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Crime and Punishment
Driven Series
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Read the series Driven Lust I II III & IV first as this is a continuation of that series.

The reader should be aware that there is BDSM in this story and the first chapter is a mere sample. The scenes dipicted in this storyline will become extremely graphic in nature as it progresses. Also, other characters introduced may offend some readers in their creation. Taboo subjects will also be addressed. This book is intended for pure enjoyment only.

Please enjoy the prologue and first chapter of Driven Wild


James Isaac Farlow had lived an exciting life. As a college student who’d found a part time job at a transportation company, he took his job seriously. As a professional chauffeur, you could not find one more suited for the task. So well did he perform his job, he was recruited by a billionaire heiress. He fell in love with her along with the servants he met and acquired. Eventually, he married the rich Cathleen Spencer to give her an heir. He became a millionaire himself when a scandalous video leaked to the press after his heroic deeds in the past made him popular to begin with.

His submissive servants, Ying and Nikki, stayed by his side through all of his ordeals and he gave Nikki what she wanted most; a child. Ying wanted no part of child bearing, fearing her small pint-sized frame and the responsibility involved would be more than she could physically and mentally handle. She remained loyal to James, however, and sought his approval and happiness in every endeavor.

His wife, the billionaire that inherited her fortune from her father, loved James probably more than even he realized. What motive would she have to take the young man under her wing and mold him into the man she needed him to be? She too had submissive servants and James more or less adopted them. This was mainly due to his involvement with their virginity, thanks to Cathleen’s insistence that he make a woman out of both. Jacqueline and Jill remained by Cathleen and James’ side, and even though it was never spoken, love binds them all.

His best friend had a child with his wife’s half-sister. Mike and Lisa had their on submissive servants and like Ying and Nikki, were loyal to them. Link and Jen were somewhat compatible it seemed as Jen liked to dominate the guy in unusual ways. If that wasn’t the most interesting relationship one could find their selves in, Lisa teamed up with Jen to add her inventive mind to the domination of Link and Mike.

It was all just a little crazy for James, overwhelmed by the events that took place in just one week of his life, one year ago. Now, his life consisted of catering to the elite as they sought refuge in the mansion on vacations and visits. Of course, that meant changes in kitchen and maintenance, having people on duty 24/7. Jay, Cathleen’s assistant, even had to have her own assistant, trying to maintain scheduling and logistics.

There wasn’t much left of the golf course as much of it was made into a garden. A good portion was made into a training area for the security team. It had bunkers and makeshift houses to practice in. The local and state police used it often in exchange for their protection around the ever-increasing size of the property. Cathleen had purchased the land behind the mansion all the way to the ocean and had plans in the works for most of it.

A landing pad on the roof of the mansion helped transport many of Washington and New York passengers to and from the mansion but the municipal airport was a frequent destination for James, picking up those that flew in by jet. Other projects were still ongoing. A tunnel leading to the beach was being dug. James coined the name Cat Cave as it ended in a natural cave with a pool of spring water in the center. Stalactites hung from the ceiling and rose from the ground in various spots. Colored lighting highlighted the walls. You could walk right out of the cave and be on the beach overlooking the ocean.

Parties were held on Saturdays, usually a themed one, for the guests. Most of the submissive servants were there as eye candy dressed in whatever the theme called for but there were other places guests could go for more intimate and romantic encounters. Of course, there were rules to abide by; no touching without permission, clothes required outside the mansion grounds, no soliciting the help, etc.

Spenco had many companies that advertised various goods and services and those relevant to the advertisers visited often, taking advantage of the scenery for photo shoots and brand marketing. Cathleen hobnobbed with the elite and had a knack for influencing her visitors. James had been called many times to meet and greet guests asking to see him. He stayed away if he could help it but sometimes they wanted him to be their escort for the evening, a fancy term used to say he screwed them.

Sundays became the general off day for everyone. Guests staying over on that day were advised that they were there as a common person regardless of their status in society and not to expect preferential treatment. It worked out well as they were recuperating from the party the night before anyway. The senator from Texas wandered down to the level one area while everyone was enjoying their day off one Sunday. Needless to say, he’d gotten an eyeful which prompted the installation of a passcode needed to get the elevator to the lower floors. A conservative politically, he displayed his liberal side on the rec room couch, thanks to Ying. His question before he left, where can I get a girl like that, was left unanswered by James. He threatened to “Tell the world” until James marched him in to the security room and played the tape back. Needless to say, the senator speaks highly of the Spencer estate and even mentioned it a few times in his interviews.

A typical day for James would appear frantic and stressful to most. Money brings responsibilities and responsibilities changes point of views. James was becoming an aristocrat of sorts with his ever-increasing wealth and knowledge. He worked hard to maintain his health and keep both feet on the ground. He didn’t want to be the snobby rich guy many men of wealth seemed to be.

Chapter 1
Crime and Punishment

“Ying!” James yelled, looking at the condition a recruit was left in. She had the poor boy tied to the chair with his dick tied to a pair of shoes dangling between his legs.

“Yes master?” she answered, skipping into the room. Wearing her favorite apparel, a gift from God himself, absolutely nothing, her chains rattled between her perky breasts. She first started off with one chain linking her pierced nipples but added two more to it. It was her symbolism to James and Nikki. The first chain was her commitment to James, the second to Nikki, and the third to herself.

“Why do you still have Jeff strapped to this chair?” he asked, “I thought you were going to show him some film clips.” and shook his head. She had actually tied his shoe strings to his dick. If you could get over that fact, you would appreciate the interlacing she had around him. Just like the crossing on the sneakers, the strings were woven in x-shaped fashion around the boy’s shaft.

“He stretching his dick master.” Ying explained, looking at her handiwork. Master seemed to question her training methods all the time. This caused her to refrain from the more intense methods she would prefer, balancing the line between her master’s approval and her own internal kinks.

“Um, how long has he been there now?” James asked, looking at the swinging dick in front of him. He’d seen plenty of swinging dicks in the year he’d been there and had grown accustomed to them. But every now and then, something uniquely different happens, bringing him back to the memory of where he started; a life with no other dick but his.

“Since after breakfast.” she said, climbing into the chair with him. The girl was just odd sometimes and James watched as she placed a foot on the back of the chair with her other foot beside him. “I fix him now so he can get up.” she said, placing her sex on his face. “Sucky mister!” she ordered, gyrating on him.

James was always clueless on her training methods and this was no different. He tried to understand the reasoning but usually wounded up just where he was at that moment, clueless. “How does that fix him?” he asked, unable to resist the urge to know.

“You know, he suck pussy, he get hard.” she said, holding his hair in her hands. She humped into him a few times, “He get hard, he get fixed.” and then slapped the boy on his head, “I say sucky, not licky.” shaking her head, “Why you so stupid?” and focused his attention back on her. “He sucky pussy, he gets hard fast.” she explained.

James shook his head at that, “Won’t that like, hurt if he gets hard? You got that string around him.” and struggled with his own thoughts about a bound dick getting hard in the first place. He would probably just stay limp himself.

“It no hurt so it ok.” she said, getting in to the servicing she was receiving.

“How does that not hurt?” he asked, knowing full well it would hurt him if he were in Jeff’s shoes, or whatever.

“He has numb dick, he won’t feel It.” she explained. Her ass jiggled while she humped the boy and her master always found that exciting. She was well aware of the view she was giving him and over-dramatized it a bit.

“Says you, but you don’t have one.” he replied, letting her ass hypnotize him a little, “You ok in there Jeff?” unable to see his face, all he could see was the jiggling ass Ying sported.

A muffled, “Yeah” was all he got back in reply. At least he wasn’t kicking up a fight like the last one she smothered. Even though the girl was ok, it scared him a little. He could just picture the coroner’s report on that one. ‘Girl drowned from orgasmic tidal wave.’ It took a few days for Ying to get over it. He had to grab the girl by her ankles and yank her out from under Ying, leaving the little China doll humping air. Needless to say, Ying was a little disgruntled.

“Listen, I’m heading out to the shooting range if you need me. Try not to drown Jeff while I’m gone, ok?” he said, grabbing his phone and 9mm weapon. He had more, since he could afford them, and those were kept in the security room. Looking one more time at the ass jiggling in front of him, he was glad to have a chair made for the outdoors there, knowing the fluid that was surely going to soak it.

A glance at Jeff gave him the sight of his cock tightening in its bonds, leaving stripes indented around it. Ying definitely knew what she was doing as the indentations took shape. It reminded James of fishnet stockings. He slapped her on the ass, which caused her to buck up on the boy and scream “Master!” in one long breath, and released her juices on him. He didn’t have to worry about Jeff getting killed by pussy. He stayed long enough to ensure his safety, watching the flow travel down and soak his shoe strings.

Just to intensify her orgasm, he spanked her bottom while gripping a pierced nipple. That was a bit of a mistake, having to pull her back from Jeff after she released another flood. But both were safe from harm with him focusing on their safety. As always, he was impressed with the amount that comes out of Ying. She kept bottles of water in the mini fridge they had in the room because her orgasm output dehydrated her. After her gift that keeps on giving, she hopped down to go get a bottle. James was left holding the bag, untying the Jeff-in-training. Wrists and ankles… check. Dick in shoe laces? Hell no.

He opened the door to leave and noticed Jeff in the submissive stance, shoes dangling between his legs. The rule was, if a master put it on you, a master takes it off. Jeff was well on his way for graduation and would be ready for his mistress soon. Ingrid’s mother should be well pleased, he thought. Jeff was a young man full of cum and she was a mature woman with a sexual awakening brought on by James himself. Jeff had a fetish for older women so the match was made. Yes, Shelia would certainly appreciate Ingrid’s gift.

James believed in happy. He had refined his task of supplying VIP clients with compatible servants over the past year. The reassessment of his methods was brought on by an unhappy girl in a vindictive relationship with a duke. James learned to vet master and slave from then on, making better decisions in his and their choices. Tracy Gleason helped the servants with their citizenship and James helped fit them into a loving home. Over the past year, his efforts have made servants a must have to the elite.

The challenges of finding servants for the right people were the reason he was headed to the gun range. It helped him clear his mind from the tasks and tedious details involved in his work. Just where do you find a shemale? Where do you a find a pretty one? It isn’t like you could find a super model and pin a dick on them. Cathleen suggested gay bars and clubs but he hadn’t had any success there. Gay men wanted men after all, not a woman. It was awkward for him, having to beat the gay men off of him a few times. Gays really don’t believe no means no, it seems, and James was a fine male specimen. Advertising was out of the question, although he did mention it in a few online blogs that catered to such things. But even if there was one out there, they would have to trust an explicit website to answer his call.

He headed for the security room to grab his new toy, the XM8 Light Assault Rifle. That baby could crank out 750 rounds a minute which was totally absurd. The clips held 30 or 100 rounds in a drum and the caliber was 5.56x45 mm. Designed for NATO, it was a futuristic looking weapon that enemies ran in fear of. Yes, if you felt like wasting $300.00 in fifteen seconds, the XM8 could certainly do that for you.

He entered his security code into the keypad for the new security room. It was so much better, not having to go to the first floor where it used to be. Opening the door, he found Trent monitoring the screens. “Hey James, what’s up?” he asked, turning around in his computer chair.

“Shooting range, I’m anxious to play with that XM8 I bought.” James replied, eyeing the monitors behind Trent. One had the nursery on it and his son was the first in line. James Isaac Farlow II, named after him, was agreed to by Cathleen, since the man that practically raised her was also named Isaac. Next was Nikki’s baby girl; Gwyn Farlow, baring his last name since he was the father of the child. Jill’s baby was next in line. Cathleen Farlow, honoring her mother’s mistress with the name. Several others in the room completed the line of baby cribs. Gretel was feeding one of the staff member’s babies at the nurse’s station they built into the room.

“Jim and Hansel already left about ten minutes ago.” Trent informed him, and James could see them entering the range on another the monitor. His eyes were drawn to yet another monitor, displaying the pool area. Jack, Cathleen’s servant, was diligently using a strap-on, holding the girl by her long hair like a pony, over a lawn chair. Nikki, his second servant, was on the receiving end of Jack’s affections. Jill was being serviced by Nikki, her head buried between her legs. His wife, Cathleen, was sitting in a chair beside them and masturbating. He hoped she didn’t wear herself out as his erection was now growing from the sight. “Um, yeah, no matter how much I see of the action that goes on around here, it always seems to affect me every time.” he replied, still focused on the screen.

“Yeah? Watch it eight hours a day for a week and tell me how you feel.” Trent chuckled, turning back to see what James was focused on. Looking at Nikki taking that nine inch dildo, he said, “She seems to like that thing a lot.”

James knew her kink and said, “She likes being dominated by a woman. The dildo seems to be the method of dominance she prefers. Some people are just born submissive; she was born submissive and, with women, it’s just another fetish of hers.”

“Yep, that’s a good way to describe her.” Trent admitted, watching Nikki lap at Jill’s sex.

James unlocked the gun cabinet and pulled out his rifle. Locking it back, he sat it on the table so he could get the ammo. “How long do we have on the range?” he asked, sitting the heavy container on the table.

“Two hours, then the state troopers will want to use it.” Trent replied.

That would be partly his fault for having a better training facility than the police. But it was a give and take situation; they used the range so they permitted him to zone it. The neighbors, what few there were, were bought out. Nobody other than those in Spenco’s employ were anywhere around. Even his mom and dad made out from it, living in the mansion next door. After giving his parents their own servants, they became too free for him and he couldn’t bear to see his mother’s bare breasts one more time in the rec room. It was rather awkward the first time, making him cringe and lust at the same time. He was glad Hansel was between her legs at the time or he would be looking at the hole he came out of.

He grabbed his gear and headed out. Making his way behind the garage, he hopped into one of the ten golf carts and made his way to the range. They raced the carts from time to time. A load of fun for all that dared race against Cathleen, who seemed to take her opponents out by running them off of the course. Thanks to Ying and her desire to sport her birthday suit, they could run nude all over the old golf course. Cathleen finally relented to her begging when Ying offered to let Cathleen do anything she could think of to her. Ever since their honeymoon, Ying has shown a desire to please Cat with whatever fantasy she could think of. One of those fantasies consisted of outdoor sex in just about every which way you could have it. Watching a girl get an orgasm from a pulsing water sprinkler was certainly a sight to remember.

Today was Sunday and everyone was off, doing whatever they thought was fun. Mike, Lisa, Link, and Jen were visiting Mike’s parents. James would like to be a fly on the wall for that visitation. His parents weren’t exactly proud of their son when they heard the story of his lifestyle at his wedding. But if there was one thing he knew about his best friend, it was his lack of caring what people thought, even if it were his parents. Mike had married Cathleen’s step-sister Lisa and Link was her servant while Jen was his. He affectionately called them servants but he couldn’t deny it even to himself. They were sex slaves, just like his two. But they were more, since you can’t share such intimacy with a stranger, they were indeed lovers. Even still, they loved each other as anyone could.

All shared the same philosophy as James, that sex and love was two separate things. Sex was for pleasure and love was for the heart. James heart was divided between Cathleen, Ying, and Nikki. Cathleen’s was divided between James, Jack, and Jill. Oddly enough, due to their relationship, their love divided off to the other’s loves. James loved Jack and Jill too while Cathleen loved Ying and Nikki.

He passed the old bunker they used for mud wrestling and continued on to the shooting range. He pulled in beside the cart his father used and grabbed his gear. He walked in and saw his father and Hansel at the prep table. His dad was explaining the weapons to his mother’s submissive servant. Hansel was looking at the equipment like they could reach out and bite him. It wasn’t surprising to James since he handpicked the most submissive personality he could find. That; and the interests he shared with his father made them a good match. Both were history buffs and both loved his mother.

James had shown Hansel and Gretel (please don’t laugh, Cathleen said they could name them whatever they wanted) home videos of he and his parents and both liked what they saw. That method worked so well, he employed it in his entire match making work from then on. They Skype during their training as well, forming a friendship over the net. Mom never had a daughter to relate to and Gretel was able to fill the role of female companionship for her.

“Did you bring it?” Jim asked, not looking at his son.

“Right here.” he pointed out, holding up the heavy gun case. The ammo was heavy too but the workouts made James a strong man and he had no trouble sitting them on the table.

“Where’s Ying?” Hansel asked, looking behind James.

“She’s finishing up some work on Jeff.” he explained, “Want me to get her for you?” he smiled, knowing the submissive was a little scared of her.

“No thank you!” he exclaimed, “She made me tongue her ass.” he offered.

“Gee, I’m sorry about that Hansel.” James replied, watching his father for any reaction.

“I guess its alright.” he said, and Jim looked at him questioningly. “I kind of liked it.”

Jim wasn’t surprised; Gretel seemed to have a fetish for it. His wife would never have done it that was for sure. “Have you done that to Loretta?” he asked.

“No sir, I don’t know if she wants me to.” he replied, studying the rifle coming out of its case.

“See that you do.” Jim replied, wanting his wife to experience everything he did.

James was done with that conversation, receiving more information than he wanted, “Ok then, we ready to test this puppy out?”

After the firing range, Jim and Hansel headed over to their mansion while James headed back to his. Along the way, he thought about the gay bars and what a challenge he faced. The thought of bars brought back an experience he had in Florida. He fought a moment, trying to remember the name of the bar he went to. It was an alternative bar that Gloria had him go to. Perhaps an establishment like that would have a patron or two that could fulfill the requirements he needed.

After cleaning and putting his weapon back up, he headed back to his room to do some research. It was pink something, he remembered. The owner was Alex but he didn’t remember her last name. He hated searching anything to do with sex on the internet. He always wounded up with more than he wanted, including viruses and spam. Fortunately, the bar was a popular one. Typing in pink alternative bar brought up the Pink Flamingo immediately. That jolted his memory and he jotted down the phone number.

He left a message for Alex since she wasn’t there and hung up the phone. She might remember him, he thought with a smile. He had taken a client, Gloria Moore, to her establishment and the night turned into a big fiasco. Besides having sex with both women, he wounded up in a fight with a disgruntled businessman.

No sooner did he hang up the phone did he get a call from security. Picking up the phone, he was greeted with “James, I need you in security.” from Trent and he hung up the phone.

He headed down the hallway and entered again into the security office. He was surprised to see a woman he didn’t recognize sitting in a maid outfit and handcuffs. “What’s up?” he asked, looking the girl over. A blonde about 25 years old or so, she seemed pretty scared and shivered on occasion.

“I caught this one taking silverware from the oak cabinet in the kitchen.” Trent explained, and nodded to a spoon and ladle on the desk. “There’s video if you need to see it.”

James furrowed his brow at that. If there was one thing Cat hated, it was a thief. You couldn’t argue with her on that as much as she does for these servants. This girl would be destined for jail and a criminal record slapped on her. People ruin their lives over the craziest things in the world. “I’m sure you know what you’re doing Trent.” he replied, shaking his head, “I just hate to see the girl go to jail over a stupid move. A criminal record will prevent her from getting employment anywhere else.”

“You want me to call the locals?” Trent asked, leaning back in his computer chair to pick up the phone.

James raised his hands, “Hold up on that.” he said, pulling up a computer chair and sitting in front of the girl. “What’s your name?” he asked.

“”Ginger, sir.” she replied, looking at the floor.

“Well Ginger, you’ve got yourself in one heck of a jam here.” he responded, trying not to look down the girl’s dress as she leaned towards him. “How long have you worked here?”

“A… about a month sir.” she answered, and sniffed back her tears.

James knew exactly what would happen to the girl as he’d seen it happen in the past. Cat would press charges and the girl would be gone to who knew where after sentencing. He didn’t interfere in the past, mainly because he wasn’t there to do anything about it, but the security team told him all about it. “You sure know how to throw away a good thing.” he said, but then asked, “Were you not happy here?”

“Please sir, I don’t want to lose my job. You all have been good to me.” she begged, and balled some more, messing up her makeup even more.

James had a soft heart but knew he couldn’t cross Cathleen. His balls depended on that. “Why the hell did you take them?” he asked.

“My… my boyfriend, sir… He… he needed money.” she said between tears.

James had heard of that one before. A man that has to rely on a girlfriend for money is probably not a boyfriend. They are takers in the worst ways. “I suggest you find another boyfriend Ginger.” he advised.

She nodded her head on that, probably knowing that was a profound statement. “I can’t make you any promises. Cathleen is pretty strict on theft. I can talk to her for you but, like I said, it doesn’t look good.” he told her.

“Pah… please sir. I’ll do anything. I like it here.” she begged, looking up at him with puppy dog eyes.

James sighed at that, he hated puppy dog eyes. They usually led him in more trouble than it was worth. “Trent, let me take her with me. I’ll see what Cat wants to do with her.” he explained, and rose up to go.

“It’s your call James. Remember the last time you fell for that?” he asked, “Ying is still getting her ass whipped over it.”

“Yeah, I remember.” he acknowledged, recalling Ying wanting to go to the golf course naked. “But she likes it.”

Trent didn’t have an argument there. It’s hard to point out that spanking a girl is wrong when Ying orgasms from it all the time. He handed James the cuff keys. “She’s all yours.” he said with a shrug.

He stepped out into the hallway with his hand on her arm. Now that he had her, he really didn’t know what to do with her. He couldn’t parade the girl around in handcuffs all over the place while he looked for Cathleen and he damn sure wasn’t taking her to the rec room downstairs.

He gave it some thought and shrugged his shoulders. He led her to a room on the lower floor that wasn’t used very much. The play room had whips and chains, wooden cross and swing, stockade and stocked cabinets, and it was a good place to restrain her for the moment. Ying was the only one to use it lately and Ginger would be secure there for a little while.

He opened the door and lost his grip on the girl at the same time. She saw what was in there and backed away from him. “It’s alright. I’m just keeping you in here until I can talk to the mistress for you.” and urged her in.

He shut the door behind them while she stood in awe of the room. Walking her over to the cross, he un-cuffed her. “Put your arms up. I promise you, I won’t hurt you. You’ll be safe with me.” he said, pulling on her wrist. She did it with great reluctance, staring at the cuffs attached to the wood above her. James fastened her down and said, “Wait here, I’ll be back.” as if she had a choice. He stood back to look at his work. Her arms raised over her head revealed her black panties peeking out from her short maid outfit.

Placing the cuffs on a table, he headed out, locking the door, to find Cathleen. He almost dreaded the conversation, unsure how she would react to him not calling the police himself. He ran over a few arguments in his head, testing to see which ones might be the most effective. ‘Listen, I caught a girl and I want to keep her.’ didn’t play well in his head. His next thought was worse, wondering what type of bargaining she would want to keep the girl out of trouble. Her one fantasy of shoving crap up his ass didn’t sound appealing at all.

He found her in the nursery, talking to his mother. They were cooing over Jim, his son. “James!” Cat said when he entered. “Loretta wants to take Jr. to your Aunt’s house today.”

“Oh?” James replied, “Have you notified security?” he asked, not wanting his son out without some protection. He’d had his fill of kidnappers, you can bet on that.

“Yes, of course.” Cathleen replied, rubbing her finger over the baby’s cheek.

His mother took the baby and headed out of the room. “Just look at the babies James. Aren’t they precious?” she asked, clasping her hands to her chest.

“They’re adorable Cat.” he replied, and then took a breath, “I have a problem but I don’t want you to throw a fit.” he said, knowing damn well that it wouldn’t stop her from it.

“Oh?” she asked, furrowing one eyebrow at him. “What problem?” she asked, giving him her fullest attention.

“Follow me, please.” he said, and opened the door to the hallway. He had to proceed delicately and mulled over his next words while the door closed behind them.

“What is it James?” she asked, tired of watching him procrastinate.

“I have a girl locked up. She’s one of your servants.” he replied.

“Oh, what did she do?” Cat asked, realizing the seriousness wasn’t all that serious.

“She, um, stole some silverware.” he replied.

“Ah, a thief is she? Well, have security call the police and get her out of here.” Cat instructed, waving him off from the subject.

“Listen, if we do that, she will have a criminal record and won’t be able to get a job anywhere.” he explained, then stepped in front of her, “Maybe we could give her a slap on the wrist or something. You know, give her a second chance.” he said, giving her his best argument so far.

She looked surprised at his thoughts, “What? She will just try it again and then she might not get caught the next time.” she replied, and patted him on his arm, “Let the police deal with her James.”

“Look, isn’t there a better way? I mean, her life will be ruined if we do that.” James explained.

“Fine, what would you do?” Cathleen asked, daring him to come up with a better solution.

“Gee, I don’t know. Maybe cut her pay or something?” he replied, not really knowing what he would do.

“Oh, so you’d take more money from someone desperate enough to steal?” she asked, crossing her arms in front of her.

James recognized the look. He was bordering on fury and if there was one thing he didn’t want, it was Cathleen’s fury. “I said I didn’t know. She said she’d do anything though. Can’t you come up with something?”

“I swear, sometimes you’re more of a Neanderthal than Mike.” she huffed, “Where is she?”

“Um, I locked her up in the play room.” he replied, and received a punch in his gut for the information.

“Are you that stupid?!” she yelled, “You don’t show people that room! Especially a damn servant!” she replied, her fury kicking in.

“I didn’t have anywhere else to put her!” he defended, rubbing where she struck.

She absolutely boiled in front of him, “Why the fuck did I spend a million dollars on a security room if you can’t keep people secure in there?!” she yelled, and headed down the hallway in front of him.

He dropped his head and shook it. Why didn’t he just leave the girl in security and go find Cat? Sometimes, he was a dumb as a box of rocks. He caught up with her quickly and said, “I’m sorry Cat, I wasn’t thinking.”

She gave him dagger eyes but didn’t say anything. She unlocked the door to the room and entered. “Ginger?” she asked, seeing the girl tied to the cross.

“Yes madam.” she whispered, and moaned from seeing her. The lady of the house was pretty strict, she knew and it wouldn’t work out well at all for her. She hung her head down in shame, feeling Cat’s eyes on her.

“Why the hell were you stealing from me?” Cat asked, looking at the girl just hanging there limp.

“I’m sorry miss. My boyfriend needed the money.” she sobbed, her situation striking home once more.

“Your boyfriend?” she huffed, “I ought to have him arrested as well for putting you up to this!” crossing her arms once more. “What prevents me from calling the police on you?” she asked, turning her head sideways.

“P… Please madam, don’t do that!” she begged, “I’ll be good. I’ll do anything, just don’t send me to jail!” and gave Cathleen those same puppy dog eyes she’d given James.

But Cat was a lot stronger than those eyes and it would take a lot more to gain any forgiveness from her. “So, what’s your boyfriend going to do with the money?” she asked, not budging an inch.

“He… oh miss, he was… going to buy drugs.” she admitted, and burst into tears.

James just shook his head. The girl could have said medicine or food; anything but drugs. That answer may have sealed her fate.

“Really?” Cathleen mused, “Are you doing drugs?” she asked, leering at the chained girl.

“Oh no miss, I swear!” she vowed, and her eyes widened to the fullest.

“Hmmm… so” she said, “what’s it going to be with you?” she asked, pursing her lips.

“Huh?” Ginger asked, not knowing what she meant.

“How do you want punished?” Cathleen asked, “You want twenty lashes or jail?” which brought James’ attention into focus. He didn’t know if he wanted any part of a beating but he’d take the beating himself if given that choice.

“Uh, lashes… I guess.” she answered, hanging her head down again.

James didn’t know where this would wind up and his eyes widened at her answer. He certainly hoped that he’d be the one to punish her. He could take it easy on her but Cat, on the other hand, wouldn’t be so merciful.

“Ok James, strip her.” Cathleen ordered, looking at him.

“St… strip her?” he asked, looking back at her incredulously. That would mean she’d be naked in front of him and he didn’t know if her character could handle that. As a matter of fact, that was a bit harsh.

“Yes strip her. You can’t have any affect if her clothes are on.” Cathleen confirmed, and waited for him to get to work.

James hung his head this time as he went behind the girl to unfasten the camisole she wore. “Sorry” was all he could say as he unfastened the strings that held it together.

“Now, while he strips you, I’ll go over some rules for this punishment.” Cathleen started, “You are to never speak about this incident to anyone. This punishment is for you and you only, understand?” she asked, watching the camisole fall from her breasts.

With a sniff, Ginger answered, “Y… Yes madam.” feeling the top she wore reveal her flesh to the lady.

“Next, I need to ask you if you truly love your boyfriend.” she stated, watching her short mini fall away.

“I… like him ok.” she asked, feeling the air condition on her body, giving her a chill.

“You liked him well enough to steal for him but not enough to go to jail for him.” Cat retorted, walking over to the cabinet. “You are not allowed to see him ever again. You have fallen off the earth as far as he knows, understand?” she asked, grabbing a strap from the hook.

“But… but miss, I…” she started but couldn’t finish.

“Ah yes, you’ll miss his dick.” she said, testing the tails on the whip. “There’s plenty enough dick around here to fill that void for you.”

James walked back around to the front and got his eyes full of the breasts she had. Not yet touched by time, they jutted out in front of her. The cool room had its effect on her nipples as they protruded from her mounds. He was getting aroused by the view and thought to turn away from it, fearing Cathleen’s wrath. That did absolutely no good as Cat said, “Panties too.”

James couldn’t argue as it was his fault that this was going the way it was. He walked over and grabbed the strings that held her panties on to untie it, listening to her moan, “Oh no.” while they came off of her legs. He saw the pubic hairs that matched her blonde locks fashioned around her sex. A man is a man and one cannot help but be seriously affected by that sight. He stood up to find his cock in a bind and was forced to readjust himself.

“Now you’ve gotten my husband excited.” Cathleen pointed out, “Are you happy now?” swinging the whip around in a whirlwind.

“No miss.” she replied, not even looking up.

James couldn’t help but feel he was part of an erotic movie, playing the role of a submissive husband in a BDSM skit. He thought to take control of the situation before it got out of control and raised his hand to take the whip from her.

“What, you want to punish her?” Cat asked, looking at him doubtfully.

“Yeah, I can give her the lashings.” he replied, motioning her to hand it over.

She looked at him like she caught him cheating, “Oh hell no you are.” she replied, refusing his request for the whip.

“Come on Cat, as mad as you are, you might be too hard on her.” James pointed out, giving her his own doubtful look.

“That won’t happen, and you know it. This whip won’t cut her and she well deserves It.” she replied, pulling the whip behind her back.

James knew he had no argument for that. It was her things she stole after all. But it didn’t mean he had to relent so easily, “But if I do it, you won’t have to put any effort out for It.” he explained, hoping to address her dominate side.

“Oh yeah James, right. We know how you like to punish women buddy.” she said, placing her fists on her hips.

“What? How would you know, I’ve never done it.” James replied, defending his position.

“I can say one word to prove that you liar.” she replied, and he looked at her curiously, “Jen!”

Oh great, she had to bring the past into it. Women sure don’t let bygones be gone. After she spanked his balls for punishing Jen with orgasms, she reminds him of it whenever it’s convenient for her. “That isn’t fair. That was a long time ago!” he defended, remembering the day Mike went to the servant quarters to take a slave for his own. But that was another story.

“None the less, we aren’t leaving punishment up to you anymore.” she replied, and ended that argument post haste, “Now get her feet tied, I don’t want her kicking me.”

He threw up his hands and let out a sigh. She had him in the argument so he had to relent. He walked over to the wrist bound Ginger and tugged at her ankle. He got it locked in place at the bottom of the wooden X frame. Grabbing the other, he locked that as well, patting her on the calf, hoping to reassure her. The device could be pivoted in the center and he made sure the bar was in place so it wouldn’t move. Stepping back, he admired the helpless servant in front of him.

“Quit lusting and move aside.” Cathleen said, getting in position. “I ought to beat you for making my husband horny.” she said, directing her comments at the wide-eyed servant.

“I… I’m sorry miss, I didn’t mean to.” she defended, tears forming in her eyes again.

“Too late for that now, isn’t it? We’ll have to see what you can do later.” she huffed, and then asked, “Are you ready thief?” waving the whip in front of her eyes.

Her eyes followed the whip as it swung in front of her, “Ye… Yes miss.” she said with a nervous whisper.

“Very well, just to show you I am not completely heartless, I will give them to you in fives.” she said, “Giving you a chance to recover a little.” easing her husband’s concerns.

James watched as Cathleen reared back with the whip and let it fly at the girl, striking her on the left breast. No sooner than she pulled back did James see red stripes form on it. The effect was amazing to James, who had his own kinks to deal with. Ginger tensed in pain from it, struggling against her bonds, and gasping for breath. This brought his arousal even further into realization as he watched the whip strike the inside thigh on her right leg. Something about a girl struggling in bonds was a huge turn-on for him and he moaned from the sight of it.

Cathleen walked to the left side of the girl and struck her right breast with the straps, leaving a similar mark and similar tense reaction from it. Her next strike was on the inside thigh of her left leg, leaving the girl trembling from the pain. Ginger clenched her teeth and let out a sob, tugging at the wrist and ankle bracelets. The fifth strike went between her legs, licking at her ass. Her labia felt the strike as well, leaving it slightly pink.

She stepped back from her work, listening to the girl pant in air from her punishment. Glancing at James as he rubbed himself through his pants, she said, “The thief has you all worked up huh?” eyeing him from head to groin.

“Um, yeah… Maybe I shouldn’t see this.” James said, trying to defuse his aroused state. He started for the door and Cat stopped him, “Oh no, you aren’t leaving.” she ordered, “You’re the reason I’m punishing her instead of carting her off to jail.” she finished loudly over the sobs Ginger was putting out.

James came back and sat down on a padded saw horse used to flog or screw people as they bent over it. It was just another item rarely used. Like the cross, it too had cuffs on each end and he found them interesting to look at, diverting his eyes from the whip-wielding Cathleen.

Cathleen returned her attention to the task at hand when Ginger’s sobbing quieted down. “Well bitch, you ready for five more?” she asked, twirling the whip in her hand.

“Oh please” she sobbed, “go easy!’ she begged between her gasps.

“Hmmm… interesting you would say that.” she mused, “I’ll go as easy on you as you were on me, taking my things without a concern in the world.” and struck the girl on her left breast again, giving James an eyeful of her struggling against the bonds. “Are you going to steal from me again bitch!” she seethed, striking her right inner thigh.

She struggled from the strikes and managed to squeak out, “No miss!” between her clinched teeth, writhing from the pain.

“I’ll not tolerate” Cat started, striking Ginger’s right breast, and finished with, “thievery in my household!” she said, emphasizing her words with a strike on Ginger’s left inner thigh. “Ever!” she yelled, striking the girl under her sex, licking her backside and labia too.

It was a perfect strike for James as he watched Ginger arch her back, jutting her tits even further out at him. He actually moaned from the sight and grabbed himself. That brought Cathleen’s attention to him and she reacted by grabbing Ginger by the hair, “Look bitch! You’ve got him going crazy!” and forced the poor girl to look at James.

She moaned between her gasps and cried, “I… I’m… so… sorry!” Ginger replied, as drool ran down her chin from her sobbing. She was showing the wear that Cathleen had given her with makeup smeared on her face and pink stripes adorning her private parts.

“If you think I’m going to fuck him after you turned him on, you’ve got another thing coming!” Cathleen spat, and slapped her face away. “This bitch doesn’t realize what she’s doing to you James.” directing her attention back to him. “Go ahead, show her what she’s done.” she ordered.

“What?” James replied in awe, “You can’t be serious!” amazed at the dominate side of his wife. She’d gotten more aggressive since he’d known her over the past year. When he first met her, she just had inherited the fortune from her father. Now, she ruled her empire with a stern hand instead of the haphazard state he met her in.

“She needs to realize her actions have consequences. Now get that monster out here so she can see what she’s caused.” Cat demanded, swishing the whip back and forth.

He sighed heavily at her demand and dropped his head. Unzipping his fly, he fished himself out of his bikini underwear. It was an embarrassing relief as the air condition struck the heat of his shaft and the cool air made his pre-cum lose heat. Since he had it out, he felt the need to stroke it a few times, easing the dull ache he had there.

“Look! You’ve got him playing with himself!” Cathleen pointed out, forcing the girl to look once more at James and the state he was in.

Ginger’s eyes grew wide from the sight as it was bigger than any she had seen. The fact that a handsome well-built male sported it added to her study as the muscle-bound man stroked it. She couldn’t help but lick her lips at it, watching the bead of pre-cum roll down the back side of it.

“Bitch, did you just lick your lips at it?” Cathleen asked vehemently, and slapped the girl again for lusting. Grabbing her by the chin, she forced Ginger to look at her, “Well? Does he have a nice cock?” she asked, watching the fear form in her eyes.

Ginger was trapped with the question. She couldn’t tell the mistress it was so-so and to be honest, it really was nice. But she didn’t know what answer to give and Cathleen pinched her nipple. “Answer me! Does he have a nice cock?” and shook the chin in her hand.

“Ye… yes miss.” she stuttered, diverting her eyes back to James.

“Look at me when you answer my questions.” she huffed, and slapped her again on the other side for her wandering eyes. “You have ten more lashes bitch.” Cathleen informed her, grabbing her chin again. “Do you want them hard or easy?” she asked, caressing her left nipple and breast.

“Pa… Please go easy on me Miss!” she replied between hiccups of air, forcing herself to look Cat in the eye.

James pitied the girl but she made her fate when she stole the items. Twenty lashes would fade easily; a criminal record doesn’t. He would have pitied her more if he didn’t have that damn kink in him. His cock twitched from the taught muscles Ginger kept making him look at.

“I don’t know why I should go easy on a thief and especially a thief that made my husband horny.” she replied, holding the girl’s gaze longer than she wanted. “How do you plan on fixing that, huh?”

Ginger’s focus on Cathleen lasted long enough for her to stutter out, “I don’t know miss… honest!” before turning away from the fiery-eyed heiress.

James caught her attention after Cathleen drew her hand back from her chin. To be sitting there with his dick in his hands while Ginger watched was more embarrassing than he could handle so he tilted his head up to see if anything was interesting on the ceiling.

“You damn well better think of something!” Cat replied, stepping back from the spread-eagle thief. “You keep looking at my husband bitch. Is that how you plan to fix this mess?” she asked, getting Ginger’s attention once more, “Huh?”

“I… don’t really know miss.” Ginger replied, fearing Cathleen’s wrath would be taken out on her body with the remaining ten lashes. She tilted her head up at the same ceiling James was looking at, trying to keep from looking at the rigid cock being stroked in front of her.

“Alright, you want it easy; I’ll let James fuck you.” Cat said so matter-of-factly, “Since you put him in that condition in the first place.” swinging the strips of leather around in a circle. She actually shoved her hand between Ginger’s legs and said, “Damn James, this bitch is wet for you.” pulling back a soaked finger.

James wasn’t as sure about that as he saw sweat bead up on the girl’s reddened body. He sure didn’t want to rape the poor girl; seeing it as a punishment outside the law which he couldn’t do no matter what Cat told him. Ginger didn’t make it much better though when she said, “Please miss! I can’t help it!” as if her secret was found out. She was driving him crazy, twisting in her bonds and he was having a hard time fighting the urge to crank an orgasm out. He let up off of himself and placed his hands on the saw horse.

“Shush” Cathleen started, “I understand perfectly. James is one hunk of a man. Why, you’d have to be a lesbian not to want him.” and wiped her wet finger between the girl’s lips. “Do you like pussy Ginger?”

She shook her head quickly, “God no miss!” she gasped, a look of shock appeared on her face.

“Well” Cathleen started, stroking the whip over her nipple, “if I catch you taking without asking again, you’re going to be sucking mine for a week before I call the police!” and brought the handle of the whip down to her sex and rubbed it into her. “Understand what I’m telling you?”

“Oh miss, I won’t, I won’t!” she swore, feeling the handle of the whip on her clit.

“Oh, I hear what you say now.” Cathleen mused, “But is that going to change in the future?” she asked, while stroking the handle between her slit.

Ginger had learned her lesson and stared into Cathleen’s eyes, “I swear, I won’t touch anything ever again!” she promised, and watched Cathleen back away from her.

She lifted the handle to her eyes and said, “Bitch, you got my whip wet with that sloppy pussy of yours.” with a frown. “You think that will get you out of the rest of your lashes?” leering back at the defenseless girl.

“Nah… no miss, I didn’t mean to.” Ginger defended, watching Cathleen hold the weapon with two fingers.

James knew better than to point out that Cathleen put it there in the first place. Ginger was in a losing situation either way and he sure wasn’t going to risk his balls over her. No, she made her bed and she should sleep in it. Besides, it would be over soon and that’ll be the end of it. He was at least impressed with Cathleen for not just wailing on the girl, beating her half to death.

“Clean it!” Cathleen ordered, bringing the handle up to her lips. James watched as the timidly frightened girl stuck out her tongue and licked her juices off of it. “Good girl!” Cat cooed, spinning the handle around so she could get it all. “You know how to tongue good.” she praised, pulling the strap away from her. “Are you sure you don’t like pussy?” she asked, studying the work she’d done.

“No miss... I don’t… think so.” she gasped, replacing the air she held back to clean the weapon.

“So where were we?” Cathleen asked, and then said, “Oh yes, you wanted it easy.” bringing a finger to her chin, “I’d let James fuck the shit out of you but he has a tendency of making a girl cum… a lot.” looking back at the man meat in the room. “Perhaps you could do something else for the lashings you have remaining.” slapping the handle in her palm.

“Oh yes! Please miss, I’ll do anything.” she begged, giving Cathleen her fullest attention.

“Anything you say?” she mused, “That is interesting. Like taking the trash out or cleaning the toilets.” she pondered aloud, pacing in front of the bound woman.

“Yes! I can do that!” Ginger exclaimed, nodding her head in agreement.

“Hmmm… what would be the worst job she could do James?” Cat asked her husband, thinking he might have an idea.

James hated to be included in her decision but came up with the worst he could think of, “I don’t know changing diapers would be one.” and remembered the green goo running down the backside of his son.

“Yes! That is an excellent idea James!” she exclaimed, pointing the whip at him and shaking it. Ginger groaned, “Oh no…” behind her while Cathleen continued on, “Let’s see, ten lashings or ten days on dirty diaper patrol.” she thought aloud. “How many babies is there now James?”

James hung his head on that question, “Eight, last I counted.” That sure was a bunch of dirty diapers. He had the misfortune of smelling the trash coming out of that nursery one day and almost gagged from the memory of it. Even his cock dwindled from the notion.

“Ten days!” Ginger cried, “Please miss, not ten days!” she sobbed.

“Oh you poor dear, I can understand that. I’ve had a hard time paying a nanny for the job because of its… unpleasant odor.” she soothed, “Perhaps we can divide up the punishment. Say, five lashings and five days in daycare?” she offered, looking back at the girl in anguish.

Ginger shook her head at the offer, “Please, just give me the lashings.” she relented, sighing at her fate.

Cathleen didn’t wait to give her what she asked for and swiped the leather across her breast, the tips landing on her nipple. Ginger screamed from the unexpected pain and tried to shake it away with her head. James watched her tremble against the restraints which affected his manhood again.

She didn’t let the girl get over that before striking the other breast the same way. Ginger sucked in air from it and before she could let it out, Cathleen struck her inner thigh, took a step, and struck the other thigh. The girl turned into a statue right in front of James’ eyes and the fifth blow struck her labia right dead center. He watched as the statuesque form started to tremble and drips fell from the girl’s sex.

Cathleen looked at her curiously, “Bitch, did you just cum from that?” seeing the same drops splatter on the floor that James witnessed. He could see the tenseness in her muscles as the girl tried so desperately to close her legs. The evidence was apparent as he seen the same result from Ginger as he’d seen from Ying in the past. Listening to the girl hiccup in air, he was pretty sure that was an orgasm they both witnessed and his cock grew to full erection as a result. The pink marks left behind looked like fingerprints adorned on both nipples and sex.

Ginger looked once again at the ceiling but her eyes had rolled back in her head. After a moment of not seeing her pupils, she shook her head and gasped for air. “Pa… pa… please!” she stuttered, “I… can’t… help it!” and filled her lungs with more air.

“I told you that bitch was wet, didn’t I?” Cat asked James, looking for his verification.

He nodded his agreement, “I think she came quicker than Ying did.” he admitted, a little in awe over it.

“Well that’s it then.” Cathleen exclaimed, tossing the whip on the table, “I’ll be damned if I’m giving her orgasms for stealing my things.” and leaned on the saw horse James was on.

James shrugged, “How were we supposed to know?” he asked, not expecting an answer.

“I guess she can just stay there until those marks fade away.” Cathleen sighed, leaning on James’ shoulder.

“That climax sure knocked the fun out of it, huh?” James said, giving her a squeeze and patting his wife’s arm.

She laughed at that and said, “You sure know how to put things in proper perspective.” watching the bound woman slump on the cross.

“Eh, it’s probably for the best. I was getting blue balls from watching that anyway.” he admitted, tucking his half-rigid cock back in his pants.

“Why you get so turned on from seeing that is a mystery to me.” she observed, shaking her head.

He shrugged, “It’s the muscles I guess. Watching them struggle like that is just a kink I have. And we all have our kinks.” he replied.

“Yeah, I got wet beating her.” Cat admitted, “That’s a huge power trip.”

“I know honey, and you’re quite good at It.” he conveyed, and kissed her on the side of her head.

“What do I do with her now James? I can’t send her back into the wild.” she asked. Cathleen was almost a recluse anymore with security guarding her so much. He’d heard that presidents go a little mad from being locked up in the White House for four years. To Cathleen, the ‘wild’ was the outside world and this was her safe haven.

James gave it some thought. If they let her go, she could run her mouth about what happened here although there wasn’t any proof of it. But, since when did the media need proof? He wasn’t big on cover ups either. He didn’t want to send her to the duke as he was a cruel man regardless of her kinks. Before he could give a descent answer, Ginger spoke.

“Miss?” she called, raising her head back up to look at them.

“What is it?” Cathleen answered, looking back at the worn out nude.

“Please… just give me the five lashings and be done with It.” she asked, “I promise not to tell. You could send me to jail with the video tape.”

“Well, it hardly does any good to swat your ass if you’re just going to get off on it, does it?” she replied, crossing her arms.

“You could… have your husband rape me...” she offered, “If you want to.” giving Cathleen a questioning look.

“Silly girl, you can’t rape the willing.” she replied, “I’m better off just letting you stew right there for the rest of the day.” and turned her attention to James, “Come on honey, let’s go.” patting James on his knee. “I’ll figure out what to do with the rest of her punishment later.” and rose to leave.

He and Cat rose up to go, “Wait, don’t leave me here.” Ginger begged, giving James those puppy dog eyes.

James answered with, “Oh no, don’t even look at me like that. You’re lucky enough not to be in the back of a squad car.” and opened the door for Cat, “Besides, being grounded isn’t all that bad.”

Ginger relented on that but said, “But my wrists are hurting.”

James walked over and pulled the pin, flipped her on her back and replaced the pin, “There you go, now take a nap or something.” he said, patting her on her stomach.

“How… how can you just leave me like this and not do anything?” she asked, as he turned to go.

“I told you when I put you there that you would be safe with me didn’t I?” he replied.

“Are you gay or something?” she asked point blank, which immediately brought Cathleen back to her.

“Look, James has a brothel full of women he could fuck if he wanted to and trust me, he’s done it.” and leaned in closer to the girl causing fear to enter her eyes, “And no” she said, slapping the girl again, “He isn’t gay.” and rose back up, “You’re just trying to taunt him into fucking you.” and walked over to the cabinet. Grabbing a strap-on, she inserted the vibrator into the girl and fastened it on backwards.

“You want fucked, you’re fucked.” Cat said, flipping the vibrator on, “Have a nice day thief.” and left the room.

James was sure those were fresh batteries but didn’t know how long they would last. “Can she climax like that?” he asked after shutting the door.

“Probably not” Cat admitted, “But, how did you put it? She’ll be humping air for a while.” and smiled.

“I think you are really getting off on the torture.” James said with nudge.

“Careful, I might have you strapped to that thing next.” she replied, giggling.

“I’ll be good miss! I promise!” James feigned submissiveness.

“Well thank you James; that was a lot of fun. I should have done that with the others I’ve had prosecuted.” she said, “I’ve lost some good people from bad mistakes. You know, my father didn’t tolerate disorderly conduct at all. But I could see where second chances might improve the offender.”

“Well, I’d think twice after getting a vibrator shoved up in me before I stole from you again.” James laughed.

“Why James, you come up with the most exciting ideas.” she mused, flashing her eyelashes at him.

“Um, let’s let some fantasies just stay fantasies, ok?” James replied, and headed into his room. She pinched his ass and skipped on down the hallway.

James set to work managing the small fortune he’d accumulated over the past year. Checking his schedule, he had to remember to pick up Felicia Druthers at the airport tomorrow. She was an oil tycoon of sorts and Cathleen had arranged a meeting with her the next evening.

His phone rang and it was Trent. “Listen, I’m going off duty, what did you do with those handcuffs?”

“Crap man, I forgot, they’re in my back pocket. I’ll run them over to you.” James replied and hung up the phone.

He ran into Bobbi, Trent’s wife, coming in the hallway and they walked together to the security office. “How’s everything going?” he asked, keying in the passcode.

“Doing great!” she replied, and entered the room.

“Here you are man.” James said, handing him the cuffs and keys. Jesse entered the room right behind them. He would be Trent’s relief this evening.

“Hey guys, how’s it going?” he asked, sitting his lunch on the table.

“Doing fine man, how’s Rachel?” James asked, watching him gear up.

“Oh, she’s just peachy thanks to you.” he replied, putting on his utility belt.

James acted surprised, “Me? What did I do?” he asked.

“Come on man, you’re the one that got her going on that fitness routine she’s hooked on.” Jesse replied, giving him a scowl.

James remembered when he met them that he told her she would look great after a few months in the gym and he was right. She turned into a hot babe not long after moving in. “What? You can’t complain about that! Shoot, she’s looking good and you know it!” he huffed.

Jesse walked over to his lunch and pulled out a baggie. “Oh, she’s looking like a fashion model. But can you tell me why I have to eat carrots and celery?” he asked, waving the bag of veggies in front of him.

James smirked at that, “Well, you have gain a couple of pounds.” he replied, crossing his arms.

“Trent, have you asked James yet?” Bobbi asked, gaining James’ attention.

His eye brows rose as if to think about what she meant and suddenly remembered, “Uh, no I haven’t babe, sorry.” and looked at a puzzled James. Giving it a moment to find a way to bring it up, he finally said, “You know Bobbi and I are pretty happy being married and all. Well, we both feel like we’d want to turn our twosome into a threesome, you know.” and looked down after saying that.

Well heck, James had no problem if they wanted to do that, “Crap, you don’t need my permission to have a baby. Go ahead if that’s what you want.” he replied with a shrug.

Bobbi intervened and said, “No, we don’t want children James.” and paused before she said, “But we do want a threesome.”

James’ eyes lit up with that, “Well, I’d love to have a threesome with you two but I have to tell Cat first.” he replied, “I promised her when we married that I wouldn’t fuck anybody without her knowing about it.”

She rolled her eyes at him and said, “No, no, that isn’t what I meant; although, I wouldn’t mind that but, I meant somebody like… Ying.” and sighed, “

Trent looked at her at that, “A threesome with James?”

She waved him off, “You know what I mean, James is a hunk and you know it.”

“So, you want a threesome with Ying?” James pondered aloud, “I can arrange that easily enough.”

“Oh no, not that I would be opposed to that either but, thanks for the offer…” Bobbi said, trying not to insult the man, “Somebody ‘like’ Ying, you know. Our own Ying-like person…” she faded off.

“You mean you want a servant?” James asked, finally understanding what they were asking.

“Yes” both said at once, and Bobbi added, “That is exactly what we want.”

“We can afford one now and I think we would be good to them.” Trent explained.

“Oh, I have no doubt you’d treat them well.” James assured them, “But do you want a male or female?”

“We’d like to have a girl.” Bobbi answered, and looked down in embarrassment. “Ever since that day on the beach when we first met Ying, I’ve kind of wanted one then.” she admitted.

James recalled that Bobbi had a fun time in the water with Ying and they had instantly bonded with her. “Yes, I seem to remember that day.” he said with a grin. “I’ll see what I can do on that for you.”

“Now wait just a minute James. What if Rachel wants one?” Jesse asked.

“See what you started Trent?” James pointed out, “Everybody wants one.” and rolled his eyes, “What does Rachel want, male or female?” he asked.

“Ok, she’s mentioned to me about her fantasy of having a male servant before so, to show my love for her, I’d let her have one.” he explained.

“Yeah, what a trooper you are Jesse. Let me think about it and see what I can do.” he replied and left the room.

Servants were like a dick in a whorehouse, everybody in the joint wanted one. He’d have to check his resources and see what he could do for the security team. They’ve been detering threats the past year and he and Cat were well aware of the excellent jobs they’ve performed.

His phone went off on his hip and he answered a number he didn’t recognize, “James Farlow”

“James!” a female voice replied, “It’s been a while. How are you?”

“I’m doing great!” he said, not recognizing the voice over the phone, “How’s everything with you?”

“Oh, I’ve heard how good you’re doing. Congratulations on making the Centerfold in Scarlet Magazine!” she cheered, “I have it pinned up in my office.”

“Why, thank you very much.” James replied, “How is it that I was blessed with your phone call?” trying to figure out who it was.

“I don’t know James. I’m just returning your call.” she said, reminding him of the message he left for Alex.

“Ah crap, Alex! I didn’t recognize your voice.” he replied.

“Oh, isn’t that like a male? Just love em and leave em, huh?” she chastised.

“Oh no, I havent forgotten you, I’m under ground on a cell phone and the reception is crap.” he explained. “So, the reason I called, I have a delicate matter I was hoping you could help me with.”

“Do tell, how is it that little ole me could help a big celebrity such as yourself?” she mused.

“You flatter me Alex. I’m nothing special and you know it.” he replied, “Look, I am in need of a specific servant.”

“Oh my God!” she exclaimed, “You didn’t get rid of Ying did you? I should beat you myself! You need to find that girl and get her back! I cant believe you’d be so stupid!” she ranted, “Get off the damn phone and go find her right this minute!”

“No, no, I still have Ying and Nikki. I’ll die before I give them up.” he explained, “I just need another one.” he said vaguely.

“What kind of animal are you James? You’re fucking three women already and you’re looking for a fourth?” she said in surprise.

He shook his head as if she could see him, “No, not like that, honest! I need a specific one and I really don’t know how to say it without sounding like a pervert.” he replied with a sigh.

“A pervert? You James? Why would anybody think that about you?” she laughed, “Just because you have two sex slaves kneeling at your feet while you’re wearing ripped underwear on a beach doesn’t mean you’re a perv!” and cackled at him.

“Ok, you’re not making this any easier for me.” he said with a frown. “I’m just going to flat out tell you what I’m looking for just for that remark. I need a shemale.” and shut up.

“A… shemale?” she said, letting it sink in. A moment pasted and she exclaimed, “Holy shit, you are a pervert!” and burst into laughter.

He let her laughter die off before he answered, “It isnt for me Alex. I have a high profile client in need of one.”

She gasped as he said that, “They aren’t ‘its’ James! They’re people too!” she chastised.

“What? I know that! I didn’t mean they were ‘its’.” he defended, “I just need one that a client would be happy with, that’s all.”

“Well hell James, you can find them anywhere any more, just head for a gay bar.” she advised.

“No, I’ve tried that already.” he huffed, “I’m tired of slapping men for grabbing my ass. I need a shemale that… prefers women.” he explained while walking back to his room.

A pause over the phone happened and she replied, “Don’t ask for much do you?” and sighed, “The reason they become shemales is…”

He didn’t need an explination and cut her off, “I know why, but I still need one that likes women.”

James heard the clattering of dishes in the background, telling him she was at the bar. She responded with, “So, you need a man that has tits and ass as well as a dick that prefers having sex with a woman.”

“Well, yes. But they have to be submissive as well.” he added, and cringed at the impossibility of it.

“Damn, you sure know how to make it difficult. Pretty much all of the shemales I’ve met have been pretty asertive and don’t think twice about being aggressive.” she pondered aloud while the clatter of the kitchen echoed behind her.

“I know, it’s a tall order but I knew you had some experience there at the Flamingo and thought I’d give you a try.” he answered, “I completely understand if you aren’t able to help me get a submissive shemale. It is a tall order.”

“A submissive shemale that likes women. That’s more than a tall…” she started but was interrupted by someone there. “Hold on James…” and he heard her talking to someone on the other end. ‘Are you talking about me?’ a soft voice asked and he heard Alex say, ‘Um, maybe.’ and then the phone muffled.

A minute passed by until he heard “James, I have a waitress that claims to be a shemale that likes women.” she whispered into the phone, and he could hear them walking out of the kitchen. “Give me a minute to get to my office James.” she said, and James could imagine the trip up to the two way mirrored office.

He made it to his room before she said anything on the phone. “Just a second more James.” she said, and he could hear a chair being moved. A few seconds later his phone went off with a message. He’d have to look at it later, he thought. Then Alex said, “Did you get the picture?” and he had to tell her to hold on this time.

He opened the text message and then the attachment. Appearing before him was a little girl with a deep cleavage in a waitress outfit. Her short hair striped around an oval face. He couldn’t determine her eye or hair color due to the flash the camera produced, giving the girl white hair and red eyes. She looked like she stepped out of a manga movie. A very pretty girl but actually looked too good to be true.

“James?” Alex called, and he put the phone back up to his ear, “Yeah?”

“What do you think?” she asked, sounding excited.

“That is a very pretty girl but there’s a few things wrong. First, she looks underage. She isn’t very big.” he replied, sounding doubtful as he compared the girl to the office chair.

“She’s at least eighteen. She has to be to work in my establishment.” Alex explained.

“She is a gorgeous looking girl, are you sure she’s you know…” he asked, and heard her huff.

A conversation took place on the other end and he could hear Alex’s insistance. ‘Look, you could make a lot of money, just do it!’ and then he heard her phone move. A moment later, he received another text. He opened the second attachment and was faced with the girl holding her waitress skirt up and her panties down. Sure enough, there was a dick in the picture right where it was supposed to be.

He put the phone back to his ears in time to hear Alex ask, “Well?”

“I could kiss you. What’s her name?” he asked, realizing his dilemma for two months might be solved.

“Kayla, here, I’ll let you talk to her.” she replied, and handed the girl back the phone.

“He… hello?” he heard a meek voice say.

James was a pretty good judge of character and heard the sound of low self esteem on the other end, “Hello there. My name is James Farlow.” he started but was cut off by the manga on the other end.

“Farlow? The man with the… slaves?” she asked, “I saw you on a video clip with Blackstone! Wasn’t she gorgeous?”

“Yes, Ingrid is a very beautiful woman.” James replied, “But…”

“Wish I had a chance like that.” she pondered aloud.

“Well, I might be able to arrange an autograph or something.” he said, scratching the back of his neck.

“Gosh mister, you’re one lucky guy.” Kayla rambled on.

“Yes, but let’s talk about you.” James said, trying to get to the point. Judging from her interest in Ingrid, she seemed to like women alright. “Do you have a girlfriend?” he asked, trying to steer the conversation.

“I dated a few times but, they weren’t looking for someone like me.” Kayla admitted disdainfully.

“I’m so sorry about that.” James answered, “I wish I could help. Perhaps, if you turn out to be who I’m looking for, you won’t have a problem finding a girl.”

“I don’t know sir, I’m not somebody people like very much.” she admitted.

“I find that hard to believe.” James replied, “I’ve just had a few words with you and I like you already.”

“Not like me like that.” she said, “I’m… not made right.”

James’ heart tugged a little on that remark, “You were made the way you’re intended, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.” he told her, realizing that she wasn’t surgically altered.

“No, I don’t think so.” she said, her voice getting meeker. “I’m made both ways.”

James wasn’t sure just what she meant by that, not having the knowledge about their anatomy, “It doesn’t matter how you’re made, what matters is what you do with it. Don’t be hard on yourself, others have it worse, I’m sure.” he said, trying to build her confidence.

“Hermaphrodites have it the worst.” she claimed, “We are freaks and nobody likes freaks.”

James refused to accept it, “Don’t ever say that. You haven’t seen freaks like I have. Why, there are people out there that eat people. Did you know that?” he sighed, “Terrible things creep around this world and trust me, you are no freak.” he admonished, “Please, don’t ever say that.” he repeated, typing the word ‘hermaphrodite’ into a search engine.

He heard her sigh over the phone, “Well, maybe you just don’t understand…”

She was right, he had never walked in her shoes but he wouldn’t let it end there, “Maybe, but I understand that I wouldn’t care how you’re built myself and there’s others that feel the same as I.” and let out his own sigh, “I’d like to meet you and you to meet us. There is a very wealthy young lady that I know and she is looking for someone special like you. This might turn your life around if you give me the chance.”

“I don’t know sir, I’m pretty happy here.” she replied, her voice dropping in volume.

“I can understand how you feel. Leaving a comfort zone is never easy but sometimes it’s worth the risk. Would you like to talk to Alex? She knows me pretty well.”

She didn’t answer but he heard the phone shuffle around.

Perhaps Alex was fighting for him but he wasn’t sure. He waited and passed the time drumming his fingers on the desk. The muffling on the phone stopped and he could hear the conversation, ‘He knows you got a dick girl!’ he heard Alex say with a sigh and then said into the phone, “James, you care if I come with her?” she asked, “She’s a little shy and it would give her some security.”

James agreed, “Sure, of course.” and the phone went away from her ear. “It’s settled, he said it would be ok.” and Kayla said, “I don’t know what to wear.” and Alex told her, “He’s not going to give a shit if you wear pajamas.” followed by Kayla’s “I give a… crap!” in a meek voice. “Damn girl, you could go naked for all he cares. You need to take this chance.” and she brought the phone back up to her ear, “James, send us a car. See you soon, bye.”

“Um, ok, bye.” he replied and the phone disconnected. He dialed the airport and had the jet prepped that they kept in Florida. He called the limo service he switched to after the accident or incident he had on the highway there and had them send a car. He would go get the two girls himself and bring them back to the mansion.

Alex was obviously trying to help him with Kayla but he was afraid it wouldn’t be enough. It was hard enough to convince anyone to become a sex slave but a shemale, or hermaphrodite he corrected himself, had its own challenges to overcome. He’d have to approach the girl delicately, based on the conversation he’d had with her or him, or whatever Kayla went by. Then he thought of the waitress uniform and decided that she went with female. That has to be one tough life to live and he was thankful he was born a full male. He read up on the subject and was enlightened by it.

It seems hermaphrodites could mate both ways. Why, they could even impregnate themselves, of all things. That took the phrase, ‘Go screw yourself’ to the literal meaning. Yes, the poor girl had a hard life. He could only imagine the loneliness she must have. He delved too far in the topic and started bringing up the malicious sex websites. They seemed to have nothing but abusive uses for such a person. He hoped that wasn’t the case with his client and made a note to vent her more. He gave up on his research after so many popups, it clogged his screen.

He started in on some paperwork that need finished for Monday and kept getting distracted by his thoughts of Kayla. Just how to convince her was his biggest worry and considered the advantages she could have in that position. It wasn’t like he could strap her down and make her submit to his will. Strapping her down reminded him of something else.

“Strapped down!” he said aloud, and jumped up from his desk. He bolted out of the room in a rush. He had totally forgotten about Ginger. It had been a couple of hours now and she was probably starving. He hit himself on the forehead for being so neglectful while he hastened to the play room. Maybe she took a nap, he thought, typing in his passcode.

Opening the door, he said, “Ginger? It’s me, James.” rapping on the door, and was greeted by a sight he’d never expected.

“Master!” Ying called, and went into her submissive stance, straddling Ginger’s face.

Jeff was standing up, planted on Ginger’s sex, and tied to the frame by the collar with his head buried there. The straps were loose but the vibrator rested in its human sheath. James stepped closer and heard the vibrator still giving its best efforts to function. A whirl every few seconds told him the batteries were almost shot. “What are you doing Ying?” he asked, listening to Ginger trying to breath between her legs.

“I train master.” she said, thinking James was going to check her methods again.

“Back up off of her Ying. She’s having trouble breathing.” he said, shaking his head. For a girl that didn’t like pussy, she sure was buried nose deep in it, like it or not. Cathleen burst through the door behind him, “Ginger?” she called and got her eyes full of the same scene James did.

“You just now remembered too?” he asked, and she nodded. “Ying has been training Ginger.” and nodded at the three.

Cathleen gasped as she saw Ying dismount the bound victim’s head. The rack she was shackled to fell backward, leaving the girl almost upside down. Jeff was hung by the rope with his tongue hanging out. James rushed over and brought it back into position and put the dangling pin back in the torture device. Next, he untied the rope off of Jeff’s collar, releasing him from his forced feast. Since Jeff’s face was removed, the vibrator fell out, giving one more whirl on the floor before dying completely.

For a few seconds, all that was heard was Ginger’s gasping for breath and shaking her head to get the girl cum out of her hair. “Ginger?” Cathleen called again, “Are you ok?” she asked, walking over to the frame she laid on.

“Ye… yes miss. I think so.” she replied, and then coughed a little.

“New rule Ying, no playing with other people’s toys without permission.” James said, with his arms crossed.

“Yes master.” she replied, and looked to the floor.

Cathleen unfastened the cuffs on the girl and had her sit up. “I’m so sorry.” she started, “Was Ying hard on you?” she asked, raking her hair behind her ear.

“She made me tongue her butthole.” Ginger admitted, and wiped her tongue on her arm.

“Oh, I’m sorry about that Ginger.” James consoled, patting her on her back.

“It’s ok. I kind of liked it.” she admitted, rubbing the cuff marks on her reddened wrists.

“Well, it certainly wasn’t my intent for Ying to take advantage of you like that. I’m so sorry. I know you are opposed to females and she was wrong to force you.” Cathleen stated, giving Ying a dirty look.

“I no wrong! She recruit, I just train her.” Ying defended.

“Um, Ying? Ginger isn’t a recruit.” James pointed out. “She was just getting punished for messing up, that’s all.”

“Recruit, recruit for what?” Ginger asked, looking at James curiously.

She’d already seen more than she needed to so James kept his mouth shut.

“Messing up? What’d she do, set curtains on fire?” Ying asked, like that was a possibility.

“It doesn’t matter what she did. She was punished for it so that’s over with.” Cathleen said, “We recruit special servants sometimes and Ying thought you were one of those recruits.”

“Special servants huh?” she prodded, looking suspiciously at Cathleen. “I’m a servant, what makes theirs so special?”

“They… are sex servants.” Cathleen said honestly. “Just like Jeff here.” Cathleen indicated.

“Is that why he sucked me so good?” she asked, realizing where her talented service came from.

“Well yes, as a matter of fact. Ying and some others trained him for a girl we know in Florida. She will be back tomorrow to get Jeff.” she explained.

“You guys are pulling my leg.” she said in doubt.

“Oh no, I assure you young lady that if you walked out that door and made a left instead of a right to the elevator, you’d find more than enough proof of that.” Cathleen explained. “But, since you don’t like females, that pretty much knocks you out of a promotion like that.” she said in a ho-hum sort of way.

“Wait, you have to like women to be a sex servant?” she asked in doubt.

“Well, you have to pretty much like everything sexual you could think of.” Cathleen explained, putting images in her head.

“You mean like this stuff?” she asked, waving a hand over the room.

“That and calling someone master all the time.” Ying said, listening to the conversation.

“Ying, Inspection” James said, putting her in her position and shutting her mouth. It also gave Ginger a good example.

“Yes, like Ying here. She is in a submissive stance and takes orders from James. She is his servant, you see.” Cathleen continued.

“So that’s why he wouldn’t fuck me. He had that sex pot to go to.” she said, astonished, “I knew there was a reason!” she exclaimed, like she discovered a secret.

“Yes, well James is the head master and… has sex with any and every servant he wants to…” Cathleen replied.

“So, if I like girls, would you let me be a sex servant?” Ginger asked, hope filling her eyes.

“Oh, I don’t know, are you sure about that?” Cathleen asked, “It is a submissive role and you’d have to obey every command and all.”

“Heck yeah!” she answered, “Want me to do you? Ying showed me how.”

“Hmmm” Cathleen started, feigning like she was considering all the details, “You’d have to wear a collar, like Ying and Jeff here.” and then looked at James, “Oh, and service males too.”

“Wait, my boy… ex-boyfriend said I was good!” she replied, “Can I get my nipples pierced too?” looking at the three dangling silver chains on Ying.

“Well, I really don’t have anyone in mind for you yet.” Cathleen said, but James did. “And piercings are painful.”

“I have a lovely couple that’s looking for service help right now.” James informed them. “They would love to own you.” and regretted phrasing it like that.

“Own me?” Ginger asked, “Like, take care of me and everything?”

Cathleen gave James a stern look and he knew that was from saying ‘own’ the way he did, “Yes, and you wouldn’t have to go anywhere at all.” he explained, getting a look of curiosity from Cathleen. She was aware of his client list and besides the shemale; Jeff was the last trainee he had on the list for the moment.

“Who is it? Do I know them? What are they like? Do they like blondes?” she rambled on.

“Let me see if I can say something to help you think about who it could be.” James thought out loud, placing a finger on his chin and looking up. “I believe you were wearing his handcuffs a little while ago.” he said, tapping his finger on his chin.

“Oh… my God!” she exclaimed in shock, “That gorgeous hulk that caught me?” she asked, “I don’t believe it! He wants me for a servant?” she asked amazed.

“Now wait, you’re getting carried away.” Cathleen said, patting her on the knee. “James, are you sure? I mean, that’s a guard you know.”

“Well, guards are staff members aren’t they?” he replied, “And Trent and Bobbi just asked me for… a servant.”

“Are you serious?” Cat asked, now being the one amazed. “Trent and Bobbi; who would have guessed that!” she exclaimed.

“I was a bit surprised myself but if you remember, they were impressed with Ying on the beach when you met them and had a great time. They claim that ever since, they’ve wanted another in their lives and you know Bobbi likes women too.”

“Well, she would have to have sex with both of them and if they aren’t happy with her, we’d have to… get rid of her.” Cathleen said, directing her words at Ginger.

“Oh please! Let me try, I’ll be good, I swear!” she said, and stood up to get in the inspection stance.
“Ok, it’s up to you I suppose.” Cathleen relented.

“Ying, go get a collar for Ginger please.” James ordered, and she bounced out of the room.

“We simply must be sure James.” Cathleen said, having second thoughts on guards having servants he supposed.

“I think the guards have proven themselves lately.” James replied, “Over the year, they’ve had 3 convictions and kept the media at bay.” and then shrugged, “I think they’re responsible enough to handle it.”

“I mean Ginger. She has sticky fingers James.” she explained, looking sternly at Ginger.

“Oh, I won’t do that again!” Ginger professed.

Cathleen slapped her tit, “Shut up, just because you say it doesn’t mean you won’t. Trust is earned and you have to prove yourself to me young lady.” she admonished.

“Second chances, remember?” he reminded her, “Besides, who better to watch her than a former cop?”

“Alright, but if I hear one complaint from Bobbi, out she goes.” she relented, then turned to Ginger, “Got it?”

“Oh yes! They’ll be happy, I promise!” she assured her.

Ying bounced back in with a yellow collar. Those were for trainees that had their first day in training. “Ying, from now on, if they aren’t wearing a collar and you don’t know them, you are to leave them alone no matter what, ok?” he instructed, placing the collar on Ginger.

“Yes master.” Ying replied, submitting to his orders.

“Why does she keep calling you that?” Ginger asked, looking at James curiously. “I don’t know if I could remember to do that all the time.”

“I am her master just like Trent could be yours.” he explained, “You’d have to call Trent master and Bobbi mistress while you are here. Outside of here, you can refer to them normally. It just takes a little getting used to but you’ll catch on fast.”

“James, she would have to go through training first. She can learn all of that then.” Cat pointed out.

He nodded his agreement, “Yes, should I call them in here and see if they’d consider her?” he asked.

“A good idea James, go ahead and call them.” Cat agreed. “Let’s tie her up and present her like a gift. Bobbi will love it.” she instructed, “Trent will flip out too.”

“No, wait. I can’t be naked when they see me.” Ginger argued.

“Too bad, as a special servant, you don’t have the privilege of wearing clothes unless your master or mistress tells you to.” Cathleen explained.

James made the phone call instructing Trent to bring Bobbi to the play room while Ying and Jeff tied her up. She questioned whether or not to put clothes on and Cat insisted she remain as she was, only sporting the collar that James put on her. “Ok, they may want to have sex with you. If they want to play, would you be ok with that?”

“I think I could handle that.” she said proudly. “Sure, just don’t leave a scar. I hate scars.” she thoughtfully added.

“Ok, if it gets too rough for you, just yell ‘Thief!’ and we’ll make them stop.” Cat explained, “You have our word, you won’t bleed from any of it. But, if you use that word, you also fail the test. Remember, no matter what it seems, it’s just a game.”

“You know, I’ve heard of this before but I never thought I’d be doing it.” Ginger stated, “Ying, how do you like being a… sex slave?” she asked point blank, bringing Cathleen to cringe.

“I love it lots. I no worry for anything; I got good master.” she confessed, nodding her head.

“I already love this!” Jeff confessed, kneading helpless Ginger breasts in his hands.

Cathleen lashed out with the whip, “No playing with the toy present.” catching Jeff on his ass. She was getting quite good with that whip James thought, watching Jeff rub his newly colored ass cheek.

Ying grabbed a nipple rope and put them on a worried Ginger. It was a memorable sight, seeing the girl bound with strips of velvet thigh to ankle, arms bound at the elbows behind her back, forcing her to stay in a kneeling position. Her wide-eyed gasp at the pressure her nipples received as each loop tightened them into little balloons was very erotic for James, seeing her tense against the bindings holding her in place.

The consequences of her actions wore heavily on the girl as makeup had run from her eyes and dried. Her hair was disheveled from lying on the rack so long with Ying’s liquid pleasure matting it up and her breasts still bore some light pink stripes from the lashings she received. The cold air and Jeff’s caress made her nipples jut out even more than the lassoes would allow and hid the little ropes behind the buds, just begging for attention. If he were to be honest, James would say that it was a very stimulating scene.

Ying wasn’t finished however, and placed a clamp on her clit, having the chain reach to her collar and clicked on the ring there. Ying did a good job of making the lassoes tight enough to make the buds pop out and loose enough not to cut off the blood supply. Those lassoes were an excellent choice for James as it presented an alternative to piercing so that they could look like Ying without any permanent marks. Many of the kinks Ying had tended to spread like a plague among the recruits.

After their work, James dismissed Ying and Jeff. “Ok guys, you two can leave.” bringing a protest from them both. Jeff looked behind him one more time, taking in the erotic sight of the bound blonde’s boobs, and shut the door.

“Do I look ok?” Ginger asked, surveying the work that was done on her and shaking her head to get the hair out of her face.

“You look delicious.” James replied, while Cat brushed the hair that clung to her cheek back. “Trent will shit a brick when he sees you.” bringing a smile to the worn image of Ginger.

A minute later, a knock sounded on the door and James opened, saving the need to input a passcode. Bobbi entered first, wearing shorts and a halter top with Trent right behind, still wearing his work pants but without the shirt, sporting a wife beater.

“What’s up James?” Trent asked, and then saw the thief strapped down in a kneeling position. “Now wait just a minute man.” he started, “I don’t know what that little bitch is telling you, but I have her on tape pilfering drawers and pocketing silverware.” he stated, growing angry at the possibility that his job was questioned. The concept of her being nude and restrained struck him at that point and added with dwindling volume, “Wha… er, why is she, um, naked?”

James couldn’t answer as Bobbi started in, “Are you punishing the crook?” slowly walking over to Cat.

“We were in the process and still have 5 lashings to give her. We’d thought it might have more of a lasting impression if Trent could complete her discipline.” Cat explained.

“Five doesn’t begin to be a suitable punishment for the crime.” Trent commented, looking at the girl bow her head in embarrassment. “She should be in jail.” he added, a strict advocate for the law.

“We started with twenty.” Cathleen said, “But then we ran into a snag of sorts.”

“Snag?” Bobbi asked, “What happened?”

“It seems she…” Cat started, “climaxed from it.” eyeing the bound blonde.

“You mean she… liked it?” Trent asked; a little amazed at that information.

“Oh, I suppose that if you can orgasm from it, you probably liked it… a lot.” Cat mused.

“You’re kidding!” Bobbi replied, just as amazed, “She creamed on you?”

“Well, on the whip anyway.” Cat admitted. “So, I had to stop after that. I thought perhaps you two could help with the rest of her punishment.”

“So… what then? You want us to finish it?” Trent asked, more confused than anything.

“Yes, she wants to play games with us and we thought you two would like to help.” Cat replied, and winked at the couple.

“I can help with that.” Bobbi said, and leered at the thief. Kicking off a flip-flop, she stuck her foot in her face, “Lick it!” she said, and waited for Ginger to respond.

Her eyes looked up at the woman leering over her and then to the foot that was offered. As if tasting a foreign food for the first time, she hesitated a moment or so, studying exactly where her tongue was going to touch. Her tongue came out for an instant and disappeared back inside. With more will power, it exited once again and she leaned in to caress the big toe up to the top of her foot.

“How did that taste?” Bobbi asked, and offered her the bottom of her foot without waiting for an answer, “Suck that, and I better feel tongue too.” she demanded, pressing her foot on the girl’s lips, rocking her back a little.

They watched Ginger nurse on the bottom of her foot and saw Bobbi’s reaction to it, “Nice; that feels kind of kinky!”

Trent studied his wife and then looked at James. James shrugged and leaned over to whisper to him, “Ginger is looking for a master.” he explained as softly as possible, and watched the thoughtful expression come over his face. “Her safety word is ‘Thief’” he added, and grinned when he saw the revelation on Trent’s face. James had learned to know the man over the past year and the two were practically best friends. Trent gave him a nudge with his elbow after seeing James ogle at him and turned back to the girls in embarrassment.

Bobbi pulled her foot back, letting Ginger’s lips make a slurping ‘pop’ sound. Cathleen leaned in and whispered something in Bobbi’s ear, bringing a smile to her face, probably filling her in like James did Trent.

Trent offered his thoughts, “You should make her go through what she would have if she went to jail Bobbi.” and glanced at James to see his reaction.

“You know that’s right, you’d be slobbering on a dike right about now, huh girl.” Bobbi conveyed. “Let’s see if you’d enjoy that.” and shimmied out of her shorts. Bobbi was a liberal when James met her and she’d gotten a little wilder since her arrival. She had as much modesty as she had panties, which was none and James had become desensitized from seeing her nude so much.

What was new, however, was the dominate side of her showing in the way she forced the helpless girl into her crotch. “Get on it girl. Treat it as if it were yours.” she ordered, hiking a leg up over Ginger’s shoulder and placing her foot on the ropes that held her arms behind her. After a few seconds of Ginger adjusting to the angle, Bobbi humped on her. Those short thrusts occurred every so often at first as she maintained her balance for her. Ginger rode with it and the room fell to silence.

Trent knew the outcome in advance and stepped up behind his wife. She raised her arm and placed her hand behind his neck, giving him access to her breasts. He took full advantage of her and placed both hands under her halter top, lifting up to her breasts. Bobbi flinched when Trent pinched her nipples, causing Ginger’s teeth to scrape her clit.

“Bitch!” Bobbi protested, and applied pressure on the ropes behind the girl with her foot, causing her to lean further back and tighten the chain from her collar to her clit. She slapped the girl across a cheek, “Watch it slut!” and then focused the girl back on her with a hand full of the enslaved girl’s hair. She settled in again, nuzzling against her husband, enjoying his fondling and groping while the convicted serviced her.

James took a seat once more beside Cathleen so he too could get a good view. Without a word, Cat placed his hand in her lap and forced his fingers on her labia. Obviously, she wanted some attention herself and he decided to take it one step further, after massaging her there for a few. Pulling up her tight skirt, he found her spot, having to turn towards her and away from the threesome. He lost his good view but received her sex in its place. He was thankful that Cat didn’t have panties on either and had her spread further to accept him.

Trent removed Bobbi’s top and tossed it on the floor with her shorts. He grabbed the arm she had around his neck and guided her to his crotch. She kneaded his package, feeling him stiffen in her hand. “Hmm, turning you on babe?” Bobbi asked.

“I can’t deny it and you know that.” he replied, and slipped his hand on her ass cheek to squeeze that special spot she had beside her brown star. Gripping it firmly, he tugged and grinded in a slight circle, forcing her hole to open and close, winking from the attention. His hand left her breast and caressed her stomach and going further. He found her mound and then her labia where Ginger’s chin was snuggled in. Working his fingers in, he spread her lips apart, giving the bound blonde full access to his wife’s increasingly wet pussy.

James entered Cat with two fingers and reached for her breast with his other hand. His thumb stroked her clit while he gripped her sex in his hand. His fingers ran over her nipple and clutched her breast while his fingers went deeper in her. The visual got better for Cat as she watched Trent drop his pants and shorts. James noticed her attention and turned to see what caught her eyes. A cock right behind him was being thrust up between Bobbi’s ass cheeks.

Bobbi felt the head brush over her asshole. At first, she thought he would take advantage of that but then felt him go further forward to her pussy. Trent knew what he was seeking and found Ginger’s tongue on his wife. She was a little surprised to see a cock come from the crevasse of the lady’s cunt lips. Although he didn’t enter his wife, he found an entrance anyway as Ginger sucked on his head.

James’ masterful play on Cat’s clit was having an effect on her as well and his pinching and rolling her nipple was adding to her pleasure. Just as she was getting aroused with his play, he removed his hands. Standing up, James removed his polo shirt and dropped his kakis. Leaning back on the padded horse, he urged Cat to get up and sit in his lap. That brought wandering eyes to the couple as Ginger watched from the corner of her eyes. Cat reached between her legs, hiking her skirt up, and guided him in her. Noticing the lusty eyes on her, she took the whip in her hand and swatted at Ginger’s hip, “Concentrate on what you’re doing.” she instructed, and rose and fell at a slow rhythm, adjusting to the large man’s girth.

Bobbi tightened her legs on the cock that was working like a piston between them. Ginger developed sync with the couple, licking the cock when it appeared and the pussy when it disappeared. Bobbi had a fantasy in mind, wanting her husband to shoot his sperm in the face of the girl servicing her. She backed into him with each thrust, working on her three goals at once; getting herself off on Ginger, getting her husband off and lastly, soaking the little captive with her man’s cum.

Ginger was fascinated with the scene but was too busy to fully enjoy it. The humping was tugging on the chain attached to her clit, causing little pings of pleasure pains to jolt from her pussy to her nipples. The cock plunging in between the cunt lips was more erotic of a view than she’d ever had and the swat on her ass from Cathleen still tingled a little where it struck. Just to test the waters, she looked over at the two copulating beside her. She could see the cock come in to view as the mistress rose up and could only wish it was going in her instead when it disappeared on Cathleen’s decent. Her attention was drawn back when Bobbi climaxed.

Bobbi was trying so hard to get her husband off, she forgot about the effects it was having on her. With Ginger’s top lip on her clit and her bottom lip accepting the cock, it forced her husband to run his shaft harder over her sex. She tensed up, clamping on the cock that plunged between her. That act alone brought Trent over and he climaxed between the grip of his wife’s pussy and the tongue he kept slamming in to.

Ginger got her just deserts from both as she was shot by the cock up her nose. Trying to back away, she applied too much tension on her clit and was forced to sit there and take the next shot, “Stay on it!” Bobbi yelled, watching the girl struggle. That brought Cathleen’s attention, swatting her once more on her back side.

“You better not fail me.” Cat growled, then swatted her again, “And that’s for making me beat you.” and then leaned back to plunge James further in.

The second shot went in her mouth and Bobbi saw it in slow motion, “Swallow!” she demanded, catching the girl starting to let it spill out. The third shot splattered her chin and dribbled down her neck, pooling in her cleavage. Bobbi forced her head deeper between her and the trickles that Trent had left were rubbed in her face. The view was a fantasy-come-true for Bobbi as she saw the cream coated face and she trembled from another mini-orgasm.

James couldn’t see very well at all but the conversations and moans told him all he needed to know. Or so he thought. But after the sounds quieted down, he heard shuffling and Cathleen stopped in mid-air for a second. The next thing his senses picked up was a tongue pressed flatly on the back side of his cock. Bobbi had guided the girl toy to his and Cat’s connection and pressed her head in. “Now get to work on them!” Bobbi demanded, giving the thief more work to do.

Cathleen loved the dominance Bobbi was displaying and grinned evilly at the head between her legs. That called for more work on her part as she leaned further back on James, giving better access to Ginger. James was a strong man and gripped the back legs of Cathleen, lifting her up so he could bounce her on his shaft. It did the trick because Ginger’s chin was grazing his balls. Since the enslaved was trying to focus on Cat, he decided to just hold her there and hump up to her. Now, that was brilliant as he sped up his efforts and gave him and Cat what they both wanted.

Ginger was in awe. He was picking up the mistress of the house as if she weighed nothing. He was pounding in her so fast, his balls slapped under her chin. And even more amazing, he didn’t slip out no matter how far he pulled out. He must have had an endless cock. She gave her best on Cathleen since she had little choice anyway as she wielded the whip and her fate. Bobbi kept bobbing her head into the woman’s puss. She put herself in her place and did what she thought would feel good, licking and nipping her clit.

Trent stepped in closer to see the girl work on his superiors. The whip in Cathleen’s hand was draped down the back of Ginger, making it appear like a skirt of leather strips over her ass. James had Cathleen’s legs spread as wide as he could get them and pounded away in her pussy. He saw the impending climax on her face as it scrunched up in ecstasy beside his head. The whip raised and struck the slave with each word, “Suck” ‘slap’ “My” ‘slap’ “Clit!” ‘Slap’, this forced the girl to jerk upwards on her inflamed bud with every strike.

Bobbi stepped aside on the first lash and watched as Ginger’s back turned a pinkish red from the tips of the leather. It didn’t even look like Cathleen had swung it hard but the redness proved that it was hard enough. She tried her best to keep the stricken girl in place while the climax lasted. When Cathleen finally settled down from her bliss, she pulled the slave off of the couple’s sex just to find a lusty smile on the girl as she licked the juices off of her lips. “Good lord Cat, this bitch liked it.” she said in awe.

Cathleen panted a little and finally replied, “Yes, as much if not more than Ying enjoys a good beating.” having James put her down. “Hence, our dilemma, you see. How does one punish somebody that enjoys the punishment?”

“Just fuck her in the ass; that’ll do it.” Trent pointed out.

“Yes” Cathleen agreed, watching the eyes grow large from the shocked thief. “Perhaps a nice big vibrator will do.” and walked to the cabinet, pulling out the largest of the vibrators. Waving it in front of the girl, “Think you could enjoy this?” she asked.

“No miss!” she screamed, and took to trembling at the sight of the sex toy. She had the safety word but refused to use it, not giving in and hoping she could trust Cathleen at her word.

“Throw the bitch over the horse James.” Cathleen ordered, indicating the seat he was sitting on, and removed the clit clamp from her collar and clasped it on the lasso from her nipple nooses.

James didn’t think she was serious as she showed the one vibrator nobody had courage enough to try anally yet. Even Lisa said she’d have to be drunk first to use the ‘D’-sized battery using monster in her ass. He decided to play along with it and snatched the girl up off of the floor. “No please!” she begged, as he threw her on her stomach over the heavy padding. Another erotic sight filled his eyes, watching the girl squirm for balance with her ankles tied to her thighs and her elbows tied, keeping her arms to her sides.

Cat waited until the girl faced away from her and swapped the oversized device for a much smaller one. A pink phallus with a bulbous center, Ying had used it for a butt plug but tired of it, having to replace the batteries so often. Cat came back to the girl with the toy and lube. “Let’s get this in you good.” and squeezed the lube over her squirming ass.

“Oh no! Please, it’s too big!” the girl screamed, “Stop! Please stop!” she pleaded, as Cat smeared the goo in her crack. Bobbi was done hearing the girl protest and grabbed a ball gag off of the shelf. Walking around to the other side of the horse, she wrapped it around the girl’s head, “Open up bitch!” and forced the rubber ball in her mouth. Her last words were muffled but it sounded like ‘Oh God’. Feeling Cat’s finger enter her back side, the girl tried her best to squirm off of the horse.

Cat wasn’t putting up with that and removed her finger. She grabbed the whip one more time and released a few more swats on the girl’s ass, turning more of the creamy white into pink. “Calm down bitch!” she demanded, “The more you fight, the more it hurts.” and rubbed where she struck, wiping the lube off of her fingers. “Spread her for me James.” she instructed, picking the pink bulb back up.

James stepped over and grabbed a cheek in each hand. Getting a firm grip, he spread her wide, watching the girl attempted to keep her asshole closed. Much against Ginger’s will, Cathleen circled her anus with the phallus. “Relax” Cat said, and James saw the hole open up. “All recruits must have a butt plug at all times.” Cathleen tutored, “You are no exception. This will get you ready for that.” and spread her hole with the nipple of the bulb. Like quicksand, the hole swallowed the tip and slowly took the bulge. Ginger tensed from the alien invasion, “Relax I said” Cat admonished, and slapped her ass. Once she settled down again, Cat pushed the rest in and James saw her anus encircle the base of the vibrator.

“There, that wasn’t so bad, was it?” Bobbi asked, holding the girl’s chin in her hand and patting her head. Ginger could only reply with a nod and sighed from the duress she was under. She tested the obtrusion with a few squeezes. It seemed it was there to stay as she was unable to push it out. At the turn of a switch, a vibration went through her rectum. A low moan escaped her from the sensation.

“You should give her some dick James.” Trent suggested, watching over his shoulder.

Cat perked up at the suggestion, “Why yes James, fill her other hole.” and grinned, knowing the man had a good-sized cock.

He watched the sweating slave turn to look behind her and give him a nod. He’d have never touched her without consent and was thankful to get her permission confirmed. His balls have been aching all day, it seemed. He stepped up to the struggling girl and watched a moment, letting the sight of her muscles tensing affect him as she maintained her balance.

Cat walked over to stand beside Bobbi, “Girl, you’re about to get fucked.” she informed her, and leaned closer to her ear. “If you thought you could get off on an ass whipping, just wait till you get that meat in you.” she whispered, looking at the puppy dog eyes.

James had to hurry. The girl had been tied up for a while and he didn’t want her to cramp up. His morals conflicted over that and the obligation of making sure that the girl got off too. He grabbed his manhood and guided it below the vibrator. Finding her entrance, he passed it up for her clit. Not only was she burning hot, which could have been the air condition on his dick for a while, but she was soaking wet.

Trent was aroused at the sight already and asked, “Bobbi, you care if she sucks me off?” seeking her permission.

“By all means honey, stuff her mouth with that cock.” she replied, glancing at his growing interest, “It’s not like she hasn’t had it before.” she added with a grin, and then unfastened the gag ball from her head.

Ginger was having too many sensations at once. James was rubbing his cockhead on her achy clit. The vibrator was pulsing through her walls, making her pussy crave attention but wasn’t getting filled. Another cock appeared in her face and the man fed it into her mouth. Listening to Trent give her instructions on servicing his cock to get him fully erect while Cathleen stood by with that weapon of ass destruction in her hand. Bobbi squatted down to watch her husband’s cock pump in her mouth. Her body jerked in defiance of the bonds on her limbs and those damn lassoes and clip had numbed her nipples and clit.

James was a bit in heaven, feeling that V-clamp make the bud stick out for him. Knowing the girl was suffering made him give up his own sensation and he reached between their legs to remove the clamp. He knew the blood would be rushing back in it now and worked his cockhead even faster on her while it filled. That forced a long moan from the doubly penetrated girl and Trent looked at James, questioning what happened. James gave him a nod with a “You’re welcome’ grin, knowing he felt that hum on his shaft.

Bobbi cupped her husband’s balls in her hand and said, “You treat my man right bitch and he’ll give you some cream.” and grinned, “Doesn’t that sound yummy?” and watched her try to nod with a cock in her mouth, “Um hum” she hummed out and moaned a little more.

Cat could tell that the girl was working on a climax and swatted her lower back, surprising James, “Don’t you dare cum yet.” she demanded, but that only added to her pleasure.

James made sure she did, swiping her clit back and forth speedily. He got a grip on the situation and squeezed her ass cheek. The vibrator was too convenient so he left the cheek and grabbed it. Using it like a joy stick, he stirred it around her ass and made joy from the stick. That did the trick as Ginger quaked in front of him. He didn’t know the octave she used to produce the stuttered scream but it was a high one. Trent didn’t let up off his pumping which was the reason why her scream kept getting interrupted.

“Bitch, I said not to cum yet!” Cat screamed, lashing her across the backside repeatedly.

Ginger had never cum so much from outside stimulation. She squeezed her orgasm out without a cock in her cunt. The stinging from the lashings only added to the sensations and took her to a new height in climaxing. The shaft ramming her mouth was more than enough visual stimulation without the sight of Bobbi drooling beside her. It lasted so long, Trent eased up on his work to give her a chance to breathe.

Cathleen stopped slapping the leather on her back and James backed off of her clit. His fingers around his cock were saturated from the girl’s orgasm and he let go of himself to sample a finger. Getting back to the basics, James grabbed his tool and copied his play on the vibrator, swirling it around her entrance. Perhaps the vibrator made her so tight but he wedged to a stop after his head entered her. It would do for the time being though as he manually fucked it in and out of her with his fist.

She felt the head of his cock enter and stop. She squirmed around a little to try and adjust so she could accommodate more of him. Whatever the size of that huge vibrator, the cock seemed bigger somehow. He broke her heart a little as his cock left her but made amends by shoving it in and out rapidly. Slowly, he stretched her out, taking in more and more of his shaft. She lost her focus on the cock in her pussy as another went back in her throat. Things sped up as time slowed down and she was soon stuffed full in both ends.

James could feel the vibrations on his cock as he worked his way in. He was satisfied with his depth for the moment and stroked in and out with that. She had more to take but he’d save that for later, giving her a thrill in the future. He could let go of his cock and grip her ass now and steadily increased his thrusts. The rope that bound her arms was inviting so he grabbed it, giving him the leverage he needed to thrust in a little deeper.

With James tugging on her bindings, she was jerking on the cock in her mouth. Trent felt the new effect and let her bob over him. “Tongue!” he demanded, slapping her cheek, “Give me some tongue.” and felt her velvet caress on the back side of his cock. He smiled and took a tip form James’ playbook, gripping himself firmly. Grabbing a handful of hair, he fist fucked her mouth with his meat.

“Take that cock bitch!” Bobbi seethed, and grabbed more of her hair. “I want to hear some sucking.” and shook the head a little. Popping sounds emitted as her cheeks caved in and out. Bobbi could see her husband’s cockhead make rapid appearances between her lips.

Ginger could only take the abuse pounding in her mouth as the cock in her pussy went deeper somehow. She thought she had it all but was pleasantly mistaken. The illusion that the cockheads were touching each other appeared in her mind as Trent let her have all of him, shoving in in her throat. With pubic hairs tickling her nose and ass, she climaxed on them. Her muffled scream alerted Cathleen, telling on herself and the lashes from the whip started back up.

Cat spun the whip in a circle over her back side, swatting with each pass, “Don’t cum bitch!” and sped up her twirling, making the tips of the leather straps kiss her flesh.

Watching the blur of the whip and feeling the pulsing on his cock, James had to let go. Thrusting even deeper, his balls smacked on her clit, giving him the feeling of power. Watching the writhing and the muscles tensing against the bonds worked him into frenzy.

The stings on her backside and arms kept coming and so did Ginger. As she started to come down, another orgasm took its place, beginning from deep inside her pussy. She climaxed again with both cocks pumping so rapidly, it was all a blur to her. Feeling hot liquid being pumped in her pussy was one thing, but the cock in her mouth was giving her the cream she was promised in large spurts.

All three climaxed to the sound of Cat demanding the girl not to cum while Bobbi demanded the girl to swallow it all. James pulled the vibrating plug out of her ass to increase the pleasure of her climax and finished with the load he was depositing in her. The gaping hole left behind from his extraction quivered as she rode the wave of bliss. Bobbi watched white cream drool out of the girl’s lips. Cathleen stopped her twirling and studied the pink marks she left behind.

James recovered from his rapture and untied the bonds on her arms and then her legs while she just melted over the horse and panted. Bobbi praised the girl for her efforts, “You did good baby!” and caressed her head. Trent squatted in front of her and gave a reassuring smile, “Yes she did, honey. Took it like a trooper.” and pinched her cheek. Cat helped with the ropes and patted her bottom, “She was amazing.” and James replied, “I was impressed.” and snatched the girl up off of the padded horse.

Taking her to the cross, he laid her on the makeshift table. Grabbing some grape seed oil from the cabinet, he poured it over her. All four got to work, giving her a massage while she fell into a semi-coma. Working her arms and legs, they brought the life back to her extremities. Rolling her on her side, Bobbi and Trent massaged her front while Cat and James worked on the back.

“What do you think guys?” James asked, massaging an ass cheek, “Is she a keeper?”

“I love her already.” Bobbi said, rubbing a breast between her hands.

“Definitely a keeper James.” Trent replied, rubbing her labia.

“So, I guess she passed.” Cathleen determined. “How about it Ginger, you think you’d be happy with these guys?”

She moaned out a “Hell yeah” and mewed over the massage she was getting from four people.

They had her sit up and Cat got a bottle of water from the mini fridge and handed it to her. “Ok, all is forgiven on your crime. Trent and Bobbi will take good care of you. I better not hear anything about that boyfriend of yours and Ying will get you started on learning the rules.” Cat instructed, and combed some tangles out of her hair with her fingers.

They let her rest a little more and got dressed. Ginger reached for her maid outfit and Bobbi stopped her, “You won’t need those where you’re going.” she stated, taking the clothes from her, while Ginger noticed the four were all dressed.

They entered the hallway and took a left. Making her drop to her knees, Bobbi had her crawl to the door with a leash on her collar. Opening the door to the rec room, Ginger was greeted with a room full of nudists with some in the act of service and others wearing collars and leashes like hers. she sat on her haunches in awe. A few eyes glanced at her and went on about their business. She was a good looking girl but no better than the ones running around naked in there. “Oh my God, they’re all naked!”

A well-kept secret at the estate, Cathleen gave her the age-old rhetoric of, “I told you so.” and guided her to Nikki. “This is a new recruit.” she explained, “Trent and Bobbi’s servant.” and introduced Ginger.

“Awesome!” she screamed, elated at the thought. “They’re a great couple. You’re going to love them.” jiggling her pierced nipples at the rookie.

“I already do!” she replied with a smile, reminiscing about the session she just had.

“Girl, you’ve already gotten a piece of them, haven’t you?” Nikki observed, looking at the redness on her body. “You’ve got to tell me what happened!” she exclaimed, leading her away from the two couples by her leash.

“They beat me and raped me all over.” Ginger said, and then added, “I hope they do it again soon.” James overheard, watching them get further away.

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