I don't know why they refer to the butt-hole as a phrase "where the sun don't shine" because if you were me, that wouldn't be true at all. I live in Bumfuck, Egypt, where the nearest neighbor is 20 miles away, so any field out here is basically secluded.

I lay a blanket down, lie on my stomach,and read a hot book to get me in the mood. I don't wear panties at all, and I love to wear short skirts. I lift my ass high in the air, spread my ass-cheeks, let the sun warm my tight holes, and I fantasize...

I am a born exhibitionist so I love showing off my body. There is a park kind of nearby and I love this park because the parents tend to leave their kids unattended. When I see a young group of boys, I like to open up my legs and let them get a good look at my pussy. I especially love seeing that tent form in the front of their pants when I stick a finger inside myself and show them where a dick REALLY goes...Once, when I was at the park, I followed two boys into the woods that were near the park. When we were so far off in the woods that no one could see us, the boys realized I ws behind them and stopped walking. I pretended not to see them, but as I passed by, I looked at them and smiled. I was wearing a VERY short skirt and a sports bra. I asked the boys what they were up to, and they said NOTHING. They couldn't have been any older than 10.

They were real cute with dark hair, a under 4' tall. I noticed that they kept looking at my tits. I looked around a one ws there, so I looked at the boys and pulled up my sports bra, showing them my tits. One boy (Mike: age 10) grabbed his crotch as his breathing quickened, and rubbed himself. The other boy (John: age 9) stood with his jaw open.

"Do you wanna see something else?" I asked the boys, and they both nodded YEAH. I lifted up my skirt and showed them my pussy. I laid down on the ground, covered with leaves, and spread my legs wide. "Who wants to fuck me first?" I ask and John was the first to volunteer. I took his dick out of his jeans. He was so hard that he felt like a rock. I slipped him inside of me as he let out a soft AHH and I helped him rock his hips back and forth with my hips. He thrust himself in me maybe nine times, then he jerked and shot his cum deep inside of me. He throbbed alot as he shot his load.

I call Mike over and he took his pants down. He had a really nice sized dick for his age. As he slid inside my wet cunt, he began rocking his hips back and forth, better than John did. I was moaning, "YEAH, MIKE!!! GIVE THAT COCK TO ME, BABY!!! AHHH!!! YEA, BABY, MAKE MY PUSSY CUM FOR YOU!!! OH, YOU ARE SO...UHH...GOOD, AAHHH GOD!!! MIKE, CUM IN MY CUNT, BABY!!! OHHH, THAT FEELS SO GOOD, MIKE!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! I felt his body tense up as he came and came and came inside my horny cunt-hole. He really kept going for a few seconds.

When he got his energy back, he stood up. Cum dripped from his dick still, so I licked his cock clean before pulling his pants back up...I went back home to go masturbate to my new experience. I haven't seen them lately at the park...maybe I'll check the woods next time...

When I'm baby sitting my nieces and nephews, we like to wreatle alot. My curious nephews like to touch my pussy when I'm pinned by three or more kids. I give them a sly look, but they don't stop. So, when I put them to bed, I give them a reward for beating me at wrestling (I let them win...WINK...WINK)

...But as I lay in the hot sun, my pussy starts dripping as I remember these memories. My ass is still in the air, spread, as I reach for a tube of lube and I load my ass-hole with it. I stick a finger's wet enough, so I insert another. My moans fill the air along with the tell-tale squish of my fingers sliding in and out of my butt. I remember what happened just the day before...and I get so fuckin' horny thinking about it. Ohh, I want him, need him, I crave having his 9 year old cock inside of me!!! You all know him...He's the one you all ask about...the one you've CUM to love...TORRY...TORRY...AHH, TORRY!!! THAT FEELS SO GOOD!!! DON'T STOP!!! AHH! AHHH!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...

...Just yesterday, I was babysitting three nephews (Corey, Anthony, and Torry), and two nieces (Jessica and Desiree). These kids play hard all day, so by the time it gets dark out, they're bushed. I was gonna read them a bedtime story before I went to bed. About halfway through the story of Cinderella, all the kids fell asleep...except Torry. As I continued to read, I saw out of the corner of my eye that the blankets kept bobbing up and down in front of Torry's crotch. I Lifted the blankets to find that Torry had his hand in his underwear, playing with his dick. I closed the book, set it down, and I reached in the covers. I pulled the front of Torry's underwear down, felt his dick, and found that he was throbbing and HARDER than a rock. His pelvis bucked upwards as I gently stroked him. Torry whispers in my ear, "I wanna hump, Aunt Casie." I was amazed at how bold he, I said, "Ok, Torry, come on. Don't wake the others." I noticed I was breathing heavily as we walked from the kids room, to my room.

In my room, I took off my night-shirt as Torry took off his underwear, and we were both naked. I sat on the bed as he stood on front of me. I took his dick into my fingers again, and stroked him. "You're so hard Tor-Tor!" I say barely audible because my throat was dry. I kissed him on the lips as I picked him up and laid him on my bed...I wanted to do something to Torry I've never done before...but, WHAT? Then I remembered that he never fucked me in the ass before. "Hey, Tor-Tor, do you wanna hump me in the butt?" I ask and he enthusiastically says yes.

I go to my drawer, pull out some lube, and I go back to the bed. I lie on my back, spread open my legs in the air, andI work the lube into my butt-hole. I motion for Torry to come to me, and he walks on his knees over to me. His little 3-inch dick is still hard as I pour some lube on it and rub it all over his penis. My butt-muscles open up my hole for Torry. As he slips inside me, my butt-muscles squeeze his cock, and he let's out a gasp as he starts pumping it in and out of me. I am moaning because it is feeling really good to me, and to my surprise, so is Torry. I hold him tight as he fucks my butt and he kisses me on the lips. When he stuck his tongue in my mouth, I lost it. "Spit in my mouth, Tor-Tor!!!" I tell him, and he lets the spit roll off of his tongue, into my mouth. We lock lips and swap the spit back and forth into eachother's mouths as he continues to fuck my ass. "Do you like my butt, Torry?" I ask him. "Yeah, Aunt Casie. You feel good!" "Ohh, that's good, Tor-Tor, Ahh, YES!!! HUMP ME LIKE THAT!!! Don't stop, Torry, AHHH!!!" I moaned, and at the same time, Torry was moaning, "Ahh, Aunt Casie!!! AHHH, This feels so GOOD, Aunt Casie!!!" His moans are turning me on, and so is the sounds of wetness as Torry thrusts himself in me. He takes one of my nipples into his mouth and sucks it like a little baby and I reach down to finger my clit, which is now standing up and throbbing. My cunt is so, I reach into my headboard drawer, and pull out a vibrating bullet.

Torry stops for a second so I can work the bullet into my cunt, and even helps me. I turn it on and notice that Torry's eyes lit up as bright as my pussy. "What? Are you pkay, Tor-Tor? I ask curiously. "I feel it, Aunt Casie." He replies with a little giggle as he proceeds to hump my butt. "Does it feel good, Baby? I ask him. He smiles wide and nods his head, "YES". I laugh and so does he. I reach down, tell Torry to open his legs a little bit, and I play with his soft, velvety balls. Just then, I feel Torry's legs stretch, his cock grew, and as it started throbbing, Torry cried out really loud, "AUNT CASIE!!! AHHHHH!!! AHHHHH!!!", over and over again, and as I felt his cum shoot into my ass, it drove me over the edge.

I came so hard that the bullet shot from my cunt, and I coated Torry's entire pelvic area with my sticky, milky-white cum as I felt his body spasm and empty the rest of his cum inside my butt. We lay panting in eachother's arms...drenched in sweat...and Torry covered in my cum. Torry planted little kisses on my cheek, so I turned my head and kissed him fully on the lips. "I love you, Aunt Casie." he said sincerely, and I replied, "I love you, too, Tor-Tor. Come on. We have to get cleaned up.

I ran a bath, and when it was warm enough, I quickly made the bed before me and Torry got in the bathtub. I soaped his body down and washed my cum off of him. I turned around so Torry can wash my back. He wiped the rag up and down my back as I bent over. Torry got curious and was spreading my butt-cheeks open. "What are you looking at, Tor-Tor?" I ask with a laugh. "Your butt, Aunt Casie." He says honestly. Just then, he sticks a finger into my pussy. I stopped him for a second and sat on the edge of the tub. I wiped the soap off of me with my hands and wiggled a finger at Torry. "Come here, Baby..." He obeyed, as I spread my legs WIDE. "...look at this. Do you know what this is, Torry?" I asked him as I showed him my clit. He studied it for a second, "That's your pee-pee." I couldn't help but laugh. "It's called a CLIT, Torry." He then grabbed it between two fingers and stroked it, like I stroke him. "Like THAT, Aunt Casie?" He asked curiously. "Yes, Torry...Just like...AHHH...THAT!!! AAAHHHHH YEAH, TORRY!!! KEEP DOING IT, BABY!!! AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!" And with that, I came all over Torry again, unsuspectingly...but just as I did, Torry bent down and sucked on my clit and I gushed even more.

When I caught my breath, I washed and rinsed us both, dried off, and went back into my room. "I wanna sleep with you tonight." Torry says, and I couldn't say no, but when I handed him a clean pair of underwear, he refused to put them on and got under the covers...naked. We fell asleep.

I woke up in the middle of the night and felt Torry's dick pressing against me. He was asleep, but I don't know if he realized he was rocking his hips back and forth. I rolled him over onto his back and sucked Torry's 9 year old cock. He woke up suddenly and relaxed as I bobbed my head up and down as fast as I could on his dick. I felt him tense up as he filled my mouth with his preteen juice. "That'll help you sleep alot better, okay Torry? I kiss him. He nods his head "YES" and wrapped his arms around me...tight. I held him close. ALL NIGHT. I'm gonna miss them when they go home today.

...I realize I'm still in the field, my cum drenched the blanket I was laying on, and my clothes were all sweaty. I take off all of my clothes...except for my shoes...and I walk home naked. I really don't have much of a chance being seen, but it drives my mind wild with lust just thinking about somebody walking through that field and seeing the clothes and the blanket just laying there...wondering what went on there. Maybe next time, I'll leave a polaroid of me and Torry.

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i liked the storry dont get me wrong hear but wat is with these ass holes who say oh yer at 9 i had all this sex wat the fuck dude fuck off no one berleaves u

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loved it write more

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I absolutely love asshole. When I was first married I looked forward to when my wife was having her period because she would let me have ass during that time. I could not wait to lick and fuck her ass during that time.


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Well when i was 9 i didn t cum like u say they do i think that these is fan. N0t a t s change the age it would be more believable

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