- Ben I will give you two camels for Kristin.

There was laugher of course, Kristin never being one to miss out on a chance, looks to her husband;
--- Honey, since I am Canadian I think you should hold out for more, say some Canadian bacon.

Pork being an issue for Muslims the laughter was not what Kristin expected. One of the hardliners some distance away took this opportunity to call Kristin a Christian pig.


Two of Mars-s pals who were seated nearby rose from their chairs. Mars pulled a chair to himself and stood upon it delivering a tirade at the hardliner...who in turn fired right back at Mars. Most people had no idea what the hell went on so the yelling caught them my surprise. The arguing got heated and Mar-s jumped down off the chair heading toward his antagonist.

The short version is thus;
WE live in Canada... my cousin married a Canadian woman and he had better act like a Canadian husband or I will kick his ass.

...This added more fuel to the fire including Ben getting into it with someone close by who was beak-ing off. . . . Many people were intervening to try and settle things down, including the newly elected alderman.

Giselle did not help matters by letting her French temperament loose as she waded into the fray.

Then the unexpected occurred. Kristin intervened by stepping in front of Mars... he kept walking even when Kristin had her hands on his chest...leaning into him, trying to impede his advance, asking Mars to stop in her quiet voice... Of course no one heard her.

Mars must have taken three or four steps forcing Kristin back... she tried to stop him but her heels just slid on the hardwood floor. Mars finally noticed Kristin and stopped... he looked at her and smiled...his temper evaporating at the sight of his blonde haired cousin, by marriage. [Ben watched this and was pleased that Mars really liked his wife...having his approval meant allot to Ben].

--- I will look after this Mark. [Kristin did not like calling him Mars].

Kristin took off her suit jacket and handed it to Mars along with her purse. Turning she walked straight toward the antagonistic Muslim. As she approached he became more threatening. Kristin did not back down...she faced her enemy straight on;
---- You think I am a pig... butcher me then, or would you rather shoot me in the head first... [She started in on him and on she went, pulling no punches.] To witness Kristin arguing was a rarity in itself.


Kristin is 5’4” and of medium build. Her breasts are perhaps a little small but big enough to draw an appreciative glance or two throughout the work day. She is not an exercise hound but eats properly and does enough physical work during the day to keep her shape... In general nine men out of ten would jump her... simple as that.


So, her stance at this celebration did not go unnoticed. An attractive polite woman, who did volunteer work one day a week at a drop in centre in the community, had sway. Add to the above a smallish woman in stature taking on a much larger opponent, who had allies like Mar shad.

In addition; throw gasoline on the fire in the form of a volatile Giselle, another white Canadian; and the Islamic community did some soul searching regarding their unyielding position in the overall community.

Kristin-s stature rose even higher in Mar shad-s eyes after said incident. Kristin being an attractive young woman, Mar shad being a man..., there would be underlying sexual currents, taboo or not.

Ben was no fool and knew Mars liked his wife. He was more than willing to use those feelings Mars had for his wife to keep the hounds at bay. After all Mars was his cousin and Ben knew he would never harm Kristin. So, Ben played that game.

This brings us to back to the beginning of our story;
...Kristin tied up lying on her bed, Mar shad invited over for supper, and Ben cooking... Nothing tradition about that scenario...

Mar shad entered Ben and Kristin-s house without knocking...He was that welcome in their home.
‘Hello Ben, how are you’. Mars said.


“Fantastic..., ‘were is Kristin’, Mars asked”. Showing disappointment on his face when she was not there to welcome him; Ben smiled.

‘She is tied up right now’. Ben could not keep from smiling..., a very broad smile. [Mars sat at the kitchen table and was about to start up a conversation with his cousin but never got the first word in.]
‘I have been waiting for you. I am going to get that wine you like for our meal Mars. I will be back in one hour’.

Mars looked at his cousin in disbelief. It is rude to leave your house guest by himself.
Not really understanding Mars asked;
‘When is Kristin coming home’?

Ben continued to put his shoes on;
‘Oh, she is here I said she is tied up. See you in one hour’... [Again that smile.]

Mars sat there baffled. He did not understand. The house was quiet...or nearly. Mars thought her heard Kristin’ voice calling for him..., he tensed up and listened.

“Mark”. [A hardly audible call..., Kristin’s voice...]

MARSHAD stood and moved quickly though the house finding Kristin trussed on her bed.
“What that hell Kristin, what is this all about”?
[Mars moved quickly to her removing her bindings, thus releasing her from bondage.]

Kristin-s arms lay by her sides; her lower legs fall straight out behind her lying motionless on the bed.
“Ohh..., my arms and legs...there numb Mark...I cannot move, she said”. [Kristin lays her head on the bed facing Mark, aka Mars.]

Mark starts by rubbing her arms, first one then the other...bringing circulation back. After a few minutes of this Kristin-s arms started to regain feeling...clinching her fists, flexing her arms.

She pushes herself up and awkwardly rolls onto her back.
“Mark, can you help me, my legs are numb”...

See-ing her struggle Mark gets exasperated.

“Aaah, Mark, please...a little help would be much appreciated”.
Kristin-s head tilts back as she experiences pain... Mark looks down on her knees... Kristin has already placed a hand on him for support.

She struggles to get her legs out in front of her so she can sit on the bed.
“Help”! She says looking pathetically at Mark.

Mark can see the pain written on her face... He is pissed and slips a hand behind Kristin-s back; the other hand moves behind her thighs taking the weight off her knees.

Kristin’ young female body pressing against his feels so very-very-good, and his reaction pleases Kristin.

Mark lifts is light haired cousin into his arms helping her to sit on the bed, legs dangling over the end.
“Thank you”! She says.

She sat there for a couple of minutes;
“Mark. I am going to lie on my stomach...would you rub behind the knees please”.

“Why did Ben tie you up Kristin”?

“We have a bet...of sorts”.

“A bet, ‘Mark replied’...and you lost he said.”
“Not yet”.

“So, what is this bet Kristin”?

“He said that any-man would falter if the right woman was available. It was part of a light-hearted on-going discussion; we bandied it back and forth. I said you would not harm me if you found me tied up on a bed...So here I am.”

“And here I am looking at your bare legs thinking about harming you.” He said.

Kristin turned her head looking at Mark. She could see his eyes focused on her legs, and higher, her ass; “You mean I might get lucky and lose the bet.” She said tongue in cheek. [Kristin always the one to be flip.]

Mark looked at her face, their eyes met and she knew it was game on; and not Head to Head by Calico either...

His face moved to her and inhaled her fragrances... a solitarily kiss was placed smack dab in the middle of her forehead. Mark pulled back...looking with admiration and love at this beautiful woman...smiling at Kristin...he kissed her several times about her nose, eyes and cheeks...all very tender to Kristin.

Kristin looked up at this man, seeing his need...she placed her hands on either side of his face and started to pull him to kiss her;
“No...Kristin, I cannot”.

‘Yes you can...a simple kiss Mark...that’s all it takes”.

“I cannot know this”.

“I can see you want to Mark. [Pause...] ...Come...kiss me”?

Mark wanted to kiss this lovely woman...but still...his faith. He felt her hands pulling his face towards her..., despite everything he felt the touch of her lips to his...
---A soft moan, a slight sigh...

Mark tried one last time to pull free form Kristin and as strong as he was she held him easily...

He returned her kiss...he could not help it...he loved her. Her mouth was soft...lips perfect...the euphoria was drowning his senses...

In a minute they were a further minute Mark was inside Kristin...the feeling was unmatched by anything he had experienced in his love feel her.

Piety lie in ruins as this man and woman loved one another intensely. THE bed, manufacturer unknown, reacted well to their motions.
---Mark [aka Mars] did not last long enough for her to finish... Kristin held onto Mark with all her strength as he cam- in her...

They cuddled briefly before Mark’s conscious kicked in again...
“My god Kristin, what have I done”?

“Loved me”...

“But Ben”... [Dismayed look too him...]

“It’s ok Mark... What did he tell you”?

“He went out to buy wine Kristin for supper.”

“WE have plenty of wine in the basement Mark.” [Kristin smiled...]

Mark looked at her confused, dumbfounded, astonished...

Just then Ben’ face peeked around the corner;
“Knock, knock, supper is ready...don’t want to waste a fine meal... [Disappearing then reappearing in a second] ...this is the wine you like eh cuz...” [Showing Mar's a bottle of his favourite wine; a large smile on Ben’s face.]

Mark looked toward Ben; speaking in Arabic...

Ben looked to his wife;
“He loves me.”

Ben turned to leave so Mark and Kristin could get dressed for supper; but Ben being Ben stopped, turning he said;
“You didn’t break my bed did you”?
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