This is my first story, I hope everyone enjoys it!
My Girlfriend’s Daughter

When I started dating my girlfriend Amber, I was 22 and she was 24. She also had two daughters, Kym, who was 6, and Kathy, who was 8. Amber had gotten pregnant when she was 15 and had Kathy at 16. She and her boyfriend stayed together and she got pregnant again her senior year in high school, so they decided to get married as soon as she graduated. It didn’t last very long, and they were divorced after a few years. We met a few years later, and although I was two years younger than her, we got along really well, so the age difference didn’t seem to matter. As a matter of fact, we got along so well that after about six months, they all moved in with me and everything went well for about the first three and a half years.
Amber and I hadn’t been getting along all that well for a while and our sex life had slowed down a lot. At first I didn’t really worry about it, thinking that all couples’ love lives slow down after a couple of years and that was all that was happening to ours, but she started getting snotty over every little thing and she became increasingly cooler and more distant. Amber was now 28, worked for a software company, and was taking classes at night that would help her get a promotion at work. Since Amber was gone several nights a week at school, I was left with the responsibilities of taking care of Kym and Kathy.
Now, I have to tell you right here, that up until this time in my life I had never thought about young girls in a sexual way, and never thought I ever would. However, that changed several months after Amber’s oldest daughter, Kathy, turned 12. One night, after making dinner and helping them with homework I told them to get their showers so we could all watch a movie before they had to go to bed. Kym went first so I continued to help Kathy with her History homework. Once Kym was done I told her to get into her PJ’s and for Kathy to get into the shower so we could start the movie. When Kathy was done she went into her room to get dressed and was talking to her sister Kym. I could hear them laughing and messing around I told them to hurry up if they wanted to watch the movie. Kathy came out of her room wrapped only in a towel, and asked me if I knew were her PJ’s were. I told her that her mom had done some laundry and they were probably in the dryer. Kym was standing right behind Kathy and playfully pushed Kathy while telling her to hurry up, but when she pushed her, Kym’s hand got caught in Kathy’s towel pulling it away from Kathy, exposing her naked body to me. I hadn’t really noticed before, but Kathy was growing up fast and her body definitely showed it.
Kathy was about 5’-2”, and around 100 pounds. She had long dark brown hair and brown eyes, and was very pretty. I couldn’t help but to notice that she was starting to get curves in all of the right places and was filling out nicely. Her boobs were not huge but were a nice handful; I figured probably a “B” cup. She had nice, shapely legs that lead to an equally nice ass, a flat stomach, and her pussy was covered with a small patch of black hair that had been trimmed up nicely.
For a few seconds we all just stood there, not knowing what to do. Both mine and Kathy’s mouths were hanging open, but no words would come out; we just stood there looking at each other. I got hard immediately, but luckily I had on a pair of loose sweat pants, so I don’t think anyone noticed. Suddenly Kym burst out laughing, which brought me back to my senses, and I turned around so Kathy could get the towel wrapped back around herself. Once she had the towel back safely covering her body she turned around and smacked Kym, who was still laughing hysterically, and then burst out laughing herself.
Kathy went and got her PJ’s on and we all finally set down to watch the movie. We decided to watch “Raiders of The Lost Ark,” and the girls sat on each side of me. During the movie, every time the girls would see a snake, big spider, or something else that scared them, they would snuggle into my side and hide their faces from the TV screen. After a while, I noticed that Kathy was really snuggling up against me and had her hand on my chest. I thought that this was a little unusual, but didn’t think much about it until she began to rub my chest with her hand. I looked down at her, but she just looked at me, smiled, put her head back on my shoulder, and gave me a big hug. I couldn’t help but wonder; “is she flirting with me?” It wouldn’t take long to find out.
When the movie ended, I told the girls to go brush their teeth and get into bed, and then I’d come tuck them in. I was still thinking about how Kathy had acted during the movie and wasn’t sure if I should say anything or not, so I decided to just let it go and see what happened.
After I tucked in Kym I headed downstairs to Kathy’s room. She was in her bed and waiting for me. I usually give them a hug and a kiss on the cheek, and that’s what I expected again tonight, but when I went to kiss Kathy’s cheek, she turned and kissed me on the lips instead; nothing hard or overbearing, just a nice soft kiss that lasted a couple of seconds. Then she hugged me again and said “I love you Rick.” I sat there for a second and said, “I love you too sweetheart.”
Once I got back upstairs my mind was in a haze. I couldn’t stop thinking about Kathy standing in front of me naked, how good she looked, and how nice her kiss felt. I didn’t know how I should feel about this situation or what, if anything I should do about it. What I did know was that I was horny as hell, and needed to get some relief right now! I looked at the clock to see if I had time to jack off before Amber got home, but I didn’t think there was, so I just waited for her to get home and hoped she would be in the mood to fuck. Amber got home about 10 minutes later and after the normal chit chat, she went to check on her daughters. When she got back she said they were both fast asleep and then she headed into the bedroom to change and I followed her in.
Amber was an attractive woman, about 5’-4”, and 115 pounds. She had light brown shoulder length hair; “C” cup tits, green eyes, nice legs and ass, shaved pussy, and had a fairly flat stomach.
As for me, I’m 5’- 9”, 165 pounds, and have been told many times that I’m a very handsome man. I have a college degree, work as a logistics analyst for a local aerospace company, and make pretty good money. I do some weight training, and I’m into martial arts, and while I don’t look like a body builder, I have a nice body with a good six pack. I also have a pretty fat 7 inch dick that the women I’ve been with have always seemed to enjoy.
Amber was only wearing a t-shirt, bra, jeans, shoes, and panties, so I knew it wouldn’t take long to get her naked. I wanted to make sure she would be in the mood, so I started kissing her neck, which always gets her excited. I pulled her t-shirt over her head and reached around and cupped both of her tits with my hands and gave them a squeeze. This caused her to let out a soft moan signaling her approval. I then unhooked her bra and let it fall to the floor, and as I did this she just turned around, looked at me, and said, “Well, what’s on your mind?” I smiled and said, “I think you know!” “Really? And what got you so horny?” My mind immediately flashed back to the sight of Kathy’s naked body, causing a small smile to appear on my face, but not so noticeable as to draw her attention. “I don’t know, I guess it’s just been a while” I said.
We began kissing and I unbuttoned her pants and slid them down her legs, pulling her panties with them. I moved her to the bed and laid her down with her ass right on the edge of the mattress. I began to suck her tits and moved my hands all over her body. She started moaning now and really getting into it, so I started kissing my way down to her pussy. I slowly licked around her clit but not right on it. I wanted her orgasm to build up slowly before sending her over the edge because that always made sex with her much hotter. Amber’s legs were spread wide and her hands were on the back of my head trying to pull my mouth further into her pussy when I started to work on her clit. As I licked and sucked on her clit I inserted a finger into her pussy and rubbed her G-spot, sending her over the edge. “Oh shit, oh fuck, OOOOHH, I’m coming!!!” she screamed as she thrust her pussy up and down into my face. Her juices were flowing strong and even though I was lapping up as much of it as I could, it began to run down the crack of her ass and onto the bedspread underneath us.
When she finally started to come down from her orgasm, she grabbed my head and pulled me up to her and said, “Fuck me now!” I rubbed my rock hard cock on her dripping pussy to get it lubed up and then drove my 7 inch cock into her in one thrust. Amber let out a little yelp, but immediately began thrusting herself on my cock. I started shoving my cock in and out of her as fast and hard as I could and within just a few minutes her second orgasm hit, causing her to buck her hips even more and she started saying, “oh shit!, oh shit!,” over and over. I then put her legs over my shoulders so I could get even deeper penetration. This really put Amber over the edge and she had several more orgasms. I knew it was going to be my turn to cum soon, so I kept pumping my cock into Amber. Suddenly, Kathy’s naked body popped into my head and that was all it took…I exploded inside of Amber’s pussy shooting rope after rope of hot cum until it was running out of her pussy and down the crack of her ass. After we both calmed down, Amber said, “I don’t know what got into you tonight, but that was great!” I just smiled and said, “Yeah, it was,” and pictured Kathy’s naked body again.
Over the next few weeks, everything seemed to be pretty much normal around the house; Amber and I went to work, the girls went to school, and Amber went to her classes at night while I took care of the girls. The one thing that did seem different was the way Kathy acted towards me. She kept giving me flirty looks, big hugs, little kisses, and always wanted to sit on the couch next to me and snuggle, and even started wanting to sit on my lap. I didn’t mind her sitting on my lap, except she always wiggled around giving me a hard-on. I still didn’t know if she was doing this on purpose, but she was always smiling when she did it.
It had been about a month since I had accidently seen Kathy naked and even though she seemed to be flirting and always wanting to snuggle with me, there really hadn’t been any similar incidents, so I thought it would be just going to be a one time thing. I was wrong, VERY wrong!
It was a Friday night, and Amber went out with some friends and wouldn’t be home till very late, so it was just me and the girls. After dinner, we decided that it would be a movie night, so Kym and Kathy were going to take their showers, and I was going to make some popcorn to eat with the movie. When Kathy got done with her shower she went downstairs to her room to get her PJ’s on. Kathy yelled upstairs to me and said her light was not working and asked if I could come down and look at it. When I got down to her room, the first thing I noticed was that she still had her towel wrapped around her instead of her PJ’s, but I didn’t think too much of it because I figured she was waiting to get the light fixed so she could see. I flipped the light switch on and off a couple of times and then checked the lamp on the table. I checked the bulb and found that it was just a little loose, so I tightened it and the lamp came back on, lighting up the room. Kathy said thanks and started to walk towards me raising her arms to give me a hug, but when she did, her towel fell off and onto the floor behind her, exposing her naked body to me again. DAMN…she was beautiful! In the month since the last time I saw her naked, her boobs looked like they had grown, her hips started to get more shape to them, and she had shaved her pubic hair into one thin line that pointed directly to her young, virgin, pussy. I got hard immediately, and tried not to stare, but I couldn’t help it. To say that I wanted to fuck this young girl would have been the understatement of the year.
Finally, after what seemed like several minutes, Kathy just smiled at me and said “OOPS”, and turned around to pick up her towel. As she bent over, her pussy became completely exposed to me, and I thought I was going to blow my wad right there.
Kathy picked up her towel, wrapped back around herself, and turned back around to face me. As I tried to compose myself, I said, “Kathy, if you don’t stop this, you’re going to get me in a lot of trouble.” Kathy just smiled, gave me a big hug and said,
“Don’t worry; I would never get you into any trouble.” Then she gave me a big hug and I swear she pushed her pussy right up against my hard dick. I broke the embrace and told her that we’d better get back upstairs so we could all watch the movie. Kathy smiled and said, “OK, I’ll be up in a minute.” and went to change into her PJ’s. I went upstairs wondering what the hell was going on.
I got the movie ready and made some popcorn, but I couldn’t get Kathy off my mind. Did she really know what she was doing? Was she doing all of this on purpose? I decided to just calm down and forget about it and watch the movie.
We decided on a scary movie, and as usual, the girls sat on each side of me. Also as usual, every time there was a scary part, they would jump and then cuddle into me as hard as they could. About half way through the movie I notice Kym had fallen asleep, so I paused the movie and carried her to her bedroom and put her in bed. When I got back to the living room I noticed the Kathy had laid down with her head the arm of the couch and had covered herself with a blanket. I re-started the movie and lay on the other end of the couch and got under the blanket with Kathy so that our feet were touching. She looked up at me and smiled and readjusted herself so our legs were crossed over each others. A few minutes later I noticed Kathy was rubbing her leg up and down against mine and she was getting close to my dick. I decided to see just how far she wanted to go with this so I spread my legs a little. Within a few minutes she moved her foot and began to stroke my cock with it. I couldn’t believe it; this beautiful 12 year old girl was rubbing her foot against my rapidly hardening dick and seemed to know exactly what she was doing! Finally, I couldn’t take it anymore, so I looked at her and said, “Are you having fun?” Kathy just smiled and said, “uh huh.” Holy shit! She did know exactly what she was doing! She was being a world class tease, and loving every minute of it. I decided it was time to turn the table on her and said, “well let’s see how you like it then” and moved my foot under her night shirt and started rubbing my foot on her panty covered pussy. As soon as my foot touched her pussy, she spread her legs, moaned, and said, “Ummm, that feels good.” I couldn’t believe this was happening, but I liked it, and it DID feel good, so neither of us stopped, and I could feel the moisture from her pussy making her panties very wet.
Finally, the movie ended, so I told her it was probably time for her go to bed. She gave me a pouty face and said, “I guess.” She got up to go to her room and I told her I’d be down in just a minute. I still couldn’t believe what had just happened. My girlfriend’s 12 year old daughter had pretty much just spent the last half hour or so jacking me off with her foot while I massaged her pussy with mine. It had totally turned me on, and I was horny as hell.
I went downstairs to Kathy’s room to say goodnight, thinking I’d give her a quick hug and kiss and get back to my room to have good jack off session while fantasizing about Kathy and her hot little body, but it didn’t go quite like that. When I got to her room, Kathy was in bed, like normal, with the covers pulled up to her chin. I gave her a quick hug but when I went to kiss her cheek, she turned and kissed me on the lips again, but this time she also stuck her tongue in my mouth and gave me a real kiss. I started to pull away but she had her hands behind my neck and wouldn’t let me go, so I began to kiss her back. I kept thinking, “Damn…this girl really knows how to kiss!” When our lips finally parted, I said, “Kathy, you know we can’t do this. If anyone ever found out, I’d go to prison for the next 20 years.” Kathy said, “Rick, I know this is supposed to be wrong, but I can’t help it. I want you so bad! And I swear, I will NEVER, EVER, say anything to anyone, no matter what happens.” Then she leaned up and kissed me again, and I noticed she was naked under the covers. As we kissed, she took my hand and placed it on her bare breast and than started massaging my dick through my sweat pants. I was in deep shit, and I knew it, and my resolve was leaving quickly.
As we kissed, I massaged her boobs. They were so perfectly round, firm, smooth, had perfect nipples, and there was absolutely no droop to them. They may not have been the biggest tits, but they were as perfect as any tits I had ever seen. I broke the kiss and leaned down and sucked one of her tits into my mouth causing her to let out a loud moan. I swirled my tongue around the nipple making it go hard instantly. I then laid her back on the bed and began to alternate between sucking and massaging her boobs. After a few minutes of this, I began to kiss my way down her stomach to her pussy. She had the most beautiful pussy I had ever seen. The only pubic hair she had was a thin strip right above her pussy lips, and her outer lips were fat and smooth, with no inner lips showing. She was soaking wet and smelled fantastic. I began to kiss all around her pussy; her upper thighs, her pussy mound, and finally I ran my tongue right up the middle, splitting her pussy lips, and causing her to gasp loudly. I continued to lick her and then inserted a finger into her very tight virgin pussy, making her cry out, “Oh God, yes!” She kept moaning and moving her hips up and down, so I kept fingering her and decided it was time to go after her clit. The moment I hit her clit, it was like she was hit with a charge of electricity and began to swear; “shit, damn, shit!” Suddenly, she cried out, “Oh God, don’t stop, I’m going to cum!” Then she thrust her hips up to me and went stiff. She was cuming and cuming hard! After a few minutes, she calmed down a little, and said, “Damn, I have never ever cum like that before.” Then she took my hand and pulled me down to her and said, “Make love to me, please!”
I couldn’t have said no if I wanted to. But then again, I didn’t want to say no. I didn’t know what it was, but something inside me changed that night. I went from loving this child, to being in love with this beautiful young woman, and all I wanted to do was be with her.
I stood up and took off my clothes, and for the first time, Kathy could see my raging hard on. I said, “Are you sure about this? It’s going to hurt for the first few minutes.” Kathy just nodded yes, but never took her eyes off of my dick. I said ok, and then laid down on top Kathy, who willingly spread her legs for me. We kissed some more while I rubbed my cock up and down on Kathy’s pussy to get it nice and lubricated.
“Are you ready?” I said.
Kathy smiled and said, “Yes.”
I slowly started to push into Kathy’s pussy and when the head popped in she let out a little gasp. I pushed in a little more and then pulled it back out, each time going a little further into her virgin pussy, until I hit her hymen. “Last chance” I said. Kathy looked at me and said, “It’s ok, go ahead.” So I pulled my dick back one more time and gave a hard push, ripping through her hymen, and burying about 5 of my 7 inches into her pussy. She cried out a little but seemed to take it pretty well. I stayed still for several minutes letting her get used to a dick being in her for the first time, and then slowly started moving in and out of her. After just a few strokes I had all 7 inches into her and she was beginning to move with me. I started to pick up the pace and Kathy kept right up with me. Kathy seemed to be getting wetter and wetter, so it made going in and out of her easier, but her pussy was still tight as hell. But it also felt great. Kathy began to moan, and then said, “Oh my God! Rick, this feels soooo good! I want to make love to you forever.” I kissed her and said, “Me too!” After only a few minutes I could tell she was getting ready to cum again. She was moving her hips more and moaning louder, and I was thinking that it was a good thing that her sister was sleeping upstairs otherwise Kathy’s moans would have woken Kym up for sure. About a minute later Kathy started bucking her hips harder and said, “Oh shit, I’m Cuming!!!” Then she shoved her pelvic bone against mine and went stiff. I stayed still until she started coming down and then began pumping in and out of her again. I can usually last for quite a while before I cum, but with all of the excitement and Kathy’s tight pussy, I knew it wasn’t going to be much longer before I came. I knew Kathy hadn’t started having her periods yet, so it should be safe to cum in her, but I wanted to see if I could get her to cum one more time. I sped up the pace and started going faster and harder and angling my dick a little different to put more pressure on her clit. It must have worked because she started breathing heavier, moaning louder, and bucking her hips harder again. That was about all I could take and I started to feel the cum boiling up in my balls. I told Kathy that I was going to cum, and she said, “Oh my God, me too!” That was it. I pushed as far into Kathy’s pussy as I could get and exploded rope after rope of my sticky cum. I don’t think I had ever came that hard and felt like I’d never stop Cuming. This sent Kathy over the edge as well and she screamed, “Oh Shit! I’m Cuming again!” and then went stiff again and pushed her pussy up against me hard.
We lay there together panting until my softening dick slipped out of Kathy’s dripping wet pussy. I slid off and lay beside her. As we held each other and kissed, I thought about what had just happened. I just made love with my girlfriend’s 12 year old daughter, and I didn’t know how to feel about it. On one hand, I was scared to death that someone was going to find out about this and I’d spend the next 20 years in prison. But on the other hand, it was the most tender and loving sexual experience I had ever had, and Kathy had made me feel more loved, and more special, than any other woman I had ever been with. I knew we shouldn’t be doing this, and that it should all stop right here and now, but I really didn’t know if I could, or even if I wanted it to stop. There was something special about Kathy. I didn’t know what it was, but I could feel it, and I knew that as crazy and improbable as it sounded, I wanted to spend the rest of my life with her.

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