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My version of Japanese rape porn. Contains rape but is only fiction so don't have a cow ;-) or don't read if it aint your thang
The Molestation Of Miss Miyagi
By rutger5 An Original (& Twisted) Story (Copyright 2013)

The pretty young woman finished what she was writing on the blackboard and turned to her students. Just as she was about to speak the bell sounded, signaling the end to the period.

“Okay students, that is all for today. Remember we will be having a quiz on what we learned today in two days time. So be sure to all study hard the next two nights.”

“Yes Miss Miyagi” the class said in unison.

“You may go now” she replied.

They all rose from their seats and bowed before gathering up their school supplies and bags and then exiting the classroom. The first year teacher stood at her desk and began to go over the material for her next class that would be beginning shortly. Mai Miyagi felt a bit overwhelmed by her heavy workload but she also knew she’d been very fortunate in obtaining a teaching position at the prestigious private academy.

Considering that she graduated from an unheralded private university, albeit at the top of her class, she’d been quite surprised when the application she had sent here had been accepted. There had also been an offer from a school much closer to home which would have allowed her to not relocate and remain with her family instead. Though she considered accepting that position to stay with her aging parents the opportunity to move to Tokyo and prove herself worthy won out in the end. If she was successful she would be able to have her choice of positions later, including moving back to her home prefecture if that’s what she wished.

But for now she struggled to find her feet while also adjusting to life in the big city. Most nights Mai felt lonely as she knew almost no one outside of school and she battled homesickness constantly. While the other staff members at the school had always been polite to the young teacher, none had gone beyond that.

Mai was so caught up in her work that she didn’t notice two of her students lingering at the doorway, looking her way and whispering to each other. Finally they departed as some students began to arrive for the next class. The two of them seemed to be a mismatched pair, at least physically, as they walked down the corridor.

Kenji Suzuki had it all going for him in life. He was tall, handsome, athletic and the captain of the school soccer team while his companion Hideki Tanaka was short and overweight with average looks at best. The two entered the school cafeteria and once they saw who they were seeking they headed to his table and sat. Ichiro Sato greeted them after which they began to talk together in hushed tones.

“So are we still going to go through with this later today?” Ichiro excitedly inquired of his co-conspirators.

“Of course we are. No turning back until victory is obtained and vengeance is ours” answered Hideki, his pale face reddening with anger as he thought of the injustice inflicted upon them.

Kenji laughed at his companion and how serious he was about it all. He’d enthusiastically agreed to the proposal when he first heard it; but to him vengeance wasn’t the main reason. Not that she didn’t deserve to receive the comeuppance they were going to bestow on her. Here she was, some nobody from the sticks, yet she had the temerity to punish both he and Hideki for something that was commonly done at the academy.

Between athletics, academics and his busy social life something had to give. So he’d paid Hideki to write his report for him and he should have received a high mark. Instead Miss Miyagi had recognized Hideki’s handwriting. In retrospect he should have just copied it over himself before turning it in but it was now too late for that. The fact that he’d received a failing grade on the report could be expected but when she also gave Hideki’s report one as well it had been too much. Hideki had been an honors student since he first started school and the black mark on his record filled the young scholar with unreasoning rage.

Since it had happened a month ago Hideki had been livid and all he did was dream of revenge. Then the idea came to him one night when he was on the internet watching porn and masturbating. Being extremely intelligent he knew it would be easier if he had assistance and truth be told he was something of a coward. So he came to Kenji with his plan for revenge.

Kenji found the whole idea intriguing, especially because it was Miss Miyagi. From the first time he had laid eyes on her, he had desired her and this plan would accomplish that while also teaching her a lesson in humility. He agreed on the condition that his best friend Ichiro be allowed to be a part of it. Kenji was sure Ichiro would be enthusiastic as he often fantasized about such things and here was a chance to make it real.

Ichiro had jumped at the offer and they began to plot it out. Between the three of them they conducted surveillance to decide where the best place to carry out their plans was. That included following Miss Miyagi home to her apartment but since she rented from a family that lived downstairs they decided against doing it there. The chances of something going wrong were too great to risk.

Then they discovered that Miss Miyagi stayed late most days to grade papers and do other preparation work. Sometimes she would work into the early evening before leaving to catch her train so they decided it was the perfect place. It would also be symbolic to do it in the classroom where she had punished them; a case of poetic justice Hideki felt.

“So is everything ready?” Ichiro asked.

“Yes. The ‘supplies’ are in a backpack in my locker” Kenji replied “and Hideki has made sure that the custodian is on board.”

“Correct. Mr. Takahashi has received payment, except for his ‘bonus’ which he’ll claim after we’re done” Hideki said with a malevolent grin.

“Okay then. We’ll meet at my locker at the end of the school day” Kenji said.

School had been out for an hour and the three conspirators waited outside the locked side door of the school building. Hideki was pacing and looking at his watch impatiently every few seconds. The other two, while just as eager showed no outward signs but stood quietly. Then without a sound the door swung open on well oiled hinges and old Mr. Takahashi beckoned them in. Like three spirits they glided into the dimly lit staircase and followed the school custodian up the steps to the third floor. Producing a key the old man unlocked the door to the corridor and ushered them through.

“There’s no one else left in this section of the building” he told the students with a wink “so the coast is clear. Have fun and I’ll be waiting.”

“Good man” Hideki replied as he slapped the man on his shoulder. “Here is a gift to help you pass the time.”

From his jacket pocket Hideki produced a bottle of fine plum wine and handed it to the custodian. The old man grinned appreciatively at the present as he took it. Not waiting, he pulled off the top and took a big swallow before giving a thumb’s up.

The three were by then already filing down the hall in single file with Hideki in the lead, followed by Kenji and Ichiro right behind. As soon as they drew near to the classroom they slipped on the identical black ski masks. Kenji now took the lead, as of the three he was the natural leader as well as being the most athletic. Silently he slid the door to the classroom to the side and peered inside.

Miss Miyagi sat at one of the student desks as she graded some exams from one of her classes. Since her desk was higher and had no chair she found it more convenient to use a student desk as she did this. She was so engrossed in her task that it was doubtful she would have heard them even if they’d made a sound which they didn’t.

Kenji crept in first with Hideki right behind. Ichiro slid the door shut as he brought up the rear. The first indication that something was wrong was when Miss Miyagi felt a hand touch her shoulder. She turned only to be confronted by three figures. Each was wearing the regulation school uniform but also black ski masks with a hole for each eye as well as one for the mouth.

Before she could move or even scream a hand was clamped over her mouth stifling her cry. Kenji dragged her from the seat with an arm around her tiny waist while he kept his hand pressed firmly on her lips. He pulled her body against his as she struggled futilely against the strong young athlete. One of her hands attempted to pull his off her mouth so she could call for help but she was unable to budge it.

A second later she had something new to worry about as Hideki took hold of her white cotton blouse and yanked on it. Buttons went flying in all directions as it opened down to where Kenji’s arm was wrapped around her. Her eyes shifted to the attacker who had just done this and to her horror she saw in his other hand he held a camera that was pointed her way.

Mai redoubled her efforts to free herself but she was no more successful. By now she felt Kenji’s growing bulge pressing into her ass as he ground his loins into her firm buttocks. Then Ichiro took hold of her wrist that was up by her mouth and pulled it down and away. His other hand reached out and grabbed her breast through the material of her plain white bra. He was surprised at how it was so soft and yet firm at the same time.

Ichiro continued to squeeze it and a second later Hideki pawed at her other breast. The two students looked at each other and came to an unspoken agreement. The next instant they both pulled down hard on the fabric of the brassiere freeing the young teacher’s shapely breasts. Hideki then took her nipple between his thumb and forefinger and twisted it cruelly. Mai cried out in pain but her voice was muffled by the hand of Kenji.

A second later for the first time in his life Ichiro’s mouth tasted a woman’s breast. Through this all, Kenji humped against her and she felt his rigid shaft rubbing between the crack of her ass cheeks. The whole time the camera remained focused on her and she saw the red light that indicated it was recording.

Suddenly as if there had been a signal they released her breasts simultaneously. While Hideki continued to film her writhing helplessly in Kenji’s grasp Ichiro rummaged through the backpack on the floor. He straightened up with something in his hand and moved behind Miss Miyagi.

While Kenji continued to hold her Ichiro pulled one of her arms back and attached a bondage style cuff to her wrist. Realizing what was happening she tried to prevent them from getting hold of her other wrist but was unable to stop it. Soon she was bound with her hands imprisoned behind her body at which time Kenji pushed his muscular leg into the back of her knees.

Unable to catch her balance Miss Miyagi fell to her knees on the hard classroom floor. Now the three attackers stood in a semi circle in front of her and began to undo their pants. She attempted to crawl away but Ichiro seized her by the shoulder and held her where she was. The other two continued removing their pants, underwear and shoes. Once he finished, Kenji took hold of the pretty, raven haired teacher which gave Ichiro a chance to remove his pants as well.

Kenji pushed his hard member by Miss Miyagi’s painted lips but she turned her face away and the mushroom head brushed against her cheek instead. However that didn’t help her any, as by turning from Kenji she only turned toward Hideki who now pushed his blunt weapon toward her mouth. Miss Miyagi refused to yield as the three students kept trying to get her to open her mouth and welcome them inside.

Finally becoming frustrated by her intransigence, Hideki whispered an idea to the others. Without warning Kenji again clamped his hand over Miss Miyagi’s mouth; this time making sure she couldn’t breathe through it. His other hand took hold of her neck and began to apply pressure. At the same time Ichiro used his thumb and forefinger to pinch her nose shut completing the trap. During this Hideki continued to film as he stroked his erection.

Mai panicked when she felt her air supply cut off and thrashed about trying to get free. But her strength was no match against the two young men who held her, even if her hands hadn’t been bound behind her. Slowly she felt herself becoming faint when Kenji unexpectedly let go of her mouth though he continued to squeeze her neck some.

Still that allowed some oxygen to get through and Miss Miyagi opened her mouth and gasped for air. Seizing his chance Ichiro forced his erection into her mouth. He kept his fingers pinching her nose so she had to keep her mouth open. During this Kenji used his now free hand to push Miss Miyagi’s head forward so that she took more of Ichiro’s erection. It felt so good Ichiro thought as he thrust deeper into the teacher until his balls slapped into her chin.

He almost couldn’t believe this was really happening. Ever since he first had sexual thoughts this was what he most desired. It was the only type of porn he masturbated to - school girls being groped and forced on the train or wives being molested as their husbands slept nearby or his favorite when female teachers were raped by their students. And now it was actually happening to him.

More than once he’d stalked potential prey hoping to get a chance to live out his dark schoolboy fantasies. One time he was about to actually do it; there was a young girl who lived down the street from him and he planned to kidnap her from her yard and drag her off. Then at the last minute a neighbor appeared and spooked Ichiro, making him slink off into the darkness.

And now he was forcing his hard dick into Miss Miyagi’s wet mouth. It was all too much for Ichiro to take. He grabbed her black hair and pulled her closer as he exploded. He unleashed a figurative tsunami of ejaculate in her mouth as years worth of pent up desire was released.

Even if she had wanted to swallow it down there was no way Miss Miyagi could have kept up as he flooded her mouth with cum. With a satisfied groan he pulled free of her mouth which caused some of the thick white fluid to run down her chin and from there to cascade onto her exposed breasts. The last bit remaining in him then shot out and landed on her face. Ichiro then let go of her nose and stepped back satisfied.

Not waiting an instant Hideki moved to where Ichiro had been and pushed his dick to her mouth. Knowing by now that resistance was futile Miss Miyagi opened her mouth as he slid in and she just hoped it would be over soon. He grabbed her head and pushed it up and down on his erection. While he did this he kept the camera focused on her mouth engulfing his erection. Hideki had never known such pleasure before and it was heightened by both the fact he was getting revenge and that he was filming it at the same time.

A few minutes later when he knew he was about to cum Hideki withdrew from her mouth and stroked himself rapidly. He moaned loudly as the white fluid splattered against her face and hair, coating it with the fruits of his lust. The camera did shake a bit as he came but it still captured most of the depraved scene.

Kenji now took his place and by now the fight was gone from Miss Miyagi. She meekly knelt there with her mouth open and waited for the next assault. Kenji took hold of her hair with both hands and thrust hard and fast into her open mouth. Though he was the only one of the three who had experience and wasn’t a virgin he still didn’t last much longer than they had. Watching them use her had greatly excited him and the fact that it was the beautiful Miss Miyagi whose mouth was on his erection was more than enough.

Soon she was receiving Kenji’s cum in her mouth. When he was finished he removed his slimy dick from between her painted red lips. If Mai thought her ordeal was now over she was very mistaken. No sooner had Kenji finished coming than he and Ichiro took her under her shoulders and dragged her up to her feet. Her muscles were like jelly and she would have fallen if the students hadn’t held her upright.

They dragged her to a desk and lifted and placed her on top of it on her back with her bound hands and arms trapped beneath. Once she was in place Ichiro held her there helplessly while Kenji moved to between her legs which hung off the desk. Of course Hideki stood and continued to film his glorious revenge.

Kenji then raised her knee length skirt to her waist revealing Miss Miyagi’s Hello Kitty™ panties. Realizing what they intended to do next, she once again tried to resist and managed to clamp her thighs together. But with Ichiro holding her body she was unable to prevent Hideki and Kenji from taking a leg each and spreading them wide apart.

Next Kenji pulled her panties to the side exposing her hairy little kitty. Wetting a finger in his mouth he brought it down and put it by the entrance to her hole. Miss Miyagi cried out in pain as he roughly pushed it inside her and forced it deep. She was extremely tight to begin with and with no natural lubrication it hurt her, not that Kenji cared. Instead he continued to slide his finger in and out and once she loosened up a little he put a second finger inside her.

After a minute of this he pulled his fingers free and went to the backpack where he removed a tube of lubricant. First he squirted some on her pink inner lips before handing the tube to Hideki who coated his erection with the viscous fluid after first passing the camera to Ichiro.

“Please, no! You don’t have to do this. Just stop” she begged her masked assailants.

For an answer Hideki took hold of his member and while continuing to keep hold of her leg he stepped directly in front of Miss Miyagi. He waited until Kenji grabbed her by the throat freeing Ichiro to focus the camera on their pelvises. Smiling evilly, Hideki forced himself into Mai’s womanhood. Her cry of anguish was cut short as Kenji tightened his grip on her throat.

Now taking hold of her other leg as well, Hideki pumped in and out of her. In one act he gained his vengeance while also discarding his virginity. The fact that he did this to his hated enemy who was also so beautiful filled him with pride. His fingers cruelly dug into her tender flesh leaving marks as he used her for his enjoyment. For he’d never in his life experienced such earthly delight. The way her tight kitty clung to him, squeezing his entire length. And it felt so soft and hot on his skin.

Hideki wanted to last longer, to prolong both his pleasure and her pain. But her tight sheath was too much for his untested blade. With a strangled cry he pulled out of her just in time. Within a second his seed erupted from him to land first on the outside of her violated kitty and once he aimed it properly to end up on her stomach and Hello Kitty™ panties.

This was the final straw for Mai. The earlier assaults, physical and oral, had terrified and humiliated the teacher but this latest one caused her to become numb as her mind shut down. When Kenji then pushed his member between her lips and deep into her mouth she didn’t react except to open wider. He literally fucked her face as he held Miss Miyagi’s head with one hand while his other remained on her throat.

Once Hideki recovered sufficiently from his orgasm he took back his camera from Ichiro who now moved into place between her parted legs. While Kenji continued his oral assault, Ichiro was the next to lose his virginity as he too forced his manhood into Miss Miyagi. He lasted an even shorter time, barely a minute before he too pulled out and came on the captive teacher. The culmination of living out his years long twisted fantasy proved too much for his youthful ardor. But much like Hideki before him, the sensation of actually being inside the silky treasure of Mai Miyagi would have been enough on its own.

Now it was Kenji’s turn. First he pulled his hard member from her mouth and with satisfaction noted that it was wet from her saliva. He let go of her head and neck and moved into place and once there he raised both her legs and placed them against his broad shoulders. Then he gripped his shaft and worked it in. As soon as his head sank between her pink lips Kenji reached around Miss Miyagi’s legs and palmed her full breasts.

He played with her puffy nipples as his shaft sank to its limit. Learning from how his friends had done, Kenji started nice and slow as he worked his full length in, before just as slowly pulling it back. However the longer he went, the faster he thrust his hips and he also now knew the pleasure of Miss Miyagi’s soft kitty.

But her utter lack of response to their coupling bothered the young athlete. The reason he had gone along with this was to enjoy Miss Miyagi carnally but her seeming indifference to his efforts angered him. His fingers now painfully squeezed her nipples trying to provoke a reaction from her and when that proved unsuccessful he moved his hands from her breasts and grabbed the back of her neck.

Tilting her head up he stared into her eyes as the speed of his thrusting continued to increase. Though Miss Miyagi’s eyes were open they seemed to see nothing and stared vacantly ahead but Kenji was captivated by her exquisite beauty. ‘Miss Miyagi’ his mind cried out silently as he felt his orgasm approach and he barely withdrew his member in time before spewing his semen onto her violated body.

When his body returned to normal after his thundering climax Kenji high-fived his companions before lowering her legs to the desk. They walked a little bit away from the desk and began to watch the playback feature of the camera; reliving what had just happened.

Suddenly regaining her senses Mai saw an opportunity to escape from their clutches while they were distracted. She drew her body into a ball and managed to bring her restrained hands past her legs and to the front of her body with little difficulty. That was to be expected from someone who had been a gymnast while a student. Mai’s athletic career was cut short when a late growth spurt came making her breasts too big to realistically compete but her body still remained lithe and flexible.

As soon as her hands were in front of her body Miss Miyagi made her break for it. She rolled off the desk on the side closest to the door, landing painfully on her knees. However she quickly regained her feet and dashed for the door. Her attackers were slow to react as they never expected it and at first they got in each other’s way.

That allowed Mai to slide the classroom door open and she had the presence of mind to shut it after her which would necessitate her attackers doing the same. She sprinted down the hallway and as she did she yelled for help. Behind her came the sound of footsteps as Kenji had gained the hall and was now pursuing her in his socks.

An intersecting corridor was fast approaching when Miss Miyagi took a quick peek behind her to ascertain the distance between them so she never saw the figure step out from around the bend. Her head turned forward right before he lunged at her and at the close distance she was unable to stop in time or take any evasive action.

Miss Miyagi only caught a glimpse of a muscled male body wearing a simple black kimono that hung open with no belt revealing his large, rampant erection. But it was his head she noticed in the split second before they collided for he was wearing a Japanese demon mask.

Then their bodies came together and she was lifted as easily as a babe and thrown over his shoulder. Without stopping he began to move in the direction she had come from. Miss Miyagi heard the pursuing figure approaching but she was unable to see her new captor shake an admonishing finger at Kenji.

The student hung his masked head in shame as he knew they had made a grave error in allowing her to escape. If she had run in another direction then it was possible she might have escaped and then who knows what the result might be. Luckily for them she’d gone in the direction where Mr. Takahashi had been waiting and preparing. Kenji allowed the man to pass and fell in behind him just in case Miss Miyagi managed to get free again but it was unlikely with the custodian holding her tightly.

As he carried her the older man couldn’t help but to run his hand along the smooth, bare skin of her leg while holding her with the other hand. Miss Miyagi barely felt it as she was now plunged back into black despair. She had been so close to getting away and now she was being brought back to her classroom by some new and terrifying captor. A minute later they were back in the room where Mr. Takahashi unceremoniously dumped her to the floor on her posterior.

“Do you think you can prevent her from getting away this time?” he asked the students in a slightly condescending tone.

The embarrassed students nodded as they stood by the captive teacher.

“Since I did some of your work you can return the favor” came the distorted voice from behind the demon mask. “Get her on her feet and bent over this desk” he ordered while pointing to one.

Trying to redeem themselves the students soon had Miss Miyagi in position and both Ichiro and Kenji held her there. Hideki continued to film during this time which Mr. Takahashi noted.

“You are the official cinematographer, eh boy? Very interesting. Perhaps I have work for you.”

After saying that the custodian approached the helpless Miss Miyagi. Taking hold of her blouse, which had remained hanging on her arms during everything due to it not being able to slip past her cuffed hands, Mr. Takahashi began to tear it into strips. Once he had enough for his purpose he stood in front of her and unfastened one of the cuffs. First he wrapped the cloth strip around her wrist before tying it to desk leg and he repeated the process with her other wrist as well.

Mr. Takahashi then moved behind her and his fingers sought out the zipper to her skirt. He yanked down the zipper before pulling her skirt down to the floor after which time he secured her ankles to the desk also. After inspecting his handiwork to confirm she was tightly bound he tossed the now unused bondage cuffs to Kenji.

“You two students are dismissed” he said with a chuckle. “You however shall remain” he ordered Hideki.

The old man waited until they departed at which time he slipped the kimono off and stood right before the bound and bent over Miss Miyagi. He took her head with one hand as his other stroked his ready erection.

“Since you wish to dress and act like a westernized whore that is how you shall be treated” his voice boomed from beneath the mask. “Starting with you sucking me.”

His strong hand then squeezed her jaw prompting Miss Miyagi to open wide. He drove it to the back of her mouth easily though more still remained outside; for Mr. Takahashi was both longer and thicker in dimension than the students were. He never stopped but kept going until he had forced the head and top part of his shaft into her throat and his hairy, heavy balls to her chin.

Miss Miyagi started to choke and gag on his thick manhood at which time he pulled out allowing her to cough up some saliva. Once she stopped he forced his full length in again and this time he literally fucked her throat for a minute until she again gagged.

This happened a few times but no matter what he did in regards to taking it easier; his size was just too much for Miss Miyagi to handle. With a disgusted grunt the masked custodian again withdrew and this time he moved to the side of her body though he looked in Hideki’s direction.

“Did you capture all that?” he asked the student to which Hideki nodded yes.

Nodding his approval Mr. Takahashi then tore her Hello Kitty™ panties above each leg hole and pulled them from her. Under his mask he smiled as he forced the cum soiled undergarment into her mouth and tied it in place with another strip from her blouse. Now that she was properly gagged Mr. Takahashi went to work on the young teacher.

One of his hands slid under her body and groped her breast. With consummate skill he played with her nipple and it soon stood at attention. He then moved to the other while his second hand reached behind her where his finger probed her womanly folds. As soon as her second nipple hardened he tweaked it once sending a wave of pleasure to her nerve endings before releasing it.

That hand now crept down her body, past her stomach and navel and brushed against her silky pubic hair until it reached her hidden pearl. He began to gently stroke it with his fingertip while at the same time driving two fingers into her recently violated kitty. Miss Miyagi squirmed about but she was unable to escape his questing hands, bound as she was to the desk. He leaned forward so his head was near hers and started to whisper.

“Your body is quite delightful and I shall greatly enjoy using it for my needs. But there’s no reason you can’t enjoy it as well. Don’t worry about whether it’s right or wrong as you have no say in the matter; so just relax and I’ll do the work.”

His words seemed to have the opposite effect on her and she vainly struggled against her bonds but Mr. Takahashi had done an excellent job in binding her. He ignored her efforts and continued instead to rub her pearl and slide his fingers in her tight channel making sure to stimulate her g-spot. In spite of being unwilling, Miss Miyagi’s body was beginning to betray her as she felt herself moistening and he noticed it as well. Unlike her earlier attackers, Mr. Takahashi was a skilled and experienced practitioner of the carnal arts and he brought all his considerable talents to bear upon her.

“Ah, I can see you are starting to respond Miss Miyagi. That is good, don’t fight me but let yourself go. You are getting so wet down there. Soon I will fill your lovely lotus with my hard stem.”

She let out a muffled cry that was equal parts anguish and pleasure but he ignored it and kept working his talented fingers. Then without warning he pulled them away from her. Miss Miyagi felt a momentary sense of relief but it soon vanished. Bending down he fumbled about his kimono then rose with his arm raised triumphantly.

“Do you know what this is Miss Miyagi?” the demon head asked, holding a small device in the palm of his hand which he showed to her. “This is the Fukuoku 9000, the most powerful state of the art finger vibrator. You are about to become intimately acquainted with its capabilities.”

As he said this he slipped it on the forefinger of his right hand and stepped right behind her. Mr. Takahashi slid two fingers from his left hand into her tight chitsu as his other hand again sought out her hidden pearl. This time when he found it he was delivering 9,000 vibrations per minute. When it contacted her love button Mai started to thrash about trying to avoid it connecting to her most sensitive place but was unable to prevent it.

No matter what Mai did to try and ignore or tune out what was happening to her, the 9,000 pulses a minute proved too much to overcome. The fact that Mr. Takahashi was also again fingering her g-spot with each movement of his hand only added to her dilemma. In spite of not wanting it to happen Miss Miyagi soon felt her young body wracked by the most powerful orgasm she had ever experienced in her life.

She let out a muffled high pitched cry while her whole body shook and trembled in the throes of an earth shattering climax. Her womanhood gushed a copious amount of fluid that flowed past her attacker’s fingers and ran down her trembling thighs in tiny rivulets. Mr. Takahashi let out a booming laugh in reaction to her body betraying her and instead of stopping he sped up his fingers.

In the next five minutes Miss Miyagi experienced two more mind blowing orgasms leaving her a quivering wreck. Finally when she thought she couldn’t take any more Mr. Takahashi removed his fingers from inside her which allowed even more of her juices to escape. He then moved his vibrating finger off her swollen pearl and switched it off before removing it.

Her body was just beginning to recover when Mai felt his hard maleness start to rub against her inner lips. It slid their length and with each movement the mushroom head collided with her now overly sensitive pearl sending waves of pleasure radiating across her body. He teased her like this for a while until without warning he slid his thick root into her.

Mai cried out as he filled her to the depths of her channel with one mighty thrust, going deeper than any man ever had before. Mr. Takahashi took hold of her hips with both hands as he slowly worked his member in and out of her violated flower. He timed his breathing to his thrusts so they were in perfect harmony with one another and focused his concentration on both giving and receiving pleasure.

Miss Miyagi’s tight wetness clung to his shaft as he moved in her, never stopping totally but instead smoothly sliding fully in until reaching his limit. Then without a pause his length would move out until only the large head remained in her pink flower before beginning the process anew.

She let out a number of high pitched moans, unique to Japanese women, as the custodian’s driving thickness worked them both to a frenzy of lust. Each time he buried his root, his ball sac made contact with her pearl pushing her closer until finally Miss Miyagi shuddered as she was forced to yet another orgasm.

When her sheath tightened on him Mr. Takahashi allowed himself to cum. He felt his seed flow up his root and discharge into her as he continued to thrust deeply until no more spewed. Only then did he pull his blade free of her clinging blossom.

After he had withdrawn he directed Hideki who had filmed it all to focus on her soft pink lips. Soon a drop of white emerged from her violated flower and it was followed by more as his sperm flowed from her. Mr. Takahashi gathered together his belongings and finally he undid the bonds that held her in place. Her used and exhausted body sank to the floor where she curled up in a ball. Hideki followed Mr. Takahashi to the corridor at which time the old man turned to him.

“The camera, boy” was all he said.

Reluctantly the student handed it to the custodian.

“Thank you. You may go now.”

“But my camera, it is very expensive and a gift from my parents.”

“Don’t worry about that. I shall return it tomorrow to you. But first I must remove what you filmed today. You could cause quite a lot of harm with it so its better this way. You gained your revenge and it is over. Do you understand?”

“Yes sir” Hideki replied, after which he turned to go. Mr. Takahashi smiled beneath the mask as he watched him leave before himself departing.

It took Miss Miyagi some time before she was sufficiently recovered to move but finally she stirred. With trembling hands she dressed the best she was able to though her panties and blouse were ruined. She put on her skirt and adjusted her brassiere before standing on shaky legs. Luckily there was no one to see her as she made her way to the teacher’s locker room where she put a light jacket on over her bra.

When she finally made it home the family she rented from asked her over for dinner but she begged off, saying she still had work she had to complete. Instead she drew a hot bath and sank her violated body into the steaming water and soaked until the water turned cold.

The next day she called in sick as she was unable to face returning to her classroom so soon and instead wandered the city in a daze as she tried to figure out what her next course of action should be. Miss Miyagi finally decided that she would try to forget about what happened and resume her life as if everything was normal. She didn’t wish to be driven from her job and the city, though she also decided to never stay late at school again.

The following morning when she arrived Miss Miyagi did her best to act normally, greeting students and faculty alike with her customary and cheerful good morning. During class she had a few moments where she lost focus as she wondered if her attackers were sitting before her. But she quickly recovered and resumed the instruction of her students.

At last her lunch period arrived so Miss Miyagi started in the direction of the faculty lounge. While she walked down the corridor she noticed the elderly custodian sweeping the floor in front of her. She started to walk around him when he turned in her direction and spoke.

“Miss, may I have a word?” he asked in a voice barely above a whisper.

Miss Miyagi stopped though she wondered why today he wished to speak with her. She had noticed this man since she began to teach at the academy, always quietly toiling in the background but this was the first time he had said anything to her.

“Certainly Mr. uh…”

“Takahashi, ma’am. Mr. Takahashi is my name. I was hoping you could do me a favor and look at something I found. I think you will find it quite interesting.”

“All right Mr. Takahashi” Miss Miyagi replied though she hoped whatever it was wouldn’t take long as she was hungry and wished to eat.

“Thank you Miss” he said as he leaned the broom against the wall before reaching into the pocket of his coveralls.

He produced a mobile phone and fumbled with it for a moment, as if he was unfamiliar with how to work it. Then he seemed to find what he was looking for as he smiled and gestured for her to look as he turned it her way. Miss Miyagi’s blood ran cold when she saw it, for displayed on the screen was a picture of her face with a hard penis between her lips as she sucked it. She tried to turn away when he seized her wrist with an iron grip.

“Wait Miss Miyagi, there is one more I want you to see” he told her in a voice now loud and commanding and against her will she turned back.

His finger pressed the phone and the picture changed to one of her well used chitsu with thick white fluid oozing out of it. The man now had a broad grin on his face as he addressed her.

“Miss Miyagi, you are not from Tokyo originally, I believe?”

“No, I’m from Ikeda, in Fukui Prefecture” she answered as she fought to keep from crying.

“Yes that’s correct. I remember reading that in your personnel file after our recent pleasurable interlude. I also recall you are an only child and your parents are your only close relatives.”

“Y-y-yes, that is true.”

“I would hate for them to find out how their daughter conducts herself in the big city, spreading her legs for all takers. Nowadays with the internet such things can be spread far and wide and I’m sure that would be devastating to them. It would be a tragedy for them to lose face over their daughter’s scandalous conduct. Of course there is no need for them to find this out but that is up to you.”

“What do you want?” she asked meekly, knowing that she was defeated.

“Not much really. Just a little something to brighten the day of an old man. My office is located in the basement. I expect you to be there in five minutes ready to accommodate whatever my desire is today and every day actually. From now on during your lunch period you will report there. Do you understand?”

“Yes. I understand.”

“Good, I’ll see you soon” he told her as he picked up the broom and headed off.

Miss Miyagi stood there a minute as she composed herself. Then she walked to the staircase that led to the basement. To her shame she already felt herself moistening in anticipation of what would follow.


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